The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 30, 1935 ツキ Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1935
Page 7
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 30 テつキテつァ 1935 SEVEN SOCIETY | 'inal Check Up on Ticket Sale to Be Tuesday Members of the High School Mule Mothers club will be at the Mu- lic hall at 3 o'clock Tuesday after- koon for final checkup on the ticket sale for the artists' concert leries which is being sponsored by Ihe club. All mothers who have tickets out |iave been asked by the president of he club, Mrs. H. E. Kennedy, to eport at this meeting. Tickets are Available at Vance's for those who ave not purchased theirs. The first concert in the course vili be Oct. 8 in the high school Luditorium when Daniel Saldenberg, |elllst, and Eleanore Block, dancer, appear. liss Helen Hamilton Hostess at Luncheon Miss Helen Hamilton, daughter \t Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hamilton, 102 inden drive, entertained at lunch- Jon Saturday afternoon in the blue oom at the Euchre and Cycle club. Covers were placed for 16 guests Ind autumn foliage decorated the lable. Following luncheon bridge played. High score prizes went to the lisses Joan Gilmore, Lois Hill and ("can Scoby. 1 --+-- f. E. O. GX CHAPTER O MEET WEDNESDAY. P. E. O. .chapter GN will hold its Srst meeting of the year Wednes- lay afternoon at 1 o'clock at the lome of Mrs. A. O. Scott, 21 Linden |rive, with Mrs. F. R. Winegar and 'rs. J. A. Van Ness on the com- littee in charge. Mrs. Lester Milli- J-an will report on the national P. t. O. convention which she attended in Yellowstone park. H E L P I N G T H E H O M E M A K E R By MRS. MARY MORTON Menu Hint LUNCHEON lam Omelette Grape-Apple Butter Bread and Butter Milk DINNER Tomato Juice Cocktail Creamed Salmon on Toast California Waldorf Salad or Srapefruit Pear and Grape Salad Cheese Wafers Coffee This dinner menu may well be lalled "supper," and would serve Jery w'jll for supper when dinner served at noon. In fact the meals nay be turned around and baked Ir creamed potatoes added to the 'hildrens Colds Yield quicker-to double action of S T A I N L E S S now, if you prefer luncheon menu to make it aerve for dinner, with pumpkin pie or other dessert also added. Today'* Recipe* Grape-Apple Butter--One quart grape pulp, one quart apple pulp, four cup* sugar. Prepare the fruit by cooking and forcing through a sieve. Combine with cugar and cook till thick, stirring constantly to prevent burning. Grapefruit, Pear and Grape Salad (Individual Service)--Combine one- fourth cup each of grapefruit pieces, diced pear and seeded white grapes. Serve with fruit mayonnaise (one- third cup grapefruit juice to one- half cup mayonnaise, slightly sweetened) or a cooked dressing. California Waldorf Salad--Four rge grapefruit, two-thirds cup diced apple, four teaspoons sugar, one-third cup diced celery, one-third cup broken walnut meats, iettuce. Segment grapefruit and cut segments in halves. Save juice and marinate apples. Sprinkle apples with sugar. Combine grapefruit, apples, celery and nuts and serve on lettuce with mayonnaise or cooked dressing. It may be served very attractively in chrysanthemum cups, made from grapefruit shells cut down in strips simulating chrysanthemum petals. Serves eight. Vegetable pickle for Two One pint cooked carrots, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, 3 onions, 1 cup string beans, 1 cup vinegar, ^ teaspoon paprika, I 1 /!, teaspoons salt, \i teaspoon tumeric, 2 teaspoons sugar. Combine and cook till clear. This is a nice recipe to have for emergencies since it can be made in small amounts. Spanish Relish One gallon green tomatoes, ground; 12 large cucumbers, ground, two small heads cabbage, cut fine; six of each red, green, yellow mangoes, ground; three stalks celery, cut fine; two Bermuda onions, ground; one cup salt, seven cups sugar, two quarts vinegar, spices. Mix vegetables and salt and let stand over night. Next morning squeeze out all the juice. Put into a kettle and add