The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 27, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, October 27, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. *A VoL XL Xo. 308. Gettysburg, Pa-, Monday. October 27th, 1913. Price Tiro Oat*. "EXCUSE MY DUST" The New Automobile Pennant With Thest I Words And Also The Word i "GETTYSBURG" Size 12x30. BIBLE SOCIETY ANNIVERSARY PENN HALL GIRLS {PREPARING FOR VISIT THE FIELD! THE CORN SHOW GETTYSBURG 34 MT, ST. MARY'S 6 i 1 The Newest Thing In Auto Pennants SOcts = Each. § ECKERTS STORE \ "ON THE SQUARE" i --7 i * j i I Dr. Wagner Preaches Sermon be- GWs from Chambersliurg School Boys and Girls of ihe County to Show i Wet and Muddy Field Sees Annual |-j fore the Congregations of Town. Come to Gettysburg on Ufiexpect-| "Products of the Reid, Garden and! Gridiron Battle between Settys- i ! Celebration Sixty Seventh Anni- ed Visit Cause Interest among' Kitchen here on Tuesday of In- feurg and Emmitsburg Schools Celebrating Sixty Seventh Anniversary of Local Organization. ed Visit Cause Interest among' , the Lecal Youths at School. Kitchen here on Tuesday of institute Week. with !Iule j The sixtv seventh ann:versarv of !the Woman's Bible Society of Cettys-! swooped down upon I burg was i in St. James Lutheran church ! evening. I Rev. F. E. Taylor, of the Presby- ) ! Hail this THEATRE Starting TonigJii :t::d Every Si^Iit ThL- Week \Vith a Special Saturday Aftercoo Matinee Penn Gettysburg held before a large- audience | morning, fifty strong, ar.d the gir!s ,"= T-i:rhera.n church Sundav \ from ^ he Chambersburg institution I took possession of the tcwa before col- ge boys and the resi-Jer.ts of the wn knew just what w^s going 0:5. j =on and Dr. T. J. Barfclev offered prav-! The wrasion this year «a^ more un- i e ^ The report of the treasurer showJ expected than at any previous ume- ied that $90 was paid to the American { X o t a -vhisper of the impending vis.'c J Bible Society during the past year.', TOS heard here and Jt u ' as ROt unu: ;The «ermon "was preached by Dr. A. E. l r - his raorning that arrangements were of the College Luth- · :r - ade for takin g' ^-^ OI ihe S'rfs after A meeting of the Beard of Manag- er s of the Ad^ias County Boys' burg and Emmitsburg Schools Scrubs Lose by Large Score. Gettysburg College won f ami; real foe*, bail victory of the . \ «:s nrst vear on 'jr.s · Gills' Agricultural ar.d Domestic;Saturday by defeating Mousit St. LETTERS FROM COUNTDOWNS Correspondents send in Many Items of Interesting' News] from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief'terns. IRON SPRINGS Iron Springs--Mrs. Glenn Roth and Miss Xellie Allison, who are'employed = t e r i a n c h m read the Script-are !e3- « Science League was held at the office '· Mar\ "s en Xixoa Field, covered with i-"- -he canning factory at Orrtanna, of County Superintendent Roth on jdeep mud m-A «ater, b the score of I «£« --5' -- week quartered forty ;e '. Saturday and :;na! arrangements were i 3-J to G. The mountaineers were dan-' e:ght buckets of apples each, at four made for the exhibit to be held here on j gerous only in the early part of the I an '^ one ' !a ' 1 cs-^s a bucket. Tuesday, Xovember IS. during Insti- j lirsr period and costly fumbles at 'the tate Week- Prof. Roth is chairman ex-1 goal line prevented Gettysburg's score r, pastor I their arrival in town. Principal McGill ten o'clock Tuesday morning where _c . Seran church. He said in part: . Ol LilvS ! -r * ~ % t · » * draff j* a^i-rtno* /*O1*OO M O=" T^^fnf.r- , I In "the nrst place we woula say ;.ie : -- u * s -- J -e -"-«-"-- -- e - tne I Bible is the Incomparable book, "it is. cha P erones accompanied tne young viewed by three men who will judge and t thev \v;!I be placed on disolay and and her New York Stock Company. The only Stock pany carrying a quartet. Miss Francis Is a late star Lubin Moving Pictures. The best Stock Company on _ _ road today Tonip;htS bill, "'THE C H I L D OF FAT h'', Miss what Sir V^aiter Scott in his dying; iadies and the v were under heav y " the boys' products and Francis Starred in this play at $I. 5 0 prices, 5 months in Boston hour called "The Book." It Is no , · guard during the..r stay here se say-, who will pass_on the work of the girls. - ».