The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 23, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1913
Page 6
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, is £ · u ,, J-SJ---. -· - !8 ABE HELD FOR PFT1SUOUIS er Formar lap and 23 Off ice-j liolders toog Tim " I DUE .eOUHGIUttil CONFESSES \ Mrs. Parrkhurst Poses For Picture !n .rs. Eslmonfs Home. 3U t kxe you y/cnld cs satisfied, $ that you were getting ;rGiir money's tvorth* kncii} that raid £t well feel well and look" Then come and 1st-us sho'r-r 5 shoe, and at ths same time she guarantee that goes ^-iib shoes bearing ae WG; the 1OV7 VOU S5S leaves no ecu or. nave Tnc; children in Tn ny c-ever styles. Raymond Myers £: Se!z Rov~al ue 57 Store They Are Charged With Conspiracy to t Defraud the City "of Thousands o f . Doi'ars. ; i Si. Louis, Oct. 23. -- Indictments agalusE most of the members oi the' i St, Louis city administration, which i i v. em out of oSce last spring, were re- j · turned by the grand 3-ary that has *! !.eeu Investigating Eaauicipal- irregular-1 I Tv.-en*y-eight persons were indictea,; · ine-iuding twenty-four former city oS- j I cials. AECGE-J these indlcieJ vrere: j ] Charles S. I-ambert, former mayor; j ; li. Fr^d Gerold. forme? city treasurer,} I aiid fourteen of the sixteen members; 01 the city council of 1912. "William li. fiodeuberger, former city 1 ccinptrolier, and Jolsu J. Faulkner. I practically same charges, except as to case.. Lester J. Grigsby, are=eat chief of ; 3 1S".Z. by Aaj«rr*taa Press Association. i£-«. E!..:3v!.'.o 5'a:kh«:rsr, the Eiss^isb .Ki'.i.ii:! Ic-l^t-r. . -:: .ittcJ to the L'mte-I f,--. .,;-·,- .!.:._· h"rr ca^* to aatsior- _WOMAN FIGHTS RESCUERS Insane Mother Tries'to Drown -ChTl-' drcn and Herself. Crisfield, Md^ Oct. 2'J.--Mrs. Harrison took her two children, a girl of seven, years, and a boy two years old, for a walk. i She walked down to the river front ' and threw the smaller child overbcartL | The child came to the surface o'f the i water aad the insane mother Cashed its head under the water again, when Alexander Gerald, who resides near j the scene, -saw- tise woman's act and i rushed to the rescue of the child, i A battle between Gerald and the insane, mother followed. Finally G«ra!d succeeded-- in~g?iCing the child OKI of jis,^" water! ^lie^jlti/e^ one. was uacoa- sc'lo'i? anti.'^as*tne' than ariempted to "revive it'the ·crazed"" wbmaa threw her other cSild Sato tie?~river. AYSih an unconscious child In one arm; Gerald again jumped into the water and managed to rescue the other child. The mother thea jumped - iuto the river in an attempt to take her owa life, but was prevented from doing so by another man who had been attracted to the scene. Doetors examined " Mrs. Harrison and pronounced her insane! !"HOM£ RUN" BAKER MAY QUIT BASE BALL Lester J. urigsay, oreseai. m-c. ^- , g _ ( _^ _ , _ .,;-,·.-^'..-.-- !rr cot* to autr.or ! cetectlvss, charged in one iuilictiaeat j-/^ at \v.^h.'-'^"K. sr«?»i «·« 3r»t MSS- s -with hav-r-sj committed burglary and ! J,"A t?-!s ·=!!" of i«- *«» at th«r home o | larceny, and i C two indictment, w:th _ M«. o. »[, r^^J^^^r !^ j caving been a party to ise * i - JV ''"- J ' cJ^ s ^ A:..eivs. TS is picture was takes i TT-L_ T t ir ov.,-.,-- »-.