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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, October 21, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 303. Gettysburg. PSL, Tuesday. October 21st, 1913. Price IVo Cent*. 3 aiuiiuiiuiiuiujiiu. luuiiuuuiimi utuiiuiiiiii ' i : i « ; r ' Were As Follows s *« Mrs. P. A. Miller, Gettysburg, WON THE Queen Quality" Shoes for finest display of flowers. Clarence Bream, Cashtown, WON THE 'Walk Over" Shoes for finest peck display apples. Isaiah Rice, Arendtsvffle, WON THE "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat as the father whose sons combined weight was the most. STORE OX Til E SQL' A RE BRI1ISH GENERAL ., ON BATTLEFIR.D ·^^ g = jSir Alfred Codrington and a Party of | i = ! Friends Come to Gettysburg Accompanied by United States Army Officers. Much Pleased. Lieutenant Genera! Sir Alfred Cod= I rington, of the iiri'tish Horse Guards, IE jand a party of distinguished English = larrav aien spent Monday afternoon = : here in a study of the battlefield. In^ = ] eluded in the number were Captain ?IIHUI!rjUllUIlUl!lilUII!!liiniltUHIIII!Hlttli!:!inil!iilIliiiUlii;t!|illlllUliIi!I!'IIIIIUilllll!l!iN IIH1I7 i jfarold Phillips, R. Wave!! Paxton and SENTENCED TO MINISTERS PENITENTIARY Littlestown Man Pleads Guilty to Serious Charge and is Given not Less than One nor More than! Three Years. Other Court News. Gettysburg Ministerial Association would Form Association of Ail the Ministers in the County. Other Business. Pleading guilty to a serious charge j The formation of a county minister- preferred by Addie M. Welty, of Lit- j sal society was the project advanced at tlestown, Victor R- Simpson was sen- jj the regular October session of the COUNTY PEOPLE TAKENJT DEATH Mrs. Robert Cunningham Di*.s in Mc- Cnnneilshurg. Mrs. P. A. Heflman Died in Baltimore. Diphtheria Death in Midway. MRS. ROBERT CUNNINGHAM Mrs. Robert Cunningham died on LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many Items of Interesting News'from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief '.terns. ORRTANNA Orrtanna--Robert Bovd and Bvron uestown, victor K-;=:.'npson was sen-; tne reguiar Uctcwer session 01 tne Monday morning at her home i n M c - j ter.ced by Judge Swcpe i:i Court on! Gettysburg Ministerial Association on Connefisbur"- after a seven weeks'! Cease were taken to the Chambers- barg hospital Friday Oy J. A. Cease lssue I illness with typhoid fever aged about i" !!U . ,' :^ roun- ! -^ veii rs j Miss Kathi WALTER'S THEATRE I Captain A. Constable. SPKCIAL4 KEELS TONIGHT TRUTH IN* THE WILDERXE-'S A two red Am'irieia feature. Fcaaiririss; Au*tri^.'= mo'i popular phoiwpUy j"' They have been in this country for ! several weeks, one of their principal I missions being the dedication of a ,, 'monument at Braduock in commemora- J. Warren Kerrioau. An inspiring produrtiou of a-iventurt- THE FISHERMAN'S FORTUNE Reliance and routao'*-- A nove! (Jratna of the s«.-a, in which a. aiun s«-he: own laoiiev thinking it belongs to another- XEAK TKADE'JY Punch F:!ui A urn'Ka of h«r-irt inltr:t. Sh.v.v Starts »i.45 Adml COMlN«j V.'EEK OF OCTOBER 27th to M possession of i tion of one of the principal battles in J the'French and Indian War. This took last week and on Saturday eve-n- sion 5 cents to a il. LOIE FRANCIS STOCK COMPANY Popular Prices 10-:2u-:» cents ; ing, while attending a banquet in · Pittsburgh, they were sought out by I the foot ball team of the Carlisle In- j dian School, who played in that city in the af ternoon, ar.d . desired to shake P H O T O P L A Y Monday to undergo a terra of ini- j Monday when it was decided to prisonment in the Eastern Peniten- i a call to all the clergymen of the coi _^_ liary of not less than o:;e year nor j *y for a meeting in Gettysburg on 'the I gj, fc was t