- ir i i T - r»i -i j i t - t- i. I =; m r,i- ~ wind hruv- n*- ^ n^rr«r oon 1 -- ; tne youths irom our ov.p. institution or ,Tr.ev will perxorni tneir outies oecween 2 y -T m ?f Y °* ^5 3 m ' m ^^P^a- bee her I T ^fTmSlT£"^4^"a^e^d laming. i the hours of ten ar.d twelve o'clock af- tonight and be convinced at tne extremely low paces IO-2O-3O r ~~ ljtn * 2lor , e or no - _, ^ T - --- | Automobiles and the big Caledonia, re r which the exhibit will be *-* rt , *T»* T-* t t Y~\ f*t M Ti TVT S ^"S*it' bixtliU ilU--c: u. --vc s.L A~~. -c -^ cents, Cheats on sale at The People s Drug Store until 7 P. fti | W. F. Watson made a business trip '-O Gettysburg on last Saturday. o3k-:o; Arthur C-Griest is secretary, \ from being higher. i Messrs. H. K. Reed and Samuel Mc- and Edward A. Trostie, treasurer. " j Mt. St. Mary's kicked oil ar.d, by ! Dannel are busily engaged in erecting Ail goods to be exhibited mu^c be \ consistent gains, Gettysburg carried Ja building-jor the purpose of keeping at the Adams County Court House by I the ball down the ne!d and over the · t h e P ost onice and a grocery store. t r e e women open to each evening. i the revelation of the God who recognizes no other gods and as such a re- ._ i bus were used to convey rhe girls, all s the public until five o-clock in the af- and m5J « n e r -- " ternoon, nothing- t h e removed until their nevr faU P H O T O P L A Y ! VITAGItAPH ESSANiY Biograph Biograpb L-elaaon it will not submit to campari- ! Those who ^^ £a rhc bus we ;f tak f n '. *"·'« o'clock when the treasurer · v son. one true God. RfOGRAPH WIIEX LOVE FORGIVES A storv of a cirl with Grit- THE MONUMENT Sacred to the memory of the nc-wboy's mother. T H E TROUBLESOME DAUGHTERS . . . They are ail right when treated riphf- Their father has his fcister to thank ~ for restoring peace and harmony in the family. THE CALL OF THE PLAINS Two people who love each ofher are kept apart by the loss of a letter which the | periority of wind blows from the counter of the village postotiice. The letter Is found years alter; OT OUn( j s if i andallenls happiiv. With AUTHCU MACKLEY. to-dav SPECIAL TOMORROW XIGHT IX TWO REELS, "THE TRAPPER'" MISTAKE" PAT11E An int-C'restinir western story in which sesious tnjnbte for a!io:l».*r. The science of comparative religion will do for men-made systems but cannot include the religion of "the i over the field in wagons provided by : distribute the prizes all of which I EoUzworth Brothers while the re- · be in cash. ', mainder made the tour in their will will OWE [ Only those who are already mem- cars. In the second place the Bible is the ! Care was taken to visit the Gettys-j who ,. ,, i T T^ - !hur: Indispensable book. If you question · °' jr » College campus while the bu'i ! bers of the leagues in this county or may become so between this boys i time and the date of the exhibit niay this eSrmatiop. our answer is the his- :v.'ere at their noon-day meal buu at | bring in their products for display Vita^raph Comedy j. n ^. o? Knp raf , p ..jjg^j^g of . [he w o r l ( j i many a boarding house along Wash-j and competition. All who expect to :ne. Hoar kicking the goal, burg kicked off and ML St. Gettvs-! Mrs. Maggie Martin, who was Marv's, spending some time with Miss Maude made several short gains and then re-1 B - Reed, has returner to Charmian. sorted to three we!! executed forward! passes which took the ball tysburg's goal, scoring their points. The try a'c goal failed. Straight foot ball was again resort- William Allison made a business over Get-! tr 'P IO Table Rock recently. six COOLER WEATHER ed to by Gettysburg and another 1 Rains will be Distributed well through- touchdown and goal the ball was rushed resulted. Again j down the field, CH£. 