The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1934 · Page 1
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
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Friday, March 9, 1934
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; M £ » ' T O F North Iowa's DAILY PAPER Edited for the Home X.Zi "THE NEWSPAPER THAT MAKES ALL NORTH IOWANS NEIGHBORS" H O M E E D I T I O N i VOL. XL FIVE CENTS /I COPY ASSOCIATED PKESS LEASED WIRE SERVICE MASON CITY, IOWA, FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 1934 THIS PAPER CONSISTS OF TWO SECTIONS SECTION ONE NO. 130 SetRecord WithRules Speaker Rainey and Aides Maneuver House. By HERBERT PtUMMER ' A S H I N G T O N , March 9. OB-Speaker Rainey and the other house democratic l e a d e r s have hung up something c l o s e l y akin to a record in this congress by the way they have manipulated the rules of that body. Rainey's most recent illustration of the process was in shelving for the time being the independent offices appropriation bill, carrying features objectionable to the administration. The rules under which the house legislates are too technical for the ordinary person to understand, but when they are understood they be. come a powerful weapon in a representative's hands. Speaker Rainey, for example, was able to defy single handed the whole senate by ordering the independent offices bill referred back to the sub-committee which drafted the original measure, The democratic leadership can, if It chooses, keep the bill on the shell until the senate makes up its mind to come to terms with the administration. Caught Snell Off Guard. The particular rule employed by the .speaker in this instance hac been all but forgotten by the moat astute parliamentarians of the house. It seldom has been used before. Even such an Snell, republican expert as Bert leader of the house;°-id a former chairman of the comnij-*e on.rules, was caught of: his guard. When a thing like, that happ«B«ito-Bnell;.it'B worth record; .. JOrthe 1 - famous- tri liinyirate LongWOrth, ·Tlis6nV"an'd ; ''Snen"' wen in the saddle, Snell was the man who figured out ways and means to use the-rules of the house to his party's advantage. Even he admits now that when he was at his heigh he was far short of the daring dis played by his democratic colleague; in.the present congress. Majority Rules--by Bule. A little- known young man of 2', by the name of Lewis Deschler house parliamentarian, is Tespon sible for much of the subtle inaneu vering of the house rules by th democrats. Deschler, who has stood by th side of three speakers--Longworth Garner and Rainey--to steer them clear of the parliamentary rocks, i the man to whom the democrat! leaders turn for advice. Undoubted ly he was the one who called Raj ney's attention to the all but for gotten rule he employed in referrin the independent offices bill. HOUSE PASSES NBA BILL 82 TO 5 Attempt to Kidnap Wealthy Ottumwa Man Fails March Snow Falls in Most of Iowa; Mason City Clea DES MOINES, March 9. UP)-Iowa experienced a regular March snow today* The weather bureau reported that the fall was general over the state with the exception of the northeast section. At Sioux City the depth was four inches and. Council Bluffs and Des Moines reported 2 inches. Only a trace' was reported this morning at Davenport, but the snow fall was expected to continue-throughout the- day. : FOSTER, HEADOF PACKING PLANT, OBJECT OF GANG Son-in-Law Accosted by Two Men but Allowed to Go Free. OTTUMWA, March 9. tW--The nvestigation into the .frustrated attempt to kidnap T. Henry Foster, resident of John Morrell and company, here Thursday night went forward today under the direction of F. A. Brady, agent for the state bureau of criminal investigation, and Wilbourn M. Hicks, chief of the Ot- tumw police department. Brady, a former chief of police at Davenport, arrived here about 3 a. m., today, after driving from Des Moines. . . The homes of Mr. Foster, his son, Robert T. Foster and his son-in-law, R. B. Vernon, who was approached by the kidnapers believing he was Foster, were under police guard all night, as was the suite in Hotel Ottumwa where Mr. and Mrs. Foster spent the night after the plot to kidnap the industralist had been reported to them. Tivo Men Approach. Two men approached Vernon after he had driven his car into the garage at his home about 10:30 last night. They asked him if he were Foster and he told them "no." After one of the men had said, "make him prove it,"-'Vernon produced-a letter iilder ..Jxaai .iiis -.pocket. His name was on 'several letters and · papers in the case and the would-be kidnapers were apparently satisfied that Vernon' was not the industralist whom they sought. After asking Vernon where Mr. Foster lived and commanding Vernon to remain near the garage with his back to them the men got in their ca-r and drove away. Drive Too Dark. Due to the darkness in the drive which runs near both the Foster and the Vernon homes, Vernon told police and Agent Brady today that he was unable to see either of the men sufficiently to describe other than their general appearance. He