The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 23, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, October 23, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 305. Gettysburg, Pa., Thursday, October 23d, 1913. Price Two Corfu ers 1 T "Were As Foliows Mrs. P. A. Miller, Gettysburg, WON THE "Queen Quality" Shoes for finest display of flowers. Clarence B ream, Cashtown, WON THE "Walk-Over M Saoes f or finest }£ peck display apples. Isaiah Rice, Bendersvffle, WON THE "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat as the father whose sons combined weight was the most EGBERTS STORE OX THE SQUARE PICK GETTYSBURG FOR NEXT YEAR Veterans of Southern Pennsylvania Choose Gettysburg Man as Head and Decide to Hold 1914 Meeting in this Place. JAMES DELANEY STUDENTS 'TRY IS MURDERED 1 HUNGER STRIKE = j Gettysburg was chosen for the 1914 E ' meeting of the Southern District G. HAVE UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT Tramp who Appeared in Adams County Court for Assaulting Local Of- ] ficsrjs Given Death Blow en! Streets of Hanerstcwn. But Just to See haw Mrs. Pankharst 5 A Livtog Magazine the Offering at Jantes Delaney, other-vise known as "'Brooklyn Jack", who appeared before auiiiiiirjiiiiiiiiiniiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMniiiiiiiiiitiniiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiniinii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiir; ^WALTER'S THEATRE = | A. R. Association which held its': Adams County Court at Xovember j§ i eleventh annual reunion in Carlisle on \ term 1911 accused of assault and bat!J I Wednesday. William T. ZSegler, of j"«*y on Officer Shealer, was struck by = Gettysburg, was elected district com- | an unknown man in Hager^town last Feels when she Resorts to this. Method. Given up at End of Three; Days. | the Presbyterian Church on Wednesday Evening. Everything from Cover te Cover. Just to see whether or not The Illustrated MLssionarv Maga- anvthing really terrible about Mrs." zine, Vol. I, Xo. 1, furnished an orig- Pankhurs'i's going on a hanger strike two college students resolved this week to put thenisehes upon a self- inal and instructive program at the Presbyterian Church Wednesday ! mander of the association which com- I prises the counties ol Adams, Cum- jberland, Franklin, Fulton, Perry and Broncho Htodiiners Tonigt OLD MAMMY'S SECRET CODE. JironcLo. A inasS'Vti military p -e-arranged c xle of wearing; vi the Union operations- Spec Three reel feature LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many Items of Interesting] News] frcm their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Sterns. ARENPTSYILLE Arendtsville -- Aaron Freed reports z. red beet that weighs seven pounds: 3JL H. Hughes, a Bartlet pear, the improved variety, that weighs one pound and three ounces. Wednesday morning we had the first frost that showed its effect on the late planted sweet corn, tomato and pump- I r.ight. The meeting was in charge of imposed four day starvation period, the Home and the Foreign Missionary and died Wednesday j They are Edwin L- Folk, of York, and Societies of the Church. Mrs. W. H. ren o'clock In the Wash-1 Paul W. Quay, of Phoenixville. Both Lott presided. Jail from a. fractured 1 are members of the Junior class. ' The front cover illustration of the skull. Samuel Minnebraker is in jail j After partaking of an unusually , magazine was a living picture repre- j kin vines. Ice and frozen ground were Three hundred veterans attended the! charged with assault and battery on 1 bounteous dinner at noon Sunday the renting The Spirit of Missions En- · reported, reunion in Carlisle on Tuesday. The! Delaney. . i young men started to fulfill a mutual. lightening the World. Miss Anna G:!