The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 19, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1937
Page 14
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1 v FOURTEEN .\ . .MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 19 H 1937 '-J : LIVESTOCK UNDERTONE STILL WEAK LITTLE CHANGE SEEN IN PRICES $10.25 Top' for Hogs Of 25 Cents From Early Monday Peak. CHICAGO, (/P)--The undertone of the livestock market continued weak Tuesday but prices generally showed little change That the trade was not on a firm basis, however, was indicated by modest declines in some classes particularly in the hog department. · The major weakening influence was the condition -of the dressec meat trade. Fresh supplies o£ livestock Tuesday were below advance estimates in all departments and also were less than a week ago. Nevertheless, the bearish condition of. the market prevailed largely because of recent sluggish demand for meat which has 'cut wholesale prices rather -. sharply. The easing of war tension abroad and industrial difficulties in this country have been pronounced factors in the livestock trade, market observers said, particularly so because of the huge stocks of meat built up by pack- 1 ers in the fall and early winter when receipts were large. It was pointed out, however, that the storing activity of packers at that time {ended to strengthen a market that was burdened with heavy receipts. Hogs were unchanged to slightly lower and sows lost around 10 cents. The $10.25 top was 20 cents below Monday's early peak. " Steers and yearlings were little changed but the killing quality \vas much plainer than Monday. The earJy yearling top was '$14, but some were held higher. The early lamb top was $10.25 with some held higher.. There was , little change in wholesale pork loin and beef carcass prices here. Hogs dropped 10 to 20 cents at some outside markets. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Tuesday HUGS Ten cents lower. Good light lights '... 140-150 S 6.90- 7.20 Good light lights ... 150-160 S 7.40- 7.70 Good lights 160-170 S 8.10- 8.40 Good lights ...i...... 110-180 S 8.1=- 0.05 Good light butchers 180-200 5 9.25-"9.55 Gootl liBhl butchers 200-220" $ 9.50- 9.BO Good me. wt. butch 220-250 5 9.50- 9.80 Good me. Wt. butch 250-270 $ 9.50 9.80 Good med. wt. butch 270-290 S 9.SO- 9.80 Goon.heavy butchers 250-325 5 9.50- 9.80 Good heavy-butchers 325-350 ? 9.35- 9.65 Good heavy butchers 350-400 ? 9.15- 9.45 Good packing sows . 275-350 $ 9.05- 9.35 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 i 3,85- 9.15 Good big heavy sows 425-500 4 8.15- 8.95 Good bin heavy sows 500-550 s 8.45- a.75 (The above ts a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference in price Is for short and ior.g haul hogs.*) CATTLB Choice to prime steers ..... $10.00-11.50 Good to choice steers £ 7.50-10.00 Fair to good steers 5 5.50- 7.50 Low grade steers $ 4.00- 5.50 Choice to prime yearlings .»-· 5 9.50-10.50 Good to'choice'yearlings ... 5 7.50- 9.00 Fair to good yearlings .... £ 5.50- 7.50 Common t o . f a i r yearlings .. 5 4.UO- 5.50 Good to~ choice heifers ..... s 7.00- 9.00 Fair to good heifers s 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair heifers ·.... 5 3.50- S.OO Choice- to prime cows ....... $ 5.50- 6.25 Goad" to choice cows i. $ 4.50- 5*.50 Fair to good cows $ 4.00- 4,50 Fair to good cutters 5 3.50- 4.00 Common to fair cutters ..... $ 3,00- 3.50 Fair to good canners ^ 2.75- 3.00 Common to fair canncrs .... $ 2.50- 2.75 Inferior canners 5 2.00- 2.25 Good to choice bulls i 4.75- 5.50 Pair to good bulls $ 4.50- 4.7S Common to fair bulls .......$ 4,00- 4.50 Interior light bulls s 3.50-4.00 Calves, d. to choice 130-190 5 8.00- 9.00 Calves, med. to good 130-190 s 5.50- fl.OO Calves, infer, to gd. 130-130 $ 5.50 down L, AM US Lambs, Rd. to choice 70-90 s 7.75- 9.01 l^mbs, mcd. to good 70-90 S 6.75- 7.7; Lambs, fair to med. 70-90 $ 3.15- 6.7. Lambs, common $ 3,75 dowi Vearlinzs, gd. to ch, 70-90 $ 5.00- 5,0 Yearlings, medium to good ? 4.00- 3.0 Yearlings, fair to medium $ 3.00- 4.fH Ycarlfngs, culls j 2.00. 2.5 Ndttvp ewes, -good to chotco ? 2.00- 3.0 Culls,' owes $ 1.00- 1.5 Bucks ^ Wethers, 2 year olds ? 5.00- 6,0 Wethers, old $3.00-5.0 Buck lambs SI laws. No dock on Jambs. Quotations subject to market fluctua Uons. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Tuesdaj- M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (/F}--U. S. department agriculture-HOGS 22.000; i n c l u d i n g 4,000 direcl steady to slightly lower than Monda: average: most sows around Itfu lowe t o p $10.25 palrl freely: bulk good ai choice 180 to 300 Ibs. SlO.lOfi; 10.20; con parable 150 to 175 Ibs. $9.G5'i;iO,15 1 shippers; good 350 to 550 ib. sows 59.4 60.65. CATTLE 8.DOO; calves 2.000: fed steei and yearlings barely steady: genera killinK quality much plainer than Mon day but shipper demand narrow on mod crate s u p p l y choice to prime offerings all others very slow; best yearlings ear] $14; prime m e d i u m weights nclct arouni $14.35: sevcrnt loads $12.75013.50; bul of crop at SI1 down; stockers ana feed ers weak at Mondays 25c decline: thi stockers $5.505)6.25; meaty Kinds 56.50? 