The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 21, 1933 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

IXTEEN MASON CITY (GLOBE. GAZETTE DECEMBER 21 1933 NSERVATION'S HISTORY GIVEN ;ement Progressing for icades Among lowans, Sketch Shows. ;S MOINES, Dec. 21.--The idea iservation has been generating ecades in Iowa, according to iwa fish and game commission, i sketched the history of this :nent in the state. This history IS: ty years ago Dr. Thomas H. rids, afterward president of rnlversity of Iowa, Jn a series laginative lectures set forth i-oat purposes of conservation, taudard was taken up by those ·/ho were able to catch the vi- nd its possibilities, and then by ·s and organizations in con- y increasing: numbers. As it 3 now, there can be few peo- the state who haven't a def- interest in 'one or more phases i conservation movement. ·-. landholder and the fanner, ig from recorded · data and : personal contacts, Is aroused · need for conservation of the rid the woodlands. Further, he i the fine landscape ot Iowa ;ted, he wants reasonably good g and hunting, he wants na- iild life to have its fair chance, .e demands and uses the kind door recreation which only the can provide at state preserves, parks and state lakes. First le improvement of his eco- sltuation, and thereafter for orichment of his life and his I's during their leisure time, ·untry citizen calls on the state to undertake a very wide field of conservation. Responsive to Requirements. The townsman in Iowa is peculiarly responsive to the farmer's re quirements, and he recognizes the fundamental necessity of meeting those requirements. He also expresses for himself much the same economic and recreational demands By these demands, a broad field is set for the conservation plan to cover. About three years ago the pres sure for wider active conservation measures came to a focus with the realization that up to that time the conservation movement had re maiued diffuse and somewhat inefficient. Opinions varied widely on the feasibility of certain projects and on methods of carrying then out. Few individuals or agencies hac a broad grasp of all the inter-relatec factors or of the practical realities in the whole situation. Some of the available funds were plainly no! used to the best effect. Many ui'genl problems remained untouched for lack of a definite knowledge of how to attack them. Out of this confusion sprang the idea of preparing one comprehensive conservatiot plan in which each element coulc take its proper place, co-ordinated with the others, and in which the effort and moneys expended coulc ba directed most effectively and economically. Long Time Program. In March 1931 the general assembly adopted a joint resolution, which was approved by the governor, instructing the state board of conservation and the state fish and game commission to collaborate on the preparation of a long term conservation plan, and program. While every branch of the state government is obviously concerned, particularly such departments as those of agriculture, forestry and public health, nevertheless, the two agen- FEDERAL PACKING CO. 'hone 746 213 North Federal WE DELIVER $1.00 ORDERS [Turkeys ib. 12c young Chickens Quarter £ Beef Hal£-a-Hog Round, Sirloin BeeE Roast . Oysters . . . Pork Roast . Open Friday and Saturday Evenings Whit e Front Grocer y W. J. PARROTT (owner) 211 North Federal Ave. Former Location of Plggly Wlgfjly Store No. 1 ILIMALENE, large -size 18c 0 MULE TEAM BORAX, large size 28c OFTO TOILET TISSUE, 6 rolls 25c [ills Dale Bartlett Pears, 2 Ige. 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The terms of the resolution, then, 11156 the demands of the people, open the way to a study of all phases of conservation and development. Correspondingly, the conservation plan survey has reviewed the entire field and reduced it to those elements which have the moat vital and most direct bearing upon human living in Iowa. The plan correlates and makes specific and concrete the otherwise scattered vague requirements and proposals in fields ranging all the way from certain aspects of soil erosion control to song-bird sanctuaries. It recognizes three divisions or points of attack, the economic, the scientific and the recreational. Has No Limit. So there is no limit to the range of the conservation plan except that of usefulness and practicability. But In the whole plan there is definite recognition of the critical limitation of finance. It has been assumed, In fact, that no money would be available to use under .the guidance of the plan that would not be available without any plan. Thus, the direct purpose of the plan 5s to make those funds go much farther than would be possible without an orderly program. Viewed in another way, however, the money available for conservation, measured as above indicated, is ludicrously small and the total runs approximately 20 cents per capita a year for all phases of con servation work. Certainly, conservation In Iowa, with its enormous economic and humanitarian values has been greatly under financed in proportion to other lines of activity. Lyle L. Davis Gets Master's Degree at Iowa State College Lyle L. Davis, Mason City, was among those who received master's degrees at Iowa State college at the exercises which marked the completion of the fall quarter. Dr. R. M. Hughes delivered the commencement address. Fifty-one bachelor of science degrees were · conferred, 17 from the division of agriculture, 20 from the division of engineering', 6 from the division of home economics and S from the division of industrial science. Fifteen master of science degrees and nine doctor of philosophy degrees were conferred. North Iowa students receiving degrees of bachelor of science from the division of agriculture arc: Raymond W. Hagie of Clarion, Carl P. Hertz of Laurens. Master's degrees were also conferred upon A. J. Marken of Hampton. CHRISTMAS SPECIALS FILLED COFFEE CAKES, each lOc DOUGHNUTS, dozen lOc MINCE and PUMPKIN PIES, each 15c FRUITCAKE 25c TEA BISCUITS, dozen 6c IRISH BREAD, loaf IOc CARAWAY RYE BREAD, loaf lOc PURITY BAKERY 316 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. PHONE 80 Buehler Bishop Groceries and Meats -- Phone 2071 -- 1S83 North Federal CRANBERRIES, fancy, 2 Ibs CELERY, large, fancy LETTUCE, solid heads, 3 for ........ DATES, new crop, Ib. PEANUT BRITTLE, Ib. 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Private Service to Be Held Friday for Clyde Stilwell, 54 A private funeral service for friends of Clyde Stilwell, 54, who died at a local hospital Tuesday following an accident at th2 American Beet Sugar company plant, will be held at the Randall funeral home Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The Rev. David L. Kratz, pastor of the Church of Christ, will he in charge of the services. The I. O. O. F. lodge will hold a short serv- "ce at the grave. Burial will be in Memorial park cemetery. Fellow workmen will be pallbearers. Surviving relatives of Mr. Stil- welt are his wife, Ivadell, daughter, Ruth, and two sons, Vernon and Norman. Sir Humphy Davy isolated the metallic element, calcium. Ducks-Geese Chickens - Turkeys ALL DELICACIES FOR CHRISTMAS A FULL LINE OF GROCERIES Lawrence Grocery 402 Twelfth St. N. W. 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