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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, October 25, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. t Vol. XL No. 307. Gettysburg, Pa., Saturday^ October 23th, 1913. Price Two Cent*. T^ Farmers Dan Rwards Were As Follows Mr*. P. A. Miller, Gettysburg, WON THE "Queen Qualify" Shoes for finest display of flowers. Clarence B earn, Cashtown, WON THE "Walk Over"S .iocs for finest Y~ peck display apples. Isaiah Rice, Bendersville, WON THE "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat as the father whose sons combined weight was the most- RAILROAD TRAIN STRIKES BUGGY ERECTING LARGE CAUGHT IN FALL ABE MARKING LETTERS FROM MEMORIAL PORCH! ON HIGH BRIDGE LINCOLN WAY = ,( 4 ! Accident at Guldens when Afternoon Passenger Train Demolishes Buggy and Injures Jacob Sterner. Did not Sea or Hear Train. ·r j The train on the Western Maryland,; H ! leaving-Gettysburg-at 12:35 Friday : s i= I afternoon, struck the buggy 01 Jacob ' Historic Old Seminary Building to be Beautified by Erection of Colonial i Porch in Commemoration of Great! Peace Jubilee. In commemoration of the fiftieth! iniversary of the Battle of Ge'uys- ! irg, and the great Peace Jubilee at · Roy Harrigan, of Gettysburg, Put off \ Route Across the Country will be Railroad Train, Starts to Walkj over Reading Bridge at Harrisburg. Has Narrow Escape. Marked Completely Next Friday. Comes through Gettysburg .No Celebration Here. Because he had no railroad ticket i f Harrigan, of Gettysburg, was put Philadelphia and Reading pas-! - , . . . . - Ttr.- j-.vunout the vicmitv 01 u hue j COUNTYTOWNS Correspondents send in Many items of Interesting' News] from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief 'terns.. WALTER'S THEATRE 4 REELS TONIGHT AMERICAN KEYSTO-N'K KAY--BF.K TO ERE IS HCMAX American A taie of a biltrr atnisftjle that almost terminates in a miscarriage of featuring America's Most Popular Photoplay Stir (J. Warren Ktrrriganj. TEE RED MASK Kay--Bee A b:g tv.-o reel feature made into one reel, a touching \\~fcstern story. A RIP ROARING CVoifc«iy Show Starts C.-S5 ADMISSION CiiiMrcn 5c. Adults lOc. COMING WEEK OF OCTOBER 27th- The route of the Lincoln Highway "WHITE HALL ·ti"uu"h Geuvsb-urg will be marked, whize Hall--Miss Eva Klinefelter, a break, from New York f o f near Xew Oxford, spent a few days bv the night of Fr:- \ Iasl week w « h Claude Stock and fam- wnen the " dedication | l { ' returr.:=g home on Saturday evens are to be held across the \ s:1 »- \Vhile Maurice and Claude Parr '.vere on their wav hcaie from Ut- As he v.-as passing over the river LO1E FRANCIS STOCK COMPANY Popular Prices IO-2O-3O cents ing or hearing the approaching r , \ He is emploved on "the George Os- \ diameter of twenty six icer, one story j ' i bo-e farm," no", far from Guldens, and | in hei ?!t with a roof -. Th -' st «P* aljd }. . ., , , ^"returning home when he came to *TM «M be of concrete and the bal- «* bndge that crosses tne I the crossing below the station. The ! 2KCe « f the structure bi wood. J. A. UP* too near 5 train had not stopped for Guldens and i ^empwoif, of York, is the was-traveling at "good speed. Several \ and ' the P°" ico Wl!l Conform to the trees and a shallow cut partly hid t b e : P^ 1 f;^. of architecture o view of *e track and the dampness j ^^Sa'Sicb was de ,,, o ,. ed bv ! risburg and the long fall into the Sus- n«-evepted Mr Sterne*- hea^'nsr the ao- ' cu.»o.i «,,n.n w-t ue^-ojcu u\ ,, *· ~ p.cxentea _ir. oterni. e» " b " e - j f, re during the summer will soon be! «»««*anna would have been almost .. v tm _ ! rebuilt, the mill work for this portion 1 sUre to P rove fatal - irchkecti and * vou!