The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 27, 1936 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1936
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 27 · 1936 FIFTEEN FAMOUS RUSSIAN SCIENTIST DIES Pavloff Noted for "Purely Materialistic" Theory of Reflexes. LENINGRAD, U. S. S. R., (-»-- Ivan Petrovich Pavloff, the physiologist who became internationally famous for his "purely materialistic" theory of conditioned reflexes and for his research into the mental processes of animals, died Thursday of influenza. He was 86 years old. The son of a village priest, he argued that human life is based on reflexes or reactions of the nervous system to outside influences. This, the soviet encyclopedia says, applies to "the highest nervous activity-formerly called the soul." The soviet government contributed large sums toward his scientific work. He had extensive laboratories in .the Leningrad district, at Koltushy, and was director of the physiological section of the Institute of Experimental Medicine as well as the Physiological Institute of the Academy of Sciences. Rapids WPA Workers Get Only Hour Credit When Job Shut Down CEDAR RAPIDS, LVt-- No longer do WPA workers receive credit tor a full day's work even though they merely report for duty. Under a new ruling, Allen Wallen, local WPA engineer announced, when a job is shut down due to inclement weather or for other causes, workmen reporting for duty are given credit for an hour's work, and then are permitted to make up the remainder of the day at a later time. Here's A Leap Vear "OFFER" you'll Go For! Large Cans-Nearly 3 Lbs. JACK SPRAT Topping a list of seasonable food bargains is this Lenten special.. delicious spaghetti cooked in a rich sauce of t o m a t o and full cream cheese. A finer product . . more of i t . . for less money ..a typical clack Sprat value. FRIDAY FEB. 28-29 PABST-ETT CHEESE 8 oz. 15c The delicious digestible cheese food. An ideal food for children. INQUIRE ABOUT FREE GIFT OFFER AND SATURDAY SALAD Dressing . . V' 10c Jack Sprat---No oily taste SALAD DRESSING Relish . . . V? lOc Jack Sprat RICE 19c K.llE . . . ib.. IVC Mayflower Extra Fancy--An energy food. Easily digested. Pickles . Jack Sprat Sweets--2 Tier 16 oz. jar Grape Juice . p iiu 18c Taylor's FISH FOR LENT Tuna Fish . . . ^ 15c Mayflower Light Meat Sardines . . . . J 1S 19c Cottage Brand--Packed in Cottonseed Oil Sardines . . . . «» lOc Crown Brand---Packed in Pure Olive Oil Sardines . . No i I Or " · 'oval can « «V Mayflower--In Mustard or Tomato Sauce- Salmon . . . "cans' 2 5 c Mayflower Fancy Pink Salmon . . .. . taiican25c Jack Sprat Fancy Red Alaska CRACKERS Mayflower Sodas---Ovenfresh 2lb. pkg.... 17c HERRING Spiced--Cut up or heads and tails off types 5 Ib. pail... 99c CHEESE Jack .Sprat Brick or American 2Ib. box . . 55c Shredded Wheat i4 The National Breakfast Pilchards . . . «? Extra Fancy Boneless Filet MACARONI Spaghetti . . X Jack Sprat Peanut Butter . ~\TM Jack Sprat Walnut Meats . 8P ,£ Manchurian Jack Sprat -- Cut or Wax Refug Beans . . . . 2 cln S '" ,25c lOc : 23c 25c 2Sc ees ! 25c RITZ Crackers ^ 23 c Famous for Flavor' GINGHAM GIRL Flour . 