The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 21, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1913
Page 5
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Her Blemish By SADIE CLCOTT is- t" : CITY. BEAUTIFUL I i HARMONY IN PRIVATE J W H Y AMERICAS CiTlES - j BUILDINGS NECESSARY.! SHOULD PURCHASE PARKS. ? , t of aa Ulasti of Greece] Edward M . Bsssett Would Make li ! Nct Longer Considered a Luxury, but, had bat oue cliBd. a flatter, vrto irus j Compulscry by Law. j L ;ke Streets, a Necessity. jorn vritii a jjrtist bieuiis:!. itmsiuu-b! is'Vhe was" wtot v-'e uvw ca" i.-rx»--s * feet woaW'soar her ' community can carry out any: o-f'sfr | Worthy plan" If any individual can erai E £·.··*! j-I -».tt ^t*^«» S»FIV\A* ?"»·*! ^nr3 ·* Hitesr titles to sec-are ?er.- iliertr are »t !v..c fvur re?-y!i- this plan a»ii undertook to c:irry it! tious. height; of bu:Iui^gs 251(1 similar; yuc. Tfae vtJM was keyr HJ ajjzrtjuwifci} suatrers tliat are devt-lopios in this sge · vrhy -St:vs ;ls.;:M r.svr act i:s a lar-f Medical Advertising Hairs Hair Senewer certainly stops failing hair. No doabt about it whatever. Yon will snrelv be satisfied. Medical | "Mum Hair Sid" - - · J S pfissypQ lianilrrifi Slliyfuo UdiiuiOii The "Gtri With Anfears Hair~ Repre- pre^uts ParisianrSage, the 3Jcst~ ; Pleasant and Invigorating " t Hair Toaic. Tbe opens Js-ness I s Al'ovwed to Interfere j Parisian Sage surely reiacves daa- With Their Sport. i dnifi--with one application makes" the -»e grouse Iiaatiug season in Britain ! ! \ air 3°-~ "wavy* "and abundant., It iis oa Aug: 12. On ttsat day every | "erases, «?oss and invigorates the s! aui! every Scot wlio scalp. Ii yea have dandruff, it is- becaasa al diversion. For a vreefc j _ Get today from Tile- i^riiiiresss VMS carvfu!iy Lroughi uy to';.-c«!je::s!:-te tb? jaxxl. All seif- i::2T!lifu!E:«ss» :;nti other evil s were ;:e!?I TO W !»::.;:I:;^^ :!;.ir: fr-rjr Sier. Gest-rosis taorivi-s. !.»/s:or true: ivere he!d up to her as i The cbix-sei^eiiC-e'-v.-os tbac she. lisri^s iKiUiranv-'iijacHzt-d.-« -~ec-r dL^.« ^reiv u; v.lth an iwcos^ryity :. her s;;:::tua! ansl !:er !:::'.:eri::« seSF bc-Jielift:! character but the deft-ct her eyes ;jave her a tll^ajjreesble ;:e ."J: otli BLACK VELVET COLLARED AND SASHED IN ROMAN STRIP Many there are v.-ho are -Trillins to f black or one of the cork, shades, lets but ib-s .s s^!«Ioci necessary where; make ^p \\t;'.l. j Ru««:a.i de.--;^:ts are concerned. Thej As sho-.r- ia TSSO-TSSi. b'ack*velvat -'-' 2at»L prouuu:iced of these b"s some- j is eHve--v^y relrcvoj by a s_i«h ihln:? abu::t its Jong easy lines tlja.11 cu3Ts of Iio:nar: strides. It is quite possible that had the :ri:: on Iir-r face her !:sjsw:":y:i ;::it:::t Jiav. ·sliSe tlsst the be::;ity of soi".;j v.-va!d t:ut have ueveiuj.etl as ll clisi fia;»l t ;: cerl-i:: lu::s:;;£:i:;ce tLere- In Sifcr face beea constantly i^'fure !:sr. When tke iir!ac-fcs-'l«.