The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 27, 1952 · Page 1
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1952
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North Iowa's Doily Newspaper Edited for th« Horn* MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETT E · T H B N E W S P A P E R T H A T M A K E S A L L N O R T H I O W A N S N E I G H I 0 R S" HOME EDITION VOL. LVIIl AssocUtcd Press and United Pica Full Lease wt res MASON C I T Y , IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27, 1952 This Putter Consul* of U'wa Section*--Section One No. 274 dlai Raps McC s Ou of Queen Sylvio Re-Elected- Scoop Shovel Scottie Elected King of Hobos By KEN SCHMIDT ^orrpm ,, Globc -Gazctte Representative K K I i r -- Scoop Shovel Scottie of New York City find around was crowned "King of the Hobos" to climax Britt's Hobo Day celebration Wednesday. He had been trying for the honor for 18 years. · * · ' · · « Queen Sylvia Davis of Middletown was elected to reijn another .year when no other*-; -- -contestant appeared. An estimated 20,000 persons jammed Britt's main street and overflowed the residential section with cars in order to watch the evenl. The coronation ceremonies fol- Tk A V 15 A r A r\r r , ,- Glolic-CinzoHe nliolo by Mussel- DA\ PARADE--Crowds lined the streets ol: Britt; \\ednesclay as the parade wound its way through packed streets. An estimated 20,000 persons flocked to Britt for the annual Hobo Day Celebration that included coronation ceremonies, ball game, n carnival and the serving- of Mulligan stew. lowed a long parade lhat included the royal contestants, bands from Britt and Algona, Miss Iowa (Miss Carolyn Hill of Cedar Falls) and numerous floats. Mulligan Stew Immediately after the coronation ceremony huge quantilies of mulligan stew, a hobo delicacy, was served. The crowd began arriving early Wednesday morning and by 9 a.m. the entire carniva was in full operation. · Introduced to the crowd at the coronation ceremonies by Mastci of Ceremonies Chuck Hilton were Ihe following hoboes, defined by Webster to be ''migrant workers." Ernest Soward, 72, of Mnysvillc, Ky., who has been on the road for 10 years and has been in every state in the Union. Paul Fuchs, a 30-year hobo veteran from Waterloo who has traveled in every state west of the River. Fuchs, who Florida, maintained Mississippi winters in ,.vi, t h a t "if a hoTjo had much money, somebody would hi-jack him." First Visit Gil Colin more of Long Island, N.Y., who was making his first trip to Iowa and intends to return to Brilt every year. He has traveled all over the U.S. and Europe. Harry Beetison or "King David" of Ashland, Neb., the beu'hiskcred ex-king who had been at every Britt hobo celebration the past 20 years. The 69-yenr old Beelison was perched on the shovel of a manure loader in the p a r a d c ' a n d recited poetry to the crowd. "Hot Shot" Benson of Charles City who led the band briefly during the parade and appeared with a jumbo cigar. Black Foot Charlie of Vinton, a 17-year-old with three years experience who campaigned to get the hobos a square deal. Me offered them youth and ambition. Burlington Pete of Iowa, the youngest at 16 who called hiinsel an apprentice hobo and who hai traveled throughout the cast. An interested visitor at the cere Rankin Loses Election for Nomination JACKSON, Miss. Ml--Rep. John Rank-in, the Jasl of Mississippi', old-school White supremacists anc denouncer of Yankees, has lost his scat to his former colleague Rep Thomas Abernethy. Rankin and Abernethy were op ponents because the State Lcgisla lure combined their districts last April lo eliminate a congressiona seat lost in the 1050 census. R a n k i n conceded defeat Wednesday after unofficial returns from 34J of Ihe district's 358 precincts in Tuesday's state Democratic primary showed: Abcrnclhy 20,903. Rankin 20.5G8. The 40-year-old Abernethy was reserved about dethroning the 70- year-old dean of the Mississippi congressional'delegation who was seeking his 17th term in the House. Aberncfhy's viclory statement said he had been Rankin's friend during his own 10-year tenure in Congress and "I regret we found ourselves in the same district, thus making pur opposition unavoidable."" Rankin, chairman of the House, Veterans Affairs Committee, was co-author of the bill creating the Tennessee Valley Authority. mony was Charlie Reading, England, Beaslcy o who spoke briefly from the stage saying he "had never seen anything like H.' Wholesale Food Prices Again Peak NEW YORK MV-Wholesale food prices inched to another new 1952 high this week, according to the Dun Bradstrcct index. At $6.70, Ihe index compared wilh $6.60 lasl week. It was 2.8 per cent below the year-ago level