The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 23, 1933 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1933
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 23 1933' Frmer Resident Dies. " RUDD, Deo. 23.--Mrs. Emma Blr- ney, pioneer resident of Rudd and vicinity, died at the home of a daughter in Detroit, Mich. And Many Thanks for your patronage. GILBERT'S 103 First St. S. E. Phone 3180 · _ . 01 ALL of us wish you a. Merry Christ- JLL. mas and thank you for your patronage this past year. Olympia Cafe Formerly the Crystal Cafe 9 North Federal Ave, AMCRRY41QU1W Happiness You Deserve Christmas has many sig- nificances. Among- them, to us, is the opportunity for taking- note of all the good folks about us and wishing them the happiness they deserve. Tradehome STYLE SHOE STORES 18 SOUTH FEDERAL ONE KILLED, FOUR INJURED IN CRASH Baltimore Youth Instantly Killed When Car Hits Load of Wood. EARLVILLE, Dec. 23. (^--Martin Ffitzncr, 23, of Baltimore, Md., was instantly killed and four others seriously injured one mile west of here on highvvay No. 20 last night when an automobile crashed ioto a wagon load of wood. Ffitzner, employed by a -farmer, waa walking behind the wagon when the car driven by Albert Powell, 20, of Earlville, smashed into the rear of the wagon. The dead man had started work at the farm only ·Thursday morning. Powell suffered a broken leg and bad cuts and bruises. Other occupants of the car were two Earlville girls, Lucille Kahler, 18 and Fern Carty, 18. Each sustained numerous cuts and bruises. Martin Yelden, Ffitz- ner's employer who was driving the wagon, suffered head and body injuries. Sometimes it looks as if being a professor in Washington weren't any more fun than being a professor in college--but it probably pays better.--Indianapolis News. Merry Christmas EVERYONE BUSY BEE SHOE HOSPITAL 104 N. FEDERAL PHONE 710 Loyal patrons, we clasp your hands in friendship as we give you our wish for a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR DOZIER'S FOOD STORE Phone 1800 CIS S. Federal We Wish Everyone a Merry Christmas 1C Puth Co, Plumbing and Heating JOB PT3XH FLOYD SIAGOQN 2021/j North Federal Phone 889 Maybe You'll Recognize 1934 Weather It's Just 1911 Playing "Return Date By F. B. COLTON (Associated Press Science Writer) WASHINGTON CT)--It's simple enougli to predict January's weather and all of 1934's, too, if Dr. Charles G. Abbott's new theory that weather repeats itself every 23 years holds good. According to it, 1934 should be a warm, dry yeav for most of the United States except the west coast. Cycle Is 23 Years. Dr. Abbott, head of the Smithsonian Institution has found evidence that weather conditions in various sections are repeated every 23 years, apparently controlled by magnetic changes on the sun, which also move in a 23 year cycle, double the length of the sunspot cycle of slightly over 11 years. Weather bureau records of temperature and rainfall for 1911, therefore, give at least a hint of what may be expected next year on the basis of Dr. Abbot's theory, although neither he nor the weather bureau is making official forecasts. The 1911 records show that temperatures from one half to two degrees above normal may be expected in all but the far west, where weather cooler than normal by an equal amount should prevaili Thirteen Cities Studied. They also show that drier than normal weather will prevail except in the Ohio valley and the middle section of the west coast, with anywhere from a fraction of an inch to nearly 12 inches less rain than the average. . The data on which this unofficial forecast is based was obtained from 1911 records pertaining to 13 cities over the United States. The figures show that the winter of 1934, after Jan. 1, may be dry in the south, northwest, Ohio valley, and along the east coast but with more than normal rain or snqw in the Rotky mountains, southwest, Here's a Hint of Next January--From 23 Years Ago If Dr. Charles G. Abbot of Smithsonian Institution is correct in his theory that weather repeats itself every 23 years, January, 1934, should be like January, 1011, and the areas of cold and relative warmth, wetness and dryness divided approximately «s indicated o n the map. midwest and far west. The winter should l)e unusually cold in the northwest, Rockies and west const but wanner than normal in other sections. The 1911 figures indicate a warmer than average spring in all sections except the west coast, which will be a little cooler than normal, and dry spring weather