7,50; all she stock firm, fairly active stronRwcight cutter cows $4.85 down ·weighty sausage bulls around S6.50 o -- Weak market; vealcrs 50c lower at $1 G j l l ; few selects $11.50. , ..SHEEP B.GOO; none direct: openln slow, around steady with Monday: pack ers buying few loads and lots of Hgh and handywcight fat lambs SIO.15ffIO.25 strictly choice kinds held htehcr; shec ·steady; best fat ewes early SG. SOUTH ST. I/VUI- LIVESTOCK. (TursiJay .Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, 0*i--U. S. depart mcnt of agriculture-CATTLE 2.500; little done, on slaughte steers undertone around steady sunp)' mostly plain and- medium grades salable around $65f9 strictly good and choice Jonp; feds quotable S10.50fffl2.50: she slock slow, steady to weak; medium to gooc heifers around SG.SfKtrS; plain down to s or less; most butcher cows S4.75fr5.5o good sows up to Sfi.25 or more; low cut tcrs and cutters $3.SO«t4.25 largely; hulls "toady, common to medium S5.25«fi Btockers steady to- weak; common ant medium sleers S4.75f"ffi.50; calves 2,200 vcaTers weak to 50c lower; most good anc choice $9.50«fll; selections $11.50; cul and common $5f?7. HOGS 9,5fll; slow, weak to mostly lOe Tower; packing sows steady, good anr choice 200 to 300 Ibs. $!).75^0.90; top H.90: 160 lo 500 Ibs. $0.40B9.Bfl: HO to 160 Ihs. $9.1.1^9.50; 130 to 140 I b s . - k i l l - ers $8.5,wo.if; (rood ROWS £!.4n to mostly 89.50; average cost Monday $0.7"; WHRht SOO Ihs, .- . SHEEP 3.0(10: hulk of small supply on Offer early; slaughter lambs ,noth|n£ Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Tuesday: WATERLOO--Hogs, 10 cents lower t h a n Monday's close. Good to choice, 140-150 Ibs., S7iS7.30: 150-160 Ibs.. $7.6067.30; 160110 Ibs., 58.25G8.55; 170-180 Ibs., ?3H3.30; 180-200 Ibs., $!.30(.29.60; 200-325 Ibs., $9.50 B9.30; 325-350 Ibs., S9.30S9.60; packing SOU'S, 275-350 Ibs., $9fc~9.;j0; 350-423 Ibs., $8.85(89.15; 425-550 Ibs., SS.70jJ9. CEDAIt KAP111S--GOOtt hogs, 140-150 )bF.. $; 150-160 Ibs.. $7.95fi8.25: 160-170 Ibs., $S.45fi8.75; 170-180 Ibs., §905 «9,35; 180-200 Ibs.. $9.25n9.65; 200-325 Ibs.. S9.50ffl9.80; 325-350 Ibs.. S9.35S9.65 good packers, 275-350 Ibs,, S9Q9.30- 350425 Ibs., $8.856.9.13; 425-500 Ibs., $8.70ffi 9; 500-550 Ibs., «B.55®8.85. OTIUMWA--Hogs steady to lOc lower: 140 to 150 Ibs. $7.4567.15; 150 to 160 Ibs $7.95(jE8.25; 160 to 170' Ibs. $8.4598.75 170 to 180 .Ibs. 59.05e9.35; 180 to 201 Ibs. $9.30SJ9,60; 200 to 325 Ibs. $9,50f? 9.80; 325 to 350 Ibs. 59.355jS.65; 350 to 400 Ibs. $9.15«i9.45; Backers 275 to 350 Ibs. S9.10S9.40; 350 to 425 Ibs. S9S9.30 425 to 550 Ibs. $8.85Cl9.15. AUSTIN-- Hogs steady to 5c loM'cr good to choice 180 to 200 Ibs. S9.45H? 9.75; 200 to 290 Ibs. $9.65579.95; 290 to 325 Ibs. 59.5569,85; 325 to 350 Ibs. $9,45 fi3.75; packing sows good 275 to 55( Ibs. $6.7599.45. done; Indications fully steady on a! classes; bulk good to choice lambs Monday $9.75 to mostly $10; medium lo choice ewes $45£5.75; good to choice f e e d i n g lambs $8iii9.35. StOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Market) SIOUX CITY, (*)--U. S. department of igri culture-CATTLE 2.500; calves 200; choice and prime beef steers and yearlings comparatively scarce, f i r m ; others about steady; [at she stock little changed; stockers nnc feeders scarce, steady; load lots choice nnd prime 1,030 to 1.200 Ib. steers anc yearlings $13.45; sales above Sli comparatively scarce: liberal showing short feds $ai?79.75; few good heifers $9; bulk leef cows ·$·!.50(30: cutter grades mainly J3.50S4.25: few good 725 Ib. stockers S7.25; common and medium lots SG.25 down; current siocker and feed cattle quotations: Steers 550 to 800 Ibs. good and choice SG.25W8.25; common and med i u m $4f?6.25; 800 io 1.050 Ibs. good and choice Sfi.25«{#.25; common and medium "4.25^6.25; heifers good and choice 55.25 (76-50; common and medium 53.5034; calves fsteerl good and choice SG.25©B.35- meditim $4.50(7J6.25. H O G S 5.5DO: generally steady; early top 59.75: Rood to choice 180 to 280 Ib. butchers 59.60^79.75; 160 to 180 Ib. lights S9 25ft MM; 140 (o 160 Ibs. light lights 5a.50ff .25; feeders $8.25 down; sows S9.40fr'9.50; tacs 59.50 d o w n ; slaughter pigs S7(iJ8.50. SIIEb'r 3.0CO; no early action for laughter classes; fat lamb undertone teady: asking stronger; best fed wooled kins held above $10; load fed ewes held round 55.75; late Monday Iambs mostly "i-35c lower; top lOc off at $10; bulk sg so 9.85. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHTCAGO. ^--Official estimaled re- Jipts for Wednesday: Cattle 10,000; hoes 1,000; sheep 10,000. Representative Sales ( T u e s d a y Market) CHICAGO, (/j,_U. s. department of griculture-- Representative sales! reavy-- - ·' 318 290 287 264 [cdiums-- 5 · 248 9 241 225 3 215 HOGS. , Lights-10.10 67 193 10.20J 30 188 10.15162 175 10.15|85 161 (Light Lights- 10.20|20 ' 159 10.15IBT 143 10.25 10.10 10.20 10,25 10.15 10.00 9.75 9.35 SHEEP. ed, Wt'n Lambs-- |Ewcs-- 2 ' 92 10.50|68 121 6.00 9 89 10.40J5G 102 575 88 79 10.25|32 TO 5.50 '4 110 10.251 Colorado Lambs- alive Lambs-- 1212 Sfi 10 iio ;n ion s leers- 0 9 4 2. 7 !2 !8 13 16 41 9S 10.50J 190 87 10,40 82 10.25| 78 10.25| 1309 1176 1151 1035925 1070 962 1021 8G3 CATTLE. Heifers-14.25 20 14.15130 14.00J25 12.25|25 . 