-ca:^e of an a"v to Kiarry tLe j:rjj?eni befurv the ^c::^ ! ^nd ',iavt:i. !it-r p^resLs. "^s a serious j one. Xeverte'ess slie mtut marry. i .-.n-.l tist- k-ii^ eiitercsl into ^e^ot : :.iioi,£ with Interest he saiu: j ;} .... .,.-.*. ,.? reuse^n -; " '·"Brosd eserelse 01 coaioi^nity control ^. r .--,.;/;,- \ V \;«LX c!c r rc of the «se of private »;ro:erty is reciai-" site- The ciry should have the povrric' i, :,-;. ,,I; v re thus: ;·-:;.- i:,r ;hc-2i.f:ve.« ?·-:;:·- f^.-:-.':.:-cs iasupiwrr of :hL stale 11: ;he "ppc-iuli" frosi ;r!'.:*te i:i'!iviflu T! -,- IsNJory of Auierlvaa -ii "'·r:-:.Cies iuui!; ov: X-r.w ir. si:s ! p-..:; of l:::s :ei:('---J--}"- Cities that J«"! : i r,-.-' :i !·::£ «sitl. a^.j'sraii.ft ru--ori :o'i'^ --::!! ! :o!.un:b:« retorJ of prlvatf it becoming to nearly every s a^il went a way. rui-U::!-^ surae es- ! Th« v.oat i? { the ue~otl:itio:!s. Aij-^i :=.nj t i -- . A,-"^'---*- - "T^rUs are no longer co^s:»lt;red a i^vlj®,iii:=^ l-y -,-««** A^-I-:,, ci:l« ^^F^*S^!3 I TL-y ::r,- . I:i :e,l-.v-tjt streats au-J ser.- Ji l' ? ! .--= aa-a --t-Lo;.* :K a !sec-e-~-ty. Thej tl;.- J i~f liaaith rn-i cS ;:?.!.«nre "5il ec'jucaii- nver. '5isy stir and uour io. Peasant sty. c:o«cs orr tLe left f Tvincr Esagc-res entered upon j:=:'!:^ ^"'-r shou'.cer. has ?- full :c=sti! sleeve c.nd I . in nHhisive for n:s dacjrhier. but v.-jj-a ? -.i-sr =;=· :^VE -I · * » t _ Z i^ b-- · i^ V ^ * muuAii XDEAS EAVI: SPOILES « ; ir; A^; E^GI^SH TO^X- impose restrictions OQ t!;e use of prl-! .=. v::re Sand so rliat i!i« connaunity'si - i.eo-sls siiall be observed. *Tbe.-e uu-jtlSi »f. ·_-\re:.d ::OE ciuy to s.ii:Uat: Tost ho:r:err:=:k:rsg should bs -I oo^-ce.. 1 ss a 'prcfes^icn. *: Tl.^i r:=ht i;v:r:c sho^id beihs .; c^-r!: "R " I*: education. *; Thct heiltis :s the duty and 1 :s:u. S;l-Cj ^ btis-r.ccs cf the - individual, ill- ~. U;i!:'JI:s roustructlc-^. but iae'atle! .;. ~~.-- .-FtJ-o -hvsi^isrr. *: cf folded v.-.Jc- s-ircle, sasli or belt of \ The skirt fTSSI)-rc-qcires Tor size 24 i her hnsband coa!0 uot. Six- persuat! !^atb».-r y.r-: a:! t^ed effectively. j -% yards of 42 inch mate-rial- ' Most upprx.prla.te to th=se desigrss j Xo. 7SSO--sizes Z~ to 42. ar« the nr-.v pi! fabrics, velours tie i Xo. 75SI--sizes "22 to 30. Jaine. duvetrn or velvet- Velvet in j Each pattern 15 cents. ::2= ro their stir-j of i;:I!d!n;is fro:u -·- *h'^ the spjanctir.^ ov rncricy is :fr,-tc-T^nt cc tha earning of j. To otls.£n either pattern illusirated -11 ij ou: th'.s coupon and incJose 15 cents la l| st^ or coEn- 3e sure to state number 1| o' ;.^t:cm ^Tiii size. T^easurins over th2 jj fcHest part o* the bust for cimectsioDS: : ArMrws Fait»m Deunrtment. Size Acdress --. !; i fur »r.tiuct:. ia ! pointer 0:1 the eeiitra! clsk is set to the i r roper S^nreoa the osaltipilcand scale. Care Should Be Exercised Not to Over- , '.--,^ e -j.