The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 19, 1937 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1937
Page 9
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\ ^---- -- MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE. JANUARY 19 · 1937 N N CLEANERS, BAKERSJPLAY FOR CAGE TITLE OUT of the PRESSBOX -By Al Mitchell AN OPEN LETTER FROM GEORGE FEENEY FOREST CITY, Jan. 18, 1937. Al Mitchell, Sports Editor Mason City Globe-Gazette Mason City, Iowa. Friend Al: I have been writing a number of towns in the northern part of the state to see if we can create enough interest to form a Class D leiiguo in organized baseball. S * 0 I believe t h a t a league of this type would stimulate interest in the game . . . that something that seems to be lacking. A league has a'number of advantages over the semi-pro -game as it stands today . . . at least organized ball would overcome some of the defects that we have to contend with in the scmipro game that we play in the state oC Iowa. The problem of arranging out-of-town games has been one that we just can't solve due to the small number of towns having teams that play through the entire week. ,, Most of the towns having lean only play Sundays . . . this cond fion makes it impossible for tl towns having a team organize for the purpose of playing at lea three games a week. You just can keep a team on the field . . strong enough to put up a bran of ball that will draw at the gat . . . unless you can schedule su ficient out of town games, as we as home games. This has been ou problem here nt Forest City, an I think I can truthfully say team like Algona, Charles City an Storm Lake are up against th same problem. A league woul take care of the out-of-tow schedule . . . create more interes in the respective towns in th league, especially if the teams ar composed of young ballplayer that arc put there hustling, an giving their best at all times. A league of this typo wouldn' cost a great deal of money if w could arrange to contact class AA or major league clubs to giv financial aid to the teams in th league . . . in return for the priv liege of taking the pick of the players at the end of the season The higher minor leagues, am the ; major league clubs, an making working agreements will every league in the country, anc are on the look-out to make contact on such an arrangement. Bu :· - r-fifst- we -tntis'l shoWsome ac'ti'vitj in.'the -way 'of organization. . We must show them that we are ready to put six or eight teams in the field. The actual cost foi the teams wouldn't be any higher .f in a league than it has been in the \ semipro field. For those towns that 11 would be interested in this league ! and haven't had semipro teams \ there would be the cost of buying / uniforms, and equipment . . . this j possibly could be arranged by con- i tacting some firm or company in the town or in the immediate vicinity and asking them to purchase the uniforms and equipment · in return for the teams adopting the name of the firm , . . which would be valuable in the way of advertising. Take Mason City for example . . . I think that''this could be worked out very nicely. I would like to see Mason City in this league. What do you think of the idea of Mason City going i into the league? I would apprc- | date it very much if you would sec if there arc enough interested parties in Mason City who would consider taking it up with the baseball fans, businessmen and the larger firms. The salary limit for players in the Class D league is usually $50 a month, exclusive of the manager' salary- He is usually paid a salavj of S100 to $200 a month. In th event we could secure f i n a n c i a aid for each team in the league ti the extent of $1,500 to $2,500, thi usual sum advanced by the majo . league clubs, there isn't any ren son why all the teams shouldn't bi_ able to finish the season in gooc financial condition. Hoping to hear from you in the near future, I remain, as ever, Your friend, GF.ORGE FEENEY. LOCAL HOOPERS TO END HALF OF LEAGUE SEASON Undefeated Teams Play for First Session Crown in Wednesday Contest. COMMERCIAL LEAGUE " H A S K L T H A L L S T A N D I N G S (First R o u n d } M.irsliitll and Swirl \' (i' i'^ "ornToJiry"'.:·;:·:-· .! :,' '·''«;; " e e k r r ' s "· i 7, ·;'.' 