of S6.89. FARMER DIES STORM LAKE fjfl--Job Francis, 79, well known farmer and slock buyer, died Tuesday of a heart ailment. He had lived on the same farm near here 47 years. He is ·urvivcd by his widow, Laura, six children, 14 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Wants Action on Iowa Park Dams DES MOfNES (UP)--Gov. Wil l i a m S. Beardslcy told Iowa's legis lative interim committee Wedncs day he would like to see action "taken before winter" on m engi nccr's criticism of dams at fou artificial lakes. The governor's appearance be fore the commiltee followed Tucs day's announcemenl lhat the stale Conservation Commission h a c asked a University of Iowa special ist for an evaluation of the cngi necr's report. Ololic-Oazcttn pholo ly.Schmidt KTwr' TO /-'O/^-jtrivii-iT-. -ir 2 * »'iuiic-v.azciic pnolo ny.Schmli I. K I N G IS CROWNED--Master of Ceremonies Chuck H i l ton places the crown on the head of! Scoop Shovel Scottio king- of: the hobos, as Sylvia Davis, queen of the hobos' watches.' The coronation highlighted the annual Hobo Day celebration at Britt: House Probers Disagree Over Jury Obstruction WASHINGTON (IP)--House investigators disagreed along ^artisan lines Wednesday on whether the Justice Department obstructed a federal grand j u r y inquiry into Sfc. Loni ax scandals. Rep. Kenneth B. Keating (R-N.Y.) said ; louse Judiciary sub-commit-" Taft to Meet Eisenhower to Decide Role Ike Announces Campaign Tour NEW YORK WV-Sen. Robert A. Taft said Wednesday he probably will meet with Gen. Dwight Eisenhower shortly a f t e r Sept. 10 to dis cuss the senator's role in the Republican presidential campaign. Tafl, in his M u r r a y Bay, Canada, vacation spot, said that he expects to speak for Eisenhower and thc Republican ticket but doesn't know yel how extensive his campaigning will be. Defeated Thc Ohio senator was defeated for thc GOP nomination by Eisenhower in a bitter battle and there have been sonic reports thai Tafl, although he promised support of the ticket i m m e d i a t e l y a f t e r the July convention, might not take an active part in the campaign. . The senator made it clear that lie is prepared -· take the slump for Eisenhower but lu added he will not engage in any "whisllc slop" campaigning. Gov. Thomas 13. Dewey of New York, spreading victory predictions, said thai his own campaigning for Gen. Dwighl'D. Eisenhower will be confined lo New York state. Spend Hour i)ewey and New York stale He- publican 'legislative leaders spent an hour wilh Ihe Republican prosi- denlial nominee. M e a n w b i l e Eisenhower announced his firsl major c a m p a i g n trip, a double-circle route Unit will carry him through strategic voting ircas in the South and Middlewcsl. Leaving New York Sept, 2, he vill m a k e appearances in M cities n 10 states. Thc schedule also includes speeches in New York am! "'hilatlclphia. Thc itinerary: Sept. ]-- New York. Sept. 2--Atlanta, Ga., and Jack- onvillc and Miami, Pla. Sept. 3--Tampa, Fla., Birmingh a m , Ala., Little Rock, Ark., and return New York. Sept. -I-- Philadelphia. Sept. S--Chicago. Sept. 6--Rochester, Kasson, and Minneapolis, M i n n . Sept. 7, Sunday--Minneapolis, no appointments. Sept. 8--Cleveland, 0. Sept. !)--Indianapolis, Ind. .Sept. 10--Return New York. ry of TELLS'RESCUE STORY -S.Stft. Charlc H ; D. Meridian, Mian.,- tells reporters about his night on a lil'c- r a l t in Ihe Gulf of Mexico after the B-'.1.7 on which he was a c r e w m a n , was shot down by mistake by a jet fighter. Another crew member was rescued with .Tone's. The Air Force Wednesday was pressing a search for six more crewmen who are missing-. Says U. S. Proposes Assistance for Iran LONDON (/PI--Informed sources said the United States and Britain submitted broad proposals to Iran Wednesday designed to settle the Anglo-Iranian oil dispute- and avert possible Red coup i n . the troubled Jraniun kingdom. The proposals were said to provide for an emergency American aid program and* some important British con cessions to tbe government of Pro inier Mohammed Mossadegh in th .ec had .uncovered an "abuse" Jof the j u d i c i a l system in thc ,nl- jlegecl a t t e m p t by certain J u s t i c e Department officials to block thc jury's investigation. He told a reporter the "finger poinli directly at" Ellis N. Slack, now acting assistant attorney general in charge of thc tax division, for trying to impede the intfiiiry. Rep. Bryon G. Rogers (D-Colo) said, however, "you couldn't tell yet from thc evidence" presented to the subcommittee whether Iherc was any atlempt to prevent or slow down lax f r a u d prosecutions. Rogers said there was i-- All About- The Weather Mason C i f y : Partly cloudy and continued warm Wednesday and Wednesday