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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, October 22, 1913
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GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 304. Gettysburg, Pa, Wednesday, October 2 2nd, 1913. Price Two Celt*. . iifliiuuiiiuiniiiuuniiuuiiiuu nHimniHnimiiiBi f be farmers Daj) Were As Follows Mrs. P. A. Miller, Gettysburg, WON THE "Queen Quality" Shoss for finest display of flowers. Clarence B-earn, Cashtown, WON THE "Walk Over"S joes for finest Y* peck display apples. Isaiah Rice, Arendtsville, WON THE "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat as the father whose sons combined weight was the most. STORE ON THE SQL-ARE ' LEG BROKEN IN WILL EXAMINE = I FOOT BALL GAME BOUNTY PUPILS Jacob Rudistli, Goes into Game with; County Physicians Appointed to Ex a Broken Nose, and Comes out with Fractured Leg. Bowled over by another Player. The firs'c serious accident of the = foot ball season at Gettysburg College amine the Boys and Girts and io Investigate Conditions about School Buildings. Siate Commissioner of Health Samuel G. Dixon has named the following=E I occurred during practice Tuesday S medical inspectors to make inspections ~~ son of s of the pupils in the schools of the WALTER'S THEATRE SPECIAL 4 REELS TONIGHT RELIANCE KEYSTONE MAJESTIC RELIANCE THEKOSARY Reliance The most artistic single ree! subject ever presented. Each seen-- !iiirwced bv a line from '-THE ROS4.RY" Dissolving into the next with sUtrUing etfect. LOVE AND RUBBISH---Kej^tone A one reel farce corned v with Mabel Noruianu. UtJESTlOX OF EVIDENCE Reliance Drama A JAPANESE COURTSHIP Majestic With Fred Mace and his real Japanese leading woman. Show Starts B.-J5 Adiaislou 5 cents to a'!. Coming Balance of this W^ek GOLDEN AND DeMAR 3 Big Yattderville Acts 3 Illustrated Songs P H O T O P L A Y LU8IN THE EXILE SELIU A rich ^irl of the East is very pretty and a yonag man in order to win her goes " " er. Selig Comedy to make a fortune." He is "reported dead and she marries TWO ARTISTS AMD ONE SUIT OF CLOTHES Embarrassing situation* ari=e on account of shortage of clothes. I ST THE MORO LAND AX OLD MAN'S LOVE STORY / Yitagrapb He has the money and the good sense. He tt=es both to make two young souls happy, at the sacrifice of his oven love. Show Starts G.Sy - Admission -5cts. evening when Jacob Rudisill. Franklin Rudisill, of Lincoln avenue, had his leg fractured just above the left ankle. Young Rndisill is an ardent foot ball e/ithusiast and played in the game | between the Gettysburg Scrubs and j the Mercersburg Academy Reserves at the latter institution rast Saturday. In the first rush he sustained a broken nose and, though suffering not a little from this injury, he went into practice against the larger and faster college team Tnesda;.- afternoon. The players had been put through an hour and a half's vigorous practice and, in order to give them still harder work, Coach Mau'che went into the game and carried the ball time after time, training the first team men to interfere and giving the Scrubs, with whom RudisiU was praying, some practice in tackling. When the accident occurred Mau'che was carrying the ball and Rudisill. YITAGRAPK who had been chasing him. found that Lubin he could not catch the runner and stopped. He was suddenly bowled over by one of the first team men. acting as interference for Mauthe. and when the team lined up again the boy was found struggling on the ground, suffering intensely with pain at the left r* * ·' i STATETAX SYNOD FROWNS ON ALL HAZING t And Receives in Return Seventy Five I Lutheran Ministers Frame Resolution Per Cent of the Entire Amount, j Pays One Fourth Cost of Strabanj Township Road. i Frowning on Hazing in Colleges. Or. Granville and Dr. Kuhlman Make Addresses. fourth class districts in Adams county. These inspectors will begin work ac once. They are as follows: Bendersi Hie and BiglerviHe bor- Adams County has paid to 'the Com- J At the meeting of the Maryland mon-.vealth of Pennsylvania her State; Synod in Hagerstown Tuesday resol- tax for 1913, amounting to 811,479.43.! utions were introduced by Rev. Dr. L. Of this amount seventy five per cent; M. Zimmerman, Baltimore, express- was returned to the county. Xext year; ing the appro".al of "the synod of eff- the county is to receive the entire \ orts being made to suppress hazing in amount, which will be considerably' educational institutions. The spirit of greater on account of the more com-1 "he resolutions was approved and they I t "* oaghs and Menallen