The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 19, 1937 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1937
Page 11
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"° - » r ~ ·" t -- _ *. t ""C 1 i -_^"-i i-' -' '""' ~7 r - Mason City's __CaIendar^ ·Jan lz78 - Z3 pNallonal Thrift Week Jan. 4S_Jom Legion and Auvil _ iary jjarty at armory? Gheen of o merce and service clubs. Here In Mason City , thn Y M r tho Y. M. C. »f Farmers - b ° he!d «t on Thursday, Jan . infant s^iui Mrs. Howard Welchcr, n avenue northwest is -....,, from an a t t a c k of ih, "net pneumonia. Dewey We . \tr n i ^~ has been ill wi 300^J3USINESS DETAiLsonaar PROGRAM, TO BE PRESENTEDSOON , Rohbins and Harry Sontler ......a, Lerro Gordo county super visors, and Frank Arthurs, assist ant county engineer, left Tuesda as the guests of lhe Gibbs-Coo fiaclor and Equipment company on a np lo the factory of Ih PeoH?"'^ Tl ; nCtor wmpany a teona, 111., where Ihey will in sped new road equipment The 4 0(1 mark was passed THCS aay m lhe issuing of Gerro Gord aulomobilp licenses-by tb Dorothy Florence Poole, clau-h ' ' S ' Ge °' 19 Con on 20 of went to Hamp- Forwii-rt f- "' H '" ""^"'^ in ; » [ u a i orum program Mr J-.CW1S W as to appear on the pro- fn£ r'r UlC a , f te-noon as prcsid- S lei er C0 ''' subst . ilutin S for C. J, "Reaching the Un he he "W W!l' the topic, reached.'II. E avenue, reiurncd'Tue's"d'a ' from DCS Moines \vher l TM a , meeting of the lou Chji opraclors' association. One hundred and forly l )0 ys tended Pioneer club meeiiiiE Monday night i n the Y . M C A ._u',f, iln . nou " ced »iat a "Goo school in Series of Meetings Being Planned by County Chairman. A series of township meeting which will be explained Ih 1337 agricultural program was an nounccd Tuesday by J. D. Rich nrclson, chairman of the Ccrr Gordo County Agricultural Con servation associalion. At these meetings Ihoro also wil take place lhe election of lo'vLhi pincers and appljcalions lo enle r r f t 1937 P. ro 8«ni will be present- sign P ''° dUCers and landlords io These applications, it was ex plained, do not bind the signer "to comply wilh the 1937 program and are not rr»ii·.·,,.»,, r-«n.... ! . : . .. n -. of meetings: lhe 22 ' . Ccnter an Falls township, Jan. 21 Rock Falls school, 1:30 p. m North lovvaj. They . . Point Out. Nearly 300 business and profes sional men, representatives o meicanlile and industrial enter pi'ises and officers of local organi zations were the guests of th Glob e _Ga Z a dinner meelin Hotel--- g '^°- 0d - r °° m of «' * «" Services to Be Held Representative Biermann N sandT Mayor Wilcox Speak Wew Matron Important to*~-- ' . W U D L U l I I I ,, j " 7~;,~ Monday evening a Part of the opening ceremonies fo radio slaliori, KGLO. Lee p. Loomis, publisher of the ij lobe-Gazette, presided at the meeting, at which addresses were given by Fred Biermann, Decorah fourth district reprcsentalive in congress; Mayor W. S. Wilcox of Mason City, p. C. Eighmey, manager o£ stalion KGLO, and Phil Adler publisher of the Kewanee T1 ! ; ,^ Star-Courier. "There have been many great nvenlions and discoveries in the uslory of the h u m a n race but I lave come to the conclusion the one that has added most to the enjoyment of mankind is the ra- rim coirf Representative Bier- dio," said mann. Whal Kailio Means He spoke of the visit lie and "'·""^ "* ""-· visit ne and a s. Bu-rmann made to an isolated sland on- Ihe west coast of Nor- trnnrt ,~-fi~--"j to tllem °ur hearty good ..J vl11 °nl support. y .Offers Community Supporl. \ \ e are justly proud of you Mr Loomis, and your enterprise and bespeak for it the same ' O^E 01 "' /hat has been gi- ^"^^^ oy this con in years past. "We welcome to Mason Citv %TM a *** Eighmey and ^ e n t i r e of TM,? f · fa T'. es and assure them SUM ° n d S h l P l ' Upport and - .S'-.