1'aiist .. :; ·-·- namiiion's :"":: ,, j v;! l l i - u , nLS , L "' TS ,?' A S ' 1 '"iVKtlt M a r s h a l l .mil S w i f t ;:(;; llamilto'n's 1C. Corn Country 2 1 ; I'ahsl I I . W E D N E S D A Y C A M K S 7--Corn Country vs. Decker's. J--1'nbst n i n e r i b b o n vs. H a m i l t o n ' s V--Diamond B r e a d vs. M a r s h a l l - S w i l l . r,/ r j lc big winc lup is set for Wednesday night. As the Commercial basketball league closes the first half of its split season, two undefeated leaders will clash. · They'll wait until the last game of the half-season schedule to decide who gets the honors--and that's an ideal spot for a title battle. The undefeated squads are Mar- i shall and Swift's defending league champions and Diamond Bread's Bakers. The Cleaners will put a huskier, lengthier team on the coui 1 Wednesday night at 9 o'clock. Ced Connelly, at center, and Leo "Pat 1 Ryan, the league's leading scorer are among the big lads. They'l team with Francis Brouwer, former State Teachers all-around player, Harry Cordle, local lumm- ury who also played with Luthei and Ellsworth colleges, and Gene Hawks, newcomer to local circles who has proved a capable guard Diamond Brothers will probably send out two former junior college aces, Mickey MacDonald and Merrill "Red" Hcrbener, at center and forward. Keith DeLacy or Ivan Davis, both local high schoo: stars of other seasons, will get the other forward job, while Bobby Burns, one of the best Mohawk guards jr. history; Earl Lane, another all-around performer in his school days, and Lyle Humphrey, who was with Iowa State Brand last year, hold the guard jobs. LEAGUE SCORING ETTE S Illinois'Stock Booms in BigTen Title Market Golf Champions Overlooked in New Ail-American Ticket Paces Illini Win t y a n ( M S ) i i i e l l y (.IIS) . i o y c r (1)15) iccky (I 1 ) , . l o i m s o n ( C O ) . G r o w e r ( M S ) , , . :rontlo "(MS) " . . . ^ l i r i s t p i i s c n ( P ) . f n e i c n m ( 1 ) ) . . Human ( H ) . . . tiioii air iruiisvolil (!') . 'au! ( C C ) Jarroll ( D ) . . . . Llufcr.^on CCC) . · l i u r l l e ( C C ) 1 ! l l s o n ( I I ) . inLacy (Ull) ... laivlfi, ( M S I .. Inrtinlircy ( T n ) InrJiHJk (CC) . , I'olfc (1)1 · 'cssels ( I D l a l h i a s n n ( M S ) arr (PI anna ( D ) ' l l i l e (1» . . n,lius(:i (II)"!!! cterson (II) ... urns (nil) elson (D) artin (Mri) erhcncr (1)11) . OM'Cll (II) .. cnnry (II) ... ( C C oil (II) avis · ( DU) iicheii inn) '".'.', l l m a n ( C C ) or (I 1 ) cell ( C C ) . . . ! G FT PF LOUIS BOUDREAU NORTH IOWA TO SEE FEW TILTS Semester End Causes Slim Schedule During Early Part of Week. BASKETBALL STANDINGS .VOItrilEAST I01VA t U n i o n . . . ' H a m p t o n V a u k o n . . . Varies City . . Fo ARMORY ,,,,»,,, DOUBLE MAIN' EVENT KLOMP vs. HEARITY SAWYER vs. BLAZER Thursday, Jan. 21 Tickets at Uniteil am] Plcazol Cigar Stores Mlany who s u f f er from rectal troubles w o u l d fiiiiebly seek relief if llicy but .knew or were familiar ^ wilJi modern rcclal office methods. Modern rectal of- ficf practice cuts the cost, ilocs not cause confinement, is painless, efficient anil satisfactory. Dr.R.W.Shultz,D.O. 218-210-220 First National Bank Building Her (MS) '".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. u u x u ABST LOSES MONDAY AME WITH TRACTOUS CHARLES CITY -- The Oliver factors put on a last quarter :urt to defeat the Pabst Blue ibbon team of Mason City here IV ondny night in an exciting game of basketball, 26 to 21. Pabst led t h r o u g h o u t , the firs three periods but the Tractors ov erwhelmcd them in the last quar ter, allowing them only six point while the Tractors counted 11 t win. THE BOXSCORE PABST--31 [TRACTOIIS--;·(! f£ It nH tr f t n Tracer I a 0 J l C l a r a m e r f M a t l i i a s n n I 1 I n i l l a l i n . r R r n n s v n l i l f i 0 l I D l l g a n c Chrislensc.l c It 1 l | M , i l l c r f K o p c c k y f I n n j R e l i n k e s W o l f e E I I Oir.lnihiman r Hiirr 1 n 0| Srorc liy quarters: Paljst r; Tl ' J ( l ~ ; i Tractors ^ I f ! 