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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, October 24, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. Vol. XL No. 30G. Gettysburg, Pa., Friday, October 24th, 1913. Price two Cent*. = ! farmers fiaij | Wexe As Follows | Mrs. P. A. Maisr, Gettysburg, WON THE | "Queen Quality" Shoes for finest display of flowers.- I Clarence B earn, Cashtown, WON THE j "Walk-Over"S ioes for finest l / peck display apples. I Isaiah Rice, Bendersville, WON THE \ "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat as the father whose p sons combined weight was the most. % "Ci*»'l ) f IZlDTC QTAOpi S £lxJ\Clr\ J. O O A w r \ t i '\ OX THE SQUAItE I %iimm:uiiU!iiiiiiuuniHniiuiiiniiiii»iHii»immiw WALTER'S THEATRE^ CATHOLIC CHURCH SCM DOOR'S SCRATCH FATAL! IN LOWER END KILLED IN WEST LETTERS FROM WHILE HUNTING! COUNTY TOWNS | llmjrqyemaats Casting Three Thous : and Dollars Hearing Completion. Will Have Entire Week of Reded - ication. Former Littlcstawn Woman Re. | Epidemic Seems to be Spreading. Seorse H. Getter, of Bermadian, \ Coirespondenfs send in Many Items ceives j The'extensive : -npr \ Francis Xavicr church, to St. Slight Scratch from] Screen Door, Blood Poisoning Oe-j velaps and Death Follows. ] Schools Closed. Many Families; Affected within Short Radius of: Territory. · Killed by a Friend in Accidental j Discharge of his Sun while Hunting Cucks. Blood poisoning, the re-suit of a 1 The diphtheria epidemic in Midway f George II. Better, formerly of Ber- t r l L ^ *-" -Jt. -^-*wi* j^v..-*..----^, -- ; - _ t fl which have slight scratch on her arm caused by a Jand McShc-rrystown is growing, anotn- mudian, this county, was the victim 01 ·~ J r riilitl^ -T-«. · aV- v.-=W=.^*iy ·* i»6^.;- ii»-- * «- . ~ -- ;"- - - - - - - - - - - - - _ - . . . _ . _ · v - J . - - ·» - · = been in orogress for several months, J -^en door, caused the death of Mrs. er case having been reported. -Norman, an unusual hunung acwdent m -- - « i . . _ . - _ . - - - - - - _.- A._ -- 3 ·«_.. r. .,,,,.!! « .,;,-,.,- of Interesting] News' from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief '.terns. YORK SPRINGS York Springs -- The W. C. T. U. will months ?;rcen uoor, causeu i:ie ueaus 01 -virs-j^- -·-·*·- ·--·--·. ·"--· -~i-- ----» arrange- 1 Andrew Palmer, former!v of near Lit- js°n of ^ r - »«d Mrs. Russell Walker, ·ededicaYe! ties-town, in Hanover on Thursday j f^s contracted the disease and the ; are uearing completion and j ments are being made to rededica' the church on Sunday, November 30. ! morning. She died at I Services v.-i!l be held during the entire · oVSvck and was -aged O'J years I week and will include Forty Hours' i month? and 2 days. » · f i r Eeet at me nome of Mrs. TY Hen- i t six I home is quarantined. FEATURE TONIUHT TAXNHAUSER Our fourth if^l ···.ill it: The Sand Hill school was closed on Thursdav to remain closed until Mon- ±*l Thursday "forenoon Mrs. Pai- tia % during which time it will be fu- Uit county. S-'or some ' - ' been living ui Sylvia, from ' Ailaptnl from ih«- ftj«.-ra. Thrvo nils- : Jij/ious Hbeily to Christians 1000 years ; Devotion and the special Jubilee pro- j . . . . 1 claimed in memory of Contantine thejiacr loceived a small cat in her left j msgated. ! Gnat, who v.-as die first to grant re-1 arm by coming in contact with a j Most of tne .-ases deve.oped "· _ - . . . I -·_.. A » r , : y scJiooJ^ taugllt DV -U1SS LOS AXUKLE3. TilK BEAL'TiFt'L VAUDEVILLE :', BIO ACTS Tbaubuli-er P I'kOGEAM Sago. The Baraldi firm of Philadelphia has Illustrated Son;; by Mae DeMar, ''Like a Baby Xevds It? Mother That's How 1; had entire charge of the refrescoing coming in contact witn a i-reen door, arid the injury later re- -a.'. last week, receiving fatal injury dricfcs Tuesday evening, October 28th, from the discharge of a gun belonging j at 7:20. to a companion. He is a .-on of George j Preparatory services will be held in !ettw Sr.. of near East Berlin, and \ the Presbyterian church on next Sat- wa.n -.vkk-iv known in that portion of! '-rday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Commun- ·.... ...m.