The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 22, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTXSBURG TIMES!p E B S 9NAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEM Published Daily Except Sunday Time* aa«LNew» Publishing CpiapanT W. LA.VEBE HAFER, -· ,,* PHil Secretary and Treasurer. ~ PHILIP R- B1KLE, Editor . carrier in Gettysbarg for 25 ceats per Paragraphs oi Mews Telling af the · Happselngs in and about TOWP People Visiting. Here and These SENATE DEMANDS QUORUM Bring Back the Absentees, Is Cry of - Leaders of Both Parties. Washington, _Oct. 22.--Demands that senators either "resign or go to work," that absent members be brought back | (;o ·Washington by the use of "any [ All persons are warned not to trespass on the premises of the undersigned with, dog, gun or trap for the purpose of taking game in any manner; 'aor forfishing,or hi any way injuring or destroying property. All persons vip- ilating the laws of the^commonwealtb. with regard to trespassing on lands of ithe undersignier will be'dealt with, under the provisions of the Act of April 14, U 905. - *- " ~ - -" ·-"· .. ^^ -Jten days after your money is received at The j^ Ha ^_^^;__ j ^'TV' 1 '""" :~~^=^ -.rrrrrr-r^m,---- = ----; _ - ___--_--., ^ j| r _g. \\. ^ _ _ __^ r __ , _ . t .... K»t«red 4cxc*t 15, 1S04, at Gettysburg, Pa., as second-class matter. T»der j .^ rcturned horns ^s^nf^ehjiiBg a j^?Ft ss -J^ e ^ S '~-J1^^ j W; Stallsniith, on East'SluMIe p-eet. j jjTraoerati i- Mrs: C. J. Hdtzworth, of Sieinwehr: ;ors ] |avenue, has gone to Orrtanna to spend! cans. Oftc* comer of Centre Square, 'HiS P-'.'^R SE?KES£K1£D rOS ADVERTiSirSG 5V THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YOSK AND CHICAGO ^ 0 to do business without a quorum j be ended, marked the opening of the ; senate. j Leaders on botii sides joined in the | demand that the '-farce" of recent pro-1 ceedtngs be eaSed. Senator LaFoIlette i le'aSIag '^ie fight for the enactment or : the "seaman's bill, began the attack on j absentees, bat It was taken up and j «* f JQJ! t K v V v- -i V »*«. · r I "William-AUisonr Sam'L Walters farm, Hamiltonban township. H BSSOitS ffl Ei- ! John D. Siley, K- 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Township. of Re ...., {¥ : ^iu^. Kepu:ncans. several days. Sirs. WillisEi D. Armor, of East ilhitile street, has gone TO Keyser, W. : ; Yn., to visit at the home of her mother 'for some time- Mrs. Irvin Taylor and Sirs. John ! Mickley are Big'ervilie visitors for ihe Cummlas said :he body hau allowed itself 10 get into a "huianesting position," ant? Borah a-Keu that members should be kept -n Washington and eoiapelSed to take «? maay Lniportani, per word. TO QTJR READERS ; Gay. j Harry 5 .street, has gon ; Xew York to spend the weelc. I Mrs. S. C- Silvers, of Harpers Ferry, ' | hss returned home afier spendng some | time at the home of ?lr. and Mrs. G. . Stailsmith. fni:;g Congress Declares Assessments on Land Force Too Early Digging ,r .; - a i In favor of ihe exercise of al! j thc-'powerss at our comnaana 10 brln? a j o cuor; ,. s here," o^--iarea " Kern. "It ·TI,^.- o* Chambersbarg would be most for «s to TM * Philadelphia and ^?^i^T^J^ the world thai i:i? senate was unabl?| to carry on the buskers o 2 rru?