10.00114 9.75|14 8.85| Cow* 8.50j28 8.00118 7.75|22 IS 760 928 817 794 862 781 1232 ' 1141 1056 1121 1041 087 10.25 8.25 3.75 8.50 7.15 1.50 6.75 6,75 - G.25 5.75 5.50 5.15 4.50 Miscellaneous C H I C A G O POTATOES. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, (,Vi--U. S. department ot ac riculture-- Potatoes, .57, on track 270." total U. S shipments S23; s'leady, supplies moderale demand slow; sacked per cwt.: Idahr Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1, $3.20(J13 40 V. S. No. 2, $2.80; Washington Husse Burbanks U, S. No. 1, $3.45; Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1. 53.20(33.40: Wiscon sin Round White U. S. No. 1. $2.20/Et2.25 U. S. commercial 52.loe2.15; MIciliRa Russet Rurals U. S. No. 1. $2.25ft2,27 l ,i New stock, slijjbtly weaker, supplle moderate, d e m a n d light. Less than car lots, Florida bushel crates Bliss Triumph U. S. No. 1. few sales J2.10; U. S. No. 2 51.75 a crate: Texas Bliss Triumphs 50 II sacks U. S. No. 1. S2 a sack. rrw vonK SIIOAK. (Tuesiiaj- M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. yi*i--Raw sugar quiet 3.80e' for spots. Futures, March No. · ].09ci- July 1.13c. or 4 to 5 points nc lower; No. 3 March 2.85c, or a point ne lower; July and September advanced point to 2.S2c. R e f i n e d unchanged at 5,00 for f i n e granulated. Public UfHify and industrial Stocks Quoted by A. HI. SCIIANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City Hid and Asked W e d n e s d a y , Cent Kt El 6 pet pf IS25 par! 10 Cent St El 7 pet pf (S25 par) I I Cent St P A: L 7 pet pf I8 : Champiin Ref Iowa 7 pet pf 100 Creamery Package common.. 24 Ifoarst Cons A 23: George-,A Hormel A pf 104 George A Hormel common .. 21' Interstate Power G pet pf Interstate Power 7 ,'pct pf .'. . 20 Iowa Electric Co 6',4'pct pf 51 Iowa electric Co 7 pet pf 52 la F.lec Lt /t Pow 6 · pet pf 72 la Elec LI Pow G!b pet pf 74 la F.]ec Lt Pow 7 pet pf 77 la Power Light G pet pf 101 Ta PoH-cr Light 7 pet pf 102 Ja Public Srev 6 pet pf ... 99 Ta Public Serv G'.i pet pf ... 100 la Public Serv 7 net pf ... 101 la South Util 6 pel pf ... 7j Fa Soulh Utol 6'/ 3 pet pf ... 77 fa South Util 7- pet pt ... 80 Minnesota P L G pet pf .. 94 Minnesota P L 7 pet pf .. 101 Northern St Power G pet pf 93 Northern St Power 7 pet pf 9!) N W Bell Tel fi'/a pel pf ... 105 N W Portland Cement com .. 25 Rath Packing (3 pet pf ...... inn iialh Packing 7 pet pf ino lath Packing common 32t* Sioux Cily Gas ff El 7 pet pf 99 Jnilr-ri Lt A: n.vs 6 pet pf 88 Jnltcd Lt Rys 6.36 pet pf 81) United Lt A.- nys 7 pel pf 95 iVeslcrn Grocer pf ,. 96 Western Grocer com ........ J5 t 24 107 22 20 22 51! 54 74 70 70 103 104 101 102 103 77 70 82 9G 103 !5 101 1061 26! 102 103 33 101 00 01 07 ' 09 17 MILLIONS OK DOLLARS 300 400: 300 £00 100 UNITED STATES, FOREIGN TRADE EXPORTS AND IMPORTS BY MONTHS SOURCE- BUREAU OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC COMMERCE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS 500 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 CHICAGO WHEAT " MARKET FALLS Other Grains Follow With Corn Off Cent or More at Finish. CHICAGO, /P)--In late tumbles of prices, the Chicago wheat mar- Let fell Tuesday to around 2y- :ents a bushel below the level 24 hours previous. Southwestern interests were conspicuous as sellers of wheat futures here. Setbacks of 2 cents 10 3 cents in spot wheat values at Liverpool had a decidedly un- iettling influence. At the close, wheat was 2 :ents to 2V under Monday's fin- sh, May $1.30^-34, July $1.13%%, corn 1 cent to 1 3 4 down, May new $1.10%-i,;, July new $1.05%'s, oats %-!% off, and provisions unchanged to a decline of . 17 ents. C H I C A G O CASH GRAIN. (Tuesday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. 10-j--Cash wheat: No. 4 red 1.351',; No. 1 hard Sl.,18'.i®1.40'.'.; N O . 2 nixed SLSflft; sample grade mixed 1.34'A. Corn: No. 4 mixed Sl.lO'.i; No. 3 yellow .145:'1.14 1 .^; No. 4 yellow Sl.10iTl.13- No yellow Sl.OS'Aifil.MH; No. 3 white 1.16',-ifi 1.16*1; No. 4 white $1.143.|I3 15'i: No. 5 white Sl.08; sample grade 1.05W1.06V4. Oats: No. I while 56'/.!TS8c; No. 2 white S'RS'ic; No. 3 while SSV^c: sample grade ^1 c. .No rye. Soybeans: No. 3 yellow S1.60V. Barley: No. 2 m a l t i n g $1.35: No. 3 !l]|- ols $1.36: -Iced SOcfuSl n o m i n a l ; m a h i n e tftl.42 nominal. Timothy seed S65?6.25 cwt.; new $5.75® Clover seed $26.50*733.50 cwt. Lard tierces 513.32; loose $12.55; bellies Al Ch Dye 234 -, Am Can 115 Am Sm : Hef 95'/» Am Sugar Re 53 A T T 184 Am Tob B 97 Am Wat Wks 27^ Anaconda 535'* A T S F 7o A u b u r n Aulo 31 H Aviation Corp 3 / a Bait Ohio 2:1 Barnsdall 30*i, endix Aviat 27 Beth Stl 75i 3orden 271,4 Bore- Warner 78 Can D G Ale :OT, ad P.-IC C.isi! Chi N W :hi Gt West 2'i : M St P P 2V, C.-'H I P 21.4 Chrysler -ol G El Comw Sou Con Edison Ton Oil Ton Can Cent Oil Del Corn Prod Curtiss Wright Deere Co 117 D're Co pi 'M"!'a DuPont de N 17U !cn Elec COl'a en Foods 42',^ en Mot C6 illclte 17*1 Good'r T R 32 fudson Mot 21) llinois Cent 24T'n it Harvest 103 nt Nick- Can G.111 nt Tel Tel l~'/» ohns Manv 144 Kresge 27 Vi Cities Service [ciltnann Bre 'atr. Drug cltog£ Switch ibby McNeil lidwcst Corp Vail leather Matt Standard Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday i. 3 yellow shelled, corn ..$1..05 tfo. 4 yellow shelled corn ..$1.03 Ear corn gg c White oats, No. 3 !. . 