-.Tv Pnr s.mif. veers he hasj-cn services will be held on Sunday Reno Coiintv ' morning at 10:30. j George \V. Hinies, of Huntington Mr. Detter, who was the manager ,Vownship, was in York Springs on You". GOLDEN aud LE MAR ia their Act. the Itiir thrc-*- p-rfjple nejjro acj.fc that looks like me. L'sinK a Harry K. Thaw's own composition Show Starts 0.45 - ADMISSION - Children £c. Adults COMING WEEK: OF OCTOBER 27th Uos't fail to ird its comaletion and Is :Lenliil-d.Mr. and Mr= Brotni's lrauU«£,auh th- iflsu r u on tov , ard !ts local town bov. ^iecial number t»v Mae LteMar., . . . ._ , r , osition tutitk~--For Sake of Wife and Home'. [nnnsually beautirul. In tne center 01 | the ceiling is a reproduction of Mar- jillo's "Immaculate Conception", 10 fay ] 16 feet, and along the sides of the 1 ceiling are the portraits of the Twelve salted in blood poisoning, which proved fata!. _ _ ,, _ Her maiden name was Miss Eva oil of the auditorium. This work is Waltoiaa, and she was a daughter of LOIE FRANCIS STOCK C O M P A N Y Popular Prices 10-3J-30 cents P H O T'O P L A Y Apostles. Over Sr. Joseph's altar is a icture of St. Joseph and the Christ KALE 11 THE LL'BIN i'H MISTAKE Produced in the picLuresqiii caiists ih*- ijiiwi-ibiiier to aluiid THE PRICE DEMANDED A burslar. -A ho has a Krui'us ajraln.-t a man, KaJein j ! picture Child, and over the altar of the Blessed Virgin Vlie picture of St. Francis Xavier, the patron of the church. Over the sanctuary are pictures of and. in 2. n.-r.untain? of Virginia. A sensational experience | the emblems or the mass n hi=- i!!i'-it still. - " J small semi-circle in tie cc center, a dove fin-Is hint in a They are to i«e married the ne^t day. A-= the price of IiL- not killing the man be demands the girl and the iriri consents, bnt is fijvi-d from hi as. BROXCHO BILLY AND THE SCEOOLM.VAM'3 SWEETHEART Esanay Western Broncho Billy (Gr^tf. ANDKKSON;, is thr sheriff and saves a weakling, who | the sihof'li:*a"am lovts frvm'is Ijnch law hanging-- he had been villlan to take part in a mstlinji bee and had been caught. X Xesrt Tite-^uiy. "Th-' Trapper's Mistake" Pathe two reek. Lubin j reoresenting the Holy Ghost. On eith- buuse with his | er side in the sanctuary itself are Mr. and Mrs. Henry \VaItman, h-Ye of near Litllestown. She is survi\ed by hur husband and four daughters, Mrs. Martin Baublitz and Mrs. Elmer Hull, of York; and Mrs. E. E. Bishop, and Mrs. Claude C. Baughrnan, of Ilan- Edith Follmar. This school has been i of the SyJvia Grain and Supply com- j Saturday for the first time since his ·i OS i-,i for th^ pi«t 21 days. The teach- ; pauy^icrompasiied a party gunning for j leg was broken about ten weeks ago rrrs of the public schools in McSher- ; dui-ks on the of Oct. 14. While j -vh-Je he was moving his blacksmith rystown have been ordered by the'. aftc-r several ducks they had shot on J shop. Board of Health to keep a close j a shallow lake. Mr. Detter and one of | Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bolen motored v.-atch on all the children and these ', his companions stepped out into the | to Philadelphia on Saturday morning: schools will also be closed should any | water on a plank. The plank sank j an1 s - Dent a couple da\-s with their eases develop. j into the mud; and then the- weight J sn - Harry Bolen, and family. The condition in Midway and Cono- [of the two men standing on one end j " r - anc ^ Jlrs. It- B. Trostle, of Harv.-ago township is somewhat alarm- j caused it to tura on its edge, throwing | risburgr, were guests of Earl Miller over"; also, by three brothers. Xathan- n ff- ^ere are now about nine cases of j them into the water. i and family over Sunday. iel V.'altman, of New Chester; Eli V.'alttnan, of Baltimore; William Walt- nian, of Havre de Grace, Md.; and three sisters. Mrs. "William Graybill and Mrs. 3. C. Garber. of Hanover, and Mrs. Abraham Sionesifer, of Dover. Funeral Sunday. Oct. 2G, brief services at the house at 2 p. m., further paintings by Baraldi of the ''Agony in services in St. Paul's Lutheran church, the Garden" and "The Sorrowf u! j Hanover, Rev. W.