saw their car was parked in the driveway but thought it not unusual as other garages besides his own open on the drive. For this reason he was not suspicious and did not pay particular attention to the car After-spending most of the morning investigating the case, Chief Hicks and Agent Brady said at noon today they had no clews. The inability of Vernon to furnish description of the men or of their car offered a barrier to detection, they indicated. Expect Federal Agents. Agent Brady said it was possible federal agents from the departmen of justice might come to Ottumwa to investigate the case. Foster is the son of the late T D. Foster, founder of the Morrell company in this country. The family has been prominent in Ottumwa for 50 years. The Morrell company is one of the largest provision companies in the United States. Mason City with no snow. had dear weather Suffers Injured Hand. PLYMOUTH--Mont Gray cut the first finger'of his left hand quite badly while cutting wood for Peter Paulson Tuesday. Wea FORECAST IOWA: Generally fair Friday night and Saturday except unsettled In the extreme south portion Friday night. Slightly colder Friday night. Not quite so cold Saturday afternoon in the northwest portion. MINNESOTA--Generally fair Friday night and Saturday; not so cold Saturday afternoon. LOCAL STATISTICS Globe-Gazette weather figures fr.i 24 hour period ending at 8 o'clock Friday morning: Maximum Thursday S2 maximum In'Night 10 At 8 A. M. Friday 11 DECLAREINSULL ABLE TO TRAVEL Physicians Say Precautions Need to Be Taken to Guard Health. ATHENS, March 9. UP)---Physi cicians who examined Samuel Insul Sr., reported to the ministry of th interior today that the former Chi cago utilities operator, wanted 01 charges of embezzlement, coul travel if precautions were taken t guard his health. It was understood previous tc the doctors' report that Premie Tsaldariras might take the next ac tion on the status of Insull who wa ordered, last Tuesday, to get out o Greece within 48 hours. The 48 hours expired yesterdaj but Insull is still in Athens and from all indications intending stay here. Japanese Leader Slain. TOKIO, March 9. (.TT--Sanji Muti publisher of the Jiji Shimpo, lead ing Tokio newspaper, was wounde sritically today and a loyal servan was slain by an assassin who late committed suicide. Lost Capital of Queen of Sheba Is Discovered Frenchmen Report' Towers, Temples Still Stand. PARIS, March 9. C.B--Capt. ornigliou MoUnier and Andre Mal- aux telegraphed from French omaliland last night that they had iund the lost capital of the Queen f Sheba. They reported their discovery to he newspaper Intransigeant that hey discovered the legendary city y airplane and had photographed Its towers and temples are still landing, they said. On Edge of Desert. It is located, they reported, at he northern edge of the great andy desert of Arabia called Ruba- El-Khali, and also called Roubat- .-Khali and Roubahi Kale. The oint indicated is a thousand miles outheast from Jerusalem and 900 miles northeast from French Soma- .land.' Their message, telegraphed from Djibouti, French Somaliland, on the ast coast of Africa, read in part: 'We discovered the legendary ity of the Queen of Sheba. Twenty owers or temples still'stand. It is t the northern edge of Roubat-El- ihali. We took photographs for ntransigeant." End Long Search. If the two explorers are correct n their belief they have ended a earch conducted by scientists for enturies. locating a city which is described 'in the nineteenth chapter of Joshua as under the jurisdiction of Simeon with the words: . "And the second lot-came forth to Simeon,-even -for-'the--tribe' of- th children of Simeoa^-accorahijfxt their families: And their inheritsuci was within the inheritance of the children of Judah. 'And they had in their inheritance Beer-Sheba, and Sheba, and Mol-a-Dah." Wealthiest In World. In those days the land of Sheba was one of the wealthiest of the vorld--the world that civilization knew. The wealth of the region is hintec at in II Chronicles, chapter IX, in :he description of one of history's most famous visits: And when the Queen of Sheba beard of the fame of Solomon she ;ame to prove Solomon with bare questions at Jersusalem, with a very jreat company, and camels tha }ore spices, and gold in abundance and precious stones: And when she came to Solomon, she communed with him of all that was in he: heart. 'And she gave the king an mm dred and twenty talents of gold, ani of spices great abundance an precious stones: Neither was ther iny such spice as the Queen o Sheba gave King Solomon. Went to Own Land. 