The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 27, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1913
Page 3
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fpeiiooe a»^warned not to tresplUs m It* jprenuae* of the tmd«. *·*-···· ffn'"r t^yp fn r tbf r^tffcfr^ 1 **^ 'tfffi**|f By 8 * in r Mty planner* .,_ 'i Sty way injuring or ^estrbyinK property. All pfei|ii6i:iix^ latiiti t)^ jbvs ^^ commonwealth with regard'to trejtpawinjff W lands 61 the iSa^J ateie» wUl be dealt with under jfce prxmsoM^ the JMt of Jipril 1*. i»5^*'-We;~y=.=;-C-. " " ' . - · . ;·' "-. 'vv':-/:: : .;'3s,^K:il';x-::. "v-^ ' : " f«fay ^ia^.Saii'l. Walters fari, Hamytonban towcihip. |^pl^ ; ^^ |f 1?; Get^ I|r»~J^Sb£paiiGixatietifag. ?§*.,' JrwSfemin; bajtea*i«*iwiiiSip. '·'; :;: ?.^s'-ri'.p^'lt^^^rKSt^fi-^is · · :·..-.-. ^.'^\-...- -.U ?"-'.'·_ Farm) Hf^aniT«»h*Bip. , , Stiabai To^zisbip, Bt 7, Gettysburg, Pi. "JFi KuIttL'Farnx) E. ^ ; Getty sburjf, P».Mt Joy Twp. IN STORAGE That Warrtnroses ilptrteis, REAR ADMIRAL BADGER. Ciihmands 8tJle*bip,That Sailed' ' rders. : -' .';,: EG6S HELQ .. . . E. Barman, IL tieUysbargi Pa. Butler Township. . ^ Ji Veikeii fe 2, GeysBbrfe Cumberland TownsMp. f.itt Ipb Box 50; R;, Bi^erwH^, Mri£Jiiitilda L. 6od6riCumiieH»iid Township. Samuel Bobinson, E. i,- tkttysborg, Pi^ Comberland Townihi]?. zalian^o»rnsWj. ;, R. i, ^ BaOer Township. ^ptt^It . , . . Freedom TownsBip. . *juiu B. 8, Gettysburg. Jmberland Towhshipi ££ -...- ..-^-^'i- fiep-FrbBameyer,Jit. _ ,, _ - . _ _ ... . Martin Winter, Cumberlanid TownEhipaaa Gettysburg. ^JT;idMfihjiat Springs pajn.FarmiCumberlandTownship. ndb£iK: Major, Sij^baii^Jowarfup;- " . * . - " . iobij W: aicBbeanV Farm Jt 7; Gettysburg, Strabaa Towriihip. /Charles F. Reberti- Sev^A StSar», ; .Pai Jb; W-Eldon, Bendjersyille, Pa. T feeorge D. Thomas, Gbainbersburg tike. Robert garner, Greenmount^ Pa. Harry E. Shriver, Butler Township; R. 6, Gettysburg. ~ t v Jocepfc JL.; Albert^ Botler Townsbipi B- 6, Gettysburg. -. WDliam Coshun, Straban Towhsbip. -- ^ Elias Wolfordi Mt .Pleasant Township. : ;i ; . H: C. Warren/Mehaliea Township^ C: H. Rummell on C- L- Osbornefarm Menallen township. Win. M. BignanYs Sons, Freedom Tjownship. Wra: M- Bigham's Sons.IJberty Township. . Jacob F. Peters, Tyrone TcwSship R. 3i Biglervffie; Pi: ..._.. Charles Essick and sisters. Butler Township, R. 5, Gettysburg |* iE.Comipnj, Butler Township;. . . . - " . " - A. S. Whisler, Mt. Pleasant TownsMp, BL10. Mere Than Ten Million Pounds of But* ttr Wai Being Held on First of the , Hirrisburs^ J* 4 -. Oct. 27.--Proof of ifiiEoCt-Sspeaied." assertion, that the cold sfpraie r ;interests have been an important factor, in -keeping up the cost of liviiijc by "hcardliig vast ^quantities of "f-supplied convincingly when and 'food commission .figures taken from the under the state's new cola storage law. " other things, the following ^OTmmodities were held in on Oct: 1: 127,978,332 (omken, in" hiilfc)- 239.821 pounds _.r"'.~. -'...".'..:.-·-- 10,445,790 pounds ··..-..; .V::."--..,. 3:341,487 pounds Dpiawtlc. poultry...... 743,772 pounds Be'ef.l:V..i...'.:... 