j, e w j£ e o f more than three years. Sheriff Thornp- j rirst Monday in December. son will iikely take his prisoner to i An effort will be made to secure as and Dr. X. C. Trout. Philadelphia on Wednesday. I a special speaker for the meeting: Gettysburg where she Simpson was arrested several weeks j some one from a ago by Constable Confer, of Litl town. He was formerly from Freder- j It \viJl be held in one of the "local ick but had been working in Littles- j churches and it is expected tha'c a per- therine Chamberlin is sufif- Robert Can-1 er ' n " Srreatly from a badly swollen ningham, formerly of Fairfidd. and · facc ' ** reso!t of the Bursting open was we!! known in that town and in! 01 a smaS! - ro ^ th on her Behead. fre j Mrs. L. B. Merrill, of Denver, Colorado, has gone to New York City to be the guest of her tirother, Bertie a distance, probably i . ;ue miv, boXh before and ith of Harrisburg. man iage. Her maiden na visited since name was Miss Bess Irwin and she leaves her parents, j ? r ° S ' * ?Kf _ s P e » din £ several months her husband, a :lve months old son and George X. Plank, of j si:anes:t organization will be effected. j se veral brothers and sisters. Moneybrook, 1 At Monday's meeting of the Gettys- ^? r _ a n j jirs. Cunningham hands with the representatives of the [a charge of malicious who palled the whistle rope on one of · burg ministers Rev. F. E. Taylor was the Topton excursion trains a't the | elected president for the coming- year Gettysburg station on Saturday af- j and Rev. L. Dow Ott seere'iary and ternoon, October 11, pleaded guilty to j treasurer. nation that waged war with them several centuries ago. The audience was j granted and the civilized Indian braves i were warmly welcomed by the gallant SPECIAI/TO-XIGHT. "A CHANGE IX A1O.1IXISTRATIOS" SELIG TWO REELS j officers from across the sea. shows the danger of j General Codrington and his friends were brought here from Washington in a large automobile by Major William D. Connor, U. S. A., and while here stopped at the Hotel Gettysburg. They were guests on Monday evening at the offices of the National Park A tiifiely picture based on the political patronage evil. It shows uie usurer oi j summarily Ilsiji-haiyrinjr old, mistAorthy and capable oSiciah: and displacing tlieui with uulriwi :uen who an.- a* JvauceJ to high positions largely as a rtwaM ror political services rendered. The bigj?=st of the ninny £ The chief c!..-rk of the War Department is in = is the Inaiuitirai Bull. love «rith die daughter the notified that his positi n will go to another his fLiuace to brib-c his successor and the first day :n office of the later i-- the !asc. in office for the next four years. THE BENEFACTOR With Authur Johnson. Admission The old chief clerk in reinstated Lubin AUTUMN HUNTING ' For ne«: styles in suits and over-coats ha.-= begun "now. but the ni^n who_ U ztiRate enough to be s. patron of The Qaalicv^ho? kiiows tiuit.he neetl not see 3.iiv furtber. Our iiaudsoiue aad elegant fabric? are awaitiu? j'our choice and onr --fvle=ar« «p-t--the-tuincte aad we will fi;a.nd gni=h voar outtit- in a manner at can witly be done when you have it «e by Will M. Selligman, Cash Taiior. Commission. All of the Englishmen were greatly impressed with the beauties of the battlefield and especially with the re- tmin was not in motion when young | Bible Society of Gettysburg will be went io summer time before they were ready to return to Ho- '·oken, where Mr. Cunningham teaches .McConneilsburg early in the :"or the vacation and a shore Plank committed the offense and no · held next Sunday evening in St. James OR llondav. harm was done. The information was j Lutheran church. It will be a union laid by E. H. Bosser, a Philadelphia j service, the other Protestant denomin- and Reading detective. Judge