5 ; ! out the Country During Week. Comoa-e heathe" r-atio^s w"th Ch«'s- | ir -gv* street the youngsters ran from take part in the corn and potato grow- rianWtionsamfaccouiitfor the su _ j^e dinner table with as nu:ch_ eager- '- * of The latrer on any othe: n iriess as though an uncle ioms Cabm lare | the currents of human progress the mistake of one trapper causes I the nations chat have come u T«^ ..--;,-, -:,-»- = sarade were about you can. iiie nations tcati- y directing and controlling ing contests are expected to comply strictly with Vhe stipulated conditions to appear. They I the chief of which are the following: i waved a welcoming salute to their fair First, the corn shall be grown on a ..^ j sisters as the machines bv. plot-containing one quarter of an acre. th ' an * t ^ len returned to the sterner duties Second, any variety of corn may be , _«.«.iag inSuence of this indispen- | J - ^ c - . _ |sablebook _ D _ Hfllis calls :he Bible I The return tnp to Cnamoersburg ATTTFTMN HlTNTTNa l" The Handbook of the Republic.'- Ex-j- a3 star : ed early in the aftemoon as AUTUMN HUN 1 iNU j Aipbassador Jo h Choate ip addres . |soon as «e second trip over tae battle_ _ . _ _ - , . ; Tfilrl TT--S;- /.nTnn*p-r^H Tjinnp-i- \r3^ riilrpn csed. Third. each contestant must make a written report covering variety grown. character of the soil and treatment thereof, method of planting, kind and amount of fertilizer used; dates and ! character of cultivation, and dates of I planting and harve^icg. The corn "·"·· j _ . - , _- -, Thy-1 I niust be weighed and verv immature, fabrics are awaiting your choice and onr j«ne possession L f san = : "-" i "--^ To Send High School Graduate to Get- | n , oui(iv or ro : tten corn s hj u !d not be Form*ra,les in suits and over-coais i 1«? «« British and Foreign Bible lias becnn "now,- but the maa w_ho_ is! icciety, said "Our Pitgnm Fathers fnrtnnate enough to ne a. patron of The carried from the shores of Old Eng- Qaalitv?hop know =tliat he need cot seek lapd toth gj; ore _ of Xew E ng ia r .d | y farther. Oar hand.-oiae_and elegant i field was completed. Dinner was taken at the Eagle HoreL bcnefrer and Pofnnoersjer oeins: w o r k - ' - - , , - -, . , . . .. . , " ;. * · xairlv distributed throughout the ed on aimost everv olav. Just as "the ". . u i , .. , . - r - . , trv. icatures the weeklv xoreca ball was oeing carried over ror the third touchdown it was fumbled. Mt.! St. Mary's touched it down and the ball was put in play on the twenty five yard line. t Everything was Gettysburg's way in the second half- On the second plav Poffinherger intercepted a forward pass and ran thirty yards for Gettysburg's third touchdown- Short runs took the ball down for the fourth score before "the end of the period and , , , t, , _ , be attended ov g m tne last quarter Schaeffer caught a Southerp States forward pass near the goal line and took it over. Again in this quarter the ball was fumbled on the goal line af-" ter it had been worked down the field and the all the way game ended CREATES FUND . . . . =tvles are np-to-thc-niinnte and v.-e wi.1! j possession 01 priceless value was tne ScaiKl finish vour oatfit in a manner j King James" Bible. It was their oniy at can only be done when you have it re£dable boot Upcp ic 17ley bnill . m " " State. It Will M. Selligman, Cash Tailor, was their ark of the covenant and -wiihin Ils sacred covers they found ! "A shelter from the Stormy blast tysburg Every Year. General Charles H. Pine, chairman of the commission which had in charge the erection of the memorial to General Sedgwick. has created a fund, the I included, and the corn shall not be ; husked until it is in good cribbing con- 1 clrd on. Fourth, ten ears shall be selected Gettysburg 34. Mt, St. Mary's 6. The condition of the field made care-' ful judgment of the work of the team difficult: but they showed good offensive strength and a good defense ex-' cept early in the first