The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 27, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Times «*d News Publishing C o m p y W.IAVERE SAFES, nS Treas-orer. PML1P p£*ort PHILIP R. BISLS^ Editor m? , " ^ _.." STVT ^heoate up to which joa as^' ^aot alo ^^^ s '3;i£a*ss££j4i»ir-«t.TJw'Times .GISce.. -- -."*.-" -f-^«^ ,« T - 4 , jreeoBd.-eIa» cader When Ke Is Identified Mob Seeks to Lynch Him. Sharon, Pa, Oct. 27.--Kssidents of this town are np in arms over^the at- daughter of W. M. Keroery, by a gigan-J tic negro. It is feared that a lynching · 1 may be attempted, \ I -Miss Kemery was walking home ! from -Aork: when she -was attacked by ~~ I the nesro- She was dragged to a dark long the Shenansg^nyer bann, 53 and ass^ulteo.. She was IE tae*flegroj|L power ataost^tsos 10$ ards of the police station. Officer Lansdovrae arrested George :ty-six years old. a negrot UNITED PEONS EPISCOPALS END CONFERENCE Genera! Convention Adjourns is Hopeless- Deadlock, Plans to Open Clinics in Baltimore aai New Y«i : ~ Medical Advertising -Stops Falling flair · - -^? J -k ' *Jl3-J sac era-. TERROR CAUSES iB j · , *"* McDavid porter Baltimore, Md^ Qct 275--Jiat te' free radium dinic~ta be conducted by Dr. Howard A. Kelly here will be '.closely afiilated eventually -with the, 1 Johns Hopkins Medical school, is .the { plaa of Dr. Kelly. "--He so expressed himself* ia discus- .sing the "organization of the National Badiam Institute and-i« alan to open, two free radium clinics for the cure of o£neer*-^OBe ia Ba?ffjEire, tife£other5i|6 K^w York.'He saidr~" 3»»»-··- ··* ; I "I am very sanguine over the outlook of tae radium clinicsrit will be falling hair. Notdoubt »b«t tt Yoo wfliaprriybe ' PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS to«l"-He~was Bishops' a^S Deputies Fail to Act orj liecessar} ... iloweTer; w erect a special is one im Northwest corner of Centrs Square, Gettysburg, PecnsyivaEla. j ^^ lo the girl's aosae and identifiedj Negro or Change of Name Ques "ADVERTOING SY · ^^^T^S^^^^^ J.T* -" -. **J f _ ^ l L~--^--^^^^aas±=d GENERAL O" NEW YORK AND k:tc-beu table and attersptea 10 attack 1 with it. I McDaUd had hardly been placed in ' a cell when the jai! was surrounded J hy several h^nlred men and boys. Oct. 27. -- The genera. 1913 of the Protestaar Episcopal eherefa passed into hisiorv ia a hopeless deadlock oa tv.-o import ant resolutions, with the most far- reaching topic of large for tte radium clinics, one "enough to contain about 100 per word. TO OUR READERS The Gettcsbnrs Times takes absolutely no part is pol?dc-, being neutral OB a£ ·vertising columns are cpes to all candidates of all parti Our- advertising who bad previously assisted in a j an error search for the girL They demanded! m e 3.^5,531 t O consider ttvl over to tnenx rhp v/cnien*s Christian beds. Before this eaa be done further endowment will be necessary, but while it will require considerable money, I aai confident {hat it will be supplied. " w .. u _*« -- «~ "Before the general clinic can be illation before ii opened it will be necessary to get^at ^de^ed bv oae ! -ou 5 e because o!| least ten srams-aboat $1.000.000 TM";-he o-her «d vn* a post! uorih-sicrc- of radium. There is on ror .n .ae Ocber ~-u ·v.-i-- P neighborhood of $120,- TURN HAIR DARK WITH SAGE TEA Vjf MixedSHtfi SuIpSur I * Darkens so IS Nob'o'df Peak ratal ton ·f Ihc TfWF tea is grand- re^/est o-: hand no,v Ta the neighborhod of t«-,a: the negro be turae. fcr summary punishment. Hopes were brought GUI, and it was onlj alter the police had threatened to shoot tne first mau v.