-ed to j The T O QTJR R A -- * - . takes absolutely no part in polities, b^ng'neutral CB_£ 1 Miss Carrie Musselman and Mrs. C. - - s a s o u e y , _ t aopears la our general ne-.vs columns, concerning , B Stover us by The Anierican Press A3so«afao n a . - LO Cfaambersburg Our advertising columns are open to all eanu;daies of Sn« nr 110 attend the convention of the Worn- ,lVlS« V*- fc _ _ , _ . · an's Home and Foreign Misstonary ! Society, which is in session there this i week. 'i Invitations have been received by ~ I friends here to the golden wedding an- i nivers"rv of Rev. J. R. Hutchison, and. · ilrs. Kutchison. at 'cheir home in New j Cumberland. Monday, Oc-tober 27. ! Mr. and ilrs. Frommeyer and ·daughter. Marguerite, of Chambers- i burg street, have gone to Dallas. Tex! as. "co visit their daughter Sister Ap; pcline for some time. I Joseph H- Redding, of Steinv.-ehr I avenue, is spending several days with it." His figures sho.v.^-j thirty-one Denio-j crats in \Vashirztv-n a«fi seventeen j PhiJadelpliia, Oct. 22.--T:r£s.iica o f f coal in i^e ground '.vas dc-aouucedi as j -·opposed"* to all principles oi eonserva- J lion" 32i5 as "logically ami wcoaonis-1 caHy v.-rons" at ifce session of tke: American ailn-ag congress, which j opened its sixteenth as:nal conveniioa : ·a the Bellevue-Strsrferd- ' -; The session v.-as given over princi-1 Bally to tfee reading or papers upoa ; ·Taxation of fining Property," fo!- J lowed by a disc-^sslca oi the subject, i K. V. :orr:s, a m!£:ng engineer, o f : V/iikes-Sarre. Pa., scun-led the firs:; object'oc to taxation. He saia tnat, none of the suggested or attempt?" MCihcds of assessment has resulted'-. -in au eu'Jkable raluatjaa, fair and ; absent, an«l Eia-:-'--n ne;jublioan=5 :aj Washington an;! :wenty-e:giit; absent, i ._ -- _ A uoubie roll f-a'l brought in only | just to both tbe public and owuer: fortv-fi-e members' and sersreaats-at-1 - - - - - - » - · ' * · ·--- .i.,~,*.i -ovA.t arms began to sccisr \Va?hingum for = absentees. Later ail absent senators ! his son, H. W. Redding, in I burg. trouds- My I hovv the kiddies love to see them ccrne on the Jsble --piping hot from the griddle! i hej know what's what. And they keep -- * « -t · the cook busy. But there's nothing 1 advertisen ie nt ^T,:, ! LOST: umbrella, at; Candy Kitchen. I Eagle Hotel or Photoplay Thearre. j Reward if returned 'co Times Office.-- better for the'little folks. 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Dead. Kiehmoasl. Va.. Oct. 22.--Polk Mil^ i- r ^ T.-ell knov.":! le-ctarer and susionst, j died here suddenly. | i Also Cnrable in Early Stages,'' "Kme-Tesled. Treatment Proves Successful at" ail " ; -r.-r^i£nt. ihe r t i rzn^ :::. *^ «^ · ili » " ·--»"----, 1---.-C*- .. ^e^^^Jr-'^s ^Kr^ro^ ^-.^.^.-^^^s^^ ',,'' !;"',; ^'.:."'ar SuL-iar.*.--*, bi\c iircvr-J IPO ',-*,,.' "[s «!s'jio::sir.-."-c«l ihe v^lua c; - u^Kjtie 1^".^i.- ili^i i 0 ^I^-c-t stic^c^ssa-- --; ^ - f -i-V;£- ",lp -c'-or 1 *f licar's Sniujsio" c:.:1i'.i-s"":" : c front raj:fc__r-s 5 pi.-T.-ative SBS rcia'-ir casos the » ji *r jwi w»' -.*»*..» - - - ^_^,»:.-., ·.-.-s r-a-J-cs o^::;nc- =---oi s eMcc.v--..ei. '»-!·=" f."=. «-· '.::-,- r-si;sre sj^^:i- r s s!loa ; :^\-s of 7---.--.!: --"- c '^-^ :t ='·:*.^"-^ ;.v ---J-1; ".-c. i- n-sy ···::csl''r IHS cluiracJ -ha: ,--:-! ;-'(·-=- "."·:··-. is ".--." ne-srs tn= ... T ^ :,.^.; s , 53 ~ ,-r-- *.h^ prcparr. ,:.