The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 24, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1913
Page 5
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NEW RAiL FASTENING. All persons are ·warned not to "trespass on the premises of the undersigned \th dog, gun or trap for the purpose of taking game in any manner} n«r forSsbing.or in any way injuring or destroying property. All persons vio- lifting the laws of the commonwealth with regard to trespassing on lands of tie undearsigner will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act of April 14, · 1505. x - - - - - - ! William Allison, Sam'L Y/alters farm, Hamiltonban township. j John D- Siiey, E. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Township. ! Mrs. J. E. Hughes, Cumberland Township. D. B. ^Wiaesaaa, Cumberland Township. ' j Frank Mumper, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. - C.'Jl Deardorff, Orrtaasa, Pa. " (Dr. Yr. H. O'Neal Farm) Highland Township. Butler TowsisMp, Biglerville, Pa. Expanding Socket For Screw Spikes In Railroad Tars. In order to i:wi«lv a. Setter iwUl for screw sitikes iu mihvacl lit 1 *: OL Parisian lias rvenily invented an ex- 1 of ii ML Joy T-wp. Jacob Frommeyer, Straban Township. George E. Barman, R- 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township. George C. Shealer, Straban Township. Sirs. Mary J. Weikeri, R. 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. iL Rex, Box 50, R. 2, Biglerville. Mrs, Matilda L. Codori, Cumberland Township. JJasauel Robinson, S. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. J. :L. Toot, Straban Tovraship. D. JL.. Jacobs, R, 1, Biglerville, Pa. Butler Township. Joseph B. Twiniag-, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Edward A. Scoit, R- 4, Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown, Highland ToTmship. \ R. F. Biddie, Mt. Pleasant Township, R. 8, Gettysburg. D. J ...eile, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Fronanseyer, Mt. Pleasant Township. Martin Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. V/. T. jlehring, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. \_ Robert K. Major, Scraban Township. John W. Mcllhenny Fam R- 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. Eidon, EendersvUle, Pa. George D. Thomas, Chambersburg Pike. Robert Harner, Greeamount, Pa. "~ '*· Harry E. Shriver, Builer Township, R. G, Gettysburg. Josc-pb A. Albert, Butler TownsHip, R. G, Gettysburg. Y/iiiiarn Coshun, Straban Township. Eiias Wolford,. Mt Pleasant Township. II. C. barren, Menallen Township. ~r_ C- H. Rummell on G. I_ Osbome farm, Mer.allen township. Wm. M. Bighazn's Sons, Freedom Township. Wm. M. Bigham's Sons, Liberty Township. Jacob F. Peters, Tyrone Township R. 3. Bigierville, Pa. Charles Essiek and sisters, Butler Township, R. 5, Gettysburg. J. C. Cculson, Butler Township. A. S. Whisler, Mt. Pleasant Township, R. 10. Mrs. Clest-a A. Black, R. 1, Bigiervffie, Pa. George Herring, Highland Township. Y/_ F. Herbst, Grrtanna R. 1. ^ O. B- Sharretts, Cumberland Township, R. 