Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 8, 1934 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1934
Page 20
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TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 8 1934 SEEK PARDON OF CIVIL WAR VET Petition to Free Grattan to Be Presented to Herring Next Thursday. . DBS MOINES, March 8. oa)~A pardon will be sought of Governor Herring next Thursday for M. T Grattan, 85, Decorah Civil war veteran convicted of murder. The Daughters of Union Veterans of Fort Madison will present the plea for pardon to the governor Grattan now Is serving a term in Fort Madison penitentiary. 2 IOWA FARMERS OPPOSED TO CODE Believe Direct Buying Rules Would Put Small Packer Out of. Business. By KUBY A. BLACK (Globe-Gazette Washington Bureau) WASHINGTON--Two Iowa farmers, testifying' during the NRA hearing on the proposed stockyard code, opposed provisions of the code regarding: direct marketing-, declaring that they would put the small packer out of -business^ · .'D.'.J. Schnittjer of Delhi, who farms about 500 acres, testified that he now sells his cattle direct at home; being able to sell and deliver on the same day. The.code provisions in regard to direct selling would add to his expense and give him no commensurate benefits through the grading, weighing and Inspecting which are offered, he said. . .He markets about l',500 to 2,000 . hogs and from'five to 11 carloads of cattle a-year, and sold his livestock on the Chicago market until price declines made handling charges exorbitant. J. A. Spies, who said he operated 30 farms in Palo Alto and Emmett county, declared that strict enforcement of the stockyard code as proposed would put'the small packer, TV-hose plant is not a terminal market; out of. business. The Iowa farmer who sells his livestock 'direct saves about 50 cents an animal, a material advantage when prices are so low, he said. . .The proposed code'_ provides a 48- hour week and minimum wages ranging from 33 to 35 cents an hour, depending · on population. NRA wants a 40-hour week. ' Gives Talk on Russia at Noon Meeting of .~i_-Local Kiwanis Club /The moat drastic part of the Rus- tian communists' program is the attempt to change the human person- llity, Enoch A. Norem, city editor of the Globe-Gazette, declared, speaking at the noon luncheon of the Kiwanis club Thursday. The relationship of the sexes, the abolition of the church, the Russian system of prisons and the five year plan of handling industrial development . and collectivization of farms/were, subjects discussed. - The speaker was introduced by Balph Fischbeck, who with Willard Thrains was in charge of the program, which included a clarinet solo by Merritt Milligan, accompanied by his father, Lester ·Milligan. Dr. W. E. Long,, president of the club, presided. Gilpins to Leave Monday for Travel in British Isles X M.. Gilpin, Mason City, and his brother, Thomas Gilpin, Northwood, will leave Monday for an extended vacation in ^England, Scotland and Ireland: They will sail from New York Wednesday on the S. S. Washington of the United States line and plan to spend two and a half months ·visiting relatives and friends and seeing old historic spots on the British Isles. The - two brothers plan to visit, among others, an aunt living on a large estate near Belfast, .Ireland. High Spots of New Iowa Tax Law Set Forth Here * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Resume and Analysis Prepared by State Board of Assessment and Review Reproduced for Globe-Gazette Readers. Mrs. Anna M. Quevli Is Buried at Ackley Friends and relatives who attended the funeral of Mrs. Anna McGuire Quevli, who was buried at Ackley following services conducted "by the Rev. R. P. Murphy at the Holy Family church, were Nels Quevli and son, Antony, and family and Mrs. Peterson, Lakefield, Minn., Mrs. J. J. Sharon of Fort Dodge, N. E. Finn, Dumont, F..P. Finn and family of Geneva, Gwyneth Finn, Ppstville, and Mrs. Roy.Arkwright, Buffalo Center. Pallbearers were P. H. Hughes, M: M. Carroll,' c: L. Lee, J. A. Sullivan, P. W. Corcoran and' M. J. Mulligan. FORFEITS BOND. James Clapp, Waterloo, forfeited a $25 bond in police court.Thursday. He was arrested on North Federal avenue about 2 o'clock Thursday morning when he was caught driving his car at a rate of 70 miles an hour. Will Sing Sunday, CLARKSVILLE--The Rev. F. A Smith of Shell Rock will bring his fhoir here to sing at the Community church next Sunday evening in a return date, as the Rev. R. B. Fisher's male chorus sang at Shell Rock sometime ago. Acting on a request from a Mason City reader, a professional man, the Globe-Gazette Is presenting here a resume and analysis of the new three-point Iowa sales tax'·which was prepared by the state board of assessment and review consisting of Dr. J. W. Reynolds, Creston, chairman, John W. Foster of Guthrie Center and Louis E. Roddewig of Davenport: Effective period of tax: April 1, 1934, ,to April 1, 1937. Sale at retail: Means a sale to a consumer or to any person for any purpose other than for processing or resale of tangible personal property and also upon the gross receipts of public sen-ice corporations including gas, electricity, water and communication service and tickets or admission to places of amusement and athletic events. It also includes gross receipts of municipal corporations furnishing gas, electricity, water and