« in ^:o-k :~,I tl«i i:-^ 1-ri- ^ ^ ^jl t _ : . -,;·!,.., ·:..- -..-r-"i oT cr-yoa"---*1.CO tp* .^.-', ^r'V.% :'O:TV S for S-.C«. Tuc prpr-pe , ^ f-r-h- --i--.ntw« :c:~ r-mnact nni lar 1 ;..-- -;.'.j;-ts^-!- i:i=- i= : --"*" 'lanskts »- r Jtiiosne rsnr!d. Or. t-^:^^"^-^r"^d-^^ i 5f : - 5 lV sh =^ =---r:*-% nrid rc!:s;f is olitaiiiou. L^C _rs c=y'^ '^-s;. GENERAL MARKEiS, PHILABHI-PHIA--FLpTJR Steady; ·s-inter clear, S3.75@3.90; city jnills, Laucv. ^-=-*v ----'--~ j - , - *A -^ IO'B FLOUR quiet; per barrei, ^.oO ©3-6'X "WHEAT steady; ^o. 2 rea, ne-r.'. S3V2$'- i! 'C- - . i,.. ,--, f- 46e.: lo~er grades. 44c. ..,,--si OATS stead.-: Xo. 2 vrnite, 4014'? fc · lower gr-icies. 45-7^C- POTATOE3-steady, at 70@Suc. per bushel- _ _ _ POULTRY: Live steaay: aens. iG=_; old roosters. 12®13e- Dressed firm: r.T, 0 ie° ;o»-i~. 19c.: old roosters. j.3c. ""BUTTER steady; -fancy creamery, 53c-- ner Ib. EOGS =te"'i v : selected, S3c.; near- 37. 30c.; westera. 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Do not continue to =jfier catarrhai ills--try Hycmei nov,'--to-day. iLDH Regained Her ci coai lands." K the^ t ! .«cri«l "even | mcderais taxatiun" as asainst censer-! ratio", declaring: j -Its elteci Is to pr.t a trense^docs". pr?iai"Ki 0:1 ra'p;a niining, ataost re-i o: uk:r?.ate recovery. These-: methods eaecumse tSe uestruc-tien of; the and taisnor bs*ls laters-rat-i ifiesl \vlth the better ones, on aceocsi | of the enormous seaalty entailad i?-; slower arising, anfi a-co encourage, by j nrchlbitive penalties. tl;e boldir.s of; sities GI the people." : For these rer-scn?, he said, it ap-; oears taat ta;:ciion leaus u the rapid 1 and r.neco7io=ilc e :ha«stioa c? the snin- j eral vrcalih of r-ie coaniry. and r'"55 a | premiani on premature anil is-asretulj exslcitation. The proper method, of! ta:-catiea for all minerals he ursed,! wold be a 'tax on the value at the! mine of eacU year's production at the- local rate of tasation for that particular year." Ke said it should include an assessment on surface lands, outside irs.-^ urovemenis and machinery, but not on j any valuation, of mine openings or in-j side imDrovements, incidental to taei niining "process and v.-hic-h after the | exnatistion cf-the mineral ore "are o l j no value."' j Mr. Norris recalled that his suggest- i ed method of taxation of coal lands j -·is clear!" illegal" under the present j Ia-v7s of Pennsylvania, aacl ivou'd re \ ruire special legislation to become effective- It vroaM relieve reserve Janes, he saia. from "p'resent cmshing bnrdess"" and tead tt» the coaservatioa instead c£ Qisssnatica of the irrepiaeable coal j resources of the by encouraging the compete m:n:r,s ci lands once j OBened. laclndins all -^orsable beds, j large and sisal!, rather than the open-' ·sgs of the best beds on all lands to obtain Immediate returns asfl avoir: the burdens c£ accum-alancs tasaiicn, ro "the dsstractfcn of less valuable beds. Referring directly to the taxation system in Pennsylvania. 3Ir. Xorrii said: "The assessment of lands in the an -raracite district of Pennsylvania is z. good illustration of the Giiacuities in hereat in attempting to arrive at z proner taxable value for sac-h lands Cp'to 1907 ths asssssed valuation ir, this region, while -iiTegular. and. in manv cases, nr-just, v.