^ir 1 !" 10 ^ " oilllfd out i justmcnts pi, in a i in m a k i n g ac the equipment. 1 '" ", with rollout-- '""' wun 'he e.\ TMsS nseto the °^ nin ge't^so "many'" es' Oan 1 . 00 watler * distances a? this" one S didf"Te sak Tells Experiences. 5.!:- ; _ Adlc r. lo id.of his " ^ vi t;»i ^ua^L oi ixor 'ay on their recent tour abroad. U e found the people on this sland lived about the same as ·i r ~ i , township, Jan. 20 ily ball Clear Lake, 1:30 p. m . ' L.ike township, Jan 2B r i t v i l l , Clear Lake 1:30 p m ·n,T. _ ( \ *·"" 'i- 1 ' in. ......·._. n v c n ituijui ine M«on D township, Jan. 2B, P. G «ir ancestors did SOO .yrars be- p ' m ' f° rp them and their descendants I suppose, will live the same way oOO years hence," he added "They were loo far away to be reached by tc ephone or telegraph. It would lajce a rtnrfc-nfV»lif*. tTM i..,.-i^ T._.· Portland township, j an Portland hall, 1:30 p. m. Union township, Jan.'21, Lake- ide church, 8 p. m. Mount Vernon township, Jan. o w n s p , i, Burchmal hall, 1:30 p. m , Bath township, Jan. chool, 8 p. m. 22, Ccnter Saturday. H. II. Bnycc, :" : ;;'-;TTM ^? ea| . c - t .°. 'he Hi-\ --_- at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday evening in the Y. M. C. A , a " c ^ ay / T h e Adult Camera club w |j meet at 6:30 o'clock Wednesday evening in the Y. M. C A PHn^ for thc dark room will be dis^ cussed. Safford Lock is president C. E. Bush of Hi Cut Rate ff roc- cry left Tuesday afternoon ?or Monmoutb, 111., to atlend the fun n r n l /if n,T.._ T - I . _ _ . . k l 1 *- 1Li J.- --.., ~..., LU rttiunu me lu- of Mrs Bush's mother, Mrs i v r'^ Cha P' n . who died there Monday night following a long mother's ifedsidV 'fol^the ^p'ast ^ tliree weclvs. , p ' M r . and airs. R a y Seney, G22 Washington a\^nnc norlhwesl wilt leave Wednesday morn ng for Mexico City. "Enroute they wil slop at San Antonio, Texas and Monterrey Mexico. On returning from Mexico Cily the Seneys will go lo Los Angeles, Cal., to spend the remainder of lhe winler Kenneth Sifert, Central Hoirfils was sentenced to atlend traff cix:or8p o .T hip ' jan - 2c ' ccnici - Grimes township, Jan '7 bornton high school, 1:30 p m " ' Pleasant Valley township, Jan. «, Catholic Ladies ball, Swale- Tie, 1:30 p. m. Gencseo township, Jan. 23 Cen- r sn i r ^ f 1 -'in ., _ ' · ' s -'11 p, an. 3 ler school, 1:30 p. m ' Dougherty 'township, Jan. Dougherty hall, 1;30 p. m. . ... of radio broadcasting u mecfian^r e f r S r! a U o n ' a S ^"t meci anism at Davenport. He als vatched the development of WOC e-^r ^^' S«H oS . £ »T^^. farasGe "-The Kewanee publisher who i- P^enfof-t^e^ 1 ^^of newspapers, staled he happy (o have had thc o ity to attend the opening c . wou take a_ Rockefeller to build their roads. They didn't even have what we would form lhe necessities of life. Yet they could turn a little button and immediately get magnificent concerts from Berlin, Paris. Oslo and even New York "How wonderful it is thai'people in the far corners of the world have available the finest music and talks by lhe best thought." Describing the manner in which . ^« . lla guuu wisncs for - iiiiurc. In his ..inlroducloi-y talk Mr JoTMl^ S ( ^W b C e n ^ h ^ the KGLO staff present" aT'Vc' me^manif"-" 111 : 0 '?