The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 25, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES ^^ .^fedA^^M^B * · * - « _ _ a T*fc_ n 17 _ A An4- d«w*?av CHURCH NOTICES Pnblished Dafly Except Sunday Ttec. art New. PHILIP R- BISLE, Editor SATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. JQPyvw PRESBYTERIAN Sunday School, 9:30; morning service, 10:30, subject, "A Call to Pray-, er": Christian Endeavor, 6:15; union service St James Church in the"even- iag. COLLEGE LUTHERAN A. E. Wagner D. D-, pastor. 9:45 am.. Bible School, Mr. L L- Taylor, Su,, ~^~ ~~ date up to which JOB are j perintendent; 10:45 a. m. sr. The date will be changed -withM. wors jij D w ith sermon by tl .,-««» *· Th* Time* Office. j theme:"-The Miaistrr;:6f ~J jG;OQ.p. m-, Cbj-istiaiijEJndeavor \iag; Mr. Amos Taylor^leader," Z;30 p. 1m. the congregation will join the Union Bible Society Anniversary in St. after your money is received at Tne Times Office. ,, v 1904, at Gettysburg, Pa^" as second-dmM m»tt«r, CoB^ess_J!ifcggjJg UNITED PHONE of Centr* Square, Gettysburg, PennsylTamla. .-HIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOH ADVERTISING BY THE GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES -P." A « « "f -K.«»- ··»»· James Lutheran Church. EPISCOPAL Sunday School. 9:45; morning service, 10:30. Evening sen-ice GAGE TO EURO PE U, S. Win took No Interference in Maica PROJECTING CEjl Dltf BIG MORTGAGE PLANNEOBYP.P.R, Medical Advertising be Greatest Piece ot Financing in CouQiry's History. LIVER PILLS Sugar-coated and all'vegetable. Dose, only one pill at bedtime For coarti. patioo, bflioos headache, todiystton. Ayer's PlOs. JSoid for 60 yeats. - AskYo-rDwiir. " omitted on account of Bible Society Anniver- sarv. GETTYSBURG U. B. . Ope * per ·werd- word each insertion. Two cents a f respect, poetry TO OUR READERS The Gettysburg" tuch matters. An; r^rtisinz columns are open to all candidates of all parties. Our advertising Medical Advertising. Instant Relief When Nose .and are Clogged from a Cold. Nastv Catarrhal Discharges. Headache Vanishes. Trv""E!r~s Cream Balm." Stops Dull GeX a small bottle anyway, just to trv is -- Apply a little in the nostrils and instantly your clogged nose and ston'oed-uD air passages of " : vou " will, breathe freely; dullness and headache disappear. By momiBgTthe catarrh, eold-in-head of catarrhal sore throat v.-ill be gone- End such miserv now! Get the small bottle of "Ely's Cream Balm" at any Head dissolves by the hear of tne nostrils; penetrates" and heals the innamea, swollen membrane which lines the nose, head and throat; clears 'che air nassagres; stops nasty discharges ana a feeling of cleansing, soothing rebel comes immediately. Don't lav awake to-nighx struggling io 1 - breath" with head sruned: nostrils closed, hawkinsc and blowing. Catarrh or a cold, with its running nose, xoal mucous dropoing irito the throat, ana raw dryness is distressing but truly needless. . Put your faith--just once--in "c.l;rs Cream"Balm v and your cold or catarrh the head Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; preaching, 10:30 a. m.; Junior Christian Endeavor, 1:30 p. m.; Senior Christian Endeavor meeting C:00 p. m. J. A. {Brosius, of the Seminary, will preach at the morning church service. Prayer I sneering Wednesday evening at 7:30. J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. REFORMED Sunday School, 9:15 a. ra.; churc^ sen-ice, 10:30 a. m. No evening service. The congregation will artend the anniversary of the Bible Society in St. James Lutheran Charch in the evening. The pastor will conduce service in St. Mark's Chnrch at 2 p. m. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Marsh Creek Church: Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.: preaching at 10:30 a. m. tratton Street Chnreh: Sunday School 9:30 a. m.: preaching at 7:00 p. m. METHODIST Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.; class meeting at 10:30: Epworth League at 6:15 p. m.: preaching at 7:00. A cordial invitation io all services. L. Dow Ott, pastor. ARENDTSYILLE REFORMED Church service on Sunday mornina at 10 o'clock. Sunday School at 9. BIGLERVILLE REFORMED The pastor will preach at 2 p. m., and the Sunday School will begin at 1 p. m. SALEMU. B. Sundav School. 