'And King Solomon gave to th Queen of Sheba all her desire, what soever she asked beside that whic' she had brought unto the king. S she turned, and went away to he own land, she and her servants." Malraux, an author, was the 193 winner of the Goncourt literary prize. He ia an archaeologist and veteran explorer. Before his departure, Feb. 22, h told friends that, if his.plane wa forced down on the desert of Rou bat-El-Khali, death from hunge and thrist was inevitable. The land of Sheba no longer is land of plenty. Death Penalty for Cripple Imposed as Torturer-Kidnape LOS ANGELES, March 9. The second sentence under the new California law which fixes death a the penalty for torture in a kidnap ing. has been pronounced upon a 5 year old cripple, Harry Brooks. The first sentence was impose on William Tanner, accomplice c Brooks, in the kidnaping, tortur and robbery of Henry Bodkil prominent lawyer, last December, Execution was set for May-11 i each case. 2 Killed and 20 Hurt When Bus Is Wreckec PROVIDENCE, R. I., March 9. (. --Two persons were killed and a least 20 injured according to sta police reports, when a New Yor; bound bus skidded on an icy hig: way near the Province-Johnsto City line and was wrecked. 'COURTROOM BLUES' Harry Plerpont, former associate of the desperado John Dillinger, presented this picture of disconsolatlon as he sat In court at Lima, Ohio, where he is oh trial for the slaying of a sheriff in a jail delivery that freed Dillinger from the Lima jail some months ago. (Associated Press Photo). 3 GOVERNORS TO ATTEND PARLEY Proposed 15 State Meeting Becomes Conference of Farm Leaders. DES MOINES, March 9. Uff--i proposed 15 state governors' con Eerence here tomorrow evolved to day into a parley of farm organiza tion leaders, with the possibilit; that three chiefs of state will attend Governor Herring said he talke today with Governor Olson of Min nesota, sponsor of the meeting, an agreed to the open forum gathering Herring said a meeting place ha not been decided upon, but with th legislature in session it probabl will not be at the statehouse. Th hour tentatively set is 2 p. m, Olson informed him, Herring sail that - -farm organization leader were planning on the parley and fo that reason it should be held a scheduled for Saturday, Sunday an Monday. Herring had sought to postpon the meeting three times, contendin that not enough governors woul attend to make it representative o the midwest. He also sought pos 1 ' ponemeht because the state legi: lature still is in session and requires his attention. Olson, possibly Schmedeman of Wisconsin and himself probably will be the only governors attending, Herring said. RIDE VETERANS' AID BILL ON TO PROMISED VETO louse Democrats Turn Down Leaders' Plan in Caucus. WASHINGTON, March 9. UPI-- }oubt was expressed today by Rep- esentative Byrns, the d'emocratic eader, that the house "in its present mood" could agree upon veterans egislation acceptable to the presi- ,ent. Both Byrns and Speaker Rainey, lowever, said at their press confer- nces that- the house would not pass a bill over the president's veto. Arranging to call up the veterans' amendments Monday or Tuesday, as a part of the independent offices ap- iropriation bill, Byrns said the first motion to be voted upon would be acceptance of the liberalizations voted by the senate. A four hour effort to bind the democratic membership to a compromise ended in failure last night. Che dispute centered on senate amendments to the independent of- iices supply bill that added $350,000,000 for veterans and federal employers to its total. In Strong Words. The caucus was told in string words that the president was certain to veto .the bill if the hSuse adopted . the amendments, which. ^a^weck.^e'll^pO.OOTjppS econ- bmj'''act p£ss'ed t 'a : year Sgo. BuCiae: lines shattered nevertheless. Representative Byrns offered a resolution to send the $912,000,000 appropriation bill to conference without instructions. This meant- defeat, with 130 voting for the resolution and 78 against. A two-thirds vote is required to bind the democrats. This final effort came even after the Byrns resolution was amended 118 to 89 to provide a restoration of 75 per cent of the previous benefits to Spanish-American war and World war veteran presumptive cases. Vote on Cash Payment. Speaker Rainey said the bill, would be brought up in the house next week, after the vote on the cash payment of the soldiers' bonus. Each, amendment will be voted on separately before the measure is sent to conference. Advocates of the "greenback- bonus" bill, which is also threatened by a veto, confidently predicted today will pass on Monday. The house began consideration today of the Bankhead compulsory control bill while the senate moved toward passage of the Jones-Connally bill to make cattle a basic commodity under the AAA. IN AIRMAIL INQUIRY Paul Henderson, airline official, told the senate airmail Investigating committee that Lchr Fess (above), son of Senator Simeon Fess of Ohio, had been paid n fee of "$3,000 or $5,000" for "expediting" passage of a bill affecting mail r o u t e s . (Associated Press Photo). Pilot Crashes to Death in Storm; U. S. Survey of Business Shows Gain Rise in February Is Reported as More Than Usual. WASHINGTON, March 9. tSB--- A more than usual business gain In February and a moderate improvement in January were reported today by the official "survey of current business" by the government. "The expansion in industrial production," the report said, "has been greater than the usual seasonal rise for this period, and the statistics for car loadings also show a favorable