The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 21, 1933 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

3FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 21 1933 LIVERMORE SAFE AT HOME AGAIN Returns After Absence of 24 Hours; Says His Mind Was "Blank." NEW YORK, Dec. 21. /P--Jesse I/. Livermore, prominent Wall street 'operator whose disappearance led to fears he bad been kidnaped, Is safe at home again after an absence of a little more than 21 hours. He awoke in a mom in a midtown hotel yesterday afternoon, saw a newspaper which told of the search being made for him, and immediately took a taxieab home. Says mind Was Blank. There he told police and department of justice agents that he had been "with friends." Later police reported Livermore told them that from the time he had left his office around 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon until he awoke in the hotel "his mind had been a blank." His disappearance, however, was etill something of a mystery. Livemore appeared pale and distraught ·when he reached home, and a short time later he waa said to have gone to bed. The stock operator, once called "the boy plunger," was last Been Tuesday afternoon leaving his office in the downtown quarters of Pearl and company, stock brokers through ·whom Livermore has been doing 1 his trading. Employes of the brokerage firm said Livermore appeared to be acting "a littie strangely." Vfa.3 Not Registered. A taxi driver told police ha had driven Livermore from his home to his office Tuesday afternoon and that on the way his passenger had doubled up with an attack of nausea. The driver said he offered help, but Livermore declined it and ·when they got to his office dis- anissed the driver. . At the hotel where Liivermore said lie awoke, it was said there was ao record of hia having registered there Tuesday night or yesterday. The room whose number was given out by police was said by hotel at- tenants to be occupied by a per- toanent guest. A physician who arrived at the Livermore home a short time after the trader's return said he was in good health and satisfactory condition. HOUSE TO TAKE UP LIQUOR ACTS (Continued From Page J) Bales of wines and liquors, institute proceedings against offenders, have authority to issue, refuse, cancel or revoke licenses, to prescribe uniform, accounting system and establish wholesale and retail prices. .._f\J..-" ; "jicenses Prohibited. Licenses would be prohibited to person^ convicted of a felony, to persons' under 2l years of age, those not citizens of the United States. After, revocation no license could be issued the person for two years. Applicants for licenses would have to establish character witnesses. Distillers would be required to post a .$5,000 bond and retailers a $1,000 bond. AH licenses would expire on Dec. 31 of each.year. ,Four classes of licenses are provided, distillers, wholesalers, dealers and retailers. The distillers or wholesalers annual license fee would be 51,000. For dealers in cities of 15,000 or over $300, under 15,000, $100; for retailers in cities of 15,000 or over ¥150 and in less than 15,000, · $50. Dinimj car and sleeping car company permits would be 5150 with ?2 for each duplicate. Definition of Denier. A dealer is defined as one who eells winea and liquors at retal' while sales under a retailer license would he limited to wines and liquors of less than 14 per cent alcohol by volume. In addition to the annual license fee there would be imposed a. stat tax of $1 for liquors sold at whole sale and 25 cents a gallon for wines Liquors and wines containing more than It per cent alcohol b; volume could not be sold for con sumption on premises. Licenses could only be granted persons with in municipalities. Sale by the drinl .would be confined to hotels, res 'taurants, clubs and dining cars ani sold only in connection with reg ular meals, No store could bo establish? within 150 feet of a church o school. No Sunday Sales. Sales could not bo made