13 ·] R e f e r e e : Chaplr.r. C h a r l e s c i t y . ... , H K S U L T S L A S T M'EEI U e.l t j n t o n I!); (,'rcsco t:s. Now H a m p t o n . 1 1 ; O s a z c -'-~i Xcu- linn,,,!,,,, (»; »,,,;,,,,,, |, ( W a v e r l y S!)! O r l u r h i Hi. C h a r l e s City r H ; N a s l L l l a X. GAJIKS Tins WEEK rues.l.ty--New 11 a in r, I ,, ,, U n i o n . Crjsco jl Uccor.-ih. I ' p u l a y -- K c c o r a l i a t O c l w c i n , at Osasc, \ \ a v e r l y ,-it .Veil- llamt I Pet. 1.UUII 1.11 [III LIIIJIl .lifiT ..-.III) . .DOU a I West IHJlcl.cll Urcliird ____ Ciirncntcr Mltlc Cellar MITCHI:M. COUNTY · C L A S S II CONTEItENCi: W. 1. Pel. i. mn i . .'·in) -I'll!) "No Winner Given Top Spot in Selection; Manero Ranked as No. 5. By STUAUT CAMEKOiV United Press Snorts Editor. NEW YORK, (UP)--Golf's all- America, announced by William D. Richardson in the National Golf Review, ranks as tops in controversy among such mythical squads because not one of the etsablished champions was given a No. 1 rating. Bill Richardson named Johnny Goodman of Omaha as No. 1 among the amateurs, put Marion Miley of Lexington, Ky., atop the women's list and selected Chicago's Harry Cooper as kingpin of the professionals.' Johnny Fischer of Cincinnati, national amateur champion, was named for the No. 2 spot in the amateur list. Nuliona! Champ Fifth. Mrs. Maureen Orcutt Crews of Coral Gables, Fla., runnerup to Pam Barton of England in the women's national, was made third in the disiaff group. Tony Manero of Greensboro, N. C., was ranked f i f t h among the mercenaries despite the fact that ho holds the national open championship. Bill defended his choices by pointing out that triumphs alone cannot be rclized upon, "the game being the kind it is." One of the biggest surprises was the omission of Patty Berg o£ Minneapolis from the "Big Five" among the women. The freckle- faced girl was listed among the first 15, "in no particular order." No choice in the various lists will be debated more than the one which places Ralph Guldahl of St. Louis at No. 3 in the pro group. Needed One Point. Richardson virtually admitted this but explained that the St. Louis star "came within a four- foot putt of tying for the national open and won the Augusta and Miami. Biltraore events." Of Manero, Richarson says, "anyone who wins the U. S. opens, particularly the way Manero won at Baltusi-ol, where he finished with a 67 and broke all existing records for the U. S. and British opens with his score of 282, has something more t h a n paint on the ball." Other than t h a t , Bill makes no explanation as to why the national champion is ranked under four men he beat to the most prized, title. UPSETS PLUNGE LEAGUE CAGERS IN TIGHT SCRAP Wisconsin, Minnesota Take Wins From Iowa U and Northwestern. DovidVVins Again! 37 III.LINOIS--3 D i c k i n s o n Anilcr.soti Sinc.s f S c w a r d c M a l a s k a c b o u - n c y s Totals l''rce tlir Is It lit I 2 1 X I '2 a I l 4 1 1 (I o 11 11 in to » 0 I) i) i Cerro Gordo Winner Over Southern Team The Cerro Gordo Rifle club's pistol team won its first match of the season by defeating Burlington 804 to 8-iO in postal competition. The course of fire was 20 shots a man, slow fire at 50 feet This week the local team meets Dubuque Rifle and Revolver club and the rifle squad fires agains! Cresco, in addition to shooting opening matches in the National Rifle association leagues. Local record scores in the Burlington match were: '·· I'., htlstot IS7 f f a j t l A l l s l n : . . l ; 7 w. A K T ^n,r. h iri E - °- "·»·»··" :rrro G o r d o Club t o t a l . . . TH n n r l i n j l o n l o l a l VTeservey Cagers Take Two Thornton Contests MESERVEY -- Meservcy high chool's cngers won two baskets-ill games from Thornton, 2!) to 1 fnr Ihc first team and 8 to 7 or the reserves. With a slim schedule of game lor the early portion of the weel, many North iowa high schools ar taking an athletic vacation be cause of semester-end examina tions. The contests on schedule, lislei for Tuesday unless ollionvisi noted, are as follows: , B A S K E T B A L L J u n i o r Coliejrc. W c i i s l e r C i t y at C h r r o k c c ; I;?