-~2-£srsr srsolt"*l _ . e QPTQ O t l O . . Dr. Lemuel B. Short, preseaz health ec:ain! §10^.000 conspiracy. ; Daniel C. vraersch, former superm-S- tcndenr. of streets. $IOOJ.'.0 conspiracy, s N N j ! g| Oliers iad'cied ^re John Edaiosura. y»« « *» J riaoy Is -- - o: streets; SeE.-='-;'.s For Swedish Pot- j j o hn D. Young, former de?u:y buildins , terv These C^ys. * _ . coaim:ss:oner; Ciatis z~ Tietoc. ?res- 1 TaL-Ie chir.:s :"-·:· Jiifliirea is often to] eat alflerrsan and forrssr cbairnian of : L.e ii?.u I".IS:I:OL:-J in cvid forms. Such'tbe council c-UIms coinniittee; JoUa | "n -- fiC* :·? :' i' "i: t-; vellov.- china V.'. Gavin, loncer aldermaa and the : ;:;;..;;-;:X, 1 ; ... :( , ,, , l r:e a with a boia rcaowiag preser- aldermen: i Vwci'Vhl-te:- Th^ i* priced fa a| Anton Hah=, Rred \V. Lecte!. John , ^!t':p :- iT. e--- :*- A ^uwr boTrt match- ' C. 3,lai!noe, Lear. Priv.-er, E-iv.-ara J- j 'iuis is r;. ^»!t. "" -V Utt':e xrhite ' Spiesbac-h, I.ouls G. Runts, Joha^D- i S {.-.* QP. Plan Bb rm Mhietlos' Third Baseman May Leave the Diamond i . - , . ^ ck : na do- ni^d-'-Ifl in entiro relief and Roche. Ana.eT.- Bouge, \ViIliain H. De- ; ' - · - Sheer Lee Bruv.'n anc : .-lear s':a:-:etl has been con- · gen. James M- Sheer, Lee Brown .- - . tilve'i^o serve .".s a sagar sifter. There ' Rudolph Huschlee. It's largely a matter of selecting the hot weather diet vrith reason. Summer is nature's season of activity -- Feed-time, gro^ing-tir.^e. h;:r- vest-tirr.e _ a time 01 expansion., energy -- Ri-.d 3Ian is influenced to oo !n^ P^ rt -- to put forth greater effort because activity is in the very sir. BUT _ c-rjrtion is necessary to avoid excessive heat from combustion (ui^e-tlnn) of heavy, greasy food, (Nature's vray of generating body-neat in winter/ :a addition to the heat oi the suninic-r atniosphere. -.3 also a c'-i.-nni::^ assortment of i Most of the indictments charge con-. g:lTe f l:rt her details /H-j-i «;.---* ·-..- .-'--je- breakfast or'. smracv to defraud the city of various ! a , es: -- s i aa ,i canipaisa. h:n-:-onTM«V)r I'w" JSrtlc ^wple. One ! sums of mopey. The frauds aggregate, i ,-. .,,=. ·^;.c:- soc h.i-5 "-'- t::er Goose pictures' It is charged. 51«'. l ,0i.'J. some c: t-«j i _ antiriaics co:.. : : ::-!t ia uecoraticu. It! men in the list are members cf the · .^ ge , : s c^T'jr'^H 1 "" i.s:ie i-ic^-es and costs ' present administration. , added: f-~.:i:;!ele' *~~.-~. -'- i=evy« :5ece set or-; The inc'.icttnents v/ere returned is Stnndcr,-. Enzland. Oct. 23.--Lloyd S George. caonc«:lor of the exchequer, of the govem- :at it was his object '·free British I^nu from land'.ordisia e »eop!e back ou it," and p-rposes which the Llb rand Inry. waich followed charges of j develop both the cus.sti:y ru.-r l:-n;:. t^l -': .,r-u''o'r tray := Sv.edlsli china. The paper. sets for the j graft, published ia a St. Louis ne-.vs- ane j qaa :;ty of the total agricultural prouuctioa of the British Isles. Every- 35 the Ideal Food for hot weather because., being largely precligested (and concentrated) !n the making at the factory, it is quickly absorbed, a nu:!l quantity aiiording grer.t endurance with little effort in digesting it. Grape-Xuts. of \VhoIe Wheat and Barley- contains alli_the natural fclemeiiL? of these cereals, including the phosphate f,f potash {jro\vn in the crr:,h: for ivbuilding vraste tissue cells, especially of brain and nerves. Try rr breakfast, lunch or supper:-- A Little Fruit: Suuccr of Grapc-Xncs and Cream: A Soft Boiled Eg;: Slice- of Crisp Toast, and a CUD of Post am. hot or iced a * \viih sugar and lemon. ^·.