The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 24, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1913
Page 6
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Trostel Oc Son Sne Start Hersei! liter HUDSON Six Lawyer Declares New Move Cannot Affect Status of Case, as Insane Person Can't Se Tried. Xe~ York, Oct. 24.--A blanket indictment charging Harry K- Tha-s- aud four others vrliiz conspiracy in connection with. Ms escape from the jlatttavraa State Hospital for tie Criminal Insane in Augest was returned by the grand jury here. It v.-lll be siseJ as a v.-eapoa by \7i-Ha2a Trsvers Jerome In his e5ort to r-stradite Thar; iro:a Xew Hampshire. The others indicted were former Assemblyman Ilicharsi Butler, sel O'Keafe, "Gentleman Roger" Thompson and E;:gene D'lEy, who are alleged to have bees Thaw's companions ia ihe antoajot-He in which be e"5caret!. These are the same men. for whom v.'arra^iis T/ere issued in Dutci- ess county after TIia"J7's Sight. Beach warranrs on the indictment vrere issued by the court and turned over to de-.ecuves of the district attorney's office. Mr. Jerome .announced that he T.-ou!a at once ask Governor Glyna for extradition papers basetl on tne nevr charge to "je sent to the governor c£ Xe«r ITaaipshlre. That the 3gtr to Keep Thaw out of j this state is not over is made cl°ar ! by a sta*eciei:!: issued by 1-a^vyer 1 Grossman, T-cho represents Tha^r. When tola of the indictment, he said: ·*A man -who has heen committed to an asyiura. as an insane person can not be adjudged galky of the crime of conspiracy. I do not believe the indictment -?.:!! staaJ. nor do 1 believe it -sv"!! hare any eCecr on the status of the case In Xepr Hampshire. "I have all alonj: contended that is not the :nt»£ - ion to try Tha~ on any indictmetu. for the very obvious reason that no conviction could ae had. I 'seriously doubt whether the indictment will in any ~ay affect the proceedings ia Xew IlainpPhire." TTHkes-Earre, Pa., Oct. 24.--Un- stiecessiui in her eCort to save tae ills of £er c~ild. T^QO v. as burned to death in their home, Mrs. Joseph Iilcste, IS ears old, -aent to the see- oir..i £oor of he. home here, and, l-oisciincr bercre a stnail shrine, eom- i r-iitted "s--i.Lde D:' shooting herself in tlio head. ilcste vras brought home from his Tr-crl-r, and -s-hen he FTT tae body or ic.1 chii-I be-.-ame hysterical. Physicians fear h^ ha^ becc^ie insane. He \va.3 not told of the act 01 his "^i-e becaiise pbssicSans feared the nevrs v.-caid I:il! h-m. The screa~= of ilrs. .\Ioste trhec __. she found fipr ch:ii attracted neigh- f i oors ~ho cane upon the child's body. TMS" v * ' _ _ . . _ ^:^a ^ -- 3 They In the the aonss to get aid, and -eantitse passers-by sav A T any speed--uphill or down--rcagh roads or ^| Avoid all needless xvork. especially hot cooking, and p]:n to get all possible rest and leisure. There are many v£ys. For instance, a hnt breakfast is uncalled for in summer. There's no excuse for early morning cookinir with Po^i Toasties in the hcuse. Nothing v.-ill please husband and children better than a bcA"l of crisp. deiic:ou smoot-- a HUDSON Six rides like constant coasting. It: is not marvelous spring sdjustmer.t, or unusual balance-- though these things help. It is the smoothness_of fee sis-cylniQer motor. _ __ ____ The delight of the vibratiomess and gneung nae you get in coasting down a long, smooth hill is ever present Si the HUDSON Sis 54. It's like flying. ..... Only in six-cylinder cars of proper cesign and oaiance do von get such riding qualities. _ It's needless to say here a word acut JriUDSGIMS mechanically- Svery motorist concedes their superiority of design. Most Beautiful Car Ever Built ;=;= I =_ 3 comir.g from the secoad-story of tl.e hcuse. TI:e3" obtained a iad!er_ an-"., after entering through round the body of the iiar--- 3 years o:d. set her c .re 5y means of a piece of Timer ~;i:c:i she had l.ghtec in the kuchen' SIOVP. Her motr-er ~as upstairs at tbe time, ana v.