The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 27, 1952 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1952
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

2O M»on Clljr ttl Aug. 77, , M*«on t'lljr, la. Mason City Calendar AUG. 20--lUitlncs.s-IndUklry-Kducallon nay. BKl'T, ' 3 -- A l l Mason City schools reopen. SEPT. 20--K| K a h l r filirinc, SKl'T. il--NtirCh Central Iowa Hod nml dun Cluli'H nlntli IMtl 'lay, iVt miles west of Kcdcrnl on izih St. N.W. SKI'T. ^7--F.ill n\3« arid i l u c k - c n l l l n t f 'on- tost, benefit of Ducks U n l i m i t e d , upon. sored liy Mallard Cluli, Curninunlly J l . i l j , Vtnlurn. BKI'T, !iT--Iowa IHch-Twclve 'cunviinllon. sicrr, 37--VFW J)ay, anr! Auxiliary ;i!munl HERE IN MASON CITY Large selection new fall hats, $3.50 and up. Don't forget we have wedding veils. Alullanoys. Save Money; Laundrlte Self Servo Laundry,' K7 His. washed and dried, $1.70. Boomhower's for large group of gas stoves for henllng and cnoking. Use "Spred Satin" instead from Paynes. To my customers: Will be on vacation lill Sept. 3rd. Forest Jacobs, Piano Tuner, Piper Headquarters. Shepherds. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pedelly, Route 3, have received word of the birth of a daughter to Capl. and Mrs, Jerry l l t i n j i n n nt Offutl Air Force Base, Omaha. Mrs. Jlnnjlan is a daughter of the PecleJ- tys and this her socond child. Let Evans Upholstery Shop do tho Job. Ph. 2277, 021 S. Fed. "A Single Trial Tells the Tale." Let Lyons do your laundry. Ph. eoo. Get your travelers checks at the First Notional Bank of Mason City. Convenient and safe. Blue Cross Hospitall/aflon now available to individuals, J. 15. Itod- 260 Teachers Get to Know Business in Mason City Visit 21 Firms Friday 89DJ1J. R u m m a g e Ssle Thurs., FrI., Sat. 510 S. Acinms, N. entrance. Roy Koei is reported improving at tho Qukclnlc Hospital by Mr. and Mrs, Jiike Koci arid Clone nnd Mrs. Roy Koci, Sanely and Jack, who visited him there. Ho is gaining weight and permitted to work during the forenoon. · For R e n t or Sale: New and used accordions. Lessons. Mrs. Potter ' 231 -lib N. W. Rummage Sale Wed. and Thurt. Furniture and clothing. J) a. m. to 5 p. in. 412 15th S. E. Closed Labor Day weekend, Aug. no-Sept. 1. Open. Sept, 2. Lniimlrile Self Serve Lmindry. Success can be easier and come sooner if you prepare for a Business Career. Start. your program Sept. 1 at Hamilton. Register now. Rwmmage Sale Thursday, 24 IS S. JS.-Jlcar door. Young Republicans Meet Thursday Cerro Gordo County Young Republicans liicc-t Thursday tit 8 p. in. at Ih9 Hotel Ilauford's Pine Koom to discuss plnns for t h c North Iowa caravan lo Knsson, Minn., to hear Dwight Eisenhower and Adhii Stevenson speak. Twenty-one Mason City firms will ha hosts Friday to tho 2GO public and parochial school teachers of th(i city at the third a n n u a l Busi- noss-Kducalion Day. [Manned and sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and school officials, the day is Intended to give classroom teachers an opportunity tn Met acquainted with the city's ' .isinc-fs and industry. The program gels under way at 8:.W a. m. at tho Mason City High School Auditorium where* hosts and visitors will bo grouped,-Nate bison, cha|rimin of the Chamber's education committee, will preside. C. K, Weaver, Charnbc'r president; Lawrence II. Shepolxor, supedntcn- dent of public schools, and Msgr, A r t h u r Ilrccn of Holy Family School, wllJ speak briefly. At 9 o'clock tho groups will adjourn to the business places for get- acquainted sessions, lours of Inspection and explanations by the hosts. The f i r m s will be hosts at luncheon for the various groups and discussions and questions