-ho made a move that *be mob disperseJ. lEiNGAMPOTATEO a re - srsil s Le substituted for wine in the communion service. cases. "Pat«eii:s are coming from all parts- The old-time mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur for^darkesiSgj^gniy sireiked and faded hair nicther's treatment, and ^_ again using it to keep _ their^ hair a eood, even color^ whieh'is^tnute sensible, as we are living in an age when a youthful appearance Is of. the,greatest advantage. - Nowadays, though, we don t have the troublesome task of gathering the sa?e and the mussy mixing ax, home. Afi drug stores sell the- ready-lo^use Produce called "Wye'ih's'SageTand Snl- bhur Hair Remedy" for 'about'50' cents a bottle. It is very popular because rate bishopric for negroes in and words ties," from the Good the house o£ deputies -ifek^gtteiSt^f Mn»'e«Strpup" over ant of the -mineral must radium- I cannot ~riuia i.»_i*v\.*_, «·"------^- _!.-..,«. were deadlock \ see how ibis can possibly come about IHJ ti|8 JBi 8868. EAGLE EOTSL- Capfi-ciry 400 Sooms irKh bath; ss. anits McCor^orcy, Prop's. --IF-- lyoa t^sEt a weekly paper get ; THE ADAMS COTJXTY NEWS ; Slore local reading matter thai other paper published. f»rice Sl-OC per ycsr. 'Watch our windows for Farm- CHAS. S. MTJiiPER --Eire Proof Storage-- itai Orderly Bif$8d Hotft- ing of P Lilt; liU^I^C Vi. ··.iw.jt/u.v--^ -- - ; . . ed. On the proposal to require a two-' in less-tnaa .hree . thirds vote to change the name of thef p| oupQ aJ ROY DROWNS .v n: , rf .T, -.r'nnrpd b*. the deputies, tae( HbHtb flb P U * Lmvwii« charcQ. adopted bj the deputies, thej bishops refused to act because the res-; olution was sent to them oniy on Fri i day,-after having passed the !owe:j house more than two weeks ago. Save Boy Lost Life Near Him. Burr.ngton. X. J- Oct. 27.--Walking cross the bridge of the Mount Holly- Day premiums. Lois of things ' Warehouse for Famkur* and } j "Philadelphia, Oct. 27.--On a cnarge of having stolen a watch from a man whose feeo were being amputated at tie Methodist hospital. Paul Reiker, eigii:een years old, former! an orierly at tlie iasuu'-ttoa. was held la S400 bail for court by Magistrate Gorinaa. | A oatieat named Guest, who met with, an accident near Bongor, Pa., was taken to the ileihofiist hospital to have his feet cut off. As he lay he!Bless beneath the innueace of the ether, Eeiker look his watch, as he contesseci to Special Policeman Kes. Another patient, Frank Price, n-as s':ni!ar:y robbed of a diamond sack- pin while he was helpless in tfte sur- through your hair, taking one small strand at a time; by morning'the gray hair disappears, but what delights the ladies with Wveth's Sage and Sulphur is that, besides beautifully darkening the hair after .a few applications, it also- produces that soft lustre and appearance of abundance .·BshiclL_5is, so attractive; besides, prevents · dandruff, itching scalp and £alling"hair.j ._ desk. Its uresence there was not tec-ted until Friday, la the enure mem-, bershiD of the bouse of deputies aolj one man dreamed that the resolutiot^. was not before the bishops for action ] ne between the- ties and fell -into current. not swim, but three times came to ihe surface, and a com- I - t- - TriiKmers Eig o and 10 Cent Store at .special prices for the week. RICE PBODUCS COMPANY Highest Casb Prices Paid for all _ --FAEM PRODUCED Usder Times OSes. Gettysburg- hold Goods stored any length of time- W. H- TIPTON !i Gettrsborg SouT ««^OW*C*KJ«H«*«*CO:«-»O*K^^ $ ! gical -crarc. Relker at Jrst denied a ^'_La£-depuues was then appointed issin stickam. bis r! nanion had-almost reached him when U r » ~ _ - _ , ? _ ^t T. T.