The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 23, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1913
Page 3
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By UTLLARD BLAKEMAN temptingly, tie watching the woman's eye and ! a-v eovc-tousness in it. If you'll turn j Jariros oi'er to ns I'll give you ten of S those: they're ?5 each." j- "I'm powerful bad off for money." j replied tbp- woman thoughtfully. "I j dcnno where I'm go!n" to get a bitf to ! ent v. hen I lesvc yere. and there's 1 no thin' ru rake with me. I suppose If; $1.98 §2.00 men's work shoes good heavy sole. $1.49 §2.50 MEN'S dress shoes, lace or button. $1.98 A. posse consisting of a. sheriff and i three men were climbing a canyon in j Colorado. The canyon came to an end j : f you agree I"! 1 , give- you one of 'em to you vroui-Jn":: pay before you git Jaycox. vrotUd yer" "No. I wouldn't like to do that, but a few hundred yards above them in a , pocket, from which there appeared toi be no esress, the sides being perpea-' dicnlar. i Suddenly the men eaine to a little j cabin perched on a ledge overhanging j the boiling mountain stream zigzagging i down tbe canyon. A woman, a. siat- : teralv. iil favored creature with tons- \ sled hair, was standing beside a board supported by stakes driven into the ground just outside the door -washing dishes. asked the "Is this Jaycos's cabin? sheriff. "Tes. What dy'e want with Mm?" "We're prospectors and have heard! that he has struck paying dirt in a ] hole hereabout "We wouldn't mind j putting np some cash to work it if it j looks welL" I "Better have nothia' to do with Bill i ^^ }, ave cone down. Ill tro u Jaycox. He'd set yer money, and you j ,' f f don - t g R(1 hinj rll so d owa- wouldn't get anything." j vrav I'll git Lisa for"you."' The sheriff pricked up his ears at | pVttlniAfce dishes in the cabin, she this, wondering if the woman could be ] s * arted ^ ^ilost of the time she was used to help him land a man wanted j ~~ for horse stealing. i "Oh. that's the kind of a man he is. is it?" " | -There hain't no meaner galoot than j ^Id^ee^any one Bill Jaycox on this side of the divide, j fte canTOa ~ ad one of bincl the bargain-*" The wonMii held n yellow dish in her hand 5 , wiping ;t and thinking. "Ef he hadn't =n;u what he did to me. before be Trent away I wouldn't do it."' --Where is he?" "Up There." motioning In the direction of the pocker. "Is there any outlet?" "One. Only he and me knows it." "Suppose you ct to him. pretend to ninke up your quarrel with him and j-nng him bafk. We'll hide and take him In." "1 don't know as I kin find him." "Oh. yes. you can. Just as soon as we' cit him 111 give you the rest of the money."' The mention of the gold appeared to decide the wotaan. "He may be up the canyon, asd he , and Anv- He's treated me brutal ever since I i corne yere to live with him. As soon j as I sits these dishes washed I'm goin"! to dig cut and leave him to git on j alone- There's nothin" mean about me. Ill leave things to rights." "What's he been doin' to you?" 1 j "Look a-berc." said the woman, pull- j ing up the sleeves of her dress and! showing on her -inn a recent bruise.' tuen pulling her dress down over her shoulder aad showing pnotber bruise oa Ii^r back. "What fi'ye think of that?" Un to this moment the sheriff feared j , - ! u^t,** that the woman was playing a part.; tj3 j ef with a view to aiding .Taycox to -get ^^^ h j (JdeR ^ rom their T5cw _ but at times y,^ cou i$ see ner climbing over a roc ^, Ha]f an hour passed an a s - ne no t return. From the cabin they out of party S3.50 MEN'S dress shoes Goodyear welts, lace or button $2.49 S2.00 LADIES fine shoes, all sizes $1.39 $1.49 ALL CHILDREXS shoes reduced SSc and up. SPECIAL in Rubber Goods for the whole familv. - LADIES' Goodyear rubbers all sizes. Onlv - 43c MISSES rubbers all kinds, all sizes iieavy icinds NESS'S rubbers, all 79c cloth kinds MEN'S rubbers, 79c all j All lOc GOODS | Washington Crisps . 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Store. Lievy, Prop. to watch. Presently they saw ^ pnssi - n:: down . They hail. 0e _ Bt instead of rep iring she _ aTed her hand to then, and ! passed on. 1 An hour passed, and the sheriff, becoming Impatient, started with Ms men nj the canjon. There was no egress When they far.d gone as far as possible they saw their quarry sitting on a stone smoking n cob pipe. They called on aim to surrender, which he did. '·By thunder," exclaimed one of the men who bad approached the horse a pair of handcuffs, "it's the awar fmm them, but--.this evidence that t?ie man sin?~-t!ie«~wiQniiin ^refle;5iOe Jiving bcppily togethej_convjnced him that he had found her at an opportune mement to -make her. useful. -Doubtless .she .wished to be revenged for the brutal treatment she had received, and an appeal to her cupidity as well would th5nk ' is __. help the matter. The relationship between Jayc-ox and the woman was a common one among certain rough persons who inhabited the mountains at that day. ,.v woman, usually of very low grade, would tako up with a desperado, live with him as long as she could stand his cruelty, then leave him. "Do you want to m?ke some money?" asked the sheriff, pulling a handful of pieces from liig_l'Qcket 'And so it was. She had exchanged Jaycox, and it was ae who parsed down the canyon. j..