The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 28, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, October 28, 1913
Page 4
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i\ THE GETTYSBURG TIMES j PUTS MEXICAN --- MOVE UP TO U, S, Published Daily Except Sunday Time* mad New. Publishing Compmny W.IAVEREHAFER, . PHILIP Secretary and Treasurer. - PiMddcHt PHILIP R^BtKLE,. Editor .. servea bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents psr momtb. Mailed outside ofjggttvsburg f or 25 cent* per mggth-__ RATES Singla copie£t vm . "SV yojjr mone y ,|s received at The Tunes Office. u/ - B*t*r«i Antt 15, 1904, at , Congress March a. la/a. second-ciu. natter, corner of Cehfe. Squkre, Get^sburg, UNITED PHO1SE, rH'S PAPER REPRESENTED FOR » ADVERT5S1NG BY THE GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO England No! to Act Without Consulting Washington ELEGTiOfi PROVES A FARCE MRS. WILLIAM HITT. She Wag Miss Katherine Elkins, Daughter of Late Senator Elkins. per word. TO OUR HEADERS lime, takes absolutely BO part in poises, being nen^J .OH all tra. irhich jnves tee Socialist pa Oor adrertisins columns are cpsa rnlnmns are cess to all candidates of all partie.. fte?e to iq fte tkiijs pa NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Booms frith Bath ea iuit« * ScConomy, ProVa, --IF-you -want a -weekly Taper get THE ADAMS COUNTY NEWS I More local reading matter than other paper published. Price $1.00 per year. Voting Was So Light "No Result" Wtllj Probably Be Announced and Huerta^ Continue as Dictator- | Washington, Oct. 2S-- Reports from; the British foreign 4 office that Great Britain would do nothing in the Mexs- ean situation, now that the election had been held in the southern republic, without consultation with the United States, aroused interest ia oSi- cial circles here and added strength to the persistent intimations tliat the| American government plans a note 10' the powers which may result in a concerted Mexican policy for the future- Secretary Bryan, when shown dispatches from London, which asserted that Great Britain's recognition of Provisional President Huerta was given to extend only until the elections, said tfiat such had been the understanding in Washington all the time. When asked if a note was in preparation, which would open the way for nego-j nations with the foregn powers, he said no statement or intimation along this line could be given at this time. Some officials suggested that the position of Great Britain with respect to recognition of the Huerta government in case the election ijr president is declared void, would be binding as it now exists. Should Huerta continue to be the head of the provisional government, it was argued, the recognition of Huerta would necessarily con- NANCY LEISHMAN A Former Ambassador's Daughter Weds the Duke of Croy. Geneva, Switzerland, Oct- 2S. -- The civil marriage ceremony betv.-eeu liss j Nancy Leishman, daughter of John G. 1 Leishman, former American ambassador to Germany, and the Duke of Croy, was performed by a magistrate in tie town hall of the village of Versoix. The wedding party included the Dowager Duchess of Croy; the duV.e's brothers, Princes Engelbert and Anton; air. and Mrs. Leisbman, ihe Coan- iess Louis de Goataur-Brron, the bride's sister; Invin B. Laugalin,. secretary of the American embassy in-Loadon, an£ Mrs. Laughlin; Xormah · Wbitehouse, WHIRLING BODIES PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS They Invariably Tend to Point the Pole Star. SCIENCE AND SPINNING A TOP. That the Earth Revolves on Its Axi» May Be Proved by a" Simple Experiment With the Gyrostat--Phenomena of Rapidly Revolving Object*. Parafraphs MI News Tettiai ef tfce Happenings in aori abMt Tnr» People Visiting Here and These Sojournin|*_Elsewt»ert. j 3Irs. Eay TJupjT and Miss Helen {Kupp have gone to Hagerstovm to Spinning a top is not always child'sj S p ent j se verai weeks -with relatives. prYv~ate"seeretary to 3Ir. Irishman, and piaj. although it has generally been re- j Mrs j H- Baker, of Baltimore Couat Henry Apponyi, ihe best man. j ^rOk-d as a juvenile bport. Once in 1 s j reet was a Xew Oxford visitor on The names of the bride and bride j i: us i a!1 a top whipping was practically ^j sprooca had been posted publicly atj ....