The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 23, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1913
Page 4
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RifiAftgSAmHA^^ $£" -1 fllFGETTYSBURG TIMES "^ Published Dailv,, Except Sunday l^siee and Sews Publishing Compai *. LAVSSE HAFER, ar.S Treasurer. BULBS FOR WINTER. Start Bloom For XATES Si"gis: copies to non-subscribers.^cent^ IF YOU reeehe THE TI5IS3 by mail yoa cz Flowers Now to Christmas. ·\Vben vou are buying: bulbs, get the i best ones. And after you 'have mas- I tered the gcowtlx and care of one sort.» sec oat to learn about another sort, and if you -want your bulbs to bloom for^ Christmas plant them uo\v_ \ The Chinese lily bulb is the easiest i and most satisfactory to grove. Thej AT VERA CRUZ Refused to Heed Urging to 60 s OR to Tampico, GENERAL FELIX DIAZ. Returns to Mexico to Fight For the Presidency." WIFE SAYS EATON SLEW 100 MEN PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS T to which VOB are .same lover of greens and flowers -* . i jf j!.n-Ki» » · fvv it ** A ^ ·wi»r»r»tv*t i*t a oast wafer available sress Marcs UNITED PHONE Centre Scuare, Gettysburg, is a past injs- «ays it is no arc anu sa*s she itfcks 'one "of, the-bulbs inroj ·*--*- or so" until all uiej i CLASHES !H ; MEXICO CITY _ . throughout the house j g, 6bds | edr , s Feared Before the Presi- Ic is said that nothing but drafts; hurts tbcse bulbs, and drafts kilij them. The best way to grow them is to them in a cool, seaiidark room fiftft per ord. TO OUR READERS the roots are well formed and tbe reen jrrowUi l-a-= siurted. Then take Them into the lisnt and. give them sun wlien thev are about to bloom. They can be planted, in stones covered with water." or they can be planted in tl-e prepared fiber sold by some of tbe seedmen. A. little saisd in the bottom of a dish it stones and ivater in -vhich thev to grow is aiivanta- to tbe lilies, and a tiny piece of ticket. General cfentiat Electrons Are Heiti on Sun-| day. j Vera Cruz, Mex,, Oct. 23.--General Felix Diaz landed here from tbe steamship Corcovado without hindrance. He was cheered as he earse ashore by several hundred persons of the working class who had assembled on the quay. He went immediately to the residence of his mother-in-law. Diaz said he would not withdraw his aresidenUal candidacy even though he ;aiast the Huena Vicaarrazaga, an were competing °eous *" " agent of the Mexican government, I "'"·' __ _ --»- _ __ ...L !l« l^*i Air'-ac eiwcoal in the wafer keeps it sweet but General Told Darter He Poisoned . *w+ ef *« TM* « f tte 0 _ ._ HappeflUfs in aod abut T«w* Ttiam on Stop,. ^ THE PROSECUTION RESTS Pesple Visiting Here SejnirninfJEIsewhere. William! Brame and 'daughter, OUv^f"^6f5 K ls.ytpn, Ohio, The Will of the Desd Admiral Pul on ^. ere rece nt;^ests.a£ th^'ipine. of Mr. Exhibit--Defense Opened This After/ an d Mrs. Howard Brame.* j i - T,- oon _ " j Major William Pierson Tuttle and Mrs. Tuttle of New Haven, Conn^ are Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 23---Evidence ^ e ^ s ' at ^ g ome o f Dr. and Mrs. W. with which the prosecution experts to ^ GramiUe ,; Ma j or Tattle j^ b^ New Haven Gui i=lA vcxersssd ~nlch is rtisiiig cclumns are open to non-parti^n. candidates of all parties. dape from China, and these are, r Joseph G. fiaton, pracucally was con- for some years. eluded when the government rested Its! 'A, J. Hartman, of Chambersburg: case. The defense opened this after-! street, left Wednesday for St. Louis noon. land Topeka, Xansasj where he will Most of the evideaee dealt with j SDen( j several weeks- statements said to fcave Deea made" ~ ^^ Harold S. Trump, of Montclair, by the defendant and conversations j^, ^ ^ goendi severa i we eks with regarding the admiral's alleged habit j _ - - ^^ of dabbling with poisons and h.s at-j"-- - ' . sieged susceptibility where women j Bream, on Springs avenue 0 ' Mrs. Louis Mmnich and Mr. and GONBEGATtONAttSTS IN GONFI fore pay lor S have free flowers. 