9:00 a. m.; Divine President is Considering Objecting to Mexican Waters. Washington, Oct. 25--Develop- Made the Basis of Corn- Statement j « t \yill Foreion Warships ini pany's Financial "Needs -for Many Years to Come. r Philadelphia, Oct. 25.--Preliminary meets oFa fe-.v hours sa the relations BO tice of what will unquestionably between ihe Caned Stales and ilex-*, prove to be the greatest piece of :co e: more mphasized a gravity of aSsirs j gnaacing ever undertaken by an t ominous than at any time since. American corporation was made by j President Wilson's adniiaisiration be- j Samuel Rea, president of the Penn- j gas. Absolute sileaee was the order j sy lvania Railroad. Reports that th! :a oiScial quarters. i company contemplated a biilioa dollar I release of the Ward Line steam- {mortgage are borne out in so far that' ship Morro Castle, detained at Verajur. Rea says that the management Cruz, after ueremptory demand by the s 15 considering the creation oC a gen- tJnited States, terminated one delicate j era i mortgage as a bas:s for the eor- ,1 financing for nsaay years situation. ' Orders ««--re in preparation poration's so the eommancers of the American . to come. warships lying oS Vera Cruz, to insist j The statement read: on her release. - ; "XJnder this mortgage it is contem- A. staiement was In preparation by j pi ate d to issue bonds in such amounts Secretarv of State Bryan and John j from time to time as may be required Bassett Moore, counsellor oi the State · t o provide necessary additions, better- Department, which Secretary Bryan j mea - s and improvements to its rail- brought to 'the VTuite House for the j rO ads, equipment, property and faciii- President's approval. No intimation j t 5 es ; the funds that may ae necessary as TO iis contents v.-as revealed, but j to meet maturing obligations, and for there was every reason to believe | suc fj other corporate purposes as may that before many hours sad passed | no W or hereafter be duly authorized a notice by tae UaUed States that it j By law. The aggregate amount of would not brook European interfer- 1 bonds that may be issued shall not M. M. Earner Co's IONEY PILLS We Recommend the Kidney Pills for the KIDNEYS, Bladder, Liver,, Bowels, Dropsy, Backache, Rheumatism, Catarrhal Conditions etc. Ask Dealer for a Free Sample FOR SALE by The People's Drug Store PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs if News TettMf if tbc Happenings m aod abort TOWP People Yisitioi Here art Tbtu SoimirninglBsewhere. ence in Mexico o\ the warships de-j a t any time exceed the outstanding snatched to Mexican water by the' various foreign governments, would be proclaimed. approved by the directors, i the whole Question wi!l be laid before It «= understood also that the TJnited j the stockholders for Their conside.-a- States, by that same statement, will | uon at the anual meeting in March, reiterate the American policy that j The company has no expenditures ynjv governments rounded on consa-ijjjat require immediate financing, but oitiona! law and order will "be recog- desires to announce the contemplated i)\f 1-t-iC UJL --.·* *· * ^ ^^ *· *-'*«· *** -·-'·*-.»*» -- -- _· i j drug store. This sweet, fragrant balm I will surely disappear. n : zed ?n th° Western Hemisphere. j preparations lor the necessary refund- The British Foreign OSee, through j illg and capital expenditures in 1S14 e embassy officially denied to the 11915. and later years, witch it will Department the authenticity of \ be able to meet through the issue or much-discussed published inter- j either capital stoclc, consolidated CATIfiiMl TBOIJ81E . EIOED-USE HIOMEI You Breathe It--No Stomach Dos- ings--Clears the Head. Use nature's remedy for catarrh, or cold in the head, one that is harmless vet quick and efrecrive. Ic is the healing oils and balsams of Hyomei which you breathe through a small pocket inhaler. This curative and antiseptic air reaches 'the most remote air cells in the nose, throat and lungs, killing the catarrhal germs, stopping the extensive breath, raising of mucus droppings in the throat, crusts in the nose'and all other catarrhal symptoms. The comolete outfit costs only §1.00 and People's Drug Store will return your money if jaoc satisfied. Do not continue to suffer catarrhal ills--try Hvomei nov.