The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 21, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1913
Page 6
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Medical Advertising Write Open At Holds And Marrti Vanish : PANKHURST English Suffragette Who Was Detained at El!:s Island. AMERICANS FLEE FROM MEXICO CITY TORPEDO LOST IN RIVER It Head Clears. Sneezing and . . Ozse, Dull Headache Goes. Xrxa» -id! dissolves bv the heat of the nostrils; Aose ~5Mij , trSLtss '^^ heals the inSamea, ·which lines the *TM^, ^- ; clears the a] passages; stops nasty discharges and a i feeling cf cleansing, soothing: relief comes immedlatelv. , Don't lay awake to-night struggling j . f-or breath", with head stuffed; nostrils j closed, hawking and blowing. Catarrh i or a cold, with its running nose, foul mucous dropping into tlie throat, and j Try "Elys Cream Balm." Get a small bottle anyway, just to . try it--Apply a little in the nostrils and instantly your clogged nose and £tGpoed-ttp air nassages of the head ·wiliopenj you " -will breathe freeiy- duliness and headache disappear. By j._---,, ·· - . . morsing!-The catarrh, eolQ-in-head 02-i raw dryness is distressing bat truly catarrfaal sore throat will be gone. ·" i needless. . . . . «,,, , End such miserv now! Gee the small P.A, your faith--just once--in t!y s bottle of "Ely's Cream Balm" at any I Cream Balm" and your cold cr catarrh | drag store. This sweet, fragrant balm j will surely disappear. Second Anxma! Stock Sale Second Aamia! Sale of Registered and Grade Horses, High Grade Shorthorn Co'.vs, Registered Duroc--Jersey Hogs. The undersigned in order to make room for young stock which he is raising will offer ai public sale at his farm oa the Carlisle Road 3 miles from Gettysburg and 2 miles from Table Rock, formerly the John H. Gilliland farm, on ; WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5th, at 12 o'clock he following Horses: 1 black mare, 5 years old. sound and aH_ ·isrht, good worker and driver and in foal to my Belgian stallion. 2 grade colts coming 2 years old, good and growthy and wfll make race horses. 1 Registered Belgian stud colt, 1 year old last June, a fine one. Cows. 17 high grade shorthorn cows, a number with calves by ·their sides. Others forward springers and the balance have been Jresh a short time and are giving a good flow of milk. Hogs. 75 head of Duroc--Jersey Hogs Consisting of sows and pigs, breed sows, old and young boars uid shoats, all registered or can be. Goats, 2 nanny goats Terms: On sums-of $10 or cash over that amount 10 months vith approved security nayahle at the Citizens Trust Co. 3 per 'cent, off for cash. No goods to be removed until conditions are complied with. Sale Positive. JOS. B. TWINING. Albert Slaybaugh, Auctioneer. jgst Warnings i ton to fist Got, 'Tis Said. Was Discharged by- Chinese Warship for a Test. Philadelphia, Oct. 21.--if was learned, that a lorpedo belonging to the new Chinese 'rusier T"ei Hang was dis- i charged on her recent trial trip and | lost. Experts agree that the missle The torpedo is supposed to be somewhere in tae Delaware river aad every j effort is being made by the builders of. ! the ship to Sad the projectile and re- s turn it to the erusler. The J?ei'H*ang, -which was built by a _ company ia : Camden, started on her · ' i trial trip last week. Everything was I declared satisfactory by the Chinese Crisis in Relations With United States officers on. board at the time. As the jBiAZ -'my CHOSE' RIOTISS!" Sun**-. Medical Advertising... PROTECT THE -BUT FROM RHEUMATISM RHEUMA Purifies the BJcod and Throws