Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 8, 1934 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 8 1934 MAIN PROVISIONS OF NEW BEER BILL Here are the highlights of the bill as it finally was approved by both the senate-and house: Permits retail sale of beer of 4 per cent alcoholic content and manufacture of higher powered beer for shipment outside the-state. Does not prohibit "home brew 1 but does prohibit-its sale. After July 1, all beer sold In Iowa must be made of at least 66 2-3 per cent barley malt. Provides for three classes of permits--class A ttr manufacturers and distributors; class B for retail sale for consumption on premises and class C for retail sale for consumption off premises. B and C Permits. Gives boards of supervisors the 'right to issue B and C permits in villages platted prior to Jan. 1,1934. Prohibits establishment of a beer parlor within 200 feet of a building used lor school purposes, but such limitation shall not apply to permits in force March 5, 1934 nor to renewals of permits. Permits sale of refrigerated beer in any quantity for consumption^^: the premises, but only in original containers. Prohibits any free lunch except 'cheese, crackers or pretzels. .Permits issuance of class B permits to golf and country clubs ·These licenses may be granted for a six months period. A tax of S1.24 a barrel is imposet on all beer sold at wholesale ant ·manufactured within the state, bu- ·the tax is not applicable to beer sold ·outside the state. Allocated to Cities. In counties having cities with population of 10,000 or more the permit fees collected by the munid pality shall be allocated to the city in other counties the municipality shall retain 50 per cent of the fees and 50 per cent shall accrue to the county. Fees for permits issued by boards of supervisors shall go to the county general fund. Containers of beer sold within thi state must bear a label that the al coholic content is not more than 4 per cent. The label is held as con- luslve ' videncc of the alcoholic con- ent. The bill contained no reference to he prohibition of billboard advertising which the house wrote into the measure and the senate struck. BEERBlTLGETS FINAL APPROVAL (Continued team PHI" 1) cities and towns to construct telephone systems under the Simmer aw failed by a vote of 32 to 11. The senate had adopted a rule requiring a two-thirds vote to take Jills from the committee.. Senate approval was placed on the house bill to extend the redemp- ·ion period on property by deferring until Dec. 2, 1935, delivery of treasurer's deeds on property sold for taxes prior to 1932. Another bill passed would amend the new tax law so as to exempt ;roni a corporation net income tax farmers associations, .fruit growers associations and like co-operative organizations. Pass House BUI. The senate passed a house bill increasing from $10 to $15 the fee for filing annual reports of building and loan associations and providing that the state auditor may appoint a chief examiner for such associations. . A house bill to appropriate $29,200 for the state printing board was reconsidered acd passed. The senate previously had defeated the bill. Representative Brady of Pottawattamie pleaded with the house to support the conference report on deputy county officials salaries. He said it was designed to give some relief to the little fellow who 'should have a break." On the other hand, Representative Grau of Buena Vista said there was no reason for the raise as it would permit many counties to pay their deputies more than they would receive before the legislature cut salaries last year. Report Is Compromise. The conference committee report was a compromise between tke maximum of 75 per cent set by the senate and that of 65 per cent approved by the house. Fifty-five members filed a" motion j to have placed on the calendar a bill codifying the corporation laws. The measure passed the senate some weeks ago. The house had the most unruly meeting of the present session, requiring frequent calls for order from the speaker. The members resumed their session at 1:30 p. m., when the NBA bill came up for consideration. Only Major Bills. By a vote of 53 to 49, the members adopted a motion by Representative Bonstetter of Kossuth that after 12 o'clock midnight tonight no bills will be considered except appropriation measures and unfinish- :d business. The question came up when Representative Goode of Davis called up-his motion that the house consider nothing from now on but appropriation bills and unfinished ausiness. He said he believed this was the only way to stop the work. Bonstetter offered his motion as a substitute and the proposal was adopted 61 to 41, the house then formally adopted the substitute 53 to 49. Will Be In Session. This action indicates that the house will be in session late tonight, as the members are desirous of getting through as many of their own bills as possible in the limited time. To further expedite business, Representative Malone of -Cass moved to limit debate to five min- ntes and provided that only one member could yield him time to speaker. This was called "gag rule" by Representative Johnson of Linn, who moved the Malone motion be laid on the table. It was defeated 48 to 58. The Malone motion was then lost 64 to 40, as it involved a-suspension of the rules which requires 72 votes or a two-third majority. Allege Fraud in Sale of Country Club Bonds Irene M. Bell was named defendant in judgement suits for $1,000, $300 and $200 filed Wednesday by Lee Mensch, Pearl Kellogg and Mabel Sucher, respectively. Each ot the actions charged fraudulent sale of bonds in the Clear Lake Golf and Country club. BUY HERE AND SAVE (JTMoet r £nyQo. lOc Hair Nets I 25c three for .. 