The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 28, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1913
Page 3
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StraLton St., near Stevens St. These hous'i arc complete in all respests, front and rear porches, lawns, heat plant, toilet, gas and electric light, hot and coid water, electric bells and are located in good residence section, possession April ist., 1914. Also the desirable dtiiiuing lots 40 x 180 feetlv- ing on both sides FairSeld road near Seminary Ridge and in Cumberland township, close to Gettysburg, this Fairfield road is a U. S. road and is always in good condition either for foot or vehicle travel. There are no lots in or near Gettysburg naturally better adapted for building purposes than these, no filling, very little grading required, prices right, n ox- is the time to buy, there are four corner Iocs and quite a number of others. Also there are for sale desirable building lots 40 x i So feet fronting on Springs road near Seminary Ridge, while are not quite as desirable as the lots on Fairaeld road they will be sold at lower prices. Apply to Martin Winter, Gettysburg, Pa. An Honestly Built Stove That SeHs On MeriL The Penn Esther 'range does not have a lot of fancy decoration th'at Is hard to keep clean--and at the same time it 15 excelled by none in aopear- - ance. It is the most solid!} built and best general purpose C3okln^ rang^e we know. One C2 O . that -we caa conscientiously guarantee. H. T. MARING iildinr formers vxc^nic-cl by Straw Slacker C«x Hear of "!! Readinc Fn'i::ht Deros Beautiful Glass Service Set Is yours For Only 50 B. T. Babbitt's Trademarks Every horne should have this Xncnt Glass Service set- Everybody who has seen It is delighted with ihe 11 pretty pieces. All you need do is save 50 Babbitt trademarks--there's one on every Babbitt product--and because there are so many daily nses'for Babbitt's yon will scon have this set In YOUR OWN HQME- Babbitt's soaps and cleansers raatce the home brighter and yonr work lighter. Get "Best" Soap. "1776" Soap Powder, Babbitt's Cleanser and Babbitt's Pure Lye at your grocer's today- TVhen yon have 50 trademarks, take them to Your Grocer or the next nearest one East, West, North and South--these household helps have made paths of cleanliness. Babbitt's Cleanser at oc" is half the usual price. "Best Soap" has been BEST for years. "1776" Soap Powder is the original washing powder. Order Them All Today ATruth Stranger ThaivFiction Bv ARTHUR W. BREV/STER I 3'U-lieI Mcoahan wus biou^ti: u:-- for riaJ for the murder of iiis wife "\V-; LsaIl i»rove. your honor." s-jju O.e ;iros- c-uuu;; attorney iu oj'enisK t-«' c-'.se. tar- the*i;ri-6::r v.xs he^rU quarrel LJ? \v!rh his wife. Uy.. their Uv-i.-libors ii.l rliut life tuld tier lit a to2«.- «,r 2:1:1- iSRjty tli^t sace slie cc-til.Ju't !! iiin \v ithuiu quarreling SIM» L:'..j {et ous. A:'r«»r tbi «u.:rri.-:. ivLkh oe- -ufrcd i;' l!-^- e'. »·':::";:- tbe Lo"-v \vlie-e Ms co-:;».e /.ii-.Z ^::s s.u:t;~-^Hl to be iestrteil: ::I U-a-t no :~-.iuutL-. wi-re Uesril » -yn.«; f.-u:.: h. aii! ;:y SK-ro:: was w^ in or ;)*»"- it i li-. crvsse-a JUT jt-v, ^Ls. v. hK-h.. t::^;:::h "f ;:: :;rc-::t r-i:'.K-. art.- :: k;i:-i of !·:,·: «r:y t:~it ev- r\ wous.iu jirizt*. "T~t* t-~;«!:ii::!f!':i is :i|;::re".j. The v-fv. jcrut-J net «»f t!:e h nis-e !y a bru- ·rtl !:;:-!t:si:tl. w«;::j to the ;.-!:K-e y. here ·'.:*.- !.