The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 24, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1913
Page 3
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RUNK PECKMAK'S REALTY REPORT. TENANTS^--Why do you continue to rent and give half of all you and your family produce to the landlord? No wonder the boys don't want to stay on the farm. They want to work for themselves. Buy "a farm now while prices are still low. If you have a part of the purehas_e money we will help t you to get the balance and see that you get a good title. You will experi-1 «nce the real joy of living, and a new view of life, when you break away from the old tenant system and live in your own home. Ownership of a home is or ought to be the ambition of everv* hard-working man- The man who buys now and cultivates his farin,will be the one beaefitted when land increases in value Come in and learn cf the good country homes we have for sale. We have some good bargains right now. All business strictly confidential. We don't try to sell you something you don't want. That is not our way. We try to please both buyer and seller for we will do business with them again. Inquire about our farms. It will cost you. nothing an«l we can help you to find what you wan'c quicker than you can find it yourself. Here are a few which will give you some idea of the large number we can show you. 2 acres, right outside of Boro. cf Gettysburg, 8 room frame house, with summer kitchen, furnace in cellar, trolley aV door,, large poultry house, large stable, apple orchard, 2 wells and cistern, grand view of the battlefield aad a very pleasant home, §2300- Call on us for further information about this place." near stere. nice home, price ?1*GO. 10 acres, with 7 room frame house, bath, hot and cold water, freshly painted inside and outside, new barn, windouiao, ideal home, 2 miles out from to%va, price $2000. 15 acres, 2 miles west of Gettysburg, 6 room house, commodious barn, all clear, excellent place for poultry and truck, price $1300. 23 acres, 2 miles south of "Gettysburg, ~7 room frame house, spring and well, bank barn, wagon shed, hog pen, corn crib, buggy house, poultry house ; buildings good, cheap home, $15501 home. 34 acres, mountainside fruit farm, buildings, 14 acres clear, balance heavy chestnut timber, 200 bearing apple trees, about 400 young apple and peach planted, close to railroad, price $1200. 45 acres. cJo-^ to Gettysburg on miin highway, all clear, deep rich soil, stone house and frame barn, with a little fixng up will be the nicest located home in this countv, price $4500. 45 acres, Butler township, GOO 2 yr. apple and peach trees, thriving condition, 7 room house, bank barn, poultry house, hog pen, and other outbuildings, produces as much as most 100 acre farms, price for a short time only §3500. 47 acres, weatherboarded house, frame bam, railroad "through farm, land clean and level, ciose to macadamized road, a bargain, $1650. 58 acres, Z-.~ miles from Gettysburg, large apple orchard, brick house, bank barn, railroad station close by, price S1000. An exceptionally fine home. 60 acres, railroad station at farm, brick house, fine shade, bank bam, deep red soli, right in Bendersville fruit district, possession any time, nothing cheap, but 'the price, $4400. 64 acres, ail clear, 9 room house, low bank bam. owner has just repaired buildings, 2 miles from Table Rock, young orchard planted, $2000. 70 acres, in Orrtanna fruit district. 25 acres of timber, some sawed timber, balance cultivated and suitable for Trait, all limed v.-Ithin 0 years, i room frame house with pantry, bank bare, water system at buildings, land rolling, price $4250. 70 acres. Kuntington township. 6 acres good oak timber, good frame house, bank barn, wagon shed and hog pen. all in new condition, land is good and lays weil. We ha\ e made a personal inspection of this and can recommend it to any one as a big bargain. S2500. Part of the purchase money can remain in the farjii. 