The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 27, 1936 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1936
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 27 1936 NINfi Educator Gives Parents Advice About Their Son By GARRY C. MYERS, PH. D. Child Training Authority Question: "Would like to know if .there is anything especially wrong with a boy 6 1 /-; years old who takes everything apart and breaks it?" Answer: Not so much wrong with the boy as his parents. They have done this lad harm in failing: to teach him reasonable Inhibitions. He probably never learned the meaning of "No." Possily his parents believed the usual advice to them that they should never lay their hands on him to teach him this monosyllable. It might be true, moreover, that his parents conscientiously had not forbidden him to take things apart, believing they should not curb his curiosity. There are such silly doctrines taught. Any parent ought to know.that desire for taking things apart is no sure sign of genius. Feeble-minded children show this trait to a pronounced degree. A good rule is this: Never let your child take apart any useful object unless you are sure he can and will put it together agai nto be as good I Made Up My Mind To Get Thin..and Did! It was so simple! I ate what I liked, took no strenuous exercises, did not weaken my body with drastic purgatives--yet day by day Ifeltmy- self getting lighter, the fat seemed to slip .away. Now I have a lovely, graceful figure--and I never felt better in my life.' That, in brief, is what thousands of women who have reduced the Marmola way might well tell you. Four times a day they take a little tabletcontaining in exactlytheright quantity a world-famous corrective for abnormal obesity.--A corrective prescribedbyphysicians everywhere and acknowledged to be the most effective known. Since 1907, more than 20 million packagesof Marmola have been purchased. Could any better recommendation be had? Today--buy a package of Marmola, and start at once. Soon you will experience Marmola'sbenefits.When you have gone far enough, stop taking Marmola. And you will bless the day you first discovered this marvelous reducing agent. Marmola is on sale by dealers everywhere--from coast to coast. as it was before. Even this lad of (j should not be too old to learn this essential lesson. Question: "What do you suggest doing for a boy 12 years old who HATES school? Ke does not like to read books of any description. He simply refuses to sit down and read. His sister, three years older, loves school--loves to read." Answer: If he didn't have that sister he might do better at school and at reading. One reason why he reads so poorly and hates school is because his sister reads so well and loves school. For years he has heard her praised for reading and for doing well at school and, directly or by implication, he has been harassed with, "If you were only like your sister"! Who reads for pleasure when it is painful to do so--that is. when reading is very hard for him? Few poor readers like school, since most school work consists of reading. No use to keep on nagging at this lad to read. As soon as he can find satisfactions from reading, he will read in spite of anybody's urging. Maybe his vision is not good. That alone could hinder his success at reading. One thing is certain--he must find easier things to read if he is going to make progress. In the library he might find very easy interesting books on Indians or or. magic or other alluring activities for boys. From the comics and the sport pages of the newspaper he will get much helpi and certain magazines for young boys should appeal to him. FRANCO : SOVIET PACT RATIFIED French Deputies in Lengthy Debate and Near Clash Before Vote. PARIS, (Jf)--The chamber of deputies Thursday ratified the Franco- soviet mutual assistance treaty. The vote followed lengthy debate and a near clash between opposing groups which had to be separated by attendants after members of the Pattern Simple to Follow GLOBE-GAZiTrTE PEERLESS 15 CENT PATTERN 160 Fifth Avenue, New York City By DIANA DAY Slip Has Well Tailored Lines With Bias Bodice Cut to Fit Waistline; Needs Little Material. Here's a beautifully cut slip. Its deep bias bodice lines that meet the waistline, are very kind to the figure. Another interesting feature about this slip is that it may have straight camisole top or V-neckline (as in small view.) It's so simple to sew, you could easily run it up on the sewing machine in an hour or so. It takes only 2H yards of 39-inch material with 1 yard of 1%-inch lace for size 16. Soft flat washable silk or satin crepe is suggested. Style No. 2590 Is designed for sizes 14. 