communication service. Bate: ' The rate is 2 per cent of gross receipts and is applicable to any sort of transfers/ exchange or barter, conditional or otherwise. Period covered by tax payments: Tax payable quarterly unless otherwise ordered by the State Board of Assessment and Review. Exemptions: A--Sales of tangible personal property which the state is prohibited from taxing by the Constitution, or U. S. statutes. B--Transportation service. C--Sales for the performance of contracts on public works executed prior to the taking effect of this law. C--Tickets to. state, county ( district and local fairs and gross receipts from educational, religious or charitable activities where such receipts are expended for educational, religious or charitable purposes. Credit on Tax: Shall be allowed on sales of tangible property upon which the state low imposes a special tax whether n the form of license tax, stamp ax or otherwise, and also on gross receipts represented by accounts "ound to be worthless and actually Charged off for income tax purposes. 4.1so a relief agency may have re- und for the amount of tax imposed upon merchandise distributed free o the 'poor and needy. "·emits--Application: Sixty (60) days after the effective date of this act it shall be unlawful !or any person to engage in or transact business as a retailer without a permit or permits. Application for such permits must be filed with the state board upon a form prescribed by the state board and a fee of fifty (50) cents shall be paid therefor. There must be a permit for each place of business and it must be conspicuously displaj'-ed at the place of justness for which issued. ENGAGING IN BUSINESS WITHOUT PERMIT--PUNISHABLE AS MIS- MEMEANOR. Records Required: Retailers must preserve records of oss proceeds of sales as required jy the board and preserve, for a period of two years, all invoices and other records of purchase for resale. Returns and Payment: The retailer. shall, on or before Jie twentieth day of the month following the close of the first quarterly period and the .twentieth- day of each subsequent quarterly period of three months make a. return for the preceding quarterly period upon forms and in manner prescribed by the board showing the gross receipts .and such further information as the board may require. The .price of property returned by customers when the full sale price thereof is refunded need not be included in the gross receipts aforesaid. The tax shall be due and payable on or before the twentieth day of. the month next succeeding each quarterly period. The first quarterly period begins April 1, 1934, and ends June 30, 1934. Payment of the tax must be made to the board at the time of the return. Upon proper showing the board may extend the time of payment not to exceed thirty (30) days. Returns shall be signed by the retailer or his duly authorized agent, and must be verified by oath. Failure to File Returns: If retailer fails to make a return or when he files a return that is incorrect or insufficient he may correct the same within twenty (20) days. Correction of Errors: If it shall appear that a mistake has been made in the amount of tax, penalty or interest such an amount shall be credited against any tax due or to become due or such an amount shall be refunded. Penalties: For failure to make a return or to correct a return or to pay a tax within the required time the party will be subject to a five per cent (5%) penalty plus one per cent (1%) of such tax for each month of delay or fraction thereof except the first month; or if business is transacted after a license has been revoked without procuring another license party shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and fined not more than SI,000. For- making false or fraudulent returns with intent to defeat or evade the tax the party shall be guilty of felony and may be fined not less than $500 and not more than ?5,000 and may be subject to both fine and imprisonment. Adding: Tax to Cost Price: It shall be unlawful to advertise or hold out or state that the tax or any part thereof will be assumed or absorbed by the retailer. The retailer shall, as far as 'practicable, add the tax or the equivalent thereof to the sales price or charge and when added such tax shall constitute a part of such price or charge. 7 Men Indicted for Parts in Waterloo "Penny Stock Sale" WATERLOO, March 8. (.3?)--Seven men alleged to have participated in a "penny sale" of livestock and grain belonging to John Klaren, tenant on the J. ^T. Allen farm northeast of Waterloo, Feb. 28 were indicted by the Black Hawk county grand jury today on charges of resisting a legal process. The men. are: Howard E. McDougall, auctioneer; Thomas E. Connor, John Reuter, H. W. Miller, Jacob Blitsch, Bill Brown and Dan Jones. The last two named are residents of Floyd county. The defendants were to be surrendered at the sheriff's office today by their attorney, and to furnish bonds of $500 each. The jury heard 43 witnesses. Winter has drawbacks, but you can't hear your neighbor's radio with all the doors shut.