-hen sue reached her daughter the child ~as bnrned fataiiy. ilrs. ;Ioste then vent i '.vinccv.% mother. The cbli c'o^hing en THAW NOT SURPRISED Declares Indictment Canrtct 3e Leoai. as He Ss Irresponsible Concord, X. H.. Oct. 24.-- "While apparently not surprised that an icdict- rcent had been found against him, Karrv K. Ths-ar -nras cerraialy over by the rapidity vrith ~ aich tap ericence. was presented "fay Jerome and the SUIT'S verdict returned. "VTitiiia £.n hour after the iadict meat v.-as found Tbavr vras advised thereof by telephone from Xe~- York He issued a statement sayirss: "We do not loo-w br -visfc ai!rge5 testimony ilr. Je-ome got an incK-t- ment. but judging froui lu.Iielioods he had previcn?!y nsed. it nsay "be easy to guess In any case, docs it nri appear p-ain that DO inoictment can be legal Iron tne fact that -Tndge Sea- iGLAMATiON FOR FOR THANKSGIVING President Recalls Our Reasons For 'Being Grateful "Washington, Oct. 24. -- President Wilson issued his first Thanksgiving proclamation as President of the United States. It follows: "Tlie season is at nand in Tfhlch it has been oar long respected custom as 2. people to turn in praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God for His manifold mercies and blessings to us a= a- nation. The year that has just passed has been marked ia a peculiar degree by manifestations of His gracious and beneficent providence. We have not oniy had peace throughout our own borders and ·with the nations of the -world, but that peace has been brightened by constantly multiplying evidence of genuine friendship, o* mutual sympathy and understanding. and of the happy operation of many elevating inSuersees both of ideal and of practice. The nation has been not oniy prosperous, but has proved its capacity to take calm counsel amid the rapid movement of affairs and deal v.-ith its own Hie in a spirit of candor, righteousness and comity. '·We have seen the practical completion of a great work at the Isthmus of Panama, which not only ex- empiines ihe nation's abundant resources to accomplish what it will and the distinguished skill and capacity of its public servants, but also promises the beginning of a new age. of new conirasrs, nev.- neighborhood, nevr sympathies, new ' of to h r room, -whers she knelt before 54 is prcr.o-crced by 1=2=7 --s =ost ° - Certaiidy vvith these q_2!iti23 yon sbc--Ja at least ride in one. ' _ Driv 't if S'cu drive -- ccmoars its beauty tr.y car at snv .--- 7* 's built lik- a steel Pulunan for sturdiness and safety. Its'strearaiine body comfortably seats fc'-r. five, sbc or seven t " t frh2s"l2ft-sdc drive, right-har.d (center) ccr.-rol, entrance frca either side, four-speed trans=rJ=ic:a- It :s eiirt-caiiy crar-jMs^an- el^ctncaliv lighted by the ne^r /cs* type He!co S. ..tea, .^atx-^ec.^ -r has 135-inch wheel-base, 36 x 4K- in^ rirss ' F-.tasote top. q.Jic^y adjusted curtajns perrnsncntly carried -r. tco, masnstic jev.