Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 14, 1931 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1931
Page 11
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12 EDSHEIMOWINS HONORS IN LAKE MILLS EXHIBITS Many Prizes, Are Awarded by Judges for Showing Best Poultry. LAKE itILLS, Feb. 14.--Ed Sheimo, farmer living east of Lak Mills, was- the big- winner at the poultry show held here. He won the grand champion prize with a Barred Rock cockerel. Other consistent win ners were Mike Twito, John McG Milne and Tobias Brackey. A tola of $140 was distributed in prem aims and were as follows: Light brahmas, pullet--Alvin Mattison, first, second and third; cockerel, Alvin Mattison, first, second and third. White leghorns, hen- Mrs. L. T. Berg-e, first; cockerel, L. T. Berge, first; pullet--Mrs. L. T. Berg-e, first and second. Barred rocks, ien, dark--Ed Sheimo, first, second and third. Hen, light--Ed Sheimo, first, second and third. Cock, dark--Ed Sheimo, first and second; Ole Bolstad, third. Cockerel, dark--Ed Sheimo, first, · second and third. Cockerel, light-Ed Sheimo, first and second. Pullet, dark--George Merrill, first, Ed Sheimo, second, George Merrill, third, White Plymouth Rocks, hen- Ola Ellingson, first, second and third. Cockerel--Harlan Calhouns, first; Ole Ellingson, second and third. Pullet--John McGMilne, first; Ole Ellingson, second and third. Champion ribbon of breed for class, Harlan Calhoun. Win in Rhode Islands. Single Comb Rhode Island reds, i hen--Ed Bolatad, first; W. Miller of . Buffalo'Center, second and third. Cock--Lewis Bidne, first and second; Ed Bolstad, third. Cockerel- Lewis Bidne of Bricelyn, first; Walter Miller, second and third. Pullet- Walter Miller, first, second and third. Ed Bolstad won the champion ribbori for the class. ^ White Wyandottes, hen--Elmer OHen, first; Emma Dahl, second; Leonard Arne, third. Cock--Bert Kobbervlgr, first; C. G. Slattum, second and third. Cockerel--S. W. Parker, first; Emma Dahl, second- S. W. Parker, th'ird. Pullet--C. G' Slattum, first; Elmer OHen, second; ,V. W Parker -' thir d. The champion ribbon for the class was won bv Anton Olien. , Silver Laced Wyandottes, hen Elmer Olien, first and second cock Elmer Olien, first; cockerel, Elmer OHen, first; pullet, Elmer OHen first and second. Mr. Olien also won the champion ribbon for the class Jersey blacks, cockerel, I. O..Mar- Unson, first and second; Harry Pakken, third; pullet, I. O. Martin- --apastirtt and second; Henry Dakken third. , Have Best leghorn. · S. C. White Leghorns, hen, John Me G. Milne, first; Carroll Brackey second; L. O. Holstad, third cock Charles Platts, first; Martin' Brackey, third; Carroll Brackey, third; cockerel, John Me G. Milne first and second; L. O. Holstad third;, pullet, L. O. Holstad, first; John Me G. Milne, second; Charley Platta, third. The champion ribbon for the;class went to Charley Platts. S. C. Buff Leghorns, hens, Lewis Koi-vei, first; Marie Bolstad, second and third; cock, Marie Bolstad, first, Lewis Horvei, second; Marie MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Mason City Screen CHESTER MORRIS, GUSTAVE VON S A Bolstad, third; pullet, Marie Bolstad first; Tobie Brackey, second- Lewis Hcu-vei, third. Lewis Horvei was awarded the champion ribbon for the'class. S. .C. White Minorcas, hens, p C Charlson, first, second and third- cockerel, C. C. Charlson, first, second and third; pullet, C. C. Charlson, first, second and third Champion ribbon for class to Mr. Charlson. Single Comb Buff Minorcas cockerel, P._E. Bolstad, first; pullet, P. E. Bolstad, first, second and third. S. C. Anconas, hen, Tobie Brackey, first and second; George Johnson, third; cock, George Jonnson, first; cockerel, George Johnson first, second and third; pullet, Elmer Bergland, first; George- John T son, second; 'Alvin Mattison, third. Tobie Brackey won the champion ribbon for the class. Gets Champion Ribbon. l . Buff Orpingtons, hen, Mike Twito, first*nd second;.Ole Bolstad, third; cock, Mike Twito, first; cockerel, Mike ^wito, first and second; Oliver B. Tweeten of Forest City, third; pullet, Alvin Mattison, first; Mike Twito, second; Oliver B. Tweeten, third. Mika Twito won the champion ribbon for the class. Blue Andalu- sians, hen, Art Beckjorden, first. Bantam, hen, Jonn M. Milne, first; cock, John M