Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 30, 1935 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1935
Page 12
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TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 30 1935 LARGER RECEIPTS SEE SHARP BREAK IN HOGS PRICES TUMBLE 25 TO 35 GENTS $11. 35 Top at Chicago 90 Cents Below Peak Set This Month. UP)-- The prices in CHICAGO, Sept. 30. sharpest break in bog weeks today accompanied the largest receipts in a month. Hogs tumbled 25 to 35 cents below Friday's average here and showed even more pronounced downturns at some outside markets. The best price paid hern early was $11.35, which brought one load to a yards trader. This was 90 cents below the 19.15 peak price established early in September. For- .the first time since the accumulation of receipts following the Labor day holiday, producers were able to muster 10,000 hogs In the local yards. Half of these belonged to packers who ordered them direct. However, killers looked to the offerings in the seven principal mid- western market* as a whole. The seven markets, including Chicago, had a total of 37,200 hoga compared with 33,300 a week ago and 69,600 a year ago. A liberal run of cattle tended to weaken prices in this market a!so, With 20,000 fresh animals on hand, buying was slow In the cattle pens. Scattered sales on strictly good and choice kinds was about steady but the general undertone was weak to 25 cents lower. The early top for steers was $12.85. Fat lambs were slow and indications were that prices for these would move 25 cents or more lower. Most bids and a few sales on na- tivea were at 59 down. Mason City Livestock MA BON CITS', Sept. 30.-HOGS Forty centi lower. Good llRht lights 140-160 Good lights 160-181) Good lights 180-200 Good llKht butctiers .. 200-220 Good light butchers .. 220-2MI Good metl. wt. Initch'i 250-290 S 8.60- 8.85 t 9.6.1- fl.SS * n.9n-io.-:o J10.10-10.40 J10.10-10.111 S S 9.Ml- 9.80 J 0.10- O.'IO $ 8.80- 8 UO S 8.3.V b.»5 S 8.10- S.40 J 7.00- 8.10 hop market Good hy. butchers . .. 200-:tM Good pr. hy. butchers 350-100 Good pacHlnK HOSVS .. 27-3M Good heavy sows 3.10-425 Good big hy. sows 425-500 Good big hy. sows 550 and up (The above Is a 10:30 truck for good anil choice hogs. The (Utterance In price Is lor short and lon« haul hogn.) CATTLE Steer*. Choice WOU-HOU Steers, choice 1000-1200 Bleere, med. to good 1100-HOO Steers med. to B ood BOO -1100 Sleen; com. lo med 900-1100 Heifers, (rood to choice Heifers, medium lo good .... Helfert. common to medium -Cows, good to choice- ...... fair to cood cutlers canne.n ....heavy light CalYM. gd and choice 130-19U Calves, med. to good 130-190 Calve-. Infer, to com. 130-190 LAMMS Yearlings, food to choice 70-SO Yearling!!, med to good 70-80 YearlliiES tali to medium . Culls . . ... . Lambs, good to choice I . n m b s . medium lo good Lambs, fair to medium Culls BucK lamhs Jl lea«. No dock on lambs. Qunlallons subject to market rluctuatlons Cows, Covr«. Cows, BulU, Bulls, 70-»0 | 9.00-10.90 s t 7.00- * 6.00- i.OO 1 5.00- 6.110 * T.50-" t 5.50- 7.50 t 4 r0- . 50 t 4.50 J 3 AO- 4.60 I 3.00- 3.60 t 2 60- 3.00 * 4.2V 4.75 * 3 50- 4.25 t 8.00- 8.50 $ 7.50- 8.0(1 S 7.50 down I6.2S-R.BO S:i.2 5-4,25 S3.25-4.2S S3 £b d'-wn J7.0(l-7.5fl SU.IH1-7.0H .55.00-8.(10 $1.50 dawn CM1CAOO MVEHTOfK CHICAGO. 1 Sept. 30. (/Ti--U. S. d e p a r t - ment of agriculture-- IKMJS 10,000, Including 6.000 d i r e c t : early trading slow, 25 to 35 cents under Friday's average: bulk Rood nnil choice 1BO t'i 230 Iba. early J11.10»i)ll.25; one loml S1I.35 to yards t r a d e r ; under weights downward from $11: b u l k desirable packing sows J9.65fi9.85: fo'Jd plg.t Hround $10.BO. OATTI.K 2^.000; calves 2,501); very little don- on early rounds; scattered sales strictly good and choice steers and yearling abom s t u a d y but general undertone weak to 25 cents lower: all cows tenulni; lower; hulls slow, but about steady; vealeis H t e a d y ; utockers and feeders opening steady with last week's close; top steer* J12.85: choice heifers $11.-10; top bulls S5.75; selected veal «rs jlO.w. K I I K E P 14.000; fat lambs slow. Indications 25 c f n l s and more lower; most bkts and few f.»k-s native lamlw J9 down: best held arrmntl S9.25; westerns as yet u n s u l r i ; sheep weak; few slaughter ewes S2.75'ii 4. SIOUX ('ITV I.lVKSTOt K. SIOUX CITY. Sept. 30. (.71--U. S. depart- m e n t of a g r i c u l t u r e -- CATTT.K 8.500; oteurly to 2.'ic h i g h e r ; alters JlO.OSSi 10.76; cows f-1.2.1 Si .V25: cutter grades S3.50514. HOGS 3.000; 18-25i: lower; top $10.50; ISO 1o 2SO Its. tlOlf 10.35: 150 to ISO Ibs. 59.50 f ; i l O : sows S9'J 9.10. SlIEKr 7.000; 1,270 t h r o u g h ; lambs 2!c I'jwer at 4S.7r down. OMAHA I.IVESTOfK O M A H A , Sept. 30. (,7'i--U. S. - I r p n r t m e n t of a c r t c u l u i r e -HOGS S.OOO; 10 to 25 cents lower; 1H5 to 230 Ibj. S10.40fi'10.00; top Sld.ftri: 2M to .27(1 Ibs. $10.2.ViTIO.fiO; 270 to 30(1 Ihs. SIO^J- 30.36; sows tS.OO'iS. CATTLE 18.500; calve.! 