^^' but '"»* with the la Will Be Held Wednesdays While Livestock Sales Will Be Thursdays. A car driver, by Frank Tirkl, I! President avenue southwest, co ;'. ni ;". A 'i'h a car driven bv Da McKmnes, Mason Cily, at the i? lerseciion of F i f t h slreel and Co neclicul avenue southeast Mon A car driven by R l l f u s In Merle Iv. Jones, Mason Cih n" 1( f I °- °' F " homc at 0 o clock Monday,- evening Hospital^ Mrs. Ida Dooliltle, No. 1 Hare !,,, ""··.' i",V a d m i t t e 't to the Par] hospital Mcnclay for treatment Miss Oma Fay Myers, Dougherty, was admitled to thc Mercy bosp.tal Monday for a minor oper- ' ( i l l O t l * Belly Jane Snell, l(12fi',i Pennsylvania ,T\'enuc nnrlheasl, W.T; a d m i t t e d to lhc Park hospita'l Monday for t i e n t m e n t . Mrs. Hugh Coyle, Rockford was admitted to the Mercy hospilal Monday for treatment. Wcnhvorlh Carter, 211 Fonr- Iccnlh street southeast, was dis- a- minor opera.' A son weighing 6 ---,, ,,n highway 18 plan (n 10 ' d ;^ckly horse sales each Wed- durjng (j lc W j n t c r nnc | . ., season, it was announc Tuesday by E. A. Lund, prop" et f the sales stables. A number of outside buve ·om surrounding states will n°hnl i a , t , thc , so salcs - II 'S Dlann o hold the horse sales Wedne ays and Ihe regular cattle, h id sheep sales on Tliur^da acb week, as Has been ( J " cu torn of the Lund's Sales Stables Ihese sales arc scheduled T i n ' ]2:30 ' Auctioneers a Jack Dorsey and Ora Bay less. Attorney General's Office Hands Down Rulings on 3 Case ^ · · U L l l j t ^ l||f |11( these people made their livefi- 25, h o o d, Representative Biermann pointed out t h a t their food was grown m the form of oats, which was made into oatmeal by hand threshing and grinding and in thc raising of such crops as carrots and potatoes. Their chickens were fed corn and'corn meal from thc United Slates. On International Trade. iv, » n'" n '° m Iisl " n e- he said, that thc residents of this island procured their money to make lhe few purchases required. "At the time I was there I wns told thai lhc price of fish was so low because of the lariff barriers and self containment policies of nations t h a t it wns a question of ivhether the farmer would be able B I ay Be in Radio. 0 ' a l t ! i l l o n ot radio to M,P to the 1 o e radio ? g , dlrec '°d constantly h m i n a u o n of "bugs" tin ly is the r --.".iim-iuji ut ouj?s a"new 3iec iS "^ cxpcrio "« o f " t h c P !roubIc C n encount S ered S01 by radio owners may be in the ,ecc£ su°Jn ^ CaUSC ° f " 1C POWC1 ' «' ·such close range of the broadciql ing slat on, he said. Some imos the shortening of ,- m aerial ~other such adjustment needed in older radios that H°..^ U '.? pcd .!° si 'Ut down WORK ON COUNTY ROAD SURFACING Projects Are Approved for Graveling and Rock Crushing. Two new WPA projects are scheduled to start in Cerro Gordo counly Friday under the supervision of the board of supervisors '""tso Uy Engincer R - E - riob- One will provide for lhe graveling of hvo miles of highway one in M o u n t Vernon and lhe other ?n Lake township. This project will Thc other project constitute the preparation of materials by he crushing of rock al lhe local quarry f o r the resurfacing of the highway between