The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1934 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 5
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MARCH 9 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FIVE Modernize Your Laundry! Remarkable Combination Offer Now Available EASY WASHER PLUS 2 DRAIN TUBS All For $£9.50 , $2.50 Down Balance Monthly YOUR OLD WASHER TAKEN IN TRADE! L Read the Want Ads jton of Much Entertaininj Mrs. L. J. Dickinson Finds* .. IN 11 mr . a t mine--the only difference, many Never a Dull Moment in Her Day. EDITOR'S NOTE--There is no boredom In Washington, according to Mr*. L. J. Dickinson, wife ot Iowa's senator. In another of her friendly letters, Mrs. Dickinson tells of the affairs which occupy her time during her days in the national capital. Dear Jane: Flags at half staff on Washington's embassies and legations--tribute to the late King of Belgians- all last week, but Washington is again dining out--even as persistently as it did before the depression and the new deal. We have no possible excuse for being bored. There's the blow-up in the air mail lines--the pay restoration to the federal workers-the stock market quiz--the tariff question--the CWA. Then socially there is Prince Tokugawa of Japan, he whose family ruled Japan for 800 years. The prince is the chairman of the Japanese Red Cross and he and his daughter are being extensively entertained while in T ,'ashington. There's plenty of talk about around the dinner table and even newspaper reading is exciting these days. The death of prohibition in the national capital has brought forth swanky new bars in the hotels and restaurants. Decorated in every known style, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, remarkable and exotic. They are called cocktail rooms. "They" say there will not be so many arrests for drunkenness as in the past but I believe there will be many more. Family Matter. Mrs. Roosevelt has decided that only light domestic wines are to be served at the white house table. Whether cocktails, highballs and liquors will be barred in the family living rooms she did not say. Mrs. Roosevelt is personally dry but not so dry, I take it, as the wife of President Hayes who believed in and practiced total abstinence, and who declined to serve wines even to foreign diplomats, though the secretary of state repeatedly urged her to do so. The secretary said it seemed unseemly to invite members of the diplomatic corps to dinner and decline to serve them wine. A camouflage will not be necessary at the Roosevelt table as it finally was resorted to at the'Hayes table. Oranges were filled with frozen punch and served the diplomats, and Mrs. Hayes marveled and remarked at the unusual preference given to this fruit above all others at her dinner. She was never told of this connivance. T h i s week--a senate ladies' luncheon in honor of the ladies of the cabinet--a dinner at the Sulgrave club--a tea at the white house--a. tea just like you would give at J'our home or I would give SPECIAL ON ... Men's Elgin Strap Watches 17-Jewel Movement, Gold Filled Case. Regular 587.50 Value-$24.50 MURRAY JEWELRY CO. M. B. A. BLDG. more guests. Table Decorations. I am always interested In tea table decorations as you know and the lovely silver ship filled with pink carnations on the white house tea table had the few times I had seen it before excited my curiosity. An obliging white house secretary told me its history at this tea, a,t least as much as anyone knows. It seems that Mrs. Coolidge was going through some treasures which had been stored in the white house attic one day and unearthed it from a dark corner. It was jet black from tarnish, but brisk polishing soon restored it to its silvery beauty and it was found to be of solid silver and a model of the Mayflower, from the Philadelphia Centennial in 1876. How long it had been in the attic nobody knows. Mrs. Coolidge fell quite in love with the ship and used It often on her tea and luncheon table as did Mrs. Hoover and now Mrs. Roosevelt. The cloakroom in the white house where ladies gave one final dash of powder to their nose before going upstairs to a formal party is now alive with spurts of black gunpowder. It has been turned into a shooting gallery. It was Mrs. Roosevelt's idea and the rugs have been taken out and the racks on which top hats and evening wraps were checked have been removed. It is to be used by the members of the presidential family and the secret service and the white house police force. Wallace's Entertain. The dinner at the Sulgrave club was given by the secretary of agriculture and Mrs. Wallace. Mrs. Wallace looked very lovely in a white silk gown trimmed with green velvet and the secretary quite cosmopolitan in his full evening attire--very becoming. The long dining table, shaped like a square cornered C was decorated in an unusual way. There were no flowers--the secretary even giving a dinner was still a secretary of agriculture and he used large silver platters of vegetables for decorations. There were carrots, green peppers, red peppers, artichokes, tomatoes, egg plants, parsley and corn--not Iowa corn. The secretary had to apologize for the corn. After the dinner a very pretty Indian girl dressed in native costume sang Indian songs and told us many old Indian legends. Coming home from the dinner we saw truck load after truck load of liquors rumbling through the streets, bound for hotels and restaurants that were awaiting supplies. Washington was to'become legally wet at midnight. Policemen had already distributed the licenses. Haitian Religion Then there was an afternoon at the Congressional club when Faustin Wirkus gave an illustrated lecture on Haiti and Haitian