^ short end or rhe poinrer arn^' to tile iau^: that his snit TEMPERING ROCK DRILLS. hest -the Steel. j ;,. ?£ * o t n e proper -Igrure ou te mal- A c^.rresr.onrlent of Blacternitii and; tf piier scaie carried on rli central dlst. XVhey'-'-vrigat sives the foiiovring metb- : .n{ j ^.f. ir-ns end vf tJie pointer arm r.i: for tempering chisels, drills and j r^yn isoiats to tlie figure oa t!se prcxl- i»z!ifr stone c;it|in^ ro-'-is: j uc r s-^iie. siv'iag the correct riroaact of D-» KOI force your lire xrhiie sharp- | -; !e -^Q ansnT/ers- street asd public; T t:-.e money :inJ ws s:icc^edod by i:L; son. CiwItrHS '. lling tiic»e tools. Lecte ^tce! !:_-:;£ sioi.v. takius great care not: Ths fj cvo :v:ng Ship. iu Leat it ovtr a good red beat, for if ; -rj, e ;e vj~;vii::; sair is "::e of tbose In:: --I'.iiV hear is roaebeu in making a j veLit ; nrf -ivluc-h, altiiough they are ob- 1 shar-'f":"- y f -' K ~ Steel is spoiled and ' .-^rs;;-,.- ;nzyr^cti--ab:e. seem to have 3 v.-iT: not s-tsnd. ir the inventor vrhicii := sceepta- to t'le kiaj; and onecn and invit- n of rts=:£aatia!, business a;: L-K him to eater ,«.=,,:, .--. oourtshijx. bat - j _ carrv that b- mnst av t* -r^in? b.:nafo,d- _ -. f ^ nrfvato -^ e=L On!y the !::y I*r«,re tbe tre-ams i ^ j^^ .;,.,, ^.^^ an ^ bere and out Iiere is vv-here tte irrf-;-:-2 r-juc-rally lies. : n^tlier uiScuIt tj es^Isiis. Several Aft-r t::e too!« are sharpened iHy . Te ;rs s ^, o j^.grg vrns built sna tried ia th-.-ja a.-iua to too! ft,r~a fe^v minutes. · .t.;.,. CO c!.try n boac of the revolvlii"" Nf.v have lukewarm soft --uter \vitn j type. --inch. If vre riiac-ir.her rightb-. -j:'"".t (-.".'·- poun.iT^ of salt to Irivo gaf-; reached a staice at -rrhich it Tvas laun^h- ·i,-:.- cf w:iter. Xern; take oae tool at. «j P1 ,,j a: . aitempt was niatle jmsne- .-! ilrS.c «nd p!:i«t tbe edge ia the Sre J Ct5?sfr.".!y to propel it. Atccraina to a hc-:it auonc three-eitrhtiis of aa. l;sf.,ttch fror:i Lor-con. n Paris Inven- It.di of '.!:e ed ea just to a cherry heat; tor is nvr uu.-y cpon another of these toalrt ho see his lri IP. ::ir! if he chose h? coi±I* refuse r: d::rry r-er. Kin-j CIii:-.-i:. i:t hrsv-ns heard of r !:e frir!---E-r-.--" :-:en::sh. «·«« at a loss to anuerstnn I sucL :: pr-.trssrin. Beinz vo;:n^ ::n-: v.-;:: :: snt "' romance :n to If.tvo hi? k5r^cK5 f-^r :t season and msTco tht- vf: ; c. The '»rias-Rs. -,vt.o had been told by Sonra t» 1:vi- her f"r spiritual rensoTss | r::th;-r th::r. h-.-r j=iiy=icrtl self. Tvr.5 i ^B« \rs -.vt*15 fornsefl- comely, acccm- 5»Hsb«Hi an;l in every ?-n~ fitted to The prinress ::i:y ;iui"ws--o T.:e c-ity architect ::: f".-i:.y f««:v:^:i "itles Iws ttse jso^rer to a! e t'ie «":--^s of":n!snitiiis:e ;:PH" !j:h::"rn:r»:;os-.s Ij^rtti^- Modern Gir- !hs:r s:::-::r"^ :~s to heigiit of bniluir'i,-:. = :".':r ::«:· :·.;:! th;- :-rop5rti':U «,-f private "Jr ! r.r.;': = .-'-- ::.'e thst the city n i!r---'-:1 n-i ;·:·;- :.