will follow. The f i r m s acting as hosts include Aldcns, the American Crystal Sugar Company, Blanchnrds and Mason City Fur Shoppc, Jacob E. Decker nnd Sons, tho First National Hank, the International Harvester Company, /nlcrnaUonat Minerals and Chemical Corporation, Kay- enuy Kngrtiving and Sloylcs Press KOLO, K l l U i , M a r s h a l l . a m i Swift, the Mason City Airporl, llio Mason City H r i c k and Tife Company, the Mason Cily Globe-Gazette, the Northwestern liell Telephone Company, the Northwestern Slates Portland Cement Company, the Standard Oil Company, State Brand Creameries nnd the United Home Hank and Trust Company. Junior College Freshmen to Start Tuesday M a s o n City's Junior College opens Tuesday, beginning its 35th yetir. According to'College Dean Clifford H. Meem, the Mnson City in- sUlullori is the only fully accredited public junior college In Iowa, it was founded in 1018. Already .15 Korean war veterans are enrolled and early rcglstra Magazine Tells Story of Mason City GOP Women The "hornet's nest of political* activity" stirred up by the Republican Women's Workshop in Mason City is described in the September issue of the Ladies Home Journal. The magazine went on sale in Mason City Wednesday. The job done by Mason City Republican women in getting out voters for precinct caucuses last March is the,subject of an article entitled, "Women Organize for Action." Mentioned as playing a prominent role in workshop activities are Mrs, Don J. FilzGerald, Mrs. John Bain, Mrs. A. J. R. Stueland and Mrs. Joe Laughlin, formerly of Mason City and now,living in St. Cloud, Minn. The article says that the Republican women, through their workshops, informed some 300 women about the purpose of precinct caucuses. The result, the article says, was a record turnout at the caucuses and county convention. Justifiably Annoyed CENTRAL FALLS, R. I. UP-Finding no money in a yarn shop, an irate burglar left · a note that read: "What are you, bankrupt? Where do you keep your money anyway?" Corn cannot be grown in England except as a green fodder plant. " PROCTOLOGY Rectal Pathology Diagnosis Hemorrhoids (piles) non-surgical, 'by injection. WRITE FOR LITERATURE Dr.R.W.Shultz,D.O. Phone 2960, Hanford Hotel, Room 641, Mason City, Iowa NEWS of RECORD Police Court f n l o x l e i l l o n -- K r l k Nnrrlj, 33, no ili(re» pal.I J i l l anil c»l«, O v e r t i m e 1'arklnx--Jay Decker, UfW ? K e i i e r u l l W. It. KUIIesuu, 1 1 U K. Slate l U r r y H. K r l c k n o n , Do. Miilni-n I,. A MOB, 3j',t n. Keilerali Richard fleeter l l l ' A S. federal i A l e i tlr, spmim, II:: (Ilh H . W . l lllclmril h'rizer, 1.1I I B t l i N \V. Jack 1'rloe .Till ,Vf«rtl«im N.W. I Kay Spall DCH M n l n e M K u n n e l l A r m l l r l i l , B n a l n l a l o J a i w n (i. Nf!l»oii, 70X nth N . K . I Uiiin .pli»ni:« Ci., at) 2ml N.15., eacli lur f e l l e d I I . Improper I ' a r L l i i K -- W I H U m I'eli, Turk ··luiril Htciiier, 1'Unn Co,, Tlri Mnlnei M J i l w r i l A i r Control, lies Mnliiex: l,e,,w'» J.. DM MnlniMl It. 1'. McNarr, Jle illieil «. K. Njherjr, Mlmiouulh, e»c) ftiiled II. Clear Lake Court KL'cUlcm D r l v l i i r -- J » o k 0. Hturcf, l.iiuln, Ma., tlnnA film ami - tion him been very large, the dean snld. He urged students to p l a n (holr courses with him before Mon- iluy. Dean Bcem said t h a t tho supply of used books has been almost sold out and asked former students to bring used books to his office. Orientation week for freshmen will bo held Tuesday through Friday next week. Placement and guidance tests will be given before class schedules can be made. Sophomores should get their schedules before Friday, Sept. 5. Tuition is paid after receiving the schedule