2. Gettysburg, Pa. G. E. Stallsmith, Straban Township, R- 9, Gettysburg, Pa- John Dick. Hoffacker Farm. Straban Township. Gilbert Radisill, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg Route 1. J. E. Jacobs, Eugene S. Kelly far m, Cumberland Township. J. Clayton Rider, Mt- Joy Township, Gettysburg R. 1. Charles Fidler, (W. E. Golden farm), R-1.. Bigtervffie, Butler Twp. F. B. Twisden, Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township. John H. Eckert, Strabaa township, Gettysburg, R. S. Otis Walter, (Conrad Walter Farm) R. 1, Tillie, Franklin Township. E- F. Strausbaugh, Orrtanna R. 1. Albert Hollinger. Cumberland to--nshic. Gettysburg, R. 6. Deardorg Brothers, Tiliie, Pa. Frt T»^m Township. E. P. Garrertson. Butler Township. John and Frank Garreitson. Menallen Township. R. H. Black, R. 2 7 Gettysburg. Cumberland Township- Mrs. Daniel Mfller, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg Route G. D. S- Reynolds, Straban Township Gettysburg Route 9. W. A. Bighara. Cumberland Township, Gettysburg. R. Z. John Groscost, R. 7, Gettysburg. Sfcraban Township. Garfield Jacobs, R- 13, Gettysburg near Barlow. Dorsey Deardor^ Highland Township. (Mrs. H. B. MoverJTann). IL S- Mertz. Hamilton Township, (Campbell and Mover Jbann). James L. Bigham. Freedom Township, Gettysburg. Pa. Levi Cram, Menallen Township. Mrs- Andrew Brough. R. 1, Aspers Menallen Township. L. H. Meals, Cumberland Township, S- 5 Gettysburg. C. W. Black (J. Carna Smith Farm) R- 2, Gettysburg, Mt. Joy Twp. Wm. H- Johns. Cumberland township and Gettysb-irg- George W- Wolf, R. 3, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. Edmund Little.. (John Blocher Farm), Cumberland Township. Harris Cook, Menallen Township- Walter C- Snyder, E. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Twp. Bayly Farm Vincent Redding, R- 8, Gettysburg Strabaa Township. ' Edward Redding R. 9. Gettysburg, Sfcrabsn Township. A_ J. SmithJEarm H. E- Boyd, Guldens, Pa., Straban and Mt- Pleasant Townships. Harry S. Trestle, Straban Township. Edward A. Trestle. Straban Township. John Leese, on Nathan Brown farm, Straban Township, Gbg. Route S. W. W. Miller farm (Oscar Breamtenant) Straban Township, Gbg. R. 8. Mervin Black, Biglervflie. MenaEen Township. Mrs- Martha Reed, near ArendtsviUe. Waybright Rice, Biglerville, Pa. , H- S. Cromer, Mt- Joy Township. R- 2. Gettysburg, Pa. John S. Wolf. Straban Township. R- 7. GetfEysbirrg, Pa. Clarence Hoifman. R. 2, Blglervffie, Pa. -J. C. Waiter. Butler Township, R- 2. Biglerville, Pa. Robert Witherow. Cumberland Township, R. 13, Gettysburg. Pa. Frank Herr. Crnnberiand Township, R-13. Gettysburg. Pa. Frank Eicholtz, Freed Farm. Straban Township, R-12. Gettysburg-. Pa. I). W. Stoops. Highland" Township R- 4, Gettysburg, Pa. J. Martin Bream, Tyrone Township, R- 3,. Biglervflie. Pa. II. H. Hart, R. 6. Gettysburg. Pa.. Butler Township. Samuel Sch--artz. Mt- -Toy Township, Gettysburg, Route 1. J. A. Wetzel (Mary A. Snyder farm) Franklin Township. J. 31. Bushman. (Mary A. Snyder Farm) Franklin Township. " ^ J. W. Tate. Tyrone