The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 19, 1933 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1933
Page 4
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FOUB MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 19 1933 RITES HELD FOR MISHAP VICTIM Funeral Conducted at Mona Church for Clayton Nelson, 21. LYLE, Minn., Dec. 19.--Funeral sendees for Clayton Nelson 21, were held Saturday afternoon, at the Mona Lutheran church, largely attended by friends and neighbors. Clayton, was kiled Dec. 12 at the Godfrey' Carlson place, 5 miles south of Lyle, where he had been working for tie past 3 months. The youth, who was alone when the accident occurred, wag getting the logs in place preparatory to sawing them up for lumber for a new barn. It was believed, that since he was working on a side hill the IS foot log tripped hfm, and rolled on him. The youth suffered a broken neck, In June, 1S31, Clayton was graduated from the local high school. He was captain of the high school basketball team and was always a star player. He leaves his mother, 'Mrs. Fred Nelson, one sister, Mrs. Harlis Anderson, four brothers, Earnest of Albert Lea, Minn., Morris and Vernon at home, and Harlan, in the C. C. C. service in Arizona. His father died about 7 months ago. The Rev. O. M. Longe- hough was the pastor in charge of the funeral with interment In the Pleasant Hill cemetery. LORIN'S LUNCHES are most satisfying- Hot Plate Lunch 25c WEED PHARMACY 403 North Federal Ave. State Board Approves Decorah Plans for New Sewage Disposal Plant DECORAH, Dec. 19.--Plans for the sewage disposal plant which will be constructed at Decorah next year were returned last night from Des Moines with the approval of the state board of health. A special meeting of the city council was called last evening, at which the plans were presented for the co\incil's approval. Work commenced yesterday on the water mains which will be constructed in connection with the new water system this winter. The Work started in the field purchased by the city some time ago from Pat Ronan and will continue up the hill to the reservoir. Evidence Is Heard in Third Lawsuit Growing Out of Auto Accident CHARLES CITY, Dec. 19.--Evidence is being heard today in the case of George Barclay vs. W. R. Haley, the third liwsuit growing out of an auto accident years ago. Hill, driver for the Blood Paint company of Mason City, drove into a truck driven by Haley, in which Barclay v.'as an occupant and who was hit and injured as he was getting out of the car. Hill sued Haley in 1931 for violating traffic regulations. The jury found for Haley. Later Barclay sued Hill. Two Are Arrested in Probe at Charles City CHARLES CITY, Dec. IB.--Luverne Friend and Cleo Shepley are being held in jail in connection with the robberies of the Wyatt Coal company and a Standard Oil station which were broken into Sunday night. In Hampton Hospital. SWALEDALE--Mrs. Leach living north of town is in the Hampton hospital. 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The amount of time saved in 20 miles of driving in this unsafe manner is almost negligible and certainly is not worth the risk. For every yard of headway made by the "weaving" driver, scores of other drivers are thrown into confusion and the orderly progress of traffic is disturbed and delayed. Moving the greatest number of vehicles on a highway at the highest safe speed requires order. The weaving driver is a menace, both to himself and to others. Stay in line--be orderly--respect the rights of others. CHARLESCITYNEWS $13,049 Will Be Paid to Floyd County CWA Workers on Wednesday CHARLES CITY, Dec. 19.--Tomorrow $13,049.05 will be released by the CWA to 761 local and c o u n t y workers. Twenty-three trucks have been in operation the past week and for this work the sum of $764.90 will be paid. In addition to this the county and city use their own foreman and pay them independent of this payroll. Forty-seven men are working under the Iowa state fish and game commission and 64 on state highway commission work. Nine men have been assigned to geographic survey work under the direction of the department of interior. Last Saturday 25 women were put to work on CWS projects in the county. ^ 30 at Demonstration Held in Meat Cutting CHARLES CITY, Dec. 19.