Swope j ations joining. The sermon will be put the boy, who is only sixteen 2-rears of age. on parole for a period of one year. Martin L. Power was discharged as administrator of the estate of Emma J. Power. Donald P. McPherson was discharged as guardian of William Crawford Briscoe. William Hersh was discharged as administrator of the estate of Edward markable way in which the lines of R- Reed, late of York Springs. battle and the locations of the various commands have been preserved. The large memorials were admired greatly by the visitors and they were most enthusiastic over their visit to GelUs- burg, declaring this portion of their tour to be one of its most delightful features. - -- The return trip to Washing-ton was made this morning. HEI-D SMOKER j Local Patriotic Order Held Informal i Meeting on Monday. maiiv coni mci:i There Are tits that might be presented as to the superiotity o f Lippy Made Clothes of none so conclusive as the refined appearance of the ^o*^ There Is beauty in every line and quality m every stitch an-J J. D. Lippy Tailor We Iiave a special fine line of the Anderson min coats Battlefield Council 71 , Order of Independent Americans, held a smoker in their rooms on Monday evening 'chat was enjoyed by about one hundred members. Sandwiches, ice cream, cake, coffee and cigars were served- -J. M- McDonnell acted as roastmaster and the following toasts were responded to.. "Our Order'% W". H. Frey; "The Inner Man", G. A. McClellan; "Our Public Schools", Prof. H. Milton Roth: - }-"Advantages- of Societies", Smiley; "Societies in General". Prof. J. Louis Sowers. Sarnuel S. W. Hammers was discharged as executor of the will of John Hammers. The accounts advertised Smied. preached by Dr. A. R. Wagner, pastor of the College Lutheran church. Dr. Wagner was also chosen to deliver the sermon at the union service to be held on the evening of Thanksgiving Dav in St. James church. MR. ERLER MAY GO May Accept Charge in New York after Leaving Seven Vallevs. The Rev. John Erler. who, it is said, recently appeared before the New York svnod of the Lutheran church for were con RESIGNS reprimand, it is expected after leav- j ing Seven Valleys will preach in New S York. Many persons believe that the j long drawn out contest between the ! minister and members- of - the Seven Dr. Diffenderfer Resigns to Take up - New Field of Work. Dr. George M. Diffenderfer, pastor Valleys Lutheran charge is about at In the report of the New York synod nroceedings in reference to the Rev. of the First Lutheran Church, Carlisle, Mr. Erler there appears in substance for fourteen years, announced from his I the following: Certain charges be- pulpi'c on Sunday his 'resignation to i ing brought against the Rev. Mr. here with friends at Brookside. Mrs. Emma Heinley and daughter, Anna, of Philadelphia spent last week with her brother, Clinton Hager. Mr. and Mrs. Wade Bywaters and son, Earl, of Luray, Virginia, are spending some time with the former's Stevens Institute, she" waT'stricke'n! sister ' ilrs - Mervin Stonesifer. ' v.-ith th.e ill'^c-ss that resulted fatallv I Mn and Mrs ' A " H - ^^^^ an * two daughters, Olive and Pauline, spent Sunday with their daughter at Millersville No'rmal School. Mrs. Charles Rineharc Funeral Wednesday afternoon at tv.-o o'clock in McConnellsburg. MRS. P. A. HEILMAX Mrs. Jane Heilman. wife of Rev. P. A. Heilman, pastor of St. Paul's La- i.heran church. Baltimore, died OC'L. 15 from nervous prostration and bronchitis, while in an ambulance on the way from Union Station to her home- She had been at Waiter's Park Sanatorium, for treatment, but as she cided to return home and died on wav. the and daughters, Marie and Helen, of Taneytown, recently spent a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bai'cz- ley. Mrs. Florence Gilbert, of Mt. Pleasant, recently visited her uncle, R. S. M. Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton have moved to Gettysburg for the winter with Mrs. Guinn, of Buford s'creet. C. E. Starner, wife and family, of Philadelphia, have moved into the house vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton. Cornelius Lerew has his new brick j house ready for the roof which is to DIES FROM DIPHTHERIA After a brief illness from diphther- j r, e O f s l a te. ?a. Clair Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. I j. c. Baumgardner returned home Charles H. Groft. of Midway, died at j Saturday after a few days' business in A«r-l\r ririi*i- "\VnrmnT~ rnrt»*nincr TTf» '-,,:^I. c_ TT~ T_T early hour Monday mornng. was aged G years, -1 month and 15 davs. He. visit in ·» i Eighty eight'ticRets were "sold here i fcr Gettysburg Saturday. Decoration ^_ 1 he funeral, which was private, was j Day has no record for "crowds" since r.eld in the afternoon, interment beinsf Farmers' Day came into existence. ·iiade in Christ Church cemetery, near i Thursday saw the busiest day at the ailHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIHIIHUinilUHHIIlIHHHiniliaillllHlIUnUIIIUlllllMlllJlHII.inHHHS^ I All the new designs in J IE -rf""^ ^ jjjji i Congress Cards { s ij j| With big stock of 1 11 Bicycle and Steamboat Cards, Tally and Score | V^ i! i Pads, cards, counters etc. | i Everything you need in the games at our store, g 1 Phone or Write. No delivery charges. | J People's Drug Store COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Oci_ 25--Foot BalL Mi. Si. Mary's. Nixon Field. Oct. 2S--Concert. Miss De Yo and Mrs. Bayly. Presbyterian Church. Oct. 31--Annual Hallowe'en Hummers' Parade. Nov. 7--Lecture. Dean Soaihwick. Brua Chapel. Nov. 11--Lecture by President Granville. Brua Chapel. Nov. IS--Lecture by Dr. -J. H. Sieling, York. Brua Chapel. Nov. 24-29--Bazaar. Xavier Hall. take effect January. Mr. Ulfrenderfer, who is president of the West Pennsylvania Synod will become ministerial relief secre'carv of the General Svnod. Erler, a committee was appointed to consider his case. The committee filed a sealed copy of the charges with synod, and at the committee's suggestion The Carlisle Herald says editoriallv: !the Rev. Mr. Erler was severely re- 'Carlisle regrets that Dr. Diffenderfer must sever his connection from the Carlisle Church---not only the congregation, but the entire community regrets it. His efforts have been crowned with success here, and in. his larger field it can only be expected that his influence and his ivork-will be-jast as 1 primanded by the president of the svnod. FREE LECTURES First Half of College Free Lecture Course is Announced. i-our of the lectures in this year's ifree lecture course at college have been announced and lour others will be booked later. The course, which is I open to the people of town, will commence en November 11 with a lecture fay President Granville OR "'Gusiavus S Adoiphus and his Influence on the Art I and Science of War*. On November j IS. Dr. J. H. Sieiing. of York., will iec- Uure on ''Gems of Locai History"'; on | December 2. Dr. Charles W. Stork, of Parent Teachers Association Reaps the Universitv of Pennsvlvania. "John effective. '·And with it all. Carlisle will re- cslve a direct benefit. It will not losa Dr. Diffenderfer from its citizenshio. The new department will have its offices here, at the request of our townsman, and the name of Carlisle will ba spread over the continent." Littlestown. DAMAGED ORCHARDS i canning plant this season, more than a [ hundred cans more were sealed than heretofore. Hail Storm about Noon on Mondav Did Some Damage. CASHTOWN Cashtown--On last Thursday evening a very nleasant birthday partv wind and hail storm which swept j, vas ^.