1 Ladies, miss- Modish ( es, juniors and childrecs coats. uter garmeacs %sg$£?S-'A ^^JS^-xTS to $19.5 artley WHEN THE EARTH" QUAKES.' Stresses and Our Strains to Which Is Subjected. When the stairs creak and tbe furni- j tare gives out mysterious crackling} sounds at night we sometimes sit up in j bed and wonder if there is a burglar | about, but it doesn't occur to ns that what we hear is really an earthquake on a small scale. The night air has caused the wood to contract with a I snap, thus accounting for the alarming sounds. This is just exactly what the earth is doing periodically- To a microbe, reposing oa the polished surface of the table, this disturbance is probably as violent »s an earthquake is to a human being- An earthquake is terrible thing. It comes v. ithoat warning It is ever be fore one knows which way to fiy. and its fury can be abated by no man. Yet to the geologist earthquakes are aai lhe Germaa prO - ected cruiser Henaa. arrived almost at the same momeai. As a result of the display of a force of rural guards only a small group~bf partisans of General Diaz assembled to greet their leader. The Hertha anchored under the waifs of the fortress of San Juan «le IPua not 200 Yards rrom the Corco! vado. After the Corcovado had been m -were concerned. _ _ j The last witness, Ralph'P. Keyes, j husband of Mrs Eaton's oldest daugh . j ter, Jane, testified that he once heard ! Mrs. Eaton tell his wife that the admiral had put away moreTtBan 100 men on his ship at one time by means of poison. } Keyes said the particular coaversa- !_ ! tion referred to took place on the | night of Wednesday. March 5, three j cays before the admiral's death. According to the v.-itnessr Mrs. Eaton j came to his home in Medford to see \ June and remained in Medford until Kansas Ciry. Mo.,-Oct. 23. -- Thej tha , n{ght i a t n e conversation be- most important conference 01 Congre-! tll . eea r jj e mother and daughter, Keyes gationalists in a decade began here j tes !|} e j when the moderator. Rev. Xeheaiiah j fcjgSt fO tj!8 men! of by port authorities a. boat put from the Hertha and sent two Ger- oSc^s on board the steamship- This was exrtEined by the fact that the Corcovado is a German vessel, and the commander of the Hertha intended to sea that |»iaz was not molested so long as he remained on board. ~ A' sinall army of deleaves came to Vera Cruz from Mexico City and troops were held In quarters. Should the "enthusiasm of the Dia partisans outweigh their "judgment and in the opinion of the authorities the peace of the city be" thereby disturbed, -'" soldiers have orders to shoot. W H'gii Liit ItiV/Xit-i «i"i.Vi · i f c ' W - m -- - -- -- -- j -.f |QT O Bpynton. cf Brooklyn, called to order j ^g sin . he heard June say she had 1 a taik j!, and that he told her he was the fifteenth triennial session of the i g O i K g t O £;.rope soon. June also s=iid- Xatioaai Council of Congregational ac ^ O rcjiag- to her husband's testiciony Churehes in the United States. | J j, a .. t5le ^gniiral ashe-J her whether Six hundred delegates and two thou-1 she care! j jf ae ~ niother and her hus sand visitors are ;n attendance. j ij an (i w ere put oat of the way. The election of a moderator is to · _j-jj Qave I0 go dow a and look af take place today. There are four can- j ,,,,. Mmj' was Mrs. Eaton's comrnea didates--^Rev. William Horace Day, of j | a rep i' v TO June's story, as Keyes Los Angeles. CaL: Rev. Samuel H. j - ceard it " tlie Clashes In Mexico City. Mexico City. OCL 23.--Political developments srel'rspidly moving to a crisis here- The relations of the van- ViToodrotr, of St. Louis: Rev. Charles R. Brown, cieaii of Yale divinity s'chool. or.iy' symptoms. They are not cacses | ocs parlies are"jiecomm. E; so strained tnnch as results--results of great i ^tresses and strains within the earth' j that cause slippings and slidings from } time to time. If the rocks on the shell i of t!ie earth slip and grate against that even the leaders fear bloodshed befoer the presidential election, now only three days^way. _ iiinor conS'cts "already have broken out between tbs followers of Frederico Gambca and Felix Diaz, but t' Xew Haven, Conn., and Rev, Charles S- Mills,-of Montclair. _JIn.e renorts of commissions aad committees occupied most of the session. Tnat of the commission oa pol- itv. containing the n?w doctrinal state- aiertt. was considered the most important- The. statement on doctrine, whica is objected to by some members because of its broadness, follows: "We believe in Go:l liur r.ithcr. infinite ia wisdom, goortnes Kejes testif-ed that Mrs. Eaton to Assinip?: the next nioraing- eac!. other so much as an inch along a j erico Gamboa ana ieiix DU. cu« S^ure ten miles in length a shiver is j police thus :ar have been aole to pre- felt. A slip of nfteea feet along a course of 200 