376,136 pounds Gain* - - - · -'- -"--'- - ·-- v -" 17,477 pounds -'rial"dbniiestic meats the figures are equally staggering. Among the whole carcasses were- 33.325. pounds of beef, 11,222-:6t ' veaU, 1*2 V 59.6 of sheep, both lainbiand -hiutton, and 1275 of hogs. · ~^^ ' : '^---- sr 5fp"n arid" storage men prefer to han- carcasses of beef and ficijjs, prbbaJoly for 'cpayeiiience: sheep : --^"^ilerred"-whole..according-- to the "_aiS- caLves ran about the IN MEXICAN VOTE He Is Reported to be Untfer : Arrest in Vera Cruz. f GUARDING HUERTA WAR Pj||lfiPi : . iiftfe MEXICO - - . , _ . same: v -v ' Firnr); . , Highland Township. - e r s - O r i l a n n a . . ^ 1. . . Ol.B. Sharretts, Cumberland ''Township, R- .2,' Gettysburg; Pa. Gl'E. Stailsmith^Straban Township, R- 9, Gettysburg-, P*. Jdhn Didc, Hoffacker Farm, Sttaban Towhsmp. v . ^_ . GfibertJRualsil^ Camberiand Township, Gettya»if J Bp«te %. J? E. Jacobs, Eugene S. Kelly farm, Cumberland- Towfehip. J; eiaytori Rider, Mt. Jot Township, Gettysburg!*.!. .: ; ; / ^ Charles Fidier, (W. EL Golden farm}, R. 1, Biglervaie, Bn^r Ttrp. F: B., Twisd^n; Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township. John H. Edierf, Straban townsMp,_Gettysbnrg, R. 8. . .:; Otis Walter, (Conrad Walter Farm) R. 1* Tffliei I^raniim ; Townsmp E. F. Strausbaugh, Orrtanna R. =L. . _;. . · - . Albert Hollingef, Ctanberland township, Getty^urg,.R. 6. Deirdprff Brdiihers, Tffliej Pa. Franfelin Towjjship. -5. .. - - ' · : ^ ' . - ^i s E-^Pi ^^ Garietbbn, Botler TownsMp. .1 -' ! ^ ' jprni and Frank Garrettson, Menallen Township. . Ri H. =BIack, ¥~ 2, Gettysburg, Cumbeaand TownSHp--- ^ _--_ ._...·..:"..; Kri Daniel Miller, Cumberland Township, GettyajurgSoureB. Bife'Reynoias; Straban Township Gettysburg^ Route 9. W.-A- Bigfaain, CuTnberland ^ TownsbJO?, Geti^sburg, R. 3. John Groscost, "it. ^ G^sburg, ^Straban ^TbwMfiip.. Garfield Jacobs, R. 13, Setiysfaurg ^ near : BaiiDW: : , Bprsey Deafdorffi Highland J^ownship, .(Mrs. rH;.;B^Mpy| H; S. Mertz, Hamgton; TownsKp (Gampbfeli and ife Jaities L. Bighami_Freed6m TownsMp; .Ge^sburg, Pa. lievi Crmn, Menallen. Township. - .J^ J Sirs. Andrew" Brbigl, Ri 1, Aspers .Menall_en. Township. El H. Meals, GomDerlaneL TownsMp, R- 5-Gftt3r^)E^. G. W- Black (J.'Garaa iSinith Farm) R. 2, C^aysbug, Mt Wm. H. Johns, GtifiiberHiad township and George W. Wolf; ffc'3,~ (^tiysburg^Gumberi Edmund little, (|ohn BJeicher Farm), Cumberliana Township. Harris Cook, MenaKen Township. . . . - . , . . . Baiter C. Snyde^ R. 12 5 Gettysburg, Pa^ Gumberkna Twp. Bayly Farm, ASmcent ^Reddingi ^ ^8, Gettysburg Straban Township, Ed'^ard Redding It 9, Gettysburg, Straban Township-, Ax Ji Sm|th Farin EL E. Boyd, Gnldeiis, Pa., Straban and Mt. Pleasant Twmshjpi. , . _ . . Harry S." Txostl% .Ste^h TownshTp. Edward A: Trostiei" StraBan fowiiship.. John Leese, on Nathan Brown farm, Straban' TowhsfiipVGb^. Route 8. W- W. jpler farm (Oscar Breamtenant) Saban-Tewnsnipi Gbg. R- 8. Meryin Black, Bigierville} MehaHen Township. , : " Sire:- Martha Reed;- near Arendtsville. . ^ Waybright Rice^ Biglerrflle, Pa. . H/S. Cromer, Mfc Joy Township, R- 2, Getlysburgi Pai. John S- Wolf, Sixaban Township, R- Tj Getlysbnrgi Pa. ^ .Ciarence Hoffmafi^ R- ^ Biglervflle, Pa. . J..C. Walter, BuSer Township, R- 2, Bperville, Pa. ·.;.,...,». Robert Wittierow, eumB^rland Township, R. 13* Gettysburg, Pa. Frank Herr, Cumberland Township, R. 13, Geatysba^, 1%. - ,, Frank Eichote, Freed Farm, Straban Township, S. Ig : Gettysburg^ Pa; D. W. Stoops, rHigidand Township R- 4, Ge|^:sDur^, Pa. J. Martin Breani r Tyronfe Township, R. 3, Bi^lervm^ Pt H.