The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 21, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES , Published Daily Except Sunday Wl HVHffi HAsST* ^ ^ PttWl8faime ^PHlLp JL ""g^tol Secretary and Treasurer-^ frenacHt. PHUJP R- BISLE, Editor cx-iiL ciuisuj. of this feature of sruuse enterprise shows that out of the 4UO trances ia that state more than 00 per cent "own their own halls. Furthermore, the inventoried property of these srranges amounts to more than a million aud-a quarter of dollars. It.,iS ( -- owiaa to these conditions that the OBSGRJPTIONServed "by carrieV in Gettysburg rfor=25^ests . Mailed otidejof_GetSgbHir25 g«gts p ANTHONY CAM1NETTI. Immigration Official Who Must Decide If Mrs.F=r.khurst Can Land. per _ Single copies to ztoa-subscribers. JL casts. : ! stastiai in tbe entire country. It isj a* record of- wh:c-h they may* well be j Ckisf is Hearleg Syffreptie's Sne Fills island 6oss lo Mrs. Gettysburg,! Congress Ma"rch * -HIS PAPER REPRESENTED PCR - ADVERTiSISSr BV tcq; In order to economically feed a dairv ow tc is always desirable 10 saiyly a; atx-li of tiie nutrients i-eQa!r«s ia Use J t : e ; pa -; oas O i · Adrr.isslen to This Country of~Eng!«s:i | earners English Wiiitant Suffragette i=' £xp5eiecT Leave? tfls Cstintry After 5 Her Lecture EfKagemen-s. · Militant Hinges "Moral Turpttuda \Vashiastoa, Oct. :·-». -- Despite an- an iiEineilate decision r»art of tbe raises as !*«-: oa ^ e appeal cfMrs. EBJBieiine i'an *:b!c- -bvs lie Kansas Farmer. Airalia! hurst, tiie'snsHsb ^.:-Z;aat sailrageu »-iv 'coataias Native!v much ^rsc-rirG^ rhe dec-rse" cf ^vor^tloa passed I d r or '^panation* reversed aiier-; "*·- ' \VashIastos, Oct. 21.--Mrs. ·=.; meline Paekhyrst, ihe militant British ; sunraijist, is ir^e to The -iMIl ier the Vuifvu; iid bost«i'a or-5 GENERAL. OFJTCES NEWT YORK AND CHICAGO ES -K Ai .. «r -rc.«-d '-a Want ad«. One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaraatedi CO -. Y TTOZU.«U»- "-fr.*-"-"",*: , ,- _^ t. _^^t^_ _^j «.am.~.m«TTii m»a rent I .1. fir« page per Trord. milk; roducing: raiiou. Fur a; y Use i^ sur. i Secretary "Wilson announced at the I isra-! prtl or ! "s co"~ie~£i;Ka v-'ith the Pasi-. ^p*2c ·'»-' *'- U^A. »»v^i.** * . « · « . " " · · ··· »~-» ·.--~-.-- _ _ - _ _ , - ^ -- j -- A S *^ .ill ^rl^i~-v^a «--·-- ^»j= *· -- -- ~_" -- - - - - - o » ^ . i _ v « » ^ f c -- - ~ ^ - « . * ' » ~ * - » - ~ - -- ^ .- -- fir» pare position. Besolntioni of respect, poetry and memoriaisa osa cent i ^ r-eiijiiborhcoa of tbree gat-ons o~; ^.^ r.^-hsrines v^2;:n a Hwl less | uer.t ;isai Mrs. Paxkbarsi vrould be ad-_ "-·'I uiiik a-arty, nfteen posiiCs of rJfaitaj ""^ ^^ G r d - , g cn-.-i :, - ~- PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS s, Paragraphs cf News Telling of the Happenings in and about Tow? People Visiting Here aad Those So]saraifis'_E Isewhsr e. ihan three hoars ai'.rr tie vessel apca I mi:ted upon her own recognizance,; ^, sEiT T A V vfDWP * *· 1 * 5 5 * * rt * ?V £^ ?rH i HA diflsiUi* j t f 83HX- R4RRW. £il iriil-*Js yri.Ei *£=*-* ?3«C* |S3£«.\, TO OUR READERS Onr adveriismg columns are open Ccndecicd by J. \'f. SARSOVY. Chatham. N- Y_ .Editor /~£LT:\"eie I'.r-: :Scis Gror.g* £«·«·«· ' ai:l ttv»» county a-rricuitarai schools of i s .