50c Barley 60-90c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow".'.. .$1.50 TUESDAl- GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, Low 1.3011 WHEAT-May July Sept CORN-May ncur May old July new July old Sept OATS-May July Sept SOYBEANS-May July RYE-May July Sept BARLEY-May LARD-Jan. Mar. May July Sept BELLIES-Jan May July . 1.3214 . i.ny, . 1.12!', .'. l!o3'/l .. .5.1*4 .. .47 .44 V, . 1.59V, . 1.59 . . . 1.01'i . .0.1=1 .13.40 .13.55 .13.80 .11.0!) .14.22 . 17.22 W)-Close l.lOli 1.07 r, . .4(5 .-tzy, . , 1.5B 1.00'A 13.37 13,-tS 13.67 13.02 14.12 17.20 J.W-li 1.0' .46 .42!! 1.03'.' 1.00V 13.37 13.45 13. G7 13.32 14.12 16.90 17.20 3IIN-NEAPOI.IS ORAIN. (TutsiJay .Market) MINNEAPOLIS, r/r)--Wheat 90 cars 2'/,c lower; No. I heavy dark norUicn spring 60 Ibs. Sl.5Kftl.63; No. 1 d a r k northern 53 Jhs. $I.53«1.62: 53 Ibs. $1 J2f( 1.61; f a n c y No. 1 hard MonVina 14 pc cent protein sl.44Srl.46; grade of No. dark hard or No. I hard Montana w i n t c Sl.3Hrftl.40; hard amber durum No Sl.45','.i; No. t red ?1.2n',=,. Corn: No. 3 yellow SI.IS'.if/.l.171.4; 114 lower. Oats: No. 3 while 51V953Vc. KANSAS CITS- LIVESTOCK (Tuesday M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY, (,FJ--U. S. department of agriculture-H O G S 2.500; hot directs; fairly a c t i v e uneven; 5-f) loc lower t h a n Monday's average: top $9,95; good to choice 200 to 2»0 Ib. S9.75fi9.90; 170 lo 200 Ib M jjfl«? 0.85: MO to 160 Ib. SS.75Si9.50; sows SO 2. r; stock pigs S7.50 down. CATTI.K 4,500. calves. 300; fed steers of good grade and belter she stork opening f u l l y steady: Indications, sleadji to weak on common lo m e d i u m steers; null and vcaiers. steady; k i l l i n g calves tvcnk-; stockers and feeders, unchanged: p r i m e .irnuml 1.0(10 Ib. yearlings $13- good 1148 Ib. weights S1I.75: scvcra loans -S10.25T10.75; selecled vcaiers Sli.50 f/12; few stockers and feeders $5..iO'??. 7.90; load 342 )b. stock steer calves S7.4n' S H E E P 8,000: lambs, strong to mostly 2.ic higher; no ewes sold esrjy: lop fed lambs S10.25; many shipments of cliorcc fed Iambs anrl natives $10.10ff 10.2.1: occasional loads down to S9 5 choice f u l l wool yearlings $9. O M A H A LIVESTOCK. ( T u e s d a y M a r k e t ! f,T*--U. s. d e p a r t m e n t of n r i c u l t u r c «Jl. or ' s S ' IWI: sl TMy to ME "il; t S9.B-): IM tfi 2RO Ibs, SO-fHTST 9.RO; 160 to 180 bp, $9.2.~»*i 9.7f: MO to 160 ]bs. SR.fiO/ri 9.5 21 lo Un Ihs. SfJ^78,85: FOWS 59.50*(0.r/l. .CATTLE 4.5IM; calves 50(1; steadv: sicers SIOH 13.75: hellers STftlt: co«"S 53.5007; sutlers VMfUM; bulls J5.S096; vealcr lop fit. I Stock List NEW YOltK STOCKS ( T u e s d a y Final Q u o t a l i t m s ) Lib O F Gl Maytag McK i Rob Mid Cont Pet Alonlg Ward Morrell Co Nat Biscuit 3Hi Nat Cash R 32Ti Nat Dairy Pr 23»i Nat Distill 26!i Nat Fow at Lt 13= 13 V2 30 57 44 'A 161 fc, 120V 4 si* 46 M icy. 67 44 7011 N Y Central Northern Pac Oliver Farm Packard Mot Pararn Pict Pcnney Penn n R Phillips Pet Radio Key Tob B Scars Rocb Shell Union Soc Vacuum Sou Pac Std B r a n d s Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stewart Warn Studcuaker Swift Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sill Timfe Roll B Un Carbide Un Pac Unit Air Corp 29',1 United Corp 714 Unit Drug 15y U S Ind Alco 38 U S Rubber KIT* U S Steel 83V« Warner Plct 17 West Un Tel RU'* West El X: M l.~3'.'. Woolworth 63!-a 43 1 /, 29'A 57 Vk 11V. 27% 10l' 12V. 57V. 85 2SS 16TJ, 471i l.Vi 4S?ii 15% I5!'4 26 40'' ·72 ' 104 131 C H I C A G O STOCKS. (Tuesday Final q u o t a t i o n s ) . ·nilNorthwcsl Bane 11 J Q u a k e r Oats 15 | R a t h Packing S'.', [Swift Co WAlSwlIt Inll 14y,]Utllily Ind it'll Zcnilh 20'! i j 15 122 ^ 33 33',', IV* 35V, Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplier! by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Ottice In EaEley-Beek Bldg. Telephone No. 7. NEW YORK. (41--Curb market slocks drooped Tuesday. Losers of fractions to around a point vcre American Gas and Electric, Anicr- can Light . a n d Traction, Cord, Atlantic and Pacific. Colts Patent Firearms. Pan American Airways. Shcrwin U'jJIK-mis, 'cnnroad. Pioneer Gold, Wayne Pump, Vright Hargrenvcs and Quaker Oats. Babcock- and Wilcox declined 3 points or o while Pennsylvania Salt and B u n k e r till and Sullivan wore down about 2. Up fraction's to around a point were Julf Oil. Alabama Great Southern U u m f n u m Industries. Pittsburch Plate Glass and Sunshine Mining. DOW J O N K S AVEItAOF.S Inds. nail* XJllls, -lose 184.02 56.20 36.65 Total Sales .;.... 2,620,000 C H I C A G O S T O C K S Butler Bros 13^i Marsh Field 21 Cord Corp 5 Wnlgrccn Co 38',i NEW Y O R K CliRU Am Gas E 4fi Am cyan B 34Vi Am Su Pow 23-4 Ark Nat Gas A OH As G S: E L 5 A 4 t i Hist Cor Soap; 2H', Eisler Elec 3«,i E! Ed Si. Sh 26 N E W Y O R K Alaska J u n e 15 Allegheny A'.'a Am Ac For P l*^'* Am Cry Sug :ill'. Am C t Fy Ol»i Am Pow Li 74^» Am Roll Mills .mi Am Ra S as^ii Amer To Co 97 Armour Co R3i As Dry Goods 21 All Ref 31% Baldwin Loco 9?o Briggn Mf Co 53'b Beudix 2T',i Blldd Mfg Co l i ^ i Burr. Add 32 3 ,* Byers A M Co 30 \\ Caterpillar Tr Ccr de Pasco Cties i Ohio C Gt W pf CMStPA-P pf Com Credit Com Solvents Cont Motor Cr of Whrat Ford ot Can 26^ Ford of Eng '*'« Hi Walker 47T Lockheed 11^. Nin Hud Pow IS'A Un Gas Co 12 Un Li Pow 10 68'.i Gfila 3M« Cudahy Pack 41 Cnrl-Wr A 20',', Dist Cor Seag 26V« Douglas Airc 721^ Eastman 176 Eaton Mfg Co 34',i Elec Ant Lite 4DH El Pow i L, 23% Erie R n Co ]5!' 