on Sun days, holidays or election daya an stores would be open from 8 a. m to 9 p. m. Individual permits for purchaa would be issued by the board an each purchase would bo entere upon the permit. The permit fe -would be ?1 and the permit woul lie good for two years. Special permits may be issued t pharmacists, ministers and hos pitals. · All permit fees would accrue to the general revenue fund of the state and the license fees and taxes would be distributed one-half to the general fund and the balance would be allocated by the board each month to the various municipalities 5n proportion to the amount of license fees and taxes collected In such municipalities during the preceding month. Imprisonment and fines or both are provided in cases of violations. Visiting With Parents. JIANLY--Robert Schwartz is spending the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schwartz. Robert Is a student at State Teachers' college at Cedar Falls. First thing anybody knows, the man who doesn't like to work will ba forced to think up some new excuses.-- Indianapolis Now*. Will Rogers Says-- BEVERLY HILLS, Dec. 20.-Just had a long talk with a mighty well informed man, Mr. Hutchlnson, Fox Film company's man in London. Said the English just stocked up on our securities during all these low' prices. There is a real weather vane. There is nothing with his feet on the ground (and as much of 'em) as an. old conservative Englishman. He sees further than our rich men. That's why they are coming out of their mess ahead of us. Another thing, too, the fellow sitting off looking at you, can tell better how you are doing, and what your prospects are than you can yourself. Hutchinson said England looks on us aa a bad boy, who has been out on a toot, but will sober up, change some of his ways, and be a better boy for It. Yours, WILL. (Coprricbt, 1933, McXaosht Syndicate) STATE RESTS IN MANNING TRIAL (Continued From Page 1) t for the city's 1932-33 fiscal year, and then returned in October to uake a further examination. He testified he did not know whether the city of Ottumwa was sing charged for the second audit, which covered expenditures in 1931 and gome in 1933. He admitted jowever it was customary for the state to charge back to the city or such audits. MCCord said he made no written report of hia sec ond audit. Took Some Warrants. He admitted also that he had :aken some claims and warrants 'rom the city hall. He took them to prosecutor Jo Jaques' office, llc- Cord said. McCord denied that he had talked o anyone in Ottumwa other than "aques and city officials regarding his audits. McCord said that the papers he ook from city hall and turned over o Attorney Jaquea concerned gas- line bills paid by the city, which he state claims were for gasoline sed for private purposes by city fficials. The agreement to admit evidence n the Manning case for trials of Commissioners Disbrow and Davi?s, Iso charged with corruption, mal- dmln[stration and misconduct, stip- lated that additional evidence may e introduced if desired. Gas Bill for $600. A bill and warrant paid by the ity for ?800 worth oE gasoline was he last exhibit introduced -before djournment.-. McC6rd_ : liad testified bat he saw the bill during one of .examinations of' city fiall rec- rds, but that later he was unable o find It. Mayor Manning sent to ity hall, and the exhibit was intro- uced to complete the state's prea- ntation. Miss Bayou Long, secretary to lounty Attorney Ed Grier, ideotl- led lists of gasoline books pur- hased by the city. Charles E. Millr, Albla attorney, waa called by tho defense to testify that a call to rim from Mayor Manning April IT, 933, concerned the manner Of handling 3.2 beer licenses. Miller was ailed by the defense although the state had not then completed Its case, because the attorney happened o be at the courthouse on another matter.. TelJs of Free Phones. E. E. England, for 25 years manager of the local telephone company, was called to the stand SJ court opened this