The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 26, 1952 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 20
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2O Kiion City llobe-O»M(te, Mannu Cltjr, {a. Mason City Calendar AUG. S3-~(r--TryouU for flrol -Mason rity " J.lttlo Thcntcr play, "Kiithcr of the · · · B r i d e , " ' : a t ' t h e Studio, 13'A N. Vcderul, beginning nt 7:30 p.m. AUO iiO--Tiuslncss-Industry.KilucnUon Day. SEPT. 2--All Mnso'n City school* reopen. ·KPT. 5(-- E! Kulilr r fihrino ccromoninl. SEPT. 31--North . C e n t r a l lown Hoil and Clun Club's nlnlli annual field day, tlnvinl location, onejiall mile weal ot Jll«lwn' GS on Scenic Highway n o i l l i of Wlnnc liaRO Itlvtfr. · (KPT. 27--Full stag nnd i l n c k - c a l l l n K con- ··'·' test for llio benefit fif Jltick* Unlimlturl sponsored by Mallard Club at tho Cain Fnunfly Kail, Vontura. iKJI'T. 27--Iowa IllgH-'fwolvo c o m c n l l o n . · E%T. S7--VFW and A u x i l i a r y n n n u i i l Circus Coming on Milwaukee Rail road at Dawn Wednesday RE IN SON CITY j^your travelers checks af the . jt National Bank of Mason City. CtjM(£fif«1)t n"d safe. IJue C|ross H o s p i t a l i z a t i o n now individuals. ,J. E. Hod- at Shephercit. M c K l n l e y , St. A n s g a r rfotato grower and national GOl' .udv]50r, will speak at the 'Tioon luncheon of Kivvanis at l\o"ilotel Hnnford. jrVeamplete »toek of window seo'J.Uootnhowcr Mdwe. ave/ rtoney; L a u n d r i t * Self {baundry, 27 His. washed d,;;Si;70. pred " Salin c o l o r s a t ,:.^; iChief Boyd Arnold is attend- »i v nmitial .''onvenlion of the liAssocialion of firo Chiefs . M'nss. :Ex«eutlve Offices and tho tffl.rfs; Office will be open Register before' the hc fall term, Sept. 1. School. ''Rummage sale of girl's clothing, ijfze" ; d.//\Vcd. through Kri. 305 S. *Ken£//('"' giving up my business I all my customers for nnd to say goodbye * to^U'itfy friends 1 didn't sec before """" for California.--Mary Ncs- uilderS Hold field Day and jPlan Bowling ^., 4.',.. , - - "4 The Mason City chapter of the 'National Home Builders Associn i'llon held its third annual fit'ld day "nt the Legion C o m m u n i t y golf *,coursd Monday. *·*. ft ! .wns the first gel-together for 'the,: organization for the s u m m e r nnd -"consisted of gulf, ball gnmc, 'putting contest, horse shoe contest and baseball throw. ; Following dinner, (he group saw movies; on bowling, us lo how it ·should a n d _ . should not bo done. T.Plans were mnilc to start the bowling league next week. TOREADOR OF TlfJHT W I R E -- C o n Colleano, only man ever to muster a f o r w a r d somersault on the. w i r e , IK one ot: Die fuahireM of I h u .slar-Httuldod program of Uie Clyde BeuLty Circus. The show will appear al. t.he North Iowa fairgrounds VVodnoailay for 2 performances at 3 and 8 P-^_-_ Cerro Gordo Democrats Organizing Fall Campaign Cerro (jurilo County Democrats have begun o r g a n i z i n g for an intensive c a m p n i g n this f u l l . At a meeting of parly members nt tho Cerro tlordo Hotel, Dr. Storing E. Barber, Cerro Cordo County central committee c h a i r in u n of be party, was Instructed to appoint i number of committees, tho mem- icrship oC which will be announced soon. These committees, suggested by .he c h a i r m a n nnd itpprovcd at the meeting, will be hesulcd by an organizational director,,who will have charge Of the c a m p a i g n in the Junior will he up at the crack of dawn Wednesday. It will le circus day in Mason City. ' .Sometime during the night the long silver train of the Clyde Beatty Circus will pull into the city over the Milwaukee Road from Charles City. At daylight the runs will be dropped and the job of unloading will gel under way on Carolina