-.r, : ,n e d in a more for::;. |i !,,g s ; Q xe\v York. I I th;^ tv::i-. aiui it, .is isovr watching re-J j- ig commonly estisnat'--! :~:r al.outj Argument heiore I j suits virlvlsueresr Commissioner vrere ijolszicai i" charactering aa:ai-tc(l on bar o\va recog- he ne--v ir GMMGE The AMD EDUCATION. Massachusetis Fund -- Rural "Schools Discovered. State Master Gardner of Massachusetts told the assembled grangers at a Pomona field day meeting that the grange educational fund, to help rnral bovs and girls to gee an education was being liberally supported and that the Great Barriagcoa grange had made the largest contribution to the fund of any grange in the state. Hinsdale grange of "Berkshire county was the first to enter into the contest among granges for greatest advancement in coinnra- niry work At the sa^ne raeetiag lier. Margaret Barnard.of Kowe. ilass.. leading community service worker, said: ''VTe must, bring the school, the church and thf grange together in this work of help ing the community aud proo-oung ID- interests. The rr.mi cistricts must stand together and wort for tiieir interests." Dr. Davir! Snetldea of tae stateboarc of edacation spoice oa the euucationa factors of tlie stale. He remarket tiiat the suite bad sow only an indirect^ controi of the rural schools. Ke stated as his belief that the country ought to have a system where the teachers will become permanent residents of the community after a tiine- ""VTe need a permanent: teaching service so far as possible." said he. "an'l Gre2t23t -armors' Tlie sri slice is "ro'.viug ia member-j ship rapidly, but saueiy. There is nodi- j [1*1; of the niii^Uroosis varit*L3" ~i tuis t growth. It is based on irood founda-i suiii larsely because farmers are! conuas: to see tliat or^a:-"=2T«tio2 is as necessary for iliom as it is for men eu- -a:reci in anv otlier form of labor. The jrrance otters the opportunity t'ae farra- KK; are seeking. It is the greatest farmers* orisin'zstioii in tbe world, in that it see'is ro kuip tbe farmer along \ educational and social lines as wei! as | namicial slaipiy. and its present niem- i bershlp of about 1 .OftO.OOQ ma!:es it a ] force with Avhich t'.icse v. Iio make our j ia\\s niu».c reckon. Ia tbe fi"r n ' n e j mo:.Ll:s of thti present ye:xr 3i3 new I grange 5 ; were oi-gunized. and IS were i and. says a good anthori- i ty. "as ucariy as can be compiled n r j oaf set tiere are nov.- fully 1.03".- [ r.r-1 cr;in2:e members in the United 1 Sr.ite~.~ Tb-'r« are approximately [ T.f;-.^ iocae or siiborninate granses. | -"ear. wiso^ir r.itliot'ce inouut. 1 ^ no s to uioie than 7.000.000 people- in the i vear. Discussions in these many tneet- of t!:ose questions tliat bear most sjt: I yitude." --e raar deport her. soaie oi v.'h:ch v::ii impose a sax upon hearing Commissioner i '-There being the element cf doubt: -^ ^ z ^,i^ ;h;:t the go-, ermnc-ni ha: ·I CaEiisetu declarer rait t'ae depart- i meae, in consider-as the case v.-ould ! take no ^- of any nev.-spaaer as to v.-::ether saoral lurpitnde or po-; ^ynorfcu In ihe r-asi aa;l force litical ofCease Tras iavolved, ~-e tlecid-. av r«.-clc»! ly con^rc-ss to fcc given baci:. el that have sufficient safeguards; s. il de%elo- *·£ ia -his connaec-1 ana that :h-crc can be no harm in ad-' v ,:£,.,,,· or f-v ni: | Uon thac the coniialssianer had receiv- -- - ' · - .--..«_ --- cr .,, those ssj aSected v.-:-l bs che i*" uresitieat. J Xearlv one-fourth of tUe Guern- ftLL production are ovinel sn TTIsconsirj, 2.nci almo^L \.itlsou- e"- ct-p'ion the oivners are mc~oers of co-.'peratli'e countj" breeders 1 osso- ciauor.s v. hicls, v.