--More than 30 young farmers gathered at the county farm to observe and take mrt in the farm butchering and :neat cutting demonstration given by C. W. McDonald from the extension service. The forenoon was spent in butchering the hog which had been brought by one of the young men. Mr. McDonald pointed out that one of the most important things was to get a good stick and that the temperature of the scalding water was quite important. At noon the young men gathered in the dining room at the county farm for lunch and following: the lunch hour, the carcasses of the two hogs which had been butchered the previous day were brought in for cutting up. Assistant State H.D.A. Leader to Visit Floyd CHARLES CITY, Dec. 19.--Mrs. N. May Larson, assistant state H. D. A. leader, will be in Floyd county Thursday to meet with the home project leaders, 4-H club committee i.nd leaders and anyone else interested in the home project. The meeting will begin at 1:30 p. m., at the Farm Bureau office. Mrs. Larson stated she has some new material. She will also discuss achievement day plans with tho home project leaders. Totally Disabled For Past 3 Years Mr. Berry Finds Gly-Cas the Medicine He Should Have Had Years Before: Rheumatism, Kidney Troubles Conquered--Now Feels Fine. There seems to be no end to the praise for Gly-Cas throughout Ma- aon City and vicinity. Hundreds of former sufferers of this community are now enjoying good and glorious MR. C. M. BERRY health and do not hesitate to give the new Gly-Cas full credit for their complete recovery. Read what Mr. C. M. Berry, 1521 N. Jefferson Ave., Mason City, well known and respected local gentleman who has lived here the past 25 years, said recently in a statement reaching Michael Drug Co., 5 So. Federal Ave.: ··I wonder if all sufferers here in Maason Ci!y realize how fortunate they are in being able to get a medicine like Gly-Cas," he said. "Rheumatism had caused me such misery for the past 20 years, was badly constipated too and had awful kidney and bladder disorder. I had been totally disabled the past three years and had been unable to evea go down town for weeks. Those pains over my body were almost unbearable at times, my kidneys caused me to get up many times at night and a good night's sleep was impossible. I tried everything, even went to a sanitarium but got no better until I finally began Gly-Cas. But now I can truthfully say T am feeling fine, improved in every way. I have just finished my second bos of this new remedy and came down town myself for more. Freed of those rheumatic pains, bowels regulated, appetite restored, sleep fine. Friends even remark as to how much better I am and they have noticed the wonderful Improvement in my condition. Gly-Cas was a medicine that was able to do what all others failed to accomplish -- in giving me my health. If anyone wishes a persona] confirmation call at my home or phone No 2978-J." Gly-Cas Is sold by the Michael Drug Co., f South Federal Ave., Ma- .son City, Iowa. New Safety Director Goes to Des Moihes CHARLES CITY, Dec. 19.-- Jharles W. McFarland, who was appointed . state safety director by B. H. Mulock, Des Moines, civil works administrator, was formerly employment manager of the Oliver Equipment company of this city and for 10 years was associated with the Wallace Tractor Works in Racine, Wis. Yesterday Mr. Mc- ?arland was accompanied to Des Moines by Elmer Waller, civil works director of .Floyd county, to look over his new offices which will be on the fourth floor of the old federal building. Directors for safety work will be appointed in each county. Couple Honored on 50th Anniversary of Wedding CHARLES CITY, Dec. 19.--A large number of out of town relatives and friends were included in the 138 guests that called on Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schucknecht when they observed their golden wedding anniversary at their home on the Clarksville road. Gold and white were used in the decorations anc the wedding cake baked by Mrs Minnie Richter occupied a promi' nent place. The Rev. G. A. Hess officiated at the renewal of wedding vows after which .the little German band of the high school played and May Brandenberg gave a jig dance. Guests were present from Parker, Egan, Sioux Falls and Lennox, S. Dak., Cedar Rapids Allison, Alta Vista and Waterloo. CHARLES CITY BRIEFS CHARLES CITY, Dec. 19.--All home rooms will have Christmas programs in the high school tomorrow and on Friday the Christmas assembly will be held. Robert Floyd is recovering from an appendix operation in the hospital. Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Huelster attended the diamond jubilee* celebration of the Osage Congregational church Sunday and Monday. Dr. Huelster gave the Christmas message at the regular meeting of the Rotary club Monday noon. The Catholic Daughters of America will have their Christmas party tomorrow evening at the home of Mrs. J. C. Campbell. Several fine springs have been found by the workmen who are making the new dam beloiv the Main street bridge. Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Anna Maulsby daughter of Mrs. Lida Maulsby oi thig city, and Sylvester Britt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Britt of Lawler, which was performed by Justice John McGeeney in the city hall Dec. 1. Mr and Mrs. Britt are living at 1007 Kelly street. Members of the Splash club wil hold their Christmas party tonight in the Legion hall. CWS Worker Is Busy. WESLEY, Dec. 19.--Mrs. Harry Johnson accepted .a position as government woman worker for Wesley and began her duties Monday morning sewing garments, making com forters, etc., to be used when called for by needy in the community. WARM SCRAP ON TAX REVISION IS NOW IN OFFING Features of Proposed Bill on Liquor Control Are Enumerated. By SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT DES MOI'NES, Dec. 19.--Like the famous good roads fight of 1917, the tax revision battle of 1933 in the special session of the forty-fifth general assembly may go down In history as one of the keenest scraps of the century. When in 1917 the house of representatives sat for days and voted 5-1 to 54 on good roads questions, the members got quite "het up." Now it is evident they are getting some rise of temperature in connection with the tax revision problem and some of them may burst before the thing ia over. And from this mist of minds may come candidates for governor and sundry other political offices. The most extended "round table" discussions ever held in connection with a legislative session in Iowa took place the past week in the senate. Interesting? Rather. No rules or little interference from the presiding officer, and a rough-and- tumble debate among the senators in which no holds were barred. Several tax bills were under fire, and the purpose of the "committee of the whole" membership was to bring out all the points for or against any bill. Thus those sponsoring or promoting any tax idea were called upon to explain many things, while those opposed shot their bills full of holes--if they could. We must say for the members they retained a. fine degree of good humor and amiability under fire. Not Before Christmas. Five days of explanation and clarification have now resulted in a move to co-ordinate the several bills and try and pass one real tax revision measure--but it cannot be done in the five days before members go home for Christmas. The senate excitement has attracted many housn members to hear the debates, but has not influenced the house to take up formal consideration of the tax bills qet. A motion to set Dec. 18 for this special order was sidetracked, members hoping the senate would do omething definite and save the house time and trouble. In the meantime house bills are being passed or killed, in regular order, just as though such bills have a chance of final passage. Representative L. D. Teter of Marion county has a bill, No. 41, that goes .straight across all fences and pltfaila to compel a replacement tax for the relief of real estate. ''Section 1--The total amount in dollars of taxes levied against any tract or parcel of real estate for or on behalf of any taxing district in this state shall not be more than 40 per cent of the average yearly amount in dollars levied against such tract or parcel during the five year period from 1928 to 1932 inclusive." If passed or Incorporated in any new bill, this would require that any new t \x would have to make up the balance needed for state, county, city and school funds. Liquor Bill to the Fore. The senate special committee'on temperance, which means liquor control, reported its bill Thursday for consideration, aid it is the talk of solons and their constituents in man_ informal groups. The bill reported follows very closely the report prepared by the governor's special interim committee. This bill provides: 1. For a llquuor control commission and prescribes its powers. 2. Provides for the sale of all hard liquors in state owned and controlled stores, prohlbithr consump tion. of liquor on the premises where purchased. 3. Permits hotels, restaurants etc., to sell 3.5 beer and 10 per cent wines, only where food is also sol and consumed. 