Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 27, 1952 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1952
Page 18
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EDITORIALS Nehru Really Ought to Do Something About His Eyes T HE evidence seems to grow that Prime Minister Nehru of India is suffering from a pronounced case of eye trouble, lie looks across the vastncs.s which separates India and America and sees America's re- ai'mament effort as a grave threat to world peace. The Russian menace at his doorstep, however, he sees only dimly. And t h e threat to peace India itself has created he sees not at all, · The United States is frequently chided by Nehru for spending billions to rearm itself and help strengthen other nations menaced by Communist aggression. But he has few unkind words' to aay about Russia despite the growing threat to India both from within and without. And he sees nothing at all wrong with building up an armed force to hnng m a threat over Pakistan in the two countries' dispute over Kashmir. As Sen. Green of Rhode Island pointed out recently: "We are far more unselfish than India In spending large sums and men for mi ideal of peace in the world. India is keeping forces in Kashmir to promote a selfish interest." · . India would do well as Sen. Green bluntly suggested, to practice what it preaches. Dollars From Tourists "DRITAIN'S Chancellor of the Exchequer ·*-* Richard A, Butler, h a s reported to Commons that Americans drawn to England next summer by the coronation w i l l bring in a si/able number of much-needed dollars. . ' · That's probably true but it shouldn't be ' Inferred that Britain's travel business has lagged this year. It never has been bettor as a matter of fact. ; Tourist rates on planes has been an effective stimulant. Water travel, however, is still the backbone of. the travel business. Eastbound ships were packed to the gunwales as early as mid-May, and every stateroom westbound is said to bcHakcn until 3ate in September. ·*, Tho devalued pound does pretty well for purchases in Britain, but Spain and Austria are even more attractive on the monetary basis. They constitute a new area of travel competition for Franco, Switzerland and Italy as well as for the British Isles. ;; The last year tourist business has hit $74 million. The goal for coronation year is Raid to be $100 million. That's not to be passed over lightly in an economy marked by austerity. They Must Be Signed T7WERY now. and then we feel required "·--^ to restate the policy of thus newspaper with respect to printing 1 communications from readers:' 1. They are welcome -- i f they are short (under 250 words) and if they don't come from the siune writer time after time. ' ' 2. They must be signed and the name will bo used witli the letter on the page. The owner of a responsible opinion should be willing to be identified with it. Conversely, cowards hide behind anonymity. With these two rules understood, let us hear from you whe~n you have something you want to get off your chest. More Than Coincidence TT'S probably something more than coin- ·*· cidcnce that Secretary of Agriculture Charles F. Brnnnan is making his Labor Day appearance at V i n t o n , Iowa, lie will speak from a platform on the lawn of the Benton county courthouse. That's t h e place where for n good many years Allan Kline, president of t h e American Farm Bureau Federation, has been paying his taxes. Kline and Brannan are about as friendly ns two,bulldogs--one with a bone, the other without. The secretary will find large satisfaction in telling his Iowa audience some uncomplimentary things about their neighbor. Texas Task for GOP LOOK THIS YEAR'S BIRD NEST? ByCargrll IT'S BEEN SAID: Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as Ihe ability to Investigate systematically and truly nil that comes under thy observation in life--Marcus Atirclius. Hifi holinf that the world is round and that other nations