The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 26, 1952 · Page 19
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

Aug. 24, 1952 M»»ou Cily Globe-G»iHlc, Matot Cltjr, Here and There-News of Your Neighbors in North Iowa and Minnesota PLYMOUTH-The Rev. and Mrs. George Schekler have returned from a three weeks' vacation, most o£ which was spent with their son and family, the Maurice Scheiders in Baltimore, Md. SWALEDALE - Mr. and Mrs.' Becker and family formerly of Fenton have moved into the Methodist parspnage. Becker is the new coach. THORNTON ~ Betty and Don Christensen · returned from a trip to Chicago, Washington, D. C New York and Los Angeles, Calif!' WESLEY--The LeHoy Rickes returned recently from a visit to the Barney Materns at Rocky Forge Colo. GARNER -- ' M r s . Charles F. Boehnke, who was recently dismissed from St.'Mary's Hospital, Watertown, Wis., following X-ray treatments was admitted fo (he Lutheran Hospital in Hampton Monday for further examination and treatment. WESLEY--Robert Studer left recently for Miami,, F]a., following a two weeks' vacation with his mother, Mrs. Viola Studer, and other relatives. He is employed by a commercial air line company. THORNTON--Air.'and Mrs. Stanley Pals and family visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Ser- verson, Minneapolis. LONE ROCK - Mrs. Lillian Worthinglon has returned home from a visit at the home of her daughters, Mrs. Harley Olson and Mrs. Frank Dettloff at Hampshire, 111., and Edith Worthington at Chicago. RAKE -- Mrs. Charles Lowory left by plane from Minneapolis for Norfolk, Va., to spend a week with her husband who is with the U S Navy. '* SPILLVILLE--Sgt. 1/c Clarence Herold, who spent several years with the armed forces in Germany, arrived here for a 30-day furlough with his mother, Mrs. Jennie Herold and his wife's relatives in Cresco. POPEJOY -- Mrs. Clarence V. Johnson has returned home from a Rochester, Minn., hospital where she entered the Mayo Clinic and later received treatments. Her daughters, Mrs. Wallace Steeling of Fort Dodge and Mrs. Donald Steding of Lalimer accompanied her there. CALM'AR--Pvt. Arnold .Shimck, who has served with the Army in Germany for eight months, has received an honorable discharge at Camp McCoy, Wis., due to ill ness in the family. PLYMOUTH -- Mr.' and Mrs Richard 'Glaus left for Seattle, Wash., to visit their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Covvin and their three young grand sons, Jcrrold, John Roger and Jeffery Richard. RAKE--Pvt. Lyle Quam, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Quam, recent ly arrived in Germany. ¥ S\VALEDALE - Mr. and Mrs. rlenry Donner and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bonner visited relatives in Richland Center, Wis. Mrs. Donner remained for a longer visit. NORTHWOOD-Mrs. Viva Gaarder, Mrs, Elizabeth Weineth and Mrs. Norman Flatness visited friends in Minneapolis. WESLEY-BUI Loebeg and R. E. Newbrough returned recently from a fishing trip to Ontario, Canada. They entertained a group of friends at a fish fry at the Loebeg home. THORNTON - Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Christensen of Swea City and Betty Christensen of Chicago visited at the home of Mrs. Elmer Christensen. WESLEY--George Weig Jr. arrived home from Verdun, France, Aug. 10 with his Army discharge. He had served 16 months in Germany and France. THORNTON -- Larry Alexander ;ias started to work at the Ytzen Bkelly station. Charles