the pavements S" -l\ e . W£ st c,iy corporation lim- in»n W furnish work for GO J S ,"l e , P. lan '. Mr - Robertson t Are Elected at Annua Meeting of St. John's New vestrymen were elected at *,-c i meetir "G of St. John's piscopal parish Monday evening. in the group are B. C Way Llo -d J kCr °' F ' Gcol 'S e ' Ralph Maudsley, Paul McAuley" 0 '!?' c' Lawson, Tad Martin, Dr R' F Kunz and H. G. Hawkins." ' ' Ihe meeting was .preceded bv dinner served in the parish hall with Mrs. C. A. Balkam in charge , - - ·^ m m ^iy M i l COAL CONTRACTS ARE CONSIDERED Under Plan of Experiment Different Types Tried in Schools. . Reports by R. B. i rons nlpnri*ir,+ ~ r --i , _ '. · i*l'"- 1 . ·- *"*- H 1 ' 1 '!, ivu , It staled, to place a layer of crushed rock on the road this winter Possibly by next summer when the t is completed, he said a ,, toP" coating will be placed 24 feet widT 1 '' "^^ " r ° adbcd TMTM w^'l Pi :°e rcss admj TM- »""n will furnish the common lor these projects. 0. J.Iuth^347of Osage, Dies; Burial Is at Cedar Rapids pSAGE--Funeral services were -'£ hc « a t » « Champion funora? ome Tuesday for O. J. Luther 4, who died Sunday night at a ^''^·TMTM:''-P^'M,and Giles Prendergast Succeeds Sherman Who Becomes Supervisor. Giles A. Prendergasl arrived in Mason Cily Tuesday to lake over the management of the local Montgomery Ward and company stoie, succeeding Benjamin F Sherman who has been promoted to thn position of district supervis- or some may be that are the - -i -- i'i- volumc, he said. Music during the d i n n e r was furnished by Bobby Griggs and his orchestra, given by t] Invocation was idci --^»-,^o, 0)--The altoi ley general's office ruled Tuesda t«a counly attorneys who pros ecute cases in which fines arc as sesscd are entitled to the slatutor commission even though the nr may be paid after the attornc? uive been succeeded in office the r u l i n g was made on Luca county case in which Ally Gen John Mitchell ruled H. V Levis med'toTTM*' auomoy ' was c » itled to a commission on a 51,000 JI«? Z*% ^.. Pro - sccuted - Th Another opinion held that P l A p p e m a n a Cass !county justice t lhe peace, cannot re-qua fy or another term in office "n H ihn aCC ° l " f ° l " · Ii " CS collcct ori by -·operly'lave^afe nlat ' Crt pcrsonal hrough faiiurc a 'of "ujc 'couniy V to oi ce collection, and .-, fourth said cal school boards may snrn oney to aid the education ,f mdicappcd children Church Officers at Rockwell Are Named ,^ f ! ! , _ I (, [ ItltJi ff C lo buy any corn," lie said. "This is just a ' l i t t l e example of what happens when international trade is hampered. That corn might have come from Cerro Gordo county. By hampering lhc movement of trade we reduce the standards of living not only of I h e ' fanner in Norway, but also of the farmer who might have T?'",°i 1 '2? lo Eel1 h i m Irom ll »e United Stales." Radio lhe Decorah represcnta- ; ive slated, will, all its facilities pr enjoyment, like other invenl ions also brings i t problems. The solution of these is regulation, do- "·iving stations of some of their ighls in the interests of the people as a whole. · n eping Co-Operation ... , vv . tpl Top in^Good Condition Urged. Irs. Luther moved here in Oc- "·pm West Union where Mr t),"n"r' r ' ac t °" line f o r c man for the Central States Light and Pow- t 7ser'i!r ny V M , r - Lulhcr Developed a seiious infection from a boil on his forehead. He was taken "o the Nissc-n