want peace as much as America docs Is the thing that made Dwight 0. Kisenhow- cr unacceptable to the Chicago Tribune. The All-American zanincss reaches its pinnacle when a mngazlne selects an ail-American team and an all-Amoriean coach almost a month before the first game is played! An e x a m i n a t i o n of the record will reveal t h a t while the President's .words have been directed against inflation, Ms acts have given encouragement to inflation. i How long do you suppose it would take A d l a i to become ns cocky a.i f l u r r y -- c l a i m i n g he knows more about government t h a n any other A m e r i c a n ? The politicians in the Deep Soulh show signs of being for their machine nominee for President, f i u t the people h a v e n ' t been heard from as yet. As long as Margaret doesn't sing, it's svig- gested, her bodyguard can be hold to a m i n i m u m during her current European trip. For millions of A m e r i c a n s , f i n d i n g a place to park still ranks as life's problem No. 1. Query to Cyclists: Whatever the notion t h a t those .slop-signs d i d n ' t apply to you loo? Pros and Cons Somo Interesting Viewpoints Gleaned From Our Exchanges Cr««mer!es Plan Progressive Step St. Ansgur Mitchell Coiinly creameries fire Inking n much needed progressive step In Iho interest of pur dairy I n d u s t r y by preparing to process whole milk as well ns cream. Our creameries h a v e always played a very important part in a h e a l t h y local economy ever since Ihcir organization. Wo hope t h a t our d a i r y m e n will support our creamery boards and managers in their plans for n larger and valuable market. Are Our Legislators Too Old? Forest City Summit: By pulling an age ceiling on our congressmen, we would improve the tiuaU ity oC our l a w m a k e r s and force a periodic turnover where some men .seemingly perpetuate Ihctnselves. A younger, more active group of congresmon could take care of their l a w m a k i n g duties in fewer months and then devote the remainder of their time to truly being representatives of the people back home. Acheson "Surprises" F a i r m o n t Sentinel: Secretary Acheson has expressed "surprise" at Dulles' attack, in which he stated the administration's post-war policies h a v e brought the United Stales to its "greatest peril." The question is, should we. tell him? Observing From Our Mailbag BETTY JO'S BLOOD IS BOILING TDUUD--r mn n high-school girl who has great ·"· respect for great Americans as (ten. Douglas ]\IacArthur, Senator Joseph McCarthy nnd other great patriotic Americans as Pal McCarran and JJick Russell. Whenever I read your editorials it nutke.s my blood boil. People who a t t a c k Sen. Mc- C'Hiihy arc either Had or very stupid. There arc only two sides lo the question Com. or not. Why should we worry about w h a t is said about Comm u n i s t s that, m i g h t h u r t them when they ini- prision our citizens by the thousands? Where docs Hob Vogelor sland on this question? By Sen. MncCartliy of course! A man like Bob Vogelor who has been in the Bed prison camps knows how the Hods treat people.. Why should we go a f t e r them with powder-puffs?? Why should we?? If George M a r s h a l l is so d u m b as ·lo make such a terrible blunder w h y : s h o u l d he even be in public office? U u l ' j don't believe it was n mistake. 1 believe it was a calculated plan w i t h Marshall acting us n stooge. 1 have no more respect for Can. "Ikie" t h a n the lowest rot on this earth. He is a dirty rotten hypocrite. Why ·should I k i e support McCarthy a n y w a y he isn't n Republican but a traitor who snuck into the party with .Dcwey's help. They talk about Taft couldn't win but 1 don't know how Ike will win without the Taft vote. The American people will sec no campaigning from Ike only a little whitewash over friend Trumtm's administration. Are the .Republicans going to permit the Trojan Horse 10 snook info the while house with their label? I hope they will lake action and vole for Gov. Stevenson. Three cheers for McCarthy. BETTY ,10 ELIASON. V. S.