religious ceremonies. It was most interesting and brought back vividly to my mind our two days at Haiti a few years ago. Sent by the Marines to take charge of the remote island ot La Gonave, Faustin was believed by the natives to be a reincarnation ot the King of Faustin who had ruled the islands in their golden age, and for many months was a king in fact if not in name. He made friends, with the natives, studied their lives and customs and their curious religious observances. He showed us several pictures of native cere. Win A Gas Radiant Heater Here Are the Contest Rules: Solve the puzzle below. Write your answer on a slip of paper and sign your name. Bring your answer to the P. G. and E. as quickly as possible. Ask store attendant to have your answer "time-stamped." Answer that is most nearly correct in the opinion of the contest judges will be declared the winner, and winner will receive absolutely FREE a Gas Radiant Heater of $12.50 retail value. There will be five other prizes. Inquire about these at our store. Contest applies to any customer served from our gas mains, except employes of the P. G. and E. and the Globe-Gazette. PEOPLE'S GAS AND ELECTKIC COMENY ACROSS i--A tear 4--Peruse 7--Form of lead S--Japanese statesman 9-- DlCTt of foot n--Past participle or taper 12--Boys nume u--The kingflom of Persia 15--Parent 17--A looped platinum «-lrn IS-- Agriculture (abbr.) I!)--A Scottish poet 21--Observe 22--Each cabbr 23--Trade-mark tnbbr » 2 4 -- A n Insect 35--\\!l skilled 2S--A termination of nouns denoting vocation 3d--Verb transitive of to lay 32--Compass point 33--A skin disease 54--.Deafness to sounds of a certain pitch s.i--To expose to air as--A sheep 37--A sea-god of the Gaels 38--Possessive pronoun 39--To clear of mucus (1--Lateral DOWN 1--Amends or cnmurnsatlona 2--Dellffhtful region 3--The four of trumps at gleek 4--A musical settlnc 3--Combining form meantnff black «--Tame 7--The state of being large 10--A law term (pi.) U--A Chinese tea 13--Pertainine to birth l«i--An Indhm root used for a tonic ia--An exclamation 2u~in no manner :4--A wlng-llkc formation :6--Form of deal :7--Fruit (pi.) 2!)--The female ruff si--Biblical character 33--Dry Anivrtr to previou* puikl* monies that no other white man has ever seen. How Mr. Wirkus could stand living among these people for four years even as their king is a mystery to me. Never will I forget the- disgusting but also fascinating cock fight that we suddenly came upon as we were driving through the woods to s, coffee plantation. And how the natives wouldn't let us stop even for a moment unless we bet on one cock or the other. Washington snow is awful but we plowed through it one morning to hear a sharp debate in the house on the administration's subsistence homestead plan of relieving unemployment. This bill was one of Mrs. Roosevelt's hobbies and she was sponsoring it. We were particularly interested in this bill because Mrs. Roosevelt had recently told us all about it at one of the senate ladies luncheons. Plans called for the settlement of several hundred families of unemployed miners on "subsistence homesteads" in the vicinity of Reedsville, W. Va. Mrs. Roosevelt had superintended the building of several houses here and a schoolhouse--a playground and a number of other buildings. Alphabet Money. The money for this project came from some letter of the alphabet-it would be the PWA, I believe- some $500,000. A factory also was built and it was Mrs. Roosevelt's idea that the man of the family would have a part time job In, as she called it, the projected government workshop. The rest of the time he would be raising food and wood on the little plot of ground given him. The bill before the house was whether the government should run this factory and have the miners make postoffice equipment. But regardless of a gallant defense by Representative Isabel Greenway of Arizona, a girlhood friend of Mrs. Roosevelt's, the bill met with a decisive defeat. The house members did not believe that the government should compete with private industry. I believe "now that Mrs. Roosevelt will have the furniture made there whether it is postoffice furniture or something else financed by private parties. Few Bald Heads. Looking over the gallery rail at these house members as the final roll call was being held I noticed that bald heads are not numerous altho most of the men are of middle age. I saw only perhaps a dozen bald pates. Looking for the Iowa members I found Representative Wearin and his famous red necktie. It was the brightest tie worn in the house on that day. Two frock coats appear regularly as the garb of Representative Howard of Nebraska and of Representative Gray of Indiana. Both frock co=t-: J Tien wear thejr gray locks exaggeratedly long, especially Mr. Howard. He is said to strive in every way to be like that famous Nebraskan, William Jennings Bryan. Representative Robert 7 -,ow Bacon, of the rich New Yorkers is noted for his much pressed, ex- yertly tailored clothes, the white piping on his vest. He is always the last word in what gentlemen shcfuld wear. Speaker Rainey wears s black flowing tie always and prefers a crooked stem pipe to a cigar. I noticed that more than half the members wear glasses and more than half seem to prefer to wear dark blue suits. Affectionately, Myrtle C. Dickinson Ida M. Helgen Gives Address to W.C.T.U. at Meeting at Y. W. The W. C. T. U. program Thursday afternoon at the Y. W. C. A opened with two solos by Mrs. John Sloan who was accompanied by Miss Pauline Faleo. The Rev. Ida M. Helgen of Goodwill Mission was- the speaker. Miss Helgen spoke of the need foi prayer and pointed out that it was necessary to be careful in speech, action and amusement. The Rev. A. W. Caul