night. I o w a : Mostly fair Wednesday afternoon, warmer northeast half. Partly cloudy and continued warm Thursday, Minnesota: Considerable cloudiness, not much change in temperature Wednesday night and Thursday. Globe-Gazette weather data up to 8 a. m. Wednesday: M a x i m u m gi M i n i m u m 08 At 8 a. m. 74 Precipitation .33 no evi- dence yet t h a t the tax fraud case; wore ready for prosecution at the- t i m e Slack allegedly "approved in a d v a n c e the g r a n d jury's "par tial report" in March, 19SI, finding no evidence of wrongdoing. Slack declined comment pending his scheduled appearance before the subcommittee. Thursday when it resumes hearings into charge? the Justice Department exerted improper influence in thc St. Louif tax cases. Thc .subcommittee sai teslimony from an "important 1 mystery witness would wind up thc hearings Thursday. Dulles Raps Foreign Policy, Offers Plan to Disintegrate Soviet Empire TM1Z^ LO \ Nl Y -; yn - John F °^r Dulles rapped American foreign SnuiM r C d n c s d a y *, nd Proposed a plan lo disintegrate "thc empire of Soviet C o m m u n i s m " from within. The Republican foreign policy adviser delivered his sharp attack n an address prepared for delivery before thc American Political Sci ence Association. He called upon the United States to pay Son alien, lion to Ihe peoples and problems of Asia, Africa and South America and l ° a ^! M " ,!/ a J "£'!!, P"* 1 TM ° f "-nlaining" Communism. "Already it is over-extended, covering 800 million people of whal vcrc recently 19 different independent nations. Thc structure rnnlri be cracked by passive resistance, slow-down, and non-STMSlrSlon That would happen if our nation would today exert thc same type ho'rnS 0 J A, l !l 0 , W ,° rId t h a t wc cxcrtcd d u r i n e thc f i r s t Century of nc republic. At that time we symbolized freedom, and we gave moral md sometimes material support to those elsewhere who sought liberty." iy a. "frrphf fnl hn!*r.nn«,.ii:,.: A _i» ' ' · iu f \\ds On Sept. 6 in the Kasson, Minn., speech at the National Plowing Contesl, Eisenhower will speak on the s a m e program as Democratic Candidate A d l a i Stevenson. Henderson New Rent Director Replacing Woods WASHINGTON wi -- James M. Henderson Wednesday was n a m e d the new Director of Rent Stabilization. Henderson, now general counsel of the E c o n o m i c '.Stabilization Agency, succeeds Tighe 13. Woods. Woods was moved up Tuesday from the rent post to head of the office of price stabilization. Holh the Henderson and Wonds appointments are effective Monday. Woods succeeds Ellis C. Arn a l l , former Georgia governor, as price chief. Economic Stabilizer Roger L. Putnam announced Henderson's appointment. Jfcnderson, IO, has been in Washington nearly 20 years, com ng here first as aide to the late Sen. Morris Sheppard of Texas. festering 18-month-old oil row. U. S. Ambassador Loy Ifcnde son and British Charge d ' A f f a i r e George MJddloton conferred wit Mossadegh for three hours VVcdnet day in what the informants her described as the weightiest Wes cm bid lo eml the deadlock ye made. The informants gave thi account: Henderson told Mossadegh Ih Unilcd Slates Is ready lo pilch i. several million dollars 'worth o aid lo tide Iran over her i m m e d i ate economic dlfficultic.s. Middlclon indicateci Britain i prepared lo enter dirccl talks 01 the vital question of compensalioi for the estimated one and onc-hai billion ..dollars oil industry built u, by the government-controlled An Iranian Oil Company (AIOC which Iran nationalized last year Collecting More Income Taxes DES MOINES \m ~ Iowa Ta Commission officials said Wcdnes day they arc collecting about $10, 000 a d d i t i o n a l slate income lax each week as a - r c s u l l of checking federal returns -against those filec wilh the state, Study is made whenever a case is found where there is a discrcp ancy in a taxpayer's gross i n c o m e reports .to the state and fcclera governments. SAME DATE--1951--373 Black f l a x menu t r u f f l e ri««lh In pasl -I finur» Egypt Asks for Automatic Weapons CAIRO, Egypt. (/H -- Egypt's reform government has- asked the United Stales to supply a u t o m a t i c weapons for an increased mobile police force. Premier Aly M a n o r also appealed for American economic aid and technical advice to help raise the country's living standard. MORE FUEL DES MOINES Wi-- fowans have bought .18 million gallons more motor vehicle fuel so far this year, than they did in the corresponding period in 1951. Say Commies Work Through Radio, Video Keep Criticizing Capitalistic Way WASHINGTON W--A Senate sub committee report said Wednesday that pro-Communist script writers arc spreading "subtle" propaganda over the nation's radio