-ere not- so excessive as to create an unenaurabls j burden of t!ie ineluairy, and tney -^^^^ j aot sericuslv resisted. i "la 1f f '7 a ger.ers! revision of th= assessed -valuation ~as a.tempzed anC the resvl'ing assessments ~er?" sr high that they "ere resistea in th-~ courts ".-it.i t'r-O result that the tares ui:3er th asstssiner.t ar» still in :it: gatioc. and Pipeals bavo been fie-5 froai all tne later assessments, ~!th E resulting cosdicon of aisjcst intoler able chaos.'' .Tames "W- JialcolraFon. of Kansas Ci:~. Me- a consulting engineer, saif. ·hat the price a^ vrhich a mining pmp orty is held should be the basis o; tasation. If ore is Hot taxed in tht ground, he suggested, a premium is niaced en hc-I2:ng ii j;niained_ in niiely, Ke believes in taxing *livH -na profits, he said. He referred favor 2b!v to a 10 per cent tax on net pro5:.= 3i mining in South Africa and a 5 psi rent tax on :he gross output in Mex ·co- A delegate, having In mind th* oresent chaotic government in ?.Iex- Ho-w 3I;ss Holmes Healih- Ii you are anaemic, you need more iron in your blood, and 'the tell-tale symritorn? are a Bale facer--colorless iiW, "ashen ; nger nails, poor circulation, ar.n -hort breath, and more serious di?onjes are easiiv contracted ·hen it! tnif condition. T .Vhat V;-..l did for 3Iiss Yvonne Holmes ol Fail River, Mass.. it will- do for evarv anaemic run-dovm person. She say?: "I have been vreak ar.d anaemic ?;·"· e childhood. al\vays had ·'that tirwi reeling". 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People's ' Drt:r Store. Gettysburg, Pa. P. S.--Eczema Sufferers! We guarantee our new skin remedy, Saxo. rriivi Snakes Jn Bag. Altoosa, Pr.-, Oct. 22. -- Finding a' leather traveling bag on a street corner. Patrolntan Sherlock took it to the central station. "When it was opened 311 hands be^an a grand rush for the 2sits,-as half a dozen rattlesnakes inside began to uncoil. The bag ^as closed -with a pole and then hurled into the furncce fire. Mrs. J. E. Hughes, Cumberland Township. D. B. 'Wineman,,CBnifaerlsjad Township. Frank Mumper, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. C. J. Dearuorff, Orrtansa, Pa. CharlesvWagainan (Dr. W. H; O'Xeal Farm) Highland Township. F. L.-ldsne,lBa.Jler Township, Bigler\-il!e,-Pa. .._ C. B. Shank, Straban Tov.-nship, R. *f, Gettysbarg, Pa. - ";1jj. J. II. Kohn (J, F. Kuhn.Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. ift. Joy Twp. Jacob Froniuieyer, Stribaa Township. · · * Gecyge E. Harman? R. 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township. George C. Shealer, -Strahun Township., Mrs. Mary J.- Yekert~ 1L""2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. H. Rex, Box 50, E-"2, Bigleryille. Mrs. Matilda I_ Co^ori, Guiaberlaisd Township. Samuel Eobinson, RI 1," Gettysburg, Pa.," Cumberland Township. J. I_ Toot, Strabaa ToNvnsbipt _ - c - D. L Jacobs. E. 1, -Bigiervilie, Pa. Butler Township. Joseph B. TwiniKg, R. 12, 'Gettysburg, Pa. Edward A. Scott, R. 4, Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D- Brown, Highland Township. R. F. BIddie, Me. Pleasant Township, R. 8, Gettj-sburg. D. J Reile, R. 12, Gett;.'sburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Frommeyer, Me Pleasant Township. Martin Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. \V. T. Mehring, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. Robert K. Major, Straban Township. John W. Mcllhenoy Farm R. 