1.SOO: sternly: steers and yearling J B f p r l l . R . p ; cows JI.SIW 5.25; cutter prades I3.3.'p'rl; bulls S + .75 5; \eilers *8. S1IKKP 15.000; 2.SOO direct: 25 cents lower; lambs $S.50fj 3.75. Hog Markets SOI;TH ST. PATI, MVKSTOCK aoij-ni ST. PALM,, sept. so. /n-- u. d e p a r t m e n t of agriculture -- \TTl.r. 10.00ft; calves 1.700: wealc to Inwer; steers 55!i7; h e l / r r s J.'p.M d o w n ; t''w $4.25; vealer* I B t T S or m':re. HOGS 2.700; 1ft lo 25 cent! lower; J10.75; 170 to 210 Ibs. JlO.Mi n l O . H I i : to ssn ib«. }\n-i!ia.:,n- KOWH ss.z.vno.s.'i SHEl'.r 32.000: talking 50 cenla lower · ales. MinWKST HOGrl Hog prices at midwest markeU Monday: WATt:HLOO-- Hogs 25 to 30 cents l o u e r ; Kood lo choice 140 to 160 Ibs. Jg.76(j.9.u5; 160 to 16(1 Ibs. $S'ii'9.3j; ipJO to 170 Iba. $9.10539.70; 170 to 180 Ibs. »8.90(^10.10; ISO to 200 Ibu. J10.154iilO.15; 200 to 250 Ibs. $10 254(10.55; 25., lo 270 Ibs. J10.10pfflO.40; 270 to 200 Ibs. i9.9UirlO.20; 2»0 U) 325 lb«. lO'ti 10; 325 to 350 Ibs. J9.5008.80; pack- Ing sows 27A to 3JO Ibs. J8.75Sil.05; 425 to 550 lt3. J8.25S 8.55. ('Kl).tK HAI'lIM--Good hogs 160 to 160 Ibs. J 9 . 2 5 S J J u . M , 160 to 170 Ibs. J9.60«| 9.75; 171) to 180 Ibs. J9.80UaO.10; 180 to 190 IbH J10.20il 10.45; 190 to 250 Ibs. J10.a« 4jl0.f,5; 23(1 to 270 Ib3. J10.2»pJJ/10.45; 270 In 290 Ibo. jl!)'rflO.'J5; 290 to 325 Ibs. J».80 SflO.05; 326 to 350 Ibfl. S9.55lJ-10.80; goud packers 275 to MO lb». J8.90S|'1».15; 350 to lb«. f8.10MS.95; 425 to f,,,0 Ibe. J8.505(l 8.75: hOO I I P 5fiU IhH. $((.304; 8.65. OTT1M\V,\ 20c lower; HO lo liO Ibs. S£'? 9-M; 150 lo 160 IDs. S9.30'|V9.BO; Irtd to 170 UPS. S«.7D'1'10; 170 to 180 1IH. JlO'a. 10.30; ISO to Mil ll«. J10.25'r('lfl.55; 21X1 1J iSO llw. » l f ) 35'U 10.h6; 250 lo 270 Ibs. $1025 ®10.55; 270 1" 190 Ibs. J10.05S-10.35; 2!)0 to 350 IbB. 59.756(10.05; 350 to 400 Ills. JU.35rj» 9.65; packers, 275 to 350 Ibs., J8.85W8.25; 350 10 425 lha. J8.70(a9; 350 to 425 lb«. 5B.701J!'; 42. 1 ! lo 450 Iba. J8.50tf8.80. AUSTIN--}ln!« me lower; Kuod lo choice 180 to 200 lli». $10.20i 10.50; 200 lo 250 Ibu. Jll).:t5}j/10.n5; 250 10 270 Ibs. J9.95(ft. 10.25; 2BO lo 3SO l!i». J9.55fia.H5; p a c k i n g sows good all weishlB $8.05'B9.05. B. top no KANSAS CITV I.IVKSTOf K. K A N S A S C I T Y , Rifil. 30. 1,T--U. S. de- fmrtrnrnt of a f r r l r t t l t u r r -- HOG.S 3,500; "20 tllrecc; very o n e v e n . early sales to shippers 15-25c lower t h a n K r l - riay's average: Ist^r t r a d e to pttckers]y o f f ; top flO.80 on choice 2-1(1 Ibs.; REAL ESTATE LOANS A liberal wipply of Life Insurance Com puny and prlv»t« money available for Farm Ioann and choice Mason City Residence Loan*. Prompt ·ervice. Small expense. Interest. Hugh H. Sheperd Ml -MS I. O. F. Building Own* 2M Mawm City, Iowa COMHlNKIt HOO DBS M O I N K H , Sept. 30. Ufl--U. 8. d«- parlmcnt of agrlcullure-- Combined hog reccLpli at 32 concentrallon yarcla and 9 packing p!nntH localerl In Interior Iowa anil tumthern Minnesota f n r the ·1ft hour period ended at 8 a. m. today w e r e 19,200 compared wllh 13,200 a week ago am! 27,200 year ago. Uneven and vi-ry alow, mostly 25-I10o lower' llian *»r!y Salilrrtay; «pom oft 10-20c, t ' t h n r H 35-jSu lower all weights; loading Indicated fairly liberal compared wllh other recenl o p n n t n g day4 nf Ihe- week. Quotntlonn follow: Light I l K l i t a 140 to 160 Itw. good and choice S8.7upjj9.HO; llRhl welRhtu IBO to TRO lti». W.fiOiU'lQ.U; 180 in 200 lb». J10.1.1?! 10.00; m e d i u m w e l K h t n 200 lt 2M lb». J10.2SfiHQ.n5; 22(1 to BftU lh». J10.25JJ 10.63; heavy welt:ht» 2,M to 2U lljs. Sl'.POW 10.6ft; 2011 to 3r.ll Ins. J«.,",0into.Hi; packing «ows 273 to 3Sn Ihs. good S8.70W 0.20; 5^0 In 425 lt». $8.45fr9; 12.1 to Mil :bJ. 48,20'0'8.aO. early vales good to choluo 180 lo 250 Ibs. lo Jilllppers SlO.aOft.lO.TS; lain r l r i i d c on 270 Ibs, and down lo packers mostly $10(fj'l0.50; heavier weights n c u r c i r . milhiiu lu Rood 140 to 100 1IB. SOfaUO; sows $S.OO'iJ».25; stock [ilK* 50-75c lower at $8.50 down. CATTI.K 19,000; calves 3.MO; kllllnc clasnes nf cattle slow, Indications steady to 25c luwl'r w i t h most decline on short fed weslern steers: vealerx steady; stockers and fiicderfl elendy lo strong with last week's close; spots h i g h e r ; hem (ed steers held up to ill.50; »plu:[*'(l vealers J O ; bulk stockern nnd fefldcrs $5.7513-7.75; nholco y e a r l l n x slorlters 5S-25; stock aleer calves up to Sfi.50. SIIIIKI- r,500; run Includes BOO throuKh, s l n i i c h t c r lumbi steady; sheep strong; choice, 7H Ih. rnnRO I n m h s $9.25; riest n a t i v e s 5S.75; most sales JS.riOTf8.75; range ewes $1.10; f e e d i n g lamhs fS.60. M VKSTOCK KO H K CIA ST. CHICAGO, Sept. 30. i.^r--Official c u l l m a t ed receipts tomorrow: Cattle 7,000; hORs 10.000; ntli-ep (1,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO. Scpl. 30. I.TI--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of agriculture--Reprencmallve salca: HOT.S. l.lKhls-- 30.30 rtl 103 10.KO 10.85 Heavy-9 311 17 302 31 280 Mediums--27 242 39 224 82 218 70 201 11.15 111.00 .10. as 10. mi Steers-in 42 in 'J4 31 2n 22 1110 non 1200 nso 103fl 835 1015 R n n g e Lamb*-120 230 Nlltlvo 11 131 71 11 6 R3 83 M 85 S3 78 85 8.1 49 182 32 17,'. ·16 111 I 11.00 l.lRhl L l B h l H 11.15 38 155 in.50 U.-, r l 23 H4 10.2.'. 11.35 CATTI.K. Heifers-- 12.S5 311 822 11.