({ have S if Rail load OSicer |been present jThe bridge is of the states, parucu- west, have alreadv com-. Dieted tne work. The official copyright- | "^town ^t Saturday night their jc,i marker uf the-associauon is 21 i n - j l f a m . w u « 1 « 1 **A another team ich«s high, comprising a strip of red ^.rowing the two men out on the he i . . , . _ _ _..r. : . ,, , i _,,,,- ...u:.,.-. i i t ! road, sustaining slight injuries. The not to there shaft engine- e g .- . He arove nght onto tne trac.. mi mediately » front 01 the locomotive °- * now beinr ma j e T | Harrigan was taken before Alder- now be,.. 0 rn^de. i.e P H O T O P L A Yfe , the horse just cleared the rails|completion of these changes will add,"^ when the engine struck the buggy. if- uch co " the beauE y of the ^Sce which ' ^ In addidon ro these improvements BIOGRAPH VITA'JRAPH KALEM THE VEXGENCE lOF GALORA Biojrraph Tlu- venzenee of Gslora worked for che common good, one man was saved in a moment ofv.eakness. while the r%cl oifcndera «ere brought to jnsiice. A western love story witli a stage hold-un. J)R- CK.iTH.ERN's1sXPERIM£NT , Yitagraph It restore? tiie blin.l «iri to sixbc. Her love for the Doctor is not blind. Irrespective of bis dt-formity be remains her ideal. THE FLYING SWICH Kaleni Through the resourcefulness "of a faithful railway employee, a daring attemp to rob an express car is fra=trae«l. C031IXGXEXT TUESDAY-DOT. ^ ;! XHF_TRAPP£R-SJiliSTAKE'' IE IX TWO REEL. Mr. Sterner was thrown out. his face [ ^ always attracted much attention ;d head cut by the engine and by I falling on the rough ground. He w , taken to New Oxford where his j tne Seminary is having laid a four wounds were dressed bv Dr. J. L. I hundred foot concrete walk at the Sheets- Later he was removed to his | s:de of West Confederate avenue, from home at Sugartown. l l n e ma!n holloing to Sprmgs avenue, The engineer stopped the train as i connecting at the northern end with a soon as- possible, when he saw the accident was unavoidable and. after hearing the extent or the victim's injuries, proceeded on his way. on railroad property and I while hunting through h:s pocketbook for the fine he found his ticket THREE INSANE AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles in suits and over-coats h ««i= be"un "now. bnr the man who is BUCHANAN VALLEY Buchanan Valley--A. V/. Cole and brother, John F. Cole, have finished packing their apples, and the people i generally are through. similar ^ lk Joining the old building with the refectorv. THERE EVERY DAY County Pupils Do not Miss a Day at SchooL ihe following pupils from Yan Dyke's School have attended every day during the second iconth of school: Francis Kimple has been quite busy', ilargare£ clack. Katharine Hershev. » * . - · » _ . i I-Margaret Bucher, Margarec Cullison. making cider, i Eugene McDermitt, of Oxford. will i and friends in the Valley. Amang those who attended Farmers" Day in Gettysburg were Theodore fortunate enough to be a patron of Tiie j spend a-few weeks among relatives QiuslitrShop knows that he need not seek any further. Our handsome and elegant fabric? are awaiting your choice and our =rvie= are up-to-the-ffiinute and we will fii"and finish your outfit in a manner at can oaly lx- done ·-* hen you have it ma3e by Will M. Seliigman, Cash Tailor. John SchulYz. Arthur Clack. John Cluck. Harvey Cullison/ Teacher Ruth Deardorfi, Franklin Township. The following attended every day of the second month at Bovd's School. Kimple Sr. and son.. Francis A., and j Cumberland Township. Ella Schultz. [daughter, Miss -Jennie, f. J. Steir-} Xaomi Thomas. 3Iargaret Plantz. An- berger and wife, Jacob Brady and ' nie Hollinger. Ka'cherine Plantz, Don- wife, George Beck and wife,. Francis ald Tho mas, John Ausrhinbaugh. Dor- Clapsadl, Mrs. A. W. Cole and daagn- sev Foulk Benjamin Aughinbaueh. ter, Miss Ruth,, and Miss Sara C. Ray^nd Foa ij.