The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 27, 1952 ツキ Page 19
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1952
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

Auテつォ. 57, 1951 Mテつサテつォ0tt City Olobテつォ-r,テつサtテつォltテつォ, Mtta. City, U. Midwest Livestock ( W E D N E S D A Y ' S 1'KICKS* Trend Good Butchers-- JSO-160 Ibs Ibs Ibs Ibs. Ibs His Ihs Ibs. Ibs Ibs Ibs Ibs Ibs Ibs Ibs Ibs Albert Lea, Minn. Steady 160-170 170-180 1BO-190 190-200 200-210 210-220 220-230 230-240 240-250 230-260 260-270 270-280 230-290 290-300 300-310 310-320 320-330 MO-340 ,340-350 350-360 . 515.25 . S16.25 . 518.50 .. $19.23 .. $10.75 . . $20.23 . S20.25 , . $20.25 . S20.S5 , . $20.00 . $19.75 .. S19.50 .. 519.25 .. $19.00 ,. J18.7S .. $18.50 "IS $18.25 11S. 518.00 Ibs S17.7S Ibs S17.50 Ibs $17.00 Good Pafklne Sows-270-300 Ki.t S1H25 300-331) Ibs $17.75 330-360 Ibs $1700 360-400 Ibs. S16 SO テつキJOO-450 Ibs $16.00 450-500 Ibs. $15,50 500-550 Ibs S M 7 3 Austin. Minn. Steady $18.50 $19.50 $19.75 $20.25 S2U.75 S20.75 $20.75 $20.75 $20.50 $20.25 520.00 $19.75 S19.50 S19.25 $19.00 $18.75 $18.50 $18.25 $18.00 $17.75 $18,50 $18.00 $17.50 $17.00 $16.50 U6.00 $15.25 Waterloo 25c lower S17.2J $18.25 $19.25 $19.75 $20.25 $20.25 $20.25 $20.25 220.00 $19.75 $19.50 $19.25 $19.00 $18.75 $18.50 $18.25 $18.00 $17.75 $17.50 $17.25 $18.00 $17.50 S17.00 S1C.25 $15.50 $14.75 SH.OO Cedar Hapldi Steady to 25c lower $17.50 $18.50 $19.25 S20.00 $20.25 $20.25 $20.25 $20.25 520.00 $19.75 $19.50 $19.25 $19.00 $18.50 $18.00 $18.00 $18.00 $17.50 $17.50 $17.50 S1B.OO $17.50 $17.00 $16,25 $15.50 $11.75 $14.00 Beans Score Small Gains CHICAGO W--Purchases of cash wheat by Brazil lent a little support to llie bread cereal on the Board of Trade Wednesday. Soybeans scored moderate gains, reflecting, continued firmness in soybean oil. Wheat closed V4-W higher, Scp tember $2.30V4-%, corn W lower to V* higher, September $l.78'/Ti-%, oats w lower to Vi higher, September 82*4-83, rye Vi to 1 cent lower, September $1.94'/j, soybeans 1W to 2 cents higher, September $3,17, and lard-8 cents lower to 5 cents i hundred pounds higher, September $11.10. Hog Trading Stays Steady CHICAGO 'W--Trading in hogs and cattle settled down to a generally steady or higher condition Wednesday although sheep once again were weak to 50 cents lower. Some cattle sales 'were 25 and 50 cents higher. Mason City Produce (Quotations bf E. G. Morse) At 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Eggs, No. 1 sic Eggs, No. 2 41c Eggs, No. 3 35c Hens, 5 Ibs. and over ........ 18c Hens under 5 Ibs i Old cocks, heavy breeds I Leghorn eocks lOc SOUTH ST. I'AUt. L I V E S T O C K (Wednesday's M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (UP)--Cattle receipts: 3.31)0. Calves receipts: BOO. Mnr kct Kcuoi'^lly. steady. Load lots choice prime 1,138 Hounds to 1.30S pound steers $33.50. Choice 840 pound liellers S33 Choice 1,351 pound steers S32.50. Clood S27 to S2S.50. Good hulls 523,50. Good choice voalers S28 to S31. Prime- S34 Goufl choice slaughter ctilvcs S25 to $29.50 KOKS receipts: 6.700. Fully steady Choice N'o. 1. 