·;.; !ii-r jov.e's. nat theui on her lersou :;s tl.t* «';'.-it'.-t *.vsy ty «.arrv" -!K-:II ::::«! W;: at'OUt U L:::e lii^J at .:-^ v.-«r.I v.-!:en ha fciiov.-tt! her aiitl ;:"Si'I !:or u-5*«: :« v!::b Or sO2;fc otbt-r ie::\-y \V»-:I:I-JH. !::U:»jr !icr 0:1 the head ··!!j f::"«- :;i: 5 ri-s:t!*-r:::s her a! most uu- ·e«-i.^E.;:jL»:v:. A : src of tU'^se facts. .·'i;:r honor, v.-e sL:t:: prove c-oix-iusi^e- r. :.nJ ine other t-:tr^ are so borne ·::t by thu- lirst that the wiioJe saakes a ·h:;in of cireamsraatla! evidence f;:Hy :s strong as if we ha«I w I; cesses to ;'.rt:;r tti:!t they saw the prisoner cosa- sit the- J2hi:n;a:i act." At tbe eail of this ar-nnuncenic-nt wit!esc-s were brousrnt forivarxl v.-ith the ·e^amony. some to stare v.-hai they sad beard on tiie n;c;hr Of the r; carrel. ·tliers to prove that the body fo«"(l in=Ier the bushes vras tb;it of Mrs. ·.!on:shr.a. \Vhea the stare had pro- iuc-e-i its evidence the prisoner's aitor- ·ey brought forward w!taeses ro irore that up to the evening of the ;ti;=rr-! tbe couple harl Sivexl on good erois. that Mrs. Monahan was an es- !t::l*:e person and that her husband vas very patient with her. This was abont all the evidence bear- IUT on the case escept :hat which Droved the prisoners pxxl character in'l forbearing disposition. But there -rns the evidence of tbe quarre!. and here was tbe body of Mrs. Monahan. ·lonnhan had not been seen nt the tla^e since the evening when high vords were heard between him and sis wife. If ever there was a strong -nse against an accused person this ae was. Slonahan's story was this: His wife a'l recently been more than cscally "rvtfnS an*!, his entlnrance had been *«t to a severe test. He had resolved ·» co away from home for a s!»ort lose to recoup tits patience, also be- ievii:^ that a brief separation would *»e beneficial to both him and his wife. 1e had ieft her ac the house without ^ayiu:r whnt he was aboat to Co. He :ad sone ro his brother's in a neijrh- ^orln" town ana xras about to st::rt i-ict to h'.R o^vn honie wben he was ·rrested for the mi:rder. The pm?ecuting attorney referred to his statement as the best the prisoner ·ouid devise under the circumstances. «nt no better than nny ordinary per-on could have invented. It could not e taken seriously in view of tfie facts ·-danced and- above all. tbe body of he murdered woman. The motive for "he murder wss pspecia!!y apparent. x -Ioaahan. who had turned his wife ·;jt of~tbe house, was not willing that -he shocld take with her ber belonrr- ags. Indeed, so iafuriated with ber vas be that be did not stop at merger. There was netting for the jury to do -.nt bring in a verdict of guiiry. which hey did after being out one boar and i-n miuuies They had filed back into he court from the jsiry TIKJID and had f*'3 nski-d the formal questions, to *:e last of which the foreman bad pro- "URced the fatal word: ~(I::i!ty " Fbe wurd ti:id sc:srce!y been spoken -fii-n a woman eU-owed her way 'iri;:c:S the '-r»wd to tSse prisoner ana -I! int bis NOTES BY CN.BAEJOTZ RIVERSIDE E4- COREESPOKS2KCE SOLICITED, MAKING GOOD PUTTY. The Various Ingredients Should Be Thoroughly Kneaded. The mixing of putty lias very much to do with, its working properties, its I capacity for staying wli-jre it is" put \ I i * [These articles asfi aiusuraiincs njast not . bereprinteJ -A-itUout special -jen POULTRY AS PETS. You seldom see a human turn ap Li nose at a fellow for ni^k:ag a fuss over a dog, a h«.rse or a rooster. Mos: hainaus love pets. The dying lauie* Webster exesij;"3i- Sed this v. hen he asked in..: his »^\-.