off" Complicating Diseases Weakening of the blood tissues by ] contins^d attacks of Rheumatism af- j fects the heart and produces complications ivhich result fatally. EHEO3IA puts the blood in condition to ward off other diseases and eradicates Rheumatic conditions from the whole -system. Recommended for R-. forms of BE PRETTY! TURN GRAY HAIR " Try Giandmother's oU Fa mite fo- cipe of Sa§e Tea ait Sripiin. Almost everyone knows that Sage Tea and Sulphur, properly 'compound- edjbrings back 'the natural - color and lustre to the hair when, faded, streaked Rheumatism. 50 cents at People's , or gray; also ends dandruff, itching Drugstore. This letter wflT convince scalp and stops falling hair. Years YOU of its great value. I was so crippled " -with lion. to the ship- Kheumatism i could j ago the only way to get this^mixture Sciatic v.-as to make it -at home, which is IXesicc City, Oct. 21.--Many Ameri-;;?.ns are Seeing from Mexico City as he result ot private warnings receiv- j . od fros friends to get out, a ad es-1 j pec-iaily to Slave tse womeu and chil-: {area leave as soon as possible. | ,, Persons who received the messages ; ^±T ~" . . , earn they were Anally based on | The "gar-saaped at his command a torpedo was sent skimming across the waters of the ^ a trouble between machine sped almost Hghiu- not - walk. Doe- niussy and troublesome. Nowadays]; by for me. After ] asking at any drug store for "Wyeth's if RHEUilA, the j Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy/* you ? left me."--jv.-iil get a large bottle of this famous Summit - Ave, St. J old recipe for about 50 cents. ! Don't stay gray! Try it! No one i i ii i can oossiblv tell that you darkened Ml n NA niliPKI Y j your'bair,-as it does it so naturally llll"U"IIH tjUlwliLl land evenly. You dampen a sponge or Kruno mnincoTifiii 1 s0 - 1 krush-Troth ^ 2nd draw this LlillU InUlUuD I lull! through your hair,taking one .small gray Rheumatism had Guv Torlev, 129 j Paul. t Search was at once started for the I els or sour and gassy stoawch. Gee re- j but it couM not be WATSON 8 FOB TRIAL !ng recalled by ihelr hcsze oSiee. Xo event since the dissoltion of rougress has caused such a sar among' i* tUe political leaders here as the re- r-ira of Fe!ix~ Diaz, wlio is due here todsy. The agkailon lias been under the surface, but nevertheless intease. Both government oiScials and Fe-, Hcista leaders are concerned for fear! that disorders may occr when Diaz ! REFUSES CHECKS; GETS PENNIES PUBLIC SALE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31sc 1913. eiiargedWliltSBfidinilraproparit; Waiter Tliroiigi! Pasteffica : iancs at Cmz. Diaz partisans ;heir anxiety, and the iings is demonstrated ! by cu-cuHisrantial evidence, such as i the eEcrt CE Eiaeierio de !a Garza, the I newly appointed consul to Graza the Honeweil discontmae his jour- \ J ~ 3 ,, Receives!] Coins. lief at once--buy to-day--a fifty cent j box of Mi-o-na tablets". They quickly and surely end indigestion and stomach distress--are perfectly harmless*. There is no long waiting for results --no need to deorive vourself of the food you like best but fear to take be-i The undersigned will have Public cause of stomach distress. Eat wnat! Sa!e at ^ res idence in Cumberland you '.vane at any time and take Mi-o-1 ro * vns hiprone and a half-mile from na _fablets. I Gcttvs'ourg, along the Fan-field roa? Do not suffer stomach distress an- j lhe f ollowing personal propertv. other hour. It is not only needless but j Tnree Da j r o f mules coming's years may De dangerous--many serious ms-j o!d we! , 'j^ed and will make fine eases have