-as sent to the bishops. I thought it had seen sent. I was astounded to find it on my desk Friday and sent it over at oace to the other house." The bishops, however, declined tc consider the measure in the few re- help, and made no effort to ^aid the drowning boy. Vatican Watching Spain. Home. Oct. 27.-- The political crisis in Spain is being closely watched by HOW A BROOKLYN GIRL Got Strong andjWell.^Again-* Grace D. Lamb of Brooklyn. N. Y-, savs: *"I was all run-down and on the verge of nervous prostestioru-^i could not sleep for nam in my. back- Jn all I was a wreck/ A friend told'nte -what Vinol had done for her little girl so I 'cried it. I noticed an imorovement alter the first bottle- I could sleep well, mv appetite improved, and after taking- three bottles I am strong and well again."' Vino! Is the most': efficient strength creator for such women- -Jt-i- 3 , tne medicinal elements of the cd3Vlivers contained In Vinol aided by the blood making and sn-engthenitfg r rproperties of tonic iron which makes- it-so far superior to all o'cher Eonics.^to build visit of a month to SJariinsburg; West : Virginia. George E. Stock has returned frttni Scranton where he served as a juror ia United States Court Charles H. Little, of Philadelphia, has returned home after spending Sunday at tne nome of his parents, Mr. and 1 Mrs. Charles Little, on Chambersburg street. Mr. and ilrs. R- A. Myers, of Centre Square, left this morning on an extended trip to Baltimore and other places- Miss Ruth A- McIKienny, of Lincoln avenue, has returned to West Chester, where she is-a teajcher in the Normal School, after spending the week-end at the home ©f her parents.-Major and Mrs. W. P. Tuttle, of New Haven, Conn., have returned ho'me after a short" visit at the home or Dr. and Mrs. W. A. GranviHe. . Miss EstHer Grouse, of Baltimore street, left this morning on an extended trip to New York, Philadelphia and Atlantic City. She wa's accompanied as far as Hanover by her mother. Mrs. J. L. Butt, Mrs. Walter H. O'Neal. Mrs- H. M. Hartman, and Mrs. J. H. Flemming, of Hanover, so notified the cepuues. A committee. Merry _ _ of the missing stickpin, jcon Price's clothes to aim. Sut ;he orderly had told another pa- iler.r of having found a p:n. and be nWily admitted the tbert. Tae discover-.- of the whereabouts or Guest's watcli followed. Of household goods, on ·£· October 30th. 1 -- - . I In front of Court House, Gettj^sburg. | Will have a large lot of household § stoves, bed-springs f and fumitnre of all descriptions, t goods, consisting of ACCUSED OF SHOOTIN3 SIS l hR Brother Confessed, Saying He Did Not L'ke Her Sweetheart. Arctaore, Pa. Oct. 27.--Jce Petros- kev, eighteen years old. of "Vv"est ilana- vunk. was arrested by Policemen Murphy and Robmson as ae was about to depart from ais home to enlist in the United States navy. The ponce accuse him of ^hooting his sister. Mrs. Elizabeta Kaczner. -·hue she vas sr.tung on the porch of her home with a friend, Aloysius Fiynn. of "Wesr Manayunk. on the n-ght 01 Sert 21. Atter a'.s arrest, the police say. Pe troskey Broye down and confessed to Carta'n Boaagay that he had shot his sister because lie did not like "teat man Flyan." ·'I fired the snots taat stracKnnr s.ster." he