The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 23, 1933 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1933
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-tiAXETTE 4 FLOYD COUNTY 'WORKSAPPROVED Marble Rock, Nora Springs and Charles City CWA Projects Listed. ( DES MOINES, Dec. 23, OR--Prof. .George Keller, chief CWA engineer, [today announced the approval of 16 new civil works projects which twill employ a total of 181 men. The cost of the projects will be S24,- [.481.45, Keller said. CWA projects approved in North t t o ou r m a n y friends we -hereby broadcast greetings of the holiday season. . i Wilkinson Radio Supply SALES AND SERVICE 14 SOUTH DELAWARE PHONE 2872 » $ S ^ .\ $ 8 8 $ V% | SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1933 Iowa included the following, in Floyd county: Marble Rock--Crushing rock for street improvement, city to furnish rock and equipment. Cost, $3,433.90; men, 21. · Marble Rock--Decoration school. Cost, 5535; men, 6. Charles City--Painting, redecorating', removing and revarnishing desks and wood work in school buildings. Cost, $1,461.50; men, 6. Nora Springs--Grading, graveling streets, installing; water main, materials and supervision furnished by town. Cost, $2,492.75; men, 12. the earth is because they haven't spirit enough to protest.--Diiluth News -Tribune. IN THE RADIO WORLD Thrift is the simple art of making money faster than your family ca : spend it,--Fountain Inn, S. Car. Tri bunc. VANCE MUSIC CO. 114 N. Federal Ave. Phono 798 We extend the season's Greetings and wish for you a most Prosperous New Year CRYSTAL I/"T n IP I B r*i f~* *f*^ ICE FUEL CO. 11 First St. S.W. V, J|EC. S3 (Central StaneariJ Tlme Nolr.i All programs to key and basic cfcains or groups thereof unless specif,, coast lo coast Ic to c) designation Includes all available stations. Programs subject (o change. P, SI, NlUMVEALf NETWORK w t a g wcsh wt\ wlit \ v f b r wrc wgy wben wtag tt'csh wfl wilt wlbr wrc wjjy wben wcae wtam wwj wsai; Midwest: fcsd wmaq wen woe-who wow wdaf wkbf NORTHWEST AND CAN'AI)lA.\_wtm wiba Kstn webc wday K f y r ctct cfcf SOUTH--wrva w p t r wwnc wls wjas retJa- \vsun wlod n'sm tvmc wsb wapi ivjdjc wsmb fcvoo wky wfaa wbap kprc woal ktbs kths wsoc .MOUNTAIN--hoa h t l y l Uglr K S hl J'ALMFUl fO.-IST--kgo k/i kgw koma Kftq kfsd ktai- hgu 5;45--J. C. Nuu-ent. Comedian. 6;i5--Religion jn iiie News. 6:30--Circus Days, Serial Show. 6:15--Mounlnineers-- wear only. 7:00--George Ot.-jea's Orel).'s Cubans--baste. 8:00--Jack Pearl Show--c to c. 8:30--Leo Reisman's Orch. 0:00--B. A. Roife'a Orch.--c to c. 10:00--One Man's Family--c to c. 10:30--Hollywood on Air--c to c. 11:00--Care(r*e Carnival--c to c. KAS1C--East: wabc wade wofco \vcao tvaab wnac wgr wkbw wkrc whK cklw wdrc wcau wip \vjas wean w f b l wspd vvjsv; Mldwrat: wbbro wfbm km be kmox wowo tvhos EAST A.\I CAR ADA--wpg whp w)bw Whfc wlbs wfoa wore wicc c f r b ckac DIXIE--wgst wsfa wbrc wqam wdod Kira wrec wiac wdsu wtoc krJtl wrr ktrh Ktsa «'aeo,korrm wfbo wods wbt wdae wbjg wtar wdbj wivva wmbg wsjs .MIDWEST--vrcah WR| wmt wmbd w-taq wlan wibw kfh kfab wkbn wcco wabt .MOUNTAIN--kvor ktz koh ks) COAST--khj koln Hgb Kfrc Kol kfpy Kvi kfbk kmj kwg kem kdb kjrmh 5:30--Georgs Hall Orel).--basic; Jack Arm- strong--midwest repeat. 5:45--Happy Minstrel--cast; George Scher- ban Orch!--c to c. 6;ir--TUo Gulzar, Tenor--to c. 6:30-- Elder Mleliaux--also c, 7:00--Elmer Everett Yesa, Skit. 7:15--CBS Piano Team--also c. 7.-30--George Je5Sel--also c. S:00--Stokowskl Orch.--to c. 8:15-- Stoopnagla nnd BudU--to c. S:30--Saturday Band Concert--basic. 3:00--Byrd Expedition--c to c, 9:30--CB'3 Broadcast--c to c. 9:15--Leaden In Action--to c. 10:00--Glen Gray Orch.--also c. ]0:.tJ--Abe Lyman Orcli.--to c. 11:00--LUtla J. Ltttlc Orch.--to c. 11:30--G. Arnhelm Orch.