-.- "f city Jans!. :" Jr.- : f'.l- ·· :.-=--!.·:·-- t-nmot he i::v-i the Git; Sresi Success. Several years nzu i'm: city of Harris l;;.:^. l"a.. ivas crc-;:t;V troubled !y ; Sake ai.out a ui-c.- I'i!^ t-uit formed ii ·_-:;o ·; Us :r;nc;::,i! i.arks n\vin^ to th- ..r-:;."L-ti^!; =f a i!^^;! control vrork:- -.v::.: n r-:u:_-r ^-.\::ui:.. a;;.-I by tLe mi-: .'.If y." the .--;:i.i^nv i he :us:: jr:a.-5. ca: ,i"-::I::« 1 ' t::5' :::s'l spatter deck ha- ^r,.-v:: f.-r ;r"-'Ve :"IL- surface of th " sc;:-.-:!^!;.' ::itL-rfo!-;:!:r xviih th- I I .'Crld'ti'i! S-.VItll;p. s ^ i '?'·.·· q;K'.-!:cn was !::r»l:y solved ia : ::ive: ::!.·! vory s;:tisf:tc-rory man::i;r i vroe-3 s:i".v tvi'.s piirchnst-d at a sn;a i;.st i:;::e :.·«·::. at first itEtii you be- j !··«» ha i to it. It yon should j ··i r-t 5r-t !o not aeat i Cars of tha Car Bonnet. TThen .1 car hcs !sea run ia a heavy i:r-r« " »:«~t nt v rt riiae. Tbe degree oi min particular niientlon shonJii lie ; mart of rretr to hnJc upon p-ron f-xrrpt thf pri::.--fss V « A « _ ~ V . - *-W f T V b f « l - u.»* '».»..^ j JL»X/~. JLX/o * . i » O *,t»--i~il^i._. JO.~~~^,;i?J V * l l i a a;::ts:red busSness j ; ropo- j v.-ith the AaLurn Kair 5 "--it Is en every arr;v t o :: t-snpie of days b»- · boiris. occasio:! to go to I»uuo:s to meet a i lusire a;;»l L-yautv voa ce^I^e Eririsb fiuuack-r to put the GKisUijisc ; Lock for the trade-mark---Cue "Girl touches to sitios. He as fore the 12th *.f Aisirust The fiaan 5 -- c-ier was nor i- h-s !.!ace of busline LESS BOWEL TROUBLE -Xo." said h:^ chief c'erk: "be h:-s , IX GETTYSBURG gone for the- ;:rou*e shvo:. Be v.-ili not Geitvsburg nople have ralk - · - - -_ -thin crossed post IViH not lase more io«o :;:»! an uour , e , 3 ,;. tme bec-.-.«l -JL-.G'JS bv Carin« of his ticie. and then !"!;: off for houie · LsscKtHchsS end It «I*^nv= off " · sa 1 "^ again." pi l$ir,g amount of old foul matter · should advbse asj.iiast your going iron', rhe b-ody. It is v.-onderful c to his home, siri He \rould not receive QUICKLY i'_ helps. II. C. Landau, FOR SALE CHEAP 2 20 feet of good "pine and anybody at this titr.e- He- will attend · crugg-sr. to HO bi!3i:!e5w.'" ; . But the Ne\v Yorker th-iiij;!it differ- ! ently. lie % .vc-nt to the country home of th*' Satiaelor. A burly but!er aiet 'ains at the tloor. To him the Xevr · Yorker gavo h:s c-.ird. it w-as proaopt- ; iy returned to h-:-.! J hemtock boards 12 and 16 feet "The ii.:ister." said the butler, "-svi-l | ·see no oi:e. He ««»t! out for the grouse ! [;i li-;^*'/'!|j ulso savotin? to:a.rrow. He says to cai:. | * please, in a fortnight." [ ;ir,s^, will be sold cheap if pUt- Aud the Xe\v Yorker '-v:s conipellefl j *~ .'3 remain nvu «\«ek^ Joauer 5"it:! the [ chr.SCtl at GHCe. jlnjiiishn::::: :v:::r::s.-v5 fro::i his titint. i v.