The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 26, 1936 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1936
Page 12
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TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 26 1936 Mason City's Calendar Feb. 26-29 -- State Junior college basketball tournament at high school gymnasium. Feb. 28--Special U. C. T. teamwork membership meeting, note Eadmar. March 3--Competitive vaudeville, 8 o'clock, high school auditorium. March 9--School election. Here In Mason City Roads open to Kitz Hotel. Dine and Dance. Music every nite. Miss Joy Kidgeway, county treasurer, and Arthur Harris, auditor, were called to the state house at Des Moines Tuesday on business, Pyrex Top-of-Stove Wear 95c and ·up at Boomhower Hdwe. The regular meeting of Townsend club No. 2 was scheduled to take place at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday evening at the Y. W. C. A. instead of the Y.' M. C. A., as stated in a previous issue of the Globe- Gazette. Mrs. B. I. Bright, 1104 West State street, who has been suffering from the flu is recovering at her home. At the superintendents' meeting in foreman training Thursday night at the Y. M. C. A., pictures of the group of 14 will be taken at 6 o'clock, following the luncheon. A picture will also be made of the foreman training school group, numbering about 70, at 7:45. E. S. Baird, -of Iowa State college, Instructor, will be present as usual. Birth certificates have been filed for Arnold Dean, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sazma, 705 Tyler avenue northwest, born Feb. 17; Ronald Eugene, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Francis Murphy, 723 Pennsylvania avenue southeast, born Feb. 16, and Jerry Lee, child of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jackson, 207 Pennsylvania avenue northeast, born Feb. 7. AT THE HOSPITALS Mrs. Loren Bowers and infant daughter, 404 Twenty-second street southeast, were dismissed from the Mercy hospital Tuesday. Frank Quinn, 524 Third street northeast, was admitted to the Park hospital Tuesday for a minor operation. Henry Freerks, Woden, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Tuesday following treatment. Wilbur .Angdl, 240 Ninth street southeast, was dismissed from the Park .hospital Tuesday following a minor operation. Carl Boeke, Harper apartments, was dismissed from the Park hospital Tuesday following treatment. · Mrs. C. B. Wilson and infant son, Britt, were dismissed from the Mercy hospital Tuesday. Mrs. W. H. Nauman, 331 Indiana avenue southeast, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Tuesday following treatment. Mrs. Tommy Evans, Joice,. was dismissed from tie Park hospital Tuesday following examination. A daughter weighing 8 pounds 6% ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard Finch, Manly, at the Mercy hospital Wednesday. A son weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces ·was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Groth, 1922 Carolina avenue northeast, at Ehe Park hospital Wednesday. Phillip Olson, Lake Mills, was ad. mitted to the Mercy hospital Tuesday for a major operation. Sbovelers Aid Plow. CRYSTAL LAKE -- The road, north of Crystal Lake, around the lake shore, was being opened up Tuesday, with a group of volunteer shovelers assisting the snowplow. The regular snowplow has been broken for the past few days and the plow blade is being installed on the maintainer. Gas-Indigestion pOOE. appetite, indigestion, gassy, sour stomach, dizzy spells, from causes that can be relieved by a tonic have been overcome by Dr. Pierce's G o l d e n Medical Discovery. It stimulates the ap- _ -... petite, improves the action of the stomach, making the -food digest better. Read what Charles R. Steward ot 925 No. lith St.. Lincoln, Nebr., said: "Everything I ate caused rnc to have indigestion. I had no pep or energy and felt otit- oE-wrts all the 'imc. I used Dr. Pierces Golden Medical Discovery and it buiH "1C up 0. K. and entirely rid me of the stomach distress- 3 was abie to enjoy rny meals." Buy now! Sold by druggists everywhere. Kw size. tabs. SOc, Liquid SI.CO S: SU5. Write to Dr. Pierce's Clinic, Buffalo. X. V. COAL INDIANA LUMP . KENTUCKY NUT .... DIAMOND LUMP .. DIAMOND NUT . . . W. G. Co. PHONE 563 FIREMEN RESCUE MAN OVERCOME IN BURNING HOME PiNNEKE DOWNED BY FUMES WHILE GALLING FOR AID Tragedy Narrowly Averted as House Catches Fire While Man Sleeps. A tragedy was narrowly averted late Tuesday afternoon when firemen answered a call to the home of Clarence Pinncke, 702 Tenth street northeast, where Mr. Pinneke had been overcome by smoke and fumes while he slept. Firemen rushing to answer the alarm found the street snowbound at Eleventh street northeast and Hampshire avenue. In order to save time Chief Dan Shire left his car and with Lieut. Lester Lindsay and P. W. McGrath of the salvage company and