^...^j by i aw _ There was a huge Yersoix for fifteen days to comply! . forule ;, y provided in with the requirements of the Swiss ^ ^ j^ iu frosty law. Mr. and Mrs. Irishman gave a dia ner party after the ceremony, at which the bride and bridegroom and twenty two other guests were present. W.C,T.U,AlBSnOBSQN IN SENATORIAL FIGHT "^--- » CHAS. S- MUMPER Watcionr windows for Faian-| --Fire Proof Storage-- ers'Day premiums- Lots of things [Warehouse for Furnitar. Trimmers Big 5 and 10 Cent Store j at special prices ~or the week. j and Household Good* stored any length, of time. SICE PRODUCE COMPANY e»ih Price* Paid for all -- FASM PRODUCE-- Tnnes OSBce, W. H. TIPTON ---PfcotopxapBt Gettyiborg' tinne. maintained, however, tea: GOVERNOR GRANTS THAfo WEEK DELAY i mm j i ·£ tm _:t_ ~-J n»«M ^' r late years, noweier. »trcn Is Made Life Msmiier and Bets taken * hand ia spinning to PS in every village weather that Prof- A. R- Wentz will deliver his lecture on "The Origin of the Pennsylvania German" at the Y. W. C. A. the peanuts might be kept warm by build i ng j n y or k this evening. The the t-sercise and out of mischief while tbt-v could not work. Shakespeare in ·Twelfth Nigbt" says. "His brains turn like a parish top." Ben Jtooson hi "New Inn" writes. "He spins like H parish top." and Beaumont and !"it-her have "cJauces like a town top aiid reels and hobbles." Evelyn, the dsarist. speaking of the uses of willow wood, says that it was ordered that "the jireat town tops should be made thereof." Of late years, however, science has $400 Contribution fruitful, results. I-Voni spinning tops we can leans many interesting and valuable things. For example, vre can its prove that the earth revolves on York Oct. -?$ --Congressman J ixis and calculate at what speed. ii Pearson Hobson. of Ala-! The phenomena of spinning bo Counsel to File Brief on Con- j spiral Indictment. Richmond Pearson Hobson, a Ala- j in The phenomena of spinnin; r interesciu? If J bodies occasion wil! mark Uie opening of the new gymnasium, the gift of A. B. Farquhar. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Scahle, of Lincoln avenue, are visiting in Frederick this week. Dr. T. J. Barkley went to Frederick this morning to attend the sessions of the Potomac Syiyjd of the Reformed church- Miss Edna Wagner, of Tab!e Rock, recently visited at the home of the Misses Lion, of Orrtanna. Mrs. Howard A. Stouffer and son have returned to Chambersburg after a. visit of several days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hamilton on North Washington street. Rochester. N. H Oct. 2S.-Governor r, .tor beams Ioih sides , ·,, Teel tne request of riarry K. further -continuance in the proceedings, setung Nov. 4 as the . date on whica his attorneys ma fnr- n i for a . ion at its convention here. ' The action was taken on motion of A.nnie K Wiesel, head of the A!a-| thins elsration who announced that? of all objects spun in tins manner. A { into the air it will always come down | the same side down as. it went up. The true of coins and in the "«" C T Tl. of that state -would| knife, if merely thrown into the ab , «,,,,!; contribute" his ?100 membership fee. may come down at any angle, but i' v «£ j Tho convention thereupon votPd tos held point down and sent spinning lnt=. I -·' send $100 to Hobson to be used in his" the :iir it will on falling stick its point ~ L*--t? ( - » _ · » _ · · ,, _ _ _·» /I I .5 .-- *.!*,. «Dn* \r» !»**-·· »*·! l»lr" the recognition"extended by Great Bri- a supplementary brief bearing oni tte j^"^^^^^ in Ala bama. and! into tbe floor invariably. - - ·· · «-onspiracy inuictmeat retu.nea againbu ··- *· . _ _ _ , _ _ _ ,,.. ^_j,.