- John Thomas and Religious Revival Has Unusual in Chambersburg Effect low. IP many of the cirie.^ the route is marked today. If. Philadelphia the! Philadelphia Trade Association marking the route from one end cf the j cttv lo the other. In Omaha all the j _ a signs a r e up a s they f n Lester Bair is suffering from grippe- George Myers, of near here, lose a ;,. j valuable horse by death one day last are in Clifton,; Iowa, and a dozen other parts. The markers are now being placed across] the state of Nevada and in Utah. II-1 Jacob Sheely attended synod last iv and Wednesday at Gettys- rgv Sunday School at St. Luke's Oct. 2C, t 9 a. m. Preaching at 10 a. m. by iinois and other states the work is !Rev. Dr. r. S. Lmdaman. progressing rapidly. Three Chambersburg citizens ha\e st their reason during the big revival being conducted in that town- Two ire under observation at their homes while the third became so violent that he was taken to the Asylum at Har- riaburg-. He is Charles Fletcher, a^ married man. 45 years of age. He had never shown any sign of dementia and was a man of normal iientality and health. "vVhen the Bieci- arwolf evangelistic meetings started he attended and each dav became more In Nebraska H ' On Saturday night a very enjoyable I E Fredrickson. state consuir«5ports' sur P rise P ar ^ ^»s held at the home hat about two thirds of the old Over-i f Emory O. Weikert near here in and Trail has been marked and that! honor of Mr - ^eikert's birthday. The the balance will soon b s completed. {evening was pleasantly spent in so- The various state consuls report an! c!al conversation and enjoying vocal ,« =-,,!« ^fiand instrumental music. At a late There Are many convincing arguments that might be presented as to the superiority o f Lippy Made Clothes but we know of none so condnsive as Use refined appearance of tiie clothe^ themselves. There ia beauty in exery line and quality ra every stuch an^. fibr fe- J. D. Lippy Tailor We have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats ! Zvlon-is Plantz. Marv E. Fant, teacher. stahle - Xorman Knouse has returned from Tab]e Rock SchooL Butler Town- Virginia,, where he was engaged m j ship . Leslie Orner . ze acher, Josephine apple packing., i Stites. Susan Kime. Hazel Snyder. Spairrels are plentiful this fall, j Grace Wagner, Leila Wagner, Helen |HHininraiiiHnmiiuiHHiHiiii!iimnHiffliininmniiu«iiiiiHniiiiiiraHraninraiuiHniiHiimis | All the new designs in J Sa JT._ ^* T § I Congress Cards | · ^^ a | Itfitfa big stoek of H Bicycle and Steamboat Cards, Tally and Score | Pads, cards, counters etc. g Everything you need in the games at our store. 1 Phone or Write. No delivery charges. | People's Drug Store 1 ; * * ^ ^ nrt imiimm^jiiniinniiminniniHronnntnu{nt«nniiTmnmninimimnnniinnnnngg and, although the farmers are exceedingly busy with corn and apples, they find time to shoot the squirrels, especially on rainy days- Several farmers have killed hogs. Valiev I Lower, May Lower, Doris Plank. Bertha Wolf. Gerald Plank. Clyde Plank. Wilmer Hankey. Elson Guise. Ellsworth Stites. Lawrence Wagner. y Meat has been scarce in the this season- i Mrs- William Taylor moved to near j Virginia .Mills on Thursday last, from John Dillon's tenant house- SURPRISE PARTY COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks- Oct. 26--Motorcycle Run. Harrisbnrg to Gettysburg-Oct 27-Nov- 1--Loie Francis Stock Company- Walter's Theatre. Oct. 31--Aonual Hallowe'en Mummers' Parade. Dean Sonthwick. Brna Chapel. Xov. 11--Lecture by President Gran" ville. Brca Chapel- Nov. 17-21--^Adams County Teachers' Institute- Walter's Theatre. r. and