72 acres, 1 mile from Chambersburg 'pike, flinty granite soil, highly productive, lays well, well watered, bank bam and 7 room frame_ house, some woodland and pasture, fruit of aH kinds. You need not be afraid to go into debt on this farm. It is a money-maker. $4700 on easy_terms- 72 acres, only 2 miles from Table Sock, new buildings. 4 room house, frame barn and other outbuildings. 50 acres clear, balance pasture and young Medical Advertising [ MI-O-NA QUICKLY i ENDS INDIGESTION [ Do not continue to suffer with heartburn, dizziness, after dinner distress, headache, biliousness, pain in the bowels or sour and gassy stomach, (jet relief at once--buy to-day--a fifty cent j box of Mi-o-na Tablets. They quickly j and surely ead indigestion and stora-; aeh distress--are perfectly harmiet*. j There is no long waiting for results j ·no need to deprive yourself of the i food you like best but fear to take be-! cause" of stomach distress. Eat what, vou want at anv time and take M5-o-1 na Tablets. " \ Do not suffer stomach distress an- [ other hour. It is not only needless bat [ may be dangerous--many serious dis- · eases have their origin in the stomach j and bowels. Farmer's Day left our line of Coat Suits badly broken. Only a few Styles and Sizes left which we offer you at a great reduction. Begin using Mi-o-na--now--at once, \ Money back if not satisfied. People's j Drug Store. 1 80TECT THE HEART 7396 7573 THE TOUCH OF DRAPERY ON GROWN-UP GOWNS MARKS JUNIOR MODES AS WELL As Ions as icaterials are so supple , it is a simple nyuter to rep5a.ce it when and dinging, their very touch surges- . soHed. tive of Sol-Is and drapinjs. craped" There is just a touch, o' firaperr oa gowns and -wraps will continue modish. j each side ot tae skirt, and the blouse For the woman, whose i.ress allow- j is a. peasant des?gn closing la the back. ance is somewhar limued - is wise to I This mode! may be copied in size 35 choose a dark, soft silk for the lunch- ! trith 5% yards of 26 Inch ta^etas and eon or afternoon frock. :e ! ~ yard of tulle. RHEU3IA Purifies the Blood Throws oil Complicating Diseases j Weakening of the blood tissues by | ,-ontinued attacks of Rheumatism af- { fects the heart and produces complies-. tions which result fatally. RHEUM A f puts the blood in condition to ward off ' other diseases and eradicates Rheu-! natic conditions from the whole sys- j tern. Recommended for all forms of | Rheumatism. 50 cents at Peopla's' Drug Store. This letter vclll convince ; you of its greaX value. · "I was so crippled with Sciatic j Rheumatism I could" not walk. Doc-; :ors could do nothing for me. After | laking three bottles of RHEUMA, the! Iheurnatism had entire!" left nie."-- ! 3uy Torley, 129 Summit Ave.. St. | Paul. Minn. $ 10.00 1500 20.00 Values $ 6.98 9.98 13.50 liDRUGGISTSi Guarantee and Recommend Vinol If any one should know the value DI a medicine it is the retail druggist who sells it- Therefore, -when over seven thousand of the best retail druggists in the country recommend Vinol. our delicious cod liver and Iron tonic, with- QOn. O*~ 2Li£e*nOOIl L*rti -rvco.- i*. iiii · ./·= ^* .»«.i\* -si. btA.ft^*. .-.._.v--.j --v~ - - - -- f worn much oftener than a light shade; The "dress-up" frock of the little out oil, as'the greatest tonic recon- trees. cherries and shellbark trees in £bandanc3. $4500. 92 acres. 3 miles north of Emmitsburg, public road^ 7 room brick house and summer house, bank barn. 1-5 acres pasture. 4 acres oak and hickory timber, nice home, good land, cheap at the price, S3SOO. 92 acres. % mile from Table Rock, 2 acres timber, balance good farrr land, producing well, excellent frame house, and large barn, clean, and xrell fenced, aublic road, orice S4000. 90 acres. 3 miles"north cf Gettysburg, T/eatherboarced house, frair.e bar:: macadamized road on one side and railroad on other. This farm has beer neglected and we vrfl« sell ir accordingly. Here is s. chance for a liiiic specu- ation. Ask us about h_ 110 acres. I mile from Jlnir.masburg. 