svigar, vinegar and a few mixed spices tied in a bag, also a few sticks of cinnamon. Cook all ingredients 20 minutes and can. Tip Top Pickles One peck green tomatoes, 12 large onions, 1 quart vinegar, 2 cups sugar, 6 tablespoons pickling spices. Slice tomatoes, thin, sprinkle one cup salt between the layers and let stand two hours or overnight. Slice onions and cover with boiling water. Press all liquid from both. Arrange in alternate layers with pickling spices between. Bring the vinegar and sugar to the boiling point and pour over. Can be used as soon as cold. Pickled String Beans Select tender beans, 'snip off the ends but 'leave whole. Soak overnight in a brine to cover of % cup salt to 1 quart water. Drain, rinse and dry with a towel. Pack in sterilized jars with 1 teaspoon pickling spice for each jar. Fill with a boiling solution of 3 cups vinegar for each quart jar, with \'- cup brown sugar and a little horseradish root. Fill to overflowing and seal at once. DEPENDABLE GLASSES Have Built Our Reputation Quality Glasses . . . Yet Low Cost J Hid SAVE NOW DURING OUR GRAND FALL SELLING .jOPTOMET-R ISTS. t f O i N FEDERAL - MASON be SAFE insure for . . . FIRE--Dwelling and Mercantile; WINDSTORM--Dwelling and Mercantile; AUTOMOBILE--Fire, Theft, Windstorm, Public Liability, Property Damage, Collision, Plate Glass; PLATE GLASS; GENERAL LIABILITY- GARAGE LIABILITY; ELEVATOR LIABILITY; PERSONAL AUTOMOBILE- ACCIDENT. LOSSES AND DIVIDENDS SINCE ORGANIZATION $3,624,919.22 Iowa Hardware Mutual Insurance Co. C. A. Krimison, Pres. 115 Firsl St. S. K. K. n. Austin, See. A WEEK buys a reconditioned and GUARANTEED USED CAR NO MONEY DOWN! Use Your Old Car For Cash SEE THESE VALUES FIRST!! 1935 Forrt Tudnr Touring. Kadio, fi50xlfi Fireslnnr, tire*, Rlumtnmn wheels. Radiator ornament. Vanity mirror. Many other extras. Save 1D35 Ford FK; Luxe Tudnr. Gunmetal. Mohair finish. An excellent buy at '. 1333 Master Deluxe Chevrolet Sedan. A value at 1932 Ford V-8 Tudor. Black $315 $235 1P31 Forrt Model A Tudor. New motor, new tires. O r i g i n a l f i n i s h . . . 8--1D30 Ford Model A Tudors. All o u t s t a n d i n g units. Your choice , 1--1031 Ford Coupo. Maroon finish. Looks and rims like new 1--lf)2!) E s s e x Challenger Coupe. The slickest 1929 you f.ver drove .. Many Others Our Reputation is Your Protection WAGNER MOTOR CO. 202 FIRST STREET SOUTHEAST PHONE テつサ22 Z.Z. 27 24- 20 U 79 ACROSS t--Globules of air 18--Charitable S--A cloak offerings 10--Trade It--A. British IS--Even (contr.) archipelego 1*--A grampus In the S. IS--Suffix used to Pacific Form noun* 14--Famous of agency French K--Capital of cathedral Scotland destroyed by 19--Short narra- the Germans live poems It--Formed by 80--Vertical part Inflating of a stair material, 22--Possessive as glass case of I 17--A charge for 22--In the lowest Instruction degree 19--Envlee one 15--Compass the posses- point sion or 27--Neckwear 14--Any profane oath It--Sick 18--Rltardando (abbr Mus. gradually slower) 19--Bestow 11--Capital of Saskatchewan province 14--Cathedral city In France it--Strike w i t h force 18--A satellite /JO--French masculine articlテつォ tl--Smooth and テつキeir-aatlsfled テつサ2--Beat 13--Junior warden (abbr ) 15--Title of respect 1C--Proposal IS--Trade union (abbr ) Answer to previous pusilo DOWN 1--To be In debt 2--To pass back and forth S--Toward the higher place 4--Backward projecting point, aa fleh hook. 6--A form of the prefix "ex-" *--Deep drafts. as of liquor 7--Skillful テつサ--Full of reeds 11--Pale 13--An attack, aa of (ever CHARTS DAILY IN GLOBE-GAZETTE This Feature on Market Page Shows Trend of Many Types of Business. News charts, one of the recent developments in newspaper publishing, are appearing daily on the dlobe-Gazette's market page as this newspaper's response to the unparalleled Interest in everything pertaining to the current economic conditions at home and abroad. The charts tell at a glance a story the reader often fails to grasp when told in type. Each day's chart presents some important phase of