trend in primary distribution." Although employment and payrolls declined between mid-Decem- her and mid-January, preliminary data as of mid-February indicated an improvement in private employment and payrolls. Retail Sales Data. Retail sales data indicated a decline in January of about the usual proportions, following the greater seasonal increases of December. Construction contracts have tended to lag since December and the seasonally, adjusted index has declined following the rapid rise in the last four months of 1933. Foreign trade statistics revealed a decrease in exports in January which was only partially accountea for by seasonal factors and a rise in imports. Commodity prices have tended upward in recent weeks. The whple- · ' ' ' WOULD PROVIDE STATE LAW FOR CODEENFORCING Amendment Adopted 88 to 17 as Substitute for Original Act. DES MOINES, March 9. UP)--Tira Iowa house of representatives today by a vote of 82 to 5 passed a, bill permitting enforcement of NRA. business codes and regulations by the state in intrastate business. The bill provides that the filing 1 of NRA codes, rules and regulations with the secretary of state shall make these rules and regulations a law for the conduct of intrastate business in Iowa. The measure further provides that violation of the NRA shall be violations under the state law. The final vote came after the house had adopted 88 to IT an amendment which was substituted for th« original bill. 2 Democrat! Join. Two democrats Joined with the 23 republicans in voting against final passage of the bill which now goes to the senate for action. Those voting no'were: Avery, Beath, Bowers, Doran, Ellsworth, F«lter, Fletcher, Goodc, Grau, Hanson of Winnebago, Jenkins, Johnson, McCreery, McLean, Millhone, Mooty, Peet, Sours, Speldel, Stanzel, Stra- cben, Weed and Willys, republicans; Beswick and Gisgell democrats. Porter, democrat, was absent. On the final roll call, the republicans gaine'd seven votes over their party vote-on the adoption of the Relief Projects to Be Carefully Planned AMES. March 9. (SO--George Keller, Iowa CWA engineer, told members of the Iowa engineering society - that relief projects which will succeed the civil works administration April 1 will be "more carefully planned and more directly designed to afford work." Start Drive to Get $500 Ransom to Pay for Return of Dog NEW YORK, March 9. (/PI--Kid Boots, the Boston terrier, kidnaped recently after winning best of breed in a Chicago show, will be returned to his owner, Louis Rudzinsky, if a New Jersey kennel club can raise the $500 demanded by the kidnapers. The Union and Essex Boston terrier club has started a drive to raise that amount from lovers of dogs. JAP INVASION OF CHINA FORESEEN Official Inquires About U. S. Mission Property in North China. PEIPING. March 9. (JP--A Japanese official today asked information regarding American mission property in north China "in order to avoid damage to those properties in the event the Japanese army found it necessary to come southward from the great wall in.the near future." The information was sought by s Japanese civilian official attached to the Japanese military garrison al Tientsin. The Americans approached saic he gave as his explanation for his question the statement that it was done "in order to avoid damage." The identity of the Japanese was not disclosed but his activities threw foreign circles into a buzz o; speculation as to what fate hangs over north China. Anny Flyer Seventh to Go to His Death in Mail Service. CHARDON, Ohio, March 9. (JB-Army Airmail Pilot Otta Weinecke, flying from Newark, N. J., to Cleveland with the mail, crashed to his death in the midst of a heavy snow squall this morning on a farm northwest of Burton, near here. Chardon is about 20 miles directly east of Cleveland. The plane was destroyed, but 10 bags of mail were salvaged and 'brought to the postoffice here. Heard Plane Motor. John Hess, a farmer in whose jasture the·plane crashed, said he and several neighbors heard the ilane's motor about 5 a. m. (E. S. T.). It apparently was sputtering, .nd Hess rushed out in time to see the crash. Coroner Philip Pease reported looking at the plane's altimeter and finding a reading of 600 feet. Hess said Weinecke apparently lad no opportunity to save himself. His safety belt was still hooked when the farmer reached Ms side. Snow Coming Down. Hess declared the snow was coming down in a heavy swirl at the time of the accident. Since the army took over the mail flights, sis other army pilots tiave been killed, either while flying mail, making unofficial flights, or reporting to army posts. Killed as Bomber Crashes. DAYTONA BEACH, March 9. (m --Private Ernest B. Bell was killed instantly near here today in the crash of an army bomber mail plane within a few minutes after it had taken off from the local airport headed south. Lieut. W. M. Reid, pilot, and Floyd Marshall, a private, were injured. The motors failed and the plane fell in a. heavily wooded section two miles south of this city. One of Best Flyers. NEW YORK, March 9. UP-First Lieut. Otto Wienecke, 32, who was killed