^ Jm ^^ sberifr," asted one o »~ the. men," "that it was a put up job on ns from aon - t think that. "What I Ton nevcr can tell just a -^-onjan is going to do. She ^ oesn - t always know herself." To Avoid Rust. THE SQUfl^E Medical Advertising Hair fiitl" Rentes Dandruff Medical Advertising NATURE'S W ARNIKG Gettvsburg People Must Recognize and Heed It- Kidney Ills come mysteriously. But nature generally warns you. Xotice the kidney secretions. See if the color Is unhealthy-If there are settlings and sediment, Passages frequent, scanty, painful- It's time to fear serious kidney trouble. _ It's "ame to use Doan's Kidney Pills. Doan's have done great work in Gettysburg. Parisian Sage surely removes dan- Charles Wilson, farmer, R- F. D. No. draft--with one application makes the a-, Gettvsburg, Pa., says: "I have usea j hair soft, wavy and abundant- It several* boxes of Doan's Kidney Pills I cleanses, cools and invigorates the | The "Girl TVlth Auburn Hair" Kepre- presents Parisian Sage, the Most Pleasant and Invigorating Hair Tonic. and have found them fine for kidney complaint. I had sharp twinges across the small of my back and in my sides.' Bv using Doan's Kidney Pills in time I was rid of these troubles. I strongly recommend this remedy." The above statement must carry conviction to the mind of every reader. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy --ask distinctly for Doan's Kidney To avoid using hooks and eyes that pnis, the same that Mr. "Wilson had-will rust, test them with a magnet. It, the remedy backedjby home testimony, they can be drawn by the magnet they,' -- . ,,., ~ contain steel and should not be rased »n anything-that requires laundering. 50c all stores. Fosier-Milburn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. T. "When Your Back member the Name." is Lame -- Re- scalp. If you have dandruff, it is because the scalp is too dry and flakes off. Nourish' the scalp with Parisian Sage and dandruff disappears. Get today from People's Drug Store--a large 50 cent bottle--it sup- § lies hair and scalp needs. Parisian age quickly stops itching head, takes away the dryness, immediately re-, moves dandruff, makes the scalp healthy and gives 'the hair that enviable lustre and beauty you desire. Look for the trade-mark--the "Girl with the Auburn Hair"--it is on e'very bottle. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Notice ia hereby given that Letter=_oJ" Administration upon the ertate of EHza B. Reed, late of the 5joron?h of Fainield, Adams County, Penr.^vlvar.ia, de^-eased, were Granted by the the Register of Wi!l~ of Adams Coi:nry on September !0th. 191", unto the under^g^ed. All persons indebted to said estate are required to make payment without delay and ail per- soJis having claim- aiain.=t ihe fame are required to present shem, properly an- rhonricaied, without delay. , .). Arthur Spancler. Administrator. Fairfield, Penna. Or his attorney, John D. Keith, Esq.. Fir?t National Bank BaiW:ng.. Geitysburs, Penna ADM I XISTRATOR'S NOTICE Notice IP hereby six en that 1,-etiers of: Administration upon the estate of Sarah 3 - ,- PUBLIC SALE g Lots in e, Adams day o Adanss County. Pennsylvania, deceased. | were granted bv the Resisier of Wiils of: to make payment without delay and all ^A^ta^of^^^of^ of Pennsylvania, deceased, will offer at public sale on the premises In the Borough of Biglerville the following described real estate: All that piece, parcel and tract of payment wstnout delay persons bavins claims against the same to present them, properly Fa : r5!«ld., Penna. 5 Or IKS attomc-y. ' John 1. K^-Ith, Es*;., First Xat. Bk. Bidg.. Geitysbnrg, Penna. j land situate in the Borough of Bsgler- ville. Adams County, Pennsylvania. FAMOUS BABCOCK LADDERS Full assortment now in stock, consisting of: ' Straight ladders, extension ladders, step ladders and special fruit ladders. Evcrc-'piece'oi "this well known bran-l is made from second growth * " "" spruce \iith rungs of ash or elm. H. P. MARK, ARENDTSVILLE fronting on the Xorth side of Railroad: Street, and on the West side of Main Street and bounded on Uie Xorth by the right-of-way of the Cemetery Association and Thomas Minter on the West, containing SEVENTEEN ACRES, more or less, improved with a small building now occupied by the ! Cumberland Valley Telephone Com- I tanv Exchange. This property will be offered in lots and as a whole and sold in whichever way it shall prove most advantageous to the estate. Sale to commence at 1:30 P. M., when attendance will be given and terms made known bv the undersigned. ELIZABETH A. RETHER Administratrix and Agent for the Heirs of Dr. C. S. Rether, dec'd. rSPAPFR

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