-H. Hart," R. 6, dfettysbnrg, Pa., Sutler Township. ; Samuel Sch-warfej:Mt. Jby Township, Gettysbufg, Roi 1- . . . of "parts of card," Besides beef, were -veal; 30,286 of lamb " - , na 576.217 "of pork. Ee in the.yafehoases. as a 35;655 pouc'ds of car- ^^»TM _--c-llfssifiedJ '. '^eyeatjissren. cold storage licenses is- hoiifte.aiseiJpfrating i ided^oy'thvelBairy "and food division in ith the,provisions ot the old"- stbriage bill "of the :,-which went into effect ·_ Commissioner Foust ;belleyes'he has eve.ry warehouse and "tnlt ^none has escaped the license. .Heavy "penalties-are provided for any "isiiicii-operate without a permit. Vr£e-la.ct. provides- istiict regulations a» : - tP'-the" len^ti v of .time- foods may be cruise of to IridicatiQM Are That Not Sufficient : Votes Have Been Cast to Validate j Election and Dictator Will Continu* \ ,. at Provisional President: I I Mexico City, Mex, Oc£: ±7.--A i+ I { port that General Felix Diat^tas been i | arresied in Vera Cruz caused a treat \ stir in tha capital- ...^ __.,,, . f \ Diaz is said to be oA;__."J, , . Mexico City under an escortjpf diers, and his partisais,.._,,.__ wherever possible^ia splte_br the laace of the patrol?, are earnestly j cussing the possibility of the let i j being invoked under one pretext or anV i other. - _ , V i _ .... There is a tenseness^.hi tKe _Xerv atmosphere and rioting may foildw_ at any moment. Machine gaiis and addi; tional troops have bees P|*p.TM. . s ?^ «^^ ine president's palace iii aiiticipation , of trouble. (r . ^ - . v · ·-- , : Voting throughout-tiie jctiuntiy Ittas been : light. In some places there was no voting at alL Diaz appears running ahead of his, three rivals, Jbnt the indications are that not sufficient"! votes will be cast to v|jidate the elec- i cion. In that event President Huerta ' will continue as provisional president- Another election.will have to wait for .his. proclamation. Nuevo-Leon reports that the rumor of Diaz's arrest reached there, but such voting as there was appeared to be in hil favor. Few ballots were- cast, ! however. Several hundred votes .were. Phnadelphia^ Oct.'/27.--That President; Wilson has^Siven'^^up all hope that _.,, _ _ , _ , . , - . . - . _ the Mexican sittiatipn:can be Improved General Jose Salazar appeared .with cast at Juarez, and Diaz is in the Lead there. Soon after tn* ivtthput'J intervention ^was tlie general opinion of.'officers .alike at teague Islandj : jwnere ; unusual prepa- 700 cavalrymen, all of whom cast their ballots .and immediately left for the south. .If their horses are in good con rations are being imade to place the aition tBise cavalrymen should be able reserve fleet al the isliJiQ-in'readiness to repeat the performance many times for immediate.use. · : · _ · . -.' While declining. tp ! be quoted or allowing" their names .to: be: used, tiyo pffi.- needs , , The j'car after you may be digging do\ya;· for tne price; of a ne'iv root -, c ._._·_ , t ,^..^.'-,,.: . It costs jiist as much to lay a cheap,-foc.f^as it does to put down roofirsfj tfcat you can bank on forit^^eaTS. Why. take chaaces?