*'" Grove al E m m c l M u . i r i r . " J l d o r f n t R o c h e s t e r . M i n n . H a M n r C al m n o n a . I i n n . X W c . l n e s . l a y ) , M V I I j ) ( W e d n e s d a y ) . « c h s l e r City al Fort D o d f c bvvca City at A l f o n a . A r m s t r o n g a t Rolfe. SI. Cccltia's ( A l j o n a ) at Poca A c k i c y a l Alrtcii. R c n i v i c k a l : o l c l f i n l i i O i V ) . B r i i i c r o l l »l l.oncroek. nrimfind at Garner. 'H'rl .11 I.akola. f'rc^«:o .11 llccorah (XK1). Calninr al I'.l^iit. Ttoiv.Tn nl Oo«.^. Elilnra a t Iowa rmu. rrcilrrickshurir at 1 crtilc nl Graltou. L a t i m r r a l Geneva l l a m n l o n at W a v r r l y . Thompson a [ JJanlniilnu'ji. Otrnnlo at Little Cellar. Mrllllirc at .Illleliell. N e w H a m p t o n at ivcsl Union J^ora Sprincn al rioyd. J l o c k f o r r f at N a s h u a . Alexander at Fopejoy. nakc'^'rfSeely^^i^:""' 1 Lime Spruics at Itidceway. il. al U l c e v i l l e . ^rarhlc Uock al Greene Woden al Titonka. L n v e r n e a t W h j l t e m o r e . I V R E S T L I N n Hijrh School. «*TM Ca "*°TM A n n i t e v i A T I O N S : HV. noone o r i f e r c n c . l NET, N c r t h c a j l lo, nutlcr County. COUNTY CLUB TOPS NEW HAMPTON--The County .lub Number one is leading the Vomen's Bowling league here TM a i" " vcra « c °f 381; (he Coun- y Club N u m b e r two follows with 72; Business and Professional Voinen arc t h i r d w i t h 353, and Teachers last with 378. Ten Doubles Teams to Play in Y Pre-Scraps Ten doubles teams have been signed up to play in the All-Y ore-championship round robin, vhich will open next Monday it vas announced by Herb Tcmplin, Y. M. C. A. physical director. Reg- stralion will be open u n t i l G ('clock Friday evening. W. Earl Hall and Willis Fatten ippenr to be the team to beat for he crown although a new combination, Mickey MacDonald and Sob Walters, will give other cn- ranls plenty to handle. North Kossuth Tussle Scheduled at Ledyard LEDYARD -- The North Kossuth conference basketball tournament will be played at Ledyard Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Seneca, Lonerock, Lakota and Ledyard will meet in a round robin tournament. 'E f t . . ( ~ · I j t l o u d r c a u f 11 II ()| Combes [ c ;t II ^lRic;cl c '' (I I f S w a n s o n i I I I ] H e n r y f 1 II v | V o p i c k a s ~ 1 o j x i s u c t s M 7 l(i| T o t a l s '«·«_ m U s s c i l : M a l a s k n I . H e n r y , .'a ''. K i c c c l :!. If D i H l r c a u ,1, O l f i - rtcfrrce. I ' e e z l e , I m l r a n a p o l j s ; u m l » i r c , C r a i g , C i n c i n n a t i . CHICAGO, (.1')--Illinois' stock in the Big Ten basketball championship market boomed Tuesday. The little, speedy Jllini five was tied for the conference cage leadership with Purdue as the result of its 38 to 37 upset over the Boilermakers Monday night. Each teagi has a record of four wins and one defeat. Illinois, after dropping an opener to Northwestern, won its last four tilts. None of those victories was achieved more dramatically than that over Purdue. With the Boilermakers leading 37 to 3G and 20 seconds left lo piny, Jewell Young fouled Louis Boudrcau, who then missed both charity shots. As the ball rolled from the rim on the second, Hale Swanson, reserve center, tipped it into the hoop for Ins only field goal of the game to win the contest. Bouilreau Tops Attack. Boudreau led the Illini attack with 10 points. Young continued Ins drive for conference scoring honors, getting 14 points. Wisconsin continued the dop»- spilling tactics, winning its first game in five starts by upsetting Iowa, 29 to 23. The Badgers held the Hawks tc three free throws in the second half after trailing 20 to 11 at the intermission. Lee Mitchell, guard, led the Wisconsin rally, scoring four field goals on long shots. Minnesota, not to be outdone by the Badgers, trounced