Floy will go to college this fall. CORWITH-Mr. and Mrs. Wayne .Voodbury and two daughters left !or their home in Houston, Tex., after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. . Woodbury. SWEA CITY--Mrs. Martha Knutson has been staying with her daughter, Mrs. Roy Johnson, of Buffalo Center, while Mrs. Johnson is in a cast for two months as the result of a broken vertebra in her neck. The Johnsons were involved in an auto accident from which Mr. Johnson escaped with cuts and bruises. GARNER--Mrs. Maxine Matherson and daughter, Mary, of MeAl- len, Tex., recently concluded a visit at the home of the former's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. James Reinig. RAKE -- Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Christenson went to Rochester, Minn., where Mr Christenson was admitted as a patient in the St Mary's hospital for observation and treatment. POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Moon and daughter of Stockporl are visiting Mrs. Moon's mother Mrs. Mabel German, also a brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs Glen Keller and family. MANLY--Wallace Yoho, who is z patient at a hospital in Mason City and has been undergoing observa lion and treatment, has submilloc to' surgerv. PLYMOUTH--Mr. and Mrs. Irv ing Hclmer went to Winncbago Minn., to attend the North IQWJ and Southern Minnesota conference of the Free Methodist Church. THORNTON--Mrs. Louise Far rell, who was a patient at Mercy Hospital for the past three weeks lias entered the Good Samaritan Home at Mason City. WESLEY -- Mrs. Carl Johnson spent Aug. 21-21 in Des Moinc? with (heir daughter, Mrs. Jack Van Cleve, and their son born Aug. 1, THORNTON--Bus drivers, who have been hired for the Thornton consolidated school, are Osca loag, Henry Schultz, Victor Groh, Humburg and Jake Doren- amp. WESLEY--Mr. and Mrs. Richard layes and two children left re- ently for their home In Dallas, ^ . , following a visit with Mrs. layes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. hno Gerdes. THORNTON--Sgt. and Mrs. Robrt Abrams and Patty and Robert Bayless of Canton, 0., are visiting t the home of Mr. and Mrs. Orval Abrams. GARNER--Armand Boehnke, son if Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Boehnke, near Ventura, left re- ently by air for Camp Pleasanton, "lalif., where he will become a member of the Army Air Force. Armand had two brothers in the Air Force, Roland Boehnke, sta- ioned in Okinawa, and Clarence Boehnke, stationed in Korea. COR WITH--Mr. and Mrs. Clark ennison left for their home at Temple City, Calif., after a visit vith a daughter, Mrs. Marvin icheffleman, and family. SPILLVILLE--Cpl. Louis Alberton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arlando AJbertson, arrived home from Fort ^iley, Kan., with an honorable dis- harge. He served 11 months in Corea. GARNER--Alfred Merten and his mother arrived home recently from two weeks' vacation trip through he Black HiUs in South Dakota nd in the Colorado Rockies and Yellowstone National Park. PLYMOUTH -- Mr. and Mrs. 3eorgo Witt pf Dodge Center were /isitors in the Irving Helnicr home, WAUCOMA -- Relatives have received word that Mrs. Hazel Web stcr, a long lime resident of Wan- coma, is very ill of a heart ail- ncnl in a Gultenburg hospital. POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. S. I larris of Popejoy and their son Mr. and Mrs. William Harris, ol .ee Center, are spending scvera. days at Odcll