their ongia in me stomach mules i bay mare 5 years old, will and boweis. - work wherever hitched and feerless of Begin using; Mi-o-na--now--at once. 1 all ob j ec ts, any woman can drive her, Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop 42 W. HIGH STREET TUBES A SPECIALTY With modem steam equipment. I atu prepared to io sjeueral repair work blow-ones. sectl'.'RS ani rei^eadin^. If the hole is not loager tb.ia the tub It cx n £e repaired. Satisfaction suaranteed. TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE Comfortable. Reliable and Powerful. Try it. Tours an-1 Battlefield crips a specialty United Phone 117 X C. A.STOMER, prop ADMINISTRATORS SALE i Administrator's sale of valuable al estate and Dersonal property, on Friday, the 24th day of October, 1913. undersigned, aemisiscracor ci :=tarrv J. Carbaugh. late of Freedom granted -hans" Court of Adams County, Sfer at public sale, the hereinafter de- Western Maryland Lines TRY THE SHORT ROUTE TO scribed premises, situate in Freedom Township- Adams County. Pa_ adjoinins: lands of George Reever. George W. [ Jacobs. Elija Boyd's heirs. Samuel; Buhrman, Luther Seever, Samuel W. Stoops and Walter Spangler. contain- j -feng one hundred and "thirty-three acres.: *nore or less, improved, with a TWO- j gtory frame dwelling house, large j fcank bam, ·vragon_ shed. Implement i shed, large corn crib, and other build- RSct i n g ings. This farm, knovm as the John B., Ty^ikert f arm. is in good state of calti- i Kighficld. Arrive at Pittsburgh 7:30 vation. with good fencing, supnly of J _ Cunning -water at the barn and an ex- j M^ and Chicago. / :a9 o clock next cellent well and cistern at the house, j . «nd Is situate convenient to schools | mornm »- -^tnd churches. There are ten or twelve · --jtcres of good saw mill timber on the ·tract. Leave Gettysburg 10:35 A. H^ COH- »vith Chicago Limited at At the same date and place the undersigned will oifer at public sale "the following personal property:- One bay -ssare. six years old. straight and all right. One bay horse, one pair of good "ules, one extra good colt. Sve months old. one Kentucky grain drill used one season, one Osborne hay ted- der, one horse rake, one sulky com plow, set of shifting- ladders, thirty- two feet long, good Studebaker wagon and bed, with two and osc-nalf Inch tread, set of breechbands. three sets of front gears, set of single, harness, collars, bridles, halters, Victor chopping mill, one Syracuse long plow. Hillside ulow, Osborne spring liar- , _ . . e i U t , i Modern tram of through sleepers. observation and club cars and coaches attached. PUBLIC SALE of Valuable Buiiding J-^ots ia the Borough of Biglerville, Adams Pennsylvania. On Friday the 24th day of October 1913. the undersigned, being the widow and Agent for the heirs of Dr. C S- RetherTlate of the Borough of. Biglerville. County of Adams, and State of Pennsylvania, deceased, will oner { at Dublic sale on the premises in the Borocg-h of Bigleryille the following described real estate: .*-«. »^i^?-V4V' fcJ*W".» v^fcj w .»--=_». i~. k^^»*.-_ii^ *«^._ « T" 1 * "* J · · ** row. Dearing mower. American cream i A } 1 that piece, parcel ar.d trac c , OI Augusta Ga., Oct. 21.--Thomas' persuades Diaz to E-Vatson, law/er, publicise and one- «· a nd the leav:ng of the Mexican time Presidential candidate of thelsanboat Zaragosa lor \ era Cruz ,o People's Party, was placed oa Oxford, P-, Oct. 21.