Township, R- 4, Xew Oxford. "^ J. W. Cook, Menallen Township. Flora Dale, Pa. A. I. Osbom^ R- 2, Biglerville. Allen Barnes, (Cromer Fans) Cumberland Township, R-13. Gettysburg Chas. E- Schalcz, (Gilbert Bucher Farm) Franklin -iownsmp, R. o. Gbg. R. A. Diehl. (Mister Fans) BxrUe Township, Star Route, Biglerville Pa. John B. Eiter. Cumberland Township, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. W. J. Bearoer, Straban and Mi- Pleasant Townships, Gettysburg, R- 8. C. E. Tawney, Mt. Pleasant Township, Gettysburg R- S. C. W. Toner, (E. A. Grouse Farm) Menallen Township. R- R- Idavflle, Pa J. Blaine Bushey, Franklin Township, R. 1, Biglerville. Pa. -Jacob Groscost, Tyrone Township' R. 7, Gettysburg, Pa. W. T. Howard, Straban Township. Cartin McGlaughlin (John P. Butt Farm) Franklin Township. James Sanders, (N. H. Musselmsn Farm) Hamiltonban Township- \_ Howard Bream, Straban Township, R- 9, Gettysburg, Pa. ^ Alien Redding (Root. S. Bream Farm) Cumberland Township. \ Wiliiam J. Eckenrcde. Camberiar.d Township. G. G.-_Grii5r. r Straban Township, Rate 9, Gettysburg. Denton Hoff (Rufus Lavrver Farm) Butler Township. Irvnn R. Snycier, Bonneanviile, Pa. Harvey Scott. Cumberland Township. Jacob Boyd, Mt Joy Township, R.13, Gbg. (William Cronier Farm) Additional names, 50 cents for entire season. ' lov.-t-r eiM to tiSsouc U ilf it-, us t' foi'iii four arui^ v.'-a 1 spread :ur \+; si-rev.-ii:^ ti:e ·*«):! jiiftyr.liie socket lias !.;" s-.-re^T Thi.s ihe ^-».:;tt :· : i txftter yrip for tiie.serow svi: ^ s :U he'oluiiued by s.-rwia'g i^* ihe ^vv;tl. At the- t ;. v.'lix'li s^-rve liit- At ::e:nl lj i.-.-rl;iJi ··' ^ ·! s;it ai the !oi:gili so - Ji way 5* -stjike iu -.-revretir t,o of sa a SS..V tlie sofkvt' lt !!:ir«i us ti^r siuid ill tbe : :r:n-k «,r the' rear wheel«. but- it does ' .-= iu ;; ue\v \vay. Avtiou is autouiatic*. ·1'id the sintl or irrit i-s forced!--not .Iro;;i«3--a:iier boi!; !'»ar xx-bv^jls as ss.-wu as the vehicle U^ji«is to »p.ove in * . lat»ra; t'lrtw-iiwn r skids. Tb^ driy-' ·*-*· ij:'t:«: sre n;C ::M-rp:isi*j. but If 1 U J J m?r:M*c CTVI cr 4 ilt.Vi:t.iT o vt i i ^---o. Pi;tor-es^ucr.c£s sr.d 0:--piicity r Keynote cf Ju-vcr.iic f-r-shsans. ' The Ii-;u for iby :::.:i:Iv'. ···" ;-lu.i- sir T-?ry dLTe.'Wii fr^uj t'^e !;.-.:'!^e::r o f t -:,-* I* ~.:-\ :·· i'r ibe vrovra of a felt s!: ;·»··· :: girl lli her ttei'N "-.:.s a:; u:;-Jrec;iii^i of j extrava;;a:!--L'. Yvi t vLiy ;ix- sJ-jn! leatlli-ir Paris :^:.:--:vrs who au.^j 2 i §,' Si The bats :"ur :.::;^ .i:;d bij: j;I: should be siiai-Ie--?::::-ie in outline and i t ETPAXMXO SCCKJTT SIIFOUE AND IOK Of S'JEK.V SI-IKE -f l':c- ml! b:ise ani H brt-iiil is dKer:ahied Sy nes.-t or the- 1);;^ il:.iijre. As siiywa Isi li;^ sx-.-tion. i:';t u::;ror::i ciir v::rr t:ie j hole is fi: | uepll: ::- r i« the exre- rhe cSer-th ;!l of the liyni. At -Ki of t!ie witiiouc. T^e M=th«seiah c: ..:··· rc-.U-s. Mines. -\v Yi:rk. ha';," !""