morning to ex plain an agreement with the city to provide 12 free telephones and ad- Jltional telephones at 50 per cent of the regular charge as needed. England also identified bills offered In evidence by the state. Defense Attorney Merrill C. Gil more made England a defense witness when Prosecutor Joe R. Jaques objected to cross examination. England asserted that Mayor Manning's phone had been charged to the city and that such a practice had been followed in previous administrations. The telephone company insisted some years ago, he said, that half- rate phone bills ba paid by the city. A city attorney had advised, England said, that if the bills were paid personally by the city officials the company would bo open to charges of bribing the city officials. Frances Benowitz, 15 Dies Suddenly; Body Taken to Minneapolis Francos Benowitz, 16, daughter o: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Benowitz, 303 Taylor avenue southwest, died sud denly Wednesday afternoon from nervous exhaustion. The body was taken immediately to Minneapolis She is survived by her parents arn" two brothers, Isador and Alvin, an two sisters, Mildred and Beatrice She attended the local high schoo and was in her aophomore year. Henry Dickens, Son of Novelist, Die LONDON, Dec. 21. CT)--Sir Henrj Dickens, 85, son of the novells Charles Dickens, died today from in juries received several days ag when he waa hit by a motorcycle o the Chelsea, embankment. STUDY FORMING OF IOWA COUNCIL Vould Co-Ordinate Recovery Agencies of State Under One Head. DES MOINES, Dec. 21. /B--Pre- minary steps toward the formation f a national emergency council for owa were being considered here oday. The council, under plans an- ounced several days ago by Fresi- ent Roosevelt and Gen. Hugh S. ohnson would co-ordinate all recov- ry agencies in the state under one dvisory board. As work of the in- ividual agencies progressed, the oard would confer with agency au- iorities on matters of policy and lao, as a matter of public informa- ion, moke available facts and fig- res on recovery accomplishments. Mentioned prominently for the iead of the council was John J. Hughes of Des Moines, who has been ctive in the formation of the state IRA board. Hughes has received rom Washington suggested plans or the council organization and is tudying them in the light of his xperience with the NRA group. The council would include repre- entatives from the NBA, PWA, 2WA, CWS, and other groups in- luding the relief administration. Its director would be known as the tate director for the National Emergency Council for Iowa. All suggested plans are, at pres- ;nt, tentative, Hughes pointed out, and 1 subject to revision at national headquarters before the Iowa organization is accomplished. Capt. Francis Jeffery Dickens another son of the novelist, is burlei in Riverside cemetery, Moline, III Capt. Dickens died in Moline, Jun 11, 1866, while a guest of Dr. W. A Jftmicson. -owell Declines to Accept Appointment to Film Code Board WASHINGTON, Dec. 21. /B--Dr. Lawrence Lowell, president meritus of Harvard, has written o Hugh S. Johnson declining ap- ointment as a presidential member t the motion picture industry code uthority under NRA. Johnson in eply explained in full details the pportunities which he believed ex- sted for constructive work in the Dost, urging Lowell to change his mind. ·IGHT ON SALES TAX IS RENEWED (Continued From rase ]) measure which has the support of he Farm Bureau. Sales Tax Retained. Consideration of the proposed amendment was the second task for he retail sales tax principle as the enate earlier in the week rejected by a vote o£ 38 to 11 an amendmeut vhich would have stricken the tax rom S. F. l. The rates of the proposed amendment varied .from U of 1 per cent ip to 1 per cent on various trans- .ctlons and from % of 1 per cent ip to 2 per cent on gross Income of eta II sales. The rates proposed were as folows: Bates Proposed. One-fourth of 1 per cent on gross ecelpts of