--c to c. 12:00--Dance Elaur--wabc only, , NBCMYJZ NETWORK BASIC--East: wjz wbz-wbai wham Lcdka 'Ear wjr whv wsyr wmal; Ml J west: wcky iryw wcnr wls kwk kwcr kon wren wmag wkbf NORTHWEST AND CANADIAN'--WtmJ wiba kstp webc wday fcfyr cn;t cfcf SOUTH--wrva wptf wwnc wls wjas WTJa- vsun wlofl wsm wmc wsb wap] wjclx wamb I 3 wky wfaa wbap bprc wool ktbs ktha VSOC UXTAiy--K-oa kdyJ kglr Hghl PACIFIC COAST--Itgo ktl kgw homo khq kfsd ktar 5:30--Marj- Small, Sons Recital. To yourselves and to those dear and near to you may Christmas of this year mark the beginning of an era of peace, prosperity and contentment for all. That's our wish. Consolidated Coal Coke Co. PHONE 1176 Wishin You a MERRY CHRISTMAS Phone 788 or 789 CLEANERS FURRIERS Deliveries in 100 Towns 5:43--Captain Williams, Talk--east; Orphan Annie--midwest rpt. 6:00--John Herncfc, Baritone 6:ift--The Musketeers---cast, 6:30--Richard Hlmber Orch 7:DO--Economics In New lcal 7:30--Program from Montreal. 5:00--Jamboree from ChicsKO 9:00--Tile Tales of the Titans. 9:30--The Cuckoos from Kuku 10;OH_\VLS Barn Dance--ba^ic 11:00--Freddie Martin Orch. H:30--\Vllli.ini ScotU and Orch S U N D A Y . r»Rt:. +* MAYT1SIK BROAIX'ASTS AUC-WKAK NKTSVOIIK (MORNING) 7:00--Melody Hour--basic chain. S:00--Balladeers' Male Chorus S:50--The Cloister Bel's, SAcred. 8:45---Jay Alden Kdklns, 9:00--Thtf Radio Pulpit--baste. 9:30--Mexican Marimba Band, 10:00--Hall and Grueri, Pianists. 10:15--Major Bowes--also c. 11:15-- The Mornlnp Home Circle. 11:30--The u. of G. Round Table. (AFTERNOON) 12:00-- Russian Symphonic Choir. 12:30--Dale Caniesii 1 , Lecturer. a:00--Gene Arnold--ajro c. 1:30--Elizabeth Lennox, Songs. 1:45--.(.lems of ilclody. Orch 2:00--Wayne Kins Orch.--to e. 3:00_FJdcHers Three--c to c. 3:15--Johnny and V«e--also c. 3:30--Sunday Concert--also c. CBS-W Am: NETWOltU (MORNING) 7:00--Reveille from the Organ. 7:30--Concert Artists' Hecltn'. 7:45--Spotlight or Radio--urn!-:. S:OQ--Columbia's Junior E'lisle*. :00--Church of the Air--to c, 0:30--c. P.obison and Buckaroo= v . 9:45--Bon Alley, Tenor--wabc only; Carley, piano--chain. 50:00--Children's Hour--wabc only; Arnold and Buckley--also c, 10:30--Mormon Choir and Organ--also c; (wabc out first 30m.. 11:30--Madison Ensemble--to c. (AFTERNOON) 12:00--Church oC the Air--c to c, 12:30--Lazy Dan. Minstrels Man. 1:00--Helen Morgan anil Orch, 1:30--Abe Lvtrmn's Orcli. 2:00--N. V. Philharmonic--c to c. NBC-WJZ NETWORK (MORNING) 7:00--Pictures in Tone--basic. 7:30--Tuew White. Organ--basic, 8:00--The NBC CliJldren's Hour. S :00--Sketches of the Southland. 9:30--Samovar Serenade, Orck. 10:00--Morning Mustca 1 . Strings. 10:-I5--Tile Don Hall Trio--basic, 11:15--Baby Rose Mnrie--east. 11:30--Radio City Concert--to c. (AFTERNOON) 12:30--Youth Conference--c to c. 1:00--Kobinson's Bar-X Ranch. 1:30--Grenadier Guard's Eand. 2:00--London Christmas Bells. 2:13--Irene Rich In Hollywood. 2:30--Jon Garbar Orcli.--c lo c. 3:15--Morfn Sfslers. Harmony. 3:30--At Concert Orean--c to c. F.VEMJVO IinOAIM?ASTS NBC-WFAF NETWORK 4:00--Drama of Dreams--basic. 4:15--The Romance of Science. 4:30--Tnlhie Picture Time, Play. 5:00--Catholic Program--c to c. fi:QQ-- Musical Comedy Revue--east. 6:30--^Fur Trappcre--wcaf only. 6:45--Wendell Hall's Program. 7:00--Eddie Cantor Shotv--to c. 8:00--Merry (jo 'Round--also c. 8:30--Faml'Iar Music--e to c. 9:00---Tack Benny Shovr--lo c. 9:30--John B. Kennedy--c to c. L0:13--Frances Lang ford. Songs. LO :30--Minneapolis symphony. LI :30--Carlos Molina's Orch. mS-WAIKl NETWORK 4:00--Roses and Drums, Drama. 4:30--CnimJt-Sandcrson. Songs. S:flO--Songs My Mother Sang--east; Around the Console--Dixie. 5:30--"Smlltns Ed'* McConnell--basic i Mary Manning--Dixie. 5M5--H. V. Kaltenborn--aJao c. 6:00--Ethel , y/aters Revue-- east; Herble Kay Orch.--Dixlo.' 