4 Fircst T A: R 34 Foster-Wheel 51H Frceport Tex sri'A Gen Am Tran 77 GlirUEcn Co 4ti'lr Gohel 5V, Gold Dust 14^ Gt North Ore 20 ( /« Graham Paige fl'.'a Gl Nor pfd n i ,i Kous .O (new) 15^k Hudson Mot 20 STOCKS H u p p Motors 2H Ind Rayon 3« 1 ,; Lambert Co 20',, 1-ehign Pt Ce 43 Liquid' Cb Cp SO Lori] lard 24 Mack. Truck 48 Matliicson Al 40 McLcllan Sirs 161' Minn, Mo! Im 13'.'. M K T IV- Mot Products 35}J No Amer 32W No Amer Avi l.^i Otis Steel Co W. Owen 111 Gl 157',! Packard Mot 11 ',i Park Utah Cop 4 = 1 Pillsbury Fl 22 Plymouth 24!: Proc Gam C4 Pub S of N J Si»: P u l l m a n B8», Pure Oil Co 21*; Purity Bakery 21 1 ,: R K O B 3 : Rem Rand 24T Reo Motors (1} St Joseph Ltt 4Mi S i m m o n s Co SO 50 Cal Edison :ll'.'» S perry Corp 22? 51 G Jt F, 121 Tide W A Oil 21}'. U S Ind Alch rra U S Smeller tt« U t l l P LI A 4! V a n a d i u m 30! Union Oil Cal 26 Un G ,t Imp 16 Warren Bros 17 Western Myld V. Western 1/n flO', Worth P u m p 41', Yoitow Truck 27^ Youngs S 4: T 37 U S Oypslim 1221 M I N N E A P O L I S FLOUR (Tuesday Market) "MINNEAPOLIS, vr,--Flour: Carload lots, a barrel in 98 pound collon sacks Family p a t e n t s , 20 ccnls tower: S7.45T/- ".65; s t a n d a r d p a l c n t s , 10 cents Io\s - cr, Shipments, 19.290. Pure bran, S.'M-fi 34.50. j Standard middlings, 534R34.=0. ' 100 Attend Supper. GARNER--Farmers in the vicinity of Garner, business and professional men numbering I DO, gathered nt the high school auditorium Monday night (o enjoy nn oyster supper sponsored hy the farmers. Members of the farmers night school cooked and served. A program and volleyball followed. STOCK MARKET SHOWS NO PEP Mild Upward Flurry Near End Brief; Few Issues Retain Gains. NEW YORK, (/P)--Stocks, under the influence o£ labor wrangles, had litlle hearl for a rally in Tuesday's market. There was a mild upward flurry n the transportation division in late dealings, but it was brief and only a few of these issues held their improvement.. After a fast opening the volume dwindled. Losses among the leaders ranged from -fractions to 2 points. Transfers were around 2,400,000 shares. It required only moderate pressure to push back .motors and steels, and the utilities, discover- 'ng troubles of their own aside from workers' problems, took the downward path. Coppers were re- cessionary along with aircrafts. Tobaccos and specialties were exceptions, a number gelling up as much as a point. Curb Market Bond Market NEW YORK. fiT)--The bond market lacked spirit Tuesday as corporate loans drilled a l i t t l e lower. Losses o£ fractions to around a point fell to American Foreign Power 5s, Baltimore Ohio 4Vas. St. Paul 5s. North Western-, 4^s, International Hydro Electric Us, Loews 3',4s, New York Central 5s, Pure Oil 4V45, with warrants and Sludcbakcr convertible 6s. Around mid-day tile U. S. government division was uneven. Small gains in treasury 2'is and 4s contrasted with limited declines in the 3=ks of 1947 and Ihc Mis at IB-IS. Forcigns were inactive. Cnban 5',t,s and Buenos Aires 4'.k-=,ls ncltcd about a point. Peru (is and Argentine 6s were a t r i f l e lower. Investment circles said interest in the bond market was lagging owing both to the apparent impasse in the motor s l r i k e and division of opinion on the f u t u r e of interest rates. In some quarters lo\vcr prices for various rail liens were explained p a r t l y in terms of proposals for a 15 per cont wage increase by representatives of the Conductors and Fnginecrs Brotherhoods. Such an increase, it was pointer! out. would a f f e c t 300,000 railroad men and would add heavily to o p e r a t i n g costs. GOVKlirOIENT BONDS. (Tuesday Q u o t a t i o n s ) NEW YORK, Ml--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4'/,s 47-52 120.19. Treasury 4s 44-54 114.19. Treasury 3^ks 40-43 J u n e JftT.lfl. Treasury 3^s -JO-43 .lime 107.10. Treasury 3%s 43-47 109.!0. Treasury 3VaS 4(5-49 108.1,1. Treasury 3s 51-55 10G.22. Hides Quotations F D r n f i h e d by Wolf Droa. Inc.. 308 F i f t h S t r e e t Soulhweit. IIOflSElflDES [Torsehidcs . . . . $ 3 5( ·GrtEEN I1EEF HIDES Up to 25 Ihs . H , 25 to 45 Ibs '...'.'.'.'. fl'Al More than CO Ibs. " ff ' f fii^, Bull hides T ' ·Cured hides half cent moro n pound lOn above prices a cent higher wholesale dealers In wholesale lots.) W O O L M A R K E T ( T t i e s t l n y M a r k e t ) BOSTON, (,r,--U. S. department of ricuLture-- A lev.- small sales were closed Tuesday on^eriluin grade Ohio and fleeces at prices that reprcsenled n f u r - ther slight advance over last week Sales of ',; blood Ohio ant! s i m i l a r fleeces were made at 52rit54c In Ihe grense for combing and at 4fiff48c for clothing. Combing '/* bloco* also brought C O M R I X E D HOG RECEIPTS DES MOTNES, W-- U. S. d e p a r t m e n t Of a s r i c u l t i i r e -- , Combined hog rcceipls a t 22 concentrn- tion yards nnd Q packing plants located in interior Iowa anrt southern Minncsola for Ihe 24 hour period ended nt fl a. m. Tuesday were 15,-lOft compared w i t h 29,100 week a^o a n d 30,400 a year ago. Unevenly 5c lo ISc lower, most , off on a l l weights nnd classes; undertone slow; l o a d i n g reported still ligh tly lOc dertone ight but some heavier lhan currently, Quotations follow: Lljjht lights 14ft to JfiO Ihs. pond nnd choice $7.R5!rlt.