Captain James Kelley. of the combination -company began hurtling the snowbanks and drifts to reach the home, while the apparatus company went back around and came up on Virginia avenue. Stays by Telephone- When firemen reached the home Chief Shire and Captain Kelley entered the front door while Lieutenant Lindsay and Fireman McGrath entered the back door and found Mr. Pinneke on the floor, with the telephone still in his hand and still giving the alarm, "It's all going to burn up," in a half unconscious state. Heat and gas from the fire was very strong and Mr. Pinneke was taken to a neighbor's home, where firemen applied first-aid until Dr. C. M. Franchere, city health officer, and Chief Harold Wolfe of the [police department arrived. Mr. Pinneke stated that he had been smoking in the chair and that he felt sleepy and went over to the davenport and went to sleep. Firemen stated he was evidently half overcome by gas and heat when he phoned in the alarm because it was aard to tell what he was talking about. Scorched His Shirt. Not a great amount of the home wag actually burned but the interior was badly scorched. The fire, starting in an upholstered chair where Mr. Pinneke had been smoking, ruined the chair and burned a arge hole in the floor then started up the wall of the home. The heat was so strong, however, that Mr. Pinneke's shirt showed signs of scorching before he awakened. Mr. Pinneke was the only one at the.home;at the time of the fire". Se was taken to the Mercy hospital late Tuesday afternoon for treatment and remained there through ie evening, but his condition was reported as good by hospital attendants Wednesday. YOUR IOWA mCOME TAX Prepared for Iowa Daily Press Association by State Board of Assessment and Review. HEAD OF FAMILY A taxpayer, though single, who supports and maintains in his own household one or more individuals who are closely connected with lim by blood relationship, relationship by marriage, or by adoption, and who has the right to exercise family control over such family unit, is "head of a family." He is entitled to the 512 personal exemption and the credit of §2 for each actual dependent. A single individual who supports one or more relatives in his house- iold is not the "head of a family" unless he has the right to exercise family control and does in fact exercise such control. In case a parent s a member of the household, and the owner or renter of the home, a son or daughter cannot claim full control and exemption as head of 'amily. Must Be "Cnder 31. The person on account of whose support exemption is claimed must be under 21 years of age, or mentally or physically incapable of self- 'upport, and must be without indi- viflual income sufficient for a major portion of his or her support. In a case where two or more persons contribute to the support of a household, neither may claim the status of head of the family, or credit for dependents. It should be remembered that a angle person, whether or not the lead of a family, is required to file a return if the gross and net income are sufficient to require the filing of a return by any other single person. The phrase "in one household" means the taxpayer's personal residence, an apartment, rooms in a lotel or boarding house, etc. May Be Allowed. Under certain circumstances it GUARANTEED Fireside Fuels Will Give You » MORE HEAT! e LESS ASH! · REAL ECONOMY! Phone 888 Nollen Will Speak John S- Nollen, president of GrinneU college at Grinncll, will address the local Khvauls club at the Thursday luncheon meeting in Hotel Hanford, appearing in his capacity as Iowa-Nebraska district governor of Kiwaiiis. This will be a 100 per cent at- -tendance meeting, the local club making special effort to have all members present. Mr. Nollen formerly served at Central college, Indiana university, was president ot Lake Forest university, Illinois, and has been president at GrinneU since 1931. He was general secretary of Y. M. C. A. war work with the Italian army 1918-1920, and American Red Cross commissioner 1920. US, ORCHESTRA GIVES CONCERT Development Is Exhibited; State Required Number Is Included. Rapid development during the school year was shown by the Mason City high school orchestra in its first concert presented Tuesday night in the high school auditorium. There are 90 players in the organization. Attendance was only fair for the performance. A fine program was presented, however, the musicians playing admirably the varied program under the direction of Carleton L. Stewart. Brilliant was the presentation of "Rosamunae" overture by Schubert, the state required number. Another Schubert number was also presented admirably by the orchestra. This was "Sinfonietta," adapted from his "Sonatina," opus 37. Other numbers presented by the orchestra were "Iphigenia in Aluis" by Gluck, part of the "Mozart Suite," "Andante and Gavotte" by Dasch and "French MHitary March" by Saint Saens. DISASTER