business. One day the effect of last year's drought on this ycar'a crop prices may be important. On another day, the sign i f i c a n t development is in the slock market. Is unemployment going up or down, and are wages keeping pace with the. rising living costs? Are we selling more goods lo Cana- building i n d u s t r y ' b e g i n n i n g to show building industry begining to show the long-awaited i m p r o v e m e n t ? Is this state getting as much as other states out of government f u n d s ? On Many Trends. What Is the woman of the average house spending on her make- u p ? And what is unemployment costing: us? Are the farmers better off than a year ago, and what is happening to their dollar, the work- ingman'a dollar or anybody's dollar? Above all, how is business, what is the trend of prices, production, r e t a i l salrs, and what rlocs it all mean to Inn average citizen. These and a v a r i e t y of other questions are the ones for \vhlr:h pictorial answers will be found f l n i l y in the The c h a r t s a r e prepared for the Globe-Gazette by Reuben D. Cahn, chief economist n n d s t a t i s t i c i a n of the Chicago Tribune. In the prrp- DON'T SLEEP ON LEFT SIDE, AFFECTS HEART Gas Pressure May Cause Discomfort. Right Side Best If you toss in bed and can't sleep on right side, try Acllcrika. .Just ONE dose relieves stomarh GAS pressing; on h e a r t so you sleep I soundly all night. Adlerika acts on BOTH u p p e r and j lower bowels and brings out foul i matter you would never believe was j in your system. This old matter may have poisoned you for months and caused G A S . sour stomach, headache or nervousness. DR. H. T.. Shoub, New York, reports: "In addition lo intestinal clenn.sing, Adlerika greatly reduce* baclerla and colon bacilli." Mrs. Jas. Filler: "Gas on my stomach was so bad I could not eat or sleep. Even my heart hurt. The first dose of Adlerika brought me relief. Now I eat as I wish, sleep fine and never felt better." Give your stomach and bowels a REAL clcanaing with Adlerika and ree how good you feel. Just ONE dose relieves GAS and chronic constipation. Sold by all druggists and drug departments. Huxtable Drug Co. aration of the charts, Mr. Cahn draws on a wide knowledge of business and finance, resulting from years of intimate contact in this field. Formerly a member of the economics faculty of Northwestern University, Mr. Cahn has a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of economics. As an industrial engineer, he has served some of the best known firms and industries. Won Reputation. Aa an Interpretative writer on business and financial trends, he has won a national reputation among merchants, manufacturers, bankers, governmental officials and educators for the soundness of his views. In the preparation and selection of charts, Mr. Cahn thus combined the knowledge of the economist, the experience of the business engineer with the nose for news of the newspaper man. Follow the trend of business in the Globe-Gazette's news charts, on exclusive feature on this newspaper. CHARLES CARLE DIES AT HOME Funeral Rites for Hanford Merchant to Be Held Tuesday. Charles Clifford Carle, 67, died at hia home at Hanford Saturday evening following a long illness. Mr. Carle had been in f a i l i n g health for two years but had been confined to his bed only four days. Mr. Carle was born Oct. 20, 1867, in Erie county, Pennsylvania. Ho had lived in Cerro Gorclo c o u n t y for the past 22 years, l e a v i n g t h e f a r m 18 y e a r s ago. when he movr.1 t ! s h o w S a t u r d a y a t 'DelcVaV FIRST NATIONAL BOND PURCHASER Mason City Bank Low Bidder for $32,000 Poor Funding Securities Here. The First National bank of Mason City was high among four bidders here Monday and purchased $32,000 worth of Cerro Gordo county poor funding bonds, County Auditor Arthur Harris announced. The bonds, which will yield 2.75 per cent interest annually, were sold to the bank for $32,470. Conditions of the sale provided that the bank shall also furnish the approving opinion