-- ,;_,, their client by the New York county grand jury. A c-ontiauatisn of two weeks bad tain was intended to hold only until the time of the election last Sunday, no matter what might be the result- On this basis, it was contended that Great Britain was now free to listen ro any prorosal that might be made by the "United States for the formation of a general Mexican policy which would include also tbe participation of other powers- Government officials declared, on receipt of advices that Sunday's election in Mexico was not conclusive and that General Huerta probably would continue as military dictator, that the united States would await developments. No move will be made by this country, they asserted, until it is clear what Huerta intends to do. On the indications of "no result" officials based justification for tbe policy of this government in declining in advance to recognize the elections as legal and fair. Advices from John Lind, President "Wilson's personal representative, and Nelson O'Shaughnessy, the charge d'affaires at Mexico City, indicated that Huerta was-expecied to remain in power at least until the convening of tbe new congress next month. "Whether he then will request that his successor be appointed by congress, or whether be will resign in favor oE some man whom he will designate himself, is problematical. been requested. "William Travers Jerome, who opposed tne delay, will be allowed two days to answer the new the delegates from Maine, Pennsylvania and Kentucky contributed $300 more for the same purpose. Announcement that the organization Other bodies acquire rigidity when spun rapidly. Tbus a piece of chain if placed on a wheel and made to revolve rapid!\ will form a perfect circle brief. Probably 3000 persons gathered at :he city hall and. many crowded into the room where the hearing was held. Ic was a Thaw eTrowd and when former Governor Stone, of Pennsylvania, ] who appeared for Thaw, declared that the sentiment of the people of New York and New Hampshire was that his client had been punished sufficiently there was s. demonstration of so noisy state laws requiring ai nn d if thrown off the wheel suddenly ,^le zone of prohibition} vrill roll across the table or the floor ;overameat reservations · just like a solid hoop until its speed is Mrs. Ella Hco-v-er diminished- when it will fall into a would work for three to five mile zone around all was made by Thacher. of TYashington, head of the j huddled mast temperance work among soldiers and sailors. "The United States has had a dry canteen for many years, and we are going to keep it dry," she said- "We have a. temperance administration now and the secretary of war, Mr. Garrei-j (2. UditKJisofcifciw* v«j- v *- "*~srtr i ·-* ·· that tfce governor ordered j t " at tte room cleared. Omcers attempted to "arrv out the order, but made little headway, and the spectators remained to the end. Personalities were woven into the argument. Jerome declared that -Thaw's counsel, from Governor Stone down, wish to keep Thaw in New Hampshire as long as possible--as long even as the Thaw coal and coke mines hold out 10 burn." Mr. Stone likened Terome to the '·Hound of the BaskerviHes." Jerome described Thaw as a "degenerate, insane criminal." and said "T SOE, stands firm on the question, so. " - now is the auspicious time to j work for tnese state laws." j It is a strange fact that spinning bodies' always tend to point to the north «tnr-rhe pole star. ently. but firmly, they seem to tug at their moorings in an effort to assume the angle no^'j that will point them in that direction. rrei-, Q,, ee t{le y have attained it they do not Economists Say ?^ el Should Be CoVed instead of Burned Whole- IT British eujtfiicers know whnt they are talhsus :-.bout. as presumably they u-» or they wouldn't be given so much space in the London Tir-.cs. there are ^w more wsiteful ilsiags thau the ordinary whole coal Gre. Made in the range, the open -^rate or the furnace. ir results iu a litcnil throwing away ot money. The cheerful gra:e lire, says Henry Cagninghpin. multiplies the household coal bill by throe, and the daiiv grist of I(X pound's now poured into the kitchen ntiij:e might, under proper conditions, serve ten ranges in- stead Of Oil 0 '. Natural^ oi:e is curious as to these «o Allied proper conditions. "^Vell- the cist of the eH:rinp«»r"«5 complaint is this: Conl is fall of valuable things besides beat- Arjnni: these. are tar. ammonia and I-eazoI. There are a dozen commercial u-«-s for tar. t ?-ty nothing of .,,, MERCURY VICTIM IS DEAD - «. o ,. Wealthy Brooklyn Manutacturer Sue- that Thaw ^y bad attempted tc ELECTION PROVES A FARCL Ballots Cast So Few That "No Result" Will Be the Decision. Mexico City. Mex.. Oct. 28- -- The Mexican presidential election was held on Sunda without a violent outbreak in any quarter, and. as far as can be learned, with the expected result tba: not enough votes -were cast to make the election \alid. As a result Victorian?