-s-e^. scaedorneter and n»any other attractive feature. Ccme see for yourself the true stress Jr.e bocy and crpensa^ "-- siaoothn*ss aad ilezibiSty of a real Eis-cylir-der c^r. For Sale by S. G. BIGHAM, Eiglervllle, Pa. the shrlns aid killed herself. M LOUiSiAfiA STQRM KILLS 32 ~±'. i is-nage :n ?Jew Orleans :s Estimated n!; $1.CCO,OGO. Xe- Orleans. Oct. ii--It TTOS esu- r.ated taat th'rty-tvo lives vrere lost ind r-vo hrd-c5 Injured in the cy- cione v.-iich strack Louisiana. The deaih list by tov^s follows: Thbo- ^..^ -. j^jK-g, y; Fiaqiieniine. 1; ilacison Parish, 3; Abbej, 3; Strose, 9. ^* o - c than a score ~ere injured at ^- OC ji -2,^--_ Tr:*J tiroperty loss there -- h"a.TM -- storm of cyclonic pro- ^--. ^ . A PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOL. TLc- rv^icents llvlni: ne:»r the Mil York, -cri-hin si" months Ir-stnicted the Xe~ Ycrk connty grand jar:- o f the April. IC-13, tersi that I "^as to be cos~idere! by the grand jr."' as ut " commitment l'.e? in ;^ York as irrsspoa of bonds and co-operation new- and achievements neace. '"'Righteousness esalteth the nation' and -Peace on earth, good -will toward men' furnish the oniy foundations upon -ofhich can be built the lasting achievements of, the human spirit. The year has brought us the satisfaction of work Treil done and r'resh visions of our duty, which -will make the work of the future better "Yrhat answer can be ranee?"' It COT seems probable that the granting cf the iciictment by t^e grand jury vrlll lead to tha signing cf the ortTs-lition papc-rs by Governor Felker, and the transfer of the case to the federal co-irt on tee -vrrlt o' habeas corp-= granted fey _-7adge t'J- rar Aldrich, of the United States di t-ict court for the district of Xe^ Hampshire, action on ^rhich ^ras con tinned after hear'.nc: at the September tarns held at UUleton. ·'Xovr, therefore. I," Woodro-ar "tt'il- son" President of the TJnited States o£ America, do here designate Thursday; the 2~th of Xorember next, as da., of thanksgiving and prayer, and invite the teopie throughout the land to cease from their wonted occupations aa-d in -their-several homes and HALTS HA?JQlN3 TO DINE Nocsf SJsyer Ir'/iU'ng t= Step Into After Chscksr; Sozer-c-:. Ps... Oct. 24.--The e^ecs r:on o; -TO.n vi". li-'-'ar. cDal^ntnea t' lie here at :·"· o'clce'.c for the mn-ue. of Harr:s-n Brojrn. a nai! caroler places of worship render thants to mighty God. '-m witness Thereof I have Hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. "Dona at the city of "Washington, this 23d dav of October, in the year of Ozr Lord, 1013, and of the Independence of the United States of America the ISSta. "WILSOX. "3y the President, "W. J- Bryan." Convict Married in Chains. Paris, Oct. 24.--A convict about to go to "French Guinea for twenty years · of eyile married his sweetheart, going ! the ceremony ivith mancled hands. Or!e2ns, aad the s cst^atei at Sl.000,000. Five KHied in C. P- Wreck. North r.a-. Ontario. Oct. 21.-- Five i~e" were ". ".: ; "'5 and sevea injured on '"-e" Ca-"2"^ti Pacific, near \Teylarsd StETion. Vl-er, a -vork train collided head-on -^ith a freis'at. j 10 ^"uc sol- j I rv :.:. :.\" ! :, _" :· '(Owl T)r.»Vld.l '- ,'«-n t!se gro.f.y reduced !..-parfI vrith scnoing ilic nvrny to ^eliiol. The\ v it ;.;:ror.s nnd overalls "Si'e, \v}ii'c tls^y are JJD- o' tl:c:r parc-sf. tl«;« " Ch Trr'jo'o?os:e restraint. worked ?o tvel: tbat it nc-crv!:.^ of fcrtncr in;.- ilwe diiiicts tnnt lo t li^ve InsSj scliool facisi- :. . WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Ofcscrrations cf United States ·Breather bnrea-os taken at S p. m. vesterday follow: Temp. Weather. There i :r. -v\ :th cream or good milk. this dair.t^' food and you ^t«rt the day \v:thovt \vork or v.