RELIEF GROUPS TO MEET Session To Be Held With Executive Committee of Red Cross. A meeting of the disaster relief committee of the Cerro Gordo chapter of the Red Cross will be held together with the executive committee of the organization in shop 5 of Hotel Hanford Thursday evening. Chairman Ralph Lloyd Jones of the executive committee notified members to be present for a session at 7 o'clock preparatory to the meeting of the disaster committee at 7:30 o'clock. The disaster organization is headed by George Ludeman, former commander of Clausen-Worden post of the American Legion. The purpose of the meeting will be to line up various committees on such projects as rescue work, housing and feeding in event of a major flood growing out of the large amount of snow. Nels P. Hanson, 66, Dies at Home After Illness of Long Time Nels P. Hanson, 66, died at his home, 116 Washington avenue southwest. Wednesday morning, following an illness of several years; Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the Waterby funeral home at Sheffield, his former borne, with the Rev. A. C. Beckman of the Evangelical church in charge. Burial will be at Sheffield. is not necessary that the taxpayer and his dependents live under one roof, during the entire taxable year, in order that the exemption may be claimed. If the' common home be maintained, and the parent is away on business, or the child at school, or on a visit, the exemption may be allowed. The same rule applies to husband and wife "living together." If occasionally and temporarily the hus- tand is away on business or the wife on a visit, the common home being maintained, the exemption still applies. The unavoidable absence oE husband or wife at a sanatorium does not preclude the exemption. But if the husband continuously makes his home at one place and the wife at another, they arc not living 1 together within the meaning of the act. IMPRESSIONS OF KAGAWA TOLD BY LOCAL MINISTERS Had Masterful Knowledge But Difficult to Understand. Two Mason City ministers, the Rev. David L. Kratz of the Church of Christ and the Rev. J. Lee Lewis of the First Baptist church, Wednesday gave theft' impressions of Dr. Kagavva, Japanese Christian leader. an they heard him speak at Des Moines Monday and Tuesday. "Dr. Kagawa appeared to be much more tired than when I heard him speak in Mandell hall, at the university of Chicago, 12 years ago," said Mr. Lewis. "He spoke at each session for from 75 to 90 minutes and bis voice was shot to pieces. It broke at times and was thin at other times. It required the closest attention to get his thought, but once I overcame the peculiarities of his delivery, the great thinker, reader and student burst Into glory. Like Encyclopedia. "His knowledge of history was shown in the masterful handling of the topic assigned him, 'Christian Brotherhood* when he held us for one hour and a half. He seemed like an exploding encyclopedia as he showed us that early Christianity practiced many forms of Christian brotherhood. "He spoke authoritatively on such subjects as the religions of Japan, Buddhist sects, early Nestorian Christianity in Asia, the Mar Thoma Syrian church in India, which traces its traditional founding to the Apostle St. Thomas, medieval monasteries and guilds, St. Francis of Assisi, Stones of Venice, Thomas A. Kempis, the Moravian brotherhood spirit and many others. "Rather unusual was his brilliant conclusion that though the Christian church was early established in Japan and China, still because of the division of the Constantinople and Rome centers of the early church, Christianity died out in Far Asia. When St. Paul was characterized as 'the first international relief commissioner,' in collecting money in Greece and taking' it to Syria and administering it, the audience broke into an audible laugh." In concluding, Kagawa said, "We must revive the spirit of Christian Brotherhood and Love." Mr. Lewis accompanied the Rev. John Kern and wife, of Osage and the Rev. Henry L. Rust of Sheffield to Des Moines. Crowd Stared at Him. "When Kagawa first stepped out on the platform, the crowd present stared intently," said Mr. Kratz. "Popular interest in the man was a mixture of curiosity aroused by hia reputed asceticism and the hope that here might be a true prophet of Christian progress. "A short be-spectacled individual with wide almost baggy trousers, (report had it that his suit cost S2.50 at his co-operative stores and his shoes 75 cents,) his voice had the Japanese habit of running up and down the tonal scale and sometimes slipping off into the falsetto. Finding the English language difficult, he sometimes felt around in the air with his hands trying to grasp the right word, then sang it with unusual accenting, leaving everyone wondering what the word was. Of Introspective Nature. "Kagawa was the son of the second wife in a plural marriage of a provencial ruler. He seemed to be of