hospital here Chrislims n i g h t and after a week he ""s dismissed and the infection seemed io DC checked. Complications de ^ lo ?. cd /"'.ddcnly Jl Friday^ht --- - -- f , are his widow nnrt a small son, Roland. Burial will be Cedar Rapids cemetery. Ida Stewart Services to Be Held Wednesday Funeral services for Ida Este! -lcwart, 39 Twenty-third .slice soulhwesl, who died Monda morning al a local hospila a£ lc ·' brief illness, w i l l 1)0 ,' lclc , v ; Llc n ? sc l* y afternoon al 1 O 'clocl at the Patterson funeral home sscW bcat " R -'-" .n^Mo^^'-'^^^^bytWO Mr. Prendergnst came fi-om DCS Moines, where for three and a half years he was manager of the Montgomery Ward and company store. Previous lo that lime he was employed by thc company al Chicago. He also has had experience in a number of Chicago department stores. Mr Prendergast wns born in Strccter, HI., and at an early age- moved to Rock Island. 111., where lion' CCC1Ved ' liS lligh SC ' 100) educ;l Mr. Prendergasl is married and has two children. He plans lo bring his family l o Mason Citv in about a week. Mr. Sherman plans to remain in Mason City u n t i l the latter par o e vveck. In his new position' he will have supervision over Montgomery Ward and company stores m the southern half of loira ,i nt parts of Illinois and Nebraska. --_,---.., ^j tx ,,_ irons, suner- nlcndent of schools, and R L lames, secrclary of the Mason -ny · .lool board, together with 'gtby consideration of altera- the time of the members 0 " Mon'd'ay' Cl ano, t n 1 oon.'' CRl " al ' mC ° li " In line with a plan of conlinuct ^S e "^?l U , w «. do «=Wcrt lo Ty Wednesday Afternoon Funeral services for Arlie Lowell Bartell, 18, who died at his home, 2708 Jefferson avenue southwest, about 3:30 o'clock Sunday evening, will be held at the Pnltersou funeral home Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, with hn rf V ' D S vi ? L ' Kvatz - P astor o£ tlie Church of Christ, in charge of services. Burial will be at Memor- al Park cemetery. .. 'h," lia ^ VL n u t coal, the sntnn ?n a h y n' 1 -" n ° W bci »g buined "l lhe oullying schools, al tlm central heating plant. Unsatisfactory. consumed, t h e " coal which ···[ H II, U U t l l \ used d u r i n g lhc i n o i ,nm "!f PI ' OVed unsatisfaclory - some degree, the board w-i'i informed Along wilh lhe expeV 1 mental change in the coal necrs are checking lhe h equipment for any lack «i cicncy. Secretary James quoted l l t i u i L ., ·ssf ii sf ^.r. 11 ^ 1 ^;Sef ance in scliools in severnl «r n,« la rger Cily, TRACTORlfiENTS Special to Carry 103 From I\ JT /~i« »~ J i l l Mason City to Peoria Convention. A special train can-yinc 101 aecijts and dealers of Caterpillar ti actors from the Mason City _ area will leave the Chi- v :!f, ( ; n . R ^ 'sland nnrt Pacific ^·icsriay ni hi" a ' 10:3 ° °' clodc i-. via Manly, lo"" ttdnd a^con!.' Cilics · own. i-'or Mason H'C was S73.59. . 'he median of W nlVl^"«!?tn l pupil ~. ......j V^ 1 LI I Jl K included Oltumv FnVr"ir;" v ' l u l "wa, with 572.DS- tast Waterloo, S70.50- West \\H "ad Highest Fi ffU re Dubuque, with an a n n u a l cnsl The special train will have four Beepers when it 'leaves Mason Cily, thc Gibbs-Cook Tractor an «|u,pmcnt company, :ar Jackson ?