-!:e:i th- !t:-:!H-s i:i.i!sot! ia I nOVJirC St 2 ^S W. Middle St. 2 X 4 . SCS.nt- to the inclement weather on r armers* Day, U: v/i!I be continued this week. C. · ·^aaaam sssssenx~~Gfs 2 The popular'annual Excursion by tiie Salem U. j B. Church vvill be rnn TLusrday Oct. 23,1913. i Special train Mrill leave F airfield at 6.45; Gettys- § bur^ 7-J5: Nev.- Ox:"v5rcl 7 37: Hanover 7.53; stopping ^ at all intermediate stations. Train from East Berlin -v^s ':-;hort-«* :r.; S'cr jsresen^e { J,i.;, ^ULTlrLYiNG CARD. } dry '-r-O" it they vriil s:ain far more I" thnn ti-ey ^vill upon the bofiy or wiags. j ^^ ^ ToreHr^ss of dipos!n.n K cireunistaKres do isot permit or Dsvico t-or .-ar bcip.jr rrnsbed down at once, the · Vs^-jiV .Ireii o f ' ' I ih"re ^ns in her ·?i«» ;::?^R tf!d Jho yonn~ r ....,,... ties PURPOSELESS: PILLARS. Cv.r,crs \Vo " ~ ~s-*o letter to =;rec. 3 r T^chint: Chiidren the Use j precaution riioukl always be taSeii or j ._._ ...^ hi ^ d ^ p( . rn ,: :K . 3 ?| , Sic . L:^.^ cr ,-iov«rpos. cf ^ s Siidc Rule. j spoasins S the .-uju then i fc nr ,, M , fK :ln;1 he ^^ ^- :!rj ,«i tbnT . M.-.rv re. ' rs::i!o fina* ai... tmc t o- A :c-vl« d^i^cd to tench children! Jf !jf^ a = St Hsl l t!y ^° t: lh s Hp . to ?} 5f hJ should see ^ythin^ -n !^ r to n:s j «* V°- :rT ' : V ' C; ' 1 5 " i::!r r T f sjo "? Hie ;-~:»r:;ile of the s^fde --,:3e lias re-; f 30 ^ 111 ^". it -nri!! never looi osbtj it Is rcpamted aaa var- A Whits Paint For Boats. :-^:: this "n hsr«»y n ^_ e ; 3 rc i p^r.^nn. »n= \vhich nr- i det-Hocl ; ».-f tnste a ciaHy a roy.i? one. "^"ht-r. J;e and the | ".cnr prinr-pss y.-er" topptbir tise iisrid-irrc- 1 ;c ''---PS inken of? hfs eyt-s. nnl .-i irorenjirent ferni-.:!a for a white 1 :. or ro ct , f,, r ;·-,{. first ifaie. For :s s3:vt i · paint to nse on the ontsWe of a lxai Is j ^j,,;/, j-p ssiiTere: 1 . nnder ?h^ sV.o.-k «- \ ! ns fc.:io~-5; The rro:«rtii.r,s of the pir- { ^sio-od by that IiKt v.ises or, ":aj:ts n: u viiifs it c-e:ii:y iseen bronsht out in France nsa_ is !io\vn i:: the illustration. This de: vice r.perai^ "H the principle of slide\ n:k-s iressunlJy. since It fines the prod-1 r.ft of Ivro rs«i;il;ers by Sndlcc: the; 5i5.:.:l:cr com!i*oniia5 to tiic sum of; /.heir lossritlnr.s, says T riiaiucs- ; ^ . , ^--fn^ are vnrfod to s-.iit the! 1* coasisis rt ? a central uisk and a ----- "'» u · ' - -- _ ! . , . . ; t . , ^ - . t ^ . fi^i-" · re^Tiir.^^ieT.ts. ^ i;c 2*'rniii.; ^ crsvcii * ,ncr:Bter :ir::i tv.jie^ a*e ps\o..a so ^ i - f ^_- ^ ^^__ ^ ^_ ^ which is the thick-j ;i :e snporfic-^.? ntr'Wss he ^w ii,^ni | s^dte,. of fnll lioisiit a=ninsl the err. ·..'"·i^n^ :;:;i: v, or!; !;oa;:a ;";t once. Tn- treed snv.- ivas UUie :nore th:'.;; :» yt._''_- ::r,o ;:::o!:t os:e «]'.;--rter of :i:i inch tvMf thoru 5:ke jo Ur: - » ! '-' :s band a" | will connccf. IXo stops made below Hanover. Return- "M* §- ? ine leaves Hiilen Station, Baltimore, 7 o'clock. =1 ^ COMMIT-T-E-E. HORSES FOR SALE Carload of Range Horses will be soldi at the Stock yards in HANOVER, on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22nd. I On THURSDAY OCTOBER 23 A carload of Range mares, with colts by their ^ side, will be sold at Emmiisburg. © and FORNEY - i -. i sorts of never Tncrs-'y st:r.i:l sloie v.