everywhere, with rain farthest below normal in the Ohio valley and southwest. A line O'pipe Stick to the Pipe--Let the Smoke Blow Where It Will By T. PIPE Doctor Santa Claus. It was only two days until Christmas and old Santa away up in the northland was ready for it. The toys and playthings and presents, of all kinds and description, were packed away in his sleigh. -The harness of the reindeers had been oiled with lightningola so they could go like lightning and the sleigh runners had seen greased with alipalonga, the fastest grease in the whole world. Yes, everything was all set for the Dig day or rather for the big night, because Santa's biggest day was all night work. . And yet Santa was not happy. Instead he was very much worried. For Prancer, one of his best reindeers, was a very sick animal. He couldn't eat his hay and he couldn't eat his oats. He was so sick he couldn't eat his carrots and when a reindeer won't eat his carrots he ia a sick reindeer, indeed. Santa didn't know what to do. There were no doctors away up there in the lorth and even if there had been it ,3 doubtful if they would have known how to doctor a sick reindeer. So Santa just walked around and Best Wishes to All! May your Christmas stocking be overladen with all that is dear to your desires, and your cup of Christmas happiness be overflowing! FORD HOPKINS 3£3)(3gXSaXS$- ^ i © Light as the spirit of the season, swiftly as Santa's reindeer, our thoughts go to our friends, wishing them a full measure ^.t of the season's happiness and joy. vfa BETTY JANE DRESS SHOP 114 NORTH FEDERAL AVE. ALL THE JOY IN THE WORLD . . . That, in measure, expresses our wish for you this Christmas . . . all the joy in the world for you and those close to you. ZACK BROS. Phone 977 ELECTRICAL COMPANY 306 Second St. S. W. MAY Good Health AA'D Happiness and all the blessings of HOLILAY CHEER bestow themselves upon our friends and patrons this joyous Christmas season. LUND SALES STABLES E. A. LUND, Prop, The Spirit of Christmas May the true spirit of Christmas fill your home and linger through the full coming year. HARRY ZEBKER 121 South Federal worried and worried and Prancer got sicker and sicker and Christmas got closer and closer. And then ill at once Santa spied something that made him open his eyes. And vhat do you suppose it was? It vaa a box of chocolate candy. Or ·ather, what had been a box of ihocolate candy, because now it was ust about empty. "Ah ha, ah ha," aid Santa, "a box of chocolates bout gone and a sick reindeer. Does two and two make four or oes it? And if so I know some- iiing to do about it. And not only hat," he continued, "but I am going o do it right now." Singing this little song: ft'hen deers are sick, So I've heard tell, ''here's just one thing That makes them well. He hurried into the house -and oon returned carrying a big, black xttle. Into the stable he went and ver to where poor Prancer was landing, growing sicker and sicker very minute. Holding Prancer's ead high in the air, he stuck the ottle in the sick deer's mouth. Drink," he commanded, "drink and get well. Drink it all to the last rop." Prancer was too sick to offer any esistance and although he made a :errible face and uttered several aw- 'ui groans, he drank the contents of the bottle, every bit of it, to the ast drop. The next morning Old Santa got up early and hurried to the stable. And. there was Prancer perfectly all right once more. He had eaten hia hay and his oats and he began begging for carrots as soon as he leard Santa coming. "Ab, ha," said Santa us he looked at Prancer. "I thought that would cure you. Castor oil has never yet failed to cure a sick reindeer who has eaten too much candy. Or a child either, lor that matter." And lie went back to the house singing ;his little song: When reindeer or, A child are sick, Some castor oil, Will cure them quick. P I J- P E It pained us very much to learn of the accident tliat happened to our friend. Hoy Johnson. Of course, It didn't pain us so much as It did him but anyhow it didn't muko us fee! so good. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and an early return to his job. The First Nu- tiojial banlc doesn't seem jitst the same without his friendly greeting and his smite. ·P I J- P E From what we have heard o them, we supposed the Norwegian: were a rough, tough race of men But apparently the sidewalks ar rougher and tougher. Now if it had been a certain Irishman friend o ours, the sidewalk might have been shattered when he fell on it, bu his arm, never. P I 1 P E You can't ke«p a good muii down Or a tlosc of ipecac. P 1 i P E And then there is the Mae Wes fan who has requested that hi gravestone bears the words: "Come up and sec me some time.' P I 1 P B As a theme song for our me. chants next week may we suggest "Its a lonesome old town wliei yoiire not around." P 1 J- P E Our plaint over the dearth of 193 calendars has born fruit. We htw received a calendar from John Gal lagher, justly famous dealer in th fine line of Pointyak automobile and an ash tray from the U. S Tire company. Also u calendar froir :he White Rose gasoline, two pat- ;nt medicine almanacs and three calendars from insurance compan- es. If we had only mentioned" a dearth of new automobiles instead of calendars, we might have had a new Pointyak or Buik by now. P I 1 P E We also received thre« very valuable milk bottle covers from Tim, or was it Tom, I'lia- Zcn, of the Phalcn cleaners and dyers extraordinary and do luxe. Tim, or was it Tom, spoke very highly of these miik bottle covers. He claimed to have in his possession a written testimonial from Carl Parker regarding them and stated that Carl told him that Mrs. Parker said .if she^Jhnd to do' without the milk' bottle, covers or her gas stove, sho would give up the gas stove. Which, when we told that to the Missus, she said that if Mrs. Parker's gas stovo was as old and as near worn out as hers, she wouldn't blame her any if she did. T P 1 -L P K We wish for our readers, if any, .he merriest, gladdest, most joyful "hristmag they have ever had. And we hope Old Santa fills taeir stock- ings, if any, plumb full to running over with the good and happy things of life. P I i P ID And may their Christmas dinner, if any, be tasty and filling. There should be larger signs at each state line. You can no longer tell where you are by observing the lyncliings.--Lincoln Star. A MERRY CHRISTMAS Happy New Year Chicago Meat Grocery 026 South Jackson MASON CITY SPORTING GOODS COMPANY TO ALL OUR OLD AND NEW FRIENDS VAPER Marcelle Shop 13 2nd St. N. E. Phone 247 WE .TOIN YOU IN ANTICIPATING A CHEERY CHRISTMAS and a most GENEROUS NEW YEAR May we continue to serve yon well GOETZ BREWING CO. DOS COUNTRY CLTJIJ BEVERAGE . . . PHONE . . . . -1000 J UST a short saying but it comes from the bottom of our hearts. May your joys be many on this day. TIM AND TOM PHALEN Dry Cleaners PHONE 50 MRS. GOON DIES AT NORA SPRINGS Rites Sunday; Husband and Three Children Survive Aged Resident. NORA SPRINGS, Dec. 23.~-Mrs. J. A. Coon, 77, resident of Nora Springs for many years, died last night. She had been ill for two years. Funeral services will be held at 2 WHEREVER YOU may live--may happiness abide with . you this Christmas-tide, and remain with you through the coming year. Merchants Barber Shop 30 First Street S. E. TO ALT, OF YOU -- O U R FRIENDS AND PATRONS We Wish a very Merry Christmas a n d Holiday Fun. MASON-MAID PRODUCTS PHONE 6SB We Find extending' to you Christmas cheer and best wishes for good fellowship all the coming year. MASON CITY MOTOR CO, NASH SALES o'clock Sunday afternoon at the II. E. church. The Rev. J. E. DeLong will officiate at the services. Burial will be made in Rock Grove cemetery. Surviving are husband and three daughters, Mrs. Mildred Drake, Mrs. Charles Shanks of Charles City and Miss Hazel Coon, principal of Jefferson school at Mason City. Christmas Greetings Wishing you nil the merriest of MERRY CHRISTMASES, full of Laughter and Good Cheer. PRESCRIPTION SHOP C. D. MULCAHY, R. Ph. 113 Many Thanks for the Patronage of the past year. Best Wishes to All! Charley's Auto Repair /;· i. /-, BEST WISHES TO EVERYONE! May 1933 Hold Many Good Things For You! Boomhower Hardware 113 N. Federal 1'hone 142 $ §5 I *%3i-% Merry Christmas | ^ «.."";,'y';;,;;;8 ; ^ B §£ "'"/ 'C"5 fn h/vpvvfYnp' ^ 5S ' v j \ ~^ J wllC/ · is I 111! W.J. DALY-GO,;;| PLUMBING AND HEATING 30 SECOND STREET N. E. % }· ? ii" «£ A MERRY CHRISTMAS In the good old-fashioned manner, and with all our heart behind each word we wish you everything that could make for you a "Merry Christmas." BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. H. W. Willis, SIgr. 221 Seventh Street N. E. Greetings Yuletide To You nncl To Yours May This Christmas Bo the Merriest Ever. International Harvester Co, Pl "n= 19-20 OF AMERICA Mason City With it comes Greetings to you, our friends, and best wishes for a bigger and better Christinas; a more prosperous and Happy New Year.' ,VANCE Mesic Co. 124 North Federal 11. i ·st

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