--Lincoln Star. HOW WOMEN CAN WIN MEN AND MEN WIN The Favor of Other Men Unless two pinU of bile juice flow daily from your liver into your bowels, your food decays in your bowels. This poisons your whole body. Movements set hard and constipated. You get yellow tongue, yellow skin, pimples, dull eye*, baa breath, bad taste, eai, dizxiness, hetdache. You have, become an ugly-looking, foul-smelling. sour-thlnkinK person. You have lost your personal charm. Everybody -K-ants to run from you. But don't take salts, mineral witters. oils, laxative pills. laxative 'candies or chewmff gums and expect them to get rid of this poison that deitroys your personal charm. .They can't do it, for they only move out the tail end of your bowels and that doesn t take away enough of the decayed poison. Cosmetics won t help at all. Only a free flow of your bile juice will stop this decay poison in your bowels. The one mild vegetable medicine which starts * free-flow of your bile juice is Carter's Little Uver Pills. No calomel (i in Carter's. .Only fine, (mercury) -, vegetable ring back your rcen, start taking _ --,__ ,,.,. _ ills according to directions today. 251 at drug stores Refuse "something just as Kood'% for it may gripe, loosen teeth or scald rectum. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pills by name and cefc what you »sk for. Q1833, C. M. Go. Interurban Schedule Leave Mason City Leave Clear Lake 6:15 3. m. Except. Son. 5:35 a. m. Except. Sun. 7:35 a. ft. 7:00 a. m. 9:05 a." hi. 8:10 a. m. 10:55 a.m. 10:05 a. m. 12:35 p. m. 11:45 a. m. 2:25 p. m. 1:35 p. m. 4:05 p. m. 3:10 p. m. 5:05- p. m. Except, sun. 5:05 p. m. 6:05 p. m. 6:05 p. m. Except, sun. 7:55 p. m. 7:05 p. m. 9:35 p. m. 8:35 p.m. 11:10 p. m. 10:35 p. m. Mason City and Clear Lake Railroad Company Large Delegation to Attend Republican's Rally at New Hampton A large group of Mason City republicans will attend the fourth district rally of the party scheduled to be held at New Hampton Friday, W. P. Butler, chairman of · the county central committee, a n n o u n c e d Thursday. Mr. Butler, acompanied by Ralph Lloyd Jones, Fred Heneman and S. L. Haynes, are planning to attend the Boy Scout meeting in Waterloo enroute to New Hampton. Others expecting to attend include R. F. Clough, John Robinson and W. Earl Hall. Clear Lake also will have a delegation including Ira Jones, F. G. Root and C. E. Wells. The program for the rally consists of addresses by H. E. Spangler, Cedar Rapids, republican national commltteeman for Iowa; Mrs. Virginia Bedell, Spirit Lake, vice chairman of .the republican state central committee, and Robert W. Colflesh, Des Moines, candidate foi the republican nomination for governor. Mr, Mrs. W. L. Abel Are Parents of Son A son weighing 7 pounds 4M ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson L. Abel, 801 Adams avenue northwest, Thursday morning at the Mercy hospital. Mr. Abel is manager of the Abel Son clothing store in Mason City. Visit In MlnneapoU*. PLYMOUTH--Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Prescott drove to Minneapolis to visit their son, Gerald and family. Gerald is instructor of music in the State University of Minnesota. Mrs. Ren Snell and Miss Minnie Graves are in charge of the store in the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Prescott. If the meek Inherit the earth, there is a glorious future for th» American taxpayer.--Kewaoee Star- Courier. rrcHinq sKin Wherever U ocean on th« bodij--·lie»- enrtoder or wtuiKv*!'..«iwrb--qoicl M^ 1« nd nf«lij iclunwd b« · ' Resmol For a Limited Time Only-We Will Allow TEN DOLLARS for Your Old Stove Regardless of Age, Make or Condition Toward the Purchase of a New Three Burner GAS RANGE Just the size for the small kitchenette where apace limited, finished In black enamel - with white porcelain front oven door. Three burner top with oven below. GAS RANGE Green Marblized RANGE 39 50 Apartment Size Porcelain Range Handsomely finished in green and ivory enamel. Has four burner cooking top and spacious baking oven below. 'Splasher back. Heat indicator. New BEAUTY New PERFORMANCE New CONVENIENCE And 1'our Old Stove Green ·marbleized, ivory trimmed gas range with heat indicator and lighter. Oven interiors are porcelain enameled to prevent rust. Green and Ivory ENAMELED * _ _ And Your OH stove Finished to green and ivory enamel. Right or left hand oven. Insulated oven. Large'{"·"j^r 1 "; drawer. Broiling oven wi. .' justable tray.. In This TABLE-TOP RANGE And Your Old Stove The new Table-Top ranges are the swankiest type of gas stoves. Beautifully finished in green and ivory enamel. This type is semi-insulated. Heat regulator and instant lighter. PRESSURE GAS PLATES Two Burner---$25.00 Three Burner - - Just what you need for the basement." These plates come · in the 2 or 3 burner size. Can be- secured with legs at AM) YOUR a slight additional cost. OLD STOVE *29 50 Buy Your Range at Wolfs on EASY TERMS as low as $1°°DOWN $100 WEEK A New Type Green and Ivory CONSOLE RANGE By far the biggest value on the market at any price. A handsome, efficient and economical range in enamel exterior. Has baking and broiling ovens and large utility drawer. $ 34 And Your Old Store 1200 Women DESCRIBED THEIR IDEAL GAS RANGE You'll Find It In the Modern Oriole $ 89 And Your Old Store 50 Here's a cooking top that permits small vessels to be moved about without tipping . . . a huge broiler st just the right height . . . an oven designed for perfect Baking --insulated of course . . . oven control placed where it should be--on the gas cock panel. MIER WOLF SONS CALL 3400 FOB AN EVENING APPOINTMENT Your Selection Held for later Delivery if Desired. Storage Free \ ! ,11

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