---to-day. die view wliiT Sir Lionel Careen, the Bnt- i (first) mortgage bonds, or such =^a Minister at Mexico City, -arhich [ f Orm O f financing as v.-ill produce tae Second Annual Stock Sale geeond Annual Sale of Registered and Grade Horses. High Grade Shorthorn Cows. Registered Duroc--Jersey Hogs. The undersigned in order to make room for young stock which he is raising will offer at public sale at his farm on the Carlisle Road 3 miles from Gettysburg and 2 miles from Table Rock, formerly the John H. Gilliland farm, on ·WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5th, at 12 o'clock he following Horses: 1 black mare. 5 years old. sound and all ight- good worker and driver and in foal to my Belgian stallion. 2 colts coming 2 vears old. good and growthy and will make nice horses. 1 Registered Belgian stud colt. 1 year old last June, a fine one. Cows. 17 high grade shorthorn cows, a number with calves by their sides. Others forward springers and the balance have been fresh a short time and are giving a good flow of milk. Bogs. 7-5 head 4f Duroc--Jersey Hogs Consisting of sows and pig?, breed sows, old and young boars tnd shoats, all registered or can be. Goats, 2 nanny goats Terms: On sums of SlO or cash over that amount 10 months vith approved security payable at the Citizens Trust Co. 3 per fent, off for cash. No goods to be removed until conditions are complied with. Sale Positive. JOS. B. TWINING. Albert Slaybaugh, Auctioneer. "Worship. 7:00 p. m. J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. BIGLERVILLE LUTHERAN Sunday School at 9 a. m ; Junior Endeavor at 6: Senior at 6:45, and ireaching- sz 7:30 p. m. BENDER'S LUTHERAN Sunday School at 3. and preaching at 10 a. m. Christian Endeavor in the :vening-. BENDERSVILLE LUTHERAN ~ Sunday School, 1 p. m.: services 2 p. m-, sermon subject. "A Fool's Las: Night." Christian Endeavor, 7:30 p. m- Ail welcome. BIGLERVILLE U.'B. There will be preaching at Bigler- vflle U. B. church at 7:30 p. m. Sunday evening. All cordially invited Edvr. W. Canoles, pastor. ST. JOHN'S REFORMED FairSeid. 10 a. m. preaching by the pastor, Rev. W. S. HartzeL on -'The Commandments": Sunday School at 9 a. m.; Christian Endeavor 6:30 p. m. ilr. Samuel Bushman -sill deliver a lecture on his travels in the Orient at^ 7:00 p. m. in this church and exhibit curios and souvenirs. All Tvelcome- ST. PAUL'S A. il. E. ZION Quarterlj- Meeting Sunday. October 26. Preaching at 11 a. ni- by Rev. J- Harvey Anderson, D- D. Sunday School^ p. m.; Christian Endeavor, 7 D- m.; evening sermon and Holy Communion 8 p m.. conducted by the Presiding Elder. "v7. O. Cooper, pastor. -enreseated the Ambassador as unsympathetic -K-ith the poiicy of the United Siates. Tae gravity of_the situation, it v^as apparent, -crould be increased by Felix " Diaz taking refuge in the American best^results for the company,and meet the monetary conditions prevailing at the time of issue." authorized capital stock or the of which The rai'- company is §500,000,000. Consulate at Vera Cruz. silitv that the Huerta migat demand his release and pro- volte another emergency -e-as fully realized. At the State Department it -was said, though no instructions had been Siven to W. ^T. Canada, the United States consul ai Vera Cruz, to azrord an asylum to Diaz, Canada's general instructions ·nere such that he couid lake in Diaz if it seemed necessary. Although in international la^r, the American Consulate has not extra ter- §493.SSO.SOO is outstandin; Tbe possi- i road's funded debt amounts to ?2l4,- authorities ' 000,000, and that ot the Pennsylvania Company which onerates al! tte lines west of Pittsburgh, !