and print the bonds without expense to the county. The money will be used to take up outstanding poor warrants. BONDS FORFEITED IN POLICE COURT Intoxication, Gambling and Traffic Violations Cause Arrests. Many bonds for intoxication and gambling were forfeited Monday morning before Police Judge Morris Laird. Oscar P. Chase, Corwlth, and L. J. Grafft, Omaha, each forfeited $10 bonds posted when arreste*! on charges of disorderly conduct. Ben J. Lusk, St. Paul, forfeited a $10 bond posted when arrested on a charge of intoxication. Everet Graves, Leo Hlendrich and Lloyd Gastinger, all of Plymouth, and Joe McLaughlin, 8 Washington avenue southwest, and Andy Anderson, 633 Fourth street northeast, each forfeited $5 bonds posted when arrested Saturday night on charges of gambling at No. 9 Delaware avenue southeast. Glenn Adreon, Corwlth, and A. R. and Chris Olson, Thompson, were each fined $10 and costs on charges of Intoxication. Ed Gallagher, Mason City, was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail on a similar charge. Helen Cole, Clear Lake, forfeited a $10 bond posted when arrested on a similar charge. E. W. Everhardt, Mason City, was fined $10 and costs on a charge of driving through a stop sign in the country. He was arrested by a state patrolman. Jess Plppcrt, route 3, was fined $5 and costs on a charge of speeding. Mrs. Jessie L. Colton, 616 Delaware avenue southeast, was released on ?500 bond to appear Oct. 2, on charges of bootlegging. Mrs. Col tot was arrested at her home about 8:35 o'clock Saturday evening. Although no liquor was found In the home five half pints were found outside, according to police. F. R. Press Aide MORE CLASSES IN FERA STUDIES nstruction Given in English, Mathematics and Other Subjects. Following is the schedule of M. V. Moule, FERA instructor, whose lassei got under way this week together with those of other federal fovcrnment adult education work cachers: McKinley school -- Tuesday ami Thursday afternoons, 1 to J p. m., テつキeadlng; 2 to 3 p. m., public spcak- ng; 3 to 4 p. m., American history, and 4 to 5 p. m., government and arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Y. M. C. A.--Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1 to 1:30 p. m., talks to students; 1:30 to 2 p. m., European history and government; 2 to 3 William 1). HaMOtt, atxvtt, has been appointed by President RooMvelt to assist Stephen T. Kftriy, onテつォ of his secrutarhw, with press relation!!. Two Girls Lose Money, Keys as They Attend Church Services Here Alice and Grace George, No. 6 Hanlon apartments, reported that their pocketbooks had been pilfered na they attended services at the First M. E. church Sunday morning. A sum of $8 was taken 'from one purse and the purse left while $2 and keys In another purse were taken with the purse. The money and keys wore taken from the cloak room of the church. Auto, Driven 251,000 liles, to Be Used to Make California Trip C. L. Towno, who has closed a season of p u t t i n g on free moving picture shows for merchants in several towns in North Iowa and southern Minnesota, will leave in a few days in an attempt to go to Pasadena, Cal., in his car, which he has driven 251,000 miles. He Is now doing repair work on the car. Mr. Townc, who travels t i n e i c r the n a m e of the "Lone Swede," gave his la-st H a n f o r c l , where he had opr-rnlcd a general stnre since t h a t t.ime. Survivihg M r . Carle are his wife. Sarepta, I h r e n d a u g h t e r s , Mrs. C. W. Matheson, Mrs. J. P. Wnshinj;- ton and Mrs. L. V. Wheeler, and one son. Clarence Carle, all of Owen township, and eight g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Funeral set-vices will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Hanford church, with George A. Wolfe officiating. Burial will be at Memorial Park cemetery. The body was taken to the Patterson f u n e r a l home. He has a b r o t h e r and sister In P n a a - tiena t h a t he, has not seen for r n n n y years. He e x p e c t s lo r e t u r n about A p r i l 3 