_ \Viiy risk ten years of endles^espense and needless bother when, at the same cost or less, you can get Reliance? - '-iss- J ^-^ntE-t* "·"·""" Reliance'RooSag is the unquestioned cho^ot of haxd- to-please buildcra the country over. ..After vtefi- years r bf service da every-lafi^ of building, Reliance Roofing stands today in a -.Tass' by itself. " " ..; 10 Ifei^ Whhinit or Paiiiting Reliance RboEnJE is tKe only prepared roofins._,__, --.^.j. to sive satisfactory"service fpr ten years or . raorer tKlf^o^. reqm'rmf painting, mating'.dr.repatring. It's tke one",rooF J^pu J?^ 11 safely ptit on any buildicj;.. .Once lii«i it needs no f iirtl^er atterilion. Reliance Roonns is'alf taat a ctxxJ roong should be. It aaswtts eyery.sensible roocnz want at a re«isonaole price. ^i,., ,, - · - " « You cannot a^ord to take chances--take REUANCE. Satisfied users in every stale of "rise union are adoptoz Reliance Rooficz a* stand- " a "rL Before yoti spend a dollar on roofintr, call or telepKone 1 . arid. learn r the manufacturers of Reliance can aSord to Sack it with; a No-Coat- No-Paint Tea -Year Guarantee. . . '· "· . ' Gettysburg Depertme nt * Store-Baltimore Si !^^ before the polls close. . At Piedras Negras, opposite Eagle Pass, T;ex.. federal ofBcers . .cast the ' votes of the soldiers, who-forined the es m cers, both of whpin ·would be in a.posi- votes of'the soldiers, who-forined the tion to know-tHeiTutnre plans of .the * bulk of the- voters, and unofficial re- e-nvprn'Tneinr reea.rdins" ; the navy., said I mm?; eave Huerta more than 2200 of v k|pL~Ali ;iaie:labeled-when stored, and ffi^cannoi-b^-Ktepl beyond the speci- fife'S-'iime -ffiBfL^Fpnst'sai'd weeks ago, fo:rtmstanSe;;:tnat if tfii cominissipn men : -wbul5".rglease;the ;". eggs in tfie warepusfs^the , price would at once drbjp at Iea¥t ^ten. cents per dozen, and " 6 Smine in te.iime the tiie south govenimeat regarding/the navy,, said that ther^ was : .np ^doubt that- President m r ilson,reali2jefcaiat the election in 3£esico" woId - br|hg;"abqat a crisis that isronld- demMd'jactibn, for whica }i'e had been..;planning-"for the last-tsro months. ·;''·.-·":-'; '.-'.x -··"·;?··'· · "-1 .-·'·.-- T Last Saturday-- .nine of tiie finest dreaanoughts,. the 7 pickr«f th.e American; navjv.reft Norioii? ostensibly . for .Gibraltar.- This ' fieeCvunder--.cpmm.and of .Rear Admiral Badger Jsaijed 'under sealed'' brders. --According 5to : . an." ; oS.cer ' - .bfi^in : .to, jijiuip ; ite January and aTy."- crop "into the north. . ' bulklpf the eggs "in . storage are said. ! tpohaye' been- placed "there at abpu"t;tiie'sa,ine Bme ^ast spring which ·will.- make "rureit ^-time limit -expire at "Gh^steastinie. Jf L tey are not : releas- e^t^iintil th'eir -time ^.expires and the srottejrn egi^s begin, to come in at the ' : y f i n d exceedingly : j .cheap egi|s in midwinter. This sis -what: tte pepEle. .are waiting PJttSBURGH at f6 . fee "fleet- to proceed" 'sputttCat a . snaH's ^^ pace:,ua.til off iJie^c^l^t ;6t. Mexico -v*here"-they'wbtt!d be? in^r^lpness to ,take^ immediate action ^pn'"Iuesqay or Wednesday ol this - gave Huerta more than 2200 of a total 6f 2350 votes cast full .·retarhs' "of. the-i Mexi£ani elections are known. . · . -· : l= : --. Officers at A believe- that the government .willtake such .action Jn'thei next 'few, e|fi almdst- a dec!arat!pi;.Qf .' Tv support of this theory tnesa.'Iame:""offi- . a t " t a t n e nine .nine to reached. vfng of r liirt*in.d Campaign Votes. · Fp r Wo rn'eh. " jfe r 'f ai-; Qct. 27;-- Many rf ®4??