discussed "Prohibition and Youth." It was voted to subscribe to the Union Signal for the schools, library and ministers. Three books were purchased for the high school library. The Union voted approval of the world court which will be sent to the Iowa congressmen. The- state bazar for the Benedict home was announced. TUS ' 'wVTA CLUB MEETS FOR JINNEE, PROGRAM Tusalata club met for dinner Thursday evening at the Y. W. C. A. and later heard a talk on the conditions in China, Japan and Russia by Mrs. J. J. Hawthorne who described incidents she had experienced in those lands. Corinda Anderson Sandvold, a former member of the club, was a guest as wer? Blanche Meade, Alice Hylden and Evelyn Van Note. It was planned to meet for dinner at the Church ot Christ Thursday evening and to have a club talent program at tht Y. W. following dinner. TWO COUPLES MARRIED AT CRESCO SERVICES CRESCO, March 9.--Marriage licenses were issued at the county clerk's office for Roy Weiland, 18, Elma, and Mary Hendry, 21, Charles City; Vern E. Elwood, legal, Elma, and Mary E. Hartsberger, legal, of Mclntire. The first couple was married by Justice C. E. Farnsworth, and the other couple by the Rev. W. H. Mitchell, pastor 'of the M. E. church of Cresco. LABOR ASSEMBLY CHIEFS ATTACK COMPANY UNIONS Maintain They Are Formed to Counteract Other Organization Work. Labor leaders at the Thursday night meeting of the Mason City Trades and Labor assembly centered their attacks on "company unions," maintaining these are formed to "destroy bonafide labor unions and lessen the effectiveness of the onward sweep of "the city-wide organization." "Employers have taken full advantage of this situation," said Glenn Woodward, local organizer and recording secretary of the assembly. "Employers are granted every encouragement and aid under the law In perfecting their organization, while at the same time they are denying the exercise of the same rights on the part of the workers and in keeping with the intent and spirit of the NRA." Says It's a Delusion. "The company union Is a delusion and a snare," said J. L. Rice, vice president of the assembly. "It is in this sort of situation that the Trades and Labor assembly must assume leadership and take command in the organizing of wage earners in whatever form the temporary situation may demand or require and with the objective in mind of not only protecting and promoting existing national and international unions in their structure and functioning and in the setting up and maintaining of their standards of employment, but in encouraging the formation of new trades unions where no such organizations now prevail." "The company union should not be allowed to gain a foothold in Mason City," said W. H. Grieb- Ilng, secretary of the assembly. "It gives the wage earner no voice In the establishment of adequate wages or the improvement of working conditions in industrry. "It is a subterfuge and an instrument designed to destroy labor unions and defeat the provisions of sectico 7-a of the industrial recovery act, and I believe congress will, during the present session, outlaw the company union as the 'yellow dog' contract was outlawed." Reported on Classes. Meat cutters acd butcher workmen reported that n class of 72 new members was initiated at their Wednesday night meeting. Truck drivers also reported the initiation of a class of new members at a meeting held on Monday night. Besides the two labor candidates for directors of the school board, who urged the members to get out and vote at the school election Monday, the delegates were addressed by Ross G. Mowry of Newton, republican candidate .for attorney teneral, and Miss Mayme Foley, democratic candidate for Cerro Gordo county recorder. Hotel and restaurant workers reported progress in organization work, the installment of a union house card at the Elite club, 28 First street southeast, and the removal of a house card from the Frank Lee cafe on South Delaware avenue. It was decided by the assembly to establish headquarters at Labor hall on Monday for the school election. BOHL-OLSON A license to wed has been issued to Vern Bohl, 25. Hanlontown, and Agnes Olson 24, Mason City. The National Rifle association is feeling a bit hurt about all this NRA program. Its initials were confiscated by the government and nobody even apologized.--Detroit Free Press. Freshens the mouth ..Soothes the throat VICKS COUGH DROP QUALITY Be Smart and Thrifty! Get the MOST In Dry Cleaning for Your Money Suits ."ESS. 75c Dresses ."KSU 75c u " PHONE 788 OR 789 Davies Gives Talk for Central Parent Teacher Association Central Parent Teacher association met at the school Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock for an address by the Rev. George K. Davies. pastor of the First Presbyterian church, on "Alcohol and Its Effects." The meeting opened with community singing. The second and third grade pupils sang and a follc dance was given by the third grade. The second grade pupils appeared in a dramatic sketch. CASE CONTINUED Hearings for Clarence Ward and Ronnie Quandt, who were arrested at 301'2 Sixth street southwest Thursday evening on charges of Intoxication, \vere set for 4 o'clock Friday afternoon. FORFEITS BOND Cart Netzel, 1230 Madison avenue northwest, forfeited a $3 bond in police court Friday. The bond was posted when Netzel was arrested on a charge of speeding on North Federal avenue. STETSON STYLED 14 K. State Where Shoes Are Really Fitted Rock Crystal Glassware and Fine Bavarian China WATCHES DIAMONDS S WEST STATE PLANTS SPECIAL SATURDAY ROSES, .loz S9c CINERAMA PLANTS ...59c JOHNSTON'S F L O W E R S Across From Park We TrlPKrapb Flowers Phone 223 10 First St. N. W. 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