0 . Mrs. Lloyd Youi\ 5 to Hold Public Auction at Farm Wednesday | Mrs. Lloyd Young will hold a ! public f a r m auction sale Wcdncs- i day, Oct. 2, b e g i n n i n g at I p. rn., on j the f a r m 4 miles south and I -fi m i l e j east of Ventura, or 4 miles south and 3'.j miles of Clear Lake. Included in the livestock which will be sold arc 7 head of horses, 35 head of cattle, 67 head of hops and 19 head of sheep. A complete line of farm machinery will be offered, including a hay loader, sirlc rako, two row cultivator, single row c u l - tivator, corn planter, 20 foot harrow, grain elevator, wagon and hay rack, chicken coops, harness and miscellaneous articles. One-half of 117 acres of corn in the field will be offered for sale, as well as 2 stacks of hay, 3 stacks of mixed hay and 60 chickens. B. A. Reemtama will serve as t auctioneer and the Firs!. National bank of Clear Lake will nerve as clerk $1,880,000 Allotment of WPA in Minnesota Announced in Capital WASHINGTON, Sept. 30. ;P-A l l o t m e n t of $1,880,000 in federal f u n d s to bテつォ used by the Works Progress administration In Minnesota was announced here today. Sponsors of the various projects included in the new apportionment of f u n d s to the state will contribute an a d d i t i o n a l $-HO,8f)'l to the cost. Projects included in the l i s t , tow i t h t h e federal a l l o t m e n t ar.d the sponsor's c o n t r i b u t i o n f o l - io w: K\\\P K a r t h C o u n l y . I m p r o v e r o a d s ; f e r l e r n l f u n d s S0.7-HJ; sponsor's c o n t r i b u t i o n 3-2832. ' ' ' M a n k a t o -- I m p r o v e state a i d road -N'o. 4 ; f e d e r a l f u n d s S12.75S sor'.s c o n t r i b u t i o n , $756. FarJbanlt County. Blue Karth--Renovate courthouse, jail and other county buildingテつォ. Federal f u n d s $5,700; sponsor's contribution, SJ/JJO. Flllmore County. Preston--Renovate school building. Federal funds, $4,950; sponsor'* contribution, $2,470. Mower County. Austin--Construct h a n g ar ... Decker airport. Federal funds, $4,5-S. r i; sponsor's contribution, $3,316. Greece's order for new airships include* 15 bombers and reconnaissance machines and 25 for instruction. TELLS OF USE OF "CHEEK GUN" Lewis Speaks to Rotarians on Experiences While in Burma. A "cheek gun," iwed by the natives of India, was one of the many interesting things described Monday noon at the Rotary club meet- Ing in Hotel Hanford by the Rev J. Leo Lewis, pastor of the Firsl Baptist church, who was for 1C years a missionary in Burma. This cheek gun la made by the natives and held on a line with their eyes, the small butt resting agalrisi their cheek. The natives make the powder and bullets and carry a fuse In their hand, which they touch to the gun when they want to dis charge it. A cross bow and arrow was another weapon used by the na lives wlivih he described. "The bamboo in Burma grows very rapidly," Mr. Lewis continued "It will grow 8 to 10 feet in a day I have gone over a road, the aides of which were almost barren, anc returned in three days to find bam boo trees 24 to 30 feet high. Th largest bamboo tree I saw wai three spana of my hands around. A house can be built of bamboo in two days at coat of $5." Shows Long Knife. Mr. Lewis said that the jungle 1 not man's friend and that a man should not stay in the jungle al night without adequate protection Hs showed a long knife which i used by the natives for nearly every use--from the killing of ani mals and harvesting of crops to th removal of a piece of foreign mat ter in the eye. "I couldn't see or hear in the jungle like the natives," Mr. Lewi continued, telling- how they can de tect movement of u n u s u a l sounds a long distances and immedlatclj identity them. Villages are as close together in Burma us f a r m s are in Iowa aiu In each village are usually a coupl of hundred persons. Life is helc cheaply among the tribes of th hinterlands, and a youth Is not con aldnred a man until he liaH klllec a man of some other village an returned with thn head. Lands Gandhi's Work. In contrast to this, however, Mr Lewis told of some of the t'ln weaving and leak wood c a r v i n j done at other places. "I take off my hat to Gandh and what he hns done for India, Mr. Lewis stated. Gifts were presented to Mr. an Mrs. L. A. Ristnu in honor of thcl recent marriage. Mr. Rlstau Is sec rclary of the club. W. R. H a m l l t o miule (.he presentation of a lam anrl ( h e presirlrnt, thn Rrv. Grorg K. Davip.