- Hwerta. will remain provisional president and virtually dictator, although it is exppcted that be will assemble congress now tc take the place of that he dissolved when he BUT 11° der''*5es in prison. Gen^r?! Felix D»az is conceded to nave obtained more voi^s in The capital than any of the ot^iT candidates, vritn Feclerico Gambia the canfiidate of the Catholic party, second. Xews from Chihuahua City is that General Fe'lx riaz has carried tae en tire state almost unanimously. The polling in T^SexSco City was con tlucted in accordance with the law and there were no disturbances. Voters ·srfre not coerce;!, and there was no 3isr%iy of military or poV.ce near the polling broths=. A decree wsll b^ issued by Hnerta lacreasir.c; tbe army from §5.000 men. j*5 all fv g' '1 present number, to 150,000. Tlr* possibility of General Blanqnct lining e'.cvaiea TO the presidency developed, although not generally con- ?:derea probable. bribe a gr?nc5 y:ror and two jurymen during tiie f.rsi trial of Thaw for the nrurder of S'anford "White. GOVERNOR FIELDER RESIGNS Confident of Ejection by Majority of Over 50.GCO. Trenton. X. J.. Oct. 28. -- Acting Gov smor FieWer had his last governor's lay at tne «ta - «* honse yesterday, at least unt'i IIP is regularly elected next Tu^sday--ii he is elected. He* is confident of election by at least 50,000. The folio-- ,rs s bis resignation: "To the re-relary of state and to rne g"'- c-rn»r 'ir nerson administering cumbs After Eight Days. New York. Oct. 28.--Isaac If. ROW. you want to prove the rota- i ti«.i of the earth by mean£ of_a snin- I mnir t'?p you can do so as fo" Provide vonrself with a gyrostat ! Me of h»in£T driven by electricity so " i hat it c:u«. run for twenrv-fonr hours the *»» ca'led coal tnr products. 'i or more without stopping- Set this go- wealthy Brooklyn manufacturer, w b c j «^ took bichloride of mercury eight daysj """ ago by mistake for headache powders,, died- ! Mr. Levy was conscious just before his death. Taking hold of the hand of his wife, Rachael, who was sitting by his bed. he kissed it and said: "I guess this is the end: I feel that death is very near." Then he again became unconscious and soon his breathing ceased. Tbe fisht made by Levy against death was more remarkable thaa that of B. Sanders "Walker, the Macon, Ga_. banker, last May. For at least three days Levy kept himself alive by the sheer exercise of will power. Hurls Victim Into Creek. Bordentown, N. J., Oct. 2S. -- Johnj- (flnh it l7 , P.rittan had a hearing before Mayor Gilbert on a -warrant sworn out by Isaac Ailoway. charging him with at- It will =con assume that direr-1 '.ion Now. ns tbe axis of the top is pointed in a certain direction 'say the north wall of the room) .nnd stays there, without ever movinsr. this wi'.l be a gnide to you to check off yonr ob- s-erv.iti^n^ And as you watch you will notice that irs sis hours" time tbe top will po'nt to the west and six hours inter to the south, six hours later to the east, ani? ::t tbe conclusion of tbe j-- er.ty-four doi:rs it vrill have compiet- · t! i In- «irrl« :tp,'i will :i=:iin be pointing due nonii. 1C will have completed the- cimiit of tlie four walls of the room \Yhnt does this mean? It means that the room h:is revolved round tbe top. out :is th- room is fisod to the solid thnt the whole earth has rtv»h-fd round tlie top. which :ilone remain**! stationary. Conse- The amiiion::! is invaluable for fertilizer, an:! i:e:!rol is a tir^t class substitute for :nf-:!iae- Each., ton of, coal will yield al-ont three gallons of gallim of naphtha, ewo gallons ofjieavj- rii suitable -for fuel, eighty 'ponnds, of pit'b and,twenty pounds of sulphate of ammonia. After all this, bns been extracted there will -be left about three-fifths of a ton of. semicoke. a|- iB«st as good for heating purposes as the origliuii coal- - - , - . - · - Tlie present popular method of cosrf i:«pvsal- in which this whole group q* sr.!-=r:inees is bunted rip--and most, of thtt virtually wasted--in household and factory, h.