The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 22, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1913
Page 3
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DAUGHTER OF REGIMENT. Juar.iis. Rebel. Who Aspires to Bs Mexican Joan d'Arc- FOREIGNERS FEAR MAIIk Medical Advertising ar Exposure ef Alleged Heihris. CIS WIFE THREATS No Audit of $4,3GO,OCG and Dtsmissa j of Architect Angered Tammany I Hichwsy Contracts Crooked, It h ' Charged- ! Xew York, Oc?. 2:2. -- Another insta! j jac-ai of IX-riner Governor \Vi!!iaai Sul j zer's iJoUucal expose '.vas iaade public. here. j la this chanter of the ousted gover t aor's arraigniueiit cr Taniiaany Hal! * Mrs. Salzer 5s quoted as sa;ag ihas Charles K. Murphy, leader of Tars many, evt:i ihrctiicued her, in an at tc-:r-i! to ha-.fe her iaUaence her has band po-:t!ca!!y. ilrs, Sulzer "said he wante'l to teL his \ersion uncer c:.:h curler iLe ira aeachment: trial, and that his coaa sel had SOB«.- so far as to cui!i3? the narr^iive. wirii the c^e^tson^ i.-hiet were- lo have bcea askeu, but Su!zei_ v. as' prevented · from gorng ca recorcj v. ith his revelations because of a ru!-j ing oi The court which 5jc.rred test! | niony ;o "outsi'le matters.' ; Con^i-'-erabk- of the -cnaer su'^~acr'J j sta."'-':-- »i -.vo;:id ^ot have besn ger . ma;;'- io the articles of iniijcic-hnient- 1 -in z. nuuheli, Lers are tome of th| most :K;;or;2st o: tl:e ns-.v charger by Sulzc-r against T of a Massacre eria Fail TAXES COLDS AVfcea they first come, the best time to break them op. Ooe standard resaedy-- Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Sold for 7O years. r «r Doctor. £££-?-°-- Waverly Cost More--Worth Most Is and Gasolines Gasolines--Illurninants--Lubricants--Wax--'Specialties Waverly Oil Works Co. Pittsbjargh. 1. Mare had bees than S4,2:u,C''U Esp-acrf fiariEs the year bafore ^'ipPQT D^fti T f t f l p i j Snlzer took the of governor oc FlIIO | OEP.L ! Utl Ui! *- ! Suite the Lt-r:=h'^;e cC the state arc-nit e of v.--:c-i iliere had been no proper j auau- This rcstilicd In the dismissal- of the state architect. Hoofer, from 2-3! oSce. J 2. Senator F Sti «!:ey, chairman of the! OF IS HEBE ' Orders 50 -Per Cent Increase In Tariff land Many Merchants 'W»l!l3e FcrcetJ · Out of Business. Mexico City, 3Iex^ Oez. 2*.--Terror- stricken l-y i?ars of 'a massacre if ] ·' Geaeral Kuerta is overthrown by the | rebels, Spanish. Preach, German aud, .' English citizens are leaving Mexico as ' rapidly as possible. Scores ol Asaerscacs have left Mexico Clrj-in the last forty-eight, hoars, bu£~ctber foreigners had little tLc-ugbt | of lenari!ire r belie", Jag they Wc-re · safe, eatiF v,-ord v.-as reeei% c-d that £iiy c? their feHov.- citizens v.-ere being held' as Siostases by -he rebels ai Torresa. : ^Tiie- foreigners are alarmed by re- iterances c: ihe repor: tha- the United Siaies intends to re».oga:ie ihe Car- ran^istas as ?;eli ! serc-n:s. They v.-ere j further a-ariaed by tHspaiehes tc-!!:ns of a staieoieni seat by General Carrara to Los Anscles, Ca!., in vrhieb j he declared that there would be HO * eac-f- :n ilesieo \rh;!e Hueria or any { nrr;g!t=ng rolk:cal party reigns. liueira's scticn in ordering a 5u per cent tariff :2cre~=e has caused cons:er- natlo!