said. "I wanted to scare Fl-Tin away. I d-d not mean to hit any one" Pctroskey was held in S1000 bail to avrait the outcome of 3Irs. Kaczaer's · 3"jr:es. She nss practically recov- er°d :rom the -woHnd maicted by the bBl'.et. wh'cn is still in her neck, but it is likely see will lose the sight of one e;- e. the to request the bishops tc take up the matter nevertheless, but Trithout success. All hope of break'ng the deadlock ·s^-as abandoned when the house ffi deputies without wa : :iag for the conference cornm'rtee-'s report refused b:-: the overvraeiming vote of 91 to 13 tc j ______ , maining hours of the convention, and j ^^ Valical j. p c pe Pius and Cardinal -vao. the papal secretary-of being kept constantly ixi- formefl on the development or events. Spanish clergy and episcopacy staie are The have strict been instructed neutrality. to maintain a and has a delicious taste.' _ We give bacfe your money, if __tinol does not do aUji2t r -we.clarm- People's Drug Store, GettvsDurg. Pa. P. S- If voujhave any skin trouble trv Saxo Salve- ~Y-"e guarantee it .. Many an concur with th house of bishops OE tep .- np the negro issue. The bishops werej ^ equally determined noz to recede iron: j T their stand, "pon.learning of the ac i " orcbardist who this year caltivarion, until .·well r tO; t st "of August'lirts seen the" for ent do-vn threefold ! or more, due as .1 result of tUeunusual- depaties tne conference | Jv flry ^^tijer t hut followed. This TOnaltioK noted was greatly aggravated by tae uausuaUy vr;;rin and dry itious \vh!ch prevailed the latter their stand tlcn of the --^ -; committee ceased its efforts to bring' Medical Advertising, M ii lull about an , Oa the hee:s of the deputies' refusals concur with the bishops the bishops refused to coneu- with the deputies is two important -c-sointioas adopted by tae deputies ear : y in the convention The first c: these was to the effect that a two-thirds vote be necessary zc chaaeg tae name of the church: th second proposed to eliminate from the Good Fridav colect the clause asking ' divine grace tor "Jews, Turks. inS'Jels and heretic?.' The bishops, by adverse -.ote. kil'ed v -o-h proposals. . After disposing of the negro qnestiOB tSte^nepuriEs rnarked time-waiting 101 Tvord from the o.shops that they were ready for the joint deviational service= v.hincii termsated the convention. QUESTION CLEARED UP Gettvsburg Readers Can No Longer ie."*"* gone to Scranton to attend the D. A. R. convention which is in session-there this week. John Hewitt has returned from a trip of several days to Harrisburg^ Mrs. A- A- Kelly and son, "Beiiner, of Waynesboro, have returned ^b-ome afcer a short visit at the home of Mrs. Kelly's parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. Bushman, on Baltimore street. Mrs. David J. Forney has gone to Hagerstown. to visit relatives. J. A. Ring and family and Mr- and Mrs. John Robertson are on an automobile trip of several days to Washington. Miss Anne Swartz returned to Reading Sunday afternoon after a. visit of several days at the home "of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Swartz on Baltimore" street- Mr- and. Mrs. Amos^gckext afiS Mr. and^Mrs- M: K. ScRert Save Doubt the - '-'Again and again- we -caW-read* of strangers in distant towns - whftiave been cnred'bv this or. that- medicine. But GettvsbuTg's pertinent question has always been "Has anyone here In Gettvsburg beeii. cared?" 