township, Dr. j plete returns from the various assess- ! were referred to the committee on re- ors. Upon the receipt I solutions and will later be adopted. of the county's j There was no speciric reference to any share payment was made of one fourth i particular institution. Xew Oxford; Butler township, Dr. D. of the cost of the new state highway } Dr. W. A. Granville addressed the LeRoy Merriman, Arendtsville; Cone- 1 in Siraban township running from the | Synod in the interest of Gettysburg- William E. Wolff, ArendtsvjUe; Xew Oxford borough and Berwick and Oxford townships, Dr. .George H. Seaks, wago independent district, McSherrystown borough and Conewago and Mount Pleasant townships, Dr. George I_ Rice, McSherrystown; Gettysburg · other fourth and the state pays one- farm of D. D. Schriver to a short dis- [ College. After referring to the success tance beyond Hunterstown, something · or the recent financial campaign over r.vo miles. The township pays an-1 President GranviJle outlined the AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles in suits and over-coats Isas began now, but the man who u= fortunate enough to be a patron of Tlie Qu»lityi?bop knows that he need aofc see^ any farther. Our handsome and elegant fabrics are awaiting your choice and onr are np-to-Uie-minute and we win finish your oatfit in a issnner at cun only b«i done when you nave it maIe by WillM-Selligman, Casb Tailor. "Shorty" Reed, the trainer, and several players carried him to the side of the field, where examination showed that there had likely been a fracture and Dr. H. M. Hartman was summoned. The physician responded promptly but the leg had swollen greatly in the meantime and it was deemed best nor to artemptr to reduce the fracrsre at once and it was accordingly left until rhe swelling had abated somewhat. Though, safiering- greatly from the injury Rudisill is bearing up bravely. There Are many convincing arguments that might be presented as to the snperioiity of Lippy Made Clothes but we know of none so conclusive as the refined appearance of the dolheS theaiseh-es. There is beauty in every line and quality sn every stuen -i_u fibre. J. D. Lippy Tailor We have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats All the new designs in Congress Cards With big.stoek of Bicycle and Steamboat Cards, Tally and Score Pads, cards, counters etc. Everything you need in the games at our store. Phone or Write. No delivery charges. People's Drug Store EUGENE B. SMITH Former Emmitsourg- and McSherrystown 3Ian Died. Eugene B. Smth. died at the home of his brother, Annon J. Smith, in Hanover on Monday. He was aged 31 years 9 months and 1 day. He was a. son of the late Mr. ana. Mrs. Joseph M. Smith, and was born at Emmitsburg. The family moved to McSherrrstown some years ago, and later "to Lancaster. The young man was for severa years employed in the office of the Hanover * McSherrystown Street Railway and later learned telegraphy in the despalcher's office of the Western Maryland Raflway at Hanover- He left Hanover several years ago to accept a position as telegrapher with the -Jersey West Shore Railroad, at West- vine, X. J. About a year ago. on account of failing health, he was compelled to give up his position and spent some months in California and 1 Colorado.-Since then he has lived with i his sisters. Mrs. Elmer Derringer, in I Lancaster, and Mrs. John I. Lilly, in Hanover. Funeral in Lancaster-on Thursday. half of the entire amount. The county and township's shares were $8426.33 borough and Cumberland and Straban townships. Dr. J. R, Dickson, Gettys- urg; East Berlin borough, Dr. Eu- each and the state's §10,852.66. ;ene Elgin. Eas'c Berlin; Fairneld bor- | The road is declared to be the ·ugh and Freedom township, Dr. X.! state road in Adams County. It ^. Trout. Fair-field; Liberty township, j made from native copper stone forward movement which will be considered at the next meeting of the board of trustees, looking: to the erection of new buildings. The number of best nev ' students he stated is 115. the larg- was j es!: number to enter at the oeginning with! of any year in the historv of the in- an asphaltum finish and is expected su'cution. to be a permanent improvement for that portion of Straban township. It was built by Thomas jleenan and Sons. With next year's increased revenues the county commissioners hope, as Soat- SWINBLED AT FAIR Bookmaker Got Away Game and Lars with Swindle :e RolL )r. J. E. Glenn, Fan-field; Union inde- nendent district and Moanc Joy and Jnion townships, Dr. Harry Crouse. Uttlestown: York