Avenue S, E. Elephants, camels and horses will slowly plod their - w a y . to the North Iowa fairgrounds, where the show will set up for the day. Heavy wagons loaded with mysterious cargoes will roll down from the f l a t cars to follow the stock to the grounds. There the enok house will go up first. And soon activity w i l l be going on all over the grounds. Matinee at 3 Hundreds ot workmen will be hurrying against lime so that everything will be in readiness for the opening performance at 3 p. in. For 1052, Neatly has surrounded himself with some of the finest acts from the European circuses. M a n y of t h e m are making their first appearance in the United States. But lieaUy's wikl animal display is still the big lure of the show. This year Bcatly is presenting the largest group of lions nnd tigers ever mixed together and working at the same time in the big steel cage. Another unusual a n i m a l act Is the one in which tigers . and elephants, natural enemies, work side by side. four big by Hollywood's Barbette, am! presenting f)0 ballet girls in dn/v.linR new costumes and special lighting effects, add color and glamour to live 1952 edition of the world's greatest trained wikl a n i m a l show. NEWS of RECORD Marriage Licenses (7eri(il TheJi. '.'«. »«d K e t t y f.nuUe Klnep- fti, Ijolh lit MJiineupnlli; Harold Cur Hi f i i r r , XI, and S l i r j g r l c J. Scull. Zt bulh of HI, I'aul. New Car Sales H a r t / U f a W»«ontr, -Jin) N . W . . Fordl Mrn. K. I I . Wa«ner, l ! l llrouk Terrace, Kurd. Police Court Drunk D r l r l i u -- M c l v l n N. HaveUntl. XI, :!IO Madison N.W., bound It jcrauil Jury, r e l e n t e d un liond. O v e r t i m e Parking:--r'otxnm Auto Co., 'HA N. Federal i [lob N e t t l e t u i i , ',it Carolina S.K.i Jerry Parker, lft:( Ohio N . K . i Via- rent V, (iiiodman, !!: W. Stain i J. II, MiriUm, ?.u: Monroe S . W . i It. W. O r l p p t i i , Clear f . a k e i Hulpli l\eolusle, C'lear t.J Jack I-Hr.uii. K:l» t i l l S.K.! Al Diaz. !!.', l i t S . K . i Jack L a r s o n . K1H I t h K . R . i Cliarles Ga»«wlnt, -1»3 S. K c d c r a l l Mrs. M e r l e I H w f r , Cliarlcs C l l y i M a r g a r e t Kranlnjtcr, .".IU lib N . K . I U. K. Prlicook, HOI M a r y l a n d S . K . i J c r r r Cohen, l l l . l I t l i S.SV'.i (ilcii A l l e n , 111) l l t h S.K., eacli for- f e i t e d tl. Improper Parklwjf--MJniipapoJIs Honey- w e l l K e c i i l a l l n i c Co., Dei Matnem I). !.. [j|. Dei M o l n e t i K. I'.. Itcjnoicl* A l o l n e n i A r t h u r J . C u l i r l e l , Ie Molnci: Paul ItelUr, le« MoJnr», carli lor f e l t e i l 9 ) 1 I.. W . W r i g h t , Den M o i n e s . tor- f e l l e d V* for two violation*. Crippled Children's Center Is Planned for Des Moines Romey Named on Mutual Federal Board Fire Calls At I ft: Oil a.m. T u e s d a y lu 1017 S. K r.r»l. Superior Oil C'u., «ccu|iiinl, u v t r - tiCAtetl s t o v e . ft. 1C. Uomey, Mason City real- Walter J. Walker, chairman of the- Ccrro Gordo County Society for Crippled Children and Adults, said' that tho Crippled Children's Society has obtained land in Des Moines and is planning a halt' million dollar combination Cerebral Palsy Center for children and a Rehabilitation Center for adults. According to information received by Walker, the land for the new building has become available through the generosity of Mrs. 0 A. Youngerman of Ues Moines and the late Dave Ifemm of Hampton. Mrs. Youngerman, herself i handicapped person, deeded the $30,0000 six acre tract of land to the society for $5,000. The money used was a gift lo the .society from the will of Dave Hernm. Need for Center Executive Director Harold Ily mans of the Easter Seal Agency told Walker that the society ha; long felt the two-fold need