-10 12.7T. 52 7TlO 10.75 12.50 27 7:13 10.:i.1 12. Oft 33 701 10.00 11.25 Ornvs-- 10.75 8 11 I B 5.7B 11.75 22 10«4 fl.25 B.OO 18 9«5 4.50 SHKKV. Y a r l l n g s -9.20 120 86 S.10 231 Sfi Slnuithter Ewes-0.10 n.oo B.ilO 8.75 s.mi 7.7. r 120 17 11 1 134 131 146 198 T.2S 7.0Q 4.2n 4.00 3. no 2.75 Business Notes RAILS UNSETTLE STOCK MARKET Firm Undertone Displayed by Automotive Group and Some Specialties. NEW YOHK, Sept. 30. (fP--A reak in New Haven railway issue* md a temporary unsettling effect n the stock market today despite a firm uhderstonc displayed by the automotive group and a number of specialties. New Haven Htmres dropped 2 to iround 3 points al their worst and he road's bonds lost between 2 and i. Both the stocks and bonds recovered partially in late dealings, but were still heavy. Shares of General Motors, Obi^s* er, Auburn, Borg-Wnrner, Brings Manufacturing, and Electric Auto- ..ite got up about a point each, ladio preferred B and Owens-Illinois gained 2 or so and Consolidated !!aa advanced more than a point. )u Pont, Case, American Telephone, Western Union, and Libby McNeil and Llbby were moderately im- roved. United Fruit lost 2, while Delaware and Hudson, New York Centra!, and Pennsylvania eaaed. The late tone was irregular. Trans- "crs approximated 1,500,000 shares. 3n Ua weekly review of b u n l n o N s utid f l - nanciril condltlcmn The WtxH SLrtret Journnl «ny«: . "Slnck5 were Inclined lo mark l i m n rtur the puat \veok a w n l t l n ^ c l n r l f l c n t l o n of tti» ford KH ^lt ant Ion. There w«.«i «n e v i d e n t desire to b u y , and ] K t I c e v l i . t f n r e of r n r m M H l i q u i d a t i o n overluiriRlnp t h e U N I . N evert lio- Itss, (ho u n r c r t n i n t i c s surroiinrtinf; (Iniincla m f t r l t f t t s . throiiRhnut t h o world ns well ns li Wall street, cnllrtf for a c a r e f u l n p p n i n r nnd volume of ( r a r t l n g t n p o r f d o f f matcrln.1 iy. "Special all nations In the 1tnlii"trl»l nett tlon of Ihe t n n r k e t m f t w i t h R f a i r l y a l r n n demand, n o t n l i l y A m ^ r h - a n Woolen, Celancsc t n ' l u s t r S n l Rayon nnd H n u m t j e r of r o a l n r r s of the. t e x t i l e liu.qlhenfl, ( n c l n r f i n K hoflliTj m a i n i f a t r t u r h i f f r.nrl relnll d i s t r i b u t i n g com nank's. M o t o r storkf w c r o tur.Uncd to re t u r n tn l?ie!r hl^h l» l vftT» for the year, re R a i n L T R part of the loflnt'a of the week he fore. ^fOVKMKNT OF .SCRAP CHECKI'n "Atonp thff en«ti?rn ncabnnrrl the m o v f m e d 1 of ttrrnp lo I t a l y wn« cht'i-koil hy war r t o u i l ? In f h f t M c d i t r r r a n e a t i , Japatirct- c o t i t r n r t u nre If.TKftly t a k e n care (^f nnd so fur J a j i a n purchasers and A m e r i c a n ri^alcrft have been able to pot t o p e l h e r very well on price for f i i ' n r r b;iatn*?B. " T i n p l a t c opt 1 rations c o n t i n u e d at arnunrt ."fl r"*r ci'nt of c a p a c i t y , r i ' f l t ' c t t n g ^"ftn.Hi d p r l t n a in d c m a n i l fnr pfii:kftr«t cans Cold ^·fiilhcr c.irly this m n n i h hf Iprrt n c r c i r r a t till.? seasonal d i p . nf cropa \vrri r e t a r d e d ani Ihe I o l a l p a r k rrducnl A n t l l c . Dt-niund for F l r e l f r i m the const nir t l o n fic-lrt WHS n l i t t l rnrn, uctlvp, h u t t h e railroads r r r n a l n r f nloof f r o m the m a r k e t . C o n t i n u e d good r n r Icn-1ir*p5. however, ralae^ hr»pr» of event ua ar.l drsplti rMfir. \VhJl- l n d u ? t n n ST(( KS H A C K V V A K I ) "RaMrrjar! c l o c k s were buck a n n t h e r we.'k ni xt,,t freight tr-v roftfla nerving rr.snufar.turlnp ami territories appeared in be m a k t r p p h o w f n p from H t r a f f i c s t a n i l p ' . ' l n t , and a f«!r a l l o w i n g niarkp?twl5\ the p r i l n and llvo rtop'k were n.'mev,hal heavy And heir t h f r a l l r u i t d Issues Mick. "l'iimie.« w e n ' f c H t v . r n l ly a iiioiiounce .wlbMk In Rttiml.irrt Gaa ami K l . T l r i r issuca fr.'.Uj-.vlnp t h e a n n o u n c p - m r ni t h a i thf. mm p i n y would r e o r g a n i z e i i r u l e r J ' T t l u n 77H Other n t i l i t l e f l w t r e I n l r l y atefvly "Th'! o f f i c i a l rntft of steal o p e r a t i o n s took i frar'.l'inal rebound and prip'.lurtiAn rue* In ·.irlnclpnl d i s t r i c t s held relatively steady. The tmme-IIMe. i i i t u r e or f t e e l Inn"! jirpirt w i l l rtp"n-1 -n t h r r a p i d i t y w i t h w h i c h new ruitomcMI* 1 , mnrfi-ln pet I n t o a r i i m l pr*1uc Ion Rome oh(perver.i foresaw a Krdiml tnrrc»si over t h e next fe.w w*«ks. Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. ftxatt Curb Market NF;w YOHK, Sept. 30. uv--Tlie c u r b mur- kn moved I n l o higher sronnil n h n r l l y u t t e r iipenliiK Inilny w l l h Kaln/i or rmetloriB l« norn Ihan 2 ml] pnlnls. Most sci'llons of tile I K I participated in Hie r l n e w i t h exception f snmo m i n i n g arid oil »hanrn. t r p J i i B l h XVILS ihnwn hy A l n s w o r l h , A l u m - ninn company of A m e r i c a . Clovclaiiil Klec- rlc IlliirnlnRtlnp,-. l l r l v e r - I I o rrls. MontKom- ry Wurrt. N i i y n r a H u i l n o n Power, rioncer Gold. P r a t t uiui i.jimtierl. H h e r w l n W l l l l a m a and S u n s h i n e M i n i n g . On Uio p l n w n n l d f were l.tiki sh-in- Mines [ n l e r i m l l o n a l Pi'troleuni, r i n l f oil Penn, B u n k e r I I I ] ! a r i d H o u t l i e r n . Wrlglit l l H r - ivi-a. S w i f t I n t f r n a t l c n a l and A m e r i c a n anhmld B. Bond Market pace NEW YOHK. Bept. 30. (.iv-Tho bond n m r - cet contlnucil In very narrow r a n g e price- wise todny. B a r r i n g special I n t e r c u t In a few widely scattered uroupn of Cp.rporatK claaairicivllon» t r a i l i n g WHS al a slow throiiRh the forenoon. Jtalln hail nuprx.rt In spots. Over the carrier Hat f\» a whole, however, traders moved cautiously. U. S. Government* were mill wllh values nwlnR l i t t l e chnnKt*. T r e n n u r y .II^K rf 1(112 Htnl Home Ownern t,oiin corporation 2-ls wvre .slightly luwur. Smiill miins \vure plr.ken up hy A m n r l c n n Sm(-ltln E .