-- I iloii'l I l k r ynnr Hnmclgen OH surb Rrcut men as I S v e r t t Dh Mm ami Rfo;\t paper* luirh tin I lie Chicago Trlb- ti it r. V i t r k r n p *v r f 111 ci g «ti mi t (i n r, l\cnrtlitcy HX bring- x tc c h a ITimk Imt ilim'l f o r K r t ho Ii K i i p l i o r t l n g Ike. \ V h r r c v e r · run U * Kcl they *tioiv their mark Mich us llcurilnti-y wUl M | I D W mi Ike. Itinv I'milil llrimlslcy RO ilinvn to Iho U c [ i i l 11 i 1 .in r i ID v I'D t Ion u ml *ny Mi at DIP jiropln of !it\v.i w n n l r i l lUi* w i t h ( i n l y HH irr r e n t nf Llin K e t u i h l l i M i i x v n ( c ? M a y b n ' i h r op [null Inn i v r r c T:iU prop I r \i 1m n-nUy r r p r r s r n t c i l t h n A i n n r l n i n |iroplr.'». clinh-c for p resilient In Iowa? ( v n i i l t l u din n h u n k about n i l t u u r (nlsr rhArgc* but yon K u u v r y o u r s e l f Ihr-y n r « fa Is p. Why nhnuM I ivmtc -j. lhn*o-ciMit s l a n i p tin y o u r ( I h h y AiuiiilnL-**. Remember? task ahead of the Republican party in its quest of the Texas electoral vote this year is pretty well measured in these figures from the 1948 election. Truman, 750,700 ; Dewey, 282,240; Thurmond, 106,909; Wallace, 3,7(54. Out of .1,100,000 votes cast about 70 per cent were for the "straight Democratic ticket." Texas may vote for Eisenhower this year. But the odds arc definitely against it unless Stevenson makes a mess of his campaign. 10 Y E A R S AGO Moving pictures of Hie battle of the Coral Sea, Ulithvay, W n k e nnd the Philippines and the bombing of China wore shown 1 by the Iowa State Safely ^Patrol in the Armory to more than ICO enllutsias- Uc Scouts, (.'ulis. their tenders and members of the Iowa Stale Guard. Dr. J. L. Paulcy, district commissioner, presided at the meeting, 20 Y E A R S AGO T r i n i t y and C a l v a r y Lutheran Churches of Ma- sun City have arranged for a series of unusual services at both churches Sunday. The services are under I h e auspices of Kphphalha Church among the ilcaf of Faribault. Minn., Council B l u f f s , Devils Lake, N. D., and Sioux Falls, S. O. . . . Miss Julia Palmer, who will help with the services, was born of deaf parents. 30 Y E A R S AGO SHEFFIELD--Hope for an early reopening by Hie present management of the Sheffield Bank voluntarily closed early Ibis week because of an inability to liquidate on its paper holdings, suffered a .setback yesterday. . . . This bank is the oldest business in town and lias been operated continuously for the p;tst forty two years. 40 Y E A R S AGO BUUCIIINAL-- Clifford V. Gregory, the rising, if not already famous young Agricultural Journalist, is the recent recipient of a check for $500 from the Youth's Companion. . . . Rurcliinal lakes special pride in Clifford Gregory's success owing to the fact that Clifford was raised in Burchinal. J!o received bis school education here. To Your Health! Roving Reporter NEW JWUGS FOR ANCIENT DISEASE By H e r m a n N. Bundescn, M. D. ANTIBIOTIC drugs have finally enabled us to **· control and cure to a great extent syphilis and the other venereal diseases, which h a v e long been high on the list of our worst and most wide-* spread enemies. 'People in general have long misunderstood these diseases. Many I h i n k that no one with syphilis can ever be cured, an idea tiiat has been f a l s e for m a n y years. Others think that certain o[ these diseases, such ns gonorrhea, arc mild and unimportant, which is an equally false and perhaps even more dangerous idea. Up to nosv, of course, it has been true that the cure for syphilis was long drawn out, difficult and often f a i r l y painful. The antibiotics have changed the treatment drastically. Syphilis in the early stages is readi- ' ly controlled, and most o£ the infection can be removed with int. uu.voKsiiN honvy doses of penicillin and some of the newer antibiotic drugs. More