- amcrss the de-rebants. aany of ·K-fcosa say the" -.vill have to go out of business. The cost of living, v.-hich ! nor,- is higher than ever before. v,-i:i ce heavily increased by the dictator's efforts to Jill bis treasury. The eiict Y.-SS by Haerta acting in the lace o: roaErress 'ana approved by hisi as president. the est Mansion To the Smallest Cottage coraraictee -which Investigated nor Sulzer, protested against, the removal of Koofer from o3Ice. Z. Kuofer told John A. Heanessy. the special Investigator appointed by ilr Sulzer. tha; his subordinates were appointed by Taminanv Hail. Hoofer pleaded for a chance "to explain things to "the chief," " and an order went to Albany irom Tammany Hall to delay action against the state architect. ; Gale WMps the .Coast, Flood-. ing iaryi 0(1 Oct. 22. -- The season's first touch of wintry weather was general east of the Mississippi. Shift gales which whipped the ·nidd-e Adriatic coast an-1 the lake region had hcoteii " iheir way to sea, leaving crisp, coo: areas behind _and 4. Highway contracts were iraudn.-| ^^^ ef^Vsaow :a some ssc- Jen - , , ,, I lions. General 1'rosts touched the south 5. Political ward heelers, followers f do ^ r as Flor = da of Tammany Hall, had been placed on -- ' -- =,,- f r A e z i _ -, veather in the the pay roll on contracts for capitol j Mfss j^V pp . aad Ohio Valleys. wor -'- , , _ . - ... ! The eastern shore of Maryland was 6. The removal of Hooter ana u.e ^ r cr iofis "urn o" state superintendent of Highways, o. Gordon Reel, brought the hostility ol ail the Taminany-controllerl members of the legislatnre against the governor early in liis administration. ~i. Judge Edv.-ard MeCall, of the public service commission, acting for ilar- phy, called at the executive mansion in Albany aad threatened Mrs. Sujzer. Ea:-jng that her husband would have tc do Certain things or he would be oe visited by a furious st rain. Pract:ca!:y every to-arn along the -s'aier frcnt suffered severe damage from Iiigh vrarer. the tide oeiag the hizbest erpeKenced in twenty years. In many places "he xvater covered the s r reeis from twelve inches to five feet There is al- w a y s s o m e cold c o r n e r where extra heat is needed. The Perfection Oil Heater gives you heat, where you want it, and when you want it. The Perfection Heater Solid Comfort in Cold Weather The Atlantic Refining Company Philadelptia is always ready--just touch a match, and it is aglow in a minute. No smoke--no smell; burns nine hours on a single gallon of oil Nickel trimmings; plain steel or enameled turquoise blue drum. At Dealers Everywhere. REGISTER'S NOTICE j Xorice is hereby givvn to si! legatees ami other perso Administration trrfl v.-i!l be Conn of A'lains" Coantv. pj.., ior conrjr- i inatir.n and allowance, Saturdav November S:h 1913. ar. 10-SO'A-iI. cf skid day. Nx 10», First; and Final account of H. J. Sneeringer, Executor of t!:e "Will of S. M. A nevr $2-1.600 concrete bridge near Sastpn ~as carried a^ay. and daring the height of the storrn the Metro"-o! i.Ife Insurance company's *"£ the first section of the political j ^iWIng. in «s:on. canght fire and revelation Mrs. Sulzer d^elt upon the j ^ ^estroyeu. "its a loss o, aoou. r.-hi.