10 acres rouiig timber, balance farmed, brick house and ground barn, running water, public road. S4200. 119 acres 2^~ miles north _of Eramitsburg. frame house and summej kitchen, bank barn, all other necessary buildings; tMs is a very good fanr and produces excellent crops, handy "LO school and churches. S5000. 121 acres. I mile from Gettysburg, brick hon2e r bank barn, a good timber Tract, level land, fine home. S6500. 123 acres, large pasture, level land, in good state uf cultivation. large new bank bam. brick house, running -water, close to Hanisborg road. Worth investigating. 5-5000. and -will be found generally more sat-' miss has its bit of drapery, too. as may isfactory. i-oire. silk po?i:n. one of; be seen in 7996. An albatross or bright the soft taSetas or charmeuse are ail · s:lk -with a. touch ot colored embroid- sultabie. and many of the soil drupey! ery at the belt and on the cufiLs could wool stuffs make up most attractively, i be used with this design with excellent A crovr-bltie taffetas with a self fig- \ results- For size 10 it requires 254 ·are was us-d to develop TS7S. The | yards of 35 inch material, wide girdle of a lighter blue affords ar. Xo. 7973--sizes 34 to 42. effective contrast, and the gathered iriilmpe of Scared tulle is practical, as Xo. 7395--sizes 6 to 12. Each pattern is 13 cents. J To obtain either pattern illustrated nil jj out this coupon and enclose 15 cents in '.i stamps or crin. Be sure to state number ,' of. pattern =^3 size, measuring over the ;i fullest part of the busti Address Pattern . car^ of this paper. Xo- Size Name -·_-- Address other crops in proportion. 54500. 129 acres. "IT= miles from railroad station, red land and lays well, some good timber, fine peach orchard, large brick house and bank bam, two public roads, money making* farm. §5dGO for quick sale. 132 acres, stock farm, granite soil. 32 acres of creek bottom land. IOC acres of unlar.c. bank bam and frame house, -water system to all buildings young_ana 156 acre, old apple orchard, land riled and productive. Sa500- res. close "to Fairfield. stone house, bank barn, fruit. granite soil plentv of pasture and good prodacing land, $0f0. 15S acres. Franklin township, brick house, bank barn, timber, running water, level land, good quality. Price on application. 162 acres- 2-5 acres pasture and woodland, balance highly productive soi" ~clean and well fenced, exceler.t brick hcase. bank barn and feeding stables running -water at buildings and all fields. lighrirg system to house and bam one of the bes'u income properties in the country. You can clear 10 to 1- per cent, on money invested in this farm. It is doing it 167 acres. 72" mile from railroad station and 3 miles from Biglerville brick house, bank barn, 20 acres young timber and Dastare. Cut 7-5 tons hay last vear and good croos of wheat and corn. ADDIT for price. 17-5 acre Frederick" Countv. Old..) farm, limestone and nint soil. 40 acres timber, oak and chestnut. Sne grazing meadow, lar^e bank barn and large A Country Doctor's Story By CARROL H. PIERCE portunity to some one -who wiil act quick. 177 "acres, 1 mile from Greenmount. granite soil, stone house and fine bank barn. 90 acres pasture and yonna: timber- balance farm land. Your chance to raise stock, price S3SOO and might do a little better if you mean business. ISO acres. 20 acres timber. 20 acres_perrnanent pasture, red soil-janci la^s ·well, 11 room brick house, bank bam, 5 mile north of Gettysburg- ihis is a bargain at the price of S4750. 210 acres, with two se\s of baiidings. granite soil in high state ot cultivation, will sell as a whole or separate, large pasture. This farm produced over 20 bushels wheat this year per acre. Ask about this one. 214 acres. 