Milne, first; cockerel, George .Peterson, first;. John M, Milne, second; pullet, George Peterson, first; John M. Milne, second. Capons, John M. Milne, first anil second. Best brown eggs, Oliver B. Tweeten of Forest City, first. Best white eggs, Charley Platts, first; Bert Kobbervig, second; Carroll Brackey, third. Recommended for Postponement. DBS MOINES, Feb. 14--The Tor- g'esonr bill which would have repealed the road poll tax was recommended for indefinite postponement by the house committee on I roads and highways. At Mason City's THEATERS "The Criminal Code," grfppln romance from Martin Flavin Broadway hit, opened Saturday a the Cecil. The story is a partici larly timely one and one that star tied even - the blase New Yorkers It is promised as a powerful lov story with a new slant. It is essen tially a romance for it is base upon the overpowering love of youthful convict for the daughte of the warden of a prison. Th poignant love scenes of the plaj aroused the emotions of sophisti cated Broadway. ' Every 1 day newspaper headlines announce that the crime situation is becoming more and more menacin^ --that in certain large cities it is actually beginning to destroy the fabric of organized society. Crime :ommissions are meeting and prob ng for s solution of this acute prob em. An aroused citizenry is demanding facts--and more facts 'The Criminal Code" runs the jamut of crime facts. It starts with the commission of a supposet crime, portrays the psychology -o district attorneys,-"- of -convicts, anc shows actual penitentiary condi :ions. Waiter Huston, the star of such well-known motion picture successes as "The Virginian" and "Abra- iam Lincoln," plays the leading role n "The Criminal Code." His performance has been Hailed my critics as sensational. The thrUl picture, "The Bat Vhispers," featuring the dynamic young actor, Chester Morns, opened a three-day engagement Saturday at the Strand theater. Morris who skyrocketed to screen f iJ ' ^. fc^I *- -* NOTE- TIME SCHEDULE SERIAL AT-- , 1--11:1.0--7:20--idrSO "COMMON CLAY" AT-1:20--1:30--7:40 "BAT WHISPERS" AT-2:46--5:50--9:06 STPANB DIRECTION- A-H-BLANK 3 Days Starting Saturday 3 At Regular Prices lOc An Outstanding Bit 25c of Entertainment 35c Never Such Thrills! Never Such Romance! Never Such an Electrifying Performance CHBTER MORRIS UNA MERKEL ^* ALSO-- CONSTANCE BENNETT LEW AYRES TULLY MARSHALL _ IN -"COMMON CLAY" And Installment ThreR--"THE INDIANS ARE COMING" FEBRUARY U MM 1931 ·tone. Gumming* and Mary HEADS THE CAST OF "TH E important roles ? * ^ """^ Ph " llpS Halmos - Con - Belvidere Financier Still Has Followers Despite Bankruptcy BELVIDERE, III., Feb. 14. /P-With judgment proceedings already instituted In the county courts here, those who still had faith in the financial powers of Albert W. Benham, self-confessed bankrupt, awaited his return from his resting place afBeloit, Wis. In a message to a newspaper he declared he and ,his wife, because of their ill health, had been forced to flee the town a "few days to recuperate our health and obtain sorely needed rest." Mrs. Mack, 75, Honored at Orchard on Birthday ORCHARD, Feb. 14.--Mrs. F. Z. Hala entertained in honor of Mrs. Emma Mack of Osage Wednesday for a luncheon. It was Mrs. Mack's seventy-fifth birthday. A number of women from East Lincoln, Osage and Orchard were present. Larrabee Speaks at Fayette .FAYETTE, Feb. 14.--William Larrabee, Jr., of Clermont, was the speaker at the annual father and son banquet sponsored by the Fayette Community club in the M. E. church dining rooms Thursday evening. Mr. Larrabee, son of a former governor, and himself a former member of the legislature, spoke of the ideal relation between father and son. U ROBINSON HAS PETITIONS Adoption of Sparks-Capper Bill. Is Urged by 43 From Goldfield. WASHINGTON, Feb. 14. ff\-Congressman T. J. B. Robinson has referred to the house of representatives three petitions from Waterloo, Iowa, World war veterans urging cash payment of soldiers bonus certificates at their full face value. The petitions were signed by L. R. Schroeder, John W. Robinson and K. J. Farrell and each bore the names of 38 other veterans. They were referred to the house committee on waya and means. Another petition referred by Robinson was signed by George F. Keister and 42 other citizens of Goldfield, Iowa, urging