-h cn^ssarles from Tan ! SaOO'-. made Demands, invariable | TrfsfieTd reported me water front 2oo-ir.-5 -,o a depth of tr.ree reet ana p°r=ins ^"ere us:ng ro^-'boar? to reach. ·r.^ir hcn^ss. t~:sh ar-d crab houses v.-'jrp d'j=t.r~re i 2nd boa's sank or manner in Kiany Hall l~\ th" name of the "eaief, i\a as iiurpr.j; WILL WORRY i Su'.rer, It is BeHevedL--Will Ko; Fight For Assembly. Albany. X. Y_ Oct 25.---\Vhat wlT i.-e the o'Jtccrse of William Sulzer's race for the legislature? was the caestion foretnost :n the nines of pot i iticians around tee capiiol. j i i ; S"i:;~btsrv s^vjrst men. Tromeii 1 Ens! "·^'.I-^r^n li^'nz in hirts near a t "sri"-" far.rrv wre rescued vita t " **···« --.3 " - ;i:i!ge. an-3 Alfred R- Smith, the speak-j |"_" ],..,',,",, ^^-,53^ coilai er ^-f the assembly, --Vao seeks to snc- * ''"'"''' REPORT 3CK31DT WAS SAFJE er cee;l himself. Sulzer intends to iuvsde their districts and attempt to square acfounis :"or tic active part they tool; In h:5 iinr.escament. And. of course, i: that fight he win oppose the Deaac natlc organization candidates generally. A!ier.;sts Ssy Slayer Was !n His Right lr.\r.3 V/hsn Ks SJevv Girl. 7Cer.- Yor:-:. Oct. 22 --Hans Schmid:, ^rho confesseJ to slayins Anna Ani-i":Ie- rn'l d'srsemberin? her body, Even Snlzer's worst political f o e E i ' ^ ^^ ^^ : ae n-urder -as coni- c-:-RceiiecI him victory in his o^vn as ) TM7f ;c T^",, e .,rn n5; to the report of foar serab ofstrfci:. the Sixth ICew * I ' C: - C -I Ijj^sts ^vho c:v3~:rec h:ni. of H. K. of Albert slagen, Executor of the \V;1 t ~L. Slasenliauj-t. iate of thi Borough of Littlestown Borough : Adams j g Oountv. 1'a . deceased. ·"§ E-"H. Eerkhelmer. Rcsiscer ot Wills. § _ ' _ Is DODGE ,ZUHX'S "EASY" Tacuom TVasuer- E±cd or ffv - All Steel, and Copper. --. Easy to oprerste ^a^=7 to _~" ' bancils- Sa.^c» the £ · SOUNDS GREAT BRITAIN American Minister Asks About Err- pire's Posicy In Mexico. 'vTashingicsi. Oct. 22.--Developments :s the ?.iesican sitvarjca assumed an InreniELUCnil aspect -s-hsn \7a!ter H. Pace. Amer-c-an ambassador to Great Britain, csiied as the British foreign oSiee ana is said to have mace representations to Sir Ed-nrar.-i Grey against the alleged anti-American altitude of Sir Lionel Cardea. Britain's ne^ m!n- 'ster to Mexico. On the cay that Huerta caused the srrest of the 110 deputies the "Caitec j States looked, to Great Britain for moral support. Tc the surprise of the president; and his advisers, tie day follc-sriug the arrest cf the deputies and the proclamation by Huerta declaring congress dissolved. Sir Lionel Garden presented his credentials tc Huerta as minister to jlexico from Great Britain. The acHcinistratloa has Information »rh:cr leads to the belie: that Lonr ,y is responsible for the lates' Inide of Great Britain and the ac tloa of Sir Lionel Garden. Lord Co--dray :s regarded a~ ens cf the foremost financiers in. the ~or:d and has vast holdniss individuaiiy ani through corporations In Mexico. _ Te'egrarss from Mexico City to the state department say that the ·work of preparation for the eiecJions of nest Snnday goes on apace, and 'it seems certain that the election \viri he held. In a report to the department of state, giving a review of the political situation at the capital. O'Saaughnes j Heat