6:30--Syncopated Fermona--to c. fi:45--Rfn Tin Tin--basic; Pfnnos--Dixie: B'etwccn the Bookcnas--west; Hcrbie Kay Orch.--midwest. 7:00--The Nat SUilkret Concert. T:3(l--The Dramatic Guild--to c. R:0o--Seven-Star Revue--c to c. 9:00--Ant-elo Patrl, Dramas--also i Kibitzers--Dixie. 0 :15--MelstprsInfers--to Dixie. 9:30--The English Singers--to c. 10:00-- M A. Christmas Carol"--to c. 11:00--Caro] Service H o u r -- c lr c. NBC-W.J7, NKTVVOUK ·t:QO--National Vespers--c. to c. 4:30--Grand Hotel. Piny--lo c. 5:00--Sunday Symphony Concert. 6:00--Tcrl Weem5 Variety-- to c. fi:30--Joo Pcnner Show^c to c. 7:00--Christmas in Germany. 7:30--Berlin Children's Choir. 8:00--George M. Cohan anil Orch. 8:30--Waller Wlnchell--basic, 8:415--Gould nnd Shelter. Pianoa. 9-.30-- Gr^cn Brothers NovaJty Orch. 10:00--John FognrLy. Tenor Solos. 10:15--Enn|o BoloRnml, 'Celltst. 10:30--Paul WhUeman's Orch. 11:00--Dance itualc Propram. 11:30--WllUam Scotti anil Orch. The Calvary Lutheran School Program to Be Sunday Evening Calvary Lutheran Sunday school will hold a Christmas tree service Christmas eve, Sunday, at 7:30 o'clock at the church, 1615 North Delaware avenue. Following is the program: Processional, " S i l e n t N i g h t," sorjg, "The Happy Christmas Conies Once More;" "Christmas Gospel," Darrell Lien,- devotionals, by tile Rev. O. L. N. Wigdahl; song, "Merry Christmas," "Come Into My Heart" and "Away in a Manger," by primary department; "Why Do Bella L'or Christmas Ring," Maxine Young; solo, "O Little Town of Bethlehem," Audrey De Maris; "Merry Christmas," Ardith Chapman; "Only Little People," Maxine Nelson's class; "A Little Baby," Billy Van Fleet; "I Am Jesus' Little Lamb," Junior Spurgcon; "Why Did He Come?" second grade boys and girls; "The Dearest Gift," Robert Larson. "God Is Love," fourth grade girls and Sunday school class; "The Guid- .'ng Star," Bonnie Barton; "Joy to the World," senior choir; "The Christmas Symbol," Dorothy Spurgeon and Viola Parson; "Christmas Everywhere," Lucille Nelson; "O Little Christ Come Down," by Claudine De Mars and Genevieve Trice; solo, "Gesu Bambino," Pietro A. Yon, by Mrs. Olga Christian; "Christmas Today," Viola Maustnd and Maxine Sampson; "The Greatest Gift," Glennys Murrcn; "Star of the East," Sunday school chorus; recitation, "Selected," Margaret Severs; "No Room," confirmation class and chorus; "God Be With You All, Beloved," fourth fifth and sixth grade girls' chorus; solo, "The Song the Angels Sing," R. M. Stults, by Olga Christian; remarks by Pastor Wigdahl, offertory and treats; benediction and doxology. Foreign visitors landing in the British Isles for tho first nine months of 1933 totalled 159,845, an increase of 3,437 over the corresponding period last year. Immanuel Lutherans Christmas Program Sunday at 4 O'Clock The Christmas program of the Immanuel Lutheran Sunday school will ue given on Sunday afternoon at ·! o'clock. All departments of the school will bo represented in this program. It is as follows: Song by the School, "I Love to Tell the Story;" Hike's account of the birth of Jesus. Eisle Stenoff; prayer, the Rev. B. T. Erholm. "Words of Welcome," Glendora Set- terbcrg; "Little Christmas Kays," Charlotte Gustafsou, Blllie Fields and Robert Erholm; duet, "Christ Has Come," Ona Clemens, Helen Gustafson; "The Christmas Star," Edith Nielsen; "Three H's", Kenn e t h Luiidquist; "Everywhere, Everywhere, Christmas Tonight," Gail Gustafson, Lorraine Peterson, Marcedes Balelc, Rosetta Stenoff nnd Helen Klcmensen; song, "Away in a Manger," Grades 3, ·!; "Legend of the Christmas Tree," "Laverne Klemensen; "Be Thankful for This Christmas Day," Shirley Hayden; "Shine Out, Little Candle," June Gilmore, Jerry Heidenreich, Richard Holt, Lila Smith, Harold Klemensen and Harriet Humiston; vocal solo, "Christmas Night," Betty Wyborney. "Three Wise Men," Jack Suver- krup; "Why