Northwestern s slightly favored machine 3G to 23, holding the Wildcats without a field goal during 15 minutes of Iowa Athletic Body Flays Independent "Slush Fund' Money Asked of Grads and' Friends Without Board Sanction, Report. P u l l e r I 'ovvcll f H e l l . M n r s l i c M i t c h e l l Tola Is the first half ;ind to only six during the entire contest. Before George Addinglon of the Gophers went out on fouls, he bagged six field goals. Then John Kundla iooic up the scoring job, collecting 12 points. Michigan Downs Chicago. Michigan had to put on an overtime scoring splurge to down Chicago, 35 to 29. Eggemeyei-, Durbin a n d , Amundsen rallied to deadlock the game at 28 to 28, but Smick, Fishman and Townsend scored field goals and Barclay dropped in IOWA CITY, (UP)--The University of Iowa board ot athletics Monday night went on record as condemning alleged solicitation of money from alumni and friends of the university "for the purpose of aiding and assisting students, and particularly athletes." The statement was issued by Chairman Clarence Updegraff following a secret session of the board in the old capitol building. A university grounds policeman guarded the doors ot the building. The statement said it had been ,.,,,,.,,,, , called to the attention of the board | K u o n c y r t h a t "certain individuals have ap- """ pai'cntly been soliciting funds (for such purposes) . . . and representing themselves as having the approval of the athletic department and the board of control ot athletics. If such representations have been made they are entirely false." It was understood hero thai several Iowa City businessmen had hired a representative to solicit the funds because they felt the alumni secretary of the university was failing to perform his duty in supplying aid for athletes. IOWA BOARD HAS NOTHING TO ANNOUNCE--AS USUAL IOWA CITY, W)--The University of Iowa athletic board, aflci issuing an unexpected slatemen condemning alleged subsidization activities of certain alumni, came out of an eight hour huddle earlj Tuesday with the customary report that "there will be nothing to announce." "There will be nothing to announce even later Tuesday as fai as I know," Chairman C. M. Up- dograff told newspapermen who "covered" the session under the vigilant observance of a uniformcc policeman strategically stationec at the door ot the conference room. " A n y recommendations I h t board might make would have to go to other educational authorities, and would not be news unti t h c other authorities acted,' Chairman Updegraff informed the press. He refused to answer questions ns to what the board discussed concerning the replacement of OS- OWA LOSES TO BADGER CAGERS Hawkeyes Score Only 1 Points in Last Session to Lose Early Lead. Right on the Chfn WISCONSIN-- ·!!) (IOWA--23 te it pri . I' - l | l ! r a t t c n f - I ::;tc i i c c r [Sncsc-iis s I Van VMH [IUil,l,v s II 1 111 Totals sic Solern, resigned athletic director and football coach. a free throw to hand the Maroons heir fourth straight whipping. Indiana won its third game in five conference starts by t r i p p i n g Ohio State, 43 to 36. Thirty personal fouls were called, G u n n i n g iincl Johnson of Indiana and Thomas and Raudabaiigh of the Buckeyes going out of the contest. \ I n d i a n a led at the half, 24 to 20, and then held the Bucks to no field goals in the first 11 m i n u t e s of the last period. _ l-'rce Ilii'ows m i s s e d : W i s c o n s i n , Itorl -. «e] ,; loiva. S t e p h e n s . G a i l i i i s . l l r \ a n \ s s c l c l y k . licfcrcc. N i c k Kami* I)c a'nolls """''"' G c l i r S c " l E B i n s . M i n n c MADISON, Wis., (/P)--Beaten 'C to 23 by Wisconsin, the Univcrsit'" of Iowa basketball team rclurnoa home Tuesday tied with the Badgers for eighth place in the Bit, Ten race. The Hawkeyes were out it front by a 20 to 11 score at th. half Monday night, but countcc only three free throws in the sec ond session as the Badgers ralliet for their first conference victory o the season.