card. InluttcaUon--Thomnfl K l.ouU. niu.. f i n e d Ji: anil M u l U r k r , cosl*. Fire Calls Al 1 1 : 1 7 p.m. Tamiljy | n 1101 {. Ketl oral, II. k II. Grocery, r l r » r c t N u n i l n hi Iranh b u n cauied f l r » In checkout cunii ter. Births Reported Mr. and ( A t M a r c y H n n | i l l n l -- Hnkeri I)»dd, tUrncr. Tut»,!»Ti »lr lo Mr. mid Mrs. l.ia M a r i e n . Uoiltherlr, Divorces Filed M y r l l n Osvrulil oil (rnilnil* of c r u e l l y . SOLDIER HELD Mason City police Wednesday were holding for Army authorities 1'vl. Karl L. ilnugh, Osago. The Army .said liaugh, who s a y s ' h e is a Korcym War veteran, has been absent without leave since Aug. 18 He is stationed at Fort Sheridan' Dr. Glen M. Krogh DENTIST 611 Brick Tile Bldg. P H O N E 1189 l A l b i o n Osw . She mkx ciutmly (if a chllil. le»i|nnry t i l l n i o n y anil suppiir money, Nharo In rral and pursnnnl prop e r l y , court oiiNl.H anil u t t i i r n r y ' * (ee». M»r- rlril A p r i l I. J»M. S e p t r n l r i l Allr. 1, IOJV,' I.eKoy r,«ehel Kvrlj-n fl«ohel nn rrnumli nf c r u e l l y . Ite «ik» cualiidy of t h r e e c h i l d r e n . »ml l l t l n to h« hnnle .Mar ritd April !i, l»l.1. .Se|i«r»l-d July 12, mj'i Marriage Licenses J « m e » franklin W a l l a c e , 111, ami Carrol Kulh Vounr, ID. holh nf Maioii City. New Car Sales M a r v i n Carlisle. aiO'J C.corrU S.K.. Forili Mavnu A. SitUlcl, Nora Springs. 1'lymoulln Ocor»e Calite, :tl^ |,t N'.w., Kuril. engagement and Wedding Rings Priced From 75.00 to 360.00 Convenient Terms WATCH£S ftlanchard DIAMONDS 12 East State For Women oi Distinction S tevenson's hoe alon IS South Federal WAYNE E. PEDELTY Realty Transfers K r k i e r , Klolmrd and 1,1,, |., | 0 n o n »la W. Wn.iilliume. . J l . W O r.nt II, K l c h u r d v. Krleiter'x Ailrt. lo M. C., S-'j:!-.!'.'. Olesnu, W i l l i a m M. ami Unrolhy K . (o Myrlle K. I'resCin, SI, (Wl» I'ut « » l k . II, I'arkerS Ith Add. lo M.C., H-M-.Ti Un. 11m. nk. Jt Tr. f.i., t» C.eorro C Onllx itnil V l n l a I.., Jl, ( ( J C D I l.ul I, nik. ». In B. Oiij- l.aud Co.'j Slreel Rwj! Ailil. In SI.C., D-'iB-Ji. Cniltr. Clourre C. and V!oU r,,, (n Don- ·Kl 1-. MoCor ami. Ji»n M., Jt. Irn.. J l , ( H I ) I .», ink. n (» Tl. .1- Oux Land Co.', Slreel Ktvjr. Ailil lo M. O.. B-'Jft-.V. 1 . Spurling Gets 90 Days for Forgery District Judge Willinm r. Butlei Wednesday sentenced Carl II Spurling, 10, Mason City, to 90 days in the Cerro Gordo Coiml j a i l on a bnd check charge. Spurling hail been charged with forging a $15 check at the Osco Self Service Drug .store in Mason City last J u l y 7. IMKTO T'/livrn »rr mi o « - a i e t e ' photo by Mus«r 4- BINS GOING UP --The huge concrete storage bins of the new North Iowa Co-operative Processing Association's -soybean processing plant are going up at a rapid nrto at the site west of State Brand Creameries. Day and night the huge mixer trucks*of the Andrews Concrete Company may be seen going from it own plant anil r'elurning from thi plant site. Mixed concrete is being used ant the bins are going up at the rale of J5 to 18 feet every 24 hours. The bins will be 135 feet hiyh with an additional 40 feet for thr headhousc, which makes the struc ture about 175 feet high. Three thousand cubic yards of concrete «re going into this part of t h e structure alone. The bins will be completed about Friday. Work on the remainder of the p l a n t also is being pushed for an early finishing dale. . The new bridge to the plant is shown in the foreground. It is not being used until the grade · has setlled. Karhryn A. Surton Rires to Be Held Thursday at 2 P.M. Funeral services for Kathryn Alice Sutton, 4 months old daugh- er of Mr. and Mrs. llichard II. Sutton, 710 N. Federal, will