-tu the ml of Pro- l---=5iOr George C.- Humphrey -at ibe Col'cge cf -igr!cwltar= Qf the "Ca.1- versify. cf. ^.Visconsln. have been forme-r ii their rcsrcei.:vo d^triCiS. 'Oae 1 of -the besr moath;/ !=corls %RS tliat of TuyZor's C;i-.-m Cup, O'?. lie's hv C- C. Alien of X-_nosha- l.cS r«-vds of niilk v.-hich jieltlcC Si'H j--our.cs cf buiLcr fa.c. or -be couivEleci o£ :"-J.C3 pouncs of butter. \ ed from the United S:a:es consul gen- ! era! in T-cncoa a communication to ,C 1 \vhich v.-ere attacr.c-1 several clippings " I rroia tee London Tirres of last ApriL ! · Coni-aissiyner Canii'etu objected IG ? ! . ras use cf the v.or-1 -prisoner" as ap- i j ] ;»aod to ilrs. Pa--i\r.!i:^c by Attorney I \ her. He declared ili s -^ persons sec-i^ms try into this co::n;ry \\ere not lield soners." The commissioner ar.nou-cea at the [ j hearing that the attorney need submit [ j no argument in regard to the first I1 three convictions o: Xrs. Paslcburst, "Presii-en- ^.Vilscn felt that the 5a?r lo -- $=·_!,-_(, a year by t ;i :e g "had a Setible ii-terprezauon so thai According 'o Representative Cordell it %vas largely a question cf policy. ! :. r£;:l:, v.-ao ira: iil'I, no s: ec the ite.v i:ic-Oi--.e tax 5 { , ; ^^ i · «· for inie r- The clecisiop by the Presliieat ani Sec-recarv \Viisoa \vas comm'jnlcated -overn.njtni la. the -_ase of jirs. Garto Commissioner Cainint r s. vrho issued ^ r t i,j O r oi any o^ the taea of ihe army the forma', ort'.er of release. - · or n a »y v.lio aa\e -icher been pession- Presideut TlVilson's interest in the ec i or rt; ti-od en part salary, case -VES viewed v.-ith the greatest sat-^ Acct.i_i::s to Rep:-e£en:ative Hull, it isfaction at ht-aacnarters of the Xat!-' %7 r[i g 7^^ dury c-f the governnieat to 51rs. 3. .K. Gilbert, of : ; viile, is spending- several ,usys at -the home of iir. and Mrs- J- W. Gilbert, on York street. " , I. I_ Taylor, of Carlisle surety has jciie to Fair5e_!d lo assist in the-l^air- neld Xational Bank for ssvera! days. Rev. 3. C. Gardner, of West High street- Is spending several days In Karrlsburg- " Rev. Fr. Meilanus, of York, speit Monday \rita Iric-ads in tov.-n. t Caerain and Mrs. J. R. Kodgers. of Lynn Haven, Florida, have returned to their home after spending the summer with relatives and friends :n tov.-n. The Misses Homer are hiivsng con- -·rc-te pavemenc laid at their property ,-n Chaisbersburg street. Dr. Luther Kulslman. Dr. "W. A. Jranville, Dr. P. M. Bikle and Prof. R. VTentz are atteridiiig the sessions of the Maryland Synod at lla- ^.Ir^. Pe^rose Myers left to-tiay to sir her daughter, Mrs. Lane Schc- 'leld is Cincinnati. Mr. and ilrs. \VJHjam Weaver and .laughter, Dorothy, spent Sunday in "arlislfc \viih relatives. Jurs. M. Valentine nas returned to aer home on Springs avenue after an ·ilifrtcee of several v.-esks. Capt- E. C. Schroder, of York, visited Gettysburg 'to-day and attended the funeral 02" Dr. C. E. Golcsbor- ;ugh. They served together in the Fifth Maryland Regiment in the Civil War. illss 3Iyra Gulp has returned to ?.i2.son City. Illinois, en account of her jrcther's Illness. Z-Ir. and 3Irs. ilarsh«^ Young and Mrs. Chldsey have returned to Saston afrer visiting' for some time ac the -oias cf Dr. s:r.d Mrs. G. D. Stanley on Springs avenue- Mr, and Mrs. Norman Hoke, of Philadelphia, spenc Sunday at the · nd .iedae; lie ta.: :ro:n tire pension of j Mrs. GarOeiu beJore lisz_per.sion is : sent to Uer. TTlniie the soveraraent has · not "grautfe-JL a great nany pensions ; o-^r -hff above prescnbeJ iH^OO iimi' \ Leaves E-iis !s:snc and V/tH Rest 3e-. j c ..