--Several tax- borough, the j smallest borough in the state, paid twelve thousand three hundred pennies to Sanraei Russel. borough tax collecior, because he refused to accept quesi ed by Catholic- priescs to persons confessional, -rriiieb. Questions, the indictment alleges, were Improper matter to send throt'.gh the mail. These) ^ er jjj. sins," has been sent to "*"j The Feiicistas pomt board ouestions appeared in a series of ai^ 6 !* 1 " 3 cl ° 3es: 1TM*^*°* ^JS^^^^^iS^-^«wiS; K TM-^ articles published in Watson's maga-|ff_ me TM?- **'·» K0 ' :!d ^ e SJIfic e -" ^=v,n -»-=.- Tt-i--rroTi »v TX":T=;rm a-^ Ptlitcr' l - Li to prevent Diaz landing on Mex- sent for pennies Russell's home. and lock them Money back if not Drug Store. satisfied. People's NATURE'S WARNING GeUvsburg People Must Recognize and Heed It. Kidney ills come mysteriously. Bu'c nature generally warns you. Notice the kidney secrerions. See if the color is unhealthy-If there are settlings and sediment,, Passages frequent, scanty, painful. It's time to fear serious kidney trouble. It's 'time to use Doan's Kidney Pilis. Doan's have done great -work in Gettysburg. Charles \Viison, farmer. R. F. D. No. also a good leader, 1 bay mare colt coming 3 years old. 5 head of milk cows, all Fail or Winter cows, some fresh by day of sale- Sale to begin promptly at 1 o'clock. A credit of ten months will be given or: notes with approved security. 4 per ceni- OK for cash. j DANIEL GROUSE. Caldwell. Auctioneer. Milier, Clerk. Jaraes Bunting, Jr., was the first to _ £ we carried a twelve-pound flour p» Gettj-sburg, Pa^ says: -J have ? -Soon afterward Grange Coa,s'^^o^.. Doa^s^ey brought his ia a bran bag; Ralph Conoly followed with a milk nail partly sued with, pennies, and James Sloan carried his in a coal scuttle. n o: the provisions dom of the press as guarantees were that his conviction wouid be ial *-' . . _ - - i T-l*fc]lOrjK]c» tr)T- ior free-j °-" 1 '- _ . , ^; iieantime at \ era Cruz a statement, j . . j was siven oi:t b~ Jose Requeaa, candi- a ? Coasu-.uaon. | date "for the ^.:ce presidency on the no caadi- Records SNOW INJFHE WEST. Fall WILSOM IN POUTICS 3 YEARS; J£ ^ b£org ^ people coula hope Resisned as He=d of Princeton on Oct.! to obtain enoi'gh votes to insure elee- tics, and that D-az would iose in the new congress, as they had so few partisans a:nong the men oa the slate. He also saivl that he and Diaz would ire from the race if Huerta should 20, 1910. to Run for Governor. Washington. Oct. 21.--Just three years ago President "Wilson ieit the academic life he had led for tweniy-gve years and. entered the political arena. Oa October 20, 1910, "President Wil- oe It is rumored here that tae caadi- LT Trt?. his letter of resignation, inspired, as ae said, because "the Democratic party of Kew Jersey nominated me for office of Governor of tae State and 3 deemed It my duty to accept tae noiai- nation. Broken Many for Early Places. in Eansas City, ilc.. Oct. 21.--Freezing temcerattires. the first of the season, nrevailed over illssouri. Kansas and Northern Oklanoma. anfi a Ugct frost extenued into Northern Texas. Ice formed ail over Western Missouri. Snow fell in Enstem Missouri. Ga!e Brings Snow to Dakota. Aberdeen, S. D-, Oct. 21.--The advance guard of Wint r appeared over South Dakota. A stiS northwest gale ushered in the first snow vrMca was arrival. With the elections set for nest S'Jii- dav there appears to be no noticeable interest on tee part of tae general public as to v.