miles sufficed to bring about the terrible San Francisco earthquake and fire. These strains and stresses accumulate steadily within the earth. The point ;it which they have once fouadLrelief is weaker to resist the next strain. It slips aca:n presently. By successive f movements its sides become more and I nore displaced. Rock layers, mineral | veins, coal seanis that cross the line of j displacement, are jogged out of their vent the use of arms. Felicistas are posting circulars everywhere in the city, insuling the Catholic part}, waose candidate is Gamboa, but tnese are torn down almost as soon as posted. course. So ore roads, fence lines and brooks that run across it on the surface. In the San Francisco quake one man's front yard was moved twenty feet to one side of his house, and in ! another plnee tae slip line came so close to a man's barn that some pilas of straw, thrown out from the windows, were carried away. Tn Japan a cliff twelve feet high interrupted a roadway, and thousands of similar cases msstt be cited. These were primary movements along the line of the disturbance that caused the earthqnakes. --Brooklyn Eagle. Hors Please Notice We carry in stock mostly all makes of Shot Guns, Rifles, Revolvers Hunting Knives, Axes and ail others kinds of hunting supplies including all Izincis of cartridges for Deer Hunting and other purposes. We also Have a large stock of mostly a!! kinds of shot shells. Our stock of Hunting Clothing me! Automobile Owners Please Notice We HOY,- have on display our new and fresh line High Grade Automo^ bile Robes, Horse and Stables Blankets. Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases /.' Weaves ever fifty styles of Trunks, Bags and Suits Cases to select r · - from; All k!ndls repaired at short notice, . - - , Galvanized Roofing Just received another car of High Grade Galvanized Roofing made by one of the best rnillfs. A visit and your patronage repectfully solicited. Adams County Hardware Company FEAR ROW_WITH U. S. London Newspapers See Embroilment For Enciand In Mexican Snarl. London, Oct 23.--The London nevrs- papers are just awakening; to the pos- sib ; iitv of an embroilment between the United States and Great Britain over the Mexican sitr.anonr The -H-araings heretofore have al! emanated frora Washington and Xe^s- York correspondents, the views of the British government, as made Inioisn in in. the rnited States, not having been rablished m London. The Pall MatTGazette says: "There is evidently a grave misun-J derstanding between this-country and the United States in regard to the Mexican crisis which should speedily be" removed. There are elements of danger in tbe situation which nia. easily arouse ttrong feeling on both sides of the Atlantic." "It canr.ot be denied that President TTilson had sorae grounds for com- pla:iit against British policy in Mexico," says tne Globe in commenting on tne Me"cac sltuation. The newspaper considers that a crave mista\e was made by the British foreisa ofT.ce in its hasty recogni- I'it- of Kiicnx which was in such -arksd contr 8 =s: with its dignified de- !av IK recognizing King Peter of Servis. It the view that the forcisn e:r. e attitude lends color to the slscic:cn ;nat its policy is dictated rather oy pc,.::cal considerations than ;y regard lor -he real interests of the nation- love, and in Jesus Christ. His Son. our Lord and Saviour, who for us and our salvation lived and die", and li-.eth. evermore: and in the H-!j Spirit, who taketh of the things of Christ and re- vealeth them to us. renewing, comforting and inspiring the souls of men "\Te are united in str'.v'ng to know the ?.:I1 cf God as Taught in the Holy Scr:ptnres ari'l in O'ir p'-raose to wall-in "the ways of the Lord made known or to be made known to us. TTe hold it to be the mission of the Church of Christ to, proclaim the Gospel to all near/Innd, esalting the worship of the one true" God and laboring fcr the pro- sress of 1-cnovsledge. the r-rcraotlon or rustice. t*rs trrempr c£ peace and the The admiral died on the following Sa urday morning. Thte proseci;tion con I ieaai that ihe_first dose of poison wa given to the admiral on Thursday Keyes further sa!d Mrs Eaton declar ed that the a'lnrral punctured her ar with hypodensic cecoies vrhile s; slept and thit ?'ic of her fror.t teet wa? loose becauce the admiral had in jeeted something into her iaw_ lii cross-exasi'nation, Keyes said he had