^ in hopor of j H Yeap , e ^ over die upper end of the county about, his home ^.^ the ,, , , . ^ i play of pres- noon on Monday damaged several o f , cn - s refreshments were served to the the apple orchards in which not al! the following guests, Miss Emma J. mat had been picked. Among those Schwartz, Dr. Woomer, Mr. and Mrs. suffering were W. X. Minnick. Oscar j G v - Schwartz , Mr . and Mrs w K Rice and Mrs. Raffensperger, near j Eebert M r a n d Mrs. D. A. Mickley Bigiervilie: and the Shull orchards i Mr , and :vlrs M j uMer, Mr. and near Cashtown, while the Stover and j Mrs . G . W . Blesecker, Mr.-and -Mrs.- iyson orchards also received some!; NI E .Freed and Mr.and Mrs. E. J. damage. The fact tha'c all the fruit in ! TJucher the smaller orchards has been picked j O wing to the wet weather the apple saved heavy damage there and most j pac vi ng . has been delayed. Many "ap- sf the larger^ growers have had the; n!es are dropping. The celay in secur- if»r;rv ctf frif*ir tVisii: T»!r»Ic**f3 nl=:r» ir - ^-L. _ _·? ·* T majority of their fruit picked also. MADE $10-3 Nict- Sum from Tag Dav. LARGEST PRACTICE IN ADAMS COUNTY. THE UP-TO-DATE VETERINARIAN, QUICK SERVICE. BELL AND LOCAL TELEPHONES. DAY AND NIGHT CALLS DR- E. D. HUDSON. CORNER THIRD AND HANOVER STREETS, GETTYSBURG, PA. ~ 7 ~T OLDFASHIONDJVIOLASSES TAFFY ~ Almond TaSy r 40 ctaits lb.. Butternut Taffy, 50 ct-nts !«., Peanut Tafly^O penis'IK; Peannt Brittle, 10 ccnls lb. r Ice Cream Taffies, 10 cents lb.--Fresh Daily at. GETrYS BURG CANDY KITCHEN RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT FOR ? \LE--Large brick, tin roof house with bath, gas, heat, porches, 7 larte rooms^ halls all through, front and rear stairway, bam wagon shed chickfn hou"e? buildings ail first clas s condition, plot^o feet front and laO feet deen TMs is a will built, comfortable home and if you are interested m mfrchasinz a home you should see thi s one before buying, we will be glad t P o g'vt Jou the special price on this h ouse. It is a big bargam A 9 room frame house with all.con vemences for 5/800 3 frame houses in row. Good mco me properties for $2oOO. 8 room frame house with all conv emences for ^3000. RAPID EATERS High School Pupils \ igorous in Apple Day Observance. The Get'tysbarg High School pupils devoted the first five minutes of this afternoon's session in observance of "Apple Day"'. An abundance of fine Adams County fruit -was furnished and, in the brief period. 146 large apples -were consumed. The pupils -were enthusiastic over the performance and voted to make i'c an annual event. NOTICE: due to being overstocked with apples we will be unable to, buy any- more this week at either the Big- ierville or Gardner's plants. Will start buying again Monday, October 27th. Musselman ment Canning Co. -- advertise- 1 Mansfield and Alfred Noyes--Two Contrasting Types in Recent Poetry": ion January 1?,. Le'.vis N. Haapt, C. E.. of Philadelphia. "The Story of a Useful Life."' The Parent Teachers 7 Association cleared S10S.OO from the sale of tags ] on Saturday. The money will be used in the support of the new course in music in the public schools. Aboi:^ 1500 tags were disposed of. the gensr- | al price being five cents each, though JKirssin Store Pri^Tis^ some liberal person? paid more for them. KRIXER--BECK Miss Clara Beck and Mr. Krixer Married in Baltimore. drau - back as barrels lying there are hundreds of ou'c in the dampness. F. -J, Hartman. who recently dug a new well at his home on High street, had to have it drilled to a finish. There _ .,, , . _ , _ . was so much gas that it could not be" Or. Mondav atternoon. October i3.'.-. - ^ j - r. T -, - - . * · , . . . : ,,. _. _ _ . :iziished oy nana. It was dug o2 teet and then drilled 5C at one o'clock Miss Clara Beck uaujmterof Mr. bee,:, o. GeiVysDu and Mrs. George ! g. ana Ernest E. j Knxer.sonof Mr. ana Mrs. Jonn ; wej , drillcd d ^ _ i rvnxer. 