o larger facilities for cerebral pal sied children and a place where adults can be rehabilitated intc useful, happy citizens. The ne\ Births Reported spectacles, produced (At M e r c y l l o i p l t a l -- C l l r l lo Mr. anil M r s . Joseph G o o d m a n , Ittiule I, Mtuua CiljF. M o n i l a y j lny 10 Air. and .Mr,*. Vtrn rims, :iO! rah s.w.. Mumiuy. Realty Transfers Uii. II in. Ilk. t*rt J. Cramer Tr. Co., M.C., anil Margaret Kf! It nil- t l . tor, was named on the board of di- building will he designed to nice rectors of the M u t u a l Federal Sav-j 1 TM 1 . 1 } ( ! r Ulusc r , cc l ; s - UCI» W. 'JO ft. ot l.ol ·;. Illk. I, In YounKulood'» AilJ. tu M. 0.. I'M-SI. C'brro Gortlo County, to Stnte of Iowa, II, ( O C D ) Ciiinni. nt the U" i c o r n e r of IH-!ID-'.! S. MI..W tl. E. I.S'Jl.S II. :lmg tlic N. lino of SW/i to point ir beg i n . I c o n l l n i i l n j c S. HII.M rt. ' K. l7:i.': II. to My r-w of Chic.. M i l . St. I'aul and I'a cKIO H.H., S. 7 !..'.* f l . VV. (MO. I «. along N l y r-n- ol sail! U . K . N. lOVt It. IV. 1 8 1 . 1 (t. 10 point ur begin.. U-IH-T,'!. C. l.k. l)k. it Tr. Co.. lo W i l l i a m U. laMmni ami I'atrlcla T.. SI. (Tnutew H e r d I. Loti '1 and l!\ in I t l k . I, Knsc Tutt i c M r l n t r i i l i Sub., K-IH-r,':. C. I.U. Ilk. k Tr. C.j., lo W i l l i a m U. Ifilh- Colleano on Wire Con Colleano, toreador of the county. The coinniitlces to he mimed arc; Countywidc advisory committee, fi- niuicc, speakers nnd special events, headquarters, publicity, women's a c t i v i t i e s and young Democrats nc- tivilics. Discussion at flic meeting iiuli- t h n t ono of Ihe inlen- ings and Loan Association Tuesday to fill the vacancy caused by the death of O. A. Mcrkcl. Romey has heen identified with the Homey Really Company ever a d v i c o m n iittcc since he was graduate*! in 1927 from J h i s c n r ^, i n t ^ n t p r , the State University of Iowa, where' he distinguished himself as an All-Conference end on the gridiron. Homey was a member of the finance c o m m i t t e e that raised the funds that made possible the establishment of Camp Gayvvood for Girl Scouts at Clear Lake. orit ;inU I'nlrletH T., *t. Deed), tight wire, only man lo ever master a forward somersault on the wire heads the star-studded program o h u m a n performers. The circus w i l l b c in Mason City' for one clay only, with performances scheduled nt U and 8 p. m. Doors arc open an hour before each performance. Afler the last show, everything will be reloaded at the Chicago Great Western railroad yards on First N. W. to be shipped lo Fort Dodge, where the circus will play Thursday. I . u l s - 1 .ni! IA 111 H l k . I. Hnsc Tuttlc Mc- I n l m h Sull.. H-lM-'i'i. W u r l o y , K. Koy nnil M l l i l r m l Worlcy, lo Cius [)l,[arco »nd Shirley. Jt. l e u . , SI. ( \ V I » I, lit 7. lllk. li. W l l i l H i i n d A d d . to C.'.. H-'i'J-.y:. Wood. 1'rcdnrlo *M. J r . , and Grace 1. Wciml. I t n c c r II. Smith mid ,Mary M., tn {''riinci. 1 ! J. W c n v c r mid Mi\rgTirnt Ann, Jt. ten., S f . ( W O I b e g i n , at point 3.111 ft. W. ntul « ft. N. nl M B rorncr or 1,1.1 :!:f hi AHidlor's ir I.otfi I iinil I in Anil. V l a t of SW/i "I Nli'A in-llll-'JO I h c i i u c \V. I l l ) I t . N. 71 Cl. U. 1 1 1 1 It S. I t I I . ti) b e g i n . , H--.1I-M. ILL WITH POLIO CHARLES CITY--Carla Scbarpff, 17, Marble Kock, was taken' to Iowa City hospital Friday with polio. Her condition M o n d a y was reported as fair. She has been making her home with her uncle and aunt, Mr. nnd Mrs. \V. M Staebcnow, near Marble Rock. C h a i r m a n of the devclopnien committee making plans for th new center is Louis Kurt'/, of DC Moines. W. Earl Hall is a member of th dealing wit this special center. Herb