-.·jn-i^ h-v.- c-ol. yet full of healthy ei.crgy and "go' r unc foels on ;i :r.i'..I no ::.alter v.'hal the %vculhcr About the same time a former ice.«i-. ^f.jg -^-.i: be subordinc-tea to the at- ber of city council signed a sworn con- · fession. Thcse i^eicied, and the charges, fo".- ; low: Charles S. mayor in 1011 j u tainraent of tnese tvro object^. ·'As to tl'e first step, it is purposed to establish a miazscry of lands, tritb. sntrol and supsrTision o: aii QiiestioE= ·r:^ xrlth the users of lani. both in :ce Philadelphia, Oct. 23.--John Franklin Baker, third basemaa of the ·world's champion Athletics, and one of the greatest "clean up" hitters that base ball has ever kaown, may not be se«u on. the diamond again. "Home Run" Baker is seriously considering retiring irorn the game to enter upon a busines career. Baker is nov.- at his home in Trappe, Md. Over the long distance telephone he said he had not. definitely decided" oa his future plaas, but that he had for some time been debating the advisability o£ quitting base ball for busi; ness. The noted third sacker is the o'wner of a large farm in the south, and it is surmised that if he retires from the national game it "Kill be to become a gentleman farmer.- If Baker retires it -srlil mark the first break In the famous 3100,000 infield of the Trorld's champions, and means that Hack has a great gap to 511. Baker has always liked base ball, but he has figured ia three -scprld's championships, has drawn a big salary . said to be close to 55500 per annum, and he thinks he can make more money :srith his father and brothers oa his biz plantation than he can on the diamond. Baker -nras" offered S1000 a -xeek for ten weeks' stage work this season, but turned it down, saying that-there -waa nothins he could do oa the stage that ^rould interest the public, ana that he did not wish to be stared at as a curt oslty at any price. E. Fred GeroIC. city treasurer in 19111 t - ienl eiit hampers a:5 schemes for iss- ' mil IP12. charged in four inCietments | p rov i:ig h:g ;an£. ho can apply to tae v.-s:h havias entered into a cons tan'Is, T-hicb "ill enable '"The ministry oMancis is to ^e given . rcith La^-'-ert to defraud the city of j j^ -. Q cr e,~;de the barrier. ;*iOO/'i'i: i:: one fntuctment ~ith hav- ;^CT neglected _ them Trith forests and to reclaim and drain the Q*I c"-»"h '^rrl ·^il^l 21 VSeTV tO 1 -5f.'-00. ?aTALLYH!RT BY'BAD INDIAN'iSeir^auiv^Licii to the fxiii limit of .'·' " " | thc-:r p-ossILii:::es- The ministry. is_to_ J =foy 9 cr. the "Warpath." ar.-i Kts Ar-| f c 5 C T only eir.pOT,-ered. bat Instructed i r.- i- s;tr!ks»5 Plavmate. ; t^ - c j_ and "lie re 3 o;.rce3 of tne state GUNMEN SHOOT UP SHOW Two Rivai New York Gangs Open Warfare In Crowded Cabaret. Xe-,T York. Oct. 23.--One man was killed and s: hundred persons ·were thrown into panic when six gunmen shot up a cabaret show ac 147 Eighth avenue. Patrick Re:15v fell -^ith a bullet ia his bead at the first volley and died a short time later. The shooting -was the result of ^rar fare berveej: tvro rival gangs, '"The Copers" and the "Hudson Dusters." Ten persons were arrested, but the re/.' Strikes Playmate. ; tlj _,.