Christ Came," Marjori' Jones, Mary Jane Johnston; song and dialog, "Three Wise Men," Fred. O'Green, Robert Gustafson, Frana Borup; "Jesus was Born in Bethlehem," Richard Sett-rberg; "O Christmas Star," Verna O'Green; musical reading, Helen Gustafson; "Merry Christmas," Morris Billings; 'A Cradle Roll Bed}'," Marion Johnson; group song, grades 4 and 5; "Very Little Ones," Waiva Isaacson, Wanda Gilmore, Bonnie Wyborney; "If Jesus Had Not Come," Thelma Andersen; "One Sweet Word," Betty Ann Solum. Vocal solo, "Star of the East," M a r i o n Gustafson; "Christmas Bells," Be.,y Alice Nielsen, ^e vieve Olson, Dorothy Gilmore, Tedcly Faktor, Donald Orndorff; "Merry Christmas," Keith Lundquist, Ken neth Johnston, Robert Field; song, "The Path to Jesus," Confirmation class; "Good Night," Hilding Frid, Paul Gustaf-"n, Margaret rodell, Juanlta Smith, Madeline Winter, Bonnie Cook; closing song, "Joy to the World," by the school, and distribution of gifts. First Issue of Iowa Authors Club Letter Published in Hampton H A M P T O N -- Several North lowans are listed as active and associate members of the Iowa Authors' club in the Monthly Club Letter, the first issue of which has just been published jointly by Don Parran, president, and Mrs. Lou Mallory Luke, secretary, both of Hampton. Interesting news notes concerning Iowa authors are includ* ed in the issue. North Iowa members listed include Don Farran of Hampton, who is president o£ the state organization, Iduna Bertel Field of Decorah, Raymond Kresensky of Algona, Flora Harris Linn of Sumner, Mary Virginia Noble of West Union, and Donald W. Smith of RiceviJJe. In addition to these are several members who formerly resided in North Iowa but now Jive elsewhere. In the featured article, "Over the Left Shoulder," by Alice C. Weitz the history of the Iowa Press and Authors' club ia sketched, together with certain literary trends in lowo authorship, as they influenced the club, and the organization for authors which preceded it. Will Meet Council. WASHINGTON, Dee. 22. UP)-President Roosevelt plans to talk with the state directors of the newly organized National Emergency council here about the middle of January. The Joy of Christmas-- Through the softness of the December night comes Christmas with its message of Good Cheer, of Peace and Good-Will--reminding' us that the holiday happiness we bestow on others is the joy we carry away in our own hearts. FULLERTON LUMBER Co. FRANK MELIUS, Manager--15 FOURTH ST. S. W. i Our Only For Repeating Itory Never Grows OH Just so long as tliere are human beings on the face of the earth, just so long as the material sun rises every morning to bring light out of darkness, so will it be that the Christmas Story will be ever new and ever sacred, no matter how frequently it may be repeated. This thought comes to us and mil not down. What a dreary world this would be should we all cease from meeting and greeting our friends w\th a hearty "Good Mominir." a cheprv "Hmv Aro vTM, » o "n^ TJI,TM a hearty "Good Morning," a cheery You," and a "Merry Christmas." "How Are You," a "God Blesa a* L I "Foolish Sentiment," the "hard-headed" man says. ^11 right, brother, but please allow us to be foolish to that'extent to the end of our days, because while there may be some who do not respond to the sentiment, it nevertheless gives us such a warm pleasant leeling around the heart as we sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year that we just selfishly indulge ourself in the pleasure that it gives us. Time will go on, friends will be parted, and acquaintances will drop by the wayside; but while you and we are here in the flesh we shall insist upon being friendly, and so once again wish you an old fashioned "Mferry Christmas." Sincerely and faithfully

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