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. - _ G. W. Eicon, Becdersyllle, Pa. George D. Thomas, Chaiabersburg Pike- Robert Earner, Greerunount, Pa. Harry E. Shrlver, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. Joseph A. Albert, Butler Township, R. G, Gettysburg. William Coshun, Strsban Township- . "" Ellas Woiford, Mr. Pleasant Towi shTp. II. C. "vTarren, Menallen Township. C. H. Rummell on C. L. Osborne farm, 3IenaIlen township. Wtn. -il- Bighais's_ Sons. Freedom Township. Wai. M. Bigham's Sons, Liberty Township. Jacob F. Peters, Tyrone Township R. 3, BiglerviHe, Pa. Charles Essick and sisters, Butler To'.vnship, R. o, Gettysburg. J. C. Couison, Butler Tcvf«ship. A. S. 7,'hisler, 3It. Pleasant Township, R. 10. ?.Irs. Ciesda A. Black. R. 1. Biglerviiie, Pa- George Herring. Highland Township. W. F. Herbst, Orrtanna R. 1. O. B. Sharretts, Cumberland Township, E. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. G. E. Stailsmith. Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg, Pa. John Dick, Hoffacker Farm, Straban Township. Gilbert Rudisill, Cumberland Township. Gettysburg Route 1. J. E. Jacobs. Eugene S. Kelly farm, "Cumberland Township. J. Clayton Rider. Mt. Joy Township, Gettysburg R-1- ' Charles Fidler, (W. E. Golden farm), R. 1, Biglerviiie, Butler Twp. F- B- Twisden, Gettysburg Poultry Farm. Cumberland Township. John H. Eckert, Straban township, Gettysburg, R. 8- Otis Walter, (Conrad-STalter Farm) R. 1, Tillie, Franklin Township. E. F- Strausbaugfa, Orrtanna R. 1. " Albert Holiinger. Cumberland township, Gettysburg, R. 6. Deardorff Brothers, Tillie, Pa. Franklin Tov.-nship. E. P. Garrettson, Butler Township. ' ' John and Frank GarreiSson, 3IeaalIen Townsaip. R. H. Black, R- 2, Gettysburg. Cumberland TowEship. :\Irs. Daniel ilDIer. Cumberland Township. Gettysburg Route 6. D- S. Reynolds, Straban Township-Gettysburg-Route 1 3." " ' : ' W. A. Bigharn, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, "-R. 3- John Grcscost. R. 7. Gettysburg, Straban Township. - - GarSeld Jacobs, R- 13. Gettysburg, near Bariovr. " · Dorsey Deardors, Highland Township, (Sirs-- Hi B. Moyer Farm). H. S/3Iertz, Hamilton Township. (Campbell and "Mover ! Farm7j James L. Bighain. Freedom Township, Gettysburg," Pa. £ -" : · · -'Lev-i Cnim. Menallen Township. ' ~ : ' '" "- ' *" ; ilrs. Andrew Broagh, R. 1, Aspers Z-Ienallen Tpwnship. L- H. Meals, Cumberland Township, 3- -5-Gettysburg.- C. W. Black (J- Cama Smith Farm) R- 2, Gettysburg. Mt. Joy Twp. Wra. H. Johns, Cumberland township and-Getty'sburgV"" ': ' "·' " George W. Wolf, R. 3. Gettysburg, Cumberland" Township. Edmund Little, (John Biocher Farm), Cumberland Township. Harris Cook! Menallen Tovrnshro. Walter C. Snyder, R- 12. Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Twp. Bayly Farm - Vincent Redd-ng, R. S, Gettysburg; Straban Township. Edward Redding R. 9,'Gettysburg, Straban Township, A. J. Smith Farm. K. S. Boyd, Guldens, Pa-, Straban and ilt Pleasant Townships- Harry S- Trestle. Straban Township- ~ Edward A. Trostle, Straban Township. . ., ^ John Leese. on Nathan Brown farm. Straban Township, Gbg. Route 8- W. \v. Miller farm (Oscar Breamtenant) Straban Townsiiip, Gbg- R-"8- Mervin Black. Biglervfiie, Menaiien Township. Mrs. 