=, a W o m a n ' s c l u b n n n i i a ticket, for Mrs. R i H l R i i . wr.rfi W. K. B r a n w o l l and Dr. Howard .Johnson of Hampton Bnd H. R. Stanbery. spon- at p. m., reading; 3 to 4 p. m., American history and government; 4 to 5 p. m., arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Lincoln school--Monday and Wednesday evenings, 7 to 8 p. m., short story and Knglish composition, and 8 to 10 p. m.. public speaking. Tuesday and Thursday, 7 to 8:30 p. m., commercial law, and 8:30 to 10 p. m., labor economics. Friday, 7 to 8 p. m., Shakespeare, English poetry and modern plays. ' If 10 persons can be Interested, a class in one or more of the following may be organized, Mr. Moule stated: Commerce and Industry, business organization and management, corporation economics, theory of banking, elementary psychology, and history of education. WANTED Managci'r for new ladle*' ready-to-wear shop coming to Muson City. Must be experienced and able to close sale*. Sen J. Tunrpowsky, Hotel Hanford, or 103 N. Federal. Charles Austin Rites Held at I.O.O.F. Home Funeral services for Charles Austin, 79, who died at the I. O. O. F. home Sunday morning following a long illness were held at the home Monday afternoon, with Frank Shcffler officiating. Burial will be at DCS Moines. Mr. Austin wan horn in. England April 20, 1856. He was a d m i t t e d to thr; home Feb. 28, 1933, coming to Mason City from DCS Moines. Surviving Mr. Austin arc two sons, Fred ami Vcnner, both of Dns Moine.1 and one daughter. Flora Hegwood. Knoxville. The body was t a k e n to the Patterson f u n e r a l home. FISTJLLA Every person s u f f e r i n g from Fistula, Piles or other rectal trouble is urged to write The Thornton Minor Clinic. Suite C-403, 926 Mc- Gec St., Kansas City, Mo., for their free book which explains what complications may develop if these treacherous afflictions are neglected. This valuable book has been prepared by a noted authority on rectal and colonlc diseases anc! gives full details of the mild Thornton A Minor methods by which more than 46,000 patients have been treated in the past 58 years. yvwt M O R E L E I S U R E \) EASIER COOKING KITCHEN BEAUTY A Roper or Magic Chef range will open the door for you to new cooking convenience and new kitchen beauty. It will save you many needless motions, needless steps. You'll have more time for other things. Many advanced features make cooking and baking easier, give you better cooked foods, save money on foods and gas. These lovely new Ranges incorporate all the features of modern range design. Don't put up with the old range any longer. See the Roper and Magic Chef today. Sizes and styles for every purse and purpose. Reduced Prices During Our FALL RANGE SALE SAVE AS MUCH AS PAY ONLY $1 DOWN "Voice of Inexperience" テつキ CONTEST テつキ $25 IN CASH PRIZES Most everyone at somn time or other has made a "cooking blunder." To bring to light some of theso humorous experiences, we are paying $1 each for the twenty-five f u n n i e s t , written cooking experiences. M a i l e n t r i e s to Prudence Pruc, P. G. and E., Mason City, Towa. HERE'S TODAY'S WINNER: Shortly after my marriage, I paid my mother a visit. Being rather proud of my cooking ability I offered to bake a cake. When the cake failed to rise as It should my mother suggested that perhaps I had forgotten to add the baking powder, but I assured her I had not, and held up the can as proof. Mother threw up her hands and exclaimed, "Where did you get that can? You've used plaster of part* Instead of baking powder!" MRS. M. C. P G

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