2 and 3 130 ti 230 1!. bar roivs nnd Kilts S2L to $21.25. Sheep receipts: l.GOO. Generally steady テつキ few choice prime native spring lambs *23. Good choice S27 lo $28.50. Gooi choice handywoight slaughter ewes 'S8.5 1 to S9.50. Good lambs S23 to $24. choice native feeding Local Livestock no os テつサ, ., AIAS テつーN CITY--For Wednesday 25C; hifilltr. ool l l K l i l lights lfiO-170 $17.75 3oテつォl light lights 170-180. S18.75 iood . . . . :ood light liyhUs txxl. inediuia wclulits lOQd niudiuin weights lood medium weights !ood nu'dhmi welghtii Jood incdluni wcluhts lood medium weights ootl nipdluin welt;his テつキ'ocxl medium uciKhts Jooci medium weights iood medium weights Jood medium weights CJood modiitiu weights !oテつォl medium weights Ood medium weights tiDl mechum wciglits iood sows ood sows ood sows ootl sows , . . テつキ . . . , . . . . . DOd 5OWS ood sows 180-190 S19.W 200-220 Sio]50 120-2^0 $20.50 2110.240 S20.50 .2-10-250 S2U.25 2,SO-2fiO S20.00 260-270 S19.7S 270-280 S19.50 .260-290 $19,25 . 290-300 S19.DO 300-310 S18.75 . 310-320 S18.50 .. 320-330 S18.2S .. 330-310 S 18.00 . . 310-350 S17.75 ..350.:i(M S17.50 ., 270-300 $111.50 .. 300-330 S1U.OO .. 330-360 S17.50 . . 360-400 SI7.1W . . 400-4JO SIC 2S 450-500 SIS.50 W E D N E S D A Y ' S CHICAGO GRAIN CLOSE WHEAT-Sept. . . . . . Dec Mar May July CORN-- Scpl JJCC Mar May OATS-Sept Dec Mnr. May July II YE-- Se|t Dec Mn.v SOYBEANS-- Opun S2.30H 2.37 a.l2i'j 2,-tt 1.78Ti 1.77Vテつサ l.THVi M 1.551', 1.99 2.01 Vj Scjlt. Nov. . . . J n n . Mnr. ... M a y . . . LAUD-Seit. . . . Ocl. N I I V . . . . Ici\ . . . Jan. Mnr. . . . May 3.1fi 3.07 3.08M 11.05 11,10 11.55 12.60 12. Gi 12.97 13.05 HiKh S2.30H 2.37M 2,43 2.44W 2.391i 1.79 1.74 Hi l.TUVi .B3Vi .87H 2.00 3.09 Vi 11.15 11. -15 11.62 12.70 12.C2 12.97 13.05 t.OW $2.30 2.331J. ClOte W.30U 2.37U 2.42^i 2.44 2.39H 1.78H 1.73H J^78Ti .83 .89VI -8Bv 8 .86 Mi 1.94 3.09H 3 . 0 U V H 11.02 ' 11.30 11.50 12.00 1'J.BO 12,80 12.97 1.3-IVi I,OTテつサ4 2.00W 3.17 a.oai: 3,09? 3.10V 3.091, 11.10 11.10 11.57 12,05 12.1:0 12.80 12.97 No lioss received afler 5 p. m.--JacuD Decker tc Sons. CATTI.B MASON CITY--For Wedncsdny F'rlme fitters and neltfr.i . . . ' . . J32.00-34.00 -liolcc テつサleers and hollers $30.00-32.50 Good steers and belters S28.00-30.00 Commercial steers anil heifers S23.00-26.00 J t i l l t y steers nnd helfera !(20.00-22.0U Good cows S23.00-2-l.00 Commercial cows 51B.OO-22.00 Jtlllty cows $16.00-18.00 Banners and cutters S15.00-17.00 Bulls Sl3.00-2fi.00 C A L V E S MASON CITY--For Wednesday Choice 28.00-30.00 Good $24.00-28.00 Commercial $24.00-28.00 Utilities CiUls l.AMHS Utilities Culls Good to choice ewes Utility ewes . . . . . * TOO- 5.00 Cull owes * 3.00- 4.00 C H I C A G O CASH G R A I N lU'cdne.Mla)-'] M a r k e t ) CHICAGO テつォテつキ--Cash whcnti No. 1 ret S2.29; No. 2, $2.2i)-2.28',4: No. 3, $'2.2G: Nu 1 hard 'S2.32W-2.32W; No. 1 mixed S2.27H Corn: No. I yellow S1.85-l.nii; No. $1.8-1M,-I.85W; No. 3. Sl.82n-l.83: No. $1.7B^--J.8H-:i sample Kradu SI.SS'/'j. Oats: No. 1 heavy white 92c. Harley nominal: Malting $ 1 . 