4. Provides for election to be heh in towns and cities to vote on the question of permitting such sales (local option.) 5. Requires all purchasers to ob tain permits to buy liquor at $1 permit, to be good for one year. 6. Will levy no state tax on any liquor, but provides for state profil on sales. 7. Appropriates one million dollars for use of the control commis sion, to be used as - revolving 1 fund to be replaced from profits and per mils. And, of course, most of the pres ent prohibition statutes of Iowa are repealed. Asked today when thc-y though the liquor bill bill would out on th floor for action, some senators said not till after the holiday recess. Ant then the fireworks! Would Control Waste. Representative Durant of Winne bago county is sponsor of another attempt to control the dumping o sewage waste in cities and towns His bill, H. F. 159, would require waste treatment plants in all cities and towns before January, 1837, in accordance with the regulations 01 the state department of health. More than 150 telegrams were re ceived Friday by Representativ( Burgess of Woodbury county, and many by other members of the house In support of H. F. 176, which would make a Jaw licensing direci buyers of livestock, with regulation! as to weighing, grading and dock ing, in order to prohibit discrimtna tion and unfair competition in pur chases. The bill Is said to be slatec to come out of the committee for passage. Married women are still free to work, by reason of a report of the committee to postpone indefinitely a bill that would prohibit the hold- ng of jobs when they have other support. At Mason City THEATERS .AST C'RANCE TO 'TAKE A CHANCE" Tuesday is the last chance you have to "Take a Chance" at the 'ecu theater, but if you haven't seen this picture, you really take a chance of missing some of the "inest screen entertainment which las come to Mason City theaters '.his year. James Dunn and Cliff Edwards offer fine performances n their roles as a couple of slickers rom a carnival who break into the rig time, while June Knight and ' l l a n Roth would pack them In no matter what their parts might be. Supporting these four stars are Lilian Bond. Dorothy Lee, Lona Andre, Buddy Rogers and others. Don't miss seeing and hearing Cliff "dwards sing "I'm a Night Owl" or Lillian Roth work on "Sadie Was a Lady." Mickey Mouse is an added attraction and is good, as usual. * * * "HORSE PLAY" WITH "FKOJI HEADQUARTERS" The double feature which finishes a four, .day run at the Palace theater Tuesday includes "Horse Play" and "From Headquarters." The first of these two pictures stars Slim Summerville, Andy Devine, a horse and Leila Hyams, showing Slim and Andy and the horse, all natives of Montana, breaking into high society. "From Headquarters" s t a r s George Brent. Margaret Lindsay and Eugene Pallette in a story which explains the intricate workings which go on inside a police force when it is functioning. Each detail of the capture of criminals is brought before you on the screen and is very interesting. * * *= Kathleen Norris' novel "Second Hand Wife" has been adapted for the screen and is playing for the last time Tuesday night at the Strand theater with Sally Eilers and Ralph Bellamy in the starring roles supported by Victor Jory and Helen Vinson. The screen version Is well done and enjoyable entertainment if you like Norris novels. 3 * * "Hold the Press" starring Tim McCoy without his cowboy garb plays Tuesday and Wednesday at the Iowa theater. Shirley Grey and Bradley Page are in supporting roles In this picture which shows a reporter ferreting out a racket in a big- city. * * * BATTLE FOll WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP AT CECIL. Prlmo Camera, world's champion heavyweight boxer, and Max Baer, cocky heavyweight challenger from the west coast, will be matched within a few months to fight for the title. Many of us out here in the Christmas DANCE DON'T FORGET--to get your clothes ready for the 42nd annual Christmas Dance, Monday, Dec. 25. Mason City armory. A "Merry Christmas" party. Sponsored by Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. cornbelt will be unable to see this aout. But we can do the next Uest thing by seeing: "The Prizefighter and the Lady," which begins a four day engagement at the Cecil theater Wednesday with a cast headed by Max Baer, Primo Camera, Jack Dempsey and Myrna Loy. Camera and Baer stage a real ring battle In this picture. * * * The day of Beckoning" starring Richard DIx, Madge Evans, Una Merkel, Conway