difficult to treat ape those cases where the infection has spread from its first location to different systems of the body. Syphilis of the blood vessels and heart is one of the most difficult. When the disease involves this system, it is not helped as readily by the usual lype of treatment. The nerves are another system frequently affected. Syphilis may cause injury to the spinal cord and even the b r a i n , and bring on a form of insanity called general paresis. People with this form of the disease are very irritable, careless about their clothes, lacking in judgment, and absent-minded. They may have d i f f i c u l t y ' pronouncing words and have delusions of grandeur. Syphilis of the nervous system is usually diagnosed by testing a sample of the spinal fluid. Penicillin is often very helpful, even for general paresis. Heavy doses of the drug must be given over a long period of lime, in combination with f e v e r ' t h e r a p y . ! This is best given by deliberately i n f e c t i n g the person with malaria germs. Tho i i t D i a r l . i Iv £ i v r n in'«r it ntiinber of day,*, anil the f c v r r goi'i up In 111,1 nnd I mi d e g r e e s . Tills helps rid the bruin of the K i i r n j w h i c h Is HID cause of syphilis. U s u a l l y , a f t e r t r e a t m e n t It finished, the mnlnria rail ho controlled by n d c t i u a l r dosrs of quinine. Methods snrh a* these have g i v e n us new hope of w i p i n g nut these circuit diseases. WB ran do Ihis If everyone helps spread the I n f o r m a t i o n Libont modern lri'iilm«.|\ts that urc a v a i l a b l e tii all. OUKSTHKS'S A f i l ) A.VSH'KRS II. V.: Cau yon Icll cue what cause* u baby to bo born prematurely',' Aimvrr; rrrmalurc blrfh* occur firr many reason!.' nnch as injuries, a c c i d e n t s , s y p h i l i s , tumors, abnormal position of the b a b y , t w i n I j i r t h l , d e f e c t s of the baby. anil disorders n f f c i - l l i i g the nuilhcr, sueh as diarrhea, eclampsia, and chronic kidney disorders. THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME By Jimmy Hcflo o ALL. WROMG! -MAT'S 'A AVODERH SADDLE! AMD LOOK AT TME AUTO N THE ' BACKGROUND ! THEY DIDN'T MAVE LEPT-MAND DRIVES IN THEM DAYS/AMD THAT STAMP ON) THE LETTER .AlM'T AUTHENTIC-- TOESE TWO t COWE TO SEE THE MOVIE" ' ·H-IEY CAME TO SEE · MOW AUrJy /WIST/4KES . THE/ CAti SPOT-- MY MISTAKE WAS IM SfTTINGV MERE-- HET? MxMRDO IS THE VVROH6 PERIOD. 1 TVIEV SEE ONE AMD -TUE DRHSS ^JF'^1 ° F lVOSE Sr '^' SJuJr ^PI^fTv / REALISTIC PICTURES, WEARIMG-STR1CTLV / ^gy MC| BECA[JSE ' IT'S TOO MUCH LIKE KEM- UFE-THEy OUGHT TO BE SEr4TEMCED TO WEARlNG-STRICTUy PARIS.' AND SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE . A POOR SCHOOL- V TEACHER--- 8 TO 5 HE'S GOMA PULL THE ONE ABOUT THE HERO hJEVER THE GUN" -- ^Xj FOR A R4IR THAT CAM SFDT so WELL bLTD THlrtK THEX COULD DO A REPAIR JOB ONl EACH OTHER- BUT LOVE AMD JERKS ARE BLIND WATCH TV FOREVER- wouj »ICMT» LISTENING TO TME DETAIL-DIZZIES COMPETE WITH THE SOUND TRAC» TfMWX AMD A TIP OF ·ME UATLO HAT TO ' AL. ClFFRtDELLQ, PoRTLArJP, ORE. -. "YOU WONDERFUL KIDS"/ By Hal Boyle of the AP JEW YORK Wr--There was no one on the beach ·*·' except the fat man and a quartet of teenagers playing catch with a tennis ball. The four youngsters--three lean boys and a golden-haired girl-were like a Grecian fric/.e come lo life, but their laughter somehow disturbed the fat man. "Noisy kids," he muttered. "Probably can't wait until the sun goes down so they can start smoking marijuana. When I was that age, I worked all summer. But today--all kids are useless." A shower of sand sprayed over bis reclining form as the girl leaped to catch a mis-thrown ball. "Sorry, Popsie," she said. "Go away!" shouted t h c fat man angrily. "And don't call me Pcipsic." "Okay, Popsie," she laughed and leaped away. He watched the four play a moment longer, and ·knew in his heart why he felt grumpy toward (hem. It was because they were lithe and young. Making