The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 8, 1934 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1934
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTfc MARCH 8 FEULING STATES 3 POINT TAX LAW TO AID PROPERTY Will Be Replacement If Law Is Up to Expectations of Legislators. NEW HAMPTON, March 8.--The cost of operating the state government of Iowa will be met with a general property tax after next January, if receipts from the new three point tax law come up to expectations of the general assembly, according to E. J. Feultog of New Hampton, chairman of the democratic state central committee. The legislature has given ·the state what many tax experts regard as a model law, Mr. Feuling' continued. He said lawmakers estimated the measure will raise 520,000.000 annually and the law itself as sponsored by Gov. Clyde Herring's administration specifically provides the new revenue shall shall be used to replace general property tax. "The change," Mr. Feuling asserted, "is the first successful attempt to generally equaliza the tax burden since Iowa's general property tax system was Inaugurated in 1853. : Income Starts Soon. "When the new law is to full operation, the retail sales tax alone is expected to produce from 15 to 16 million dollars annually; the personal net income tax, $3,500,000, and the business tax on corporations, $500,000. "Heretofore, more than 96 per cent of state and local taxes have been raised by the general property. tax and less than four per cent from moneys and credits. The new law, by taxing personal and corner-, ation incomes . and retail sales: makes- it impossible for intangible wealth to entirely escape its share of the cost of government. : "The- income and corporation taxes- have been made effective as of Jan. 1, 1934, but no revenue will be received from these sources until early, in 1935 when returns' for the present year must 'be filed. The retail sales tax will become effective April 1--less than one month hence--and the income will start almost immediately as retailers must report their business volume and pay the state accordingly every three months. Will Aid Belief. "After a moderate administrative fund is created, the first $3,000,000 collected under the new law will be set aside to meet tha federal government's requirement for dollar- for-dollar assistance in state welfare and relief work. Thereafter, beginning Jan. 1; 1935, a sum not to ~ 'fcxceeil ?6,000,000 a year will be tafeen .' ftorn-the new revenue and paid into the general fund of the state. This $6,000,000, together with the other state revenues expendable for such purposes, is to pay all items of general expense of the state government and practically do away with a state levy. "All other money received under the new tax law .will be apportioned annually beginning July 1, 1935, among the 99 counties of the state on the basis of assessed valuation of property therein. The county treasurers will then re-apportion the money directly among the taxpayers. Time UUnlt Set. "The retail sales tax is actually an emergency measure as shown by the fact that the legislature has specifically directed that it shall ceass on April 1, 1937. Under this division of the new law, every retailer selling tangible personal property must do so with the understanding that 2 per cent of his gross receipts over every three month period is charged for, collected as and payable to .the state as a retail sales tax. Gas, electricity, water and communication service and admission .to places of amusement and athletic events, as well as articles commonly purchased in stores or from retailers, are subject to the 2 per cent tax. "The tax is applicable to any sort of transfers, exchange or barter, conditional or otherwise. "Exceptions to the retail sales tax HE TELEPHONED WHITE HOUSE! Sylvester riarrii;, iicgro ot Jtxnvndes county, Miss., has pienty to be happy about. Recently he telephoned President Roosevelt In a plea to save his home from mortgage foreclosure, and » few days later an extension was granted on the mortgage. Here's Sylvester, with his mule, In front of his farm house near Columbus, Miss. (Associated Press Photo); are sales of tangible personal property which the state is prohibited from taxing by constitutional provisions or federal statutes, transportation services, sales for the performance of contracts on public works executed prior to the taking effect of the law, and tickets to public fairs and educational, religious and charitable activities providing such receipts are expended for educational, religious and charitable ·purposes. Credit will be allowed retailers on sales of tangible property upon which the state now imposes a special tax whether in the form of license