-iti:o;:t u-e. -*-'"''} °- "-' --""- "-*- hor JoveJv nT«.n3i:3?« thnt !:nj:.-r J A frp'-n-n of on o::e or niirr J for-,v::rJ froa: OB«? rf the h'.l:e U ! - lijgy can be revolved oa the earuboara; 2 f ~'r DO ES THIS FIT YOU? DIAGEA3I OF SIoDE tract iis drnxvn. T«)^ kinc wss surprised ;:r;rJ ',-.·5 t-r v.-ay t- frttcn · but cave no evidence of hsiu v,-:i;i ;·: :",: :« tho ··'.er ; % !:-.:: to : «inoon ^as not surprised, hnt ;-.mi ;'. -:r. ·-···-c ::: t'..e c-.rnr.e!T and ITor confidence had dcpor.dod nnon i.t^r Jet t::~; pick iho s-ora t!u-:nse»vos. · of the fact"thnt. vrJijle !ovo EnrDr::r.f-:st.i····:: 5 ·· pr-jve"! antl tiie Js induced, by cannot he hi : ;l exrtorieiH'o of ;n':-t:4::i* farniTs in nil by that alone and .vrhon OTIOO Iov» nsrts of t'.e st.u-- ;· t:-;t this iiietiKfl stenls into the heart nn ahsonro o* is rt piofirnhlo -nc. livery on-* \vho beauty or a physical defect cmmo?' p.r.s" ir:c! it S.STCOS i!i"t it is mi" ceo- drive it ont. non-lira; method of fattcains pork, Tiie My STANLEY STEAMER ·* to serve it as a s:seless ciiaracter. *? * _r r . j 0 bn H. FiaJer. President Z ·- of Colie^re of City o? Xew Tort. V »^' "^ *s? ior,::ired to lr.:.-.k and crib b.*, »» *»TM. *» oen r .*» £ -TM ^tK^tS^Tc^ ries .1 scruicirculftr scale for multipii- ^^ WJ ,.^ ers.-\7liile tlie v oardhoanl body carries t · "' '" - t Tnc Seven Wise Men. anu-s a-..l chamtJeristit: :(; ^ . . i^n^ of the ^v«. : wi-^ mosi of .i:vi«it; § w iil t e run to the Kagerstown and ^redenck Greece are ;!·= follows: ?or.^n of A in- |= \Vi!lkuvt- tiie -i.-Hy . = 7.». Tw-Miav to Fri.Jay. Charjs-s tocasof MitSr "Know^tttinc OPPOT- 11 Make arrangements by phcne or in person \viih -nn-n:-..:r samlrircnlar scale for mul-j circujar_scale i There is something a srin? UTS* of i proportion in jmttii::; yj-t*":;! into :su :m ' ? relisho;'!. ?-rii-e pnvi'do of tomobile and scriiii;ii!i^ t!u atii«ii!t ·*"" v.iw«n o ^.^uov ^v..,.^..,.; v -- -o{ . sftado from ;i I:asi;o; -f 1 subscribed ?or tlso suiip-dt a!'the neigh- ward if returned to Times Office.--ad- LOST: between Hop Lee's laundry and Citizen's Trust Company $7. Re- _ i f.iiiily:" r.i.-is of rri.nic in Caiia. "Too ; =: .. nany Tvor\-,»i's spoil tio work:" Chilon | = of Snarta. "Know t!sys.-lf ;" Cii-obubis i 5 ^ Mo.Vnitum is tht- rhnr j S .J.2 W c S t H i g r t Street Gettysburg, ·_-"h0ss!j»;r ofT* than 1y pjittng boruood kirk to §3. corn.--Orange Judd Farmer. ' vertisement and T-oru.nder of Corinth, "Fore = i tliougiit la *U ''SPAPERf = |n ., ||U|in|Hun|U||j|mi , ||||1Hmi| i iranran|Ill ,, |IIIIHim ,, l , I ,n ^WSPAPER!

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