The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 20, 1937 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1937
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

~i -*~*--£~JP-* i - »_ i 1 -- FIVE MASON r.TTY fiLOBE-GAZETTE. JANUARY 20JB1937 Reports $1,679,005 in Claims Against Sinking Fund Paid DES M01NES, yp)--State Treasurer Leo J. Wegman reported Tuesday that §1,679,005 In claima against the state sinking fund were paid o£f during the last six months of 1936, and predicted tha all outstanding claims probably will be paid oil in the next thre ^Approximately $9,000,000 claims still are outstanding. Wegman said that if paymen in the next three years continue as expected, it will be virtually tl lirst time the sinking fund 1 been out o£ the red since the sml ing tund law was passed in 192*. The fund is made up oE mtere paid by banks on public deposi payments by closed banks an beer taxes and is used to ram buvse public bodies such as citi schools and counties lov mon bed up in closed banks. Cow Not a Machine, Just Ordinary Beast, Says Court HONOLULU, (DP)- Whether not cows are contented is the ast oE dairymen's worries in a \VHh one adverse decision al- ady against them, dairymen ave the problem of proving that ie cow is more than just an 011 . i u,-,f ,-| ic a milk i in ... ...u.. j -- mary animal--that it is a milk reducing machine. It doesn't affect the cows mud ne way or the other. They stil et their hay and are milked twice day. But lor the dairyman th act his cows have been ruled am mals and not machines is costin lim solid cash. The trouble started when th government disallowed a $G8,4b deduction in excise lax computa tions by Robert Hind, Ltd., 3 The dairy sued for that allou ante, asserting that the dcductio was tor "rain and molasses led the cows. Expert testimony \y , . · . _.**,,,^,,-,4 in Hotormi DON'T SCRfttCH SOOTHE THE IRRITATION .eht in ar ' o! grain and nerely to sustain life. ·'From the evidence," wrote As ociate Justice James J. Banks, i s impossible to tell what, if any, | art of the special foods were in- orporated into and remained in he product (milk) dealt in by the 3 -There isTvast difference be- ween the cloth going into a suit of clothes, or even grain going into nachinery o£ a brewery, and material fed the cows. "Although . . . a cow often is called a milk Pvoducing machine 'attempt to dctermin [·ailed a mint pruuu^me inuv.»....-i it differs substantially from what is ordinarily called machinery an that nothing need be led to a machine to maintain it in working condition, while a cow requires food to keep it alive even it it | does not produce anything. . He sustained the government in disallowing the deduction. I France Fears Population Loss asBkihrateDrops New Campaign Launched 1 ' Quick relief from the maddening itch o£ eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, and irritation about the rectum or personal parts is obtained by applying an ointment called Resmol. Leave it on over night. It lessens the desire to scratch, and eases the irritation. . _ . . The soothing effect of Resmol talces the stins out of the irritated ·parts and makes you comfortable. The sMti heals sooner, too, with the help of Resinol. . The oily base of Rcsmol Ointment is ideal for penetrating the outer layers o£ the skin and secur- ins deeper action. Bathing the affected parts first with Resmol Soap hastens the effectiveness of Resmo Ointment. Many nurses suggcs and use Resmol -- why d o n t you "Buy Kesinol Ointment and Soa in any drug- store. For free sani v \e, -write to Resmol, Dept. 4, Bal timore, Md. for Larger Families in Nation. PARIS, (.f)--France today loots forward with fear as a declining ii-th rate seems likely to fall till Tower during the next lew ecades, while at the same time he possibilities of war are rising. There is a popular French, say- ng that sums the situation in their eyes (50,000,000 compared to France's | 40,000,000. Depression Darkens I'icturc Since the depression hit France, the excess of births over deaths have registered the lowest in ·re-- cent history. If the present trend continues, e x p e r t s announce, France will be reduced to a population of only 29,000,000 in 19B5. Moreover, every Frenchman feels ,, _ i ,_!