2 miles from Orrtanna in Highland township, large bank barn and two houses, 40 acres locust, granite soil, suitable for fruit, 4-50 apple and peach planted- good land. Ask for price. We have a number cf other irood farms- Let us hear from yon. RIM PEOKMAN, OFFICE IN MASONIC BUILDING. GETTYSBUrRG. PA- Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop 42 W. HIGH STREET T U B ES A S F ECIALTY With modem swam e-jn5jm-?;i!:, I am 5»rep*red t o do central repair wrk blow-out?, section' and retrca-ljn^. If ih^ h Ie is n c 133 ger than ;hc t ib it CP.E ·-e repaired- Satisfaction guarantee*!. TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE Comfortable Reliable and Powerial. Try it. Toors an-i BaulefieM trip* a specialty P b c E e l l 7 X C . A.STONER, prop FURNITURE Having discontinued «ur Stove 1 nsincss c-n rcconn', of rot having room to handle we are now Unn : n-a'! A H r li no and fforts so ihe urniture bn^iness both n o lem EH I:ntiqne. At thi^ ti ne w. 1 are well stocked have one of the best lo'^ of gocxU that we havj i a l for some time. This week we are giving spcc' 8 ^ prices ali over the house. Buy now and save a good discount for yonielf. Charles S. Mumper Co. EL il I doctored tarmer Ccubbs" familv or rears and knew the constitution of very one of "em. Bilir. the only boy u the family, ·was a queer littie cnap. · never s ST "e blra a. dose of medicine i bat he ditta'c ask me just lioxr it was ·o:n£ to aCect him, anfl. if it didn't ct as I said it Tronic!, the next time I -.-as caiied In he -n-onid throw it up at je, "We doctors don't iike that sort f thing; and I took a dislike to Billy. TIic boy grew up and went off sorne- ·here, 1 don't know where, but his iOtUer said lie was going- to settle here_jnia :rrcw_up with the country. he wns sure be would be mayor or jvorssor or something like iliat^ for he .ts so ssaarr. One -lay when I was' visiting the nse to see some one of them that ·as su-fc Chubb asked me if I wouldn't iv :· urnft for hiia at the bank in ojrersriile the next time I went there ;·! dr^p it into an envelope he gave e ^('Uressed to his son Billy. He ruled nje $100 for the purpose, and I ::-=eiited to oblige him. This cStin't look very well to me for illy OP was twenty-four years old . :u hearty. His father was having ! '.c c5i:'l do to get along, and I ·~."*i~i «ce ·why his lx»y should accent «s:7 from him. But I said nothing l":e old man alioat what I thought, _·, ;:nse it was none of niy business. V s.--:ied roe not to say anything to : iy one el.-=e nbout it. and I promised wo'jUhs'r. If w:;s=n"t long after this, when I 'was :"ed "in ajBihi for something, that 'rs Crjubb gave me S50 and asked, -e to ;)ny s draft when I went to '"zerpviUr- payable to Billy and send. - tf ii;m in the same way the old i-o^-ift t.i it. Mrs. Chubb sent another draft by me. and when I asked i:-,-r if he didn't think Billy had better ie sencliiiz her money she looked at ·ne so reproachfully that I didn't say ::nori!cr wurxl. She said tliut Billy had invented -j. maeiurse for getting the ^euus «jut of watermelons, or some- i*a rig- i:ke tn?t. and what she was ^·.jauins him was the last payment for his j'Uteiit right- One d.-:y a girl came to my bouse, : it'tenuiuir that sbe came for consulta- t:on. Whut she reaiiy came for was to ;:sfc me how she fould send money. i to!J hi-r to buy a draft, and she ask- ea ire if I wouldn't buy one for her. e«-ins I went to JUogersrille, where ihe oniy was. nearly every day. i asked her name I should make :t i--:yab!e to. and she said "William ihon.^!:t I should explode. The ·tl for ufihius chap "^-;is taking mon- it "in :i girl. IIo~somever. if a t-tpr Icarus iiaytliisjr it"s_.to_ conSne i:v!f ti» !:Is itl'.