4 l' k " $2.25 R GROCER Flour . tal' $1.89 Unconditionally Guaranteed GOOD CHEER Coffee . lp £ 19c Quality at Low Cost R GROCER Coffee . p,£ 21 c Smooth and Flavory Hominy 2 tuu 0 ca 3 n s3 19c Jack Sprat R ITE-y^AY ^ ^ «r *^x K** * ^ · ,', v TH E UACIK SPaAT STORES HORSE SHOE GROCERY, 219 N. Federal . . . . . Phone 209 A. W. KITTO, 402 Seventh St. S. E. - - - - - - - Phone 754 THOMPSON-DEAN CO., 121 North Federal - - - Phone 217 BARRETT BROS. CO., 20 Second Street N. E. - - - Phone 43 CARL GRUPP, 1339 North Federal - Phone 420 W. S. LAWRENCE, 402 Twelfth Street N. W. - - - Phone 2137 S. P. SHAPIRO, 523 North Pennsylvania Phone 2187 SNYDER'S RITE-WAY FOOD STORE, 616 S. Federal - Phone 1800 WILLSON GROCERY, 404 Fifteenth Street N. W. - Phone 241 CHICAGO MEAT and GROCERY, 626 S. Jackson - Phone 996 Star Ascending \ Out" of those whose, star is ascending In Hollywood is June Jjung, youthful ingenue who won the leading role in the first of a series of movies on family life. Series of Lectures on Art Appreciation Will Be Presented at Ames AMES--A series of 12 art appreciation talks concerning American paintings and American artists which will be broadcast on the Homemakers half hour over station WOI beginning March 9 was announced by Mrs. Henry Ness, director of home -economics programs for the Iowa State college station. The talks will be given Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 a. m. by members of the Applied Art department, Mrs. Ness said. Miniature colored prints of the pictures to be discussed and copies of the talks will be available to listeners at a small cost. This will be the seventh series of art talks to be given from the station. Pete Peterson Dies at Home in Nora Springs NORA SPRINGS--Pete Peterson, who lives just west of the river, died Wednesday after an illness of some time. Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at the home with burial in Park cemetery. Surviving are his wife, a son, Carl, living 2 miles west of Nora Springs; Mrs. Marie Kehm of Flint, Mich.; Miss Dorothy Peterson of Rockford, 111.; Miss Hanna Peterson, a nurse in Chicago; Mrs. Howard Barker, wife of a Mason City high school coach, and Yvonne, at home. TRAIN STALLED IN CRESGO DRIFT Shovelers and Doubleheader Sent Out; Main Roads Are Opened. CRESCO--A Milwaukee passenger train on the I. and M. division going east from Austin was stalled between Bonair, 7 miles northwest of here, and Cresco by the blizzard Wednesday afternoon. A crew of 20 shovelers went out from here Thursday morning and from Austin a doubleheader was sent to get the train out, freeing of it expected later in the day. Highways No. 9 and 63 were being opened Thursday morning, with traffic to be resumed soon. County roads are still blocked. Many autos were ptalled near Cresco during the storm. Mail service was greatly delayed by the storm. Oil Can Explodes. EXLINE. OP)--Fire started by the explosion of an oil can placed on a stove destroyed the tipple of the White Oak mine, owned and operated by L. D. Corder and Roy Bland, near Exline. AQUART Cash and Carry FRESH BROWN COUNTRY EGGS SEAL OF MINNESOTA AT INDEPENDENT GROCERS IN MASON CfTY AND SURROUNDING TERRITORY The preferred TEA FEDERAL PACKING CO. Phone 746 We Deliver $1 Orders 213 N. Fed. Ave. ROUND, SIRLOIN e · · · Beef ROAST, Ib. Pork Shoulder ROAST, Ib.. Fresh Side PORK, Ib. Veal ROAST, Ib.. lie 5-lb. Box BACON Bacon SQUARES, Ib. Beef RIBS, Ib. Pork CUTLETS, I b . . . . Lean Salt PORK, Ib Veal CHOPS, Ib. Decker's Sliced BACON, Ib FRESH FISH OF ALL KINDS Sterling Groceries and Meat Markets No. 1 - No. 2 - No. 3 - No. 4 FRIDAY -- SATURDAY Right to Limit We Deliver $1.00 Orders MEAT DEPARTMENT For a Good Meal--Try Sterling Meats Spring Lamb Legs, Ib 19c Spring Lamb Shoulders, Ib 15c Spring Lamb Chopr, Ib .,-.. .,. . 20c Spring Lamb Stew, Ib 12c Hamburger (all meat) Ib 15c Round Steak, Ib 20c Beef Short Ribs, Ib 1 Oc Pork Chops, End Cuts, Ib 18c Baby Beef Hearts, Ib ..... lOc Baby Beef Liver, Ib 20c Olivized Dill Pickles, 2 for. 5c Sirloin Steak, Ib 18c Sugar Cured Bacon Squares, lb...,... : . 