·"." ore 1 wood «-o!;i5i:!!i; too | , I verse. : the :;s iu!iv:tted in o::e of the s v;ev."s. Kytvevei". "v!ien tlie i spike is screwed into tJe soek--c · sis tv:II be for lower part o" j ^jh.r.i-^ JouraaL r nis v.'M' '""On- i ^... i ; g of F'ov-ers. rt:t^r tuera ,!,,.,- O tiie score of «"e alone tnc- peony v " ' * L ^ *"~" v " " ; sHoul'l command t!=c ir.ieresc f a!i !:ito the v/o-'d Le iEipoasibltt for i:ed out. In old t:.e ' wiieiu tnc s.rev.- ive ueen tor:i . 2ower lovr-rs. I; began many Utsi The tree peony. Ii:.s a Uisru" v.- dreu? of ye:irs is L out of tlieir holes or the wood has !e- i native of China. Tills peosy. Kore i than nay other tSo^-rer. lias been the t * e - · the pereentitsre OF~ seedlings of this 1 peoay und t'seir ciian'-czeristics- Its Ssncs to Stop Skidding. - crcat beaarr and'Traprance mo»e ir j T'nere Is a report from London of a . ^eHnrr-ns aio ihejfavorite Sower cf (dovif-.- to r-^vect skiddinsr. intenaed ! ch!na s e niperors.^Sua-"It tras caHed S priajarilv for motorbnses, bat adapt- tj^.., \v 2 ns--UJn^ of v -fio«-ers.--Suber- { able to raotor veliicles of all klnos. -, ; p x-i r o ° ^ 1 Tub device makes use of the faroiliar \ 7991 _ , . . . -- - i ou never quit paying tor a peer rocr. ir_;s j'ear it I %\ nce^s point:- T, -ert yc^r perhaps patching cr ether repairs. · j s f ! lh^ year aiVjr 3'cu ir:c.y fc3 cigc^S eiov.ii fcr *Jie price of jj K costs jj:st as -- ~-c'h ED !~y a cheap roof ac it dec- to S| pul c:c---n i-ccf-n j you con ban'; on for tcnyezrc. V»'hy || r:cei:es3 bcther \vken, at the ssrae cost cr le^?, you C£ri |§" Roilurice RcoSng is the unqxiesdoncdl cs:c:ca cf Karl- ig 5-0-^-5: sc L"--; -Icrs ii"^ cou~cr-' over. A.:er Ic-n years or ig ·"^^ _ ~^^ " ·* ... _ ^^ _ -f _ i^£ j : £' : csr/icc: or e% cry kind of buildia^ Reliance -Roc£ng stszid today in a cic^s by liseli- I - Guaranteed 1 0 Years Without : |! " to s:vc Eillsfactory service scr ten jcafs or inore islihoxt re^^iir. x . ' r suss iSi HE cosrc^ts. · K | J|. roocng v.-=r.t at a. rcr-5onab;e pricx:- v ""y Irs "iar*"i2^tv^r^rs c f Ixtliar.c; c^n r'forci to bacl; I; v.itu a Xo-Ccs:- j5 O^r?^ No-?=L-.t Tea-Year Guaranty [? ^y3*e^x % in triniaiinjr--r.::r tiiey niay !;--'. n::d~ili6 most successful ones :ux-. UeH^Utfui-y nietares-'iiie. There is certaizs'y :t p:-- turescue e'.euiosit In the nuht-r h::-^o. Soipy brimRi*.?!. lov.* T""\\-^i_-;I hats ol taiieEa or veivtt. The :iretri«sc of these hats are trimmed s^ssply xvitii a large "at bc'.v of rib^OR. *!:iet;H:es t=:-3 plain tafTetn ribbon a^ain the moire. A particularly becoming hat fashioned a! ; tr r-ic-se 'rues is of navy blue :i:sl oerise t^fter::. the t:!iTor;t l----- !:icr sUirrotl r.ruuud the face :·»! the h;:se sprav.-!:::2 I ov.- of cerise ni^irt- rlbbon coverl'Jsr t:ic- entire ri.u:ht sir.'. The nev.' velvets ::ro so very soft £h:i! ^ll£v_c-nn ba tre:ito«l in this vrr.y \vi:!i -rest success Ar..: is t!:c_-re «-isy prettier Iie:!o:re::r f--r thp "iniSK-sc fc'-T j · hat" of a jour^r l-tor.-l sir: wan u !ari;i-" tra.*!:s::r c"ior"r Soft felt luits v.-orn v-?ry cer--:-.- f;i:I. There is :t Very retrr re:! f-'ii .h-^t. Ji 'V.j:i Dili-van! rea. -vliieh iiss .":- ·either Lu;:i1. very :;::·; c-r: Dnipes c£ t-^e · :·"·"£ t'ls-.