16, 18 years, 36, 38 and 40-inch bust. Send fifteen cents (15c), (coin is preferred) for pattern. Write plainly your name, address and style number. Be sure to state size you wish. New spring fashion book costs ten cents. Send for your copy today! Book and pattern together twenty-five cents. Do not send to Mason City, but address Globe-Gazette Pattern Department, 160 Fifth avenue, New York City. -2590 WE DO ... COMMERCIAL WORK OF ALL KINDS R U S S E L L PHOTO STUDIO PHONE 2272 NEXT J. C. PrNNEY CO. hDAY and what a Special!! for Friday and Saturday Only! THE FACTS ® Only 87 Dresses! Oniy Wonted CoJors! Only Desirable Styles! Sizes 12 up to 44! $ Values up to $11.95! Every One a Special! See Our Windows Tonight! Hurry Down Early Tomorrow! 3 South Federal Aueniu right had shouted to prevent a socialist deputy from speaking. The government had passed word to the chamber to ratify the treaty before dinner time and h?,d declared that a safe majority of affirmative votes had been pledged. Pierre-Etienne Flandin. foreign minister, predicted the pact will be ratified by the senate next week. The treaty provides for mutual assistance between Russia and France in the event of an attack on the eastern border of France or the western boundary of the soviet. It was signed May 5, 1935, at Paris by former premier Pierre Leva! and Maxim Litvinoff, foreign commissar of Russia. The pact was approved by a vote of 363 to 164. Iowa Labor Case Put Off. WASHINGTON, (.W--Justice Jesse C. Adkins of the District of Columbia supreme court Thursday postponed until March 7 a hearing in the Jabor case of the Iowa Packing company of Des Moines. Postmaster Appointed. WASHINGTON. UP)--The postof- fice department announced appointment of Mary Evelyn Sandschulte, Rock Valley, Iowa, as acting postmaster. RHEUMATIC PAINS SPREAD OVER HER ENTIRE SYSTEM Gly-Cas Rescued Her From Life of Suffering After All Else Had Failed; Kidney Disorders Had Added to Her Miserable Condition. "Today I do not understand how I stood such suffering as rheumatism had caused me before I began Gly-Cas," said Mrs. Teua Peterson, 308 Benton St., Council Bluffs, la. SOCIAL CALENDAR TO SECRETARIES No notices for the weekly social calendar printed on Saturday are accepted after 4 o'clock on Friday. MBS. TENA PETERSON 'The most severe pa.ins were in my hip and extending down into my knee, my joints became enlarged, was lame and limped badly all the time. Then to make my suffering more complete I was attacked by sharp, stabbing neuritis pains in my neck and head, I could get little sleep and then it was from exhaustion, not natural. My kidneys would get me up at all hours of the night, back pained and try as I did I could find nothing to help me. I was terribly discouraged F.nd all I could see ahead was suffering until I began Gly-Cas--it was different." "Gly-Cas does as it claims to do," she continued, "that terrible neuritis has left me entirely, rheumatism relieved and I am as much like a new person as I could be. Even my kidneys are fine, sleep good and am able to enjoy life as others again. Those who have lost faith in all medicines should try Gly-Cas--it Is the REAL REMEDY o( them all." ly-Cds is sold by Miciiai-1 Drug Company, 5 South Federal Ave., Mason City, Iowa. THURSDAY R. N. A. lodge-7:30 o'clock, Moose hall, class initiation, refreshments. Monroe-Washington C. S. C.-7:30 o'clock, school. Minstrel show-Roosevelt school. Roosevelt, Jackson, Madison, P. T. A. Lincoln, P. T. A.