quarter. j While the nrs't team was playing · Weather below normal, wTth rain coun- forecast of s the Weather Bureau. ''A disturbance over the Mississippi Valley Sunday will advance eastward, wiih rains in the Eastern and Southeastern States Monday or Tuesday, and followed by decidedly colder weather overspreading the great central valleys and the gulf States Monday and the Eastern States Tuesday or Wednesday"', says the bulletin. "This change "to colder weather will in the Florida peninsula. "A general reaction to higher temperature"', according to the forecaster, '·will se'c in over the Plains States Monday- A disturbance in the far West Tuesday will move Eastward, 'preced- ed by rising temperature, and attended by general precipitation. This will cross the great centra! valleys about Thursday and the Eastern States Fri- dav or Saturdav/"' bv ^ frosfcs excejc the here the Scrubs were being defeated 13 to 0 by Williamsport High School | PRISONERS CAUGHT There Are many convincing arguments that might be presente-l as to the superiority o r Lippy Made Clothes but we know of nono so conclusive as the refined appearance of the clodig themselves. There is beauty in every line and quality m c\erv stiti ana fibre. J. D. Lippy Tailor have a special fine line of the An!erEon rain cont= I interest of which is to provide an an- JAncE their eternal home."' |! trip to Gettysburg- to the grad-j,^" In the third place let it be said that; uar e of the Ansonia, Conn.. High "cMs incomparable and indispensable [School, having the best grade in his-j 1a _ 1 _!~^ book is also the Inspired book. Xo j tO ry.The prize is given "to the.end tliat j^^ SrsL award for corp ^ ^ otner theory will account either zor iu* i such visit; to tae battlefield by each j §JO QQ gecond §g OQ . ^.^ structure or influence. I his booK| anc i every such graduate receiving ^s I said prize may prove an object lesson to be placed on exhibition in the coun-l aE "VHHiamsport. Mead, one of their.Defendants Had Made Saws from ' best players., was badly hurt early in j Kn jves But Couldn't-Work Them. the game, being rendered unconscious j . . " from a blow on the head and the team With the aid of crudely made saws --vent to pieces. constructed out of ordinary table The Prep 'ceair. played the Hanover I knives, two prisoners evidently intend- ·^y contest. The prizes will be awarded in ac- :ordance with the following scale or points. Yield 60 per cent. Sample (10 30. Reoort 10. Total 100. which was sixteen centuries in j making, which was written by more j than jthirty djnereiit authors, by in th'eir palaces and shepherds j in their tents, by law-givers on the in natriorism and enable each and every recipient to obtain an intelligent understanding of the troops engaged and the tactics employed upon j -510.00. second prize. S6.00: t! S3.00: next two prizes, Sl.OO each. Prizes will also be offered for exhibits of corn not raised exclusively by bo%-s. but for corn -with the raising of which they had something to do. For the best ten ears 01 com Tigers at Hanover. Score 0-0. r I "Holy men of God spake as they were All the new designs in Congress Cards With big stoek of Bicycle and Steamboat Cards, Tally and Score Pads, cards, counters etc. Everything you need in the games at our store. Phone or Write. No delivery charges. People's Drug Store ram nome. moved by the iioly Gliost." In the fourth place let it be said that the Bible is the Indesttactible ^Scheduled in Gettvsburt ! a re ?rc of the character of the soii book. Men nave tried to ceso-oy u. j ^ ^ Comin" Weeks. " I che method of planting, the kind an They have burned the booss and men ; ° j amour - o f fertilizer used, date and Stock I character of cultivation ar.d dates of COMING EVENTS test are these: First; Pocatoes shall j bs grov.