== $130,000,000. Of the funded debt not quite 890,000.000 matures in the next two years, and the remainder for the most part aas a considerable time to run. Improvements and betterments which tae company has ia view will ritorial rights, it pointed out that -noraiiy the Mexican authorities woald jave no right to mvade the American precincts to arrest Diaz. Nine battleships of the Atlantic fleet sailed froni Hampton Reads for their ·one-projected Mediterranean cruise, according to the original plans. They will be in communication with the po?. erful TV .reless- station here at least antil next Thursday- It was stated afficially tfca- they sail without any orders except to proceed to^ their Mediterranean destination. *!"portof the conditioa of lac Kationa! AT ARCSDTSYIL'TJE. PA., at the close ol business October 21. 1913 RESOURCES Loans and discounts------,, KM.TSO Cl Overdrafts, seeurl asd ansecureu __ s 2£ C S- Bonds to secure circulation 25.000 ft* Premiums oa U S- Bonds- ~ 30C CO Bonds, securities, etc -- IS.7^3 13 3ankinsr5iou=erfiimitare. and fixtures -J.CIS -J-S iJue Irom Xat'cnai Bank«,(noL reserie agents)---- -- 3.11G 3t 2J.162 04 55 iT 550 00 ·J9 £5 Rev. Luther S. Black, 'of- Easton, spent Friday with relatives -TO.'" town on his return home'from* the^meetings of the Presbyterian Synod which were neld th!s r week Ir? Waynesburg. '·- Mrs. Siegrist, of Lebanon, is spending some time at the home of Mrs. M. Valentine on Springs avenue. Howard Weaner has gone to Lancaster and Miilersville TO spend the week-end. Miss Mary Barbehenn, of North Stratton "street, went to her home in Brodbeeks this morning to spend the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Famer and children, of York street, are spending the week-end -with friends m Hanover. Prof. "vTalte 1 - Reynolds is spending Saturday and Sunday at his home in Hanover. J. Merrill Hepler, of Hanover, was a town visitor to-day. The Misses Kerr, or Chambersbarg street, are spending the day with friends in Arendtsville. William D. Armor, of East Middle street, has gone co Keyser, W. Va.. to spend Sunday. "W. A. Mcllhsnny returned home oa Friday evening from attending the meeting of the Presbyterian Synod at YVaynesburg. " C. H. Little, of Philadelphia, ia visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Little, at their home on Chambersburg street. McXiiight Black, of Eas'ton, is visiting ac the home of his grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. H- W. McKnight on Carlisle street. Mrs. Roberts, of Liberty, Md., has returned home after spending several days at the home of Mr. ana Mrs. Joseph ilathews. on South \Vashington street. Due from approved reserve aaeats Checks and other cast -items-. Noteso* other National Banks Fractional paper currency, a. and cents LAWFCI. n o;. EY KESS- call for the expenditure of millions of dollars. Electrigcation of its lines e tesun soon- is to be in a position to meet will It im- will tae demands created by these provements that the mortgage be created, it is believed by the finan- ial community. Although apparently izaited to the amount of outstanding -atjital stock. 8600,000,000, the bond ssue under the mortgage is prac- -ically unlimited except by the amount o which the capital stock may be ncreased at any time by the directors with the ratification of the stoek- holders. WON'T MOLESTpiAZ. HE SAYS Mexican FDreign Minister Declares Presidential Aspirant is Safe llexico C:tj. Oct. 25.---There is no intenzlon on iae part of tae Government to a.o:ssz General Felix Diaz, is a Presidential aspirant, accord- Hunters Please Notice We carry in stock mostly oil makes of Shot Guns, Rifles, Revolvers Hunting Knives, Axes and all others kinds of hunting supplies including all kinds of cartridges for Deer Hunting and other purposes. We also have a large stock of mostly all lands of shot shells. Our stock of Hunting Clothing is unsurpassed. Horse and Automobile Owners Please Notice We now have on display our new and fresh line High Grade Automobile Robes, Horse and Stables Blankets. Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases We haves over fifty styles of Trunks, Bags and Suits Cases to select " from. All kinds repaired at short notice. - , Galvanized Roofing Just received another car of High Grade Galvanized Roofing made by one of the best mills. A visit and your patronage repectfully solicited. Adams County Hardware Company .ng to Minister for Foreign Afiairs .viohero Senor Mohtico saic that Diaz was at liberty to tome to the capital wh' he chose. Not only D:az bat ali other Presidential candicates have received the assurance on ' ehalf of Haerta that they vvii! ba.c every guarantee cf freedom froni molestation during the elections next Sunday. In a slat-in.' at to the press, it is said that Haer.a has learned that in some cf the Mexican States his mends purpose to =upport him for the Presi .leacy. TuIs '-alls forth the following official state :?.·.. at: "The Got er^.tuent cannot preven the Pro-»i=,',r.r.i President's friends supporting h 1 -.-. owing to the lack of time to do =o before the elections are held, b-jr while the Provisional Specie - 9.654 15 Legal-tender notes - ^50 GO Redemption f u=d tritb ~C- S. Treasurer C5 per cent of circulates) Total J^IASILITIE Capitcl stock paid in Surplus Fund and aa£jv:ded profits. mal Bank notes outstaudn.^-. . - ·dual Ieixs'!s subject toebt-ct-. 10.4M 15 U2ZO CO 35.030 00 10.4G7 OS 23.95U 00 -S1.7SS 74 I will be in my room on the Square over "Stallsmith'a Store" on second floor, every Wednesday afternoon from 12.30 to 8 o'clock, vi he-re I will do fitting, or I \\iil call on you in your home." at your convenience. 011 ui'.y Thursday, npou receipt of post car^L " Please call and see the Spirttta corsets and cortet accessories- - " ' . "MYERS, 'New Oxford, Spirella Corsetien«. Pa Casa'er ± Seciesoutsiancinsr-"--- Totai State or Penasjivacla County of Atlanjs* 41 1S3.233 43 . J RESCUERS KILLED IN Two Workers in Dawson Disaster Raise Helmets and Are Suffocated Dawson, X. M., Oct. 25---Tie death ist of the Stag Canon ^line disaster, where 220 men are stili entomDed. following the explosion of Wednesday was swollen by two. when two rescue .rorkers deep in the shaft, raised their air helmets and were suffocated. Twenty-three miners have been taken out of the mine alive, and thirty-eight have been recovered. None of the rescued can throw lignt upon the cause of the explosion or the location of tae miners yet entombed. With tne exception of Jose Fernandez, the mirer taken alive from the sixth chamber east, none of the rescued men was working near the section of the mine, where the e:q?losion occurred. e u E v o . . 1 i.. H Rict. Casa'Cr of tne above-aamec bark, do soiemni-. s%-.ear mat tne above state- mc".t :^ true to the best o: 123 kno.-'eize and bel:ei L- H- SICE. Casbier. Subscnbed and sworn to oefore TOC this 23ia day of Octooer 1913 P. S. Orner. Xotary Pnbiic- Iv conuoissjon ear-ires i!a 10. 1917- Correct Attest: ~-E -WOLFF. DAVIDT KOSEE. ARTHUU ROBERTA. Directors- FOR SALE · ^ ,, *.., »-i , ~.i -50 S, C. VT. Leghorn, yearling hens ~ i * * Pare Stock cents escn- Report of the condition ol tbe Biglerville National Bank _. _ -.· _ -.-·_ -- *·*.·* c»«rt* nf T*^mi-- D. W. Woods Gettysburg R. R-4 7000 00 President a:;reciaies the attitude 01 his friends r.c declares once for ali that he c£.r.:K - accent votes, and if through t'.er,. he President s-:cn an election would have BRAZIL HONORS HOOSEVELi Senate and Chamber of Deputies Tender Colonel a Breakfast ' Rio Janeiro. Oct. 25.--Colonel Theodore Roosevelt was the guest of honor at a breaMast given oy a committee representing the Senate and Chamber of -.- tt!?vr-riiv "Pa in tbe Stai-e 01 3u OIE.Ci Vli.C. A ·». «*- «.*-- f\f^T\ O J IIK^ svlTOBia. at the close of business. OCT. 21- 5HM itESOUKCES _ Loans acd discounts 51S?.