-ao may win. Tbose who are expected to cast the ballots are land situate in the Borousrh of Bi?ler- senarator. comalete set plank, lot of fence boards. TWO shovel plows, block and tackle, hay ladder. twenty feet long, sirrgle. double^ and triple trees, log. breast ars-i cow chains. Association and Thomas Mir.ter or. the West, containing- SEVENTEEN AC- R£-S. more or less, improved with a enterprise sausage grinder and staner. I '-uniD -crossVat saw. axes, maw!, wedges- i ?anv small bulletins: now urnberland Valley occupied by the Telephone Corn- 4j-rer r.ressnung Sis resignation Mr. lac-lung entirely in partisanship, so far \vi5=on «-ate:l on a wide-sweening' as can be outwardly seen. TX£J The parlies in the field and their ' presidential candidates are: Catholic Frederick Gasboa; Felicista. Felix Diaz: LiberaJ. Mamie! Calero: Liberal governrr.Pir. David De I.a Fuente; Anti re^leciion. Vasrjaez. Gomez. It :s ex'-ec:ad that the crisis in the reiauDas bciTMeen 3Iexico and tie United States will come immediately after the el-cuon. Announcement, will be cad* 5 . It is believed, that the electors save fsi.ed to choose a President aao tr-ai K;:erta wiil continue ia office as "ccsEsrlz-noHal president ad interim. tour cf the State. That went to Fiemiagton. K. J.. waere Joseph Patrick Tumulty, men an assem- blvman. spoke from the same p!at- forra. Ii was ilr. V.'ilsoa's first meeting with tae raan who was 10 become his secretary. Five Year's Job for HadSey. Jefferso- dry, -»Io_ Oct. 21.--^Former governor Hauler has been employed bv all the railroads west of the Mlss- Issir-ni river to represent them before the Interstate Commerce Commission In the raatter of fixing a physical examination on this class of property. His contract :s for five years. Race Horse FataUy Hcrt. :s 00 Ysa^s Old. , fl - ·;_ m __ T ____ j f r::owej*, lorris. ra maa T" his Property vill be offered in lots | roa. cock, crow-bar, potatoes by the bushel; and as a whole and sold In whichever way it shall prove most advantageous to the estate- Sale to commence at 1:30 P. 31.. when attendance -".-ill given sndersJ! ELIZABETH A. RETHES Administratrix and Ascent for the Keirs of Dr. C. S. Hether. dec'd. also fifiecn acres cf gooa con: in shock, and other articles too numerous to mention. All the machinerv Is ^ ^ . , ,,.. ^ w _ ,, _^, ,, " " " b e given ana a'shoVriimeV"SorKe chTckons. one scan I terms made known by the undersiencd. _ _ ,, , _ _ * S T^~T 1*7 · . TTT"T"TT ^ TTT*"T'TTTr*" 1 ^ of bees. jna?s jars, two lard car:=. crocks, large jars, hand sprayer, five sallon oil tar.k. 3 £jopd co-srs, one fre=;ii by time cf sale. one In December and one in January. The saie will begin at 10 o'clock. A. 31.. at which time the real estate will be offered, and the terms and conditions will be ir.ade known bv J. LUTHER SCOTT. Admir.Istrator- Also at the same tinte and place - there will be sold or.e sxxi cow. one heiiTer v.-i;! be fresh the iast of t"»c;o- ber. two yearling bulls, two ve^rHnsf j t^vo calve-s *z mo: chs o^«l. :-:-! of fine sheep, f.ficc-. e-^ss( and one buck, sever fat hocr.-.. txvo nnc-i hVbod*c--vrs vrlth piers four weeks old,: also §ir:e household gooc=;. fig'-it ga'-j Ion swing- chum, -chairs, thirty yards j of ingrain carpst, washing machine, j cook pots. MARGARET tL CARBAUGH. Also at the same time and place good miik cows, one will be fresh by' Laurel, Xt:.. Oct. 2.--Blinded by mud? that was k:cl-:el into bis eyes by hor- presen ses in front of him. "red Mulbcllaad ran a fence r.ear the stretch, and cue of the raiss rcas crsven clear through "-iis body. Ta? jockey. "^Vald was cr.iy sliglstly inured, but the corse "as sliot. Fortune Gone: Found Becoing. Vrorcestrr. Oct. CI.--Charles \T_ Adame, s~ a " " ari-1 s:-cty. who a few "ears a^o vas a proraineTit Sg;:re in j bcsise-s "-"-a s?ort:^s circles cf Xew Cn^lc;r.d, «£? ^cntcr.cctl to the State 'arrr. for l,."zg-r.? by Judge Utley. Lititz, Pa.. Oc:. 