-. It was the fourth defeat in fiv Big Ten games for the Hawkeye who will take time out tor ap preaching semester examinations T h e y play North Dakota at low City Feb. 3, and then return t conference competition against In diana, Feb. G, Ben Stephens, sophomore for ward, led the Hawkeyes agains Wisconsin, getting two field goal and lour free throws. Lecfyard Panthers Out of Kossuth Loop Leac LEDYARD--The Ledyard Pan tliers were dropped out of (In North Kossuth conference Icac when Titonka high school won :il o 23 here. The local .junior hi school also lost, H to 5 SHUTTLE TOURNEY Y members who like to try their hand at something new have their chance Tuesday night, when an informal bad- minion tournament will be held at the Y. M. C. A. courts Matches will be drawn at 7:30 o'clock for the round rpbin meet. Players must register by 7:15. NEBRASKA HEAD TUTOR GOES TO SEE TEXAS JOB Dana X. Bible Set to Seek Twice as Much as Prexy of Longhorn School. AUSTIN, Tex., (jp)-- Nebraska's builder of football champions, Dana X. Bible, moved on the Uni- vei-sily of Texas Tucsuay and so did a report t h a t he w a n t s t h r e e limes as much as the highest paid professor here to become coach of the Longhorns. Bible, il was understood, is asking $15,000 a n n u a l l y for a five to 10-year contract for $25,000 annually for himself and assistants, inc university president, Dr H Y. Benedict, who is paid $8,000 a year, is known to oppose both a Ugh salary and a long time con- It'HC I. T'nS top professor salary is ·? J,UUU, Bible -- his tricky, lateral- minded Cornhuskcrs at the University of Nebraska are almost perennial winners of the Bis Six conference title--accepted afi in- vitalion of the board ol regents to confer here regarding the post vacated by Ihc former Notre Dame star, Jack Chevigny. H. J. L. Stark, millionaire cod- Lather of the University of Texas favors a big time mentor here to restore prestige here on the grid- ron. Bible meets his snecifica- :ions. Tvyo men were recommended to .he board by its athletic committee, ihe other was not identified. Soco Keg Squad Takes Six-Man Matches With Two Other Iowa Clubs Mason City division bowlers oC the Standard Oil company defeated Des Moines and Sioux City divisions i n , a six-man team match rolled at Foil Dodge alleys over the week-end, it was announced. The local bowlers have taken the a n n u a l a f f a i r each year it has been held. Eugene Lamm's 227 was the high single of the match, and the local team rolled 5,414 pins to 5 304 for Sioux City and 5,172 for Des Moines. Local scares weyj; l.umm ___ S l i l w c l l . . G a m h l c . . V o J f c r i r l r e Wei nrr [ . i r i i l . . mi I.VI 1.11 im Tat. .ITfi IK7 nt; 1 IX lr.ii . -.riffllli , . .ilrriiak Cage Scores HIGH SCHOOL ll;i!i]iiiito\ni ·!:{; rcrlitc ·".' Olnmln ill)-i:i-l|j Carnrnicr i illcucrvcy ^I-X: Tlinrnlnii 11-7 I.nnernck »!l.|:i! Fcnlnn -Jl--:(i. All* Vi;.li« ri-1,1; Innia 17-1 Tilnnka :il-ll; I.cilv.iMl T.l-r,. llnke IH-'W: TlnimiiM,,, |7.:|7 with a box of Whitman's wonderful Choco- lales and Confections. The m o s t delicious candy made--put up in the m o s t intriguing wrappers. Stop in to- nighf and give her a pleasant surprise. Cigar Stores IN THE HOTEL HANFOKD Mason Cily, lowit YOU SURE SPIN OUT TRIM 'ROLL- XOUK- OWNS/TEX'i WHEN I TRY IT I'M AU- THUMBS GUESS YOU VtVH'T GET STAKTEP PASS ME THAT KA.'TEX! i NOHCEP IT poesw'r SPILL Our THE ENP5 OF THE PAPER. ANP THAT USEP TO BE ONE Of MY BIG- TROUBLES THERE'S LOT^ MOKS TO RECOMAAENP FRINCE ALBERT. S MILD ANP TASTX ANP THE BITE' \S TAKEN OUT BY A SPECIAL PROCESS r-- NOW I'M A T?A. FAN ! IT I CAN ROLL My OWN AS QUICK AMD EASY AS THE BE5T OF THEM. I'M trETTlNG- AROUNP 7Q PRIME CIGARETTES OUT OF EVEKV BI6 KEP PRINCE ALBERT TIN { CEAli 5T25HK2Z21'~ --·LIKE CK.IMP CUT' FfZINCE ALBEK.T ' SEE HOW SNUG- ANP (NVrTIN'-LIKE IT FITS IN THE -TAPER. , T ' 5 NO TK\£K AT ALL TO ROLL 'EM QUICK ANP ROLL ' FIR./A WITH -THIS TOBACCO SMOKERS THINK GREAT TOO MEN, take up I » u AH."t ; .y^ "- .- THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE

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