1 The -word Oi a stranger 'living -a~ Hcnctrea miles v mav be true-but Ifc-carmot have " -u fill? Cleaner and VIRQINJA APPLES IN ENGLAND Net Their Grower $5.20 a Barrel When Sold in Liverpool. \ViTches:cr, Va. Oct 27. -- John Tb-" 2:13. a proijiner.t Frederick coun- tv fnrt received returns from a tar'oa'I of apples ne recently placed -i -n tne market ir. TJvcrpoci. Eng. Tl.e sToment consisted of 1-5'j barrels, and tJey said for 35.75 a barrel c'o=s. ~"r f -fc v-as an expense of Sl-55,, -cr barrel. Ifavir.r S^.2^ net. ;* ~ B % T f l. o: v.'inchester. recently - .",d 2 "nr^-- rci3s = 5nR^erit of King Da\ .os :r. Xew York for §7 a barrel, and ."ji^it'.ions ""or ?3 a barrel. DOG NABS A RICH BURGLAR Catches and Holds Htm Ur.iil Pretty Mistress Calis Police. San Francisco. Cal.. Oct. 27.--A bull- aog and a pr»uy girl captured a prize burglar here iste at nlght. Ke is \V:II.a73 Sastian. who for five years nas l-.ed with bis young sister Josephine, m a richly furnished house on the proceed :he police say. of rob beries thai a%e netted him §20«.W9. 3an!t boo'-.s Fhowing balances a var'oi.s ba-:\? ot incre than Slf',00. were found FI -.·? residence, whsre his sister was arrested. Bastisi wr* r-cssiiis a back yard sftcr havin:: r"-. l ied, it is said, a near by bouse. P-.TS. a pet balidog, nab bed tne ma~ ar.: held on until his mis tress. .i-mle Debmnner. sam moned tac p_". '" nart of -Tune :tud early Juir. following a fall and winter season that bau been the arrest: in years. Sbonid -=uch con- oitions prevail ag:un cultivation should be conrJnueu clear up to picking time, or well Into September. from a trip of seyerii aay " ersville: ~*~ . _ Mr- and Mrs. Arffiur Srngmaster; Sf Macungie, spent Sbnday at Sie iforitf of Dr. anil, Mrs. J. A: SingiSaster 3n Seminary Ridge. m Mrs. HaroliS S. Iieirif tal an ir- WESTERN MARYLAND LINES Effective November 1, 1913 TRUNK LINE INTERCHANGEABLE MILEAGE - - TICKETS Good Over Importat Eastern Roads. Will be honored over Western Maryland and also over P. L. E. lines to and from PITTSBURGH On sale at principal stations States- Remember - the and take no other- _ . uame^-Doau s . ,, Dr. J. "··"-· --- V"«^"mth ifs-an tne -word ^ c ^ e * n ^£ Ocfob*er "Lafeieran Qiian^ of^u^wiTdnz'ens. whom'^e loiow er!y' T on 'iulher^n. in^itatibhs^iri lire and respect, and whose evidence we I Battle of Gettysburg anrfits-Aniayerr can so easily prove. ~~'^ "~ W. N. Flahany. 311 .Washington St., Gettysburg, ~P* says: "Doan's Kidnev PiHs have b'een'of g^ear benefit to me and I willingly" recommend them. I was injured^oroe- -years ago and mv kidneys were-aScected- · I got various remedies." bur nothing seemea to do me anv good until I used Doan 5 Kidnev Pilli"-They "quickly cured me. Whenever I have "cakerr them ·- since, thev nave doae good work." - 7 For sale by all dealers., fece oO cents. Foster-Mflbarn Co., v Buffalo, New York, sole agent for the United Dr. Lutfier Kuhlman _and CIntz took part in tfie instafla^idh Rev. John Jenkins as pastor of a Lutheran church in Easton on Sunday. Dr. T. C. Billhelmer.'of Springs avenue, is in Pittsburgh this week delivering lectures in a number of the Lutheran churches of that city. Mrs. L. "W-JSeylar and son, of Ic- Connellsburg. are the guests of Mr. and Mrs- A. Banner Baehier, East Middle street. Ecport of the condition of ie Bendersville National Bank Cri5i::tDEESVILLE. inthebtatcof PENSA ill tiic close of business. OGT'^21, 1913- KESOUECES , Ixaas and discounts- "----Sl!.vZ: 01 Over Drafts Secured and unsecured-- 5015 TJ- S- Bonds lo secure circulation---- 25.DOO 00 Freminnis on TJ-S ."Bonds -..'