when his plane crashed early this morning near Burton, Ohio, was rated as "one of the army's very best flyers" by officers at Floyd Bennett field. He was a graduate of all primary and advanced army flying schools including the balloon and airship training school. He ranked as an airplane observer and pilot and a balloon observer. week ended Feb.. 17 than in the third week of December. . Retail prices and the cost of living also advanced in January. ' ' Stir Dp Activity. Meanwhile, the problem of stirring activity in the -heavy industries continued to receive administration attention. The interstate commerce commission approved one PWA loan to a railroad and received applications from two others for loans to buy steel rails and other new equipment. The B. O. company received approval of a loan of $1,500,000 to assist in buying 35,000 tons of steel rail and fixtures. Receivers for the Seaboard Airlinb railway company asked permission to borrow $3,500,000 and the Boston and Maine railroad company asked for a loan of $1,550,000. Close Headquarters of Spanish Radicals MADRID, March 9. JPi--The government closed the headquarters of the syndicalists, communists, fascists and young socialists today. It was the first display of force under the "state of alarm," recently decreed. Threats of new strikes and lockouts prompted the step, explanations said. PUT OFF ACTION ON ADJOURNING Senate Sets Consideration of House Resolution for Saturday Morn. DES MOINES, March 9. UP)-Hopes for final adjustment this week-end received another setback today but the drive to conclude the special session continued in both branches of the general assembly. Instead of acting on the house proposal for sina die adjournment tomorrow noon the senate set consideration of the resolution as an order of business for Saturday morning and went ahead with other work. However, some senate leaders were of the opinion that their labors could be concluded tomorrow and the resolution adopted. If this is done the custom of stopping the clocks probably will be followed to allow necessary time for enrolling bills and other end-of-the-session duties. Pass House Bill. While the house continued its work on the NRA bill today, the senate took up and passed by a vote of 37 to 7 a house measure to grant veterinarians a lien on livestock which they had treated. Amended considerably, the liens bill was sent back to the house for further consideration. As a special order of business this afternoon, the senate was to con- aider the house resolution for on investigation of the state insurance department which its insurance eommittee reported back this wetk. Motion to Defer. Senator L. T. Shang:e of Mahaska made the motion to defer consideration of the adjournment resolution. The senate had fixed adjournment for next Wednesday and (Turn (o Pftco 2* column O. speaking 1 for the bill was a democrat while the opposing speakers all were republicans. In the vote which passed the amendment earlier in the day, the negative ballots were cast by 16 republicans and one democrat. The NRA was both praised and censored by the speakers wht.' also defended and criticized the national administration. The opposition centered its arguments on grounds that the NRA had proven a failure while proponents of the hill declared it had put mllions of men to work and raised farm prices. Bill as Passed. The bill as passed provides that the terms and requirements of NRA codes shall be the terms and requirements of all transactions within the state. The secretary of state is authorized to receive for filing and shall file a copy of each code agreement, license, rule or regulation of NRA and such filing shall be the standard for fair competition for transaction of intrastate character. Conviction for any violation of such code license, rule or regulation shall subject the person to a fine of 5500 for each day the offense continues. Provides a fine of $500 a day for failure to obtain an NRA license as required by the code. Also imprisonment for not more than six months or both. Vested With Authority. District courts are vested with the authority to prevent and restrain code violations upon complaints of any county attorney or the attorney general or any person (Turn to past 2, colnmn 3) Handy Letter Writer F ROM the announcement of a birth to death condolences, the life of man is filled with occasions for letter writing. Engagement congratulations, wedding invitations, the acquisition of a godchild, deaths in the family, invitations to parties, to dinners, to dances, to week-ends, acceptances and regrets, bread and butter letters, letters of introduction, letters of application, to say nothing of those all-imporant love letters to the one-and-only--the whole span of life, with its joys and sorrows, necessitates some form or another of correspondence. Xou will find extremely useful the excellent booklet, "Handy Letter Writer." Use coupon. Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskln, Director) Washington, D. C. Name · Street _. City State (Mail to Washington, IX C..! |

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