\ and keep his moutt r. So 1 bottled cp ;uy wrath and l! the yira:jK v.oainn I would be hap- t« serrt; her. S'.ie gave aie ?3S. but structor and strength creator they} have ever sold, it must indicate the j value of Vinol. We could publisn columns of such restimonv as the following:: J. G- Brady, druggist of Fall River. Mass., says: ""In cases where cod liver oil, emulsions and other tonics fail. Vinol will heal, strengthen and cure."' C. A. Pot£erfie!d. druggist. of Charleston, W. Va.. says: ''It is a )leasure to sell \inol as it gives such miversal satisfaction."" Hunter McGee. druggists, of acksen, Miss., say: ''"We have great enfidence in the strength creating and urative value of Vinol-" We ask every run-down, nervous, ebilitated. aged or weak person or ,ny person suffering from chronic oughs, colds or bronchitis, to try a xttle of "Viriol ivith the understanding hat their money will be returned if it ioes not do all we claim. People's Drug Store. Gettysburg, Pa. P. S. For itching, burning skin try our Saxo Salve. We guarantee it. ey diil know that the draft "··nld cost anything I paiil the ex Tb.-:t \va«! i'.ic last draft 1 was askeC ·: j-eixl to xVilHnisi Chubb. His fathw §:itr» ininxl use subject of his soa tf ;:se :ie d.:~. but I ci:t him short. an3 he s.-:w jjist how I felt and didn't pre» tae s".;-jfct. Mr?. Chubb didn't say' anything, bnr U pecino-i to me she look TijeJi *»::o "iy Tiim:"" Chubb astonish e-i me !y ciiiHiiK for my bill. It baO bcpsi n:i!iiins s-uveu 3 ears and amount eu to ?2r»_ I mnde it ?25-. I was more ast'n;s:iesJ tlsan ever to receive pay n;ent One d:iy I \vns j;i^t starting oat on a:y «3:3: ! y r«-t::sl of \iits when a ^veli dressed, j'rosperous looking young mnn stepped nj» to cay bnggy and acc«st- el me. "Ion"t y«! kaotv me. doctor? I'a- Billy 'habb-~ "IIow ile do. Dilly:" I said, trying to an lkl. Hot I wasn't to say any- | appear conlial. "Wiierc yon been all ":lng t" her hnsband about it. I j thi; tvbsZo. and wiaat you been doing"" -Tcc«l to send the money for her and ·roinSsed net to let on to Chubb that had done it. "It beats all.*" I said to myself, "what oo^Ie will do for their children!" Sere wns I doctoring the family wlth- ::t sending in any bill because I knew Tjey were bard np and they sending 5=i«ey nil the "while to a man who i3sht to have been sending money to "Oh, I've !een slashing around, I've ,'icked r-7 something since I've beei away. I've come back to be niarried. I war.t yon to come to my wedding. I'm going TO marry Sarab Crofts.' Sarah Crofts wss the girl who bad sent him the $1S- As soon iis I saw Farmer Chubb again I spoke of his son and let him talk all he wanted to. He told me that ; )c r.i. - f Billy was n natural speculator; would You bet when I drove away from the : take money from any or everybody to -louse I was mad aU over. I made up j put a deal through, but he seemed to ny mind that the next time any of : have n gift for knowing jnst what to ihem asked me to send money to the | take hold of and nearly always won. uian. who was either speculating or j And so It turned out. Billy not only gambling or loafing, I would let ont , made himself rich, but was enabled to what I thought about it. And I wasn't give his father and mother anything they wanted. He adores his -wife, and i nis wife -is mighty well satisfied -with. going to make any more promises not to tell, either. came to the scratch I him. GOOD second hand grain drill for sale cheap. Apply to J. B. Wineman, FOR SALE: sewing machine in excellent condition. Apply at Times of^s ii j| jllotel Gettysburg.-- advertisement | flee.-- advertisement ISal ' KE UPPLY SUE TEft LookYoung! Brin£ Back Its Natural Color. Giois and Thickness. Common garden sage brewed into a leavy tea with sulphur and alcohol idded. will turn gray, streaked and ."aged hair beautifully dark and luxuriant, remove every bit of dandruff, ?top scalp itching and falling hair, lus^ a few applications will prove a revelation if your hair is fading, gray ar dry. scraggly and thin. Mixing the Sage Tea and Sulphur recipe a't home, though, is troublesome. An easier way s to get the ready-to-use tonic, cost- ng about 50 cents a large bottle at drug stores, known as 'TVyeth's Sage and"Sulphur Hair Remedy"' thus avoid- "ng_a lot of muss. While wispy, gray, faded hair is no'i, sinful, we all" desire to^ retain our voathful appearance and attractiveness. By darkening your hair with Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur, no one can tell, because it does it so naturally, so evenly. You just dampen a sponge or soft brash with it and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time: by morning all gray nairs have disappeared, and. after_an- ather application or two. your hair jecomes beautifullj- dark, glossy, soft and luxuriant. PUBLIC SALE XOVE5IBER 8th, 1013. The undersigned will sell at public sale at his residence in Straban town- shio on the Gettysburg and Hunterstown Road. 2^ miles from either rslace. 