(H; wciphls 1RO (n If!0 Ihs. 5^,45^ f).nf); IBrt i o 200 Ihs. Sfl.m^ft.nO; m e d i u m weights 2DO lo 220 IhF. ^.fi.ifTf 10. if); 220 trt 2-'»(l IbA. S!l n't fi]0,10; hca\-y wcifrhls 2"x) 10 2!)0 Ibs. y.i R 4\ 10.10; 2JH1 to 350 Ihs. JD.SOW l f . I O ; ri.ick inc 50W5 27S tn ^,"ft Ihs. pnod 5 ^ . i n f ? 9 f t r i X^O to 42.S Ibs, iD^O.^O; 425 to 550" Jbs, S8.OOfjO.15. Beaten by Gang Alleged beating of Miles Bar- nctt, above, rural storekeeper of Pt-eslonsburff, Ky., by members of the "Black Lens," a reputed secret, hooded mountain organization, lias precipitated an investigation resulting iii an arrest of 25 men, alleged members of the gangr. According- to officers, the secret group has grown out of an unemployed men's organization and one of its purposes is "to maice men ·who refused to. work to go to work." Produce MASON CITY---For Tuesday Cash Quotatlons-by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 18c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Under 5 Ibs 9c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Springs, under 5 Ibs lOc Leghorn springs 7c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less IHnrclianls Quotations 5ggs, in trade 19-20e 3 Lggs, cash 18-lOc" 3utter, Iowa State Brand . .. /41c Sutler, Corn Country 39c 3utter, Kenyon's 39c 3uttcr, Very Best 41c Sutler, Brookfleld 39c Potatoes, russets, peck 72c Potatoes, cobblers, peck 52c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery ·tores. CHICAGO PRODUCE ( T u e s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, i.l'i -- Butter -- 3,7fln. weak; crrMmcry specials (93 score), 31\\ f i 321V; extras (321. ."IH'i; cxlia firsts 190-91). f.aHi; firsts (88-09). .10'i«F31; standards 19ft centralized cnrlots}, 32. Rgs--10,Oil, weak; extra firsts. local, 2H4; cars. 22U; fresh graded firsts, local, 2I l ,j; cars, 22'A: current receipts, 20'/ 2 . Poultry--Live. 47 trucks, steady; hens over 5 ]bs., I H ; ") Ibs. and less. ID'/zI LCR- lorn hens, 13; colored springs, 16; white [lock, 17; Plymouth Rock, IB; colored and While Rock broilers,2tt; Plymouth nock, '22; Leghorn chickens, 12; Roosters, 12; Leghorn roosters, 11; turkeys: liens. ID; young lotns, 15; old toms, 13; No. 1! turkeys, 13; ducjts, 4','j Ibs. lip, white and colored, Ifi; small white and colored, H; n o r t h e r n poese, 15; southern Reese, 14; capons, 7 Ibs. tip, 21; less than 1 Ibs., 20. NEW YORK PltonilCE (Tutsclay M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. (.T)--Butler-- 14.7C1. weaker; creamery h i g h e r t h a n cxlra. 3liV«fi34; extra !92 score). 33; firsts (88-91 scores', .lU' 1 ,*: seconds (fH-87 scores), 30^:11; centralized (90 score), 32'.i. Cheese--370.379. firm nml imclianped. Kpcs--'32,983, unsettled: mixed colors, special packs. 25^1:25'*,: slanriards. 24"*; firsts, zaiVftas}*: medium!:. S l f j ; riirlics, No. I, 21V;ii'i 22',^,; average checks. 20; refrigerator firsts, 19',i'521 [ ,$; checks un- riuotcd. Live poultry, irregular. No /reight quotations. r i t O l M J C E FUTlIltES. (Titcsday M a r k c l ) CHICAGO. l/Vi--Butter futures closed; Storage standards, January .Illnc: February 31?sc: March 31',ac; November 30c. EK£ f u t u r e s : Refrigerator standards, January 17Uc; October 2-J a ,4C; fresh Rradcd firsts, J a n u a r y 2t%e; February 22 L /jc: storage packed firsts. March 231nc. Potato futures: Idaho nussets. March No. 1, S3.95; March cradc A S3.65. INVESTMENT TRUSTS. (It)- The Associated Tress) Bid and asked Tuesday: Corporate Tr Sh .. . . 3.11 Corporate Tr Sh AA Mod 3.79 Corporate Tr Sh Ac Ser 3.00 Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.79 Dividend Sh 2.03 Maryland F u n d 10.44 N a t i o n w i d e Sec 4.00 N a t i o n w i d e Sec Vtc 2.15 Nor Amer Tr Sh . . . . . . . . 2.8H Nor A m e r Tr Sh 1955 .. 3.7IT Quarterly Inc Sh 1R.02 Selected Am Sh Inc 4.2R Super Corp Am Tr A .. 4.30 U S El I. P A 21.25 U S El L P B 3.r0 U S El L % F V i c 1.28 2.18 11.41 = .00 2.31 Newtson, Bncelyn, Succumbs at Home RRICELYN, Minn.--Newt Newtson died at his home in south Bricelyn Sunday. The body is to be sent to Newark, III., for burial. Two Emmetsburg Men's Funerals Are Announced EMMETSBURG--Funeral . services were set for Wednesday morning here for two prominent Palo Alto county pioneers whose deaths from illness occurred here Sunday and Monday. Rites for Martin Brennan, Sr., 83, a resident of the county for 73 years, will bo conducted at the Assumption Catholic church at 10:30 a. m., Wednesday. Funeral services for Patrick Sherlock, 88, another pioneer citizen, will be held at St. Thomas Catholic church Wednesday at ft a. m. A pessimist- is a man who is able to discern the difference between the public being lighthearted and just light-headed. BLOODHOUNDS B W A L T E R S . M A S T E R M A N cc.