Springs borough. Dr. E. W. Cashman, York Springs. Many of the school districts of the county had a similar inspection last vear and it was found that scores of j stated recently, to wipe out the the children, were suffering from one i ing debt of the county or more defects. The sight ard hear- ng u. ere given special attention by the .nspectors and then the returns on each pupil were sent to the proper authorities at Harrisbnrg who. in turn, notified the parents as to the defects found in their children. Many were wise enough to follow the suggestions made and thus to save their sons and daughters from further trouble of the same sort. In addition to the examination of The pupus these inspectors will also be expected to make a thorough Invesrtiga- cion about the school grounds and buildings, to inguire into the source of vvater supply and all the sanitary arrangements. Defects found here are also reported and the annual work is expected to do much to safeguaid the pupils attending the public schools of die state. SEVEN CASES Scourge of Diphtheria "Visits McSherrystown. Seven. HI. The se^-en cases of diphtheria now in McSherrystown are all improving. Thev_ajre as follows: Gladys^ Becker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Becker. Midway; Sterling Bair. son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bair: Uarie Kerrigan, the 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kerrigan, and her sister. Anna May. -who is threatened with the disease; Virginia Becker, Stella Weaver, and Alvin, the 9-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Graft, Midwav. The Midway school taught by Miss Edith E. Follmar. was closed Mondav and will be fumigated and all precautions taken against the spread of the disease. St. Mary-'s School fcas also been fumigated. Dr. Jeremiah Besore. Smithsburg, has sworn oat a warrant for John Doe. who he claims has swindled him out of Sl.OOO. The doctor had gone to see the races on the Hagerstown Fair Grounds. It was in the grandstand that he was approached by an affable stranger who introduced himself as '"Mr. Wilhard. Cumberland, in the real estate business." The doctor had received a tip from a third party on a certain horse and he wished to back him for a considerable sum Checks were drawn out for Sl.OOO each, the doctor's on the Smithsburg bank, where he has money, ard ''Mr. Wiiliard's" on the Hagerstown Bank. The bets were placed y the stranger. The horse they backed won, and when they asked for their money the fake bookmakers protested, saying that they wanted to see that real money was risked before paying. "he doctor then made a trip from Hagerstown to Smithsbarg and had ils check certified. The doctor produced his roll, and the stranger grabbed it out of his hand saying: "Here! I'll fix this up for ·ou!" and disappeared. The men who worked the game are said to be from Chicago. The report of the committee en Ministerial Education which was read by Rev. Luther Kuhlman, of the Theological Seminary. Gettysburg, showed 1 ihat aid was granted during the past year co 19 students at Gettysburg, and to one student at the Lutheran Seminary at Breklum. Germany, amounting- in all to §3,216. The Synod appropriated 52.000 for the purpose of aiding stuJeats during the remainder of the current vear. LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many Items of Interesting" News* from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief'terns. McKNIGHTSTOWN McKnightstown--'Mrs. Mary Snyder, visited her daughter, Mrs. Leander Creager. of Dilisburg recently. The Rev. A. R. Longanecker and amily, of Xew Bloomfield, visited Miss Georgia Snyder. Mrs. Rhinehart, from Round Top, and Mrs. Samuel Baltzley, of Orrtanna, spent some time with Mrs. William Rebert. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Miller spent Sunday in Hilhown, with Mrs. Miller's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Levi O'Brien. Earl Devine, who works in the Gettysburg furniture factory, spent a few days with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra McLaaghlin. Mr. and Mrs. John Walter, of near Biglerville, and Mrs. John Kunkle and Miss Sarah Miller, spent Sunday with M. A. Miller. Miss Cora Fritz and Richard Hankey, were married on Sunday evening at 6 o'clock at the home of her mother, Mrs. Isaac Fritz. The ceremony was performed by her pastor, the Rev. D. T. Koser. Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Mickley and daughter, of York, spent Sunday with Mr. Mickley"s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Mickley. CLOSE CALL Liltle Girl Has Foot Caught by Rail. Saved by Quick Action. Aspers- ASPERS -Arthur Eppleman has the frame of his new house up and partly weatherboarded. Rev. F. L. Stine has been removed by the United Brethren annual conference held at Greencastle from Bendersville Circuit to Mechanicsburg Circuit, and Rev. P. C. Hoffman has been sent to supply Bendersville. The barrel factories in this section, have their hands as full as they want them turning out barrels in all directions. Messrs. Frank and John Garret£son have the frame of their large new The keen sight and quick judgment of Charles W. Myers .saved a little girl of about five years of age this morning from serious injury, if not death, when he freed her foot, which had gotten fast between the rail" and the planking in front of the Western farm hoase Hp and the masons j^ Maryland station, just as the train j begI3n TO ]ay the brkk _ due here at 8:05 was pulling into the j iliss Lorene Guise . who spent sever _ station. Tne little girl, whose name sl weeks tt , Ith frfen ^ s in i arrisb has not been learned, evidentlv had HAVING TROUBLE Franklin County Poultry Show May Cease to be Annual Event- PREVENTION OF DISEASES-BEING THE PRACTICAL AIM; DR. HUDSON'S LIQUID CONDITIONER SHOULD PROVE OF GREAT VALUE TO THE FARMER HAPPY RESULTS Will FOLLOW - 3 BOTTLES For $1.00 OLD FASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY \lmondTaffy, 40 cents lb., Butternut Taffy, 50 cenislb., Peanut Taffy.^O j zents'lb., Peanut Brittle, 10 cents lb.. Ice Cream Taffies,-10 cents Ib.-Fresh Daily at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN Eight members of the Franklin County Poultry Association responded Monday night to the call for a meeting in the court house at Chambersburg. The matter of holding a show this winter was discussed and this will be decided next Monday when the directors meet. But from the lack of interest shown by members It looks like no show is desired this year. The show last year caused a deficit in the I treasury and the members had to I stand an assessment to make op the | loss.--Chambersburg Opinion- - , Meanwhile arrangements- ^for -Ad- ims County's big show at v BiglerviHe go merrily on. RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT PT»R ? ALE--156 acres in Hamiltonban Township, plenty of good timber nasturT 6Qa!ple trees 14 years old, bank bam; wagon. shed 8 room flluse with 2 cellars and tin roof, near town and lime kiln. This XOTICE: due to being overstocked with apples we will be tmable to buy any more this week at either the Big- is a _ . house ^rSSX £§£ from' Or^tanna, 125 acres clear, balance young lumber ment M. z*** 8 -TM flocust ^ ^ater in all fields by springs bank bam 80 x, ' shed, corn cribs, hog pen, spnng house, 8 room stone and om los tenant house and stable, buildings need some re- 50 old apple trees* 200 apple trees and 200 peach trees 2 years buying again Monday, Musselman Canning October 27th. Co.--advertise- 1 pairs, old. BuUding, Gettysburg, Penna. FURNITURE sale Saturday, on the Square, S. Mumper and Co.--advertisement 1 STOCK COMPANY Loie Francis Stock Company to Gettysburg Next Week. Plav The Hanover Record Herald says: Loie Francis and her coterie of players opened a week's engagement at 'che Opera House last night by presenting- before a large and appreciative audience, "The Child of Fate." Miss Francis was a former Biograpb star, and her work on the stage gives her additional advantage to display her his- crionic ability. The production was greatly enjoyed by zll- At Walter's Theatre every night next week---advertisement MRS- HENRY HERBST Former Resident of Xear Gettysburg Died in Illinois. Word was received here Tuesday of the death of Mrs. Henry Herbst at her home in Xachusa, 111., in the morning. Before her marriage she was Miss Elizabeth Wible, of near Gettysburg. LOST: bunch of keys on Biglerville road, between railroad and Gettysburg. Finder kindly return to Times office.--advertisement 1 not heard the train coming for she was very peacefully anc unconcemedly trying to dislodge the fooc when Mr. Myers, who was standing at least a hundred feet distant, noticed that she was unable to get away from the crack and immediately started on a run for the child, getting her away from the track with not more than fifteen or twenty seconds to spare. MAY BE PAID State May Pay for Cattle it Condemned on Account of Disease. 