Tearle and others comes to the Palace theater Wednesday for a three day run on the same bill with "Smoky," screen version of Will James' novel by the same name. Victor.Jory and Irene Bentley play the feature roles in this stirring nature atory. * * f BUSINESS INCREASE SHOWN AT STRAND. . Milton Nlcol, manager of the trand theater, states that business it his playhouse the past six weeks has shown a large increase over the same period of last year. He feels that the promotion features staged by his picture house, and improved economic conditions generally, have been largely responsible for the increased patronage. Many of the Business-getting ideas used here have been obtained from the veteran theater manager, William Collier, who is now operating a theater at Waterloo. It was there that Mr. Nicol made the acquaintance of Mr. Collier, one of Iowa's oldest managers, from point of service. Before moving to Waterloo, Mr. Collier managed a picture house in Cedar Rapids. * * * Robert Armstrong, Dorothy Wilson and Richard Cromwell are featured in "Above the Clouds" which comes to the Iowa theater Thursday, Priday and Saturday. This is a thrilling- picture showing the hazards involved in the everyday life of news-cameramen; dirigibles crash in midair, stunt planes crack up all in a day's work. * * * Wednesday and Thursday George Arliss in "The King's Vacation" comes to the Strand with Dick Powell, Patricia Ellis and Florence Arliss in the cast. GROSSMAN DROPS DEAD IN IONIA Heart Disease Results in Death; Leaves Wife and Three Children. IONIA, Dec. 19.--Harry Crossman, 60, died suddenly in Ionia yes- :erday afternoon. He had come to town with a neighbor, Mrs. Peter Schultz, after dinner. He went to the J. J. Meyer Lumber office and was talking to Mr.'Meyer when he Became ill and then he dropped dead. Heart disease caused his death. His wife and daughter were soon here from their home southwest of Chickasaw. They hadn't been in town. Surviving are his wife and sons, Robert and Victor and a daughter also a sister, Mrs. Walter Parrish of Thornton. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Grossman, were old settlers in Nashua' and the family always lived in or near Nashua. Mr. Grossman and family lived on a farm southwest of Chickasaw and a few months ago their house and most of the contents burned to the ground. They were renting the farm and the owner rebuilt the "house. ENDS TUESDAY Kathleen NorrSs 1 "Second Hand Wife" Sally Eilers, Ralph Bellamy STARTS WEDNESDAY The great actor--Arliss--is here again, in another fine role! ·'"' GEQRGE . ARLISS Nashuan's Injured Leg Is Bruised Second Time NASHUA, Dec. 19.--John Emmons, 75, whose left hip was broken several months ago, was struck by a car driven by Clark Knight Saturday, which had a bundle of straw on the front bumper. He was hit on his "game" leg, which was considerably bruised, but he is suffering more from shock. 'THE KING'S VACATION" With DICK POWELL, PATRICIA ELLIS Big Super Program Friday and Saturday First Chapter of a New serial "Perils of Pauline" Also Chapter 11 "TAKZAN" Also ZANE GREY'S "Last of the Duanes" I5IK CTirUtrvms Tnrty for Kiddles Saturday Afternoon. Free Candy and Nuts! Also--A. Stage Act Scoops all thrill pictures! He Defied t!tn Underworld to Get His Story ADDED "UM-PA". Jfusic! Fun! and Girts Galore! Cartoon - Snapshots NOW AND WED. Mat. lac Ev«. 20c Child. TOc IOWA LADIES GIFT NIGHT Come This Evening NOTE In all fairness to the ladles there will be no gifts offered Monday or Tuesday, Dec. 25, 26, as increased admissions wer^ declared for the Christmas special attraction. Gifts given each following Monday and Tuesday. CECIB STARTS WEDNESDAY Last Day! "TAKE A CHANCE" JAMES DUNN-JUNE KNGHT CLHTF EDWARDS '·,.'·* THE PICTURE OF THE YEAR/ A thrilling new v tT"man^a qreat love sforq and a championship with MYRNA LOY Primo Camera Max Baer - Jack Dempsey STARTS SUNDAY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SHOW! WILL ROGERS In "Mr. Skitch" with ZASU PITTS DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM FOUR DAYS STARTS WEDNESDAY VICTOR JORV Irene Beniley and WILL JAMES Mat. 20c Eve, 30c SHE WANTED THE ROMANCE THAT WAS DENIED TO HER! Should such a woman be branded a cheat? Perhaps you'll say "yes" as you watch a man stand helplessly by while a woman he loves is stolen by his friend! Richard DIX Ends Tuesday: "FROM "HEADQUARTERS" itnd ·HORSEPLAY nith MADGE EVANS CONWAY TEARLE UNA MERKEL STUART ERWIN

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