...'· ^CO 00 Bank in= house, farnsture.ji!ii SixUires. 9.74S 36 Other Keal Estate --, ".KM 03 irAe ?-:i--i-:ia Now -- \«-j I r.r. is I-inidiate-- PUBLIC SALE , . d- 1 r-- ; j". have r? t" n c ci^n ar.'i i -r. Brot-ers Heid on Same Charge. "-^«r. Pa. Oct. 27 -- Taomas aafl xaTlc- JTcIntyre. fain brother? raarr'J '?.:" sisters az a aoablC 0 ng a". am iea years ago. were h h"5^ sn nea"y bail for cou Ssves c.igV-t Ven r-rcm Mptcrfaoat. Point .l:i'. -~. ^X. L. Oct. 27.-- Daring th:c~-L :os t-.r Point Jadith lifesavers, of Ph:!ade"r by! OHt c * ^ ; ..en from a powerboat - .e Breakwater company, The powerboat ran { Dae from Statea-sd Private BaaksaikS : Bankers- Trust Companies, and Sav-- incsBanks - --- - 3JS6 Oj from approved reserve azcnts- 17.731 5t Checks acd other Cash I lexis " 51325 Fractional isapcr. carrcDCS-, nfckeSs', and cents - -,--* r LAWFULMOXET RESERVE in - ' · BASK, viz: ' Specie 3.421 Ixarai-iender aoles- fund - T.«J CO- 11.06155 U- S Treasarcr- (5 per cent, circalation) ..... - ,' 1.350 00 and lost, the charged with non- ·v. ot.r j Haca ^;:e cca-gea her husband as "a - 5 r.-irobate and a zoo", for nothing." ^ - "ach -Ralis arc : .u-r*, to properlv, :-,· S-JIE: health j -^r dav. Get a men T n off 22s a?.en beisg beard by rol. The men were ^ Sto-c. MAN WANTED Old Reliable House wants a good appearing honest man to take a position of trust at a good salary. Must be hustler, Write at once. Young Follett Company PEOPLE SIIOrLB GUARD AGAINST APPENDICITIS ·eople who have stom- FrV^e Lives to Age of 48. Spnns?Vin Tcr.n.. Oct. 27.--A "j^rn :n f^'o on the farm of Robert Kcl-ran,' "jrear Srr5ngSe'd. asfl sold tiSnv years ago^as a "pl«s" to an old negro p. ' as the produced, "jeing at his death forty-eight l years old. j One Wolf Kiiis 300 Sheep. ! Montgomery, Ala., Oct. 27.--Three! New Envoy Rents Palace. orMn. Ot. :!7 -- The new American ss-ador ;o Gerard. ho^FS Germany, -James for the embassy ' ~. _ ^- . , . . i v v . .At^i o^ i- i'« :'d v^t »-L»**^ ..v....-, *«** I h;s cnocks last week, amha ,, ador is 0 - nav a yearlj - , oldest mine Tennessee everj s;-»,fi) j-.^ad of the $-- 5 on V. ::''-!m-?latz known as the Palace, and formerly of that name. The rental 500 at Had Fingers and Toes to Spare. sporu Pa.. Oct. 27. Edith t -»i Wiit. f r j V J - A . J " , ' · , 1 -- - , - -- - 7 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ » _ hundred collars Is the price the sheep Fry, a twei\o j oar-old Pennsdale i ,, t,-,, r,,^ .ir,nn Th* hpai. nf a' nnderwent a successful operatioi ;crr.pojrr:._i .^ Aa!£:r-iAa. the Ger- rrc.'. re- toy vhicn became fanioua (· ci,"-- aT)re"d.c:v.;. JUST ONE IjOSi; iv5 ! c\e? ^rar stomach, ^as on t1 ; f --Uinaf h and c.-instipation IX- STAX'i LY bcfaii*-c Ihis simple r.ii::- turo draws ofT such a surprising «-» , n/~ T L. iv/i amount of old foul matter from the Dept 26. Boston Mass]body. H. C. Landau, druggist. last few weeks, A herd of TWO vrooil buffaloes 1ms recently been discovered in the province of Alberta, Canada. Until this herd "v\ns found the species "was thought to he extinct nnderwent a successful operation for removal of an extra finger on each hands and an extra toe on each her feet - GOOD st-oond hand drill for sale cheap. Apply to J. B. Wineman, Hotel Gettysburg. -- advertisement Tos.1 - --:----- S2322S231 9.500 CO Cauital stock raid »n .