9 head of horses and colts. Black ·nare -S vears old. wiii -work wherever hitched." black mare 0 years old with NONE HIGHER If you are looking either a three-quarter or full length coat in the newest materials and pattern, we have them and at prices that will surely please. Ask to see style 400-1, its a great $12 Value for $8.98 We wish to rail special attention to our big selection of Children's Junior Coats and CHILDREN'S DRESSES GREAT VALUES are always awaiting you in Children's Dress- es. Plaid Ginghams, Solid Color Linene, Striped Serge. Scotch Plaids, and other materials, with high neck and long sleeves, just the thing for school and every- one guaranteed to wash. Prices 49c and 9Sc. SWEATERS $2.50 Values $1.98 $5.00 Values $3.50 Sole Agents for Pictorial Review Patterns. We give "S. H." Green Trading Stamps. Underselling Store 'THE LADIES" SHOP" 10 Carlisle Street. Gettysburg. Pennsj'Ivania. PUBLIC STOCK SALE BONNEAUVILLE HOTEL Saturday Oct. 25 At the Strausbaugh in Bonneauville, Adams Hotel county, P,!-. 40 Head of N. Y! Holsteia Heifers some of them eligible to registry. Every one of them well Half of them are close springers, and the other half Among them are 2 year^olds that weigh 1,000 lb s . apiece, 6 Bull?, Holstein and Durham, and Bunch of Fine Steers. Now, Farmers, this is the best load Holstein stock I ever owned, and it will be my last sale of the season. Come to the place to improve your marked, yearling. colt by her side, work wherever hitch- id. These are both family mares, safe i -or woman or child to drive. fearJes? j j as I will Sell them. This is the of all road objects. 1 Day norse -3l« ' . . , . vears old, thoroughly broken to work stock, and drive, this horse is a number or.e ; driver, safe for any woman to drive, 3 j black mare colt 2*« years old, an extra j Sne large mare, will make a number we brood mare, 1 roan horse colt I J - vears old. 2 black horse colts iVi j years. 2 mare colts, I black and one i oay 1 Va years, these colts arc extra j arge for their 3ge, well boned, prom-; "se to make fine horses. The above neutioTJcd horses and colts are al' ;ouni and without blemish. 15 head of jatde. 7 head milch /-owe will ail tv "resh in January and February. 3 thoroughbred Hotstein heifers, one had one calf, the other 2 fresh in -Tan- :arv. 2 thoroughbred Holstein bulls. 1 L'~vears old. one 4 months old, 3 red juTls. S months old. 16 head of hogs ·ne fullbred puroc Jersey male hog 1 vear old. eligible to register, 2 young ";ows will have pigs in December, 13 nead of shoats, 3 months old, 1,000 bu. corn on the ear, 1.500 bundles corn fodder. Sale to commence at 12 o clock, sharp, when attendance will bo given and terms made known by ORVILLE S. RILEY. Sale to begin rain or shine at i o'clock, p. m. H. J. March G. R- Thompson, Auct. Fmory Gulden, Clerk. FARMERS, TAKE NOTICE I have for sale the Fearless Manure Spreader, the only spreader with a circular beater. Spreads twice its own width and from i y. to 2 ft beyond the wheels with less worry on the You "only need drive half as far to get your load off, team. While the ordinary spreader throws manure c n a narrow strip behind the spreader. If you want a spreader, come to see how they work and examine it yourself before you buy. I have them here on my farm and will be glad to shoV how they work Write for catalogue. Can get any machinery in the \\ alter A. Wood line, on short notice, W. C. WEIGLE, Biglerville, R. 3. SPAPFRf

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