-in, si. Fuul 5fl. Columbia Onn anrt K l c c l r l c 5s. I n l t r n a l l o n a l Telephone 5s. N o r t h A m e r i c a n Tin. Smilhcrn Kallway al 4214. nnd U n l t K i l Drug As at n i i , i . Oecilnes r a n g i n g rrptn Vi to S p n l n l s appenr.vt In Chile Copper 5s. Krle' 5s Nat i o n a l Dairy I'roducU ai/ l 8 and VoimcMown Sheel und Tuhe S«. The Kurnpean ),i oc [n [he forelsn mlei! d o w n w a r d . | JU t losses w e r e heavy. IIONDS NEW YOUK. Sept. 30. (,T)~U. S. Rovcrn- m e n t hond* closed; Utierty Fourth i.4« (33-M) 100.11 Trennury 4 Ms 47-52 Treanury 4n 44-M 109.3J. Treasury :i-X,s .10-13 .lune 10U.12 Treasury 3 U s 4R-4! 102.28. Treasury 3s si-ss 102.8. Hides and Wool Quotations PurnlMied by Wolf Inc., 808 Fifth Street SoutlmesL .13.29 .. 7c ._ «c .. (Win Horiehldu ·OKCEN RCEr BIDES Up to 20 Ibs ........ _ .......... 25 to 45 Ids .................... Mor« than no Ibs. . ..... "" ~ Bull hides ................ -....."'."'.!!!'. ·Cured hides half cent more a pound (On abov« prtc« h a l f cenl h l R h t r lo wbol*- ial« dealers In wholual* lots. UOOI. M A I t K K T ^ nosTON._scpt. 30. (.T)--u. a. tcptmmsn' Prices wire f i r m In recent t r m i s i i c l l o n r or the I'oslon wool m a r k e l de»|illi' u a l n w e t i l e I h n n wart r e r e l v t i t two week* a«»i i R l n n l lltips n f s h o r t French combing am clothing 6'lii a n i l ( I n r r I n f e r i o r ( p r r l i n r v woo hioiiKht 70 to 72 cents sc-nureil Imsls.' Aver n ^ e t o n h o r i French comlHng 04s a n d f l n p l i T d l u r y wools nf good c h a r a c t e r sold al 7- ti 71 cents. A v e r a g e 12 monlhs Te.xns woo moved nt u round 7.-, c e n t s jicnure.i basis. Miscellaneous 1'OTATO M A R K E T . C l l I C A O O , SP-IH. 30. t.iv-i;. s. d f i m r t m e n PuUtoeK MO, i n t r n p - k 373. t o l a l u f h ' p m r n t a Saturiiny !K, .Suiulny -16; steadj Mi|p1l05 I l l i e r n l . d r n m n d n n d I r a i l l n u moil c r a t e ; unt'ki-d r f r c w l . l l ^ l n . ru.iKela U c No. i. j i . a r . - i i i.7r,r t;. s. Mo. 2, j i . i s ; \vi s conMn c o l i t i l o r n u. s. N.. 1 m o s t l y SOr round w h i l e s II. R. No. i r m n l l IPP m e d m r 70'p|'75c; M l n n p 5 p ) i n ivihlilcrs rmnmercliM 7Q i · ' S P r ; e a r l y Chips i - o m n i c r c l « l 72".p' Kr r l v r r 'Chins I!. 8. No. 1 fe ws;lles S2' c N o r t h -Daltpit'i cobblers T j . S. No, 1 mni'tl S.V; commercial 7 ? ' s i " !!e,l r i v e r OHi" m o K t l y 8.V; M i r T i l K n n (In rn m o u n t a i n * l i . f Ny. 1. Me: r o t i v r a . l o i r m m r l i s ( a i r n m . l l nnrt c o n i l i l p o n S I ; U ' u r . h l n s l . j n r u » » c t s U. S No. I, tl.55. N K W V O U K SI ( H R N K W v n i l K , K e p i . :'.i. 4 . i ' i Raw M was Billet early l n i l ^ % a n , I as ito .^nlo^ \ rr|vrl»Mt. prU-p K w e r e u n o h n n u e d ni 3 li f o r .ipots. F u t u r e * npeneii al a i H a i u ' e n of l point s y m p a t h y w i t h t h e continue.! » i e : i p | i n r s « Ihe ^ppt m a r k e r . Price i-hnnses wen- imr row and December. H U T f . e l l i n g i arly 2.fi9. r e n c l e d lo while. M n y ff-M o'fr from J.I9 to 2 . I S . or 1 p o i n t n e l h i g h e r to 1 1 iwer w i t h the marln-t nt m i d - d a y 'inlci anil n i l l n g firouni! l e v r l v I n refined w l ( h d r a w a l « were H K n i i i o( Illierai propurl u-ns a i v t p r l r i v v v r e uii- c h a n R e r i al 5.30 for f i n e K r i i m l l a l v . ] . IOWA I'l Ill.If t T t l . I T V V K K 1 STOCKS. Bid and d^He.l on Sept. 3u: Oil! St Kl 7 I«:t pfil (S'25 p u r ) Cern St I 1 * lj 7 pet pf t ] n M f i l m R pel pM (S.')0 pan .. D M Can 7 p:l pdl (j:0 par) . . I n t e r s t a t e j'ow 7 ret pfd Iowa Eler 7 pel p(d Iowa Klec 6Vi Jicl pfil lowit Kl Lt i Pow 7 pet pfd ... Iowa Kl Lt * Pow 6 pel pfd ... lnw» I'ow A Lt 7 pet pfd Iowa. I'ow * I.I 6 pel pfil Iowa Pub Scrv 7 pet p f n Ipiwn. Pub Serv 8 pe,t pfd ...... Iowa So Ut 7 net prd N W Bell Tel «K pet pr.l l United I.t »L Ry» 7 pet r f d United Lt Ik Rvs 6 ucl pfd r,:ii.j 7 Average Amount Spent at Candy and Confectionery Stores by the People of Each State For c«pi*« ·p*ndi4ur«s «t candy «nd conf«ctien*ry (ter»t Owe**) W*iniit9«of. D. Lot An)«!««.. Forest City High Earns First Victory in Years Over Belmond Grid Team FOREST CITY. Sept. 30.--Forest City high school beat Belmond'» Broncoea 13 to 0, for the first victory over the enemy school in five years. Both Forest City touchdowns came in the early part of the game. A Belmond punt was blocked on the second scrimmage, and went behind the goal line, where Forest City recovered for a touchdown. Nine plays later, an 85 yard sprint scored as Forest City picked up a Belmond pass on the home 15 r'ard line. Belmond threatened at Jie Forest City 13 yard line and the jame ended with the ban in Bel- nond'a hands on the home 8 yard marker: Forest City plays at Northwood this week-end. Stock List NKW YORK STCMJKS. NKW Y O R K , Sept. 30. Wt-- Mnal QiiutHtton*. Air deduction 149 Allegheny Hi A m e r can 141\i Am fc l«"or Pow 614 Vm row Lt 6% Am Smelt * He 48% Am Steel Fdrs 17 A. T 4 T 140 Am Sunar 5254 Am Tol B 104 Am Water Wks 18H Anaconda 20 A \tclUson 48^* All