20c Beef Chuck Roast, Ib , 16c LET'S GO FISHING ALL KINDS FRESH FISH -- SMOKED FISH HALIBUT -- SALMON -- SABLE -- PIKE -- HADDOCK FILLET -- SMOKED SALMON MILKER HERRING -- BONELESS HERRING -- SMOKED WHITE FISH Pickle-Olive Department Monarch Fresh Cucumber Pickles 15c Libby's Dill Pickles, jar 15c Sweet Pickles, quart jar 25c Yacht Club Sweet Gherkins, jar. . 25c Yacht Club Sliced Dill Pickles, jar 19c Sterling Baby Sweet Pickles, jar 35c Sweet Pickles, small jar lOc Olivized Dill Pickles, jar lOc Olivized Sweet Pickles, jar lOc Yacht Club Sweet Relish, jar. .. 25c Olivized Dill Pickles, Ige. j a r . . . 22c Monarch Pickled Onions 22c Libby's Olives, jar '. 25c Yacht Club Olives, large. .,., 45c Monarch Olives, jar 19c Monarch Stuffed Olives, j a r . . . . 25c Yacht Club Olives, jar lOc Yacht Club Stuffed Olives, jar. . lOc CRISCO, 3-pound can Wr 1 PECAN MEATS Fresh, pound 35c FRUIT DEPARTMENT Lettuce, Large Heads, 2 for 15c Grapefruit, 8 for 25c Oranges, Large, dozen 39c Winesap Apples, 5 Ibs 25c Idaho Russetts, U. S. No. 1, bag 42c Oranges, Good Size, 2 dozen . . Grapefruit, Large, 6 for. . . . . . . Celery, Large Stalk New Cabbage, Ib Winesap Apples, Fancy, bushel. ,. 35c . 29c ,. 15c ... 5c $1.75 FOLGER'S COFFEE, pound can I f FOLGER ' S COFFEE, 2-pound can ..... MONARCH FINER FOODS Red Kidney B e a n s . . . . 1Oc Spinach, can 15c Hominy, can lOc Peas and Carrots, can 20c Tomato Juice, 3 cans. . 25c Yacht Club Tuna, can. . 1 5c Monarch Shrimp, can. . 1 8c Solad Vegetables 15c Kraut lOc Yacht Club Jelly, j a r . . . lOc Golden Corn, can. ..., Sweet Peas, can Farm House P e a s . . . . Asparagus, can Fruit Cocktail, can. . . 15c 19c lOc 19c 19c 1 LARGE DREFT, 1 SMALL DREFT, all for. PINK SALMON, Tall Cons, 2 for 25c HOW MUCH DO WE OWE? The total value of the 6,812,049 farms in the United States was $32,884,324,378 on Jan. 31, 1935. This valuation included all buildings and improvements. The national debt for the coming year estimated at 35Vz billion. What I would like to know is how much does each individual owe, then we might be alarmed. The government is no mythical body--it is you and I. P. S.--You have heard the remark about one-horse towns in Iowa. That is a thing of the past. Go into any small town and you will see more horses than automobiles at the present time. LUKE B. MILLER, U. S. A. Make That Garden -- Northrup-King Garden Seed Libby's Krout, 2'/z can. . Pineapple, large 2!/2 can. Golden Corn, can Pumpkin, can Pineapple Juice, can . . . Prune Juice, jar Ketchup, Large, 2 for. . lOc 19c lOc lOc lOc 25c 25c Van Camp's Pork and B e a n s . . . . 5c Rose Milk, Tall Cans, 4 for. .... 29c Monarch Gelatine, pkg 5c De Graw's Buckwheat, 5 Ibs.... 25c Bulk Pancake Flour, 5 Ibs....... 25c Macaroni, Bulk, 3 Ibs 25c Rice, Fancy, 4 Ibs 25c P. AND G. SOAP, Giant Bars, 7 for. VAN CAMP'S TOMATO SOUP, can Hubbard's Energy Cereal, 5 Ibs 35c Hubbard's Cracked Wheat, 5 Ibs 32c Hubbard's Wheat Cereal, 5 Ibs 35c Hubbard's Pancake Flour, 5 Ibs 39c Hubbard's Coke Flour, 5 Ibs 35c Bulk Cocoanut, Ib ,.,., 19c Prunes, 3 Ibs ,. : . .., 25c Macaroni, pkg 5c Spaghetti, pkg 5c Monarch Food of Wheat, pkg 1 9c RINSO, Large Package OXYDOL, Giant Package Brooms, Extra Good Mop Sticks Seal of Minnesota Flour, 49 Ibs. National Seal Flour, 49 Ibs Mother Hubbard Flour, 49 Ibs.. . . 49c .. lOc $2.09 $1.69 $2.19 Hubbard's Egg Mash, 100 Ibs.. . Hubbard's Concentrate, 100 Ibs. Oyster Shells, 100 Ibs... : , Stock Salt, 100 Ibs. ..,.,. Sugar, Beet, 100 I b s . . . . .... $2.60 $2.95 . : . 69c ,. 69c $4.65 LARGE NO. 2 CANS PEAS, Fair Grade, 4 cans SARDINES, 6 cans . . . . MR. FARMER: BRING US YOUR EGGS --- CASH OR TRADE -- ANY OF THE 4 STORES.

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