manufacturing, wholesaling, jobbing', farming and aim,ar transactions; ^ of 1 per cent n gross income o f . wages'or salaries;-H -ot-J. per fieri t on fees, In- ereat.ydiviclends, etc.; % .of. 1 per ant oo: rents, royalties, or dis- ounts; 1 per cent on gross income f amusements; 1 per cent on rross ncome of common cartlerfi and ublic utilities. The retail sales lax proposed in he amendment was graduated from of 1 per cent on. the first $50,00 up to 2 per cent on any sum in xcess of $300,000. It would step upward at the rate of 4 of 1 per ent for each $50,000 over tho first ioO.OOO. KIWANIS ADDS TO CHRISTMAS FUND (Continued From Fage 1) ·loines will provide the music for the armory dance and'.the Lloyd Wills 7 piece orchestra from Northwood will donate its services for the dance on the new Denison club- jouse floor. This organization plays joth modern and oldtime-pieces hut :his dance Is to feature quadrilles and other steps popular In other days. Admission price of 25 cents 3 announced for the oldtime dance The Klipto Looseleaf company has donated tickets for the Denison dance. Toys for Chrisfanas Baskets. The St. Jamea Lutheran group's play, with report complete, shows net profit for the fund of $71.10. Toys received at tho sixth annua narties of two Y. M. C. A. organiza- .ions will be contributed to the Christmas Cheer cause for inclusion n the baskets to be delivered in the needy homes of the community under the direction of Mrs. Mabel Slaise, secretary of the Social Welfare league. The Friendly Indians, age 8 lo '/i years, will meet at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon and the Plo neefs, older boys, will get together at 1 o'clock in the evening. Movies a Christmas talk and a swim wll be featured on the program. Whili there is no requirement of it, mos! of the boys bring a toy, according to Evron Karges, boys' work secra tary. A can of vegetables will be a accentable. he said. G.-G. Employes Contributing. As In previous years, a solicita tion of funds for the Chrlstma Cheer Fund is under way In a nura ber of plants and offices. The sev eral departments of the Globe-Ga zette office, stirred perhaps by th example of the carrier boys wh gave a dime apiece, were exertlnf themselves Thursday to pile up total comparable with the contribu tion of other years. Reports from the schools wher solicitations have been under wa were expected Friday afternoon o Saturday. The fund will not b closed until noon of Christmas da but it Is hoped that in all case where It is practicable, the dona tlons may be announced in advanc of Monday. Send or bring your contribution to the Globe-Gazette office. Onl two more days for giving, pleas remember! Child Is Burned to Death at Iowa City IOWA CITY, Dec. 21. OP)--Patsy cydel, 5, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seydel of Iowa City died t the University hospital from urns suffered when her clothing aught fire from a fireplace beside 'hich she was playing. IN THE RADIO WORLD THURSDAY, DEC. 3t (Central SianonrcJ Tlnie) Note: All proerams lo key anil basic lalns or groups thereof unless specified; ajt to coast (o to c) designation Includes 11 available stations. Programs subject to change, v, 3f. NDC-WEAK NETVOnsi flag wcsh wii wilt wrbr wrc WEJ w b t n ,-las wcsh. wit wilt wfbr wrc wey when rcas wtam wwj w«al; aUdREit: ksd wmaq ·cfl wou-Mrho wow wdaf wJibt rORTHIVEST AND CANADIAN--wto) 'Iba katp webc wday Hfyr crct cfcl OUTH--wrva w-ptf wwnc via wjas wfia- ·sun wlod warn wmc wsb wapl wjdx wamb r .-° wlty w!nil wbai1 kpr ° woal lltba klh3 -V--Koa, hdyl kglr kghi COAST--kso kfl fcsw Homo kbg. htsr 5:30-- John B. Kennedy-5:45 -- Slzzlers Mal« TrJo -- b G:00 -- Mountaineers -- only. 6:15--Billy Bachelor's Sketch. 0:30--Luiu and Abaer-- eaet only. ":1S--The Goldbergs, Serial Act. .:00--Hutly Value's Hour--c to c. 8:00--The showboat Hour--also c. 9:00--Whltemah'a show--c to c 3:00--Viola Phllo. songs-- baalc. 0:10--Meroff Orcli.--east: Lum and Ab- ner--midwest repeat. 