lief 21H A u b u r n 37 A v i a t i o n Corp 3% Baldwin Loco 2% O 15',4 Barns.lull 0% Bendlx 22% Beth Sll 38 Bordcnii '24 ·g AVarner 57 *A Burr Add 20 Canada Dry 8^i an Pac O 1 /^ Case 70 H lerro lie Pasco n8'/i hes ft 0 45 'A Chcs Corp 45 ht A N W 2',i : M a 1' » p 1 C M S P * P p(d 1 «, Chry.iler 72-1^ Col O ft E lli Comwlth So 1% Con Ons 27*^ Cons Oil 7T« Contl Can 86i Conll Oil Del ll»% Contl Ins 4 0 V ! Contl Wot 1ft Corn Prod 62 Vj Curllss Wright Deere p( ( | Ou Pont 26 'A K r o s t r 27 f» Ubbey O F Gl aa-)i Llg A My B 111 T Uoewn 44 Urlllard 2$V Maylag 12H McKexn A Rob 1% McK Rob pfd 42Vi El P'lw A Lt KTcejHirt Tex Ke.n Am Tram Gen Rice lien Mritors filllellc UObuI l,;ul(] Dust Goodrich Goodyear Graham Paige CH No prd at West Bug Hudson Mutors III Cent inl Har I n t Nick Can I T T Johns Man KounecoU 28 123^4. 13«'A 23 '.4 38',1 3314 32 {(, 4 R M 167!, 2 M 16-1k sy. ISli 2 2514 28 '.4 H14 30'A 75 24'D, Mid Cont Pet U K A T 110 Pac Mont Warrl Nanh Nail Blacutl Nat Cash Re A Natl Dairy Nail Distil Nat Pow fe Lt N Y C e n t r a l N Y N 11 * K No Am Mo Pac Oliver Farm Packard Penlck A Ford Penney Pcnn Phillips Pet Proc t Gam P u l l m n n R C A R K O Kcm Hand Rep Stl Rcy Tob B Roy Dutch. Seiim Roe Shell Union SUelly Hocony vac 80 Pac Si Brands Bt G A E St Oil Cal SI Oil Ind St. Oil N J Stew Wiirn atone 4 Web Studcbaker Texas Corp Texas Gulf 3ul Tim Roll Bear Union C u r b Union Pac U n i t Air U n i t Corp U S Gypanm U S Indus Alch U S Rubber U S Steel Wahash Warner Plx West El * Mrs Woolworth WrlBley Yel T r u c k 10% 3% I'A 32^ 15ft 31 A 17i4 18^ 30 OVi 24 'A 5 18 '}l 16 H 10 a 'A 70 82 4 27 'A 28 Id MK. 32 16*1 5-1 ·% 41 if, 5fi Vi «V4 11 11 18\S 13 V4 2 ft 32H 25 *3 14 H 7'i 183. 414 7114 4S 13 'A 4f 1« 7% 76 "A SI 79 C H i r A t i O STOCKS C H I C A G O . Sept. 30. CIlleB Service I-H N W Banco Hcllmaiin Br Co fl!i Swift Co Katz DrilK 33 S w i f t I n i l l l b b y MsNell SH U l l l l t y A Inrt N a t l Stand 3,'l Z c n l l h . M I N N K A I ' O l . I S STOCKS APOI.lS, Se|Pt. 30. OV)-- Slocks First Bank Htock l l ' Northwest Banco n u Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied t)j IwX.MSOIN BROTHEKS AND CO. MMon City Orflo: m BuKley- Btdg. Telrphone No. 1 DOW JONEfS A V U K A C i K S Ind». Knlls Dills Clwe Clt.lU :U.03 25.21 C I I I C ' A f i O STOCKS Rendlx C p i r p S'-'li Lib, MeN * Lib S\ H o r n - W a i n Cp 57 U M u r a l ; A11 Flclils 10 Wilier Bros S:, S w i f t * Co 1W Cord C.jrp 4',t S w i f t I n l l Co 20^i Key St A Wire 14 ! ,4 W B l R r e r n Co WV. NKW Y O R K Cl KH Am c;as *: Klec 31 'i A C y M n n m i i ! H '.M 1 /-. Am Sup Pow Co IS Ark Nat r.ns A 2 As lr *. lOlec A ii* Owl Corp Seng 28 Kl Bd i Share l'J-H Fonl Mo of Can 25 Knr.l Mo of K n j R ' « Itecla M l n l n K i l l i N K W YOKK STOCKS A l a s k a J l i n e a u 1514 I n t l Carrli Am Bank Note 2flH Am Cry Sus Co IS Am C * Fy Co 20'4 Am Roll'R Mills 35S Amer Metal Co 24 H Am Ra A S CO 17 Amer Tob Co 104 A r m c i n r A Co A 4 li! W n l k r r Co 25^ Hud B M A S i: N l a K Hud Pow 7-^i P e n n r o n d Corp 2VJ S O Ky Co 2(1% I J n LI A' Pow Co IS U t l l P A LI Co % t!f| H e m i n g w a y H r l K g s M f g Co I,\uli1 M f R Co M y e r s A M Co i - i i l l f Packlnn I ' A t e r p l l l a r Trac :oca Cola Co '··m Solvent* i M n l Oil I K T i njplahy P a c k i n g 40S ·url-Wrl Co A 8S pouRlM Alrc 30H :ivton M(g Co Klec Aiilo I.IU 1 ··:·!« R R CO H r « ' n « T A R-,; Mrst Na Stores 38 '» 31 J nilililrn Co i ; : N'pjrlh'n O r e HouKt n i l ( n e w ) Hupp Molor* CORN CLOSES AT TOP FOR SEASON and Wide Changes in Prices Attend Windup of Sept. Delivery. CHICAGO, Sept. 30. (/PI--Rapid and wide fluctuations in prices today attended the windup of deal- ng» in September delivery of corn. The market for September jumped n the late trading to exactly even ivith the season's topmost figures, rise of 2% cents a bushel from Saturday's close. Increased offer- ngs before the finish, however, tumbled the market back suddenly about 3 cents. Unexpected big recepts of corn :oday apparently prevented sharp- y higher prices. With a last minute rally, Sep;ember corn flurried at the season's ;op. The corn market as a whole closed irregular, % cent lower to 2 J /2 cents higher than Saturday's finish, September 84y 2 @85 cents; December f37V4@57% cents. Wheat to 2% cents up, December 9914 % cents. Oats at M cent decline to % cent advance, and provisions at 5 cents to 10 cents gain. CHICAGO GASH GRAIN. CHICAGO, Scpl. 30. /IP--Caah wheat. No. hard $1.23 v i ; No. 2 hard J l . 2 2 % ; No. 'I hard tough and wecvlly $1.19; No. I mixed SI.IB: No. 3 mixed 9 8 W e garlicky; corn. No. 1, mixed 82 / irS2',4c; No. 4 mixed Sic; No. 5 mixed 80',ic; No. 1 yellow 83c; No. 3 yellow 8H4384c; No. 3 yellow 81 ft©82He; No. 4 yellow SOfrSlc; No. 5 yellow SO'/ic; No. 1 while S2-fi 5f lie; No. 2 white 33'Ac; No. 3 while Inho btlllnR 28c, heavy 32}ic; regular 30Wc; No. 4 while 27®27»lc; sample grade 2«Vic; no rye, huckwheat or soybeans; barley nominal Iced 35S50c, malting S0(fr?78c; timothy seed ?2.00r?2.78 cwt.; clover need J l l . r j O S T l S cwl. Lard tierces {15.15; loose $15; bellies ns.25. Mason City Grain MASON CITY, Sept. 30.-Wo. 2 yellow shelled corn 70c No. 4 new corn, Oct. del 45c White oats. No. 3 23c Feeding barley 27-12c M O N D A V ( i R A I N CHICAGO, High WHV.A.T-- Uec Xay CO FIN-sort Dec May OATS-- Sepl Dec May RYE-Sept Dec May BAIU.EY-- Sept Dec L A R D -Sept Oct Dec J n n M n y » K!,I.IKS-- Sept O P K N flopl. 