The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 26, 1936 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1936
Page 3
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 2(i 1938 THREE ASSASSINATION AND PATRIOTISM Japanese Considers Political Slaying as Road to Martyrdom. EDITOR'S NOTE: The following story is by Victor Eubank, Associated Press staff writer, who for five years was chief of the Association's Tokio bureau. Mr. Eubank traveled extensively in Japan and its possessions and was personally acquainted with the leading fiugres in Japanese life, including those in the latest news developments. B.v VICTOR EUBANK Associated Press Staff Writer. NEW YORK, UP)--Assassination, while not a particularly fine art in Japan, has long been considered by the Nipponese as a road to martyrdom and a profound act of patriotism. Killings and attempted killing's throughout the past numerous years in the island empire have been directed, almost exclusively, to the righting of real or fancied political wrongs. M u r d e r s f o r monev or in the 1 VICTOR EUBANK. _ commission of robberies and burglaries, have been relatively few. Hari-kari, or the p.ncient custom of suicide by severing thu abdomen with the family sword, has been virtually abolished in Japan. But the taking of one's own life as a pennance for dereliction of duty, or for many other reasons, is still common and viewed as entirely honorable. Victims of Assassins. Cabinet, police and military officers have been the victims of assassins in all parts of the cherry blos- scm land. The killers seldom attempt to resist arrest or escape. Their religious faith makes them martyrs to the empire and. even though they are prepared to pay the penalty with their lives, they envision their immediate transformation into Shinto gods. Attempts on the life of the -emperor, or members of the imperial family, seldom have occurred, although an attack wag made on the present ruler, Hirohito, a number of ·years ago. At the time, as prince regent, he was returning from the ceremony of opening the imperial diet. The youth who fired at Hirohito was adjudged mentally unbalanced, but a number of police suicides followed this crime because of the "dishonor" connected with the lax guardianship of the prince. Division of Guards. Aside from the regular military forces in Japan, there is a division of imperial guards numbering some IS,000 men, whose duty it is to protect the persons of the royal family. This division, said to have been called out upon the start of the current disturbances, is the pick of all Japanese troops. The loyalty of its members is unquestioned. Japanese assassins u s u a l l y con- line their activities to their own nationals, but occasionally a foreigner has been selected for death because of some alleged slight which he may have cast on the country or the emperor. Wounded With Sword. It was recalled that when the Czarevitch of Russia visited Nippon in 1891, a policeman seriously wounded him with a sword. The Czarevitch, viewing a monument erected over the spot where the Emperor Meiji once stood, had thoughtlessly rested his foot on the stone. This was a sacrilege to the super-patriotic police officer who immediately went into action to avenge the wrong. Secret societies of "patriotic j'outh" have sprung up in Japan in the past several years, their members ready at all times to kill and be killed for the emperor or for the cause to which they are devoted. In recent times politics has become more intense in the Japanese empire. The struggle between the military and civilian official forces has caused the overthrow of various diets and the assassination, or attempted assassination, of leaders on both sides. Funeral Services on Thursday Morning for John A. Tallman. 81 Funeral services will be held at the I. 0. 0. F. home Thursday morning at 11 o'clock for John Andrew Tallman, 81. a resident of the institution, who died Tuesday. The body will be taken to Marshalltown, Mr. Tallman's former home, for burial. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Flora Tallman. Mr. Tallman, who was born Nov. 1-1, 1854, had been a resident at the I. 0. O. F. home since Nov. 29. 1933, coming here from Marshalltown. Trucks Collide in Cut Through Snow A truck owned by W. H. Schwab and Sons and driven by W. H. Schwab collided with a truck owned by the Mason City warehouse, driven by V. E. Abel, at 12:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon on Highway 106 about three-fourths of a mile west of Mason City. The cars met where the passage way was about 11 feet wide and the road was icy. Senator Harrison said he favored ' " J 5 payments in order to take '·-·jus out. of politics. Our guess \; will be taken out of it-.c '·'·g of t h e people.