01 Baltimore, were married by ho , d , vater He - dri!ied - t of Rev. Jonn D._adtler. 01 ^J tne rectory 01 bt. Mary s P. t. Cnarcn. i ; Decided. Three Premiums Given. MARRIAGE LICENSES The premiums for the persons purchasing the largest amounts of goods i IMPROVING fsgt of ^^ artz Qn the same streeE ^.^ nofc feej . nd ^ Hcrri is hav _ ,, fcis ^j, dr! , led deeper a£ fais new just across the street from Mr- T\vo Adams Count?- Patients York Hospital. i Martz. j Quite a number of our people took at the | ,n p armc . rs - r) ay at Gettysburg on i Saturday, many of them carrying off at the Kirssin store were r.ot ready j Cernard McCabe, who - - ,! prizes. injured · r j I J U t - i S»**l ^1 .*Al-\_,t*'L'i. ? »· lm\S »»%*,-» A i x j i a . V-V« ; Permits to W«d Issued by Clerk of the I for announcement, in Monday's Times. ; n the CBU5ng . a iiray at Hoke's quar- j Conrts. The following marriage 15 have been issued by Clerk Courts Olinger: Clarence W. Cleaver, of Reading j township, and Mary Esther Hoff. of i Straban township. j Richard J. Hankey, of Highland | township, and Miss Cora G. Fritz, of ' ^ to FULL BR ANCH ·E. C. Bream received the first prize of ries severa i Cveeks ago. continues i $5; M. L. Spanj-ler the second prize of | improve at lhc Y ork Uospital. icenses iSioO and Albert Hollir.ger the third] Clarence Mvers. of Xew Oxford, · Eight on a Branch Fourteen Inches of the j prize of SI.00. The money was given j , vho v _ as j n j ure d several weeks ago in · Long, for the largest purchases of goods- j a ftc-cle accident and suifered a nunc- i -* T- ! " : - S TI'l^.V FROCK--BRUMGARD j tared lung, is said to be improving- at ] I the same institution. ·. Frock, of Oxford Township, and Brumgard, of Union Township. Franklin townshin. A good sewmg machine wagon Mumpers sale Saturday.-advertise- j Ernest Frock, of Oxford township. I and Miss Esta I!. Brumgard. of Union i I tovmship. were married at the Luther- Eight York Imperial apples within a i space of 14 inches on the limb was the ! present of C- W. Haverstock. Route 2, AinTARrvn F »|-x i B5 £ !crville to The Tijr - es ° Sce - Satar M U l U K C l L l ^ a KLiN | , ;ay six of the nani ber were perfect from Harrier"? to Gettysburg ! a: ^ thc cther two had bu: sK S ht blem ' Xext Sundav. if Clear. | 3shes - FURNITURE sale Saturday, on the Square, Chas. S. Mumper and Co.--advertisement 1 WAXTED: a lady roomer for the winter. Apply 21 Baltimore street.-Gettysburg, Penna. advertisement menc THE sale of tickets for the Plank banque't will close on Wednesday even- , . . . . On Sunday, October 26th. there will j AXXUAL excursion to Baltimore: an parsonage, in Hanover, by the pas- j.^ a mourc ;. c , c ^ from Harrisbur- the Washington Camo, Xo. 414, P. O. . tor. Rev. to . L., at » o cro Cl c Sa L - Ge , tvsbarsr via Chambersburg.! S. of A., will run an excursion to Bal- jurday evening. October 18th, KODAKS, films, ever^-thing in Koing, October 22.--advertisement 1 1 dak line always fresh. Huber's Drug Ll Thcre have been a i-«rg_ number of en- j tiniore on Saturday, Nov. 1st, 1913. tries so far and, if the day is fair, | Train leaves Gettysburg 7:15 a. m., re- Gettysburg may expeei to see a big!turning. Hillen Station 11:30 p. m.-- I Store.--advertisement PENROSE Myers clock sale will continue during 'this week. 8 day clocks at $1.4S and nickel alarm clocks at 49 cts.--advertisement 1 A lot of slightly used bed springs at Mumper's sale Saturday.--advertisement 1 turnout of noise makers. CIDER Orvtanna mcnt for sale. Canning G cents gallon. Co.--ad verti se- 1 advertisement DON'T forget Robert B. Diehl' sale on March ment ' 3d. 1914. -- advertise- 1 INEWSPAPERif INEWSPAPERif

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