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Cod Urer Oil i eoe Mennen Share Cream .51.09 .. .34 fiOc Fepsodent Toolh Paste 31' GOc Identol Tooth 97- Paste tt I U ·J5c tint ..39c Rum Carlton Beauty Aids Woodbury's Facial Soap 10c 35o Palmolive Shaving Cream $1.00 Ovaltine Food Drink 69* WASHINGTON, March 8. Here are snapshot sentences from JOHNSON CALLS INDUSTRIALISTS (Continued from f»fe It industry to rise to the opportunity given it by President Roosevelt. He tendered a special olive branch to the heavy goods industries, which had led the fight against hour shortening, by Mklng their help in shaping for the president a program to stimulate their production. Conducted by Houston. Further, he asked that this morning's meeting for selection by them of t; continuing committee, be conducted by George Houston, president of Baldwin locomotive and vice president of the National Association of Manufacturer. Houston by repeated attacks on hour shortening and by virtue of individual prominence had become identified as number one man in the opposition. Houstori wants amendment of the securities act and removal of barriers to the free investment of capital. The other, consumer industry group, was to be chosen by a gathering to be headed by George Sloan, chief of the cotton textile institute. It was Sloan who came to the rescue yesterday with indorsement of hour shortening in a number · of industries, although he opposed blanket inclusion of them all. CLARKUPHELD IN REPORT TO SENATE (Continued from p»je 1) is able to ascertain at this time, all securities belonging to the Modern Brotherhood of America at the time of the merger are still held on deposit by the Iowa Insurance department for the benefit of the policy holders of the Modern Brotherhood of America and under the terms of the re-insurance contract will so remain. Sent to Canada. 5. That insofar as this committee is able to ascertain at this time, the alleged payment of sums of money to a Chicago brokerage company and its subsequent distribution was uncovered through the examiners of the Iowa insurance department, sent to Canada by the Iowa insurance commissioner and other parties to check the books of the Independent Order of Foresters, of Canada, some months after completion of said merger. That the Iowa insurance commissioner diligently brought the matter to the attention of the Canadian insurance commissioner, who had supervision of the Independent Order of Foresters, of Canada. 6. That the files and correspondence of the Iowa insurance commissioner and of his department in relation to this matter are available to the public and open to the inspection of those who may be interested. · Refuse to Concur. . The minority report of the committee, signed by Senators Shangle, Miller and Schmidt was as follows: "We, the undersigned members of the committee on insurance to which was referred house concurrent resolution -No. 8, dissent from and refuse to concur in that part of the majority report embraced in findings of the committee No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, for the reason that there was no competent evidence submitted to the committee, either sufficient in quantity or convincing in character to establish or even tend to establish any of the said findings. "All the information the committee had on those matters were voluntary charges and denials, statements and counter statements .not made under oath, and without cross examination. The charges came from such a source, of such magnitude and backed up by such authority that without expressing any opinion upon the merits and without seeking to prejudice or pre-judge the action of the examining committee, should one be appointed, we believe a proper regard for the good name of the state and of this department and the interests of the policy holders involved, demand that this concurrent resolution No. 8 be adopted to the end that the right may be vindicated and justice promoted ana unmerited suspicion and blame, if any there be, may be removed from all parties concerned." J. A. NELSON OF DECORAH IN RACE (Continued from page 1) mon sense ought to be the guide. "Taxes must be. moderated. Public expenses must be curtailed. Graft must be obliterated. Government must get out of private business and the people must get back to economy and work. Must Help Farmer. "The farmer must be assisted in. liquidating bis heavy debt burdens. The laborer must be given a fair chance. Business and professions must continue to perform service. We must exterminate the wild orgy of spending. "I believe it behooves us as a people to return to a saner standard of living, encouraging every agency that will promote the general welfare. "Rugged individualism and equality of opportunity in all lawful pursuits must be given highest consideration. "I have never lost faith in the principles of the republican party and I cast my lot with it, knowing that its ideals and principles will measure up to the needs of the hour. Back to Essentials. "To restore confidence in the precepts of good government, we must adopt as our slogan, 'Back to the essentials.'" Mr. Nelson is 47 years old, born on a Winneshiek county farm. He was reared and educated in the public schools of this county and received his professional education at the University of Iowa, having been graduated in 1910. Prominent in republican politics, he has served as city attorney and county attorney. One of the many prominent cases in which he acted as prosecutor was that involving B F. Kneeskern, Castalia man who is now serving a life sentence at Fort Madison on a murder charge. Active In AJfteirs. In civic affairs, Mr. Nelson has been actiye too, having served as president and secretary of the Decorah Chamber of Commerce. He Is vice president of the Decorah hospital operating board, president of the board of the Decorah girls' college, secretary of the Red Cross chapter here (since its beginning) and an Honorary member of the V. F. W. His speaking ability has been recognized on numerous instances. During the 1932 campaign he was designated speaker for the national committee of the republican party. This assignment followed his service as delegate to the national convention in Chicago. Mr. Nelson's family consists of a strength behind our system. Don't iverlook the president." "There are some industries that couldn't do what. I tentatively suggested about wages and hours. x x x But there are many that obviously can--and ought to." 