-7:30 o'clock, school. Immanuel Luther league-8 o'clock, church, Albin Larson, George Guertin, June and Robert Sjostrand. FRIDAY Methodist lji;lks Aid-Division 1, 1 o'clock, Mrs. Harry Wright, 321 Fourteenth street northwest; division 3, 1 o'clock, Mrs. E. R. Dunlop, 120 Eighth street northwest; division 4, 1 o'clock, Mrs. H. W. Morgan, 616 Madison avenue northwest; division 5, 1 o'clock, Mrs. F. M. Humphrey, 304 South Beaumont drive; division 6, 1 o'clock, Mrs. T. A. Burke, 328 Pennsylvania avenue southeast; division 7, 1 o'clock, Mrs. C. O. Johnson, 208 Vermont avenue southeast; division 8, 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. Henry Kuppmger, 1430 Carolina, avenue northeast. O. T. O. club-2 o'clock, Mrs. N. E. Straw, 1441 Jefferson avenue northwest. Baptist Gildner division-2 o'clock, Mrs. F. Severson, 175 Crescent drive. Bebekah circle-2:30 o'clock, I. O. O. F. parlors, Mrs. A. C. Holly, chairman. Christian Workers-- . Group 1, 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. E. J. Koser, 512 Fifteenth street southeast; group 2, 1 o'clock, Mrs. C. R. Connelly, Mrs. Vere Connelly, 510 Washington avenue southwest; group 3, 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. George Slagle, 11 Connecticut av- e n u e 'northeast; g r o u p 5, 5:30 o'clock, Mrs. W. W. Wilkinson, Mrs. J. H. Neal, 214 Fifth s t r e e t northeast, white elephant sale; group 6, 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. W. H. Board, 1417 Virginia avenue northeast. Harmony Guild-Congregational church, Mrs. J. L. Pauley, Mrs. L.. E. Armstrong, Mrs. Roe Thompson, Mrs. R. B. Irons; devotions, Mrs. Roy Potter. Women's Labor Bureau-7 o'clock, Labor temple. Daughters of Union Veterans-7:45 o'clock, Y. W. a A. Degree of Honor-8 o'clock, Moose hall, special party for members. World Day of Prayer-2:30 o'clock, Y. M. C. A., sponsored by Missionary Union. Church of Christ W. M. S.-2:30 o'clock, church, devotions, Mrs. Rose Valentine; lesson, Mrs. R. L. Ellis. Mrs. T. L. Pearsall; music. Mrs. Virgil Hicks; reception, Mrs. C. R. Crumb, Mrs. Nellie Kennedy; hostess, Mrs. C. E. Sherwood and group 3. Our Saviour's Dorcas aid-2 o'clock. Mrs. Martin Rasmussen, 224 Twenty-seventh street southwest. .j. Woman Married to Man She Sued for Breach of Promise NEWTON, Vft--The secret mar- miage of Mrs. Docia Trevitts, 64, to James H. Wallace, 54, Newton contractor she sued for breach of promise last October, was disclosed here Thursday. The marriage occurred Feb. 15. Mrs. Trevitts sued Wallace for 510,000, claiming he had promised to marry her in February, 1928. but failed to do so. She also obtained a ?5,000 attachment writ against his property. Four days after she filed the action. Mrs. Trevitts withdrew il. and released the writ. -N'o wonder women quit, crying nnj took up swearing. There is nothing left to cry for and plenty to swear about.--Wisconsin Stale .Journal, I TROTZKY TELLS OF SOVIET RULE Claims Loyal Russians Who Oppose Leadership Are Treated Cruelly. By LEON TROTSKY (Former Commissar of War In the U. S. S. R., Now Living in Exile in Norway) (Statement to trhe Associated Press.) HONEFOSS, Norway, W)--During recent months and weeks I have received extremely important news, from authentic sources, relative to the terrible regime against political prisoners whose fidelity towards the soviet union is beyond doubt and whose only "crime" is that of criti cising the ruling bureaucracy. Friends have requested me by cable to let them know the truth of this matter. A short time ago, for example, Dr. Anton Ciliga, former leader of the Yugoslavian communist party, arrived from the soviet union where he spent more than five years in prison and exile as punishment for his critical attitude towards the leadership of the Comintern. Began Hunger Strike. In order to force his expulsion from the country, Ciliga began a hunger strike. He was then fed forcibly, and prevented from committing suicide. Thousands of expelled members of the ruling party are in similar circumstances, because they protested against the conditions of growing inequality, introduction of army-officer-titles, dissipation and autocracy. Zinoviev and Kamenev, close collaborators of Lenin, are now imprisoned for a terroristic crime with which they had nothing- whatsoever to do. Kamenev, former chairman of the political bureau, is kept in a cell together with twelve others. Last year an additional five years was added to his original five yea.r imprisonment for his alleged participation in plotting a terroristic j assassination of Stalin. ' Antagonism Increasing. ! Accurate and absolutely objec- j j tive information by Ciliga, Tarov, j WIFE PRESERVERS main here all winter before. The 4*ccse, Robinson said, cunie through Lhe recent blizzard "in great style." A bushel of corn is provided the birds dnily, in addition to the food which they forage. Geese do not make the return flight from the south through Minnesota until March. Slice your potatoes for scalloping on a potato slicer, is a sug- restion. state, but of its own self-preservation. It is indisputable that enemies of the soviet union and of its friendly relations with the United States, make use of such information for their own purposes. But the way to avoid such misuse is not to conceal the facts of the bureaucratic crime, but to put an end to the crimes themselves. 