and. all conveniences. ^sx sav= that ~hile no popular Interest j Is manifested :n the impending eiec lien, arrangements for h are oe'ns carried fcnvarc with every sho^v of legality. The o£clal ballot shotvs the three tickets headed respeetiveij- by Gam ooa. the Clerical nom-inee: Calero. Liberal, and Diaz -whose snp^o~t 5" largely from the CZnstifico «erar-r,t, thai was the backDone of the govem- nen; in the days cf his uncle. PcrSrio Diaz. The Clerical jarty is the only one possessing an organisation vrortb5 aa: port of hi= administration sad the government machinery to Gamboa it is the opinion of observers in erebv aivvn to si! legatees ~z-g j-t TkT , f* , S. i J ersons~ concerned that the W DJ Not lz6I AO | | jn Accounts Iit-reinaftt-r en- -- "' /-y-aTT --t--r T«-a-=«» ' S presented at an Orphan's | 1 _-s-s c NUCjU I '-I IBK Coantv. Pa., for confir- i -- ·*· iJf\** ·*· ^ **s ***s^~t -Glass. Service Set? ftmth. laie of ?.ft. Pleasant Adam= Coantv. Pa., dec'd. 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If you want to sell or rent your real estate, no matter where located, or if you want to buy or exchange any kind of real estate, call on or address. Troxell Swisher Real estate Agents 1 04 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pa. iSIodern nine room, house '1 .a ·*·· Lot 40x23 2 ft, Terms toij BAB] HIT suit purchaser. B. Hamilton PRODUCTS ;i TODAY · ~ B.T.BABBITT.IRC. "ew York Citv. LICE i NOTICE i hereby give notice that I i _ - . · , , not pay any debts contracted by . e. If Huerta lends the active STJP- mv wife. 3. E. Tc.ine!i.--advertisement; City that he "ill ,lead at the polls, j Diaz has considerable support in the. Real Estate Report a small concession. There -svas ac| . c^j,_,=gj_ pi^^d^a sailzv ^vr.en ar- doabt eTp'essed that tha RepaWScaas | ^.^g^' iefore JVdse Malo^?. H:3 ·will ^rork harj for Sulzsr. j ^ or ~ nc .,; ^ g Koe'.ble. said his client Speculation -s-as rite as to just -whai | ^O _"j^"p7g a a not gr.iUy -- Ith the plea of Tammany -would do. It 5s known 'tbal | | J j S g^;jV'at the tTn:e of tie crime, and all of the imused evidence is the in i ~,-^^i 4a? entered -on the record. s= ec= «. TM» ». CUBAN CONGRESS OBDURATE * "" PROPERTIES SOLD i: OUR dwelling houses otvned hy Geo. TV. Steinour. of jld ~o Ed-svard Sanders, of Gettysburg. Pa. Terms private. 5t. 1S14. FARMS AXD PROPERTIES FOR SALE Frame d--eiling house in Gettysburg- for Gettysburg. My STANLEY STEADIER |£ r j i will be run to tlie Hagerstown and ^Frederick Fairs. ^= AVili kave ihe Square 'iaily at T.:;u. Tr.esday so Friday. Charjrt^ ^j. -jv.ocierate- Comfortable scat- for twelve. --^ rrangements b\' phone or in person with =1 Stoner |l Gettysbur,j, Pa, =5- ra. ; ~= April j = .,. ,, JS West High Street Mo«o. j = ' ° ] Property In Xew Chester, frame President Appeals to People When j onl acre of Jand . some timber.price risjht for Laxv Makers Hold Up 3=g Loan. ; Property in Gettysburg six room wBatherboarded house for Property in TTairneldj brick house and liarrj. for Property jr. Xew Oxford, double frame house, and stable, for Proterzv in Xew Oxford, double frame ho^use, and stable, for ......tu- house, bam, and other buildincs. abort j nisiKiuniUIiniHnuiinuiUllinuiUHHIinnilininmHnuiinnmiiniini IIHIIInmHIi«IulUl,HHIimi!? ; Havana, Oct. 22.