- s ;-, s |e lolk, and :-'-'·)·) umit lor " amber Oi onal TToman SuErage Association bv the sutlraare supporters. MBS. PANKHURST LANDS fere Beginning Her Lectures. along: tbo=e ' -.-.-eifar-i of the tiller of tbe soil- A Children's Evening. YVe have nowhere seen a r.T' 1 ° ! cr schoc'.s in toivn f::rnishecl the pro- 'strt! of soncs. r usnally the comnaiiiity- ·where.ts ic is not so much so ivith the femaie teachers. Another niatter discussed by this speaker rnral present reaching t to be The agriculra thos farmers the ground oilers. The state b-xird i-; snaa. a success^ investisaun^ hoiv far it can fo toward ; estabUshms: local public schools frr| MaSr.e's Gran S c Halls. boys of fonrteea years or over vrh'» are j Maine fitted to take a three J2 r f °JI r y/-' 3 ! 5 " 1 probably be the most surisfs^cory ration. One pouRil oi" this nilscuro ivonkl supply .12 foinuT of lii:est!i- : ft p-.-otcir. j .r2 pound dip.sni'le carltohyjragc an:! .5 pound fat. Ten ponnds of afiili tional mllli -.vou'u re-juire ab-i-.ic Tour pounds of th's micsnre. or. in other of p-o- *» I I * *-*^ I.* 1 *- 'i-Li - !---_-»».- u - ».---t, ; _ i tbe future, but not so muca . in makins the evening s p.o-I dicnnent be lish cotirrs last llarch, and to "hicli she pleaded not guilty. This charge imtilleaied her i~ the C-ttenrpt 10 blow up the ne-A bouse oC 1-lcya George. ""Just iviiac r.-oral turpitude ir.eaas is open to ce ! .a-c." said Attorney Herbert Reevos. ·"·: his argu~ent before 2 Si;:are Gar--iea aaaounced' a ' , aiihough iirs. G rover C»eve- that. in de-rence to Mrs. Pankhiirst's J i ^ aa d Mrs. Benjamin Harrison hold Q=?!res to cet a good rest, the iaass-r for j;j e the prlvJeae cf franking their meeting she rras to have addressed | personal raalL had. been postponed tili 'Wednesday ; " _A_ ^n v,-l;ch sc.Te a pessica. to both sight. ' - i Jlrs. Cleveland and Mrs. Harrison ~ss Singing a -v-otes-for-'sro^ien anthem. ! gi~- V n shortly alter ihs death of each t-s-enty-gve pro-- inerit s«iira£i=ts Trent | p re =idenr. but '.vas defsaxe«l v,-hea put :o Ellis Island and there serenaded ', t oel - ore the house of representatives. ilrs. Pankhnrsu f Through a rain-stcmi the escort. oi ; t^yentv-iive ^romen "^eniz ^o Tihe immi- j ^T-ptlpn ouarters to accompany Mrs. i OT the comraissicnsr generai- ader- ! FankhrjrEt into the city \vhen she -- ss! FIND s\?!AN ; S BO? Officers QH FENCb Was Slain uaa f standing of ai or }irnn. such a ration -croni*! necessarily be less economies! tbfin rho propurly balance,! ra raacres are MC H eqmrpe« e _____ __ ___ rord In a lega: sense | released. The sunragists had planned j is that it :s a crime committed v-'ith j a til criminal Inter;:. Such an intent; aas lant pha! entry for the famous !jnkr:3\vn ·sturrtinc Frorr: Fair. Ito-^s. :.i'l.. Occ. 2^.--The Do5y about .it-ir.e of 3£r. and Sirs. 3. C. Hoke on We?t High Mrs. W. H. Burd. of Crssson. has been at. the home of her for the past \vesk- .Tohn Blocher has renamed to Chic- 1^0 after a "visit of several -.veeks vsith friends In Gettysburg and "the eourity. Joseph Fri'cchey returned to Wood- rary. Xew -Jersey, on Sunday after -jsiilT^: for several days ai'his home on East Middle street. Miss Annie O'Neal has returned to isr home on Carlisle street after -.