- 1 Last Monday noon we had the worst . _ r , _. , . ._ is; v j s : t j n ~ veterans a ncmbe*- of whoTM · Late Fridav night Delanev passed i agreement to abstain from every sort' lilar.u took the part of the Spirit o: jjnail ar.d wind storm that visited this XdH^S±^^ £ ^e ^^SS^^u^K Sc'£ I -* re from Gettysburg W ihi. eou£ | several cf the officers in Hagerscown | of food and nourishment except "water; Missions. Two littie girls displayed on section for many years. It was very eaeajy ^ alUt - m "·- «- '«* "--* r --. ««---» -TM* .^e- V.DO.I ~tc -at-H-ii,. | ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^^_ .^ Carlisle· an * remarked that he was going home j for four days or until supper this a scroll i he motto of "the editor. "The { severe on tne apples that were not yet A XOBLE RED MAX 10) Bison Something different anel out of the ordinarv- A beautiful Indian Storv. 3 Bi« A"auder\-i!le Acts ", rt time, he was found uncoTM- '' thev suffered no oangs for they had read an interesting editorial, and ] Mrs. Lillie Lockard and her daugh- GOLDEN AXD DeMAR Don't fail to see the BarnetK in their sJde-=pHttin;r Xejrro lets, bv Mae Demar. tlie girl with the .-iker voice Show 5--t.iri5~U.45 ADMISSION Children -5c. Adults lOc. COMING \VEEK OF OCTOBER 27th- pavement, not jar LOIE FRAN 7 CIS STOCK COMPANY Popular Prices 10-2O-30 cents P H O T O P L A Y ty, were met at the trains in Carlisle i an * remarked that he was going . . _ · · , · bv the Eighth Regiment Band and es- ' **· ^ e was not murdered on the way In : Thursday evening. Sunday evening j World for Christ."' Mrs. C. B. Stouffer j picked. i corted to the Court House where Cap- , a {tain John I. Faller, commander of the scious upon the Illustrated song "j Captain Colweli Post of Carlisle, pre-! awav - An oSicer placed the man in a -had consumed ' sided and the address of welcome was taxicab and took him to a police sta- j nourishing food at the noon-day meal, Bigham. Frances Sheely, Rachel Scott made bv J. Webster Hender=O" =on of li ° R » where he was made comfortable.! which, college custom says, must be' and Virginia Tudor. Clippings were j Rev - Roland Crist and Mr. ~ " ' " ! read by Helen Aumen and Maybelle j °- Montgomery, spent several taken account of the proposition ar.d ' striking and instructive articles on Eer - Wilda. of Altoona, are the guests an extra amount of · missions were read by Misses Sarah KALEM JSDISOX Yitagraph Comedy YJTAGRAPH TH B TiBLES TU RXED KatePric*- takes tiis part m that kind of an invalid, who when no one_ is looking w ill eli{ down to the pantry, but the is caught and cured ia an amusing manner. ·· SCENES IX HONOLULU Vita^raph BAFFLED, :SOT BE AT EX Kaieni A yonnjr attorney Ls obliged, to prosecute a case in which his sweetheart's father is defendant.Unexpected comrli--ation3 lead to a series of thriiline adventures. A PROPOSAL FROM THE DUKE" ~ Edison the late General Henderson who said: i "Carlisle greatly appreciates the OD- portunity to greet you. I was old h t enoug to receive some impressions of Saturday morning to jail tc be held as a Early Sunday morning prisoners told the he was specially appetizing. witness. I Monday morning there was the com- '. Loir.. orning one of the ! oensation of being able to stay in bed · The sheet of advertisements was Sheriff that the man I twenty minutes longer than their j prepared and read by Mrs. Sheely, and fe my father in the days when vour first " vas sick. He at once removed him to j fellows and of having to rise just in ' the Cure-alls for missionary apathy. in the home of Hiram C. Lady, the former's brother. Kilmer, days recently in the home of Lizzie J. Raff- snsperger. the former's aunt- Miss Stella Trostel and Miss Mary Weidner are visiting in the home of j _ _ _ _ _ __,, ___.