--in consequence 01 t h e refusal o f t h e Cuban congress t c j - - - ,, - - , - - t - ci sc.n ! conver-e in exnaordiaarv session tc j Property Jr. New Oxford, double trame house, and staole. ior - bOO. . consider the presidential message ur j Property in New Oxford, double frame house, and staole, tor Mbviu. | ?emly reconnHending a new foreigi:; Property in Gettysburg, r.e-w brick house, all conveniences in house, good 3 S wsacameat trial Is in tee hands of t« j ^,^7^'" 0 -x "+·* cornel after Vae ioan of «5.0dO,00X President Meuo;al ,] O carion. and price right, for J^SOO. 11 Tamniauv leaders snd nisor has iJ ·· "^"'X/^-Viha'" ^ 5s ^ttinsj i3S " tlsl1 3I1 ^ ezl to tfle Cnoaa P^p 1 ?! Property In Gettysburg, brick house, all conveniences -^idtr, ot iot .= ^et, | that this" material sooa would appeal i TM"^ 0 «": ^^ e Tav ia sesding him to! aeclarias lhal he may be co ^f. el!6a = frontage, cemenz -Jvalk to siabie. ail the Soors ir, out buildings cemented. »:!! 11 ,n pamphlet fcna. | ^^^chain " ^^ J^"^. TSSS i»« s 5d -^ a bar ^' ^fiSf^sST"" ' $ ! Bride Setter. Thousands Cheer SaJzer !n New York : X earn per: station deli his health came back fasi whea he sax? S«" ^-Xaia ^ o ' the shoutlag mass of humanity waiuns 4 for him. Outside the satlon the crowc j was even greater and Sulzer marching J clubs -with bands ajd horns blockei : were at i ia if mas t here and business to have recourse to measures in the event of obstinacy ca the part of congress. o«X^»XCX«*«X«XKX»«S^^ ablie flaetion 34 acre fans, good land and good buildings, and price reduced as the ovr.- £ i i~~r*ci passed thrcuga his body from a feed Town Honors HumfaJe Hero. J kneeling. W. Va.. Oct. 22.-- Flags : the way. Surrounded by an immense ,~ ag at a standstill for two hours while crowd and followed by forty automo ' the f ane ral of Jacob Bilz was held, r. and Mrs. Sulzer went tc giis, a crippled electrician sacrificed child in the pata of biles ' i 67 acre farm. 6 acres of timber, good '.and, good buiRhngs. price - ! 117 acre farm, good frame house, bnr,k barn, 250 app'.e trees, only Coxey at the White House. | throw from R. R. -:he best of land, here is a rare opportunity. Washington, Oct. 22. -- "General , ,, acre fa? ^ Rood ^^ bapk ban , 3 -, ^^ , and ^ R- R . farm could be sold off in lots, a demand for building lo^s. If you are for a money maker here it is. Apply soon e xuo dent was attending a cabinet meeting j 7 acre property, small*horse. a»d bsrrs. r,t) apple tree*. ..O peae.i WE have for sale a choice lot of nursery stock in all leading varieties, j SALE: five thoroughbred bull ?0^.*^ ^*TM**TM£;\ this is a fine location, can be sold oil in lot,-, price rifiit. Apply I have valuable properties and farms of all sizes, .cck farms, nn Gettys- buro . an d other towns in the County, many lots for sale in Gettysburg. Write ^ QR mg bcfore bu . rfnjr elsewherc . ' mem? KWSPAPLRflfl \ McCammon.--advertisement. .1 i personal property.-- advertisement ! Re g ic i enC e, 128 York street, Getlysburfr, Bell phone, No. 57 X. Saturday October 25., At one o'clock, on Centre Square. AS sorts of Household goods. Chas, S. Mumper and Co. NEWSPAPER!

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