--- 35.000 00 SurplosFand - t--^-~ -ndlvjded Profits. !css ExpaSfer wwl_ ^ ^^ ^ PUBLIC SALE NOVEMBER Sth, 1913. I The undersigned will sell at public sale at his residence in Straban township on the Gettysburg and Hunterstown Soad, 2% miles from either olace. , T»- T " 9 head of horses and colts. Biack mare 5 years old. will work -wherever; hitched; black mare 9 years old with colt by her side, work wherever hitch- ~ a j^ ed. These are both family mares-safe u ^^ Vr woman or child to drive, fearless NaUocalBanS xotesoutstanding .-24.50000 of all road objects. 1 bay horse 3% vears old, thoroughly broken to work and drive, this horse is a number one driver safe for anv woman to drive, 1 slack mare colt 2% -years old, an extra fine large mare, will make a number one brood mare.,1 roan horse coit 1% rears old, 2 black ;horse , colts 1% rears, 2""rhare coIts,-I-bla'cK a_fdr-one oav 1^ yeafs/thesfe colts are. -excra= Jarke for their age.^ell-boned^.promise to make fine- Parses. .The-,above |^ } IraJi-lcl-ia- deposits snbjecl to check-. ,39.«9 ST i Time certiScates of deposit-- -1025S7 S5 Cashier's Checks OntstaEdiss 1«2 05 Total -*-- --V""TM;;-1 45 -?^- 232 a State of P"er3nylva-3ia. _ i-^: Connlv of Adams - I I. I- C- HUCHBR. Cashier,of tfas .above oaned _ank, do solemnly swear that tie aovc^sWM incnt is line to tbe best or my knowledge ana 'Ixa-e-- , . r-'^"-' -*· -'· mentioned horses . colt are all menone : _ sound and xrithout blemish, lo head ot cattle, 7 head milch cows, will all be fresh in January and thoroughbred Hotstein February, 3 heifers, one had one calf, the other 2 fresh in January, 2 thoroughbred Holstein bulls, 1 lV"Vears old, one 4 months old, 3 red bulls, 8 months old, 16 head of hogs one fullbre'd Durdc Jersey male hog 1 year old. eligible to register, 2 young sows will have pigs in December, -13 head of shoats, 3 months old, 1,000 bu. common the ear, 1,500 bundles corn fodder. * Snbscribed ana sworn to"icfore me this 2SU» day of OCT-. 1913- Correct--Attest: D P- DJgLAP. J- P- ·PTATBRIGHT RICE. W i- SNYDEK. L. A. WAKREK. SURPRISE PARTY Miss Rebecca "Wineman Given prise at her Hoine. a Sur- A very enjoyable birthday surprise party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Wineman Thursday even- ng, October 23d in honor of their daughter, Rebecca's birthday- Those present were Mr. and Mrs. D- B. Wineman,. Mr: and Mrs. B- F- Lightner, Mr. and Mrs-~Wa!ter Snyder, Mr. and Mrs- John D. Riley, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lightner, Mr. and Mrs. J- B- Wineman, - and Mrs- J- V. Eiker, Mr- and Mrs- McClennans Meals, Blisses Rebecca Wineman, Elizabeth Bushman, 5ry Snyder, Ella Hershey, Alyerna Jacobs, Ruth Snyder, Virginia RHey, Gertrude Shnll," Viola Lightner, May Plank, Ruth Riley, Alice Plank, Hazel Snyder, Meriam Lightner, Evelyn Lightner, Ray Hershey, Edward Eiker, Elmer Snvder, James Riley, Earl Snyder, Roy Eifcer, Vena Shbllj Eagai Riley, Lester Eiker; John Wineoian, Earl Wineman, Russel Eiker. That chap, wns effecttialiy edy-Tnlght be ?rell -worth- more cases thaa this one. The for pictling onions, an w ° O*-* » » 1 3 » " » » « » » * * * * ' J ' - O - - - - - - JL' V^J-* KJfc^M^--' ».VTk « . « « - - - - - - - - -- - - v- ·'·«.-»*· L.* M _t i aagiWl| JiJI head of shoats. 3 months old, 1,000 bu. j. pj^graph; .-^layg 2 be drained., .Put into Wiile/**$£?* xsr *··"·?" tondks co " ^'S.S.^-* 4 *-T sszg£*£* · 3£%s^£»:***· t **%2£''Fr' -ita-aiwb.,*..*:.. -.. and Xerms made known by .[ s . S. W. HAJNIMERS I _. . - ·-'. ' ORVILLE S. RILEY. C

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