-: be driven near his vrirdw.v chat he might iook into their Jclad. u-:.*!v t-yt-; before he c!«*J. Am»s;g your :;rt !»r-»i;d arcomp'isliiuviiis v/as to \/hi~;!« for the dog and to c-ru*.v Ukt- :i ro« ster. When as voting as the Jov.'iy baby jJt-ttiag the b:g Or!'--gt" w.i-L'ird in the picture you fell In !· · e wi:Jj tin- chickens and. if as old as :!«.- *-:^h:y- yc--ir graiiddrsd. fusing \v:;!: the !ink- Miswrcas in the h::!amoi-k. you sriJ: Hkfc-y have This nffection :V»r the !ive creatures :u God's beautift;! worid around us. Mother taught most of E; to iove chickens. She brought tlie Safiy chicks and its surfacing quality. Always mix the putty thoroughly, working all the various ingredients intimately together and into a smooth, clean, uniform mafcs in « hieh there is no va- riaWeaess. Inadetiuate workiug of the pigment will result in a putty foataiiiiisg |erha!'S dry bits of lead or whiting. These dry particles of. pig- lae!:E when prest-ut in the Iutty .are worked OLT tu the surface uii'!»rj the kiiifr?, aiid whc-a the :iiiU;a:ering' of the putty occurs they icmie.!iate!y tear out. U-avii.^ iitt!e hole? in the s.:rf::cc-. v. h!v-h. l-i ^rd^-r !·· make a go'*! job of urf;:ce s-iiii-j and siaooth- i;i^. iuut l»e n-gKszei \\lih putty. Tht^e dry crumlK: O f U'.'d or whiting should sie'.er be i-rt-^cr-r iti putty. Tlion/agb kueadi:;!i a::-! niixlii^ is si sore pr«f\e!i::ve ^f thi- fauit. It is ;«icker asul cheaper than any cxsre tir:t (-.:.'. 1-? devUo-1. Oo«* putiy -:;!.·:!! i.e ton-jrb ::::d chi-st:-.- :;::·! never t !:y ;iij-! crusii'diiig. It sho.i'i! :sot · ·::l\~ '.H.' t«a^=! ::!! i-!:stic: b^t. ia :id. . . , :i!;5 «.-!;:'.:»"*.- of b«r:::g worked down un - iV-r sa:;j; :;;'cr «-r v. i;h water and arti- ' At-lil ruL-Li'i^ s.tfae.-- B!jcksuiiih and GATE FOR A STOCK FARM. Persists passage of Small Animals, but 3=rs Large Csttie. !t is of tea desired tt» separate the sjarslX'r xti^ck froui the larger at focd- ·::g ti^ie. ant! in jirovidhig a jass:i^e- ".v:.y for this purpose i devised a j!an to make the gateway so rhac I could through with a mii-i pni! in each r:-.o;o by C. 1,1. Earaitz. In h · bar; ; by t | the EAST'S PET- er ..^ro:i from Biddy's sest in the u.-I *ct them !:« a covered basket kkc-Uca stove. She let you pet A'^'l iW.I them. ;:nfl :t was no til: jo:: l::;i ! . s»nie:-ot" tlieni OE CO-.TS AND HOESES CANXOT PASS THP.OTJGH. :iaad w!ii!e riie cows co«!d nor follow :r»e. writes A correspondent of Popular llec!rni!«-s- This plan was real- ised as -shown :i: ihe sketch. The s-maller ;i::lmals. such as bo^s. chickens .-ic.l sht-er. can pa.-s through the »" s::::ri.-i! i-:irr. bu% a horse or a cow eouM not iu:ike the turn. The small -s*vfnj^zui; ^:!ie may !e Tusteneti to ^ne ^idt- to iu::t:e a perniaueuc iuclosare for the SRUiiler stock. res Are Mjned- ov. a. sfiive hat you i T f;::i per ro:;: n:2cl poss T out - likc'U ·"- iiare cbitkens arvuud." r-.- :irc- i:J! vjrst-SeS of poultry ia Am^rx-ur. SE::.d;i:-'I today, ami iT-ci':! : j "irry is the most becnti- tbe :iiot :-raciit-ai and the best iiKr in tlie \vorid. :!n f l back of much '-i thi^ vast icaprt-veirii-nt and won- iil ;:'-I:!eve3Je:it is the fact that ers i;.:' ..' :-»vii.; their 1-iros. mads v f tlj^-ia. oroiijru: -".t their Sue :"5, evo:vcl :ic-"-v Uree-Is and thus e our -sii'ion tti=Har itoiiltry inilnstry ible. ^s !ove of the L-r. or creation bringF :i mat:'? :etier n.iture. nakes him Tke rurthoti of recovering the stones fr.Mp.1 tbe around of the New Mines ':uih-re syndl.