-n on one quarter of an acre. j Second any variety of potatoes may be i -jsed. Third each contestant must make 1, and who proclaimed it, but the book abides, j "Heaven and Earth snail pass a Oct. 27-Xov. 1--^Loie Francis Company. Waiter's Theatre. but chese words of mine shall not pass j Qct _ 31 _ Amllial Hallowe'en away." You might to-night bum up j , Parade. planting and digging, potatoes to -,, s mers' Parade. every copy^of the Bible ui tne worlc | XQ _ 7 _ Lectare , Dean | and before to-morrow's sunset repro- j Brua Chanel, duce it from the world's literature. XQV il _ Lacttlr ; bv President I And then you might burn up every library in Ihe world and then substan- tialiv reproduce the Bible from the ! Granville. Brua ChapeL Nov. 17-21--Adams County Teachers" Institute. Walter's Theatre. be Mum- ] weighed and cue peck selected to be | placed on exhibition. Potatoes belov. Southwiek. i one and one-half ounces in weight should be rejected. The awards will be based or. the same scale as the corn and the prizes for potatoes will be of the same amount as for the corn. There will a J 11 world of art, so largely has the truKi | Xov ls _ Lecxure by Dr. J. H. Sieling. so be a contest for the bes- peck 13 ! of the Bible been painted on canvas, j iork. Brua Chapel. of potatoes not grown entirely by boys. I chiselled in marble and cast in bronze, j XQV _ 19 _ F jf t i el . h Anniversary. Lin- j similar to the^com coriest of the same land then you might bum every a^*. j coin's Geuysburg.Address- j character. The prizes will be the 1 gallery and you could produce a sum- j the fourth vrize of §1.00 being 1 cient Bible from che conservatories o f } PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL ! music. There is enough gospel in Han- I AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER j " "' SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER j ^.^ , " ,, _ _ . . . T -.,* r _ T^IT-TT fc C 1 ^ C HAPPY RESULTS Will Fj^j^yj^jQTTLt^ t-or $ HOLMAN LECTURE 1 for the best potato. ! On account of the varied character And then ever\- Bible art when you had bnrned and every library, and Dr. Frederick Knubel, of Xew York, I of the oiher exhibits and the indeSn- Will Lecture here. i :te information at hand concerning I them, the prizes will not be fixed until 4V ' i; I the dav of the exhibit. The variety of The HoiRian L«cture for 191C y ar.d every conserva- be delivered in the Seminary Chapel j -^-o^ o f -. e league- OLDF.ASHJOND MOLASSES TAFFY ] torv of music, your Bible %vould stiil | Wednesday morninsr. I remain' where fsre could not touch i October 23. a t r covers a w.oe luninsj the raising of corn. \ 10:30 o'clock. !y Rev. F. H. Knubel. D. · potatoes, pop corn, turnips, cslery ·- Knubei wils | cabbage arid various other -vegetables, i ed to saw their way to liberty, but the i Hagerstown jail officials were too STOCK COAIP AJNY HERE ! sharp for them. The prisoners were *" j Charles Keefauver. -who is in jail wait- Miss Loie Francis at Walter's Theatre i n g for the Xovember term of court this Entire "Week. i when he will be tried on the charge of ' ; entering the home of Mrs. Wyand, at When the curtain rolls up on Mon- j £ a fci e * s jjill. and James A. Corwefl. in day evening. Oct. 27th, at Walter's j ail - vVa iting for court on the charge of Theatre, oar'chearre-goers will recog-j robbing . Western Maryland freight nize and meet face to face a lady who '. cars ^ he one knife ^^ f oun d secret- has often been seen in the motion pic-, e(J in the bed c i ot hing of Keefauver. tures. Loie Francis is or.e of the first ^ \vhen the ciothing was shaken the leading ladies ever advertised in mo- fc n jf e dropped to the floor. Corwell was tion pictures, being replaced by Miss; respons j- c ie for a second knife and a Florence Lawrence, after Miss Francis j third i^jr e .^g f o . un( j ^ process of had decided to return to "the footlights. · bs j nff made into a saw. much to the delight of her many ad- j " mirers. The limitless capabilities oi \ 0.