-^ -suffrage, . -"and inpre are ex- y; : irrepar|tpry to the open- state cSkveniion of the Woman Suffrage Asso- cers bpint the fact ." _ oreadnoiights. already cri;t£eir Slexicaii! Vaters are so Iar£e-.that they could "not ^apgroara: .all.T points. on.. the Mexican- coast -and ·w6tfidrb"e used- for hlpctede. purposes. . "".·.--'".. The. third, division .of ; : 'ths-Atlantic fleet, accprdirfg. to" the /officers,'- could , apprpach "any port in -^fexicb:' aad it liecessaryisheil the - iniandi cpuntry for a distance of five iniies-i- ' ? - . . ; lmpprtintj cdaferences of leaders ,and"cPmSiKee -". in.eetlhgs are being ·neld t^iyC'fne:fl r st public mass meet- 4ng ^slil ie Tneld iomorrp-w evening, -witfi. ;AsS¥tant .Secretary of Labor i;linii'F-3Po3t.;as;the principal speaker. JpA.-Wetzel (MarV A. Snyderfarm) Franklin _ _ J:M. Bushman, (feiy A. Snyder Farm) FranHin Td*S^hip. J. W. Tatej Tyrone Township, R- 4 New Oxford; . J^W. Ck)bk,"Meriaiien Township, Flora I)ale, Pa. j^I-Osbornej^i^Bi^ervine. _^'; ·,. .' V ^.^t^,,, Allen Barnes, (Crpmer Farm) Cumberland Townsfopy^ 13, Getlysburl CTas.E.Schnlf^-(|flberlBucher Farm) Franklin TS^shipifL.SiGbf: ;fca. Di8nl T .(Minfei: Farm) Butle Township, Star.EbsteXBigierrille P* "Jolin B: Faker, Gumberiand Township, R-12, Gettyslmrg, ?^ j : Wi,J: Beamer, Stiiban and Mt Pleasant TownsMpSi Gfettysbargr, R- 8; .-G.--6." Tawney, .3ft Pleasant Township, GeafcysburgR. \ . - . . . ' . G. W. Toner, (T. A-" Crdnse Farm) MenaUen Towrishiifi % ft: Idavflle, Pi J. Blaine Bushe^FrankMn Township, R. 1, Bigiervfllej Pi: Jacob Groscost, Tyrone Township R. 7, GelgrsBaif ^^ W. T. Howard, Sfxaban Townsfaip- Curtin McGlau^Slin (Joiui P, Butt Farm) i'iaddin Townsihip. James Sanders; (N- H. Musselmah Farm) tismntonban Township. ~ W'-ssarS·^ i ^2 -'~ : 6*^-i*^~"-'r l ^mirii5T-'-ft. 9:-fJf*tirshirrc'- Pa. -The ftfonvsnUbn, it -is declared by lea^ra5f Jbe; ^oTement;_-wia be the oeglniag if --a-^^fl.t 1 * 3 ?. campaign for 't$tei for, -srbiei, ana when the "wpric .is-doiie. ifl"Fitfsburgh:it Tyill^be extend- 'd to" bifier^art* ^bf the : s^tate; ' AND DIES ; BirBefj tftKering "Cuitorner While -known "barSer. aid 'cpliecfpf-pf . . .1 Tpffe! Mi, ; Oct. 2T.-- ^JjiSt. as he bad Mi^fiea v "4hiviig,.orie si.tfe of. the face of-a'cijsioSef^George;.!,'. Plilt, a well " assessor and tax a ^ d for soine - . shop here. H e ·was --fifty-stS 4eafl; old: land heart dis ease" ^^was Uie, ^iuse-p.tdeatb. ' Fffller in the caajr nd At Chihuahua^th^~dist)rderts~TepoTt=- ed to have been" so great as to determine the military governor to order a postponement of the voting for state officials:'Another report from Coahuila says that Governor Maas was unable to be present, and that no election was. held because he.-had no issued his official proclaination- pittie mterest was manifested ^in tie elebtipif i.n". Meiicd City. .There was" the usual Sunday crowd in the streets, bat little talk of politics or the Dpssi- b'ie 1 results'bf the election. Everywhere voters were apathetic. Reports from a dozen precincts, in which more than 1000 y.pters, w.ere registered, show taat only fifty-niiiLe" ; baHbts have been cast, The. miiitaty patrol kept, the crowds moving .and.gatherings .at street corners; were Quickly