-- ·^·-- fc - -- -- -..-w-*. _ » v w * . . . _ u b i . - _ _ _ _ _ _ --___. ,,,,, i -- -- _^ -- r f . -- _ _. _ vf rr 1 1 ~ ~i _"*i* i commander went forth to war. I re- t* 16 Hospital ward- He gradually grew i time for chapel, but by noon the pangs j such as Af ricanitis or Koreopsis were; - iev - lra " - irostel. in Mill vale- collect him wearing the blue, and as I weaker and Wednesday morning pass- | of hunger had begun to be felt. The ; prescriptions discovered and edited by J ^^ and ilrs - C - T - DoaEeI y. played on the lawn at our home. I saw ^ away, several persons ent being pres-I fascers = conferred°but both were firm ! Mrs. Lott. The young people of the · Shippensburg, were recent guests !in their determination and. incident- ! Christian Endeavor Society sang. Miss , home of ilr - and ^-s- William or in W. I Bover. ___ _ This is the first of tbe series "Who "Will Marry Mary'", the sequel to, What greet you, I envy you, f ' Happened to Mary- Mary's fortune looms larjw in the eyes of a penniless Italian Dnke who dazzles her by his heroism in rescne:i!«r her from a fire set by a bribed Ftab'eroan. A real accident sho^is the Duke's trne character and places Mary With Marv Fniler as Mary. Tonight the first under ofjhyation tot'ii ari«jy offiier. n'liriber of ilse n '»v M iry Ser him pass into the house: this is as far as my recollection goes, but what of · The investigation was continued ! ally, their plan had become noised J Leila Myers taking a solo part. j yours ? The rapid march, the red bat-" Wednesday night. A number of per- : about school so that it would never' --Irs. Slonaker and a number of ties with carnage, the prison Dens sons were questioned and an effort j have done to give up at so early a with horrors, in a word", war with its made to secure evidence concerning 'stage of the game. And so the noon ,, - - - · - · =·--^ ; mdellfble impressions upon vou. I the true assailant of Delaney. Minns- i meal went bv. At supper time the ab- ! arrivals on Ellis Island added a real-j Mrs- Jacob Klepper is a guest in the j ; st j c couc h. On the last page was a. liv- home or her daugnter, Mrs. Joseph bv Miss Hess Jenkins, in Liritz, ilr. and Mrs. Arthur Wagner, of ' children entered as an immigrant fam- | Harrisburg, spent several days in the i il-% and another grouo dressed as new', home of ilr - ar -d Mrs. John F. Bushey. lor a noble, oraker protested his innocence and de- i stainers found Xixon Field an unus- j imperishable record is yours. It is dared that in due time he would prove ; ually pleasant place and they kept j in g^picture arranged ,,. ( needless for me to welcome you to this an alibi - staving that he was at_blslweil av.:avom_the_jieighborhood of, which included several young people j - ir - and Xrs. Jac ° b HoJebaugh and historic old town. Its citizens will al- father's home -when the alleged as- ; bcarding"houses. frepresehting-various~oriehtal peoples. | son ar ' d ^ Irs - Art--ur Roberts and 1 · J ' ^ T spent several days - daughter, Mary, \Vbo Will Marry Mary, prolused in collaboration | ways welcome both the blue and the sault was committed- The accused is a j Tuesday morning there was again : The editors in charge of the maga- · T __ gray. Yon honor us