^r«^ hw ^^"-^s · local section of sleepers will be the train, at More MAYOR WiLCOX TALKS ON RADIO Citizens of Mason City Are Justly Proud, He Says in Address. ighicrs, Washington avenue noi-lii- and Mrs. Jake Kramer 39 --- --Jond sli-eel southeast- ';'° 5,°" s ' Gc "''fic Slcwarl of Ma-' "" n ''" -"1 Curtis Slcwarl of Mrs. three n. Co-operation of the skalers in keeping thc rink has been asked in IliMriiticnlarioii Necessary Hcgimentation has become nc- cssary in many fields with thc n ward march of civilization," he ' soT' '7? "^ to "ynamilc --. seine fish. Now that can no ongcr be done. In the old ,," y " 'e used to drive anywhere, stop nywhere. With the coming of utomobilcs driving had to be ,-egi- ncnled. We have lo be loid where o drive and have to be regulated y police and highway patrolmen. - clou t like lo see heavy gov - nmcnlal expenses, but every me we get a new improvement means more regulation-lo pro- -t the rights of everybody." chnrsc - ir skate; . , . -- ..... -' n determine h nw U iick - ,, have into the ice lo is have lo l l c vest, rTM ' ··' ' « 1 L ^ U 1 J wenly-seeond sti-eel ·gc Slew; Curtis : -- ----., jj,., |i cr mother Alice Croft of Kirkman, and 1i-n(lirtiT- I\T .... · , * 5 and Lloyd Croft JCC Croft of Grand "apids, Mich., and three sisters Mrs. Lu Worth of Omaha, M-"' Harry Kensey of Harlan and Mrs Ber ha Spolley of Moorehead Ihe body was taken lo lhe Patterson funeral homc. Cir Mayor W. S. Wilcox went on the air Monday evening, adding h's voice to the numerous others r,X ^ a v '.° c wgi-atulated thc Globc-Gazetlc on the establish?TM ° r;idui station, KGLO [his is the voice of lhe people of Mason City speaking to you through their mayor, otcr IhcTr lew broadcasting station, KGLO " he titular bead of thc city staled, i "Mason Cily has at last arrived f [ ,,-' --up lo (Ins lime she has hTM,, I ^U^^O Sioux City, §81 1 58S.S5, ^d^Bu . 71, cnport. '-. ?"n P or r t'n? n f! 0nt Tr ° ns ' " c a i c p o i t of the work being done n the grammar dcpartmmUs of · iTed^'fbo h a " d c l R h l h Rratl «- «TM , " . \ he successes achieved bv ll^e h,Bh school riebaling team IhU, E. G. Morse Auto Reported Stolen '' ctl "- n (he Meeting of Townsend Clubs Will Be'Held Soon " Cily al thc P. G . and E au" dilonum Monday evening. Mrs. O. S. Winter, secrclarv Metller »oUce S To"ir Sl ' , was rc ' 10 ' ;icd ' ?v mJ · 1 bcen stole " Mon .ay cvciung about a o'clock The car wns pa i. hcri ; n f 0 { ·' Second si reel northeast at the me ii was stolen, The car was a 1330 model and vas licensed 17-70(i3 Iowa lo this °' Um: ' te '" lime she has been possessing evory- . . - , ·" I'UO.-IU^^JIIL; everv- Inng needed lo make a gi-eal com- lercial and i n d u s t r i a l city. ickcci y, she really is, but she such has nnri and - ick abouf ;m ''" and has been " GLO. "I feel KGLO will ng for Mason Cit he said. "Wheri be a William M. Gilbert Services to Be Held Thursday Afternoon Funeral services for M Gilbert, who died Sunday night brief '" Mrs. Paley, Ridgcway Prominent Resident, Is Dead; Rites Planned . - - - - i ··· ·· -"ig l i m e -resident this c o m m u n i t y died suddenly morning ' 1C '' C M r l y Mond ' moimng. Services will probab wilh 1 ?