Ohrt is member of the executive com mi tec and L. G, Benz, Osage, a men bor of the board of directors. lov/a Lagging 'While at the moment we are not certain about the exact size not- cost of the building, we are certain of the need for larger quarters for the children and a place for retaining adult handicapped persons," said Kurtz. "Iowa's handicapped persons are not now being offered the help that is being provided in other states. We arc determined that this situation will he changed and that phy- W A L T E R J. W A L K E R Arraigned on $15 Forgery Charge A Mason City man. Carl II. Spurling, waived formal hearing in District Judge William P. Butler's court here Monday after being arraigned on a $15 forgery charge. The time for his plea was set for 10 a.m. Wednesday. Spurling is alleged to have passed the check at the Osco Self Service Drug store Mason City July 7. He was in arrested by Ccrro Gordo County deputy sheriffs Aug. 12. sically handicapped children and adults in Iowa will be given every opportunity to live n o r m a l , useful, happy lives." RHEUMATISM-ARTHRITIS MUSCLES JOINTS NERVES Dr. R. W. Shultz,"D. 0. Room 041, Hanford Hotel PHONE 29GO Mason City, Iowa sivc c a m p a i g n s ever conducted by Ihe p a r l y will be worked out and announced as it develops. Gl On Furlough K A N A W H A--Cpl. Wayne D. DR. STERLING E. B A R B E R -- D e m o c r a t i c C h a i r m a n BUYS AGENCY ,' EACiLli GROVE--'Ray Garrelt, loeal insurance agent, has pvir- ,'^dhnscd the insurnneo ngcncy of /Mrs. Bertha Hobbet Grcenloy. lie takes possession of his now busi- ,"ness on Sept. t. Mrs. Greenlcy is Amoving to lier new home near '^Grimes. Her income lax service ,','ha.s been sold to A. C. Larson. START SCHOOL Mrs. Sheridan Rites Planned on Wednesday Funeral services for Mrs. Frank Florence) Sheridan, 5:i, formei tlnson City resilient wlui died at wr folli Smith arrived from Fort Morgan, Colo., for a 15-day furlough at the home ot his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse G. Smith. He expects to finish training in November. He served one year in Korea. NOTE A N N I V E R S A R Y CHARLES CITY--Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Man were honored by 28 friends in observance of the 25th wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Schlotterbcck and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Siefkes were in charge of the arrangements. The picnic table was centered with a "horn of plenty" from which a small wagon was drawn, filled with silver dollars for the honored couple. Mr. M a n is YMCA secretary. They are the parents of three sons, Jack, Bob a n d - J i m , who were all home for the celebration. PARKIN ONLY For the first time--a pen made by Parker craftsmen at u real economy price. Has P a r k e r s t y l i n g . . . Parker's w o n d e r f u l performance! Uses pen-protecting Parker Quink, or any ink. home in Curtilage, I I I . , Monday lowing an illness, will he held at a.m. Wednesday nt Holy Family Catholic Church. T h e - I I I . Ilev. Msgr. A r t h u r J. Urecn will officiate. li'ricnds may call at Ihe Max Allison residence, 21G Seventh N.E., after ·! ii.m. 'I'ucsday until the t i m e of services. The parish Rosary will be said there at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Interment will he at St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery. Tho Colonial F u n e r a l Home is in charge. Robert Ryan Pays $300 for Drunk Driving Robert 12,. Rynn, 710 Adams N.W., was fined $300 and $M.«5 in costs Monday in District Judge William P. Butler's court here on charges of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. R y a n was arrested by Clear Lake police Aug. 