21.--Zion Reformed congregai-on of Brickeri'ille, observed e centenary cf tae dedication of the chr.r "i building. The ccagre- 5 rr.oro than a cestnry old. bav- :ng been orrrruzed in 1713. Tae aa- uiversary ? -rmc:i was cebvered b" Rev. Dr. Jc'~n C- Bowman, of the Tneologi-'-il '-ert:inarv, L-ancaster, the services o-;r.~ in charts of the pastor, Rev. C. B. Kaezer. H. J. Bashma Cleanep and ¥~V"\Tfc C* A T FOR SAL Modern nine room house V/EATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of United States weather bureaus taken at 8 p. m vssterdaj- fciiow: Temp. TTeataer. Albsn- · Atlantic C:ty ; nosion BaSalo *· Clear. New York Philadelphia St. Louis Washington ·5" Clondy. Snow. Clear. Clocdv. Cloudy. P, Cloudy Cloudy. tirae of sale, one In December and the» tleat and all conveniences, third in Januarv. ! I " W. Yv. SCOTT ] T r C. w. FAIR j Lot 40x232 ft, Terms to' OK Friday, October 24th I wil;', _ i sell at the administrator's sale on the' Suit purchaser, Carhang-h place", one big- gro" hors^, 1 "· years old. Works wherever hitched," gentle and a good lejider. D. W. Woods. The Weather. Clou'ly today, fair tomorrow; west -ninds. $1013 P-jrse for Pastor. Trenton. X. .;.. Oct. 21.--Rev. Richard A. Xtxar:. who i;ntl October was assistant r^-tcr of the Star of the Sea. Ron;s-: Catholic Chnrca. m Atlantic C:ry. 7".~eiTe3 a purse contain- isg SI 015 .~r-~.-E AtJantic friends. Father Xo3an 7rai iom in iiis city and six years aco freat to iae Atlantic City ch-r.-h. Failias health obliged aim to se "~ saavc 01 absence. Frigidity Reaches Illinois. Peroria, ILL, Oct. 21.--The 5rst snow of the season began failing at Peoria. The temperature is several degrees below freezing- Snow is falling over a large part of the Illinois Valley- Winter Visits South. Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 21.--'Winter apceared in many sections of the Middie south, snowfail being reported from points as far north as Honkins- vilie, Ky., and south as far as Birmingham Ala., and Atlanta. This was the earliest snowfall on record ia Xasavinlle- kidney ^^ t complaint. I had sharp twinges across the small of my back and in my sides. By using Doan's Kidney Pills in time I was rid of these troubles- I strongly recommend this remedy." The above staVement must carry conviction to the mind of every reader- Don^ simply ask for a kidney remedy ---ask distinctly for Doan's Kidney Pzlis. the same that ilr. Wilson had-the remedy backed by home testimony. 50c all stores. Foster-Milbnm Co.. Props-, Buffalo. N. Y. "When Your Back is Lame--Remember the Name." PUBLIC SALE Lumber. Slab and Cord Wood WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1913. Oa the Joseph B. Twining farm 4 miles north of Getcysbnrg, along the Carlisle Road-the following-: 70 cords o£ slab wood, sawed In 12 Inck oak and Mckery, 10,000 feet of off-fall, lumber, boards and scantling-, 25 acres uncut tree tops, chips, chucks, sawdust Sale t besin at one o'clock, P- 31., sharp. A credit of three months will be jrm-n to purchasers giving their notes ritb. approved security. All sums under -So.OO cash. Positively no lumber to be removed tmtH sale Is over H. A. MYJEKS. J. y. Caldwell. Auct. P. A. Miller, Clerk. Charged With Assault V/ith Engine. Chicago. Oct. 21.