and tele vision airwaves. "The thing is subtle," the rcporl of the Senate Internal Sccurily Subcommillce quoted Script Writer R u t h Adams Knight as tcslifying at closed door hearings. Miss Knighl, denouncing Com munists and Communism, said pro Communist script writers stop short of "laying down the party "inc" in Ihcir program scripts, but skillfully weave into them "a constant derision of the capitalistic system." They aim, she said, .it "the simple people who listen to the radio, who would turn off outright Communist propaganda." In fwcslion-and-answer tcslimony uioled by the .subcommittee'Miss Knight and Wclbourn E. KelJey dc louncctl Ira Marion, a one-time icript writer for Voice of America nli-C'ammunisl propaganda broad jasts beamed lo Israel. 'Bolh swore hal in private life Marion is an dcntifiable pro-Communist. Hearst's Widow*Asks Fortune From Estate LOS ANGELES /B--Mrs. Millj- cnt V. Hearst wants 2W million ollars from the estate of her late usband, Publisher William Ranolph Hearst. In a suit filed Tuesday, she said Tearst died owing her $2,416,500 ndcr Iwo agreemenls, signed in 921 and 1927, giving her up lo $20,00 monlhly for support of herself nd their five sons. Sometimes he iled to make these payments, she Stevenson Asks Strortg Defense Major Drive for Eastern Votes By DON WHI.TEHEAD NEW. YORK Ml-Gov. Adtai Slev- ensoii vyedncsday coldly accused the attackers of Gen. George C. M a r s h a l l o f - h i d i n g under a cloak of patriotism which he called "this last refuge of scoundrels." Shortly b c f o r e Gov, Stevenson spoke ; the Legion, convention adopted a resolution demanding Lhe dismissal of Secretary of Slale Dean Achcson and "those in his department found wanting in the proper activation of their duly 16 Iheir' country."- · Adopted overwhelmingly by voice vote, the resolution declared Lhul the Stale Deparinicnl requires '·riuw. and stalwart,, leaders" and, asserted "our patience is exhausted." Life Term. Earlier the Legion urged life imprison muni for persons caught a third t i m e - i l l e g a l l y possessing or peddling narcotics, Stevenson did not use any names in his a t t a c k - b u t left no doubt that one of tho-mqiji Itirgels of his bitter blast was -Republican Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin- one lime recipient of'an'American Legion award for Americanism, McCarthy lias accused'Marshall, or me r Secretary of Stale and former Secretary of Defense, of being arty to a plot against the secur-- ty of his own country. Surpritt Outburst Stevenson launched his surprise unburst in a speech written for the \merican Legion conychtion meet- ng in Madison Square, Garden vhere GOP Presidential Nominee )wight D, Elsenhower spoke only wo days ago. A l s o , Stevenson figuratively vaggetl a finger under the Legion's osc and told them he ·would not libmit to any · pressure's from the region if he thought their demands verc '.'excessive or in conflict with he public interest." ; ; , ' ' " ; It was a fighting speeph with pa- riotism as the theme; arid through - ran a plea to defend freedom o£ nought in the fight Against Communism. Stevenson assailed Communism s "the death of, the so'd" but he ddcd.freedom of thought is being menaced by over-zealous patriots. Nation*I Defense He called for a strong national cfensc and the reslrained use oC mcrica's power to promote free- om, justice and peace in the 'orld. He (old Legionnaires patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts oC motion, but Ihe tranquil and leady dedication of a lifetime'." Then in his first major drive for oles in the East, Stevenson said icrc are men among us "who use patriotism' as a club for attacking ther Americans." He continued:, "What can. we say ir the man who proclaims himself patriol--and then for political or erspnal reasons attacks (he pa- iolism of faithful public servants? Shocking E x a m p l e ' "f give you, as a shocking example, the atlacks which have been made on the loyalty and the motives of our great wartime Chief of Staff, General Marshall. "To me this is Ihe type of 'patriotism which is, in Dr. Johnson's phrase, the last refuge of scoundrels." The Legion speech was the opening gun in Stevenson's big bid for Eastern support in the November election--and it was to be followed by a busy round of speeches and political confabs in New York and New Jersey. Tuesday night at his Springfield, Til., headquarters, it; was.;-an-' nounced Stevenson l will -f begin i a 7,600-miIe tour Sept.' 5 whichvwiH carry him into nine .Western.states.- Stevenson made only 'one reference to Eisenhower in his "speech. He s a i d : , "The fact that a 'great general and'I are competing can-

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