'I. R y a n also lost his driver's license for liO tlays and forfeited his Iowa liquor book. School can be more fun, angel in our nen iy .^.../OfiU Qcrl 4MA QO the Year's Best Values! 4,000 Pounds Too Much, Mason City Driver Pays $114 Donald W. Oehncrt, a truck Irivcr for the Hoxie Fruit Co., Maon City, paid a fine of $11-1.80 and .10.75 in costs Monday in District fudge William !'. Butler's court on charges of operating an overloaded, ruck. Sgt. M. G. Scliriulcr, representing the Iowa Highway Commission, arrested Dclmcrt near Plymouth last Friday. Dchnert's truck ,vas fount! to be carrying 4,000 pounds or 22.2 per cent more than its legal limit. DuRee Hunter to Attend Women's Medical College Miss On lice. Hunter, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James Hiitiler, 717 Crc.scenl Place, will Isavo Wednesday by p l a n e for Philadelphia where she is lo attend Women's! M e d i c a l College. The Mason C i t y j girl WHS one of 50 accepted from more than 500 applications because of her high scholastic standing. She was graduated in Juno from Northwestern University w i t h a Bachelor of Science degree. Miss lunlcr is spending a week with ;icr parents at their Clear Lake collage following her return from a six weeks lour of Europe. Ridged by chains of active volcanoes, p a r t s of Indonesia arc stil among the wildest place;; on earth There's .L'un afoot, excitement ahead, for the girl wearing: Friendly Shoes. Could that be you, angel? Definitely, if you like easy-going styles that always look smart, never'look studied. Come straight here and see them-shoes for girls going places. Cpl. Fredrick Bruce in Army Demonstration at Wisconsin Fair MILWAUKEE. W is.--Cpl. Fredrick W. Bruce, 829 Harrison S. W., Mason City, Iowa, demonstrated and explained Army combat engineer problems and equipment, during Ihc Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee last week. lie is a member of the Tllsl Kn-i ginccr Combat B a t t a l i o n stationed at Camp McCoy, Wis. The unit conducted a combat demonstration each morning and presented a display on the fair grounds in the afternoon and evening. Bruce entered the Army In September, 1050. Dr. Glen M. Krogh DENTIST 611 Brick Tile Bldg. P H O N E 1 1 8 9 ADAMS PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY "Where Pharmacy Is a Profession" 21 E. State St. PHONE 872 TRIPLE GUARANTEE FIRST QUALITY AND YOUR OLD T I R E S 1 Service guaro n ^ e e 9 against all road hazards f o r specific number of months. 2 Lifetime guaran t e e · against all defects i n m a t e r i a l a n d workmanship. 3 Policy g u a r a n t e e · of "satis f a c t i o n g u a r a n t e e d or y o u r money back." TRIPLE GUARANTEE FOR 18 MONTHS WHEEL BALANCING Per Wheel One Low Price I n c l u d e s Labor and Weights. T'luK Till l i . O O x I f i AND Y O U R OLD T I R E S O t h u r Stucs ^ r o p n r t i n n a t e l y I.nw 1'rlcctl S17.F. li..Wslii (i..'l)ll' n.~,o\i~ .7.i«xi: I. (ill s i 5 Set nf ;* :t-3.ix :;o.fiK ·JH.-ll! :ti.»H . :i.H!t Set of I 1 i;i :-..-, lil.Hfi riii.H.'i liU,", (HI.73 D u w u I'ny'l Set n f 1 li.MI li.Oil n.f.u 7.00 ·I'lus Tax am) Your Olil Tlrcj. · Triple Guaranteed 18 Months o X-41° Cold Rubber Construction o Saf-T Treed for Safer Mileage ONLY 10% DOWN On S e a r s E a s y Payment Plan WHERE.THC Cjod e)Aied. COMC FROM. 5OOO-MILE WHEEL I ROTATION f SERVICE, ; j i at No Extra Charge, f if for Life Of Tires with ' ^ Purchase of Two or ^ p| More Allstate Tires ^ CRUSADER CUSHION T9RES 45 Triple Guaranteed 12 Months Each Tlus Tav W And Your Old Tire S a f e s t Tire We Know in the Low Price Field . . . Bar None X-41" Cold Rubber Construction Sixes for Most Cars at Savings CfftDC JLHlXJ MAIN FLOOR 23 E. State Ph. 380

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