30. Low .99 14 .98 \ .85 .28 . .15.20 . . 1 t.SS . 5 1 ' 14.en 13.50 12.68 .28 '4, .27% .20 li 43- \ 1S.10 H.7S 13.80 12.35 12.60 18.1U Induflt Ktayon 33 K e l v l n a t o r Co 14S tvunliert Co 22 M, Liquid C«rh Cp .12 Mack Truck 22 ii Mnthleson A l k 31 Mr.Irfllan Storej 12\d Mex Seab'd Oil 28\ l ^ H M l n , Moline Imp 4 V4 M Motor Products 41K 49 No A m e r AvI 4 5i O t i s Steel Co 15\« I B 14 Ow«n I I I Ola»» 94 3. r i Park U t a h Cop 3\i ,12 H P l y m o u t h 0\ 245 Pub Ser nf N J 40% 52 Pure Oil Co TV, 1SH P u r i t y B a k e r y 3 B « , l O T i Reo Motorn 3% 3?'4 Blmmons Co l.T^ 80 Calif Kritaon 21% Sperry Corr, v , Tide Wa As Oil 8^ U S Smoller 101 Utll P A U A 2 H H V4 V u n a d l u m 1RH 14H Un Oas A Imp Jfl 4 R ' » Warren Bros ZH 16'/4 \'''-ii*rn ; ' y l d 7 , 37 Western Union 48^ J2T4 worth'n Pump 1S14 2Tt Younni 8 A T 23 M I . N N K A l ' O t . I S OR-A1N M I N N K A P f l L l S . Scpl. 30. !.T-- Wh«a S37 cars m a r k e t ; 1» c e n l h1(ther: csah. No I heavy dark northern Bprlns 80 lh«. |1.35jj .1.39; No. 1 nark northern spring 59 Ibs S1.33U11.S8, N«. 1 d a r k n o r t h e r n sprlnc 5S Ibs. J l . S l i f i 1.37; fancy No. 1 hard Montana H per cent protein $l.28V1.30; lo arrlv $1.2751 1.30; i;r«i1e of No. 1 rlark hard o No. 1 hard M n n t a n a winter H. 09® 1.20; IP a r r i v e $1.0flf! ; 1.19; f a n c y No. I hard ambe ilnrain S1.08H ''i 1.1H»4 : No. 1 red dunim 8 7 S i i S S % ; Sepi. *1.2«; Dec. J1.19; Wa ' C o r n -- No, Oala-- No. 3 y e l l o w 3 \ v t \ l t e 27S *V28 K A N S A M CITY GKAI.V. K A N S A S CITY. Sept. 30. C.V.--Wheat 22i rnri; \-2c hlKl'i'r; No. 2 d a r k hard $1.13\ No. 3 n o m i n a l l y J i . 0 4 f a l . 3 i ; No. 2 h n r f l 1 3 ' 4 f f l . 2 5 ; Xo. 3. Jl.lOVi',11.19H; No 2 red $1.06; No. 3. J1.03tj-1.05W. Com 18 c»r»: '..-Side lower; No. 2 while n o m i n a l l y 83V4fi S l - \ c ; No. 3 nominally S2H n83^ic; No. 2 yellow nominally S2»ic; No. 3 n o m i n a l l y 7S 1 ,} 'a'Rl\c; No. 2 mixed n o m i n a l l y " S ' i ' u S l H c ; NO. 3 nomln a l l y 7 7 H r 0 8 0 ? i . - . Oalu 13 cars; ' 4 c lower to '4c h i g h e r ; No 1 w h i t e n o m i n a l l y 3 : i i f t 3 3 " i c ; No. 3 nom inally OMAHA OR.VI.V O M A H A . Sept. JU. i.l'i-- Wheat. No. 1 dark hard J1.18',J 1.17; No. 1 n u r d »l.l.vj l. No. 2 hard J1.10H 1.10H. Corn, No. 3 white XOj; No. 2 yellow 7Bc Oatii, No. 2 w h i t e 2 D ' J c ; No. 3 white 28 {l28Vc; No. whll* 25c; No. white 3 feed 25c. *ampl» Produce MASON CITY, Sept. 30.-- Caab Quotations b.v EX O. Morse Cggs, current receipts 23c Springs, heavy breeds, 4 Iba. and up 15c Springs, heavy breeds, under 4 Iba. isc ^egaorn springs 12c ·leavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over. ...I5c Light hens I2c Cocks 8c Merchant* Quotations. iggs, in trade 25-26c» Iggs, cash 24-25C Sutter, Plymouth 32c Sutler, Clear Lake 30c Butter, Very Best 32c Butter, State Brand 32c Butter, Brookfield 29c Potatoes, peck I9c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling 8«veraJ downtown grocery stores. CLUB SWINGERS HEAD CECIL BILL Jugglers Top Program of Five Acts Over Week-End at Local Theater. The Five Elgina, exhibiting almost unbelievable skill and precision in the manipulation of Indian clubs and straw hats, proved conclusively their right to the feature billing on the Cecil theater's vaudeville program last week-end. Every phase of the juggling routine was a superb demonstration of virtual perfection. Holding the open- Ing position on the stage program, the Elgins nevertheless succeeded in stealing the show. Usher and Higgins deserve at least honorable mention, however, for their clever presentation of a domestic wrangle which drew tumultuous applause and laughter from the audiences at times, the quantity of the applause depending, of course, upon the personal recollection of each married person in the audience of a similar situation in his own household. Fire in all forms was evidently a steady diet for Mack Murray, an asbestos-throated man who ignited books of safety matches, cigarets, cigars and candles and calmly stuffed it all in his mouth, singing gaily at the same time. Howard Sydelle and Bernece presented some dance varieties and the Tripoli trio provided a musical in- I NEBRASKA PLAYS CYCLONE ELEVEN Iowa State Not Happy as Big] Husker Team Visits for Coming Week-End. KANSAS CITY, Sept. 30. (/IV-1 Ope conference game graces the Big I Six schedule for this week, and Iowa I State college followers today were] wondering if they couldn't trade! their share in it for a nice, quiet I war; I The Cyclones meet Nebraska at I Ames, and results of the game in I which the two teams took part last I Saturday have developed an acute I case of the jitters among Iowa State I fans. I Nebraska defeated the University I of Chicago last Saturday 28 to 7.1 Iowa State was tied by little Cor-| nell college, 6 to 6. Other conference school* meet! non-conference opponents this week, I with Oklahoma apparently due for I the sternest opposition. The Soon-1 ers eked out a 3 to 0 victory over a I good Colorado eleven Saturday, and! will meet Gwinn Henry's New Mei-l ico team next week-end. I Kansas State, fresh from a 12 to! 0 victory over a strong Duquesnel eleven, should get a, breathing spell I Saturday when it meets Fort Hays I State at Manhattan. I Kansas, pushed about no little In I losing to Notre Dame last Satur-| day, meets St. Benedict's this week. Missouri, which showed signs of I rapid recovery from a prolonged I football apathv when it rolled over] William Jewell, 29 to 0, this week! gets another chance to practice | scoring against Warrensburg. ?TEW YOKK 1-OUL.TRY NEW YORK, Sept. 30. (.