dispersed. Hundreds of' voters who are unfriendly ^to the Huerta gofernment remained at -home, and the belief is that they were intimidated- . This same fear - may explain the lightness of the vote in other sections of tne country, particularly along the northern border and in the ports where Diaz is known' strong. A report says that at P.iddras Xegras. where the Constinitionalists are particularly strong, the polls were not opened at FURNifuM Raving discontinuM our Stove business on accoa'nt ot not having room to haadie we. sire uow uimias all our time and efforts to-the arniturc- business Jboth modem crri saiique. At tbis time w'e ate well jtockea have ope of the besriots « goods that we have bad for : some time. - . " . . ' : ; - : Thi? week we are giviija: special prices all over the bouse.-Buynow aad save a "ooli distotint for yonrstaf. Charles S. Mumper Co. g^aasasaaet Owing to the inclement weithSr - . * \~? · . · - · - - * , · Farmers* Day, SPECIAL PRiCllSon all gotxls;will te coritiniied this \v Government /^s-Jred~of Majority, But Socialists" M'ake./G.ams. . Rome; Oct. 27. -- Geiierai,.erectioas were held thrbugfloiit.Itafc,The disorders-were .not as- serious - as : had-been expectedj-aithoush .one·'·.- person, -'%-as Nu.- killed aad paany were- in'erous arrests;were'made. . . ..'; The balloting, was light-.,Results' of *Ci." · lin'^w^^ _-nrni - Tint" .-.-hf»_- "deSriitelv the elecao'n -will" not- "be;. until 1 : late: tptlay^ut-; alteady the soVerndient, fe assumed 1 p? sJlarge n^ajorit?:" ; Tne ,V;Socialjsts ', ppai;eiitly · bite ujade feiovanai GilUtti^ the : Ufemier. _ Jias been re-elected" ^top's^unaniiaojasly ' ' witti the' offcer 'members^fblsrca.b1aet. la- S nundreT" consUtoencies'^aJ fierce sir«g|le '': wasv Cw^ei^especiaUy'.be- tweea Socia'.ists.aJid iCStholics. iixd in iiiese a - secbiid i'allot ":*i]? ; oe ; tiken nextr Snriday. - . ' _^.-: ," " ~~' '. Harvev Scott, Gumberlana Township. . - ,, · - , . Jacob Boyd, Mt Joy Township, R.13, Gbg., ( William Cromer Farm) S. F. Bushmanj Franklin TownsMp-j R; 5, D. M. Hoffman, ^glerViilej Rout^ 2. E. N. Hoffman; Biglerville Route2. . J I Hereter Highland Township, R. 4, Gettysburg,; Pa; Ernest ^ ManaMii/iCMrs. P. L. Houck ; Farm) ^ ^ 9f GettysburgV Additional nani^ 50 cents for entire seasoA rufifiing lather upon the un side";df^ MS customer's face he fell as. though shot. An Increase of 30.00D Autos. ..anisbufg. P^.Oct. 27.--Pennsylva- i's incpjSfe.feoBi automobile.license registratiori forilSlS may pass _. the $990^00 mark; -It'is more than $825,000 no^ 5nd :: withinla short time license No?"sS(;0i9 seal be;issued.: The'regis- tratlbff is about 30,000 cars. ahead of " ' " hat Rspa Wiir Be 'Postmaster: Strojidsbnrg. Pa., Oct. 3?.--Con|Te man Pjalmcr recently receiyea.tai^.let- ' . ter froin'a prayerful little girl: oraWe Mr. Palmer-- I want, my papa to be postmaster at -: --.' : In my prayers at night I ask God to help "my dear papa and I " hope aad -trust you will make my papa postmaster. I am a-l:t- tle ^girl nine years old. Good-bye sad answer my letter." Pa. '-. T^i^f-Qo^i^cfcW^-^^iejaepn^ sheriff"an'a ei^tit stfifeCTs affe. fepoitea' -kflled in a. tatUe. Deputies sent : from here" put an^nd to" the firing at B«T: wiad; Hastiig^.;.' Tabasco, and ..Ceflar FORBES and Forney will sell a car load of good colts at public sale at York SpnngSi-Fridiy,' October , 31.