^ W^-^'y a»e,noo \.'ilh the Rev. Herman Ncdtw officiating. Interment will b m ^%"!l R ! d TM «*-otory" was born in Dan c . c t o ' B c c ^ b i l ^ o ' b ^ r nine in nrt^ i,*. i _ '· nidp at t ct d C in nfl K? n h!,, ll ^ h George Noe, Osage, was dismissed from the Mercy hospita Monday following treatment. t . John Witle, St. Benedict, wa i dismissed from the Mercy hospital Monday following treatment. , Nine Bounties Paiii. _ /..LLISON--George Hesalrond Butler county auditor, reports payment of nine bounties on foxes since the first of January Four young mm of thn Clnrks- v i l l c community have shot 18 so far this fall and winter which shows that they are numerous in Biitler counly. tehance. Mercy ! oncers: Trustees, D w'krVi'rW Charles D. Amendt, R. J.'Barnhill Man do Riv»fwi: n ~ 'j T · *-*"'ti[uii .... . "if^jv; til i»ti 11*5.. m and Io hear, among otli- tHe bass voice of Earl Hall." Blaynr Gives Talk. Mayor Wilcox saw in KG! O i mcnns of lh c f ul . che ,. u ^^ "f.Mason Cily and North Iowa of M" J''^. U ! TM« Development · '"ti i orici illness will b M '" S ' Pate y Thursday afternoon at 2-.1(1 Tl?"' ' ,' K " OcL I() ' ]f)57 - A k a t ll-in n ^ t i ^._ ul *- ago 01 o years she camp \\fit he,- p ;l ,-cnt.s to Lincoln township where sbc grew to young woman hood. On Nov. 2, 1870 she ^'" iC !l rtC l W " · Iamcs Patey a , ' so » " the Rev. O. L. N. borne, will dahl in ch ^^ W 'JL hc "t flmwood cemetery." r. Uilbcrt was born in 1871 .-,.. ,- i t ^ v ^^'i/rneni . , C | ty has been due to favorable location natural rt- i^xs%s-£ l l O f l a l r m f r r ^ r l «,,.! * _ . ^ - ^ L u p -ll 5t 1 U01TI l n 1 8 ' 1 f,- S . t l a w b c rry Point and is survived by two daughlcrs, Mr, Grace Meeker. 21.1 Seventh street' sou hvvcs . and Mrs. Cyril Sharpe 1-^ Delaware place n o r f h o a s l 1 P. ," ·'?,"· Clirf "- d Gilbert, 221 Fouj-tccnlh slreel northeast Two brothers, Ira Gilbert and Fied Gilbert, and two sister-; Mrs Bcrl Baker, a I I of Minneso a. "'nd "rv,-;^ 0 whuc ' M -- ^ · : (lc their home on 'a fan miles north of R i d g e v v a v moved lo Ridgeway in J8R7 Ih thc ti « ^ i "i"UK"l OU thV'ihh'r cc mcnt industries luLr'r^TM^!? 0 ??."" 0 »"r bee * » , Amendt; deacons, L H Demo Chris Ziegelcr, D. W. Krei' Norman Smith. Japan grows A 16 year old more Occidental, girl stuck' i i p n will V", ., 1U " lsl nrought exceo- lona railroad and transportalion F T ^---brie'- tiL '° , second b '"ufihi ou enormous rruit from ,i" C ,;, i l',! e _ nnd ccmc »' industries D - n 1 O T T Kio brande been Here Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Wagner, 143G Jefferson avenue northwest, have received from their son-in-law^ V. Horr, wintering in Houston Texas some samples of the Rio Gi ancles enormous f r u i t . One giapefruit received weighs Pound and three quarters, a ' l e m on weighs a pound and a half and an orange weighs three-fourths of a pound Mr. Horr, who has operated a fruit stand on South Federal avenue here, is engaged in Mce business in Houston This win- ·· His f a m i l y accompanied him. A writer says women arc becoming geometrical. These eternal rlSni»ir»e 9n-\ini y-_^__ . , . _ easting slalion. We n'ow have" S M r"" · ic ""« «· '·"»' SSaSSl fb^r , P ish ?? cnl - Thc TM*tTM°"r d o e Glnbc-Gax.ette assures us I h u "llHon 1 ^ h" C ?"? inB fPOm this slalion will be of thc highest type ducive to the enjoyment, up- and betlcrment of our ci izcns he; - · · - / T ^ - " n . T in inn/. ... he Farm State bank wa SZ11i;S:;r/£ 1 !»', h *.T fB.