heard ? Eaton make such re- Irs. Charles Zhea have gone to Big- erville to spend ihe day. Mr. and Mrs- H- -P- Bigfaam are oending the day in Fairfield. Mrs. S. C. Burger, of Carlisle street, as gone to Chambersburg- and Carisle to spend several days. The Y. W. C- T. U. will meet with Mrs. Stevens, on Chambersburg street, -his evening at seven o'clock. .Hon. William McClean and Misa Olivia McClean have gone to New York: City for a week's stay. Miss Annie O'Xeal was a visitor in lanover to-day. marks as these frequently not -j-erelr on the one occasion mention eS, just before the admiral's death. - attempt tc LITTLESTOWN ROUTE 2 Liltlestown Route 2--William Boyman and wife, of Kansas City, Missouri, and Mrs. Lynn Smith, of Woodsboro, ild., spent several days last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs- Charles W. Newman at Cloverdale farm. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eckenrode spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in Emmitsbarg, Md. Mrs. Eugene Spalding and daughter. Esther, recently visited friends near Emmitsburg, Md. The new pews for St. John's church arrived on Tuesday and were placed in die church readj- for Sunday School and church service on Sunday morn- ·r-s- October 26. ^_ Eugene Spalding^and Charles Eckenrode were busy hauling lumber for Ira Grouse on Tuesday. ,, __ Mervin Miller and famify da\- at theome of"Mr. anc Mam Earner near Granite Station. a~ch:fd Adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Keyes Chicago. ^ . , ^ - t frasrrated b~ Chief -Tcsiice Aiken. J Solomon MiUer and wife spent ba^- " '"· -" ""urday and Sunday with' frier.os at ;ettysburg-. -- '-rb BiirLF BIG iS . realisation of hnnan brt"ne--bood Be- nendiag. as ci:d onr fathers, upon the continued gGidacee of the Koly Spirit to lead m into a!i ve work an- 3 . Dra~ for t'-e transforniaticn of the world into ibc kingdcai of God; an-! we look w;ui faitn for tae triiimph of righ;oousr.css ana for life and g'.orj wno r.eclined to allow the witness tc answer. At the cor.rlnsion of the testimony the prcsecuuon put in several exhibit= araons th^ra ihe «ill of Admiral Eaten. This g^vos ths bulk of his property to Mrs. Eat-n. In the even! of her deats. c-eTthing is to go tc her younger daughter, Dorothy, with the exceutscn cf a baqacst of §5000 tc Jl.23 KCJCS The fcpor: of the secretary shewed an Increase Irs rlsarch membership -see :010 of Till. TWO felADEROS ARRESTED Brothers cf te Late Mexican President Charged V/:th Plotting. Mexico City, Mex.. Oct. ±3.--Daniel and Evaristo ?.Io.*ero. broihars of the late President Francisco I. iladero, been arrested at ilonterey. charced T ri-h complicity in a plot to tnr never that city to the revolutionaries, according to dispatches printed ·ii the newspapers r.ere. two brothers are said to have WATSON AGAjNJJEFORE JURY Georgia Editor May Face^Another In dictment by Federal Authorities. Aus«sta, G?~ Oct. 23 --Thomas B. XTatson. the Georgia editor and politician, v.ho was freed from a charge of sending obscene matter through the mails here in the federal court, soon may face another Intllctment. His case was presented to the fed eral crand jury again after his coanse" made a futile effort to have the court bnng In Ac jurors an-i "search their consciences" w learn if a prejudice existed against TVatson- Senator ^C'.app to Defend Nevvsboys. "Washington. Oct. 23.--iwo grimy lit tie voungsters Wao seil papers- at lie marble senate office building T^H have a senator for their attorney wnen they appear m tne j«-. coar next Wiil Push Inquiry at London. -vTashingto-5 Oct- 23. -- Diplomatic exchange oeivreen Ambassador Page and the foreign office with regard to Great Britain's attitude in Mexico are ::\ely to contnme. indications that Sir Lionel Caraen, the British mirsistcr to Mexico, does not hold views :is sinT£thv with the American policy to^ar.i" the Haerta government has ca-ased concern to the -Washington government. Tae administration takes the view that as the "nearest neigh- the United States been conj?ro:nisea by documents .take^ frotu the bodies of rebels after a £ght near Monterey 20Q rJUr-JERS ENTOf^iBED Trapped. It Is Reported, FoHov^ng an Explosion. Trinidac. Colo.". Oct. 23.