vague sounds like a discontented walrus, he picked up his fat bald head and his sad fat stomach and waddled heavily to the ocean's edge. The waves were high, and he hesitated. But then he found a pause between the breakers, waded in and started swimming. "AH, fhl« Is |l," he sighed. The w a t e r hid Ills slinpc. l l n f e l t stronr and younf ajcaln. lit: turned m his back and nnafed for » lonff lima dreaming with open eyes as he looked up Into the windy sky. A wave suddenly broke over him. Sputtering, the fat mun M w u n g urntind. The sea wax floppy, and the shore Lonki'il a l n l l £ way off. He began lo 5ivltn Inward It, but It cairn; mi nearer, lie su'nnt liariler. Nn progress. The fat man realized tic was caught In an out- «»rii cilrrcnl. Tear washed through him and he began tl f l a i l the w a t e r w i l d l y with leaden arms. A face SH'Am into view. It was one of the boys he liail seen on the beach. Thry looked Intti each, other's eyes and saw they were bnlh In thn K.iine plight. The hoy approached him w a r i l y , afraid the (nt man w i r n l d Krab him and ilrac them both down. "Think I can make It to snore," lie ]anlrd. "Keep t r y i n g , I'll get help." As tint buy .swam a w a y the fat man f e l t hlji own life. g"iuf. too. Ilu ivnmlcrcil about what the local paper would print Lthciut Ills death. Hu wondered alinnl bi.t wife nml then ull ivnmler left him. l i e ' w a s a blind blob or flesh slugging In a blind sou. lie no longer could f e e l the m o v e m e n t s of Ills arms and ICRS. ]lo had lost the direction of thn shore. Then IhroiiRh the gathering' fog of i numbness the face uf the boy swam again Into view. The fat rnnn thought he was dreaming. Hut hc- hlnd the face came three more faces--the g i r l and the other two boys. "Here, rllnih on this," the hoy slid, pushing- forward a rubber play r a f t . I.Ike e e l s the four t e e n a g e r s surrounded the fai man. lifted him uii the raft. He hugged It us if It were his mother. They begun lo p u s h ' t h e raft through the waves, e x p e r t - ly guiding It slantwise I n w a r d the shore. As caeh warn broke over htm Iho fat mun swallowed part of I I . They ncared the l i c a c h . A g r e a t t o w e r i n g w a v e rose behind them. . "Now!" shouted one boy. " f i l v c It e v e r y t h i n g ! " Thu fat man kicked fctbly. The Rreen, foam-crested wave picked lli*m up--man. girl, hoys and raft--and l u m bled t h e m In a heap Into sliallmv w a t e r . The fat man felt his forehead grating against the sandy bottom. The hungry Jci clotrhed t» pull him back, and he had , no strength o fight It. Then Hands grabbed him and drugged him up on Ihc hot dry sand. ITc opened , h t s eyes and saw a- sky t h a t f r a m e d four tanned anxious young faces. The girl ran and got some paper napkins and began to wipe his Meedinjp forehead. Tho f a t - man looked 1111 .-it them, earlt In turn. "You k i d s . You w o n d e r f u l , w o n d e r f u l kids." ho said brokenly, and tears he;an to run d o w n his checks. An American Credo __^ commend to readers the p! philosophy inherent in this "Credo" presented by Bin 1 Temple's Central Show Printing Company house organ, "The Higfit Hand:" "f DO NOT CHOOSE to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon--if I can. I seek opportunity--not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and lo succeed. "t refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of Utopia. I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. "f will never cower before any master nor bend lo any threat. It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations and to face the world boldly and say, this I ttave done." Ingenious Acorn Rake have been informed by Miss ' Mary O'Ifarrow, 324 2nd N. W., of a successful way to- rake acorns. Miss O'llarrow, who is particularly eager to pass the idea on to fellow Garden Club members, has invited interested persons to see how she has used