'We have had a more reasoning, complete, and intelligent understanding of policy from labor than :rom anybody else." "There is no law prohibiting a company union x x x If the men 'reely choose it. But 99 times out of 100, you know and I know that ;his is not the case. Let's not kid ourselves. Let's act before congress acts." "Nobody need speculate on getting me out or affecting my course of conduct by threats. I am in for ihe duration and, If my manner is politically unorthodox, so is this job morthodox. We will carry on to Oie end." wife and four children. He has practiced law here for 23 years. SENTENCES FROM JOHNSON'S SPEECH Hugh S. Johnson's final speech to the code authorities: 'I will say frankly that I have been disappointed. Perhaps I expected too much." "We have to plan our way out of this mudhole. and that .must be done by hard headed businessmen and not by academicians." "I gave you 12 points of complaint. It is up to you--and not to us--in the final Instance to. solve them." "Our people in these hearings demonstrated that they are squarely and almost unanimously behinc the recovery act." "Don't let any of these propa gandists divert you from the 7 STATE OFFICERS OUT TO-HOLD JOBS (Continued Iron pw 1) port of the Roosevelt program, inasmuch as that relationship between the national and state governments has resulted in as much it not more benefit to Iowa from the national program than that afford ed any other state. Emphasize Economies. "Secondly, they will emphasize the departmental economies instituted by the democratic state administration by which the total ot state governmental expenditures was reduced by eight and one-half millions during the calendar year 1933 compared to the last calendar yeai the republicans were in control ol the state government, 1932. · "Third, the legislative program fostered by the Herring administration. This program included as high points, the new tax revision bill lifting a $20,000,000 tax burden from property, the new temperance or state liquor control act, the mortgage relief and emergency banking legislation, the emergency relier legislation through which the statt joined the federal government in maintaining the CWA program in Iowa and the old age pension measure which was the most widely acclaimed piece of social legislation enacted in Iowa in years." AIRMAIL PROPOSAL HELD IMPRACTICAL · (Continued Irom pace 1) indicated the bills would be ready swiftly. Report to Senate. McKellar said this might be re- jorted to the senate by Friday, ilead hoped to report this by early next week at latest. Some members hoped for opportunity to sandwich in debate today during 1 senate consideration of a Jill to make cattle a basic commod- ty under the agricultural -adjustment act, and house completion of :he war department supply bill. 3oth measures were due to pass by nightfall. Both branches had plenty of other matters OK their hands today. Secretary Hull, a strong advocate of the reciprocal tariff treaty plan, arranged to back up his ideas before a. hearing by the house ways and means committee. Called to Caucus. House democrats were called to a caucus tonight for a test of major importance--an effort to bind the majority for a compromise on the veterans anJ. federal employes benefit provisions of the independent offices bill. President Roosevelt, in his airmail letter, made no suggestion as to what pay rates should exist under the new contracts. He mentioned only "honest payment for honest service," but added: "We must at the same time encourage the sound development of the aviation industry." "In order that the bidding shall be really competitive," he said, "1 suggest that in determining the specifications for proper equipment only speed, useful load capacity and safety factors and safety devices should be considered." MRS. KELLY OF ELMA SUCCUMBS Pioneer Resident's Funeral to Be Held Friday; Four Children Survive. ELMA, March 8.--Mrs. John Kelly, S3, pioneer resident of Elma, died last night after a lingering illness of seven months. Her parents came to Elma 75 years ago. She was married in 1894 and her husband died three years ago. Funeral services will be held Friday morning at Immaculate Conception church, the Rev. P. B. Donnelly officiating. Surviving are four children, Clifford, Thomas and Clement of Elma and James of Cresco, two sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Julian McGrane, Mrs. John Clark, Ed McGrane and Charles McGrane, all of Elma. Entertains at Party. GENEVA--At the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baurer, east of Geneva, Miss Barnita Last Shot of Civil War Fired Off at Gettysburg Field BALTIMORE, March 8. last shot of the Civil war was fired Saturday at the Gettysburg battlefield. A dispatch to the third corps area headquarters here said a group of CCC workers on the battleground found an unexploded shell. It was fired by the company commander, sprinkling grape shot over a considerable distance. Smernis Sentenced to 3 Months Term John Smernis, recently found guilty by a jury of illegal possession of alcohol, was sentenced Wednesday afternoon to serve three months in the county jail and pay a fine of 5300 and costs. He must serve an additional three months in jail for non-payment of the fine. 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