-is at last excited tbe ire .of crcsncei «nS economists. Apparently r.-hnt they want UK to do is to burn roke in«iend of coal for household heating and stcani "I hereby r^si~n my commission as nf the senate from the rov.nty cf H':d=oi." The oath of ,iT:ce was administered to Speaker I.c^r. R. Tavlcr. of Mon- niouib. trbo -,,i be acMng governor ·mill the Tuesday in January. HERE WE NOTE THE DROP SHOULDER ON A COAT Ess-stJaHy plain a=S straight of ].ne., and revers of brocaded satin. To copy tne separate coat niusr be smart of; ia size 35 4=» yards of « inch saateriaa cut. For trimming it d^p^^cs rr.ore or | -will be needed with *t o* a yard o* I^s upon sen. o333v shap^ii rever. an brocade, attracur* c-jff or belt. '· There is something very attractive ere TreluTred. Tweeds in cew m:i- of black silk braid and touches of tares effectively relieved br plaits ma.- \ scarlet, the buttons were centered with ferial rattoei- velours de laine and the ( scarlet. The drop shoulder effect the new fur fabrics are all favored. These; !ow be'.t and the turndown collar are uevs- fur fabrics, by the -sray, are some] modish ar.d distinctive. o"£ liea so. inuch like the real skins j 3^4 yards ol 35 inch velours de la'.ne that it fs 'dUBcult to tell the eifference. j with 5 yards of braid win be needed to They are light, supple and -warm. One j make in size 26. of them---iroaCtail, for instance--could Xo. TSS3--sizes 34 to 46. rco. T9TS--s:7es 34 to 42. Kach pattern Is 13 cents. Troop Train Dynamited. fe\5co City. Mex_ Oct. 2S.--A troop train was dynamited by rebels near Sail Sal\ador. ir. the state of Zacatecas, on the National railway. 115 being Killed, according to a dispatch from Saltilio. ROOSEVELT55_YEARS OLD CoJebrates Event by Visiting Ancient S3n P3-jIo. Brazil. San PawK R-azil, Oct. 2S---Colonel Thcofioro R^n-^-.*»it and party arrived acre fro~i P:o -Janeiro on a special The CoSor.-; «as Sftj-five years old .."siprcaj. 3^i ".«· celebrated the event by visiting ·'!*· -Tincipal points of in- :crc?t of tN ' cantifnl old city, which was founded :n !i"4. The o-c-sre-" It-rii was warmly re- reiied by t v .c- -w-Kilace. A few cabie- :jrans of co^cr^'iilations anived from the United S:s;^^ tnrouga the day. terapted murder and robbery. Mayor Gilbert held him without bail for a further hearing. Alloway alleges that he was robbed of S150 and a watcb. was beaten and thrown into Black's creek, from which ae was rescued by Peter Joy. who heard bis cries for assistance. Senate Confirms Filipinos. \Tashington. Oct. 2S- -- The senate confirmed the following nominations: Victoriano Mapa, member of the Philippine commission, and secretary of finance an1 justice, and Jaime C- de nuontly xr-» h:ive proved by this means tliat the «irth has turned once round nu its axi«=. and that it does so turn. :jnn Thai the heavens remain still and stationary. Knnv interesting astronomical dis- i-overio? have b»»en made by the aid of spinnim: tops, and the fact 15 obtnin- .-d l-y their study been applied to the rotr.tion of heivenly bodies, the osrth includerl. and the -wabble" of its :-.xis has been calculalfxl by this means. In many -nays, therefore, liie spinning sop i=s a valuable scientific lustrurnent- --Hereward Carrington in Nvw Torfe A MIGHTY GUN LATHfc. · Hugo Machine For Turning and Boring Scacoact Car-.Ron. Tho-o who Irre-lnSnRsI nnd- in Tact. .»!! who .ire :i^i f:iir!y fansil'sr wii'.i the Sni-ce gnn« uswl for PWtMst defense cnn hnriT.- npprw.-:ate tS'-e huse size of ; : .;i» n^cest-arr to turn ansl l*ore Them, s^rs tlio" Anjcricnn Macbinist. The lathe beinsr designed Jiiri 1-silt f"r tbe United States wra! CTiishop at Wash--i-=i'.n 1-v the Ni'e? Fesnenf Pond c"nJ- pnnv at the Betneat wor5=s is tbe !ar"Ut made. The lathe is -=o l^nc that ~Jb* p-f» f amtions for its installation in- the constrrclion «f n tnnnel ex- V«»yra. Cincente llnstre ana Vincente World Singson. membeis of the Philippine GENERAL MARKETS PHTLADHt-PHIA-- FLOUR steady; winter clear. 33.75 ©3.90; city mills. iiiet. at $3.50^3.60 er barrf-1. XVKEAT firm: o. 2 red. new. 90 1~ THE WHITE GRUB PEST. The damnse done by the white grub. tbe larva of the familiar June bug. 5n til- territory north of tbe Ohio river nnd lctween ;!se Atlantic coast and Garter Snske. Starts Panic on Trolley. Pittsburgh. Pa., Oct. 2S.