a piece of window screen on the rake to make it effective for this added job. She used a screen the width of the rake. With an awl she punched holes in the screen through which the tines of the rake could penetrate. With the use oE wire and pliers she wrapped the screen around the tines so these protruded through about three- fourths of an inch. With this, she said, raking acorns is a pleasure. Morning Dawns , c o m m e n d to you the prayerful sentiment contained in the verse contribution from Pliny A. Wiley of Wichita: Iornixig dawns on a v a l l e y of peace. Over the home and church and school Where rlueiltng fields ( h e i r (rain release Where life Is lived by the Golden Rule. Morning dawns on city vast Over the clouds of smoke and dtist Where troubled souls are hurrying fast, Where money and power are ail men trust. Morning dawns on the b a t t l e f i e l d Mid cannon's, ruar anil bugle's call At bayonet charge the foemeu yield While wounded shriek and dying fall. Mornlujc dawns on a uorld diverse, Some In happiness, some in despair* Benediction here and there a curse "God grant Justice," is my prayer. "Why ropsle." said the g i r l , w i p i n g his e y e s , "you'll get jour face all wet." Accidents Come High : take this means of impressing on you what a frightful price America is paying for accidents -- which cause infinite pain and bring nobody any^oy: If you spent $1 million a day, it would take you almost 22 years to spend as much as the accident bill for a single year. Mishaps cost the nation $7,900,000,000 last year-- or about $21,650,000 a day! According to "Accident Facts," the National Safety Council's stasti- cal yearbook, just off the press, this includes: SZ,900,000,000 in pay lost by disabled persons, lower wages due to permanent partial disability, and the present value of anticipated future earnings of those killed or presumably incapacitated. $1,400,000,000 property damage in motor-vehicle accidents. $1,300,000,000 in property destroyed or production lost in occupational accidents. $1,000,000,000 for administrative and claim settlement costs of insurance. This does not include claims paid. $731,000,000 in property destroyed by fire. $550,000,000 for medical fees and hospital expense. Information, Please! 1. Who discovered Yellowstone- National Park? 2. Why. is a ribbon sometimes called a ribband? 3. What group of fighting men was called "The Old Contemptibles?" 4. Who, on his death bed, apologized for taking so long to die? 5. For what person was a life belt named? Answers -- 1. John Colter. 2. bon was formerly spelled ribband because it originally circled the waist. 3. The term was adopted after the late Kaiser Wilhclm II oE Germany spoke of Britain's "contemptible little army," in World War I, by veterans of Mons and the Marne. 4. Charles II of England. 5. Mae West. SOUQWE To THE MASQN" CITY EXCHANGE CLUB--for sponsoring the first Model Aviation Contest at the Mason City Municipal Airport, thus providing an opportunity for thousands of. persons to view the 48 contestants who flew their model planes, as well as the two U. S.'Navy planes from Wold- Chamberlain Field, Minneapolis. Did You Know? Haskin Service EDITOR'S NOTE: Readers uslnf this service fnr questions of fact---not counsel--should sifn full nume and address :ind Inclose 3 cents for return postage. Address The Mason City Glflbe-Caiette I n f o r m a t i o n Hureau, 1300 Kjc Street iS'.K., Washington 5, D.C. To whaf- agency of the government should a business firm apply if it wishes to s«l! to th« »rrn«d forces? The Department of De-"" fense says that a producer wishing to sell his goods to any branch of the m i l i t a r y services must have his firm listed as a potential supplier with all appropriate purchasing offices, depending upon the items he has to sell. He may write lo the Central Military 'Procurement Information Office, Munitions Board, Pentagon Building, Washington 25, .D. C., furnishing