1»24 Robbery Solved STEUBENVTLLE, Ohio, (UP) -A robbery which occurred 12 years ago was solved with the arrest of James Connors. 32. At his trial, Connors admitted he was intoxica- aterl sit the time of his arrest and must have "talked too much." He fcllowcd witli a sillily plea and WMJI sentenced to a term of one to seven years in Ohio penitentiary. All ambition Is like the soak's. He feels good: thinks one moro drink would make him feel better, nnd spoils it all.--Fountain Inn Tribune. 100 Canadian Geese Winter in Minnesota Despite Record Cold ROCHESTER, Minn., UP)--A flock of 100 wild Canadian geese, despite the record breaking cold, have selected to spend the winter in frigid Minnesota. The geese, which normally find a haven in southern climates from the rigors of the frozen north, preseni an unsual sight as they float in open water in a stream near the Mayo- wood and Mackay farms south of here. They stopped there last fall and have remained since. Rex R. Robinson, game warden here, declared himself puzzled over the birds' behavior, adding that geese never have been known to re- If a Cold Threatens.. and others prove increasing antagonism between the bureaucracy and the developing population. The bureaucracy is compelled to have recourse to the sharpest repressions, not in the interests of the soviet Timely use of this especially designed a i d f o r nose a n d upper throat, helps prevent many colds. 30t and SOc ViCKS VA TRO MOl A dream come true! Win a trip to Hollywood with all expenses paid, or win any one of many other prizes! The rules are simple. Our Knitting Contest is Now Open! Come to our Knitting Nook and secure a copy of the Motion Picture-Movie Classic Magazine and knit yourself any one of the smart fashions worn by leading movie stars. This book contains explicit directions that you can easily follow. Book 25c. Don't miss this opportunity! Start today with some of our smart new Fleisher yarns! JENSEN GLASSES DRS.WELLS-KITCHEH OPTOMETRISTS North Federal Ave. Phone 1826 You Can Have CONFIDENCE Glasses are guaranteed satisfactory and arc low in price here. Take care of your only pair of eyes. SPECIAL PRICES ON FUR COATS for REMAINDER OF FEBRUARY Northern Seal Musk rat . . Broadtail . . Caracul . . $ 49.50 up 75.00 up 75.00 up 100.00 up SEE THESE HIGH QUALITY FURS Convenient Payments CLEANERS" J,;*URRIERS, Phone 788 A first glance win teH ycm that the 1936 Norga is the most beautiful Norga ever bnilt Inspect it more closely and yon will discover many new, desirable features of convenience, flexible arrangement, cleanliness, economy: Records of tests prore it to be more efficient in performance and to operate on less current. From every standpoint, the 1936 Norge fa the greatest Norge of all time; Don't wait for your friends to tell you about the new Norge. See it for yourself. Compare it point by point, feature by feature with any other refrigerator you ever saw. Ask about prices. Terms. Proye to yourself that it is what we say it is--the most sensational dolisr-for-dollar value erer offered in Rollator Refrigeri- tioiu See the 1936 Norge-- provat by every possible labotnory.fsctofy and home test-- approved by more than half a million owners-- tm- proved to give you more than you expect of any refrigerator, THE ROLUTOR COMPRESSOR,., matesd of huiried b*cV- ejld-forth action. Result -- moie cold for the currco* njcd and a mechaniero that is almost , everlasting. Downstairs Phone 143 C. H. Meusel Son, Charles John Olson, Forest City, City. Iowa Iowa Shelledy F u r n i t u r e Co.. W h i t e Electric Company. OsHR'c. Iowa H a m p t o n . Iowa Shanon liohn. ( l a m e r . H. R. A t k i n s o n , ril'i-l'fidd. Iowa Iowa J. F. Bernstein, Si. Ansgar, Iowa

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