-ite. Yoj:o. ?.Iont^ is ratlier unusual and interesting'. The 'aatrix couts-isiiatj the st-nes is an in- trtL-iv v - igneous rook weathered to s ye':K»w '··;:;;.- fi-r a deptli of approxi- nwt"iy f.vt-isty feet frotu the surface. :-":-i^.i t::: ;· rd-:! tbe S-irr-isire^ are ,-.:s!;y t\p-r::c-d !-y w:s3ltsnc. Beiow this i.elt v hvre the ro-k is haruer it ·ir.s : eon !Vanl !;e:-es^arj- to uisiate- ^r.:ie it hy exi'-.»--n!s: it iu piles to the vreather aii.l weitius: occasionally. The "re ; pi.icei! on inclined Soors and ·eft ft.r se\er;i! ni^ntas dtirintj the winter. T5:o fre-iiTeut freezing and thaw- :-:iC =":use the !i:nijs-5 to si:«-k :in-l u:s- i:.!1 ^:-.!^. A ;:;r^e ^trea:.s of w;:ter is choii :i;.:y«yl o» the [-iies anil the nia- tL-ri:.! slui-1-1 ^iiuiiar t placer goid.-- K!'-jri:iet'rii:jj -aid Mining Journal. T!ic i'X'.zf'- the iavryers, the 5nry and :». spectators looked on. unable to in- ·nri-t the si-t-ne. Presently the judge TM\Vh» nr? yon?" "7"r; Mnry Monnhnn. Mice's wife. I"«»r :i rnonsT.; ibvre was a sn i tbe i-oi:rtr'om like that preceding · "(Rndi-rs-firni: Th'-n ni! present broke ,t n units-*' tSn«:t f -=yiniatby with ;:" trjio fi:t2 h'-on Tried and fonnd ';:':;.· T ni!t-t wi;h snch n vindication Ti!i^_ -=ir:inc as n may seem, is 3i.r to !u»i:cvf than tbf ewilanation. A f t e r M«m!i:i:j i-ft her she locked p ;f:i- tnjusc an-! w«-n: tr. her laotber. vb« iiv^.1 in a distant city. There ·j^r nT'rv«»-: hroke away entirely, and 7 w:ss ufK-ess:!ry flint she be kept nit-i f«r n lonir time She was get- iT!^ hcttor wh-n she ^iw :: notice of ·pr h;:"=!-.a nd's tria^ and returned im- To Fi'i Pores In Stone. ?!: -::o r;.-j l i i - k are porous, ^o :aucb *» thc-y :$re K"t s;;!t:i!;e a-J liquid ··o;ii:iii:er-r-. -.'.ml i:" nsed outdoors they tai.e '··:· water which freezes, causing siun'.: frits t, cnick a::d fall ofT. It is ·jf:e:i ltj=ir:il."e to fi'.l these pores, and il\:-~ i:juy l-i- cone wiih a solution of ·^miti:'. :ii!'i n.iphtha. This solution Is re icily s:ikeJ a p. and the naphtha ev:s; leaving the pores Slled j v.-;th tlse ;).;r:i"!:i. If the rock or brick .-; tnMted v. iih soft soa; and then :j-i";..l j- f'.-ruled, v.lik-h also acts as a z«fnl si'ler. A s'i::tio» of sodiuai sili- ·Mte »r wnJi-r :^.is-s :ifp"ied to saad- ~tt»:-c :;:"! ::!i'wed f dry. then foilow- c:l v. iil :i w.i-!i :f i-iili-iom chloride. :'·*.":: ;;ri»i!ier insoluble iirotectins sur- :":!· e i ! r'hoto Dy t" III kind zr.3 i::ervifs:!. .ides interest to life, brins:^ Ii::a cio^e to 2int«re a2'l therf are tho:3.-.:i-:-; of nj^ii every d:iy v.-ho are jri.;I for the restful hour they c:et after the trc;!«I?r.!Si of ~tae oSce and the store. \vi;L-'i they while away KIT their £:cks ff cooinrr pigeoiis. nz; rosters :I;HI -jn.-k»ing hens. An-i poultry reciprocntes the affection and care lestovv-\l on tl'.em. j Tley scon 1-m-^Tv their owner, socn j s!:otv their trcst anl affecilon. niid ·we | have always notice*! that fotvls that i are r»eis anu kindly c;ircd fo ! ihe best, lay the :i:ost ec^s a for grow and pay Lest Interest or. the invesircent. : o Fins Dew Pc:nt of Air. To fi-ter:i:ii;e U:e air's dew point JTey^fiMiorSr. n Germnn meteorologist. SI*-, wirh v. ;:;er :i -at» of silver or other ^x:d -»;3''i:riiiii£: inebil an-'l intro- ·luccs s,:] ;i;::ir.o;:5:n-. hyposulphite of st-da r oi!sc-r «a:t t!::it Sowers the teni- · vrature in ili-ii:vinir. .