bv vour nreseace " sir-gle man abont -30 vears of age. I the satisfaction to be had from an ex- - z:ne. whose capable and untiring lab- Jast wee. in Chambersburg and Mer" - ' " lira nap bat there was in store a great-jors secured this successful edition cersonrg. Edwin Rooerts rs attending AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles _in suits and over-coats lias bepun now, but the man who is fortunate enocgh to be a patron of The Qm.l:tvSho knot's that he need not seek any further. Onr handsome and elegant fabrics are airaitinp your choice and our .ivies arc ap-to-tne-:xiinute and we will fi^and finish your outfit in a manner 21 can onlv be done when you have it made by Will M. Selligman, Cash Tailor. the-Carlisle papers as eloquent and °^ olooo. Further eianaina'tion reveal- 'began to show its effects and both the ] ^ many convincin | t ~ . ' _«__--,------ There Are S arguments that might be presented as to the saperioriiy Li-n-n ~ \ of -\ - - i but we know of none so conclusive as the refined appearance of the clp*^ « themselves. There is beauty in every line and quality in every stucn ana , fibre. We have J. D. LIppy Tailor a special fine line of the Anderson ram.coats -0 m · All the new designs in Congress Cards Itfith big stock of Bicycle and Steamboat Cards, Tally and Score Pads, cards, -counters etc. Everything you need in the games at our store. Phone or Write. No delivery charges. People's Drug Store iniiiii!in»'iiniinniniiniiimiiiiiniiuininninrm!gigij Hon. Theodore McAllister, of Get-j In order to establish the cause of . u «..;»» » U i u «...^ »*» ». *«»v. «, i « » . v ; - - - - A H · tysburg. made the response. j death, an autopsy was performed in | er test at dinner which both withstood, i ^ ere Mrs. C. B. Stouffer, Mrs. W. H. ( m e -Academy at, the .aaer place- Mr. McAllister's response to the ad-' tne Jail- An examination was made of j Wednesday the hun-er did not in- j Lott. Managing Editor. Misses Ella ; dress of welcome is characterized by' tn e brain, on which jwere found clots i crease but the lack of nourishment! a?^ Margaret Kerr. Lueila McAllister.! ,NEW CHESTER _ GillQand. Elizabeth Hess, Mar-! Xew Chester--The 'Creager rnilf i ed a fracture above the right ear. l - students started to get weak and un- [ garet Barr and Mrs. W. F. GilHland. property, consisting of large brick mill touching. He said in part: "'""We do appreciate to the full, such Although Delaney is known here by | able to attend properly to their duties. I The room was beautifully decorated building, roller system, saw mill, two an address of welcome as thac to which nianr people as ''Brooklyn Jack" 1 and j At noon Folk gave way, believing i v -~i tn potted plants and cut flowers, two-scory brick houses, barn, etc., and we just listened coming as it did from . x ^ at k g is supposed to come' from i discretion to be "che better part of val-; Light refreshments were served. the heart, and representing the larger' Brooklyn, it is thought he gave a fie-! cr and in the evening Quay also visli portion of. the citizenship of this town, titious name as all efforts TO locate | ed his boarding house. Comrades, it astonishes nie to see so " relatives was unsuccessful- Unless the ; Both partook sparingly of the meals | many present- Afzer about -50 years · present plans are altered, his body j that broke their fast bnt are now | Miss STRAYER--GOOD j-.vili be interred in the Potters Field. ! about back to normal. Folk abstained ' since we were on battlefields, in pris on pens, and torn from our families-- j Delaney was convicted in -Xovember , from eight meals and Quay from nine.! it is wonderful that so many of us ] 19l l of assault and battery upon Of- | still live, I would like to shake hands ! Seer Shealer but sentence was sus- j ^ J^Qg EXCURSION with every old soldier present, per- jpended upon his promise to leave town t Good, of Meadville, and Mr. Strayer. Formerly of Abbottstovm. I Lloyd Strayer. son of Mr. and Mrs. a tract of 5-5 acres of land, one half mile northeast of Xew Chester, offered ' at public sale on Friday afternoon was withdrawn at a bid of S5-2-50. Miss Mary March spent the past week with W. A. Taughinbaugh and family at Gettysburg. Raymond Wolf and family, of Big- 1 H. L. Strayer. of York. lormeriy of lerville, and Augus'ras Stough and i Abbottstown. was married October 21, haps for the last time, the time is i "'within five minutes short, it can't be long. I believe the i reason we lived so long, is Lhat we lived right. We did help save ihe Union and no stain was on our flag, save ! Salem L nited Brethren Church Runs · ! to Miss Lovetta Good, of Meadviile. wife, of near Hunterstown, spent Sunday with Alex. Wolf and wife. Excursion to Baltimore. ! Crawford county, at the home of the . Rev. W. A. Korn, of Xew Oxford, · bride- George Strayer. a brother of the spent Sunday with Emory Wolf and NEW OXFORD i , Xew Oxford-Mrs. James A. Wei- i O ne hundred and sixty four tickets ' ^egrcom was best man. Mr. Stray- wife. I at* TC? cknriTtlr\T'Gft n c 1 o /-it~i« onoin^T' r\~v . \ I T . ken, is spending some time with her '. . were 4 « Gettysburg this morning j ^} sr ^°^ d _^ *±* ^f^ ! , r Mi ^ Em ^ HikeS 'f ^^'^ siseer. Mrs. Bowers, ana other friends L~ or the excursion "to Baltimore run b y | the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. He is T Mrs. W. B. Myers, of New-Oxford, tiie sUtui of"b!oocL" · i*_ri tilt; ^^x\.ui. ^-v-i I.VT ju/iHiAb-itAVx i, A, t*i_ «vf * j ^ ,, * _ v TM j-*t » t*r-* i - ·» -v at Taneytown. | the Salem United Brethren charc h.' a gradate ot the 1 ork Count.- Aca- spent Tnursday with I_ reunion of the Xorth and South at i Mrs. Henry L. Simons and little son. i Amono . t i lose w h o went from Gettys- i denly and OI Purdue University where and lamiiy. T. Ehrehart Gettysburg the past summer and said it would probably be the last on this continent and then he said: ''But what about the next reunion? Are we ready? Ready to land on the eternal camping grounds, under our Princely Commander ? " Officers were elected as follows: District Commander. W. T. Ziegler, 3 j Gettysburg; Senior Tice. J- Xelson jg j Clark. Mechanicsbnrg; Junior Vice, J. C, Gerbig, Chambersburg: Treasurer, F. K. Pioyer, Mechanicsbnrg; Chaplain, Rev. S. S. Wj-lie. Middle Spring; Dr. and Mrs. C- B. Stonfier, Mr. and | Mrs. -J. Edward McCammon, Fred Mc- iCammon. Miss Mary Baker. Miss he finished a course in civil engineer- | Miss Ida Shank, of Manchester, is ing. Mr. and Mrs. Sirayer will reside visiting her uncls, William Shank, and ; in Baltirnore. Adjutant, Milton A. Embick, Carlisle; Chief Marshal. John Kirk, New Cumberland. ilr. Embick has served continuously since the organization "wras formed. COJILNG EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Oct. 25-Foot Ball. Mt Nixon Field. St. Mary's. PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL jOct 2S--Mo^rcycle Run. Harrisburg AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $LOp j mers- Parade. -- ---- _____ . . j ^ ov _ ---Le CCure _ | Oct. 27-Xov. 1--Loie Francis Stock I Company. Walter's Theatre. Oct. 31--Aon-al Hallowe'en _ _ OLD EASH1OND MOLASSES TAFFY "Almond. TaSTy s -iOxatslb.. Batternnt Taffy. 