- r::^-.-:t :"'- n'ten use-2. ::r.'1 the ^-U; i;.':'ii ni-ot r":- t-OR 1.^ '.hariiiliitr on :i «-ro~iny v.'ii r- felt. The r; 1 ·!·"! ·= i"~'.'^'.-^ff.y tv.~;-:.i" :ro-j;:::i the rrn--. n. TT;:!; :· s-oft iocp =·: the Ts--5c ;·";! rn-- !-"-r;ir strearro" f" ihe niore cro??;." h:srs ihc-'e Kirc:-nifr bro"ic::r ';: ; i :.-Icr the ( -":::t :·: =" =v.-athe the n~- -k in a :m-=c i;-ioo.:'.::- GeLt^/sburg Departraent Store-Baltimore St. Terr n'.oJ:-:/: =-; ihis '"tt r.r.c h:=t (".: -:c:.c4 for :! c:r: -tf r :: "r i--«:·· yo-'The nfj.-Ji.i-f-o-j; sh;:; .-! I h o of "tn: 'vst'i :i h.'C-V.'!: v.iv v t ". ''·" Th" ··'·:"?. : vn:::st "If: 1 ir =r ·«:·«'·.·' \viv:I r:.;;: 1 ,-. h " \ GAYEST OF PLAIDS AND TARTANS APPROVED BY DAME FASHION THIS FALL continuous cry Is for "some- j v^nite. had tJio edges bound ·with beijre nevr." ''somellilng diitcrcnt," so : leather: the other, a checked green ar.d ·we have plaids this season combined \ yeKow, tras banded ar.d trimmed -with ·orith plain stuffs for frocks and suits.; srees cloth. Ofttimes the entire suit is of plaid i Blue and green kismet plaid with piain trimmings: then, asaiu, the i trimming bands and vest of Russian jacket is plain and skirt of plaid or a; green cloth wouk; be cbanr.iag fo smart 3itt:e plaid blouse accompanies ] IOD1-7C-C2. Ti-.e blouse shows a Ions. e plain slort. Touches of the brighter j plain, set-in sleeve. The peg-top skirt of these plaids afford extremely smart ] is distinguishea by toe smart cu~ hera lark suits ana and the 3'oke c^Tect. SCHOOL SU^ the Teachers. N.-5-4- '\ v-!:-joi itays ire !~orc the:- ..-,..'".".'-· I:;".; '-:! n plt-ve of t;:?- ""· · f.v \'...i ;o tT.i ;;::r:uci!t or i":y tl r : :c- ^r--s-5 ir1::!:f ur-^-! ::t Hie I;:rj:e tl" ··-.. ::::-.:-l-cr.l ::: t:'.i--= war are casiij .-·=·,-! :·::! uii''.y to "Ot h'St. U:- .·-·.::" jr. !· c. v.'Iic:: :="yln^ a scho-ii · :it fur a ::t:"o c:r: tS'«;it if it i«:ttoi:~ ,-r:-:z'.:!. "-"-'-·:) rha ir-nt she o;:: pm it tuehler's Dni0 Store Old Stand Gettysburg Pa. i Speicai ' prices on everything you *r "*" J[. want for Fall and Vy inter. Wlisricver yon buy--whatever you buy--you \vill get * ^ the largest returns for your monej* by inalvlng' your pur- S o chrsies at BASE'S. You will ahvavs find here big: assort- s £· - t iseiits. -vou -·will-gct-here-rcliaWfr gedcls only and yoa_\viiL. | *. ' ~ * o * " I buy here at lower prices than ihe same goods cost eise- S Complete line of Woman's, Misses suits, skirts, clressss, waists, Millinery Gents Furnishings etc. ;·::- ; :. :.'? S!:«K: Icr sliu must ask fo ':-j;7- cvi-ry tir.:e 't Is p::r on. Lonr _TC.-,to:- trl.:i for a. Jer.f her vrhoso cinf.- ':·?:" ic-« :r::'::y "itlo chsldrec. Get rnr^ : x:-r shoes i-:e cr.'-csli for the xs-carer ?·" he cs32 !"t t!:o;n iT5 hjniscif- Is thero nr.v ir.'Co esn^r'^ri-t:".- tnsk thnn to .rv lf c»-t :? ;·»"· s:i-nii rubber over ^ :..-· IniS" ?h-'er If yonr iierves have '^een r,u::c-i :ir : -l y-tar patience triol j '·;.- ::;c" t:.h-c^ v. hoa doins thonj for j «'O"r '-KC or yo:;r tv.