\s the sait Is slowSy :!l:cl ll'.e mixture is gently ^tirred r. :;Ii a t':er:i:o:r.eter bil31. At rise instant v^hosi t!»s- -o 1ir.:r causes a ileposU "f nioisrnre to be^:::: on Use- vut- side of the c«p the i:!tl:«u3o« of the themi''ii- ttT 5^ *:i't k n :!i)l ^ives the lessr'l Iew point, or 7t-n5pernt;:re at which the ns«'i=:ti!re pr'^cnt 111 the air wu:iM lei-o:::e '-o;:;ji3.»;e sjitiiration. or ICO per -ent of humidity. Shortly nfrpr -.rr aJwonoe two ind a woman -h!«- unprotected "»nse T'lt- soiitKin d«--orstcd herself v. ;«ri Mrs .M«7i.ifan"! jewe.'s Tbe ^jen cinn rrpJen tilth her for taking ··hem. kiilr^l Her arid left her body in :he bushes Her height, weight and shape were like "is. %fonnban's. 3er face had beers -ouulsted changed by death- DO NTS. } Don't pass .^our i^nse r^crett!ng that I yoa didn't Iiave t:;e cSsai.-^ Pf»:ne other | fellow had. A::/ 7oor e-xc;:«e of a man can w:\ste tin:e iun'.ci::^ i:"r oscus^s. Be up and iloinjr or s-e forever mirs;r. ; Don't forget tlie crit. Chicfcs ^an't thrive witliont it. T's^-re ;re three sizes--for thicks, chickens sail old hens. Don't forset that skrcnis nncl omws are attractcfl by ejrgs. A rotten egs ;"as bait draws them to the trap. Land Surveyors i oo Generous. The surveyors vf the United States forest servs- e :ire fin-lin" that the old messnres of forest 3nn*1 in ;he e;ist- era part of i!se coujirry ceneraJIy erreil on the side of saftty--ihst 5*:. to the advantage of the owner or imyer of the ln;:d. "who orx?inari!y empioys t!-.c surveyor. This 5 further evidence of the honest endeavor of the pioneer surveyors t" jrive their employers fuH measure. The oid :«ie:i -.v:is to be sure and include ns much 3nnd ns the deed calied for and enough over to have a fair factor of safety.--Engineering Xews. WAISTCOATS LEND DISTINCTION TO SUITS AND GOWNS The well d-essed woman wears to tea. In the afternoon a simple, smajrtly cut frock oi satin, crepe ic chine or dtivo- tyn. plain or figure-X If the dress be of plain inaceriisl ihe omnipresent vest is brocaded or ngured, sho-.vins cuiirny Orienia.! co!or conibinations, and if the grown is figured the vest is plain. There is scarcely a gown that does not show the vest In one form or anotfier. It may be only a couple of inches v.-ide or it may be the regulation waistcoat, but it invariably Jencs distinction. Dull blue duvetyn in 779S was toccli- eci to brightness by the vest of figured silk duveiyn and the girdle of burnt omnse satin. These rich, strong co-ors may be used boldly this season IS handled cleverly so as to avoid crudeness. Often several ol them are used on. oae cosiume with a. most charming effect. The waistcoat may show In Its brocade bits o* blue, gold and cerise. and what could be smarter on a caric suit or gown? The bScuse of this moSel shows a drop shoulder, and the skirt !s a two- piece peg-top. A mediei frill of lace gives a finishing touch to the collar. To copy in size 3S 4% yards cf 35 inch material will be needed with » yard of contrasting material. Xo. 779S--sizes 34 to 42. E-ich pattern 15 cents. To obtain either pattern illascraled Sill i out this coupon and enclose 15 cents in stamps or com. Be sure to state number of pattern and size, measuring over the fullest part o* the bust. Address Pattern Department, care of this paper. Xo Size Xame Address A RESOURCEFUL GIRL, Among the more important practical results that have been accomplished by the department of a:rricn!tiire iu its efforts in southern srutes has been tbe organizing °^ boys" corn i-iubs and rfris" tomato t'ubs. O;ie Georgia ias who belongs to one of ibese latter clubs not only raises prize tomatoes, but worked as a side line tiie gathering of roniato \vurtns. which she sold to nearby lisheraien at a cent apiece. It is reported that during a siug'e week of the pay- 1 . sejso« she sold r00 of these worms, wliich nottetl her ?."