-1. Redcay officiat- Mother Clinging to the Cross". Both ing. Interment in Mt- Olivet cemetery. dimensions. !jv a ! The walls of the church are being i frescoed in oil. in plain colors with chaste ornamental design. .-----r^. '---i^r^. j The sanctuary Itself is to be tiled. i the present floor being lowered four AUTUMN HUNTING i inches and the tiling raid in cement. The contract has been given to Stok- For new styles in suit? and over-coats has besiiln now, but the man «/o *s fortunaie enough to "ue a patron of The pryles are up-to-t!ie-mmnte_aiui we fi; a.n.1 finish your outfit ia a ma 2 done %vl by Will M. Selligman, Cash Tailor. ley and McNelius, of York. The statuary is all being renewed and the repainted .1 windows damage are to be "ui 1 \\n *\in ! ,, t j your outDt ia a manner I re P f _ at can oniv be done when you have It! T«e improvements and additions · will reach a total of about $3000 and completely change the Interior ap- ipearanee of the church. i here Are many convincing arguments that might be presented as to the superioi sty ^Gf Lippy Made Clotlxes hat we know of none so conclusive as the refined appea^ 11106 o! thi . c ' otne ~ themselves. There is beauty in every line and quality in every stitch and fibre. J. D. Lippy Tailor We have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coula CLOSING UP Anniversary Commission Prepares to Make its Final Report. The meeting of the Gettysburg union Bat'deHeld ~ Commission, Re- held Wednesday evening, was attended by all of the members, including George F. Baer. John P. Green: Col. Schoonmaker, Irv.-In K. Campbell. General William D. Dixon, Colonel E. Bruce Ricketts and Secretary Lewis E. Beitter. The affairs of the commission were gone over preparatory to ;he disease and one death has occurr- i Almost simultaneously the auto- ed since the epidemic began. Grove and imaticgans carried by "'the hunters | daughter, Mary, attended the Farm- The lower gra-; of Conowago i were discharged. The discharge from ej-s ' Da :-' celebration at Gettysburg on » . , 1 . i - t r " 1 - · _ ! _! . . . . - £ · r . T-. . _ . . _ . · . _ _ · . f 52r5 Til "»»·! T' .ownship are tuugh'c at Midway; the 1 the gun of Mr. Detter "s companion, j ntermediate grades are at Sand Hill; entered his leg back of the knee. He the advanced ounils go to Me- | was rushed to a town nearby where it Thus, there may be I was deemed necessary to amputate j i-aturaav. Mrs. Reese Roberts, of Ambler, is the guest of her mother, Mrs. I. W. Trostle. Sherrystown. , , . _ - » - - - , .·hildren from one family attending j his leg at once. The operation was 1 Irs - D - P - Starry and granddaugh- He died from the results, j Ier - illss EIJ:l Slaybaugh. are visiting schools in the three buildings. {performed- It is said that when th school was closed a number I Samuel Slaybaugh two'' Y°-k tn ' s week. and familv at are Midway ', seven hours afier the accident, of these! Mr. Detter left a wife and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Shee'cs spending the week in York. Mr. and Mrs. William Slonaker, of E:n!gs'.-il!e. were circulating among Mrs. James' t " eJr friends in this section several children at once began going to Sand I children. He was born March 21, 18 i Hill. The question has also been rais-jand left for the West in 1SS4. ad whether-these school bti:'d:n:f3 vrcrc j-- oropertly fumigated before being j EAST BERLIN" jpened this Fall. It will be recalled .hat there were several cases of diph- -heria in that section last Spring before 'the close of the school term. Those III with the disease are as East Berlin--Mr. and Jacobs and son, Ralph, of York, visit- ! lLl - vs recencl y- ed his parents. Daniel Jacobs and j wife, on Sunday- Mr, and Mrs. Harry Emig. of Le-j HAMPTON Hampton--Mrs. Augustus Deatrick follows, all of whom are reported as i moyne. visited friends in town over'. an ^ daughter. Wilkes-Barre, and Cur- doing nicely: Eegina Bunty, daughter Sunday. j tis Deatrick spent Tuesday afternoon. if George Bunty; Stella Weaver.- Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hartman. of, at the home of Hayden Deatrick. daughter of Henry Weaver; Marguer- j Hanover, visited her parents. Mr. and j Samuel Sipe and wife, who worked a't, Hanover, have returned and will te Becker, daughter of James Becker: Gladys Becker, daughter of Eman- j Mrs. John Butt. Sundav. ing up business and the commission is getting ready to make- its final reporu Every bill that has been presented has been paid. An interesting fact is that manv letters have been received FAIRFIELD Fairfield--Maurice E. Shaffer, one of the progressive farmers of Hamil-! from military authorities in Europe tonban township, has put a brand new skin S for information as to ho? . v^uv;, ^ C ^ CI , ^ US!ltcl ^ ^^-, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Leib. of New spend the winter here, uel Becker: Sterling Bair. son of John ' Oxford, attended Communion Sunday · - H. Xace and family, Hanover, Bair: Marie Kenigan and Anna May j and took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. U. j Sandayed ac the home of F. A. Kraber. i-?-! L. Glatfelter. i Guy Albright returned home Sun- he had been engine manu- , daughters of Andrew Kerri- | gan. and Alvin Groft. daughter of Jharles Groft. All the cases are wlchin a radius of a mile. _ _ Hill .iiimfllT All the new designs in Congress Cards Myers force pamp in his well- Mrs. H. S. Reindollar and son, John, are spending some time in Chambers- jburg-_Mr = Reindollar _was_ an _over ! Sunday visitor ar tne same place. | Mrs. Trout has a fine lot of chrys- [anthemums in her garden. H. P. Bigham and wife, of Greenmount, spen'c Thursday in this place. Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham attended the funeral of their sister- in-law. Mrs. R- B. Cunningham, at McConnellsbarg on "Wednesday. Miss Grace Sanders, of Big Pool Md- spent this iveek among relatives in this community. A water system is being installed in the new Catholic Rectory. i With big stock of Bicycle and Steamboat Cards, Tally and Score \ Pads, cards, counters etc. Everything you need in the games at our store. phone or Write. No delivery charges, People's Drug Store great assemblage of oO,000 old iers were transported, fed and the soM- cared for. it being regarded abroad as a most remarkable feat- Congratulatory letters or. the success of 'die reunion have also been received from veterans ail over the country on the wonderful success of the great reunion. S1000 MINIMUM \Youid Assure Pastors of a Reasonable Annual Salary. NUTS ALL RIGHT Chestnut Blight Does not Poison Xuts, Dr. Surface Says. PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER j being injurious; HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For SLOP ] Reports from various parts of the State that chestnuts from trees affected by the chestna^ biight disease are proving poisonous, have been heard but at the division of economic zoology, State Department of Agriculture, no credence was given to them. Economic Zoologist H. A. Surface laughed when asked whether it were possible that persons eating chesVnuts from diseased trees could be poisoned. '·There is no more chance of chestnuts being poisonous,"' he ·'than pears from blighted pear sucn said, trees QLDFASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY | Almond Taffy, 40 cents Ib., Bntternnt Taffy, 50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy,;:0 j ^ents lb., P«-annt Brittle,. 10 cents lb.. Ice Cream Taffies, 10 ccnis lb.--Fresh j Daily at. MARRIED IN THE WEST A. II. Keckler, Formerly of Adams County. Married in Idaho. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN ] Announcement has been made of !the marriage of A. H. Keckler, of r | Mesa, Idaho, to Miss Bertha S. Brown, i of Indian Valley, Idaho. The wedding Sep- At the sessions of the JIarvland Lutheran synod in Hagerstown a committee was appointed to consider the recommendation of the General Svnod for the adoption of plans to make the minimum salary of pastors S1000- The report of the trustees of the Orphans Home. I.