be leld Thursday at 2 p. m. at the Patterson-James Chapel. The Rev. Roger Ilusscll, associate pastor of the First Methodist Church, will officiate. The child was born April 23, 19f2, n Mason City. She idled suddenly Monday at Decatur, 111. Surviving i r e , t h e parents. Inter incut will be at Memorial \irk Cemetery. The rallerson- amcs Funeral Home is in charge. SHEFFIELD-J. C. Eggman, Vapcrvillc, 111., is visiting with ·datives nnd friends here. ADAMS PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY "Where Pharmacy Is a Profession" 21 E. State St. PHONE 872 Clear Lake Girl Being Treated for Polio at Iowa City Janice Winterstcin, 14 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Winterstein, Clear Lake, is at University Hospitals, Iowa City; after being stricken with polio. Janice's condition was described as fair by hospital authorities Wednesday. She was admitted to the hospital Tuesday. Janice had been at Mercy Hospital, Mason City, before being transferred. Sheriff Returns Ronald E. Baugh From Montana Cerro Gordo County Sheriff Gal Dwan returned to Mnson City late Tuesday night from Kalispell, Mont., with Ronald E. Baugh, 23, who is to be arraigned Wednesday on parole violation and forgery charges. Baugh is alleged to have forged a $417 check of Lloyd Fairbanks, Lincoln Township farmer W. Merle Anderson, Former Resident, Killed in Accident W. Merle Anderson, former Mason City resident, was killed in an automobile accident, according to word received here. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. \V. M. Anderson, 154 E. Tompkins, Columbus, 0. Mr' Anderson was employed by the Green Colonial Furnace Company when he resided in Mason City. COAL Place your order now to be sure of getting the brand you like. And order from Wagner Coal Co. PHONE 98* Ask about our budget plan. Countless customers depend on our expert pharmaceutical skills and modern, high grade drugs. PHONE 180 We stock batteries for all makes of hearing aids. THE PRESCRIPTION SHOP W. B. C»i»y, Prop. 9 EAST STATE STREET W. B. McGrtne, Mgr. Ruptured? New Truss Features · NEW ANODE COVERED FRAME AND PADS · ENJOY NEW TRUSS COMFORT · EXPERT TRUSS FITTER · PRIVATE FITTING ROOM WE SERVICE ALL BOTTLED GAS APPLIANCES RAPID-THERMOCAS CO, PHONE 1542 AAASON CITY, IOWA CHOIR DIRECTOR --Mrs. J«- rome C. Husfed, «7 1st S.W., is the new organist and choir director for Our Savior's Lutheran Church. She is a graduate of the Whitman College Conservatory of Music at Wall* Walla, Wash., with · Bachelor of Arts degree in music and a soloist's diploma in organ. She came to Mason City July 1 from Washington with her husband, who is employed by the Aid's Chalmers Manufacturing Company, · TEACHERS Welcome Back! And are we ever glad to a«e you, not only to turn our youngsters over to your skillful care i"' but to offer any banking service that will help to make your work a little easier. UNITED HOME BANK Member Federal Krterr* System Member TRUST CO.'";TM' C»rpormH« Ownt4 atU Operate* by T»mr Frlendi tut Nelthbtrn Mason City's Only Home Owned Bank Only 3 Days Lef 19-21 1st Street S. E. Mason City DAVIDSONS I O W A S LARGEST HOME FURNISHERS Ends Saturday...Shop Today... Honest Values . . . Honest Reductions AUGUST SALE VALUE REG. 198.50 Modem Mohair Frieze - S i - · ; ; v- 2 PC. Living Room Suite **** ' This genuine Mohair Frieze living room quality constraction Modem back and oim-^'sS^ffib 1 *^'^ sTal cush,ons. Popular fringed base. Available in latest decorator colors of Beige or Green. Buy with Confidence . . . No Money Down CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENTS FREE DELIVERY in Iowa and Southern Minnesota

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