and Pontiac, 111. D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D ACROSS 42. Dwelling: 13. Floated, 1. Cutting 43. Anglo- as a raft from a Saxon serf 18. Purchase plant 4-1. Pitcher 19. Afonster ri. Stair w i t h a l k l 21. Letter 9. Employ 22. Audience for wages OOW.V 2:5. Exterior 10. French 7. Scrubby -". Cooling writer 2. A device 11. Unploas- ". V r cxe.s 26. Resorts antly moist -1. Polopium 27. Place of 12. City M c . ) (sym.) worship !". Afilitary cap-28. Part of a (i. Melody hammer 1'. Ovum head S. Kind of dog 29. Neither 1.1. Secret masculine agreement nor feminine (colloq.) 30. Rational 12. Hollow 32. Slender sound blade of grass 14. Ova 15. Turkish measure 16. 1st note of scale 17. Silver (syni.) 18. Cry to frighten one 19. Ancient. 20. I n t e r m e d i a t e classical school 23. S-sliape molding 2-1. Crass cured for fodder 25. Animal's pelt 26. Create. TJS trouble 28. Communion service plates 31. Cherished animal 32. Coin (Jap.) 33. Each (abbr.l 3-1. Part of "to be" 35. Open (poet.) '36. Stupefy 38. A disease of horses 40. Detest 41. Look slyly Yesterday's Answer 35. Baking chamber 36. Exhibit :;7. Domesticate 39. Roman money 42. 5th letter fHeb.) iO T. Z7 ai 22. 37 ·isiting Will, Ed and Jess Kimbcr and Mrs, Clnrcnce Allen and Mrs. Fred Hourquin an'd their families. WESLEY---Donald Haverly re- [urned recently from Army service in Anchorage, Alaska, with his discharge. SWALEDALE--Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Untlerberg arc the parents of a daughter born Aug. 10 nt a Mason "lity hospital. WESLEY--Mike Flom ami Paul Flaherty were recent business visitors in Wapello, 11!. Paul's'mother accompanied them as far as Ames where she visited her daughter, Mrs. George Rcinhardt, and family several days. MANLY--Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Schaefer of Davenport, who are enjoying a two weeks' vacation, spent a part of the time at Manly. They are former residents hero where Dr. Schaefer was a dentist. They were guests at the Earl Pehmnn home. iR NOAH =· \F Vou DRANK TOO MUCK IM MEXICO/ WOULD YoU BE * SOUSE OF THE DEAR /ooArt =- isw'r A CLOCK OM THE SVAIRS DANGEROUS BECAUSE ir COQLD RUM DOVJM AMD STRIKE OME. *? «3ENC - BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN YES, THIS IS HCMER. RUFFLE SPEAKIMG · · -V/HO'S CALLING ? EH?---COUSIN BOSV/ELL PUFFL£" ···BOSSWELL?---OH,YES, YES,---IT'S BEEN AGES - · --WHERE ARE YOU CALLING FROV\?---THE DOWNTOV/N BUS STATION?··· · · · V7ELL, LET/AE SEE ---I THIN^ YOUD BETTER. CO/AE OUT IN A TAXI--- HE HAS COUSINS THAW A RABBIT/-" ··-AND THIS IS ANOTHER. SPONGE COMING OUT TO SOAK UP FREE : FOOD AND LODGING / i~ AQ YEARS SlMCE HE HAS SEEM COUSIN BOSWELL.-- SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT CONGEST, -0 CAUSE AH OVtP.FULLKtSS OF -frit BLOOD VEiSELi . TOW MAXY -liMEi ftllMPIRlSftft Suit...., m Htw YORK oy BIZ) ex ey LMfkiHc; n LXSf -LK VtARS. -? 226 8RA1BS HEAD wrfrt^t . «:tP-f TOR. . i IM-fltE 'foP AMD CtH-ftA OF t(E. DAILY-CRYPTOQUOTE--Here's how to work it: ^ is I- O N " G F E I, r O W '* A X V D L B A A X R One letter simply stands for another. In thbs example A i's used tor the three L/s, X for thn two O's, etc. Single letters, apoa- trophles, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters a r e . d i f f e r e n t . A Cryptogram Quotation Y FZX'C A R O P I - . Y V R ; A R O P L Y K C Y Z X iV O I H M Z 1 C R. V G C R B R L H M Z Z T A RO P L Y V R O Y X C Q R O R V L Y J Q C A U H O -- [V H L Z X. , YesteriLiy's Cryptonuote: 'AND LOVE'S THE NOBLEST fRAILTY OP THE MIND--DRYDEN. Dlstrtoutcd by Kins Features 3ynJicai» Try and Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- C 1 EORGIA'S c o n t r i b u t i o n s (.0 the theatre include Missy Mir- f inm Hopkins, critic Ward Morchouse, and playv.