-oj-sville. announced ins gift of §10,000 by two brother?. Luther T. Sharretts and Edwin H. Sharr- Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gulden, of 'dcy from Erie, where I Thomasville. visited here Sunday. j employed In a large Paul Gise. of York. Sundayed his parents here. Mrs. Margie Grabill. Harrisburg, is ' after spending a few AlILLER-- GLATFELTER with Young Local Physician Weds Glatfelter in Baltinjore. Miss Dr. Edgar A. Miller, son of Mr. arm Mrs. S. Milev Miller, of Baltimore visiting her parents. Mrs. Kauffman- Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd daughter, of Dillsburg, with Mrs. Bentz" parents. factory. Miss Annie Miller returned home at the Postmaster and home of Mr. and Mrs. Treiber. j Mrs. P. H. Slagie. Hugh Hantz, Bentz and - vjr s- Hayden Dea'crick, Annie Miller. Sundavcd , William Decker and wife, Peter Bos- Mr, and serrean and family attended love feast Mrs. A. M. Zeigler, iiear town. - {a^Latinioreon Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Schaffer. | street, and Miss Winifred Glatfelter. j Abilene. Kansas. and Mrs. Sara j .^BBOTTSTOWN f East Berlin, were married on i Scherich. Mechanicsburg. visited How- i Abbottstown--Mr and Airs M G Thursday at Sc. Pani's Reformed j artl Crisweil and family and other' Xagle spent several days this week :hurch. Baltimore, by Rev. Lloyd E. j friends in town last week. T%vo at Joblentz. pastor. 1 in{ j wife, York, visited Dr. Miller is s. graduate of Getrys- j place recentlv. '»urg College and the Medical Depart-! ncnt cf Johns Hopkins University- He j L A.ST recently completed his service as in- j ieme pi St. Francis Hospital, Pitts- · M(. St. Mary's to Play on Nixon Field burgh, and will open an office in the j Saturday Afternoon. | brother. Irvin. and familv in York. Buehler bunding on Chambersburg, ] £ H Berkheiiner . who was a m . Ureet, about November first. J The ,as. home ^mc 01 ine sea,on . ^ at tfae York suffe ri n g jwiii be nlaved on .Nixon Field on Sat-- , . , * . i . ' - " - . - vv.tii a brotcen leg ana T. W. Leas' visiting friends at Littlestown, the same _ Taverns and Gettysburg. j Mrs. Michael Hoke, daughter Ella, -ar.d grand-daughter. Grace. York GAME | Springs, were the guests this week of 1 Mr. and Mrs. G- M. Freed and family. Miss Rosie Miller Is visiting her RELE \SED etts. Keymar, for the rebuilding of the j rested on the charge of being impli- printing plant as part of the Industrial equipment of the home. $10.000 FOR FARM Three Men Purchase 'W right Farm near Bendersville. A. J. Wellington, George March and Amos Griest, of Baltimore, have par- chased the farm of A. S. Wright, about a mile north of Bendersville, on the Laurel road for §10,000. The farm New contains one hundred and twenty-five) acres. It will be planted entirelv in fruit trees and will be known as the Hill Crest Orchards. j urday a'c 2:30. Those oiu rivais from : E.T.mitsburg, the boys of Mt. St_ Man. Accused in Assault Case. Estab- j Mary's, will be the attraction. They are coming with one of the strongest In their history. A good came i? During the afternoon a pig is 10 be held. Ad-rjisslon f.ftv lishes an Alibi. Samuel Minnebraker. who was ar- j 3 cated in the assault on James Del^ney. j j Cn ts.--advertisement ibs umbrella mender, who died in the Hagerstown jail as the result of wounds, caused by faeir.g struck in the .'cad. was released as there was no evidence to hold 'the man. Minnebraker proved that on the night of the sault he did not leave the of his father in Hagcrstown. as- OPEN NEW SCHOOL School Building Finished Work is Started. and WANTED: load of hay and load of straw. Times Office.--advertisement 1 ! DOXT forget H. B. Bender's public sale of household goods in front of ., i the Court House, Thursday afternoon, REALTY REPORT FOlTs ^LE---1'24 acre farm in Liberty township, located near mill,school, | took place at Boise City, Idaho, blacksmith shop. This is excellent fruit land and is very productive, it is jteir.ber 23d. Mr. Keckler was formerly . granite soil there Is IS acres of oak timber and some locust, the farm is - Gettvsbursr October 30th.