the adoption of the Spark-Capper bill which would exclude 7,500,000 unnatural- ized aliens from the count of the population in determining, reapportionment of congressional districts. Attends Political Science Session IOWA CITY, Feb. 14. (UP)-Prof. Benjamin F. Shambaugh, of the political · science department at the University of Iowa, was at Princeton, N. J., today attending a meeting of the Poiitical Science association executive committee. Valentine Masquerade DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT, FEB. 14 AT MASON CITY ARMORY $30 in cash prizes as follows: 55 best man, $5 best woman, $5 comedy man, 55 comedy woman, ?5 grand prize, $6 for best Valentine costume. Judging at 10 o'clock. Merle Sims orchestra of Albert Lea. Everybody on dance floor masked until 10. Sponsored by American Legion. '' . ADMISSION ALWAYS 25c "Alibi," and increased his following in ''The Divorcee" and ''The Big House," gives' a startling performance. The production is a succession of dramatic, mystifying situations with scarcely a pause for breath,,'The comedy moments are splendid. Genuine laughter is provoked by three fun-makers drawn from the stage, Maude Eburne, Charles Dow Clark and Spencer Charters. Una Merkel, lovely lady of D. W. Griffith's epic,, "Abraham Lincoln," and co-star of "Eyes of the World," provides : the feminine .romance. She is,- destined to become-one of the finest actresses in the realm of pictures. Polished performances are given ay Grayce Hampton, Gustav von Seyfferitz, Ben" Bard, William Bakewell, Richard Tucker, S. E. Jennings and Hugh Huntley. The identity of "the bat," and what he whispers is the key to the rapid-fire mystery drama. In addition to Roland West's "The Bat Whispers,': the Strand is show- ng "Common Clay" three days commencing- Saturday. THEATRE --MASON CITY'S FINEST THEATER NOW! 1 THRU TUESDAY It's Mighty Entertainment Exposing the naked heart of a tender girl--the soul of a prison-stamped youth! COMING ATTRACTIONS CECIL Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday--"The Criminal Code" with Walter Huston, Phillips Holmes and Constance Cummings. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday-Marion Dairies in "The Bachelor Father," with Ralph Forbes. This picture depicts Miss Davies as an east side waif crashing society. STRAND Saturday, Sunday, Monday--"The Bat Whispers" with Chester Morris and Una Merkel. Also "Common Jlay," starring Constance Benhett .ew Ayres and Tully Marshall Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday rnday--Double feature program! iidmund Lowe and Jcanette Moc- Donald in "Don't Bet on Women" Toe E. Brown in "Hold Everything." s Speaker at St. Ansgar Banquet ST. ANSGAR. Feb. 14.--The annual father and son banquet was held at the Immanuel Lutheran -htirch Thursday evening and was ittended by one of the largest rowds ever present for this oc- asion. Places were set for 150 per- ons and more were seated at the ables. Lson Thorson acted as oastmaster. The Rev. O. Erbe of Boone was the main speaker and rave a travel talk on the Holy Lands,aloiuy with showing a group f steriopticon pictures which he xplained. Other speakers on the rogram were Albert Halvoreon, on ehalf of the fathers and PaulRosel, r., on behalf of the sons. The Rev. Otis Moore, the Rev. Paul Brammer and the Rev. Olaf Langough were on the program committee and Mrs. Hugo Publltz.was at the head f the food committee. 91st Birthday Observed by Mrs. Williams, Greene GREENE, Feb. 14.--Mrs. C. V. Cave was hostess today to a few of the old-time friends of her mother, Mrs. Flora Williams, whose niHety- HrBt birthday occurred today. Mrs. Williams came to Iowa in 1853 and to this vicinity in 1878. Mrs. Williams is thot to be the oldest resident of Greene. \i IT MUST BE SEEN! Spectacular! Sensational! An unforgettably poignant romance with stretches of terrific suspense! BREAKING HOUSE RECORDS EVERYWHERE! He! had to make the strangest, most heartbreaking decision a man ever made! Love and freedom or cleaving to the honor of the dishonored. He would not "squeal." Was he hero or villain 1 WITH MIDNITE SHOW SATURDAY 11:15 SUNDAYS 'TIL 2 P. M. WALTER HUSTON America's Foremost Actor In His Greatest Characterization! PHILLIPS HOLMES CONSTANCE CUMMINGS OTHERS

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