-T)--Live poultry jarely steady; by (relRht. chickens 18J?.23c: broilers u n q u o t e d ; fowls 16i?23c; roosters 18c; turkeys 18@27c; ducks 15c. "Hot Tip," the picture playing vith the stage program, gaze Zasu "itts numerous opportunities for luttering her much-fluttered hands .nd blinking her much-blinked eyes, James Gleason being the cause of most of the consternation. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAQO, Sept. 30. ur)--Butter 8,888; [Irm; creamery specials (93 score) 26A.t( c; extras (92) 25^c; extra Urals (0001) 2 4 V 4 @ 2 5 c ; firsts (88-S9) 24S24y i c; sec- amis (86-87) 22%ff23c; standards (BO centralized carlots) 2514c. Eggs 4,341, steady; extra firsts cars 26-TC, local 2 B W c ; fresh graded firsts cara 26c, local ZS'klc; current receipts 23®25c; refrigerator extras 25Vic, standards 25c. firsts CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO, Sept. 3-. wi--Poultry live 1 car, 26 trucks, steady; hem lean than 4M. Iba. 17Hc: 4 H It", up 20'/4c; Leghorn hens Ac; Rock springs 17©21c, colored ISMrS? ISc; nock broilers 20c, colored 20c, bare- backs 13@14c; Leghorn chickens 16%c; rooalers 15c: hen turkeys ISc, young toma 18c, old He. No. 2. 14c; white ducks 4% Ibs. up 16c, small He; colored duck* 14c; geese He. KANSAS CITY PRODUCT;. KANSAS CITY, Sept. 30. (,PI--Eggs 23',4c; butter, creamery 26{f2Sc; buttertat packing a9c. Poultry, hena 1214©ITWc; roosters springs HH©17c; broilers 18® 19c. NEW YORK PRO DUCK. NEW YORK. Sept. 30. (/PH--Butter 12,263. steady to (Irm; creamery hlRher than extra 2 6 M l f t . 2 7 H r ; extra ' (02 score) 2 6 H c ; firsts (88-91 scores) 24ft fff 28Vic; seconds (8-1-87 scores) 2,1 ·!/[24We; centralized (00 scores) 25*; c. Cheeso 95.788. easy; slute. whole m i l k f l a t s , fresh, f a n c y 17Hc; held 1934 f R n c y lo speclEl.i 10t 21c. EBB' 11.013. i r r e g u l a r ; mixed colors: Spe- cipl packs or selections fmm fresh receipts 211'iT.13 M - c ; y t n n d a r d s and cornmercifil stanrt- nnl« 2 M i 2 8 ' . ; c ; f l r s l s 2 6 l i 2 7 c ; m e d i u m s 10 Ihs. 2 4 i , i i i - z n c ; dirties No. 1, 12 Ibs. 24 Vi fV ·JSc; underRriidcs or small 24 fi)25c; avnrnRe checks 21i^23c; r e f r l K f i r a t o r s special packs 27'i 1 27Hc; standards 2B',!:W»ic; firsts 25 W, 5 2 f l V l c ; mcliumi 2.1c; checks I'RODUCK FUTURES CHICAGO, flDpt. .10. I.TI--BMtlcr fllUir olofted: Storage standards, Nov. 2Bc; storage K t a n d a r d n . Dec. 2GHc. EfB futures: R e f r i g e r a t o r standards, Oct. 24 Uc; refrigerator standards. Nov. 24Hc Lam son Brothers Market Letter M A R K K T REVIEW Wheat--The wheat m a r k e t opened strong this m o r n l n p Influenced hy the strength Ir Liverpool am! Buenoa Aires. Broomhall ealri Liverpool was ht£h«r on bilj-lnR Innuenced hy the amaU stocks nikd Ihe serious political situation. RHltw In the Argentine were considered Inalcriflcant. Kxport sales o Manitohas were estimated at 750,00.1. Tola world shipments were very s m a l l and Broomhall considers Ihls should have a rirm I n f l u e n c e on the importers market. A f t e r wheat h«t1 advanced nhout I i^ cents b t i s h r l f a i r l y cood r e a l i z i n g sale* came Inlo market but thi; close waa about 1 cent hushel higher than S a l u r d a y . September wheat was strong, jelling at one t i m e 2V« cents a hushel over Deremtier. Scptemhe wheat in Minneapolis was also tight. \V look for no p a r t i c u l a r setback In wheat anc t h e r e will u n d o u b t e d l y be replacement wheat sold on advances should the market show a declining tendency. Corn--Corn at t h « opening was easy and I here was pressure In deferred f u t u r e s mo or in* session. September corn f l u c t u a t e d nver a wide range w i t h f i n a l i r n d i ' s 2',4 to ,1 ccntn oyer the low levels. L i m i t s nn corn were easier, cash prices being H cent higher to 2H cents lower. Reports imM about 80 per cenl of Ihe corn In Illinois Is now saJ f r o m frost. IWBSTMKNT TRV.STS. (Hy ehn Assnrtatril I'ross) Hid and n s k r d on Sept. 30: Corporate Tr Sh 2..TI Corporate Tr Sh AA M u d .. 2.72 Corporate. Tr ah Ac Ser .. 2.29 Corporate Tr Ac Ser Ifed .. 2.72 .Dividend Sh 1 13 Maryland t~und lfl.86 N a t i o n w i d e Sec 3.7S N a t i o n w i d e Sec Vtc 1.39 Nor A m c r Tr Sh .. 2.13 Nor A m e r Tr Sh 1955 2.79 Q u a r t e r l y Inc Sh 1^2 S'eloelcrt Am St] Inc I W Super Corp Am Tr A 3.£3 U g Kl I, A P A l.'i.S* t; S R \, A P B 2.2B U 8 El L, fc P Vic 85 l.SS IS. 34 3.85 1.51 1.5* 1.44 1.V75 2.36 .S3 .umber Yard Swept by Blaze, S u f f e r s Damage of $30,000 SAVANNA, 111., Sept. 30. (JP~ Loss of ?30,000 waa caused early today when fire swept the Huiiter- 3aas lumber yard here. Every build- ng and the full stock of building materials and supplies were destroyed. Cause of the fire is not known except that it started on the top of lumber pile. Heat from the flames melted a cable carrying signal wires of the Burlington railroad and prevented their operation but the damage was repaired as soon as the fire would permit. Ledyard High School Wins From Grant Township Nine LEDYARD, Sept. 30.