-nK. ntu L CHAPTER 53 JAMES' face assumed a sallow color as Selden told o! James coming hpme on the ill-fated P. O. boat Irom India with his master, Henry Severlnge, and the latter's friend, Colonel G r a h a m . His hands trembled, but Selden went on in a cold, impassive voice. "The Lucknow went down in a gale off the Casquet rocks, with terrible loss of life. The boats that were launched were smashed to pieces, and only the arrival of n 'tanker' which was able to throw a life-line by means of a rocket over the vessel saved a few survivors, among whom were ' the three I have mentioned. "Colonel Graham shortly after- wadrs threw up his commission and came to settle down at Paynton Manor, and you know the story of Sir Henry and James. "So far had we got, and there ivas little doubt that the sudden wealth must have had some connection with this wreck. I asked my man to find out all he could about the other passengers, and received his information only yesterday. It is conclusive. "On the same boat there was a rich tea planter who was coming home with, his young wife--then shortly to become a mother. He had brought all his money with him--,a very big fortune--in bonds, and had boasted about it on the vessel. He was dro.wned, but his wife · was saved, half mad with grief. She seems to have told the authorities that her husband had all this money, and that she wa" penniless, but in her distracted condition little notice was taken of this statement, though it was recorded at the time. With her on the boat were the maid and valet, who had copied their" master's example and been married before leaving Assam. Their names were given as Sarah French (maid) and John Brown (valet) in the list, but inquiries at Assam show that they were man and wife. "By a lucky chance, my man was able to get hold oC an old newspaper photograph of some o£ the survivors, with the names.-" Selden took from his papers n faded newspaper, and spread it out. "There are the two- servants. th the names given, and in spito of Huckr,' broken nose and his wife's pince-nez, that she always wore, and the passage of lime, it is not difficult to recognize these two as Mr. arid Mrs. Hucks." He passed the paper round tD the astonished l i s t e n e r s , -who viewed it in complete silence, waiting for the rest. "There are gaps, of course, but I have no shadow of doubt in my minds that-these two servants suspected that Severinge and Graham had stolen their master's money and had followed them'up with implacable hatred, ,and have finally taken their revenge on both Sir Henry and Colonel Graham"--he looked straight James-"for the theft, and probably the murder of their master, Henry Es'coU." A strangled cry came from James, who had half risen to his feet, and Hutchins forced him back into his chair. "Colonel Graham dead!" His immobility had gone, and he shook like a man with palsy. "He was burnt to dcatli in his own strong room," Selden said solemnly. "Now. perhaps, James, you will tell us the truth." The butler sank to his seat with a sob, and covered his face with his hands. They waited for him to recover, feeling that at last a revelation would be made t h n t would clear up the mystery. He lifted his head with a muttered apology, but he looked old and worn. "I can speak now, sir," he addressed Seklcn. "Now that Colonc Graham is dead, the p r o m i s e which I swore to him no longer holds good. "Mr. Selden has got so near to the truth t h a t there is little that I can add. It's quite right what he says about the wreck. Whethei my poor master and Colonel Graham had any idea of stealing the money before the wreck took piace I can't say. "We joined the vessel at Karachi, and Mr. Escott and his wife were already on board. Mr. Escott soon became friendly with Mr. Severinfie and the Colonel, and I heard them discussing their affairs many times together. He said that he never trusted banks, and has converted all his fortune into bearer bonds, and had placed them in charge of the purser. When we struck the rocks nnd everyone was wondering w h a t was going to happen, Mr. Escott and the Colonel got hold of the purser, and obtained the leather case whiqh contained the money. I saw it slung round Mr. Escott's shoulders when we were clinging to the deck. "There was a rush for the boats, but some could not be launched, and others wore smashed. Those thnt wore able to be launched wore capsized in the storm. When the life-line was fastened to the mast, there were few of us lel't. and Mr. Escott put his wife into the 'cradle' with the maid. When the cradle came back there was an ugly rush for tl. The valet of Mr. Escotl. named Brown, tried to force his way in. and Colonel Graham drew his revolver and shot him down. I thought at the lime that it was merely to save the lives of the women, but afterwards I came to a different conclusion. "They got the women on, and then put this man into the cradle unconscious, and we four were left till last. I thought it was rather f i n e of them at the time. They pushed me in, and I Rnl safe across, and al last Mi 1 , Severinge and Ihe Colonel came. They reported that Mr. Escott had slipped off the rope and had been drowned, but Mr. Severinge was carrying the case over his back ay a strap." "But surely you would have Known the servant again?" Selden asked searchingly. "I never saw them on the boat. They looked after Mrs. Escott in their cabin, but on account of her condition, we never went there, and Mr. Escott used to come to the Colonel's cabin and talk there or in the smoking room. I