-jslting in \¥"ashirigton and Oxford. XE~ -Jersey. Mies AyreKa Hornberger, of Litdes- ..ovm. vvas the gnest of Miss Sath Faber on Saturday- Mr, and Mrs. Robert Armor, llrs. Suber, 3Gss Karhanne Huber and Charles Kuber. of Wilmington. Dela^rare, have returned home after a sev- irz.1 days' visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William D. Armor on East Mid- -lle street- Mr, and Mrs. Amos Eckerc and Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Eckert, of Springs avenue, have gone to Wemersvllle to spend several days. - the be:tsr:rf-u of her sex and the race, ·afi from are morallr put :n appearance. In · ,,, = --uanoirji- her hands dripp-lns TBRcVintosnes ar.ft standing' ( '..^'- ' i beneath vater-scaSac nn-.bral-as. ihe tvrenty-flve ranged themselves befo-s We carry in stock mostly cdl makes of S'not Guns, Rifles, Revolvers Hunting Knives, Axes and ail otiiers kinds of hunting supplies including all kinds of cartridges for Deer Hunting and oilier purposes. We also have a large stock of mostly all kinds of shot shells. Our stock of Hunting Clothing is unsurpassed, Hors and Automobile Owners Please Notice We now have on display our new and fresh line High Grade Automobile Robes, Horse and Stables Blankets. Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases We haves over fifty styles of Trunks; Bags and Suits Cases to select JTom. AH kinds.repaired at short notice, ^ _ ^ , ,, ,,, ,. ______ _ ^ ., Galvanized Roofing Just received another car of High Grade Galvanized Roofing made by one of the best millfs. A visit and your patronage repectf ully solicited. Adams County Hardware Company The stalen. ·-.: that 3Irs. Pankhurst made aft^r he- earing before the special boar^: :n "evr York, that her S-aestJor-ers had papers taa- led aer to belEeie her "pc..tical opponents" had tauen a'i .r. the disbarment proceedings ~"3S c\-Iained \rlien Commissioner Ger.-ra" Ca^iinetti tame-5 over to Attorn-;, s Ilceves and O'Xeail a ^mnairr-t^r. :roai the United States consul ^^I at I.c^dGri, to ^rhicQ vrere a'tnfhefl several clippicgs from tee ILor.dc.n Tin- s of last April. si b- shs -onld " i ra;e Ocean Fugitive. Trento-. X .' Get. 20.--Ac-tins Governor Fielder appealed to the state .rtmant «".t '"ashingtcn to ask the French s;overr.~ent to arresi Louis _ :ns-wick, X. J.. frt3O 5s a coush: for T 0 - u r f l e r of Tessie Xe^r- ^ 1!d ««' ^ r - Sne berry fsvo mor.-'.is 350. Qnin is on his -n-ay t-j Marseilles. nl-:h«rsfs -nr:Buo~ ana caesred. . second and tliira strands. ' Dr. S. K. Tonnin trie.'! to resuscitate ' the man by artificial respiration. arks on h:s clothes by - De Tbe man's lisht-colcred s:riped trct:- Theii tney ssng again. did. TThat big hearts they have. yiTS. Pcnkiiurst ca-J beer, detainee of i-iberty. This ~as fact T. hicn she ana her frfloisr siifTrasists corz-j niented npc-n -.v:ih some bitterness. { Mrs. Pankh-irst said positively that, ·f "nof rice at ~asi'n jton ~as dcclueu ' " ' ' ;:n a h'jnser ' Workmen Turn Up Meshanic's Hoarc ., · forsaead. : is believed the man ' r by companions as they -s-ere returning ! i from the Haserstov-n fair. LIFE'S SAVINGS IN WALL IX MEMORIAM In memorr of our father, Hcnry lioth. ·K'ho died one year ago, October 17th. Precious father, he has left us. Left us, yes forever more. But Tre hope to meet our loved one On that happy golden shore- Lonely the home and sad the hours Since our dear lather's g-one But stil! a brighter home than ours In Heaven is r.ovr his OTTO. By his daughters, Mrs. Edv.