^1^0171 TT--{-CTX- T» \ -v _ A -, i-^,1 IHJbrCJCj Jbi V Jc/Kl JL/»-V.I Frar.cis reaauy recommends ner lor | striking beauty, intensely magnetic J Coanty Tupils Do not 3Iiss a Day at povrers and intelligent conceptions of i School. the characters she portrays. The com- s pany will be here for the entire week. · Those present every day of the sec--advertisement j ond rnor.ih at Cranberry School were, -- · Ruby Deardorff. Euth Hykes, Esther D T ES IX \SYLUM ' i5 J"kes Ralph Thomas. Charley W. '--- * - McCans. Edward Gardner. H. K. Raff- One of Three Charobcrsburg Residents ensperger. teacher. Dies at'Harrisbursr. | Wenksvilie School: Xellie McCaus- ;:r. Isabelle Miller. Marvel Rice, Beat- Charles M. C. Fletcher, one of the rke T3ylor X ora Warren. Bruce Chambersburg rtes:dents who became Kchr _ Harry Warren. Lola M. Bowers, insane last wee'-:, died in Harri?burg » eac -,3 er on Friday nisfn'c. Mr. Fletcher was ag- , Centennial Hall School: Second sd about 4S years and is survived by · mon ~^ Marie Reaver. Viola Fleck, his widow ar.d eight children, some of _ Blanche Luckenbaugh, Ethel Bair T them grown and away from home. j Carr j e L-ckenbaugiC Catharine Duri fcoraw, Luther Luckenbaasrh. Marsby DIPHTHERIA CASE '· Little. John Luckenbaugh^nd Melvin Little. Margaret M. Sites, teacher. Child of Mr. and " ^ " Mrs. Peter Stock Contracts Disease. OFFICIAL DATE Augsburg Oaily at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN FOR RUNK PECKMAN'S REALTY F 5 Q\I,E A fine 72 acre farm in Cumberland _!T~--, or,^ timhiir ar.d 150 fruit trees, very n 1 Other books are read for a day and i · i then nass into hi "cownsn rich and or oblivion. | Homer's harp has long since been . \ har.g on the wall of the ages · j is a but Davs-y-Ssi i siKSff££.Ssa ^-s^sz^^^TM^TM^TM^ flint an * Spj^^e house, outkitchen and wash house, nice front yard, j an d daily is the joy and "the hope of an S t;r,V h^rn and other necessary outbuildings. You will make no mis-; increas i ng host of believers. _ oanh. _ odi l i.£ + S4750 It is worth everv dollar ot the price asked, j and peach trees making ^ ne , ^° w . UJ^^f produced last vear, 240'bus- H. B. Bender will have public sale of ? t} ? er ^^f^J'Kcres^S bushels of oats on 6% acres, 1100 bushels of household goods in front of the Court and "25 tons of hay on K acres. This is a mignfy good farm Hoosej Thursday afternoon, October ^Retl Estate, Masonic Building Gettysburg, Pcnna. SOth.-advertisement 1 AXXUAL excursion to Baltimore: the Washington Camp, Xo. 414. P. O. S. of A., will run an excursion to Baltimore on Saturday, Nov. 1st, 1913. Train leaves Gettysburg 7:15 a. m., returning, Hillt-n Station 11:30 p. m.-- advertisement 1 PUBLIC sale, Friday, Oct. 31. Mrs. Eva V. Rexroth will sell at her late residence in Biglerville, Pa. all her household goods.--advertisement 1 Richard Slock, son of Mr. and Mrs. ; Sower?, cooking:. bak:ng. sewing. | peter C. Stock, of Baltimore street, is 1 !i! with diphtheria. Tne Parochial j Schools. wh:cn he attended, have been ; closed for several days- ! r.eedie work and household economics. Boys ai.d sriris intending- to enter any of the contests should write promptly to Prof. Roth fbr the neces- v blanks. A clean up of last Winter's ladies" and children's vests and pants and a few union suits at less than half price, some as little as a third, most of them are all wool, broken sizes is ,,he reason. G. W. Weaver and Son.-advertisement ' 1 Time of Plank Banquet is Finally Decided upon. The banquet in honor of Eddie Plar.k will be held on Thursday even- , ·----- ir.g. Xovember 6. ut the Eagle Hotel, WANTED: a clerk for general store,' starting at half past nine o'clock. exr,erier.ce preferred. Must be tern- j nerate. Lock box 245. Biglervilie, Pa. i CIDER for sale. 6 cents gallon. -advertisement 1 ; Orrtanna Canning raent DOX'T forget H. B. Bender's public sale of household goods in front of the Court House, Thursday afternoon, October COth.--^advertisement Co.--advertise- 1 LOST: Friendship Circle gold pin. Reward if returned to Times Office.-1 ' advertisement NEWSPAPER! WSPAPfcRI

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