only knew them by name, and took no particular notice of either of them. "On the tanker there was a lot of confusion; the maid had gone below to look after her mistress, and. the man had been taken to the sick boy. When we got to Southampton, Mr. Severinge and Colonel Graham hurried off to London, and left me behind to find out what had happened to Mrs. Escott. She had been taken to a hospital, where she gave birth to a son, and I returned and reported it to my master. We lost all trace of her afterwards, but I know Sir Henry, as he had become, endeavored to find out." "I can tell you a little," Selden said sternly. "The shock of her husband's death and the loss of all her money temporarily deranged her. We traced the poor woman's movements from the hospital records. S h e - h a d been transferred to a home it Wimbledon, and one dr*y she disappeared with her four month old child, which she abandoned on the Common and then threw herself into the Thames. No relations came forward and the baby was placed in an orphanage." (To Be Continued) Files Bill to Change : Primary Election to August From June DES MOINES, W 5 ) -- Senator Hugh G. Guernsey (D) of Cen- ' terville filed a bill in the senate which would shift the stale's primary election from the first Monday in June to the first Monday in August. "This," he said, "would simplify our election procedure im- nieasurably and instead of stretching the general election campaign over six months would limit it to three, which should be long enough for any candidate." LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF TUP. Ari'OINTSlENT OF AD.MI.NISTHATOR 1 Iowa,'s Oldest Twin Sisters Are Now 92 PULASKI, (/P)--Iowa's oldest twin sisters, Mrs. Jane Giles and Miss Rachel Rader, celebrated their- ninety-second birthday with their brother, Anthony, W.. Rader. 98, as their guest. Boy Fatally Hurt in Coasting Accident WATERLOO, (/P)--Bqbbie Ferneaux, 12, Hudson, died at a hospital after he coasted in front of a car driven by Allen Peterson. Witnesses said the boy's sled crossed the intersection, and that Peterson was unable to stop his car on the icy street. The boy suffered a fractured skull. Parsonage Is Damaged by Blaze at Riceville RICEVILLE--Fire in the basement of the Catholic parsonage Sunday evening did but little damage except that the upper rooms and contents were badly smoked. The fire company was called to the August Cable farm the last of the week because oT a roof fire which was easily hnndlcd. The Cable farm is three miles north of the Jamestown cheese factory on the Leroy road. Looks as if the Dionne kids had quintupled the business of the doll manufacturers. And forced Santa to carry five times his normal load. -- Auburn (N. Y.) Citizen- Advertiser. NOTICE OK SIIBRirr'S SALE STATK OF IOWA, Ccrrrt Gordo Connly, S:t. To Ma T. WO,M|:,!| and E. W. IVoodall. nml In u-linni i t n n y c o n c e r n : Yon nro hereby nolifieri by virlne of a speci.Tl e.vocnljon, to rne- directed, iillti isr.ned out of the o f f i c e of the Clerk of Ihe District Court of Ihe Sl.ltc ot IOW.T, w i t h i n nnd for Cerro Gordo Connly, upon a judgtnenl rendered in said Court in favor of Home Owners' Loan Corporation of WashinfHon, D. C.. and .-luninst Irtn T. Woodall anrt E. W. Woodfill. for the sum of Fifteen hundterf forty-one and lfi-301) Dollars, dciit. and T\veniy-tv.-o a n d 4 0 - l r i l l nollars. costs, nnd P i f l y - f U ' e nnd -U-ino DoHnrs. nttor- ney'.s fees. I n.-u-o levied upon Hie fol- lotvinc described real estate, to wit: I.nls N i t m U r r Xir-r ( I I ) a n d Ten (10) in Hip s u h d i v i t i n u nf UIR S m i l h r a s l Q u a r t e r ( R F . 1 ' , ) o f I h f t N n r l h e i s l Qllar- t r r ( N K V i ) n f S r c l i o n T i v e n t y n n c (211 i n T o w n s t i i p x f n f t y - M - v c n ( D 7 ) N n r l h of H n t i f r . .Vinclrrn l l ! l ) of llir F i r i h r. M.. V r r o riorrtr C o u n t y . Iowa. a n d t l i a l on the Rib riav of February ior.7. n l 2 o'cloHc P. M". nt tile f r o n t floor of t h e Court House ijj Mason Cilv, Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa. I \vill proceed to sell t i l e snir..; in satisfaclion of said cN-ocitlion. l o g c l h e r wilh. all legal cosls accruing-. Dated at Ihc Sheriff's o f f i c e In Mason Cily, lown, Ilii. 1 ; !Hh d n y of January ID37. , TIM R. PHALEN. I Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa By ELSIE RAMSEY. Deputy S h e r i f f . e .t i- id at id fit At b- 03 lie STATE OP IOWA. Ccrro Gorrio C n n n t v . *:·-. Nn. 4313 ^·OTICE IE MEF.KBY GIVEN, l h a t the linncrsicncd hccn d u l y appointed and qir.ilifiort ar. Administrator of t h e estate if Eli7;ihclli C. Olsnn, Deceased, lato o f Cerro Gordo County. All persons Indebted to MM esliilu arc rcqucslcll to maitc Immediate p n y m e n t : a n d (hose havine c l a i m s .ncainsl ttic same- will present I h f i n . t l n l y n i i t h c n l i r » 1 r 1 . lo Ihc underpinned for a l l n v v a n r n . and file In the office of i n c C i r r i : nl Ihc district Conn THFonnnr A. OI.SON. A d m l n l s l r a t o r , : I- W. S c l i l l l i n c , Attorney. ; Dalcd December H i s t . IfBB. * S. H. MacPeak, Clerk District Court. By--Margaret Rilcy. Deputy. -i

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