Mrs. Hartman Give Party for their Daughter. more agitated- Then he seemed lo lose his reason. He would lie awake all night preaching and telling how srreat a man Biedsrwolf was. how he ; Fletcher) was no't, worthy to kiss his shoes, and similar things. Then he got ihe idea that a sacrifice must be made and ordered his wife and children to prepare Vo be crucified- He even got nails, an old tie and a hammer for the actual vrork. The climax came some days ago when he flagged a Cumberland Valley Railroad freight train in Chambersburg yards and oidered the crew to jismount and be crucified, and it was with diinculty that he could be quieted. He raves steadily i.nd unceasingly about his sin and his need to make sacrifice before he can be saved. Physicians see no hope for Turn and to protect the community from his determination to make sacrifice he had to be Incarcerated. The meetings have resulted in about one thousand conversions to date. Nov. 7--Lecture- PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER Since the incorporation of Mont Alto the young people of the town have HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1.00 manifested great interest to better ^^^ ~~ z=: conditions. They have organized a so- On last Tuesday evening a "ery pleasant birthday party was giv'en at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H- A. Hart- ncan in honor of their daughter, Marie. Those presene were Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Orner, Mr. and Mrs. G. O- Hecken- I luber. Mr- and Mrs. H. A. Hartman. ! Mrs. W. X. Hartman. ilrs. Hester Longanecker, Mrs. Dale Knouse. Misses Bess RafTensperger, Eva Taylor. Anna Carey. Losa Wierman. Olive Orner, Man- Lady, "Wilda Lockard. jRuth Raffensperger, Verna Knouse. Myrtle Orner. Marian "Walter, Anna Belle Diehl. Marie Hartman, Ruth Knonse. Lola Hartman, Helen Orner. Rhea Orner. Anna, Isabel Heckenluber, Messrs. Kieffer Eanfensper- SURPRISE PARTY the ever increasing interest in the sale of j" contributor's certificates. Not only. hour tne S" 650 were invited to owners of automobiles hue persons in j dlma ^ room where refreshments were every walk of life are subscribing S5 | serve1 or more to the fund which will within a short time result in the constructing BENDERSVILLE of a lasting, nation-wide memorial to Bendersville--Moms Glass has re--., , {'earned to Harrisburg. afts;r spending Gettysburg is one of the few places'^, f eek with his grandmother, Mrs. of the! E1!enThomas of impoitance along the route new Lincoln Highwav which has no arraneed a celebration for the night i of October SI. The Hallowe'en fesdv- i P arents - Mr - ana ilrs ities here will, it is feared, overshadow evervthinc else and a Lincoln c e le-; oration "would be impossible. How-j ever. on November 19." special eser- c:ses will be held in Walter's Theatre ! in commemoration of the fiftieth an _ , Rev. and Mrs. H- E. Walhey, of Wayne, are guests 01 the former's Jose P h ^alhey. . ?llrs - S - H - Sweigert^has returned lr » m a I 15 ;! ^J tn frlends m Columbia. **- B. F. Kelsey and three cnfld- rcn ' of Steelton are spending a week « *^ e home OI her mother - Mre - Tv S- Morrison. ^. ana Mrs. Edward Bream have pjversan-of Lincoln's Address and here will be reference to the highwav j returned from a visit with relatives in , , , .- ~ jAItoona. plan at tnat time- _ r ___ , Mr=;. Tvilham Becker is spending DEMONSTRATIONS da - vs reladves in Harris - State Experts will Begin Tour Week in November. Party and Dance Given at ham's Home, 3Ir. Big- On iharsday evening a very enjoyable surprise party and dance took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. ?ius Bigham in honor of Mr. Bigham's "ifueth biiVhday- Tnose present were Mr. and Mrs. Pius Bigham, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Fissel. Mr. and Mrs. John Riley. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Keckler. Mr. and Mrs. John Kint. Sr.. Mr. and Mrs. John Kinr Jr.. William Singley. Misses Mame Riley. Mae Rhodes, ! Grace Bigham. Cora Bigham. Mary Xov. 18--Lecture by Dr. J. H. Sieiing,\' g ^~~GiIber^~"Hoffinan,"Ei^^r"iFaTr. Ri:er - Bess ' e ^igham, Mary Bigham. York-Brua Chapel- j ^ rl Knouse . John Rice , George Kiep- L " Iu E ^ sr - Tll!ie B5 ? ham - Evelyn Xov. 19--Fiftieth Anniversary. Lin- j pel% Palil Knouse. Earl Myers .Frank Xeckler. Gladys Riley. Myrtle K:nt. coin's Gettysburg Address. Jbolp. Hairy Orner. George Eaiiens- I Messrs. Maurice Bolhnger, C.arence Xov. 25--Recital- David Bispham." First j -Mr - an ^ Mrs. Frank Bausman. Mr. ;and Mrs. S. B. Gochnaur motored to I Columbia recently where they were The orchard demonstrations of the guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Hoover, division of zoology of the Pennsylvan- j Frank Bausman Sr. has returned ;a department, of agriculture, under di| to Pittsburgh after spending a week jections of State Zoologist H. A. Sur-;wiih his son, Frank Bausman, at the face, will begin in several of the, Elk Horn. He was accompanied by counties of Pennsylvania during the' Mrs. Frank Bausman. Jr., who will first week of Xovember, and will con- j spend some time in that city, v tinue with from three to five public) demonstrations in each county until j FOUNTAIN DALE all are completed. | Fountain Dale--Sunday School at Arransrercencs have now been made St. -Jacob's this Sunday at 1:SO p. m_; P the office of the economic zoologist' preaching at 2:SO o'clock, to have these demonstrations given j Sunday School at the Church of the v the trained inspectors who have j Brethren Sunday morning at 9:30; for some years been engaged in de- I preaching at 10:30. monstratingr and inspecting in or-! George Tressler. wife and daughter, chards in the state of Pennsylvania. Margaret, of Frankiin county, are have been arranged for the var- ' visiting the former's brother. M. C. ous orchard demonstrations, and these Tresler, for a few days this week, will be announced in the press and al-j Miss Hazel Warren and brother, so by large posters in public places in Harry, visited friends at Blue Ridge | Summit and Monterey last Sunday, j Last Sunday while going from the J house to the barn C- J- Harbaugh had · the misfortune to fall and sprain his leg so badly that he is row compelled ' to travel around on crutches. '· -James Scott, of Midvale, Franklin courty. was visiting friends in this GOOD CITIZENS . - _ Pail Haronan. Ray KnouseJ Wolf - Ja « TroxeL Luther Reaver. Paul Raffensperger. Allen Hartman, j George Dip :"\TaT-rir 'WjilTor T?m- T^rti- T?-7rT! f^-nt. tan i Youns People Take Steps to Light j Mont Alto. I Martin Walter, Roy Lady, Ralph ] Orner, Marshal Longanecker, Roy Heckenluber- GO TO LURAY OLDFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, 40 cents lb., Bnttemnt Taffy, -50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy,:.20 ' P«in"«t Brittle, 10 cents lb.. Ice Cream Taffies, 10 cents Ib.-Fresh -rents lb., Daily at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN ciety and pledged themselves to raise severai hundred dollars for-tra date lighting system for 'the up-to- town. Only Twenty Tickets Sold Here Lnray Excursion. for REALTY REPORT 70 acres in Franklin Township, handy to canning factory, 45 bank barn S +\ | jPj ' t\J Wi-^"? ··' _ · . · * · « - - - - " - _ _ _ . _ - -A _ j _ _ - . * clear balance timber, all of this farm has been limed once and some the past six years, running water, 60 apple trees, good fruit pen/ etc., 7 room house with pantry, buildings all in piped to the house and barn. This farm is right for sb acres in r raimlFn Township, 7 5 bearing apple trees, some cherry and ;hellbark trees about S1500 worth of timber, good running water through farm all sprini's?!