-o or throe chsi- 1 ;rc::. i::::;ch-e xvhai. it n3:ght DO to do it ] f=.r svr.-iity or thirty. r.I! sp.xious to be the first 0:10 oKt of school! · « I I Owins to the inclement weather on r aimers Dav, SPECIAL PBaCElS on all ooods will be continued this week- C, rjp-o A New Book Marker. c H:i:e s-E to a rnan or a oshmai Gleaner · i f and SALE Modern r.ine room house Heat and all conveniences. Lot 40x232(1, Terms to! suit purchaser. J. B. Hamilton for plain dar! dresses. \ Typiccl tartans are used, blue and -- ! jrrccn being one of the favorite c«rn- | binalior.s. Vclonr checks sir.r.rt ! .i!so. nr.d there arc numerous f^tcr.issj i t T n.ri-: anil white combinations. Two of fhe most strifc:»? o£ Poirei's tai'orcd rt-odc!s vorc checked--line, a b'rtck ;tnd To copy this design in size 35 it needs 2vi yards of 36 inch material frith % yard of contrasting material for 75D1; 7932 requires for size 24 3',j yards of 36 inch material. Xo. 7991--sizes 34 to 44, · Xo. 799"--sizes 22 to 32. Each pattern is 15 cents. jl To obtain either pattern illustrated fill ' out this coupon anu enclose J5 cents in .vramps or coin. Be sure to state number of i?attern and size, measurinpr over the {! T ulle.~t part of the bust. Address Pattern ! »oiJartr.H-t!t. care of this paper. No .................. Size ..... . ....... ... Address il -V ·- UH-Ul^",- i:^s..'_ -,·-- t.v^ «. ii.«ii v» .» j , t T-- /^ A T f--' a I wqswn o;' r.ny ace--provided that it j .', · · · · : ' · ' - ···-··,-.-..:--!"!;;-.-:·_-; ! |_, | |*V *·* ^\ 1 r 4 ir · K ji po~s° n "3Vinir tbe rcadiug babin-- j ,-n j":s :· :"..:.'., · --,. ,::,--: ··::. ;- t,» .--.· -.::'_ i V_/i X KJj \i--jJ--2 i is tiic newest thing: in book ro.irkers. ; [e ;;r;;. ;K .\r_-;.s^ !-:;-s ;; n-:rs:ir'cn'': : l"!jis is simiy a double eight inch long f ivcn nr.;7 -. '.^ :'-..s :-;;;i,l .f iho ;o;-::v.t\ ;-...; t - \v. Lt^lj- in. \!ing hens aud two irch tvidc strip of pin seal, \ Tliso v.:. ;i,;v t - .--v:: ;hi- ;:*··: n:id j 'morocco or alligator leather finishtid j n!s n,jw e--"ii;=c-: of .=;f,::\! in X,»br,j-j I'nr^^i-v'K along tlie feide edges vrith heavy ma- | Ra. K::I:MS nml o;:;-h.-.':-:i r-';v,:t ·; tc chine sutching and at the ends ·with a' ! 3e as line as a:iy :t:f;»;f;: :;o!d; :j IIH-XO two inch cnt fringe of matching pelt. | states^vvher.- ^-oniiUi'.rx ;:re .--orrj^-.rsr- On both the flat sides of the strap m ; e d more fjvora?i!f :"·- the p---,-r ;"-*letters of gold, silver, or ebony Is tha i velopsr.e:-.. -.t" ;hs :ffr»:i:o T";,- J^M;:::;; legend, "Here I Stopped." j of the fonl with t!:5^ nHrouen cniture " ~. j places v,-;t!i it as it is jnt into tlic f " j ground the Iwctoria which aro favors'' DON'T forget the administrator's [ ble to the transfon-nc-o of t h e nitnigcK 'sale of Harry J. Carbaugh, Friday, from the «ir to t!w root noUulus. Oct. 24th, of all his real estate and personal property.--advertisement D. W. Woods Gettysburg R. S.4 *» \VAXTED: a lady roomer for the winter. Applr 21 Baltimore street,-advertisement '·SFAFERI MEWSPAPKJRl

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