-ard Blocher. --adverti semen'c In her pre-snt condition, sl.c ?":·: :n answer to a. question, sne" 1 -" rT_f«^- Fostrraster Hears Safe Bksxvn. AlleP.iOn-r. Fa. Oct. 2l«.--The safe in olTice "was dynamited "---'Irea cellars in casb s-a-ips take-i. Fostraaster l t \ lieard tbe explosion. .. -^as a blast ia s. stone G-io's K.Usd: Mistaken For Deer. Xeu- To---. ":. 2«X--VTilliam Senyre. taken for a deer ar.d ':nn'*er strike ot t~enty-fcu : ii. : resigned TO starve to death for the cause accorosns to her OTTTI statement. In Concesiecl Xichs. Sotnh 3eihi;hem, Pa., Oct. 20. -- "\Vhne T7orl\iren v.-ere maliitis luiprove- -nsnts in th-3 ccdble house a^ Bssse- -rcr street an-: HeUerto^m roaC, at Xorthair.pton Eeigr-ts. cccapied by \r r =:_ Lillv- Cr^ss. they i:ncovered a several thousand in banks ana iissa tne cose as resiinica n:? . Fran- F:rds Hsc v-i '..-. Masssc-husetts i own. V.T.ii-r - . - Mass.. Oct. iO.--Pro- er, of the depart- at V.'i-iiams college, j % found traces o2 ; :;' near here. General Sickies Is 88 » cday. Yor5c - Oct - -'----General Daniel trs" Xational Ba»fr o£ thia was closed by cr,ler of the Comptroller = sf te Carrencv. The closing of thr | bank follo-R-ed a rcporc from Xorsnn S.' E. SIcldes. the only corps commander national bank examiner, thai, of the battle of Gettysburg alive, is institr.tion is insolvent Harold G. : eighty-eight years old today. He spent y h-as been appointed receiver i the day About Qu 4 .*)r Birds. One of the most sinaiilar of birds is tlso caantin;: ha-srfc. Tiie sexes p-jir for life. Dnrins incubation the male turns ransiciaa r.nd sir.^s or day and a!gat- Eaca -strain occar.jes aboat a tnincte, he passes for a time. Simple Headache Remedy. A ton.j.-i-!'i' M «if IfiiH)!! jni-'e if a snia'l '-:ip f i.!.,fk ci!7t't is r.-rftfe fit] !ii ! i,-;]~; licadac-'ic. Tbe half dozen messes of green lima beans that the writer's family has bad j tiie" i ast tbrce vr v fUs more than pays for tbe fxioi!st» and trouble of raising tljyin, and t h i s in .spite of the fact that tl:o ^eiiiua \\.-is nt/t ou the \vuuie f;u viable. Tliere tvas a little rabbit spr!g. \Vliich, beins little, "svas not big 1 . He alwas walked upon his feet And never fasted when he e-it. "VThcn from a piacc he ran ntray He never at-thnt pSaca l'd strsy. An-J \v!i. x n ho ran. ns I am till. Ho ae'er stooO still for younij or old. thea begins ngaia. He is so absorbed tihile singing that he may be approached. though at Bother times ex- ceedincrly shy. LevaiJlant slaving killed a male bird, the fern^Je searched for him oa ail sides, littering: piteous cries. In an- ... other case, having killed a female, the , husband niounled to the tops of the trees and ^oured out n. mingled strain - ^t ^ .* -.» «»^ ^ of iameatataoB and defiance^.^; - . Tae crowned eagle of Brazil is said ·- to be the only bird that ventures to dine on skv.nks. It devours the armadillos, breaking their shells by carrying them high in the air and letting them fail upon the earth. W£:en living, the buffoon eagle has the appearance of a bird with the tail cut off. Its name is given from its habit of tubiing like a buffoon ia the air. The condor has been known to soar to an elevation almost six times greater than that at \vhiv.h the clouds are ordinarily suspended over our heads. fSPAPERI

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