--Two hundred rn'iiers are reportea entombed as the result oi aa explosion at the Stag Canon mine, at Dawson. X. M.. according to reports received here. Rescue trains have bees sent to the scene from the southern Colorado coai fields by the Victor and the Colorado Fuel and Iron companies. Tuesday, charged with jumping «p street cars. Senator Clapp, of Minnesota, learned that the two boys had been arrested aad hastened to appear for tnerQ. "I nsed to 3o a lor worse thir.ts thaTi that when I was a boy," he said, "but no esc arrested me for mmensc Neo Keservpir for "Water A*t Eagemont. At a special meeting of the board of directors of the Washington County Water Company, it was unanimously decided 'to build at once an additional reservoir with a capacity of between 200,000.000 and 300,000.000 gallons on the Edgemont- water shed, for the benefit of the Hagerstown consumers. The exact location or the reservoir has not yet been determined, although company has already had the Edgemont region thoroughly explored by engineers in the view of the construction of such a reservoir. An expert engineer will be employed at ones to fix the location, draw up pla'ns and ascertain the cost. The company feels that this reservoir will accommodate the needs of Hagerstown for years to come, but in order to be prepared to meet the possible demands in the future it is expected "co build the dam in such a way ;"hat, when the occasion retires, its eight can be increased with the corresponding demand. tlism." Uc! Ki'ls Three Cavalrymen. Kocston." Tex.. Oct. 23.--Ligatnin? struck a column of tae Sixth TniteJ States cavalry marching between .Tesas City and Galveston. killing Privates Monroe Morris, George Morris and John Ziiainer. The bolt struck the wagoa trala --:th which the three men were detailed. Many soldiers were se Train Kills VineJsnd Doctor. Vineland, X- J, Oct. 23.--Dr. H. E. Hahn, a retired Vineland physician, residing at Grant and Main avenues, was struck by a West Jersey Seashore railroad train at TCewneld and «or to Jiexico tne uiuicu ~-.«---- suui^ .»...v.-~~ - _ should have a free hand in trying toj d i e d a few hours lausr m the hHn- nhmit H nadfication- It is not ran- c ians' hospital. reported; bring abont a pacification likely therefore that the *^r , statement of tne British minister that j the United States did'not understand j conditions in Mexico, would be the subject of further inquiry, "with the possibility that the episode may brmi about important developments. Lynched For an Insult. Monroe, La. Oct. 23--Warren Eaton, a negro, accused of having insulted a white woman here en Monday, was taken from the jail by a mob and hanged. , .«._=. m t^'^ In holding potatoes through the -winter it is well to keep in mind the fact, that there 5« usually a shrinkage of five 01- six pounds per bushel during j the period oC stomge. WANTED: a fresh cow. Wri'te to JBox 122, Biglerville, Pa.--advertue- MRS. WBUUL4M SENTZ Mrs. Sentz Died at her Home Near fiarney- Mrs. Matilda Sentz, wife of William Ser-xz. died last Friday at her home near Barney, ag«i 79 years, 9 months ahd 8 days. She leaves her husband and these children, Jacob. Augustus; Oliver and David Sentz; Mrs. Rebecca Hoke, M verely shocked and seres c£ horses and mules were knocked dswii. Wilson Signs Urgent Deficiency Bill. ·vTasbingtoii. Oct. 23. -- President \ViIson signed the "urgent deficiency bill carrying a provision, exempting from the classified civ:! service regulations of deputy United States marshals and deputy collectors of internal Joseph Mummert and Mrs. Louisa revenue. j ment Policewomen Fight "SJavers." San Francisco. Cal.. Oct. 23.--Three woBjen added to the police force are on duty now. They are fighting the white slave traffic. If the newly built corn crib is of good size it will be -well to make arrangements for ventilation in case the corn is not thoroughly ripe -when picked. Snyder. The funeral vvas held on Monday with interment at Mount Joy church. Tbe-rerclict soems to be ge that the fly season is about over, that' these pests have been ranch less nu- merons this season tha-n in past years. There is little question that this is the flirect result of a nationwide fly swatting campaign, coupled _ with greater diligence in the matter of keeping tfieir breeding places covered or disinfecting them There is no need as yet. however, to fear that the supply of flies ·will be entirely eiterniin-ated and thus wipe ont the useful service a few of them rendof as disintcgrntfirs of waste decaying mnnnrial and vegetable matter. - - - .-

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