-advertisement _. WE have for-sate i::- choice fpjb, o^ nursery stock-in. aJl;lea'3inM..T*^^*S prppagated frpin bearing; trfe^s, BpyPT ^'--.^·^·.^-ir'^^ji-^^n^^^^^^lg^. HHl-".canipS near Budlow. the fight was rcf- ment ; Miss .£nji4 J,icll,fienny» Mrs. Cpb.ean JaWM^/1: ^iaijrenny haye gone tb ! 1 Y6rk to spend'the day. ^ -gr the final returris from the elections show, the Cpnstitutipnalists re not likely to regard the voting as oaclnsive. The whole election is be- ^g.bpeiily denounced as a farce_by £ns eafiers. General Carranza -voiced this pinion at his headQuarters in Henno- illo. He said:. . . . . "The Constitutionalists will not re* oznize the res'ait of the electoral afce, -whether it is said that Huerta or aay other caadidate is elected, because n'the actual condition of the country t is absolutely impossible to hold legal elections. Therefore we will keep .on :pmbating with arms the regiae that may result." Cannot Confirm Arrest of Diaz. ,_ Vera Cruk Mex.. Oct. 27.--It is reported that General Diaz has been " eted under .arrest for remaining at lis hotel in defiance of.tne "orders from :he iiinister of far. The general was in cbnsuitation -with a number of bis advisers. |nd thereafter, it was made known that the health of his wife wouid forbid hiaa to leave his apartments. The rumor that he is actually under arrest cannot be confirmed. Bridegroom of Month Victim of Poison j -Wilmington, DeU Oct. 27.--George P. Cllckner, twenty-one years old. of 610 South Clayton street, a bridegroom of four weeks, died in the Dels- ware hospital of poisoning. The drug was swallowed several days ago. and it is thought to have been taken by mistake. .1 Vif£.Hears_.His Death Siiots.,..,,, Ha^erst-owfc Md-., Oct. '27.-.--- Ghafle! H.; Kreps; aged flfty-flye years,' * well to^db^" bu??ti!sss ni^n'. pt ' CJfearpSpring cdramiltel siiicide at hit jresidefice b: shooting. His wife heard two.shots and fbimd'her.rhusband:lying on the floor/bis'head; iii a "pool" of blood. Kreps foraerly"conducted a hptel-at ChSrry Bun," 1 W.-ya.v-.:'-'v..^. ; - . · . . ' · · " · : ' . ''-'·: ' ;wanting 1 ^ private . boardinp I hav r e just received a Standard Automatic Miik which can be seen at Biglerville This machine is to separate 750 pounds of inilk · " " "" '·",· ""' " "T^ per hour, and as.soon asTfiave'f J sufficient number installed If will fau}- the Cream at regular price for creamery bulter; . J. W. Pettife Had Pin In Philadelphia, Oct. 27--While oper- tting for appendicitis upon five^rear- .oii- Henry Sfejewsipvbf 330S North Howard" street, physicians at the St. Mary's hospital discovered that the re»l trouble *as caused by a pin which tie ladT had swallowed four ^ months . The hoy probably will recover. NEW GARDEN AUDITORIUM Hapover Street Admission and skates 150. Nt^t admission ice. skates I D C FOR'SALE: five thorongh?red bull ·wanlinj; ~ pi'vuie- . uuiiiums . · - . . . · ._ ,, v-. j--. t .^. ·,...,;,...;:,, _..,,;: 5t Prr iM. 3: ,Hill ! Top Poultry Farm, F. G. Sg;:rates':reajsonab% r apply;j*er^ ' ^ . - . - ' . ; Jor the benefit of ^those .vishli^ j° n ^^ nda gS^ Ha OLUei UeUJUCO, i « » . ^- -- -. ass Thursclay afternoon October^th. 191*. at 4 p. we'en Mask skating lEWSPAPERI

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