information on his products in order to be referred to the proper offices. What does the word "Apocalypse" mean? It is the Greek name for the last book of the Bible, which in English is Revelation. Where can one find a list'of the descendants of Pocahontas? Thomas Rolfe, the son of Pocahontas and John Rolfc, was educated by his uncle, Henry Rolfe, in England, and afterward came to Virginia, where he acquired wealth and distinction. He married Jane Joy- thress. They had one daughter, Jane Rolfe, who married Col. Robert Boiling: An intccesting book "Pocahontas and Her descendants" (1887), by Robertson and Brock, carries the list of descendants further. Which of the two metals--copper and aluminum--would be the best to build a television antenna? The National Bureau of Standards says that of the two m e t a l s ' a l u m i n u m is better. Who was the only President of the United States to take office in an even-numbered year? Mil lard Fillmore, who succeeded on the death of Zachary Taylor in 3850. By whom are the records of the Jruca talks in Korea made? By a group of experienced shore-based sailors, part of the headquarters staff of Chief \J.N. Delegate, Vice Admiral C. Turner Joy, USN. Reports state that in an average day 150 stencils and 14 reams of paper nre used for the transcripts, and that a complete mimeographed record of 8-month truce talks makes a pile almost as high as a man. What does Saudi mean in the n a m e Saudi Arabia? Saudi is the adjective of the word "Sand," which is the n a m e of the king. King Ibn-Sa'tid is the absolute ruler of the country. He has no ministers of state nnci there arc no legislative bodies although the constitution provides for advisory councils. Today's Birthday JOHN L. SMITH, born Aug. 27, 1913, at Barberton, Ohio. Present; commander of the American Vct- erans of World W "mi War If ( A m - f ^^m vets - s m i l h I ,J?S served JCHfi L. SWUM ships. A lawyer, he was employed^ as tally clerk in the House of R e p r e senta- tives before the war. After the war he served ' in the Ohio General Assembly. Smith was educated at George Washington and the National. University of Law. How dots a hawk fly upward without flapping its wings? The force which enables a hawk to soar to great heights without flapping its wings is the same principle as that by which a kite is flown. Tho bird rides on an ascending air current. A good example of this is a gull flying alongside a ship. How did Judge L«arn*d Hand get* his unusual Christian name? Judge Hand's full n a m e is Billings Learned Hand which he later shortened .to Learned Hand, the "Learned" having been his moth, er's maiden name. What is included in "good will" when a business is sold? It is defined as the evaluation placed upon the reputation, patronage, drawing power, and other intangible advantages possessed by ;i business concern in operation, including name and good disposition of its customers. Mason, City Globe-Gazette A LEE NEWST'APEH Issuctl Kvcry Week liny hy the GLOBE-GAZETTE PUBLISHING COMPANY 121-125 K. St.ite St. Telephone 3BIX) Entered ns second clnss matter, April 12, 1031), at the Postotfice nt Mason City, lowit, under the act of .March 3, 187D I.EK P. I.OOMIS '-Publisher W . K A U I . H A M M . n a g l n c K d l l o r ENOCH A. NORKM Ajso'l.le Kdllor T »H J- .IE.VSK.V city KUttor I . I . O l n I . O E K R - Advcrllslns M S i-. Wednesday Augusr 27, 1952 MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS which is exclusively entitled to use for repulllc«- tlon of all local news printed In this newspaper as well as an AP news dispatches S U B S C R I P T I O N RATES Home Edition Delivered hy Carrier ] - ve " · · J15.SO 1 week ir Outside Mason City and Clear Lake But Within 100 Miles of Mason City By mall 1 ycnr ................. $10 (X) By mall 6 months ....... ...... 5'^ ny Carrier Per Week City Kditi'on Only 1 year . 6 months Outside 100 Mile Zone

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