50 cents lb., Pcannt rents lb., Peanut Brittle. 30 ctnts lb.. Ice Cream Taffies. 10 cents lb. at. CANDY KITCHEN Mnm-. Southwick. »-,-i x- Fresh RUNK^FECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT FOR S 4.LE--A 100 acre farm locat ed in the Orrtanna fruit district with a rood bank barn and weatherboarded house, Copperstone and Chestnut soil. siSed on a public road--Land is rol ling and suitable for setting out in trees about 70 acres of ths farm is cultivated, balance pasture and woodland. 100 bearing apple trees and 300 young trees planted. Those, looking for farms suitable for apple raising shoul d get full information about this place Dean Brua Chapel. Xov. 11--Lecture by President Gran- viile. Brua Chapel. Xov, 18--Lecture by Dr. J. H. Sielmg, York. Brua Chapel. Xov. 24-29--Bazaar. Xavier Hall, | Xov. 25--Recital. David Bispham. «. ^^T. o ROOM HOUSE IN NE W OXFORD--2% story frame, slate roof. large front and rear porch, nice 1 awn and large lot, good well of water, stable hog pen and other buildings, lo cated a stones throvr from the Boro. i^t^PECK^Reari^e! iMfjffiS* Gettysburg, Pcnna. pound-advertisement Brua Chapel. FOR SALE: mule colt, three months old. Bell Phone, Luther Cashman, Route 7, Gettysburg.--advertisement 1 GETTYSBURG Department Store wants lard; 12% and 13 cents a 1 BALL PLAYER HURT ^. ,, btop Laurence Hurt tvhile Playing Base B=1L Geor S e - La^ence. " one drne one of j wife. j The following spent Sunday with ! William F. Shull, Sr.: Clarence Shull jand wife. Wm. Shull, Jr., and family, j Elmer Moul and wife, of near York (Springs; Warren Trestle and wife, of ! r.ear East Berlin, and Rev. Charles of Irishtown.' Snail and family, of Chanceford, York ' county. on local dia-; Mrs. -J. C. Livelsberger and Miss painful mishap one j Georgianna Trimmer spent Wednes- Henry. of Marion. Ino% are spending · jj,. r g were: some time at the home of her mother. 1 Mrs. Heller, and sister, Mrs. H. 0. Miller. Center Square. Mrs. Josephine Hershey and grand-j Elizabeth Cox. Miss Katharine Dunon. Master John Mershey, are spend- j can. 3Ir . and }T r5 . Ernest Weaver, ing the week with friends at Reading. | Charles H. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.; Uriah Unger. of Kentland, Ind., and 'George W. Chritzman, Mrs- P. S.! Charles Gross, of Hanover, spent Sun- ' Tate.~Dr. and Mrs. George C. Cobean, j day at the home of Sir. and Mrs- A.! ji r . an( j }]v s , A. Calvin Basehoar. Mrs. j G. Lsu Mr. Unger is a cousin of Mr. ] Howard Hartman. Miss Beatrice Hart- ' Lau and this is the first time tnev: man Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Picking J short stops at case ball o have seen each other in 40 years. j Frank L ott. Mrs. George Reicble, Mrs. i moncs ' rae ! ~TM* a P" nln ; William Leas and two daughters. .Helena Erter Mi-s Viice Fo-ney ! da ^' rc - r -'- j :--- fas still er.joys taking a cay at Hanover. Misses Sarah and Benlah, of East Ber- ] Charies G- Miller. Dr. and Mrs. Wai! snort rarn at baii ? ia J" 1I5 S occasion- ] C. E. T% irand and wife and Miss ' ' ~" ~ ~ " " " ~ ' " . and while engaging in this sport, Eiva. ZcK)k. this place, and J- W. Win- ncCuy. JHamish. Louis Engle. Miss Louise I^etaH happened "to strike and break | ar.d. of New Oxford, spent Sunday Theo.E. Warner and wife, who have 1 Chritzman Mrs. W, S- Schroder, Wil- JtHe-faones of the maex nnger 01 his witn irreaencK Winana, at lork been spending some weeks at Mt. Yer- ' !iaia Maron . MISS Anna Reck. Miss i"* 1 * nand ' ^ hicn has put mm out O I , ^"^ ^ , . x _ _ ,, non. Washingcon, Baltimore, and other · Envlv B^nkertoff Xo-na-i H Mus _ . commission for some days. | Mrs. Mary Ehrnart. 