__,_. i .^ .,,_ .. -- -- , Cnikc-s Barre. ?a.. Oct. 23.--Tommy _;:i ] je -jiace-l at : .~,s disrasai for this six: ap-n-aen escaped. :-astmaa. nine years old. of Exeter. J ?lir p OSe . i Jressea u; l:'e an Indian and trent oa urvAt.n. j tbe "Tvaraata." "Look cut the war. I'm - a bad In- Ti!2re «re | ~ 122," be as he shot an ar- 35ichael Sheht'.s. ten years old, "The e=ta"T/sr."ic::t of a fair m:n- .^.j.,, .-^c. fjj- jabrrers. "^Jth reasonable- hours of v.-Drlc. decent bousing asS fie Dir.r.pect of tbe laborer obtain:n- a .":t of laud for biiasei:. ·will al: ~3* w=t2'2 tUe scope of tbe po~ers o: es a tieason Owing to the inclement weather on \ * ^ GfT* \' PBllij I'- i S ' I brer's f/c:VI7porkecrs the scalp clean i j S i 1 £.nd hcarthv. Proniotss growth- Ci'.ecfS | i Lafayette Gets $90,000. Easton. Pa., Oct. 23.--The annual Founders" Day exercises of Lafayette college -were held in Pardee hall. President "v\"ar5eld aauounced a gift of SOn.irOO to tbe college for a. nei* t-bnpel to be erected as a memorial to a widely known Presbyterian elder closely connected but not a graduate of the college. Tae name of the donor tsill be irsade known when the architect's plans are completed. 1 EXPECT THAW'S RELEASE -..-.- :;'-·-; .-.ftcmaon coffee or . Q O:3nse i Ask If He May Pass ihrougb .-.alklV, rooi-2 1 Canada. Ottawa. Or.t.. Oct. 23.--Counsel for Psr.khurst i-reed. Loz-loT!, Oct 23.^-M-ss Sylvia Panfe hurst -^as released ur.der license frcin " Sbe is isnch en A-'-riccr.s V/in trophy. ! gen .-·1 St.-'te*: team tvoa tbe s j:,. in the lnternr.tiori.-i 1 . ri-ie tiat Governor Felker, oi ew | o, bire, TTI!! refuse to give « l *\':* -] :er .t lac. to Xew York state. . . - nt Carap rerry. O. The; Tr . e? ; ;2v - e reqr.est-ed tfce rai ' ' . ~ ~ imster oi "' T.*as arrest cl on Oct. 14 a~ aco~? to enti-r a hail to ad Xl:c iear-i from tbe j ;ij e interior to inform them whether or j gcttes. R.-r.ribiic TTJIS secon-l. with ' 20 t Tha~ v.-:U be al'.o~ea to --·-- i V J i l V* 1 · pass: NOTICE g ; all goods will be continued this week. || ; TEr corRT OF CO , IMOX 11 11 ' " I ' L E A S ' i r ADAMS .COUNTS. ii £" c- ^." 1 C-^-l nine points nheafi of . tbrorgb Canada as a passenger to a raaSe l,4Si aad Pera j foreign country. Cc B C ; -s-ns on Jbe SCO. IX» and I V.'EATHER EVHSYV/HESE. £?i 1 !. ~ V.r*f*. V. t »V C V I ai.-: - , . - - - . . : . - : - »i.i » r i IX rlZ 'it..i,. i.-. of M?-r.- £- -I""or :· ! r.u- - -I-.:..- *o ac\ as c. :"cr..e sola tra- . ^u_.^miat^^a^ -^^^^^-^J--^-Ji=^---^-i=a-==J "-: ". ~- '-;" -~V- '.·ofor.'rh of 'l^.tv-bi: 1 e. ' '_] - - --r--, , - ' . -v,.- r ..--··: :o Lo\; I-'. M.'or ·,- £ 'r. v.-:-.:r i i:-i £: '^c:oc oe .i.-a-^o errant-, fl I.-,-:'":,- .. _C!"' -.-at- t-;-t i-he i a ^ _ - ^ 3. ;. -,o,- r.e · to r,; r.:.-". hr,".e t : ie po'-vor ·· ,- . *,,--c ;^, /m- ·§ Co:r,;ro".v.-ea.:.". of Pennsylvania In V :* : - ':". v.- 1 at'- v.til -5 | r o^s '-oe; o:u«re« "cy t-a'ul C\ur{, that · \,e i . u - iu-3 for ?-:iie Z; i ·'"-' r^iMcav. · i o: t'.t ;,cf .= 10^5." --.'·' S 11 -· cc::,~!ac-rev! or vre C ^urt c- th.* l;r-i ^ j d-.y of pcccnibo:-. j'T!, :.t I.J:"-) A. M. ' " i ' '-n'.t- rhr ,.· c;" ?~. i " « ". the" Lave. 'r ~ . 1 1 : . ~ i .· - .::!-, .«i= ;» . " - ~ -- , r ,,_i,e_i a ,,J JJc! Oct. 23.