^ -!? aralis. secured acd unsecured ^ 45-1 ids to secure circulation 50.000 00 Oilier Bonds to secure U S- Postal Savjn;: Deposits Bonds. Secunues. etc. -- Baatona-hoase. farnitnre and Sstnres. 3.70-3 CO Due from ^rational Banks, (not re- _ serve asenis^ '-' -* ;-** ^ Dae from approved reserve aseats 10,?47 S3 Notes Of Giber Xa-.-oaal Backs 2.SXO CO Fractional paper carrencr, EJcfeelsaad cents RESEBVZ is B vss.vrz: _,',_: iS.65500 MAN WANTED Old Reliable House wanU a good appearing honest man to take a position of trust at a good salary. Must be hustler. Write at once. Young Foflett Company Dept. 26. Boston Mass Specie srithi; S-Treasarcr Total. Deputies of the Brazilian govern ment. Later the distinguished Ameri- ^ Tijuca. on the outskirts of ' shoald" be elected} the city. Among the guests at a gar- no eiJeft, as the Cons'.tji be contrary to G;ri Finds Body of Mother Coates--lk. p a ., Oct. 25.--^Returning from school ,n Coatesviile, Ada Vv'eigard, '^ ;-.-ars old. fosind the body of her zcoi. e- Mrs. ilary A. TVeigard, 41 years o'.c. .a z. chair, witi bullet wounds sn tr.' head. A shotgun lay oa the floor -a ;h one load discharged. A. deputy ro-r-aer rendered a verdict of accidenia'. -5eath. Warned of Militant Bombs London. Oct. 25.--A warning that militant s-nTragettes have planned to place bombs simultaneously in the parcels offices of all the great railroad stations throughout the country was received by the general managers of the railway companies. GOOD second hand grain drill for sale cheap. Apply to J. B. Wineman, Hotel G c tty sbu rg.--adverti scm ent den party given in nonor oi Colonel floosevelt was President Fonseca. Jerome Pushes Thaw Case New York, Oct. 25.--Special tomey-Generai William T. At- Jerome went to Albany to expedite the extradition of Harry Thaw. He said he hoped to get a new extradition warrant from Governor Glysn upon the conspiracy.' indictment voted here against Thaw and four other "persons and leave Albany for Concord, X. H., to lay'the matter before Governor Felker. " ' Friend of Birds Killed Detroit, Oct. 25.--Jefferson Butler, president of the Michigan Audubon Society and nationally known as a- protector of bird life, was struck and killed by an automobile, was riding a bicycle. Mr. Butler WANTED: a fresh cow. Write to Box 122, Biglerville, Fa.--advertisement PUBLIC SALE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31st. 1913- The undersigned will have Public Sale at his residence in Cumberland township, one and a half mile irom Gettysburg, along the Fairfield roac" the following personal property- Three nair of mules coming 2 years old, well mated and will mate fine 2.soo 09 males, 1 bav mare 5 years old, wiu work wherever hitcheC and f eerless of all objects, anv woman can drive ner, also a eood, leader, 1 4ay mare colt cominj?3 rears old. 5 head of milt some 25uOuOOO coming all Fall or Winter Undivided profits less expenses tsxes paid National Baafe notes oatstaUdsag fedivioBal deposits subject to cbecfe jetnaud certificates oT deposit Cashless checks outstanding ·--- Total ··_·__ State oi ... - 8.6CO 99 49.35003 113.35261 15263 fresh by day of sale. Sale to begin promptly at 1 o clock. A credit of ten months will be given on notes with approved seconty. 4 per cent, off for cash. S290.2SS 68 f Adams. S. S »- HraGrS. Cashfer of *be above *- do ·Kolessaly swear thai ibe above £OTCMrte best or aad belief. Sub=:cribed and- sworn to befon; me this 24t of OCT.. 1913- Corrcct--Attest T- F-RHODES J P. G. W- KOSER. B.-H.XCPP, MARTIX^BAUGHER. Directors- Singer and Wheeler Wilson SEWING MACHINES FOR SALE BY D.B. SNYDER Gettysburg, Pa. Oil and Needles" cows, Galdwell, Auctioneer. r, Clerk. AUCTIONEER Any one desiring service of A. W. .Slaybaugh for the Calling of spring^c? should give this notice strict attention as I have a few vacant days in March. Z. J. Peters Guernsey Pa. will answer all telephone Messagef for me. Bell or United Phone Post Office address Guernsey Pa.

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