3 5 - 1 . 3 1 ; SI.10-1.29. Soybeans: None. feei CHICAGO I'OTATOKS CHICAGO in-- US1M-- Potatoes: lussrls, unseiiJiMl on othcr*j Cc.lifornia unit whito UaljL'ii $5.75: Idahu-OrcKon Hiu- ets I6.1S-6.23: Washlnslon Huテつサuts 55.90.20, bakers $6.25: Wisconsin Chippowaij 4.15. I'onllics $4.50-4.65, Trlum]h tyi*テつサ 4.75, Wartテつサ $3.50. New York Stocks (Final Quotttion* W*dnテつォtdテつォy) AlliedStrs 38Vi KanCPiL 28^ AmCan 32^i Konnccotl 78\fc AmHomcPd 37?i KrcsgcSS 35'^ AmUnd 15 AinSmell 42',i AmSugar 58 AmToITlSS'/n AinTob 5GVs AmWbolen 27Vn AnaeonCop 4414 Arrnoyr 9-Mi Atchison 91 J3ealFtls'38Vi BcndixAv 54V4 BelhStl SOMi BociugAirp 3GV4 CaseJl 24% Chrysler 80M: ConEdls 35'/j CornProd G9V6 CurtissWr 8'/ii Deere 32Vi DuPonl 87ifc ElAuto 48^1 GcnElecGS GenFopds48% GenMot GOVi Goodrich G] Goodyear 43'/i GUVestSug 18 llomestake 38 lllCent 73W hitllarv 33W InlTclTcl 17% TnlcrstPvj 9 7 /B la-lllGK 26% Maytag 15% MonlWard G4 NashKelv 2l=)fc NatDniry 55 NatGypsum 21Mi NYCcnlral J9W ParaniFict 2414 PenncyJC GVib Pattr l9Mi PcpslCola 9-Vi PhillipsPot 58V RadioCp 26-) SafowaySt 31 ScarsUoeb 57% SinciairOil 43 : iテつォ SoconyVac 36^ SouPac86 StdBrands ZSW StdOilliid 79% StdOilNJ 77% ' Sludebaker 37Mテつサ SwiflCo 32% SylvElPd 35ft TcxasCo 54% UnPac 113Vfc UnilAirLfn 27% UnilAirc 35',-Si XJSGypsum 119 USttubbcr'24Ms USStoel 39% WcstUnTcl 42% WilsonCo !P,V Wool wort li 43V-! BLONDIE DADDX 1 -. -- .._ ..S ,\Nテつ」LL,VOU GO SVIOULOASKMDU)/ RIGHT BACK IF ITS OKAY JTV AND ASK HIM Y-jw-fT--' ('F^ CAN GO BRICK BRADFORD By CHIC YOUNG NOW WEVEGOT TO GO THRU IT ALL OVEP AGAIN - AT MV HOUSE r ODBEOMO! YOU LOOK SO SERIOUS/ 16 r SOMETHING MURONGI vals 83. on track total U.S. ments 453; .supplies moderate; ArH- ship- fair: market to s l i g h t l y stronger on Stock Market Has Rally NEW YORK 011--The slock market was nudged into a rnlly of moderate s i z e Wednesday b y strength in the railroads. The rails at the close were mostly under their best. A flurry in gold mining issues on the upside enlivened the final hour. Volume came to an estimated 900,000 shares well below average. ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN Mason City Grain At 1:30 p.m. Wednesday Oals, No. 2 '. 80c Corn, cash .. .テつキ $1.58 Corn, new del. Dec. .15 , $1.47 Soybeans, del. Sept. 15 $3.10 Soybeans, del. Sept. 20 ...... $3.00 Soybeans, del. Sept. -25 $2.90 Soybeans, del. Oct. 1 $2.82 f ALK ABOUT D16BTIOM! ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RliCEIPTS ( W e t l u c s i l a v ' s .Marked CHICAGO I,H-- CUSbA)--Ustiiiialeil s a l able H\'cstoek j-cceipts for TJuirsclay: 8,000 hogs, '2.500 cattle and 1,000 sheep. t*e flavor Feel happy aftei meals rr^SS D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D ACROSS テつキJ. Manufactured ft. Fragment 9. Complexion 10. Sharpens, as a razor 12. Poplar 13. Decroc ot a court (Fr. law} 14. Guide's lowest note 35. American Indian 17. Cunning 19. River (Pol.) 20. Elevated train (shortened) 2!. Nestling 2o. Determine 26. 1/J000 of an inch 28. The jackdaw 2テつ」. Minister 32. Bog 35. Part of "to l)fi" 36. Longing 38. Varying \veiglit ( I n d i a ) 30. Grades over again 43. Music note 41. M rivet 45. Goddess of beauty ( R o m . ) 47. .Scurry off 43. Appearing as if eaten 40. Whirlpool 60. Network DOWN '16. 1. For the IS. inosl parL 2. Lofty '22. mountain 2-1. 3. I'erforms テつキt. Scacnfi; lcs '~- r. Fottcrrd C. Musical 27. instrument -9. 7. Nest of boxes '!0 (Orient.) 8. Pared H I 0. Reason 33 11. Upright slab 3'1 (Gk. Antiq.) 37 Insane SwocL potaloes Perch M o v i n g parl (tuacli.) Certainly ( a r c h a i c ) Kitlelity Chums ( s l a n f j ) . To punish at discretion . A color , Reject . R u b out . Not ever WELCOME TO PUFFLE TCWERS, COUSIN BOSWELLI- HM-OVEP.4OYEARS SINCE' I'VE SEEN YOU/ -テつキテつキON THE PHONE I GOT YOU COM FUSED WITH COUSIN MAXWELL./ THANK. GOODNESS HE JUST HAS A SATCHEL/ MAXWELL WAS TH'ONE V/HO WORKED IN TH' BANK/ テつキ テつキ テつキ NOBODY KNOV/S WHERE HE IS NOW テつキ - BUT I ALWAYS FELT HE LIT OUT TOR, AUSTRAL! A / テつキ テつキ テつキ テつキ f 5AY, I BROUGHT A SMALL ) TRUMK 'ALONG IN TH' / TAXI テつキ テつキ テつキ テつキ L E F T IT OUT ON TH' PORCH / MARY WORTH AND THE WELFARE A5TRONA THE PEOPLE ACE COKC6RNED ABOUT THE IMPORTING OF .5PACE SPECIMENS TO OUE テつキSPHERE,.. NtJUE ASSOCIATION W IT W THEM, AND THE DANGER THEREIN.' u *. / V -v' n By CLARENCE GRAY TWE DtSTBIGT REPRESENTAT^ HAV6. AUTMORITED MEBY^' テつキSIGNATURES MERE TOCE OPERATIONS IN THE PUBLIC eewAtF.' ya^^y mA m BUT5IGNINGA WILL ALWAYS ME! P4!tf P^A^f; ^ FOLLOW 7HAT ORDER A BLTROTMAL MATTER 4 5 5L y ^S5PIWT5 f WHERE HE MUGGS AND SKEETER M E A N W H I L E - - I N THE. NIGHT SKY OVER THE. By KEN ALLEN . P/G60TT, OR WHATEVER yOUKREAL AW.ME 15! I'VE r-oiLowo you A LONG y" T .ERNSANai..Jg T7A1テつ」XwDAtflM6MW8UTテつォAyBe W ^Hi^St^tt^vSa-X THF FtJD OF THE 7BAIL K IK1 VC.UTI テつキ . テつォ{^". ~~.*,^^-;~ ^^txm'?' --S3! AW.COMG. ON,JUNIOR.- ) -\ IW KWT GIVE UP OM ME テつキr*' \iV,V- ^ ow p LE ^E! )-^ BIG SISTER .:.. BUT SHORT WkLKS DOHY DO AM? GOOD....AV1D WHEW I TAKE HIM FOR A UOHG. WALK HE FOLDS UP .... By WALLY BISHOP ... AMD I. LOSE WEIGHT.., CARWlUG V4IM BACK HOME !t SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT テつキ テつ」 - , C O N S I G N , テつキ\o w/",n.v wifif -d(r. L\r,\\ QF-rm. cuo;.!.. !?-,, CONSIGN, VcBtcrdiテつサy'6 A n s w e r テつキ10. Favorable テつキ1 L A crucifix 42. Withered テつキ16. Adverbial particle 2? 35 44 47 50 "ft 26 22 11 27 31 45 50 32 42 JB MO^ 1 ^ttlMBORAZO IM ECUADOR. HEAR. 'uii. EQUMOR RISLS FROt.1 i^'lBOPIdAL Omli -fo A riEISrt-f o? 2O.7O3 FEE-f.. I ' f l S COVE.RE10 w;-iH PLS.PE.UAL snov ?.,60O FEE.T FROK -rt M ML ATRIC^H Fon.ES-t' UHR.tL4.ftt OOUBLt i of ioU-frt AMtRIC*. . RA oPoiiUM .'