}. and ;:t che same time sbe freed her tomato .latch of its worst enetay. She even gathered worms from the tomato vines )f some of her neichbor*. This girl uid other winners in other southern rounties will h a \ e their expenses paid :o \V:isl)ii)^t":'. where they will receive .-i reward for their cood work. THE APPLE SHOW. The sixth national apple show and fru!t products congress, which is to be held at Spokane. \Vasb.. from Xov. IT to '--. promises to be one of the most: vain'We yet held from the standpoint of the program of addresses and discussions which is being arranged. Each subject discussed will be opened by men of recognized authority and experience In that particular line, while the di«eussk»u following 1 will be by practical fruitgrowers present. Among some f,i the subjects already selected for discussion are: The standardized pack, utilizing lower grade fruits In byproducts, storing fruit for market, financing the fruit crop and co-operative marketing, considered as a vital necessity to the individual grower and to the future of the apple industry. MAN WANTED Old Reliable House wants a good appearing honest man to take a position of trust at a good salary. Must be hustler, Write at once. Young FoIIelt Company ANNA Dept 26. Boston Mass j I will be in my room on the | Square over "StaUsmith's ! Store" on second floor, every | Wednesday afternoon from 12.30 to 8 o'clock, ( where I will do Suing, or I will call on j you in your home, at yonr convpmenee, or. rt«y Thursday, upon receipt of jvost car.!. Please and see tbe Spireila c»r-eis and corset accessories. C. MYERS. Spiwifc. Oxford, Pa TREES FOR SALE I have good Peach and 2,coo Apple trees ready for planting that, I will sell at re asonable prices In small or large lots. G. E. Spangler Gettysburg. Pa. FAMOUS BABCOCK LADDERS Fnll assortment now in stock, conrfstinsj of: Straight ladders, extension ladders, step ladders and special fruit ladders. · 1 very ].iece*o;Jlh;s -su'H kno-.\n braiii is sna:e from seoon.i growth spruce \\ltn nutgf o.'a^li or t-Iai. H. P. MARK, AREXDTSVILLE NEWSPAPER! FOR SALE: several choice building lots fronting on South street. Apply George P. Black. --advertisement ! WANTED: middle-aged, honest, sober man as a tenant on a farm. Apply by letter to A. B. 14. Times Office. ·--advertisement DRESSED chickens, young or old, can be secured from C. B. Hoffman by 'ordering day ahead. Telephone 173 Y. ' -^-advertisement Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop 42 W. HIGH STREET TUBES A SPECIALTY With modern steam equipment, I am prepare-1 to do general repair work blow-out.*. «ect:ons and re!re.«15nsj. If the hole is not San.; -r than the tn! it can le repaired. Sati.-faciion TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE ComforUblc, Reliable and Powerful. Try it. an.! BauIetVM trip? a 9pet:ia!sy United Phone 117 X C. A.STONER, prop iWSPAPfc.RflRCHP

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