an introspective nature and was led by worries about personal sin to study Christianity against his family's commands. On accepting this faith he was expelled from his home. A siege of tuberculosis followed incapacitating permanently one of his lungs. Before he had recovered he took residence in the slums of Kobe and began his preaching and attempts at social reform. "After attending universities in America, Kagawa became interested in the organization of consumers co-operatives. He was at first op- C. 0. Stiles Dies Word was received here Wednesday of the death, of Charles O. Stiles, executive officer of .the National Retail Credit association, who has been in Mason City on several "occasions and was well known throughout the state. Mr. Stiles died at his home in St. Louis Tuesday afternoon, following an illness of six weeks from pneumonia. A short service wiU be held at St. Louis Thursday morning and the body will be taken to Pueblo, Colo., where funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon. posed and imprisoned by the Japanese government but when the Russian red propaganda threatened the cation the government encouraged his movement as a means of offsetting communism. Received With Suspicion. "In America, Kagawa has been received with suspicion .due to his economic program. At Kansas City he was forbidden the use of the city hall through protest of the merchants. His religious beliefs are regarded nervously by both conservatives and liberals. His social emphasis is approved by the liberals who regard critically hig rassionate emphasis on the blood of Christ. Kagawa declared surprise at finding so many American clergymen using tobacco. "He said that in Japan, people who smoke, drank or gambled were not considered true Christians. He advocates his co-operative movement as a means of introducing the principles of Christian brotherhood into economic relations. He said, 'you Americans are such fine people. You would be great leaders if you were only truly Christian.'" MRUHOLUB, 90, SUCCUMBS Funeral Services for Early Settler Here Not Complete. Mrs. Joseph Holub, Sr., 90, died at her home, 702 Delaware avenue northeast, at 10:45 o'clock Wednesday morning following an illness of about a week from pneumonia. Mrs. Holub had been an invalid for several years. Funeral arrangements had not been completed Wednesday. The body was taken to the Randall funeral home. Emma Willis Murder Case Given to Jury ANDARKO, Okla., UP)--The case of Emma Willis. IS, on trial for murder in the shotgun slaying of her father, was given to a district court jury Wednesday. JayE.HouIahan,M.D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office 773 Phones Res. 3131 426-28 FORESTERS' ELDG. Coming to Mason City HOTEL CERRO GORDO Tuesday, March 3 FROM 8 A. M. fo 5 P. M. And Monday Evening, March 2 8 P. M. to 9 F. M. KETUKN EVERY 28 DAYS Dr. J. F. Shallenberger, M. D. The regular and reliable Chicago Specialist. 1 will make my regular visit on the above date and will be glad to see those afflicted with rectal or chronic trouble. Anyone ailing is welcome to come in for free examination. 1 treat diseases of the Stomach and Bowels; Liver and Gall Bladder troubles; Piles and other rectal diseases; Nervous diseases; diseases ot the Heart; Skin diseases; Kidney, Bladder and Prostatic troubles; Catarrh; Catarrhal deafness; Asthma; Bronchitis; Rheumatism of the joints and muscles; Neuralgia; Sick headaches; High Blood Pressure; Goiter; Diabetes; Constipation; Varicose Veins and Leg Ulcers; Female disorders; Hydrocele; Epilepsy and other chronic diseases. Trusses and abdominal supporters fitted and rupture treated. Remember 1 have had 28 years of successful experience treating this class of diseases and have successfully treated thousands of patients --many of them avoiding operations through my treatment and advice If you call and after an examination you desire treatment, the cost will be reasonable. I have facilities to give you high class, scientific service If you are ailing and will come in on the above date, it will be- a pleasure for me to examine you and advise you accordingly. Address letters to 3R. J. F. SHALLENBERGEK, M. D., 768 Oakwooei Blvd., Chicago, Illinois INSURANCE GROUP TO STAGE "SAVE A LIFE" EFFORT Underwriters to Co-Operate With Other Civic Units in Campaign. One of the most extensive safety campaigns ever conducted in the United States is that being undertaken by the National Association of Life Underwriters and its 300 affiliate units located in the key cities of the country, of which the Life Underwriters association of Mason City is one. "Save-a-Life" has been adopted as the slogan of the Life Underwriters' Life Conservation campaign and H. C. Brown has been named general chairman in charge of activities in Mason City. The Mason City Association of Life Underwriters has pledged itself to co-operate' with other civic organizations and with the