-iyテつサ. テつォJ"u REX MORGAN, M. D. By FORGRAVE AS IF YOU WOULD, WE SURE MADE A MISTAKE EVEQ STOPPING WERE. ANO6ETOLTT THE SAME WAf WE GAME. ^^wn a -.#- テつー^V1 LEAVE MEQ HaPLCSR WE'LL HAVE TO STAV UNTIL HELP OF SOME KIMDOOMES'lFEVBa. f A _ THOUGHT I'D BRING JULIAN BACK 0EFOKE TAWNS HIM TO THE STATION / HB LEFT IN SUCH A HUKRV I THOUGHT PERHAPS HE FOKGCfT TO SAY GOODBVS / CUT THE Y KOT 50 FAST, JULIAN.' COMEDY, I VOU HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN COPPER,, XTHffT LITTU6 REMEMBRANCE ANP LHT'S ) YOU TOOK rRDCA GO-' A. MK5. PUMP, HAVE YOU T kv Totakr ff-^7 By DAL CURTIS Try and Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE--Here's liow to work it: is I, O X C. F K I- r, O W A X V O L R A A X R One loiter simply stands for another. In tlii.'; example A is ised (or Uie three U's, X for the two O's, etc. Single Icttcr.i, apos- trophiea, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters arc different. A Cryptogram Quotation G Z X J A . X U X F W U P P U U W R P P N B D Z J ? X U W R F P A X S K P -- A . X Y T R P F F . Yeslcnlav's Cryploquotc: I WON'T DESCRIBE; DESCRIPTION IS 'MY FORTE, BUT EVERY FOOL DESCRIBES IN THESE BRIGHT DAYS--BYRON. Distributed by K i n g Ftiiurcs Sir.dicm A T HIS solci program in Carnegie H;'ill, Bridie Cantor told the テつキ audience, "Every now and then some kid w e a r i n g rose- colored glasses tells me he's found n p;irt in a show, or a new song,'that's going to make him a stnr overnight. As an old veteran of the t h e n l i e I have to t e l l them a sad t r u t h : jl lukes r n n n y years of h a r d knocks and experience to become 'n :,tar Caxinib;'.! Cliicf .Story No, 0522: A notc'.l w i t c h doctor coriipleletl his e x a m i n a t i o n of heap big head of Iritx;, and warned severely. "Now n i i n r l w h a t I tcl! you. No vegetables, candy, or fish for the next ten clays. Eat nothing but people!" Eddie CANTO/? MARRY ME ^ANOTHER IE WOG6IU M1U.ICEWT, MUMN/ f^ POMOWA/ ETTA KETT By N. ^/ oux =.-.テつキ VMILU you PLEASE GO OUrSlDE AND STOP ( WNSOME? SCORCHY SMITH SWE'S^? STR-ICTUV) HOME COOKING.') fl-2i + By PAUL ROBINSON HER BOOM:?? V/HAT GOES' HEClE ?? Q u .; By RODLOW WILLARD John Burrcll. noted Professor of English at Columbia, tolls about an e l e m e n t a r y school instructress who ignored the signal of a traffic cop. C a t c h i n g up w i t h her at the next red l i g h t he d e m a m k d , "Don't you know what I m e a n when I hold up r n y li;uiil?" "I ou^hl. to," nho I n f o r m e d him tartly. "I've been a schoolteacher long enough." C o p y r i K h t . 1S5J. by Bennett Ccrf. Distribult-J l.y K i n s K e a t u r c s Syndkan. y r HOPS VOU'LL A5TA(?, XCRCrtV; OH! UNOテつ」 LARM, THIS IS SCOi?CHV SVJTH Or VOJMQ ' SLTTVV-IAT WAS THAT? IT'S A WNP OF SHOCK THE^flPV EARTH POLK USE ~ ,LL seers OF exrstvi PKCA\ UNKNOWN PLANET BRIWSS NEW -ALLTOASTBR.'.'

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