^.S3-Sis¥s T.ndics Aid society for SB vcri TM w^r fl al lhc timc ° r hc - *» £ t. u (:on ' ?s f l n'l'ng .wcrctar- H . , , u ' ) m an's Foreign Mission" a i y society. At one time she wa' ^tso'c^ion 0 " idfiCWay Cc '- ; She is survived by her husband three sons Pred at home, Alec W Paley of Qucsnel, British Columbia, Canada, and Walter PnleyTMf Ames. Iowa, ^·i- ^ ,., " is -a ui o two Asters, Mrs. E. J. McQua . ^ · · - ' " n v oui: tKJ.S ---_ this one important factor amcly, an up-lo-dalc broadcast- IB slalion. However, we are cased to bo able to announce at this we noy have, through ic untiring, persistent and pc his Globe-Gazcltc CC orga°ni"a ion and we congralnhilo him an 'us s t a f f upon I h i s accomplish men , and we pledge ( 0 them ou hearly good w i l l and support. II Takes Courage, takes courage lo imrtcrluk a task, and In invest th reading by E c | Dc'cncy"'" *"** " -%n"K ldQ ^rj^' -·omm,llce [o arrange for a £ ttKV '^ M °"^ Be Held Wednesday Funeral services r Abrago, i n f a n t T, |T Mr son for f Lucio and " ' . ...... v -i^tii in ivir n i i r l Cclcstina Abrago, 820 Six ,,,,.,,, tiuiago, ij^d s fl, n r S A U l U V C s t ' w i l ! bc hcM lhe McAuley fun · · ncsday morning "II such . '"' " I H t r i I I I V C S L i h funds necessary lo b u i l d and cqui a slalion like KGLO--but sac- has been Ihe, bravery of the Globe Gazelle and, wilh valor n n d a u n i cd, they have overcome lhe seem mg insurmountable d i f f i c u l t i e and have b u i l t for Mason Cily and be people ;,, (his vicinity a station lha is a credit to this, or any r t f n O I - ftltir .1 - - . . . ""J we .. - ·" " "-'i-niL. iu [ins, Or other, city and one of which are justly prol , c ] ;m[I ( t ) c ^ grams from which we will vvcl come lo our homes and firesides I he characlcr of Hie news and editorials furnished by the Globc- Gazetle in lhe pasl is an assurance t h a t the programs which will come from t h i s station w i l l be of he highest type, and conducive to be cnjoymcnl. u p l i f t and heller- menl of its l i s t e n i n g audiences T n Suffers Burns. LEY-Shirlcy Ann Studer oldest d a u g h t e r of the Joe '' painfully burned her leg To Xeifflibors, Ton. 1 herewith commend lo your avor t h i s most complete, up-ln- ale and truly wonderful broad- aslmg Ktalion. dedicated nol only City'''Ti!t' C al' hC C i t i i t c n s of Mnso " the l i m i t s of. t h i s broacl- astmg area. "Again we congratulate you, Ii. Loomis, ami your o r g a n i z a t i o n pon lhe completion of this orlhy venture. We, the citizens f Mason Cily, arc j us ti y p^^ you and your enterprise and c bespeak for it lhe same hearty 'PPorl that has been given hr lobe-Gazette by this community years past, , ' 'We welcome lo Mason C i t v anager Eighmey and his entire operating s t a f f and families and assure them of our frir and co-operation." home Wed- w U h - F a t h e - r c l A u r U n S S Buna! will be al El mwO od TM h Ji.'M^ %« M « » n c i i y i Mtijtuiy morning" foliow- . - - - ^..^.s nnrj t\\'o lirotlic ·"'" two sisters. Thc body w ,'o'me 1 . l ° l ' 1C M t A u l ^ '«»e-- Mqiilrl. Tuliict S.llvo. Kn; elicchs COLDS ami FEVER .,,, i M 1 "" 1 t° comR s "»'ici- or latci and the Louisiana Prcss-./our,n H'c first to announce (hat M Simpson has gone w i t h the Wmd Electric Motor Repairing- r K.vncrlcncci! ,M C n and Used Motors and Sold KLKCTUIC CO. 30li 2nd S. \V. P1 , onc 977 :. j "in IIL-H ncr icjj Suncl*r n lohi r"""'_ hcns ! lc .p u i'«i.-'ke 1 ii; e p u e a kei ot hot water on (o herself. She s PRACTICE LIMITED TO PLATE WORK · · · Because you can ccl I h i s hcaulifulCORONA STANDARD at a low price. M,,., PER TON CASH HIGH IN HEAT LOW IN ASH C. SMITH a n d CORONA T y p e w r i t e r s H I Kast Stale Ma!lBn (;j COAL CO. PHONE 986

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