tax, stamp tax or otherwise and also on gross receipts represented by accounts found to be worthless and actually charged off for Income tax purposes. Time Contracts Considered. "Special provision is made foi payment by retailers of the sales tax on time or conditional sales contracts. Retailers will not be required to pay the tax on any transaction which is nullified by the customer's return of any article for credit 01 cash. "In a sense, every Iowa retailer will serve as an emergency tax collector during the period the sales, tax is in effect. This responsibility was literally given retailers, by the legislature when it provided that it shall be unlawful for any retailer to advertise or hold out or state to the TEN CENTS A WEEK is that a big price to be SURE of your Hair? 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PEOPU'S GAS AND ELECTRIC CQMBWJY public or to any consumer, directly or indirectly, that the tax will be assumed or absorbed by the retailer or that it will not be considered as an element in the price to the consumer, or if added, that it or any part thereof will be refunded. "Furthermore, the law says retailers shall, as far as practicable, add the tax or the average equivalent thereof to the sales price or charge and when added such tax shall constitute a part of such price or charge, shall be a debt from consumer or user to retailer until paid, afid shall be recoverable at law in the same manner' as other debts." Move Near Kouan. DOWS--Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Ingraham and the Henry Riggan family moved from farms near here to Rowan. The John Freese family moved from Iowa Falls to the Flem- triing Evans farm. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Carpenter, who recently returned from wintering at St. Claire, Minn., moved to a house on the Richard Bessman farm.'Jim. Roosa, Howard Graham and Mrs. Hilma Ecklund moved on to a farm near Palo. Meet at Chehock Home. PLYMOUTH--Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chehoek entertained the Farmers Wives and Daughters club at dinner Wednesday at.their home 2% miles northeast of town. Those on the program were Mrs. Boyd Hodson, Mrs. Frick and Mrs. J. Heemstra. LIQUOR BOARD TOURS IN EAST Manley and Other Members of State Commission to Visit Canada. DES MOINES, March 8. IrB-- Iowa's newly appointed liquor commissioners left early today, for a tour of eastern states and Ontario, Canada, to study administration of liquor laws. They planned to visit Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania .which have liquor laws similar to the state operated store system planned for Iowa. H. M. Cooper of Marshalltown was elected. chairman of the Iowa commission before the trip. Dick R- Lane of Davenport and Bernard Manley of Mason City are the remaining members. Their appointments were confirmed late yesterday by the senate, which took no formal action on the appointment of an executive secretary for the commission. W. H. Millhaem, former Des Moines newspaperman, has been mentioned as the most likely candidate for the executive secretary- ship. · Several Belmond Men Announce Candidacies for Three Elections BELMOND, March 8.--Several local persons have made known their intentions Jo enter the political field. John D. Baker and A. W. Smith have announced their candi- daci-33 for supervisor for this district. S. U. Leinbach, a farmor and former local pastor, has also come out for supervisor. Mr. Baker and Mr. Leinbach are · seeking nomination on the republican ticket and Mr. Smith, present supervisor, on the democratic ticket. City politics have also warmed up the past few days. Two men have made announcement of their race for mayor. They are, C. N. Hildebrand who is the present mayor, and H. G. Nordschow who has included the names of his councilmen in his announcement. They arc: John Greenlander, Sidney Swenson, F, L. Mortimer, .Ray Brewer . and C. J. Papousek. The local election for the Independent school .district will be held. W. H. Trafford has announced his candidacy for re-election to the board, and Dr. A. M, Nelson has come out on the opposing ticket* Dr. H. L. Gowdy is the only candidate to succeed himself as treasurer on the school board and so far has co opposition. Has Operation on Eye. DUMONT--Miss Lydia Bennett, 1G, daughter of Mrs. Nellie Bennett, had an operation on her left eye at the University hospital Wednesday morning. She had been blind for almost a week and an operation was necesary to save the other eye. Life is simple- You just spend 20 years getting an equipment of habits and then coast.--Cedar Kupids Gazette. Army Officer Dies of Polo Injuries SAN ANTONIO, Texas, M«rc6 8. UP)--Col. 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