3Iartha Reed, near Arendtsvflie. Waybright Rice, Biglerviiie. Pa. H. S- Cromer. Mt. Joy Township. R- 2. Gettysburg, Pa. -John S. Wolf, Straban Township, R. 7, Gettysburg, Pa. Clarence Hoffman, R. 2. BiglerviHe. Pa. - -J. C. Walter. Butler Township, R. 2, Bigiervilie, Pa- Robert Witherow, Cumberland Township, R. 1-3, Get^sburg, Pa. Frank Herr, Cumberland Township, R-13, Gettysburg, Pa. Frank Eicholtz, Freed Farm. Straban Township, it 12, Gettysburg, Pa. D- W. Stoops, Highland Township R. 4, Gettysburg. Pa. .1. Martin Bream, Tyrone Tovmship. R- 3. Biglerallef Pa. K. H. Hart. R- S, Gettysburg. Pa., Butler Township. Samuel Schwartz. Mt. -Joy Township, Gettysburg, Route 1- J. A. V»"etzel (Mary A. Snyder farm) Franklin Township- J. M. Bushman, (Mary A. Srryder Farm) franklin Township. J. W. Tale, Tyrone Township, R. 4. Xew Oxford. J. W. Cook, Menallen Township. Flora Dale, Pa. A. I. Csborae, R- 2. Biglerville, Allen Barnes, (Cromer Farm) Cumberland Township, R. 13. Gettysburg. Chas- E. Schultz. (Gilbert Bucher Farm) Franklin Township, R- 5, Gbg.' ]£ A. Diehl. (Minier Farm) Butie To-smship, Star Route, Bigiervilie Pa. -John B. Eiker, Cumberland Township. R. 12, Gettysburg. Pa- W. J- Beanier, Strabari and Mt Pleasant Townships, Gettysburg, R- 8- C. E. Tawnev. Mt- Pleasant Township, Gettysburg R. S. C. Yv r . Toner* (E. A. Crouse Farm) Menallen Township, R- R- Idaville, Pa. J. Blaine Bushey. Franklin Township, R. 1, Biglerrille, Pa. "Jacob Groscost, Tyrone To\vnship : R- 7, Gettysburg, Pa. \f. T. Howard, Straban Township. Curtm McGlaughlin (John P- Butt Farm) Franklin Township- James Sanders. (N. H. Musselman Farm) Hamiltonban Township. Howard Bream, Straban Township, R- 9, Gettysburg, Pa- Allen Redding (Rolft- S. Bream Farm) Cumberland Township. William J- Eckenrode. Cumberland Township. Additional names, 50 cents lor entire season- ,1 iS TEA BftHB TO DARKEN HAIR It's Grandmother's Recipe to Bring ^^fig-USheTSSfK ' - * _ ·-- % r j_"i-- J.K w"i- ** visi' V»«*o n t i _ Back Color and Lustre to Hair WANTED: a lady roomer for the winter. Apply 21 Baltimore street.-- 1 ! advertisement Guake at Los Angelas. Los Ansflcs- Cal - Oct - 22 --A slight carthqiialvc shook Los Angeles and vicinity. There was no serious damage reported. --.__ You can tura prray, faded hair beautifully dark and lustrous almost over ia-ht if vou'll s;et a 50 cent bottle of --A** . ^ . * j~* * .._ _1 t^»..1 wiT*T^T* H O i l " i n ^ i L O Jii. v»-^ » * *y*v " ' ~,~ , , "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Remedy" at any Tanig storef Million of bottles of tiiis old, famous Sage slea Recipe are sold annually, sajs a ] known druggist here, because it dars- ens the hair so naturally ana evenly that no one can tell it has been applied. Those -whose hair is turning p?T, becoming faded, dry, scraggry and thin have a surprise awaiting them, because after one or two ' applications e become "luxuriantly dark and' beautiful--all dandruff goes, scalp- itching and falling hair stops. This is the age of youth. Gray-haired, unattractive folks "aren't wanted around, so get busy- with Wyeth s Sage and Sulphur to-night and you'll be delighted with your dark, handsome hair and your youthful appear- afew dayg NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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