-orry. \Vith Toastie^. iu ibo p-intry it t^Ke» but ;i moment to prepare a breakfi.-t or lur.:h that ple.i?e- ail -- you save time and lemrer. Order a package- oi IV-it To-.--f,-, fioin your grocer and start on your home v:.i.: \ .'m. of f.Tis* county whi^li ·''j'lrii', «-x;n-rt :it S-'I.frtXt -!iir.:r il^'i!'.' t'nl Msc , :',»-·'« v.i"! ".-05-! !i ·a-SiHo. t V. . I'd 1 I . . !!!,!- II (i i ·, 1 i.l'c i i . O / *· 't' Ou1 i.i!i l n i l , .i).i ^i' ' !i »'il :i 111!! h i r l l l .' llf , .-.ii- !...-· iKvn - Vlte -»-vt · «. i»Ki! [is n · ^."iT :.t Hr-t. p i il (!.i\. n tu .t! · ; U h,ufl t!ie f armors-'X, j j TJie f;iia:i*rf- vrh-' c l , , i R « . f k ' i . M l C S Of thJ-5 nor i.ol.iri-JT f.u nt tlif ·.(-,!· fro':i the ^tatc aj; Albany ......... AtlaaticCity ---Boston ......... ' Buffalo ...... --- Csicago ........ Nw York. --'-.Philadelphia ---St. T-onis ....... »- 60 50 56 4S 54 Z-i 5-3 4S 3S Clear. Clear. Clear. Cloudy. Clear. Cioady. Cloudy. P. Cloudy. P. CioHdy. Cloudy. The Weather. Clond! followed by rain tcnlgnt and tomorrow; east winds. !ared unt; 1 o'e'cck in crtler th3" :ia-:s tnigh- Thc rr-~.TC.~t ^'C" graa*e'l. but ii- mea- ccu'.d not be prepared Trithos' rtelavjn- :'.K bnng-'r.g. Evcdcs C-.:=;om L=w: is Fir-ad. Xe-s- Yor. O^t. f:4 -- SI.s. Frank E. -nribftrs. o: C:nc:n"=JI. v^cs fissd §175' ;-, «; ; ^ Uri"^ " S.stes district court for ...=·-,# -n declare dntiatl- ~ e on th" "rir.7S*aru, Sep'srsber 5. ?.-;^ is in Ja',\. Hann:o5'5 -Inl-. Oct. 25.--Rev. AT- ti:ir ?·!="·. r-f Ste" Ohio, is s priscnT ir :'ar_r.iori.l j:;' on chsTges ferred by Shares. Fairbanks Criticaily HI. - i s . Oct. 24.-- Mrs. Cnarles Fairbanks, trife of the former vice president, is critically ill at her iome. Her chiH^ea nave been summoned. ' GENERAL MARKETS PHIL.ADBI.PHIA.-- FLOUR steady; -primer clear, S3.7Cg3.SO; city mills. fancv. S4.S-0 1x5^5. , ,,_ _,, RYE FLOUR caiet; per barrel, 53.30 tr ° Jft "WHEAT steady; Xo. 2 red, new, ;Ht=-.t *-Ars=r. ! Bristol, n^'i. "pr^ojiette^" bnrnc f l the sports .07! o. the irtr.versitj here. Mili- t-i^r.=; and literature were scat- the piace. - . ... C'ORX stead v: Xo. 2 white, 45c.: lo~3r grades. 44c. OATS steady: Xo. 2 white, ·t7c.' lo~er grades. 40^20. POTATOES ste-.dy, at 70@SOc. per ^POTT-TRY: Live steady: heas. 16c.; old roosters, !2;gl3£ Dressed firm; cboice fo-erl*. 3?c.: old roosters, l«c. BUTTER steady: fancy creamery, 35 EdGS 1 feeadv : selected, 33c.; near- Sqi:aci Busy. , bvf S'JcT; ^estera, SOc. Oct. 24.--Suffra ~ Robert Bacon Goes to Chiie. Bn^no? Aires. Argentic P, Oot 24.-Robert Bacori, formerly United States Ambassador to France, left here for Chile. FOUBES and Forney will sell a car load of ffood colts at public sale York Springs, Friday, October 31.- advertisement FOR SALE: five thoroughbred bull ierriers, Tlill Top Poultiy Farm. F. G. McCamraon.--advertisement Produce Markets. _ mivtru, o···juitx'o--v« -,,; ^ » -*·" L20: rough, $7.40@7.55; pigs, §4-» ^^"ATT T B steadv; oeeves, S6.85@9: S3.50(®S.30; calves, ?'@l 0 -^--.,-. ,,» tivl? E lf@l?%^ng" C $5°I0 e @5.s£ » 1.« .^^+^..^« O»^ 15r./f?^7 ^ n_ Utvc^, v~^*- w - *-i.^»-. ^7i% -Iambs, native, §o.So@-io. ·y^E have for sale a choice lot of nursery stock in all leading varieties, propagated from bearing trees, Boyer Brothers, Arcndtsvillc, Pa.--advertisement; _ -.... ._ j 1EWSP4PERS I F W S P A P F J

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