--Panic in a crowded trolley car resulted when a garler snake limbered up in the warmth of \VJllie Reiss' cap and started after two field mice in his pockets. life "nsed -irith 7SS3 very appropriately. Here ratine was used with cuffs, collar Cold Wave In Texas. Aniarillo, Texas. Oct. 28.--The temperature dropped to 22 degrees here. The cold wave is prevalent t--rough- out the Texas plains country. To.jobtain either pattern _ Illustrated fill 'Sot ^thi» coupon -and enclose 15 cents !n ta.tnps or cola. "B« sure to state number of ·pattern end alze, tneasurias; over the 'fullest part of the best. Address Pattern Department, care of this paper. No JCarne .. Address Size A iVusical Grange. There is a grange in N'ew York state to -which nearly nil the members of the local cornet band and orchestra belong Well, there are worse things might happen to that grange. that Shot W.t'-, "Unloaded" Gan. \ Pa., Oct_ 2S.--"I didn't ." was the etpres- it ct CORjST steady: Xo. 2 white, Martin, fifteen years ] 34c. per Ib. _ TTTT O.2 c;4-i OATS steady: No. 2 white. ·*6%c-: lower grades. 45c- " POTATOES steady: per bushel, *0 ^TotrLTRY: Live steady; her.s. 16c.; old roosters. 12«13c. Dressed firm: choice fowls. ISc.: old roosters. I3c. BUTTER steady; fancy creamery. ?V,. stt^r "no ::ad shot James Sweeney, sged lonrswcr.. at the ranse of the Plains Gu? (l;i-, near this city. The 'CS of S»eer.-y had to be amputated »nn he is :r. a critical condition- Offers to Sell His Body. ^boaio^., I'.'.. Oct. 2S---Harry Spencer, confessed slayer of several persons, oiterou to =;ell his body for $100 rash. "I won't need my body after I'm handed." said Spencer, "but I do need the $lw now to pay the lawyer I've hired to get me hanged." GOOD second hand grain drill for sale cheap. Apply to J. B. Wineman, Hotel Gettysburg.--ad\ crtisement U. «^C» ««^- - * J ^ , EGGS steaoy: selecied, «-iv., by, Sic,: western. Sic. Produce Markets. . . one hundredth meridian. S12.000.000 for the year 1012 accord- inc to data pnthered by tlie federal bn- rean of entciuoiosy. The life cycle of ;Ti5s beetle is put at three year?, nnd on this basis an especially severe damage is expected next year, similar attacks bavins occurred in 190S and acain in 1011. One of the best metH- ods of cosnbatiris: the pest is by plow-- *j»^ 6elds that have been infested with them anv time prior to Oct 15. and tbe plowing may be done :ater than :bis if the weather" contiunes warm. The turninc over of the soil exposes the cell* in which the injects make and as a result many are killed. For small areas there is r.o more effective method of eradication which and vrill more in mare fertilizer teiriinc out under n highway, as there was n«t room for it between the walls of the shop. The lathe bed itself is l « o ««««- and 's made in five sections. 1,-nt tne total over all lensth- inclndins rrojec-^ i^ons at the end of th« bed. brines u «p fo 1ST. feet The main portion Jf tn^ bed on wb:ch the cnrriases tra.e h-= tlfr^e bro-"l sbears- the total w-4th helns t'-S inches, or nine feet, and **" 10?. fc**t- The rest of the s und-r Trt-it 5? called tbe bop- in? bench, which has two shears. An. -«*al width of this is sixty-two i an«\he ietirf* seventy-five feet, wel-bt of th- machine complete with W T_ I--.-.* ·- ·· * f^f\f\ /Wi -~^»T»-^*rtiT electrical equipment is 8GO.WW or 4y» tons. Medical Advertising Ay _ Cherry S Pectdral SHEEP lower; lower; u««.^ sheep. $3.»0®4.90: year- · lings, $4.90@6; lambs, native, ?a.80@ J.45. Inasmuch as tbe automobile has shortened the distance between the farm and town for all occasions which do not require the hauling of a load, it will serve In so far to increase the value of these farms. arc likely to be. ^ TSXECUTORS'^ALE cf the Property of Ellen AVeute, dec d. ON SATCRDAYTXOV. Stb, IMS, A» 1 o'clock, P. M. at the residence ot 1« offered at public sale; one bed, con.- rfcte SS beading- one dresser, with the Icvcn pictures, two rocking chairs, several other chairs, window screens, fcnr old otulte, table covers, jellies, canned fruit andmany other small articles not here mentioned William P. Wentz. Edward F. Wentz. Martin D. Wentz, Executors

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