_ country will face a that date, and he| 1 war before ·es: . "A country with a falling population attracts the invader. Moreover the fear is more directly centered in discussions pointing to Germany as Irencu vital statisticians announce figures showing that Germany s birth rate had fallen more sharply than France's before the ascendency ol the nazis, but since then has begun to soar. Today Germany counts roughly a population of war oeiorc uui u^Lt, "··- ··- knows that the population will go down even more sharply then. I When some problem "'·""" arises France" an" association always is created to remedy it. Births are no ^ ^^^ try to m SUPERB SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY THURSDAY JUST RECEIVED -- These Beautiful New Ladies' House Slippers, just in time for DOLLAR DAYS. All attractive colors and sizes. Specially Priced at Only Kinney's Full Fashioned Ringiess The outstanding sheerness and beauty of this hose can only be found at much higher prices. Reinforced at points of wear and strain. Reduced From 59c Per Pr. Stylish Shoes fo.r Women Every Pair Reduced. Big Selection. A I 1 leathers, all heels. Blacks, Browns. All Sizes. 37 an d $ BIG SELECTION Children's Shoes. Leather Soles LeaVher insoles. They're all Bargains. li 6 I lalion Began a cami'mB" TM "·;. stimulate Frenchmen by pomun= out their duly and by asking the government and employers to I remedy economic causes for a declining birth rate. . "A nation without babies is a nation condemned to death, the league proclaimed. "If things go on as they are today, in 50 years we will have lost half of our population and France will be finished as a nation in the modern world. Grope for Ilemedy It is clear thatUhc French are on the defensive m tackling this problem of population. They know that the roots of the problem go back to the war, but they do not know how to remedy it. One thing is clear, (he war broke up the traditional French family life, lorcecl millions of widows and unmarried women into the factories and government posts, and naturally cut down at once the possibilities of motherhood. Since then other hundreds or thousands of women have been forced out of the home to supplement (he constantly falling wages of their husbands and menfolk. The mothers of France refuse to rear large families any more, the depression has made a bad situation worse, and the danger of war has made it a national calamity. In principle the French always have accepted the idea that workers with large families should receive additional pay according to the sivce of the family. Heads of families holding government posts today are paid S30 a year for the first child, 515 for the second, $92 for the third, $115 for the fourth and so on. · . Industry Not in Step What annoys the League Against Depopulation and many of the French political parties is the fact that in business and industry family allowances are three or four times less and in many cases give nothing for the first and second children in a family. In an economy where the producers are all consumers, prosperity naturally rill run into a blind alley, they ay, and announce that compul- ory family allowances in all inns try form one of the requisites f recovery. . . Leon Blum, as prime minister, once said: "The Tbirlh of a baby in a poor or modest family should no longer remain a piece of bad luck, which condemns the whole , faim , 1y TM° more poverty, and bad health. We agree that women's work should not be a necessity and that the wages of any worker should be enough to take care of the whole family." But devaluation, rising prices continued business stagnation and the imminence of an European conflict do not give much hope that anyone will be able to solve this problem soon. Rochman Heads Company. , BR1STOW--Stockholders of the West Point Mutual Telephone cnnpany held the annual meeting in the opera house Wodncsclav afternoon and elected: President William Bochman: vice president, Lester L. Eberline; secretary, Darwin A. Ncwbury; treasurer, Chris F. Mencken. Longest Aulo Bace Arranged. SYDNEY, (UP)--A course of 8500 miles around and through the wilds of Australia is being laid out for the Round Australia Car contest which will be one of the leading sports features of the Commonwealth's Sesqui-Contcn- ary celebration in 1938. It will be the longest race of its kind ever attempted. Prize money will total $40,000. Sea Scouts Get Boats. BOSTON, (UP) -- The U. S. Coast Guard station here recently gave two patrol, boats to Boston Sea Scouts for scout training and activities. The transfers were made possible by a special act ol congress. WINTER BARGAINS OF THE YEAR! BUft-^ - ·«=· -- Sideand Bottom Borders ! Tailored FailfS Value! pr . We'll wager you've never seen values like these! We have to clear our racks for the arrival ol our early spring coals-so here's your chance to have a good coal for very l i t t l e ! Novelty woolens, tweeds, fleeces, plaid-backs! Not every size in every style--so come in early'- Ensy to hiing-- loop tops woven on. Plain and rou^n weaves. 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