--Lynch- lowa Man Who Spent Night in Snowbank Gets Out of Hospital MARSHALLTOWN, /l--William Middleton, 60, who spent a night in a snowbank in subzero weather, has lived to tell about it. He was released from a local hospital Tuesday entirely recovered from his experience. Last Thursday night Middleton became lost in the snow as he was walking to his home a few miles south of here, so he dug into a snowbank where he remained more than 12 hours before he was found, badly frostbitten, the next morning. FATHER AND SON BANQUET STAGED Troop 35 Holds Session at Guild Hall; Honor Ceremony Held. The annual Father and Son banquet of troop 30 was held at the guild hall of- the St. John's Episcopal church Tuesday evening with 3S in attendance. The meeting was opened with a banquet prepared by the mothers of the scouts in the troop and served by girl scouts of troop 5. C- Frederick Beck, scoutmaster of the troop, welcomed the fathers and sons and Lewis Cummings had charge of the opening ceremony. W. Earl Hall, assisted by Charles A. Knouse. Jr., led the group in the singing. Following the supper a short court of honor' ceremony was held. Glen Buchanan, junior assistant scoutmaster, welcomed John Gravelie and Wilbur Spuhler of troop 35 and Merlon Kluender of troop 22 Nora Springs as second class scouts and presented them with their badges. Charles A. Knouse, Jr.. patrol leader, welcomed Bob Lewis, troop 35, and Hoyt Tatum, troop 22, as first class scouts and presented them with their badges. Presents Badges. Ralph Lloyd Jones, district commissioner and troop committeeman, presented the following merit badges: Bob Buchanan, scholarship, music and reading; Glen Buchanan, photography, mechanical- drawing and civics; Ed Clouse, scholarship; Lewis Cummings, civics, scholarship, personal health and swimming; Reeves Hall, woodworking; Charles A. Knouse, Jr., zoology, masonry, scholarship and first aid to animals; all of these are of troop 35. A. T. Ohme, scoutmaster, troop 22, Nora Springs, .received the following merit badges: Personal health, marksmanship, first aid, physical development, public health, civics and conservation and Hoyt Tatum, troop 22, received the badges for leather- craft and carpentry. Demonstration Given. Mr. Knouse, scoot executive, presented the silver efficiency ribbon for the troop rating for 1935. The Wolf patrol. Bob Buchanan, patrol leader, gave a demonstration in first aid, showing artificial respiration, bandaging and treatment for broken arm and electric shock. The "M. O. S. B." patrol, Charles A. Knouse. Jr., patrol leader, gave a demonstration in fire making , i n which they made fire by friction, flint and steel and also by chemicals. The scoutmaster had charge of several games after which the senior patrol leader conducted the closing ceremony. UNITY TO OSE Master's Penny Containers To Be Distributed for Lenten Season. Trinity Lutheran church. 508 Pennsylvania avenue southeast, will begin a series of Lenten services Thursday evening at ~:30 o'clock. Members and friends have been asked to bring their Bibles as the service will be in the form of a Bible study. Isaiah, chapter 42, "The Prophets' Vision of the Redeemer" will be the portion for the devotional service Thursday evening. The Sunday school teachers will meet at 7 p. m. Those who will Distribute the Master's Penny containers lor the special Lenten offering may receive their assignments after the service Thursday evening or after the service Sunday morning. The containers will be placed in the homes of members and friends who would like to bring an offering for foreign and home mission fields of the church. This offering will also be used for the assistance of 3.000 students in Christian schools and will care for the orphanages and the homes for the aged and a great number of other institutions of mercy. The Lenten service at the Calvary church, 1615 Delaware avenue northeast will be held at C. O. Lien's, 211 Sixtccnt.i street northwest Wednesday at 7:30 p. m., at which also assignments will be made to the visitors in the Calvary vicinity. The Lenten offering containers will be called for and brought to church between April 30 and Sunday, May 3. Mrs. Liggett Reports She Has Sold Slain Husband's Weekly MINNEAPOLIS, (.«·--Mrs . Walter Liggett announced she has sold the Mid-West American, weekly newspaper, to Howard Folsom. Britton. S. D., for S7SO. Ownership of the plant was vested in her children, Marda. 10, and Wallace, 12. upon Ihe assassination of Publisher Lig- ?;r.U last Dec. 0. The probate court approved the sale. [PEIIIIEY'S \\ New Fast Colors Wash Frocks Another If Yours Fades We've never seen better- made dresses at this small price! All colorfast prints --Checks -- Dots--Plaids- Florals -- Stripes. Pique trimming, novelty buttons, short and cap sleeves, touches of organdy. 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