--Ledyard high school's baseball team won from Grant township 4 to 1, to maintain it's league'lead. Hansell High School Wins Allison Ball Game by 4-2 HANSELL, Sept. 30.--Hansell high school's baseball team beat Allison 4 to 2 at Allison. North Central Iowa Rod and Gun Club in Session The North Central Iowa Rod and Gun club will meet at the Y. M. C. A. at 8 o'clock Tuesday night. Ackley Plays to Tie With Grundy Center Grid Squad ACKLEY, Sept. 30.--Stopped on the 9 yard line, Ackley high school played to a scoreless tie v.'ith Grundy Center's football team. John Thieben was the Ackley leader, while Bob Albright topped the Grundy Center lineup. Ackley goes to Conrad in its next game. Green Bay Packers Take Out New York Giants in National Pro Grid Scrap CHICAGO, Sept. 30. (.T/--The select group of undefeated teams Jn the National Professional Football league had dwindled to three today and the list did not include the 1934 champion New York Giants. The revived Green Bay Packers who dealt the Chicago Bears a surprise defeat a week ago, arose to th? occasion again yesterday, tipping over the Giants, 16 to 7, at Green Bay. At the same time the Boston Red Skins defeated Brooklyn 7 to 3, in the opening battle for both teams, to take the leadership of the eastern division from the Giants. The Chicago Cardinals, responsible for Green Bay's only setback of the season, battled the powerfuul Detroit Lions to a 10 to 10 tie at Detroit. Thr. Bears accounted for their first victory in two starts by trouncing Pittsburgh 23 to 7, at Pittsburgh, LOCAL CATHOLICS WIN FIRST SCRAP! (Continued From Sport 1'nKc) fumble on the St. Joseph's 45. Low-1 ell Peterson swung around right end | again for 11 yards. O'Brien Hits Poshusta. Poshusta was hammered back 51 yards by Capt. Fritz O'Brien, but! Lowell Peterson and Canella each! gained T yards around the flanks, and an offside penalty for St. Mary's made it first down on the Emmetsburg team's 30 yard line. I Canella added another first down on) the 20 in two tries, at tackle and | center. Lowell Peterson was run out of I bounds on the S yard mark, cutting I back across right end for a first I down on the St. Mary's 8. Canella j added 4 yards at center, but] Poshusta slipped and fell down t o j lose the distance as the first quar-l ter ended. Opens With Touchdown. Lowell Peterson wasted no time I as the teams moved to the south] goal, but swung around left end on the first play for the second touch-1 down. Canella's pass to Hubert! Reardon for the point was knocked! down and the score was: St. Joseph's I 13, St. Mary's 0. j St. Mary's stiffened both its defense and offense as the Johawks bore down on the goal again in the second period. The lighter team stopped the Mason Cityans on the 9 yard line, then cut loose with an I attack that carried to the middle of I the field. Bob Storck gained 171 yards on a fake reverse that' took] him around right end. Long Trip Wfped Out. With a first down on the 48 yard I line. Tom Branagan chose to pass] and tossed straight into Cahalan's arms. The Johawk lightweight star ran goalward--past all but Branagan, and Captain Hearity took care of the St. Mary's back--but the touchdown trip was written off. Canella wa s called for clipping and the Johawks penalized 15 yards. The' half ended seconds later. ' · Neither team scored in the third I period, although the Johawks were within shooting distance when Captain Hearity recovered Lowell Peterson's short punt after the bal- got away from the St. Mary's safety man. With the ball on the Emmetsburg team's 17, the Johawks were | stopped by penalties and losses. 31 Yards to Score. A punt, returned by Lowell Peter-1 son to the St. Mary's 29, ended the third period, and Cahalan's loss of 2 yards at left end opened the fourth. With the ova! on the visiting team's 31 yard marker Lowell Pnteraon cut loose around right end in a powerful run that carried him over the | goal. Cahalan's placekick was under the crossbar and the score was' I St. Joseph's 18, St. Mary's 0. The last St. Joseph's trip started" from the St. Mary's 34, as Canella and Poshusta smothered a punt. A backfield-in-motion penalty set the Johawks hack, but Lowell Peterson swept left end for 14 yards and Gleason wheeled around the other | wing for 10 more and a first down. Adds Fourth Touchdown. Gleason went, over right tackle for 7 yards, but Cahalan was slower! down on two tries and Gleason stopped on another. With fourth down the call, the ball was on the st Mary's 7 yard mark. Cahalan hit centor for 5 yards and a first down then dived Into a big pileup for the fourth touchdown of the day. Cahalan's pasa to Gleason was good for the point and the score waa- St. Joseph's 25, St. Mary's 0. The big spot in the afternoon for St. Mary's came when the Johawks had earned the ball on downs, on the Emmetaburg team's 43 yard mark. Cahalan's pass was taken In by Haywood, who galloped 57 yearn down a clear gridiron aa BUI Branagan smacked down Cahalan. Haywood also plunged for point. There was time for a kickoff and a, long pass by Gleason before the end of j the game, with the score: St Joseph's 25, St. Marj-'» 7. nxcm MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 30. /T1--Floiir m- ·dunged; carload lots family p«ler,t» tS.Kff 1.75 a barrel In S8 Ib. cotton «acki; .hip. .-nent* 30,832; pure bran flB01S.M) «and- jrd middling! $38.50217.

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