--An I3CC T r . . , - · - - ' --.-!-,·«! The scores nre con-1 t-u^.«e.i-j.--, -»«-. - ^- ,-,,,_* « : ;.-."' V ^J s^a ttr^s north triad ) of snow covered tbe gronnd a^tro«, ~ .: : .. - ^ ^ ""-ro -VKS sis '-·· « ; - ^. ^, a _ bec.w. Heports from El « " · ' y *'" c L,m^on i. t i ··" ,.;__ Tnr.r'i^c snn Davis. YT- \a.. a.lsc ! : .i Observations c-f unilea States { Sno-.v !n V/esterrs ?«ar''and. . . i, Me!, Oct. 23.--An inci i ·] _ £al 5- e r bareaus taken ai S p. tc. i.-lS'eatlisr. LucV "5J-' the \n--'or..;in- ....^. Thomas and Davis. VC". Va.. 1 ten of snow. At Elfcini the temperature s · B ~ ; - alo .;.. S was below freezes and hail fell. At j . c^-^-jgo... 1 MoundsTJlle,, \V*. ..Va, tbe mercury j · . . ! stood at 23- 4-3 42 4 r r. Ask Rerrovai of Grade Crossings. Karrlsbnrg. Pa^ Oct. 2-3.--A petition requesting the public service, commission to eliminate the grade crossings of the Ph-'ladelptia Reading Railway company at Reading. Pa., was received by the public service commission. GENERAL MARKETS PHILADELPHIA--FLOUR steady; ·Krister clear, SS.75@3.90; city mills, fancv. S4.S05i5.25. RYE FLOUR QBiet; per barrel, ?3.oO Xo. red, Two KHied by i rain. P- ",-'!- c : s t tile V. i^O,..-ui- J TWO Kifiea ay i ra««. : = .j c ' s «iro I\v -..;« j Altoona. Pa.. Oct. 23.---Miss ilabel j j ~-.V.'-,v j,.v,s-T. on t'.i" Osli- ! Keller, thirty-two years old, and b e r j , v '.* '--.'"iijlv r-'i ''" :7: ' a ' niece, Marjorie ilcCartney, four years ,.".,./,_ ,.--,.-Ji ;,-.:;:: Cum- ' old, -were instantly killed by a pas-',' o-- in ; i':-v to !i!^ p;!.-li- ' senger train on tbe Pennsylvania rail," -'..',^' 4 ' nVi.'i poi^oHins:' road when the child attempted to " "'" ' -,-jva to biir.E i cross the tracks at East Altoona. I'.ofore his \ 1 Charles S k Mumper Co. ~ ·? , ; ,. b v i l no ''vn ; -'.-,' i; ,I",,;'; 1 ^j i a. .PH. k r i o i l ' T u N ; t r3 Attomev fur the petitioner. ! i . - i ; ,., the l i t bn,,- staff. ,1 porf«ii:noJ in - , ·,.-.' :T,i". n. «' v.i'l j FORBES and Forney \vill sell a car v,. ts is :in«l trv for .-ID wit- J | oad o f g OO( j co its at public sale at is : . oa o Hi- vas the r.wit^tny f j Y ork Springs. Fnday, October 31. Clear. Clear. Rain- Cloudy. CIe?r. - , Clear. Kain. Clear. Ths v/ealhsr. tcSay, fciloTved by rain Sflight and tomorrow. St. Lcais . . "^ WHEAT steady; J C"b'Rx"steady; No. 2 white, 46c.; lower grades. 44c. OA.TS steady; Xo- 2 white, S7e.; lower grades. 45^c. ^ ^ ^ ^ POTATOES steady, at 70-@SOc. per POULTRY: Live steady; hens. ISc.; c'd roosters, 12'?l."c- Dressed firm; oif^ 'ow!-. 'Pc.: old roosters. ±*c, BGTTER steady; faccy - creamery, S^say: selected 53c,; near- o; -western. 30c. ! advertisement FOR SALE: five thoroughbred bull terriers. Hill Top Poultry Farm, F. G. I McCammon.--advertisement. ? Markets. - \M1V---HJ«J iivyvJS 1^ C * O J1°P,--*---A bulk of sales. 57.65^8.10; light. |7.oO ^8.10; mixed. S7.5f.@S A 2o_: Jbteavy. S7.40 S.20: rough, $7.40@7.oo; pigs, 54.o steady; beeves, $6.S5@9; Texas steers. S6.75@7.90; stoclcers and feeders ?5.10@7.65; cows and heifers. lambs, native, r; na- yearlings. $5.10@5.85; "WE have for sale a choice lot of nursery stock in all leading varieties, propagated from bearing trees, Boye? Brothers, Arendtsville, Pa.--advertisa- mcnt I i JEWS PA PER I I F W S P A P F J

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