local police and safety authorities working toward the prevention and elimination of accidents. The local campaign provides for the distribution of safety literature and posters, the showing of safety films before school children and service clubs, radio talks, and safety promotion contests. Has 26 Members. The "Save-a-Life Campaign" is in line with the well known policy of the life underwriters of Mason City of getting behind every progressive movement for the improvement of conditions in this city. The local association has a membership of 26 and is headed by W. M. Huffman, president, and L. H. Gilchrist, secretary. The organized life underwriters of Mason City are vitally interested in the conservation of human life and are lending their efforts to combat this national tragedy," said Mr. Brown. "The traffic death toll of the United States soared to new heights in the year just closed, reaching a total of 36,400, compared to 36,101 for the previous year. In addition over a million persons were injured non-fatally during the year as a result of automobile accidents on the country's highways and of these over 100,000 were permanently disabled. Added to this toll in life and human suflering was the monetary cost. The loss in wages, medical expense and overhead insurance cost, combined with property losses, shows a total money loss of nearly $3,500,000,000!" Will Get Insignia. Every member of the Mason City association will be provided with the official insignia shown which he will display on his automobile. Those desiring to affiliate themselves with the movement may obtain one of these insignia from any member of the local association. The underwriters will also distribute thousands of copies of the well-known Reader's Digest article, "--And Sudden Death," among residents of Mason City, Iowa A luncheon meeting will be held at the Park Inn Saturday noon by the Mason City Underwriters' association. An invitation is being extended to all the fire and casualty insurance agents and W. Earl Hall, president of the state safety council, is to be the speaker at this meeting. Taken to Hospital. SEXTON--Peter Hansen. known as Uncle Pete here, was taken to a hospital in Algona Saturday. He has been seriously ill last week and en account of drifted roads help or the doctor could get out then only with bob sleds. He was brought up to Sexton in a bob sled to where a phvsician met him and took him to the hospital. Mr. Hansen is just past 87. Cerro Gordo County H o 1 s t e i n Breeders Hold Annual Meeting The Cerro Gordo County Holstein Breeders association met Wednesday for its annual meeting at the Y. M. C. A., with attendance curtailed because of bad road conditions. Speakers at the meeting included George Marks, Iowa Falls, secretary of the Iowa State Holstein Breeders association, and Ernest Wright, Waterloo, secretary of the State Dairy association. The meeting, which was in charge of Charles Edel, president, will close with the election of officers for the coming year. -Federal Income Tax- Losses From Casualties, Theft and Wager. No. 18. To be deductible, as loss arising from 'fires, storms, shipwrecks, or other casualty" need not be connected with the taxpayer's trade or business. If his home or his automobile is destroyed by fire, or his summer bungalow damaged by flood or storm, he may claim a deduction for the loss sustained. Loss of property by theft or burglary is an allowable deduction, and need not be incurred in trade or business. Hence, the loss occasioned by the theft of jewelry or an automobile used for pleasure and convenience is deductible. It must be established, however, that the property actually was stolen. Should circumstances attending the loss leave the owner in doubt as to whether it was stolen or lost, the claim would not be allowed. Losses from wagering transactions are allowable only to the extent of the gains from .such transactions. A loss is deductible only in the year in which it is sustained, even though, as in the case of a theft or casualty, it may not be discovered until a later year. Losses compensated for by insurance or otherwise, of course, are not deductible. However, in the event the amount of insurance is not sufficient to recompense for'the loss sustained, the excess of the loss over the amount of the insurance is deductible. In general, losses for which an amount may be deducted for income tax purposes must be evidenced by closed and completed transactions, fixed by identifiable events, bona fide and actually sustained during the taxable period for which claimed. For instance, a person possessing stock of a corporation cannot deduct from gross income any amount claimed as a loss merely on account of shrinkage in value of such stock through fluctuation of the market or otherwise. The loss allowable in such cases is that actually suffered when the stock is disposed of. If stock of a corporation becomes worthless, its