^ house with hall,, good bank barn, fine well of water at house. You will not make a mistake in buying this place at $4aOO. PECKMAN, Real Estate, Masonic Budding, Gettysburg, Penna. at PCUNK Twenty tickets were sold here this j morning for the excursion to Luray j Caverns. Among those who went from being circu-| town were Misses ^.^ Hulick, Car- fair will be rieMilIsr Helen Deardorff, Mildied 'T 1 Subscription papers are lated and a bazaar and held for a week beginning Oct. 27. i "^^^ Dorothy Bream, Mrs. Guy- About 30 gas lights of 500 candle pow- i Qn H Buehler an d two sons, Tyson TipVor, and Frank Kramer, of College. ANNUAL excursion to Baltimore: the Washington Camp, No. 414, P. O. S. of A., will run an excursion to Baltimore on Saturday, Nov. 1st, 1913. Train leaves Gettysburg 7:15 a. m., returning, Hillen Station 11:30 p. m.-- advertisement 1 er will be placed at different places. This will be a great improvement over present conditions. HUMPHREY Deibert, impersonator lecturer and reader, will entertain at the Cashtowii school house Wednesday evening-, Oct. 29th. Civic League.--advertisement 1 Bryan Kint. Xorman Fites. Luther Byers, Maurice Fissel. Ralph Keckler, Kenneth Kint, Wsiiiam Kinc, James Riley. John Carrens. David Riley, Clarence Tressler. Grant Bigham. Sherman Bigham. Edgar Bollinger, Fred Wil- Robert Wilrams. Music was furnished by William SingJey of Fair- fieJd. DOXT forget II. B. Bender's public sale of household goods in front of the Court House. Thursday afternoon, October 00th.--advertisement 1 the vicinitv of the various orchards ROB COTTAGE Thieves Ransack Summer Cottage at Pen Mar. Lea-*e Liehts Burning- Thieves broke into Forest Inn", a cottage belonging to Mrs. the "Mount at Pen Mar, community Wednesday and Thursday Belle Stoler. of last week- Wayr.esboro, and ransacked the build- i Mrs. A. L. Bailey was kicked in the ing- Entrance was effected through a ^ chest by a horse last week. Though second-storv window over the kitchen.' badly bruised and shaken no she lady The intruders reached the window- by jg experiencing no bad results. placing several blocks of wood upon t S- H. Cline's children, who have each other. When they got on "the in-, been suffering with scarlet rash, are side they turned on the electric lights aWe to be out again. aid when they went away left them ; burning. One of the residents of Pen- j Mar Park happening to be passing the X TURNEY ror.ced the kitchen door open' Aunt of Gettysburg Residents Died in notified Mr. Louisville. Kentucky. and htjhls burning and Stoler at Waynesboro. WILL pay 17 cents a pound for old Tom turkeys next Wednesday and Thursday. Hollinger's Produce---advertisement 1 H. B. Bender will have public sale of household goods "in front of the Court House. Thursday afternoon, October 30th.--advertisemen't 1 CIDER Orrtanna ment for sale. Canning A telegram was received this morn- G cents gallon.' inr announcing the death of Mrs, Co.--advertise-' John Turney, of Louisville, Ky. 1 j Mrs. TuTiey was ar. aunt of Miss i Lillie Doughertj. Emory Sheads and A clean up of last Winter's ladies', Dorsey Dougherty of town. The fu- children's vests and par.ts and a ' neral will be held in Chicago on Mon- few union suits at less than half day. some as little as a third, most j price, of them are all wool, broken sizes is die reason. G. W. Weaver and Son.-advertisement 1 FOR REXT: suite of rooms on Bal. tir.iore streec. Apply at Times Office,-advertisement 1 EWSPAPLR

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