0:30--Enric Madrfsuera Orch. ':00--Ha'pli Klrbery, Baritone. :05--Cab Calloway'a Orcli. :30--Jack Denny and Orch. 0'BS-ir.tIK! KETIVOBK ASIC--fcast: waba ivadc woko wcao waan nac wgr wkbw wkrq wlik cklw wdro wcau Ip wjas wean WTb] wspd wjav; Midwest: born wfbtn Itinbc kmox wowo whas AST AND CANADA--wpg whp wlbwaco Ibz wfea -wore wlcc cfrb cksr; IXEE--wg«t wara wore waam waod uira rco wlao wdeu wtoo krld wrr ktrh ktaa aco koms wdbo wodx wot wilae \vbls wtar dbj wwva Vfmbg wsjs IbWEST--wcali wgt vrjnt wmbd wtan wlsq 1bw klh kfab wKon Wcco want OUNTAIN--kvor Uli koh ksl OAST--kh] koln lisb MIC hoi Wpy avl Ibk limj kwe kern kdb ligmb -LtUlo Italy, SKeicti--east; stamp Adventures-- mldwtjt rpt. 8:00--Msrt and Marge--ease only: Loula Panlco Orch.--nildft-est. ·Jufit Plain- BUI--cazt; Panlco Orch. --nilrlwbsL 6:30-- Mildred Salley--basic; Buck Rogers ~mldwest repeat, -ioake carter, Talk--basic; Between the EooXends--west. .':oo--Elmer Everett Yess, Skit. 7:15--Edw/n C. Hill--naclc; Jones' Pup-7:30--Voice' or America--basic; Clyde Lu- C.IB Orch--midwest. !:00--Stokowakl Orch also c. 8:15--Alexander Wool'cotl--to c. 8:45--K6st«!anet3 Orch.--c to e. J:oO--Qlen Gray Orch.--c to c. 9:30--CBS Broadcast-- c to c. 0:15--The Harlem Serenade--basic; Myrl and Marge--west rpt. 0:15---Phil Regan, Tenor--to c. 0:30--Iflham Jones Orcli.--baalc. 1:00--Ortle N'flhnn and Herble Kay Orch --o to c. 1:30--Abe. Lyman Orch.--c to c. 2:00--Dance Hour--wobc only. NBMVOrz NETWOBK BASIC--Eaat: wj3 wbi-wba| wham Kdka vsar w-Jr wlw wsyr wmal; .Mldtrcttl wcky yw wenr wls liwk kwcr koll WTBO wman "" wkbt ITHWEST AND !ANAD1.\H--wtm] TMlba ...r webc wday icryr crot ctef SOUTH~wrva wptf wwno wla wj« w!l». ^aun wiod wstn wmc wsb wapl wjdx warab kvoo why wcta wbap upro woal ktba Ulna itoUXTAIK--koa kdyi iisir kihi ?AIIFIO COAST--kso kll kgw komo ulia KJsd Klar 5:30--Krancea r.angford. Bon^s--east; Slnytng Lady--repeat to WRII. EM5--Lowell Thomas--east; Orphan Annie --repeat to midwest. 6:00--Amos 'n 1 Andy-- east only. 0:15--Three Musketeers--east. 6:30--Cyrenna van Gordon--eaat. 6:45--Concert Footlights--to c. 7:00-- Stories of the Sea--eaat. 7:30--Health Adventurea. Talk. S:00--Death Valley nayc. Pta;. S:30--Wayn« KlnJ'i Orel!. 9:00--Hands Acroso the Border. 3:30--Schwab concert Organ. 10:00--The Three Scamps--cast; Amoa Andy--repeal for west. 10:15--The Poet Prince--alto c. 10:30--XVtlllam Scottl and Orch. 11:00-- Oeorso Olssn's Orch. 11:30--Danclnj In Twin Cities. 1VOI--AMES (Frtdar) 7 a. m.--Italina and Iowa Items. 7:30 a. m--Music shop and Radio BocX Club. 0 a. m.--"A Nice Long Evening," Ruth Galvln. 10 n. m.--HomrmakerB, Mrs. Henry Wesj 11 a. m.--"Illustrations and Advertising,' Dr. H. aasklll. 32:15 p. m.--Midwest Market Summary. 13:45 p. m--"Son Eroalon Control," Or. P. E. Brown. 1 p. m.--Scanning the News, T. F. Crocker. p. m.-- "The Greatest Cjlfu," Dr. H. C. Payne. :30 p. m.--American I.eglon Auslllary. STARG ON FOODS .ABOVE PA R. ABOUT THEM RADIO TUBES TESTED FREE AT OUR STORE URDNOW SUPER SERVICE Tho first real advances In clec- Irio refrigeration (or tho dome. VANCE MUSIC CO. EVERYTHING IN MUSIC 131 North Federal Phono "JUS Christmas Gif tsForAll NUDIIU n.Jor DUSTING POWDER 394 Antique Ivor9TOILET SET H-* HOUIGANTToiUtS?t...$ Evening in Paris BATH SET. .4|.t0 DOLL TMCTll.- MECHANICAL AUTOMOBILE PERFUME 25 D E B U T A N T E ^ f STATIONERY STATIOHIRY 504 li^W C HORSE WAGON TWO TOY f« CAP GUNS "-" %· LEATHER. .HOLSTER KARCSSl FIANCEE ! W I I CIGARS Boxof50 BILLFOLD Genome Leather EbonyBock HAIRBRUSH *»·. 50* TOBACCO POUCH wrfh Zipper.. 274 GiftBoxGOlFBAUSl . .$1.98 PHYLLIS CAROL HARDCANDY WILUAMS HOLIDAY SET ? 98* FAWOf ChouMtu Sib. CAN POUND HUMIDORS Xmas Cartons RALE16H 95$ VELVET 95$ PrinccAHx-rl 934 Union Leader 69£ CATCHER 661 (.RANGER 7Z4 CHOCOLATE, COVERED CHERRIES POUND BASKET OF 5gj CHOCOLATES SMOKES AT .CUT YARDLET.5 MEN SET SHAVING CREAMl I TALC,LOTION' Lot/off ·.HEN-SET I RAZOR STROiPPCR I MEN SET HEN SET

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