--advertisement well fenced' There is a fine 1 room stonejiouse with kitchen and wash | ·» fa " house a bank barn 72 x 44 feet, new wagon snea anc\other necessary build- j ino-c Vimninsr water piped to all buildings iiiu well in the summer house. The i FOR SALE: mule colt, three months Bel1 Luther Cashman, ings, running water piped price ^or this farm is only $4oOO. s um. jjc»« ^ uv/uc, ^uuici ^..1=11411.1 We have desirable homes listel for sale located on Chambersburg, West R t 7 Gettysburg.--advertisement Middle, Springs Avenue, Buford, York, Baltimore, Hanover, Carlisle, North * s Washington, Stratton Streets, also very desirable building lots in different parts of town. Come in and let us go over our list with you, if we do no'fc . have the house to suit you we will not try to sell you something in which you are not-interested. |[UNK ^ PECKMAN, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Penna. GETTYSBURG Department Store wan'ts lard; 12% and 13 cents a pound.--advertisement 1 CIDER Orrtanna ment for sale. Canning 6 cents gallon. Co.--advcrtise- 1 FURNITURE sale Saturday, on the Square, Cias. S. Mumper and Co.--advertisement 1 The new school building at Locust Grove. Menallen Township, has been completed. TheVch'ool opened Wednesday, October 22. for the winter term, with Miss Eva Cook as 'teacher of the grammar grades and Miss Edith Peters as .primary teacher. a broken leg and arm. was brought here this week and is staying at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrc. H. X. Berkheimer. The fractured limi'r- are giving him very little trouble now. The proceeds of the suppers held by ( ».he ladies of the Reformed congregation Friday and Saturday evenings I amounted to §70. The rainy condition ;of the weather materially affected the Asking business or the proceeds would hax-e ;,een greater. i John Nanemaker. wife, daughter movements throughout]and mother, Baltimore, Mr. and Mrs. to have substantial Amos Kuhn. New Oxford, were the FOR GOOD ROADS Department Issues Notices Help for Good Highways- roads j the country are support of the Post Office Department-' guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelias Shue, First Assistant Postmaster General Sundav. Roper has notified officially postmas- j Humphrey C. Deibert. will give a ters of ail classes Yhat "it as the «ie- ' rehearsal here In the school house.-.ire of the department that they co-' Fdday evening. He comes \vell rc-com- "peraie with stale and county author- r-endcd and the people are assured a ities in the endeavor to improve the literary treat. v.-ondY;,ion of the public roads." i TWO EXCURSIONS j H. D. Bender win have public sale of ' i household goods in front of the Court Ball Games in Nearby, House. Thursday afternoon. October Towns. l:;0ih.--advertisemenc 1 NOTICE: due to being overstocked with apples we will be unable to buy- any more this week at either the Biglerville or Gardner's plants. Will start baying again Monday, Octobei- 27th. Mussel man ment Canning Co.--advertise- 1 A good sewing machine wagon at Mumper's sale Saturday.--advertisement 1 DUO Foot FOR RENT: suite of rooms on Baltimore street. Apply at Times Office.-advertisement 1 Excursions will be run to Carlisle" and Harrisburg on November 1 and In.' respectively, for the Gettysburg-Dick-, inaon and Gettysfaurg-Bucknell footj hall games. Bo'Ji will leave here at! 8:30 a. m. Returning the Carlisle ex- j FOR SALE: five 10 ° P ouml cursion will leave at 7:30 and the nine P 1 ^ M3C w ' eeks old - Albert Hol- Harrisbuix excursion at 10:SO. i linger.--advertisement 1 COPPER kettles: two copper kettles will be sold at Mumper's second hand sale on Saturday.--advertisement 1 A lot of slightly used bed springs at Mumper's sale Saturday.--advertisement 1 JEWS PA PER I NF/WSPAPFEJ

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