--William Xewell, an engineer, vras placed nnder arrest charged with assauliing Cornelius Re- asan, a lotirteen-year-old schoolboy, with a switch engine. The boy was strack by the pilot and seriously hurt. Iz is tae first charge of the king ever entered in Chicago police records. Tae engine is tenned a deadly weapon. Foot 3aU Injuries Fatal. Kaukakee, HI- Oct. 21--A. J. Kramer, twenty-one years oid^died as the res-ilt of Injuries ia a foot ball game b3vween Grant .Park and Kankankee athletics. In a collision with Howard Reed his sk-.:ll was fractured, aeek dislocated and several ribs were broken. Woman Killed by Duelists. Pa.. Oct. 21.--3Irs. Jack Derice was instantly killed as she entered a rooci :a her horse at Yates- fcoro. Charirs Cameratti ar.d Carl Di- rsetry were ?hoot;as at each other and a stray bullet struck Mrs. Derice. Cara- {eratti was arrested and a posse is searching for Dimetry. GENERAL MARKETS PHILAEELPHLV -- FLOUR weak; winter clear. _S3.T5©3.20; city mills, iancv, §-5.9*1 ^0.20, RYE FLOUR guiet: per barrel, $3.50 S3 6ft. "WHEAT steady; Xo. 2 red, new, SS%«S9e. CORX steady; Xo. 2 yellow, O~AT3 steady; Xo. 2 white, 45%© 7c.; lower grades, -ia^c. 47c- - . POTATOES steady, at 70@80c. per Talking Orang-Outrangs Die. Philadelphia. Oct. 21.--Borneo, the ; orang-outrang which Dr. William Hea- |ry Faraess of Wallingford had edu- ! cated to a high degree o£ intelligence ; is dead. Bettina, the companion. of Borneo, also is dead. Both of the animals "talked." J, WE have for sale a choice lot cf ur.spry stock m all lending varieties. DOX'T forget the administrator's propngalod from benrinsr trees, Boyer j sale of Harry J. Carbaugh, Friday, j Brothers. Arendtsvillc, Pa.--advertise-j Oct. 24th, of all his real estate and * personal property.--advertisement i: Live steady; hens. 16c.; old roosters, 12«?l3c. Dressed firm; choice fowls, 20c.; eld roosters, 13^1 BUTTER- steady; fancy creamery, 3-c. teT ib. ." EGGS steads selected, 33c_; nearby, SOc.; western. SOc. Produce Markets. CHICA.GO--HOGS weak; mostly 5® lOc. lower; bulk of sales, S7.90©S.30; light. ST.Ti@S.S5; mixer, S7.SO@8.45; heavy. §7.70©S.45; rough, $7.70®..85; piss, S4.75S ».75. CATTLE" slow; beeves, ?S.SO@9.3o; Texas steers. $6.SO@7,90: stockers and feeders. $5.25@7.65; cows and heifers, §3.30©S.30: calves, $7@1G.75. _ SHBEP steady; natives, $3.Sa-®--: yearlings, So@6; Iambs, native, §5.0 THE SMART TAILORED SUIT HAS"A FIRST PLACE IN THE WARDROBE Smart, simple, of -good, tiiere is] duvetyn, whieli is as supple and nothing more becoming to the Aineri-1 as velvet, aatf innnerous novelty s - FOR SALE:Jive thoroughbred bull terriers. Hill Top Poultry Farm, F. G. McCammon.--advertisement. tie This has always been true, and, despite its chansje this season from strictly tailored to semi-taUored lines, the suit continues to be indespensable to the smart wardrobe. Manv of the skirts are draped, many I are modish lor morning weaK- A smart sas5es3oa for 7998-T99* -is r.avy blue velours de laine striped Ia nattier blue with white collar-and vest. To copy 799S in s!*e 36 It requires ?i yards of-36 inch material. In size -.k«lll^ \Jt~ ».»n^ ^J*fc*. *" .-- -~ -- - -- * . -- -- , -- 1 ~ ** J « . » « t ^^..^V show the double-or triple skirt, others 24 7934 requires 2% yards ol 36 lnc again are perfectly plain. The coats material, are sashed and vested, and often there is a novel collar or attractive cuffs that add to the effect. Materials are most attractive--ve- lours de laine. plain or self figured; 799S--sizes 34 'to measure. 7994--sizes 22 to measure. Each, pattern 15 cents. 36 Indies bust inches waist To obtain either pattern illcEtrated fill" out this coupon and inclose 15 cents in I stamps or coin. Be sure to state number of pattern and si=e, measuring over the fullest part of tne bust for dimensions. \ddress Pattern Department. Size Name ·· Address

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