-ri:'J\t L n u rcnco Stalling?, a l t h o u g l i none of these l u m i n a r i e s came to UK m i n d of a contestant in an A t l a n t i c radio q u i z when she was asked to name the most important Georgian in the world of d r a m a today. HER u n h o s t i t a t i n g choice wa; A n n e Nichols, a u t h o r of that u n f o r g e t t a b l e picture of the flower of the Old South, "Abie's Irish Rose." This is the play that probably shortened Robert Benchley's life. 1 by five years and occasioned the iines in Rodgcrs and Hart's song, "Manhattan" Our f u t u r e babies We'll take to "Abic'a Irish Rose"; We hope they live to see it close. A f t e r the show had been r u n n i n g . f o r about throe years on way, Miss Nichols began cutting costs by substituting unkm/.vr players, friends, and relations of friends, for b e t t o r known and h i g h e r . paid members of the cast. It was this practice that caused an irati member of the audience to come charging up to t h e boxoffice trcas urer at the end of the first net one n i g h t and declare angrily, "If yoi folks are going to keep changing the cast of this here play, c o n f o u n c It, I'm going to stop coming!" Copyright. 133^, by Eenn«tt Cetf. Districted by Kinc Features Syn'Jicata, I'LL SURPRISE BLONDIE ) WITH A LITTLE CALL -^ ( I CAN'T TALK TO YOU NOW, L DAGWOOD-- THE RADIO ( REPAIRMAN IS HERE WIVES LIKE TO KNOW THEII? HUSBANDS A!?£ THINKING OF THEM tr, ( WHILE THEY'RE AWAY sV~V AT THE OFFICE JUST TO TELL HER I LOVE HEP BRICK BRADFORD By CLARENCE GRAY k \MHA,T I REALLY WANT S MERE UNDERNEATH.,, DULY BY A SUFFICIENT NUMBER. OF DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVES/ NOW FOR A'LITTLE WITH THE SRAND ONE QUANDRA.' SIGNATURES SKIP IT OFF: IPRE6UME. YOU D LIKE T05IGN A5IW1LAR WILL, IN FAVOR OF YOUR. HUSBAND? · -IT'S CUSTOMARY,MR.5. /WORTH! BUT GO AHEAD! DRAW IT UPANDRL5IGNI MDU'RE5MART,MR.PIHWmSTtE.Ur WANT A DIMPLE TM* 1 XTM"TMP TM XlNWUMENT. · · · MUGGS AND SICEETER ^^i^sw§* --,_ -jf- ...,, . I.,..,-- ·" ^ \ T / ^ l l »,^'*j i · BIG SISTER THOSE YOUNGSTERS IN MY GARDEN? EXPBCTIN* TO KAKE FREE WITH IT, I'LL BET YE. WELUt'LL WAVE NONE OF THAT, ^ I WANT ANYTHING FROM GOES JUST LOOK AT THIS GARDEM iMThjE\\DDLD (CORNTOO! TO EAT. AT LEAST WELLNOTl I LOVE STARVE HEDE.T5Bar-?r^ ' T - £*L, ··f '". r y,s t- ti.r-" f"7 f'···i* «7V? r.'f?V'.V. _...'?*. Cop*. l», X-'A^T fnivm V«JH. IM, REX MORGAN, M. D. By DAL CURTIS MEAN VK. MORGAN FO2SOT TO TELL VOU W'E'P COM5 ALONO WITH HIM? WB'LL HAVE TO TALK TO THE OOC ABOUT THAT, WON'T THAT'S THE BOy, JULIAN.' THE CAK TO A COMPLETE STOP OAKY DOAKS W:--W»IL By N. B. FULLER FRAfJTiC /IRE DESPERATEIX SEARCH Q JG MEA)JV/HILIi, HE HA'J REGAJWEP conscious- MESS A\ ID FOUND A COOL REFRESHfWff SPRJMfJ... -7.6 _ ETTA KETT - ! T 2 i l{- B u r DEF.'J VOU THlNkS "^Vv-5-*^- ',;:-!·-, THE 1 FLOCiC By PAUL R O B I N S O N DO WE'LL ACTUALL.V BOVS V / ~ ENTcG THl^ BEAUTY COM r.-^-r^\ OPCAI2S AT PLEASED you ALL, GO our- VslE'fiE IN ir.-T TViEYRE- " SCORCHY5MITH By RODLOW WILLA ASTAKIAM ONSO VOU 5* ARE vou ANVPUTIASLE A^TiCLES OR IS SOME 30 5 vou? vveucowes EARTHMAN . RCHV SMITH

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