01 Auditor General Powell may get an opinion in a day or so informing him that the insertion in the general ap- propna'cion bill of the item for reimbursement of farmers and butchers whose cattle were taken because tuberculosis and other diseases i; ordinary expense of government. Bills to the amount of 547,000 are pending on this question, Powell having held them up until he got legal advice. Ac the Auditor General's Department it was said that no official notice had been given, but that rumors were that the Attorney General has found the item legal. OFFICERS ELECTED President Fitzgerald Re-elected of the Western Marvland. Head The newly-elected directors of the Western Maryland Railway Company rnet on Tuesday in Xew York City for organization purposes, and elected the following officers for the ensuing year: Edward D. Adams, chairman of the Board: J. H. Fitzgerald, president: has returned home delighted with her ' trip. John Eppleman -Jr. has had his new barn equipped with lightning rods. Cornelius Bender had been sick the past several weeks- Rural Route Mail Carrier H. C. Eppleman has remodeled the interior of his residence and has painted inside and outside, improving the old home notji little. Whooping cough has broken out around Mt. Tabor, seriously crippling the attendance in the public school. One lady over fifty years of age has a genuine case while grown-ups in general are victims. MCSHERRYSTOWN McSherrystown--The new addition to St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 24 x 2S ft-, is now read:*- for plastering. There seems however to be a scarcity of plas- Ia\ ed on this account. With the approach of the hunting Lawrence Greer. vice president and terers in tilis section and work is de- general counsel; L. F. Timmernian. secretary and treasurer. President Fitzgerald, who was el-1 ecteil to succeed himself, became chief j executive of the Western Maryland j are Dein » polished and new ones pur- nuary last. Since he cha sed. 'Square Y. H. Lilly, who has season the usual preliminaries are place. The old fowling pieces on the first of January assumed charge of the property, an extensive improvement program has been carried out at various points on been securing licenses, used his fall supply of blanks and was in Gettysburg Monday and secured a new series movement 3 the system, which has given the road j of Cumbers and licenses- additional facilities for the of its increasing traiSc. BUSY MAN COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Oct. -Foot Ball. Mt. St. Mary's. Nixon Field. Oct. 26--Motorcycle Run. Harrisburg to Gettysburg. Oct. 27-Xov. 1--Loie Francis Stock Company. Walter's Theatre. Oct. 31--Annual Hallowe'en Mummers' Parade. Xov. 7--Lecture- Dean Southwick. Brua Chapel. FOR SALE: mule colt, three months old. Bell Phone, Luther Cashman, Route 7, Gettysburg.--advertisement 1 A good sewing machine wagon at GETTYSBURG Department Store Mumper's sale Saturday.--advertise-j wanes lard; 12^ and 13 cents a men't 1 I pound.--advertisement 1 to be The Farmers Bank officials expect i to occupy their newly renovated build! ing- by the first of next week. All work i on the building is nearly completed. There still remains the placing of the hghts and desks in the lobby; fiEish- ujg ^me of the painting- and the com- _pletion of the cement pavement- Ic Hon. Joseph A. Gonlden is a pretty j v.-ili be one of the finest banks of the busy man, these days, looking after j county when completed. his campaign for President of the j The festival held in the engine house Board of Aldermen, of Xew York City, by the Boys Band Saturday evening Over S50 was instruments Congressman Goulden Said Wasting Little Time- as well as his duties as Congressman, j was a great success. He also found time to attend the Con- j cleared and several serration Exposition, at new Knoxville. i-svere ordered l Tenn., as Chairman of the Committee \ from this fund. of Arts, and delivered an address there, ac the closing banquet, follow- It.g Speaker Champ Clark.--Carroll County (Md.) Record. be nurchased at once CIDER Orrtanna ment George D. Rahn is not on duty at the S. D. Smith store, his home having been quarantined owing to his grand- j son, Sterling Bair. being ill with diphtheria. for sale. Canning G cents gallon. Co.--advertise- 1 A lot of slightly used bed springs at Mumper's sale Saturday.--advertise- HUMPHREY C. Delbert. impersonator and reader will deliver a lecture on James Whitcomb Riley, in Warren's Hall, Arendtsville, Thursday evening, October 2t!d, at eigh't o'clock, --advertisement 1 PEXROSE Myers clock sale will continue during this week. 8 day clocks at $1.48 and nickel alarm clocks at 49 cts.--advertisement 1 .',''T,' '^:tV fe -\"'fr IV ®

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