cost or other basis is deductible by the owner for the taxable year in which the stock becomes worthless, provided a satisfactory showing \s made of its worthlessness. A loss on account of stock becoming worthless is deductible only for the taxable year in which the stock becomes worthless and not for any other year, regardless of the fact that there may not be income for the year in which the stock becomes worthless against which to apply such loss. Suffers Stroke in Mason City. HANLONTOWN--Mrs. Gro Sanders, past 80, suffered a stroke of apoplexy at the home of her daughter, Mi's. Peterson, Mason City, and is confined to her bed. She is being cared for hy Mrs. Peterson and another daughter from Milwaukee, Wis. TWICE AS MANY OPENINGS FOUND FOR FARM LABOR Large Increase in Demand for Agricultural Workers. Twice as many openings for farm, workers in 1936 as last year is the estimate of Frank Ball, manager of the Mason City office of the Iowa State Employment service. "Anticipating a great deal of activity in its farm placement division for the season of 1936 we would like to emphasize to the farmers of Cerro Gordo county that this service is maintained by the city, county, state and federal governments for the purpose of referring qualified unemployed residents of this community to work opportunities in this community," said Mr. Ball. "If early indications prove to be correct, good experienced farm hands will be rather hard to locate before the season is very far advanced. Farmers are urged to make use of this service, which is provided for them without cost by placing an early order for all extra workers. "In order to meet the increasing demand, experienced farm hands are invited .to register between the hours of 8 and 12 o'clock at the office of the Iowa State Employment service, second floor, Baglt-y-Beck building, 20% South Federal avenue." The improved economic condition of the farmer and the likelihood of an excellent crop year were given as the reason for the increase in farm hand demand. Church of Christ Minister to Discuss "Our Great Beliefs" In the seven Sundays of the Easter season, D. L. Krata, pastor of the Church of Christ, will discuss at the morning: services the articles of faith of the Christian surah. Although the topics chosen are the traditional beliefs of orthodox Christianity, each one will be studied in relation to its meaning in modern life situations. A distinction will also be pointed out between mere intellectual affirmations and,, convictions that influence human conduct. The series of subjects chosen are "God,"' "Christ," "The Holy Spirit," "The Church," "Forgiveness," "The Blood Atonement" and "The Resurrection." The first sermon will be delivered Sunday morning with the subject "I Believe in God." Questions answered in this sermon will be "What Is God Like?", "Does He Hear and Answer Prayer" and "Does Belief in God Make Any Difference in the Way We Live?" M. J. Mulligan Rites Held at St. Joseph's Catholic Church Here ·Funeral services f o r Martin James Mulligan, 63, who died at his home, 22 Jefferson avenue northwest, Monday following 1 an illness of heart disease, ware'held Wednesday morning 1 at the Holy Family Catholic church, with the Rev. R. P. Murphy in charge. Burial was at St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery. Pallbearers were Frank Blodgett, W. J. Slepicka, L. J. Stevens, Carl Parker, Dave Ryan and S. M. Decker. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING A P P R O V E S HONEY KRUSHED BREAD Honey Erushed Bread Is the first and only independently distributed bread ever ^awarded the distinction of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This approval is your guarantee that our corrective bread fully meets the rigid requirements of scientific research. To be certain of quality in bread, look for this famous stamp-the star and Seal of the | Good Housekeeping Bureau. Thousands are Finding Relief this Natural Way Doctors everywhere endorse Honey Krushcd Wheat Bread--thousands of men and women are singing its praises. And no wonder--for it solves an age old problem. A new, easier and pleasanter way without resorting to harsh and habit-forming purgatives which have no permanent corrective action. Try Honey Krushed Wheat Bread today. You'll enjoy its delicious, nut-like flavor and marvel at its effective beneficial action. Ready sliced and wrapped in a moisture-proof BAKED package, Branded plainly with our registered trade mark "Honey Erushed"--your protection against imitations. Honey Krushei Wheat Bread has attained tremendous popularity. Its tasty, nut-like flavor aud proved corrective action have made millions of friends. Produced under a formula originated by prominent university chemists. The same laboratories have now found a way to make Hotic;/ Krushed Wheat Bread even more delicious and effective. BY

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