01 New Oxford, places, are expected to return home ] se3m an. Prof. Calvin Hamilton. Ferd- ! ~-. _..,,,, . ^.,.-. spent Sunday with 3Irs. Susanna Ehre- this Thursday. jinand Warner. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. G. i J3L 1 i-NbLKA-NLt- hart- ,. . . .. . - - · « ________ « * "~£i^iC 'f^~"f fiyr jT is Il3.\~" iri £r TJS QOUS9 KTfKFD RT POT T iWeaner. Mrs. tddis Gilbert- HenT . · ". * "" s ' x±+\siij^u zi v^uijJ. j . , . , __ - c : . ,. ,; Local larr.stare Companies Insure Mr- repaintea. 'Ka!of!e;scn. Andrew j. bmuh. 3Irs. h. · . * , -. . .. ,, ,. ~ -r, T - lf j ' Reasers Life. j -Jor.n Miller and wite and 3Irs. Lou- c f H l n s i M - ilartrean. S. Jd.. Tnmmer., Mr. and i i. , , sinKCs , i isa Miller soent Scndav witn George sr»irs. George £-. Spansler, -John Spang- _ ^ , ,, . _ . ,, . ", .. · , ''-- Frank""D Blocher William D Ar- ' Tne Ge^sbarsr furniture Company spangler and wile, at Gettysburg. ^. ; has placed SiO.OOQ insurance on the, Rev. E. E. Dietterich and P. tmory " " " -" · .tter.ded Synod at Gettysburg Frisky Colt Clears Bars and Young Boy.- Roy Mummert, son of Jacob Mam-i mor - Miss Ruth -'^"er, Phares J iit\.'t . -MiOJ A . W V S 1 »'-,*-- %-i 7 -*· .-.«.* _-J -,-A, ,, - . - y S* r* -n * - i - - - » T ' ,.,, , - , 1 , ·.-, ·,, r-^^.. .hfe 01 tneir manager, Mr. C. Jj-Reas-.inUar at , Misnler. Charles A. ^.loc.ier, Ernest. _ , ' . - ,, r T T - . n ^ - n er. A vear or more ago tne Keaser, che past · iMyers. Rev. and Mrs. L. Dow Ott. Dr.. .; ,, - * _ , -,, ,,,,_ I * wees. NEW METHOD mert, of near Hampton: met with a peculiar accident a few days ago. The' lad had taken a colt out to pasture afcer placing the young animal in the pasture field closed the fears, when the colt jumped back over the fence.! I ari ! j n c^g o f Mr. Reaser's death, the striking the boy on the head with its \ A lot of slightly used bed springs at: nlORev woxild be paid to them. i hoofs, cutting a gash that required a '· Mumper's sale Satardav.--advertise-; " -- · ,»*__.«*__«,,-, D, uh^,. i UZ!£ = ^!±ETSi'^'«'«'--«---- F-*- ' ft* r:i Each A Wears Electric Light on Q ueer ' gave the injury necessary attention. I :ity Band, of Chambers- method furnishing light wher. playing at fnz. Instead of the old torch method his cap or ' coat an electric flash lamp. ar.v more this week at either the Big-. LOST: ring containing one Yale.' FOR RENT: suite of rooms on Bal- lle ^ ]] or Gardner's plants. Will start! r -' one house and a few small keys. Ee- ! timore street- Apply at Times Office.-- ^ buying . again Monday, October 27th. each bar.cman wears on turn to Times Office,--advertisement 1; advertisement 1 (Musselman Canning Co.--advertise- I ' jment 1 CIDER for sale. 6 cents gallon.! DOUBLE green trading stamps on j Orrtanna Canning Co.--advertise-j Saturday. 0. H. Lestz.--advertise- j HUMPHREY C. Delbert men t i jment 1 ( ator and reader will deliver a lecture on James Whitcomb Riley, in War- FURNITURE sale Saturday, on the Square, Ciias. S. Mumper and Co.--advertisement 1 AXXUAL excursion to Baltimore: impt.rson-1 the Washirsgror. Camp, Xo. 414, P. O. S. of A., will run an excursion to Baltimore on Saturday, Xov. 1st, 1913. A good sewing machine wagon atiren's Hall, Arendtsville, Thursday Mumper's sale Saturday.--advertise- evening. October 23d, at eight o'clock. men'c --advertisement LWSPAPLRl Train leaves Gettysburg 7:15 a, m., returning, Hillen Station 11:30 p. m.-- advertisement 1 :WSPAPLRI

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