The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 20, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, October 20, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Time* «nd New* Pabluhinc r ""~"« JH. ULVERE HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. FreaMcat PHILIP E- BIKLE. Editor Medical Advertising INDIGESTION OVERCOME Overcome by Simple Remedy. "fiUBSCRIFnON Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per znomth. Mailed outside of Gettysbgrgfor 25 cent* per month. RATES' Single *opies_fejigg: subs ffJjQg rs - j ce pt8 IF yoa receive THE TIMES by maU you can find the date up to **a**J n .*'* paid cm the pink address label on your paper. The ^te ^iU be .^nged withio ten day* after your money is receives at limes umee. 15. 1904,* at Gettysburg, Pa^ as second-claw matter, nxder Cengress" March_ S._1_S79._ _. Hurried and careless habits of eating, irregular meals-and foods that do not harmonize, tend to weaken the di- 1 gesiive organs and result in different forms of stomach trouble. If vou are one of the unfornknates who have drifted into this condition, eat simple foods only, slowly, regularly and take Vinol. our delicious cod I liver and iron tonic, j Mrs- H. J. Smith, Thomasvilte. Ga.. jsavs: ''I suffered from a stomach ' trouble, ·was tired, worn oat and ner- ! voas. A friend advised me to tase Vinol. My stomach trouble tooii appeared and novr 1 eat hearuiy ,litiiiJLiJCJQfJJ\3ii*~~.~*t~ i »*i.»*....*-- ""·£"' 1 i ' have a perfect digestion and 1 O«c«:4»r.NoS£jrest,Corner of Centre Square, Gettysburg, PennsylTaala. j every tired . yeak wonjan cou \,i ' -- __-: -- ---- | Vinol. for 1 never spent any money in ~----- ~ ~..-~ , m y life that did me so much good/' "The recoverj- of 31rs. Smith wks due to the combined "action of the medicinal elements of the cods' livers-aided by the blood making and strength creating properties of tonic iron, whi^-h are contained in Vino!, i \Ve will return the purchase money ·very time Vinol fails to beiiefi'.- Pec- _L_L dis- a_nd have -HIS PAPER REPnESE.Viru FOR ADVERTISING 3 THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW V ORK AND CK3CAGC- Want ads. One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if guara»ted first page position. Besotuiion* of respect, poetry and memonams OE« cent per word. " * TO OUR READERS The Gettysburg Times takes absolutely no part in polMcu, being netrtrsl oa aft snch matters. Anything that aopears in our general news col mans, concerning state or national politisc, is furnished us by The American Press AssociatiOH, a concern -which gives the same news to Republican, Democratic, Prohibition, or Socialist papers and T?hich is strictly non-partisan. Our advertising columns are open to all candidates of all partie*- COUNTY PEOPLE TAKENJY DEATH Mrs. Henry Spangler Died on Sunday Afternoon at her Kerne. Former East Berlin Resident Dead. Times of the Funerals. pie's Drug Store. Gettysburg, Pa. P. S. Oar Saxo Salve stops itching { and begins healing at once. Medical Advertising Bilious? One of Ayer's Pills at bedtime--just one. Acts on the liver- Gently laxative. Sugar-coated- "AU vegetable. - -Sold for 6O years. JT. C AjerCo.. Laifll. Mass. Ask Your Doctor. ··:. c-onijxi^eu Sarge:it ::·.··! · -u«-l-!'' ! o !is:tlter. are -'n't* u: :«!!·,.»,:.. but shirt in i .-=!·-·! :-! l !'!!.':'!i.rk- ::c:d. Tl:,.- uddi- t;,,i s ,,;- ·!:·· :I:-.L. r«-Hil«. IS! « N-veeteu- l!i the s:»K-k :i:i! -fr\ ( ". to «orrect any PUBLIC SALE Lumber. Slab and Cord V.'o«u WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER ±-% ll»13. 1 On the Joseph It. Tvrinins; Farm -I 1 milts uortii of Getty.-bun:, aio:i;r the I Carlisle ito:vl ih" following: 70 coruls uf slab wood, sawxd i:i i~2 iiu-h lwi£tlis. oak and hickory. 1".OW feet of off-fall, lumber. boanib asioi scamlhisr. -~ acres nncnt tree top- 1 . ciiii'-. chucks, sawdust Sale o bejiiii at one o'clock. P. M.. . shan. A credit of three month- \v55i j be «i\en to purdiasers ·rivisig their i noios \\ ith approved ttreuriti". AH !suat= under ?5.UO ea^h. Positively ii" I luinlhjr to be removed until sale is !o\er H. A. MYERS, i .T. M. Caldwell. Ar.ct. i P. A. Miller. Clerk. MRS- HENRY SPANGLER Mrs. Sarah H- Spangler, wife of Henry Spangier, of Cumberland Township, died at 5 o'clock Sunday afternoon, aged SI years, 3 months and 18 days- She is survived by Her husband and the following children. Laura C. Dear- doriT. of Arendtsviile: Harvey E. Spangler, Franklin Grove. IH-; and the following ao home. Calvin E.. Robert C., Eila M,, and George A. Spar.g- ler. She also leaves one brother and two sisters. George Pia»:k, of Arendtsville; Mrs. Harriet Spangler, of Get- ivsburg, and Mrs. E. G. Trostle, of Ca*htOT.ii- Funeral at the house at 1:30 p. m. Tuesday. Hunters Please Notice We carry in stock mostly eJl makes or Shot Guns, Rifles, Revolvers Hunting Knives, Axes and all others kinds of hunting supplies including all kinds of cartridges for Deer Hunting and other purposes. We also have a large stock of mostly all kinds of shot shells. Our stock of Hunting Clothing is unsurpassed. 12 U,S, SOLDIERS KILLEDJNWRECK Troop Train Goes Off Trestle Into Deep Ravine. WERE EHROUTE TO FAIR MRS. GEORGE TRIMMER On Thursday, at 10::JO p. m.. Mrs. Sarah Ana Trimmer, widow of the late George Trimmer, died at the home of her son-in-law, Theodore Wagner. in York. She was aged 68 years. 2 months and 14 days, and was a daughter of the late Isaac King and wife, of Big- mount. She and her husband lived for years in the vicinity of East Berlin. Funeral Saturday evening at 6 o'clock, from her son-ir.-la'vrs residence in York. Further services and interment Sunday morning at Mummert's church, East Berlin. SURPRISE PARTY Home of Mr- and Mrs. Luther Sterner Scene of Gathering. Horse and Automobile Owners Please Notice We now have on display oar new and fresh line High Grade Automobile Robes 5 Horse and Stables Blankets. Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases We haves over fifty styles of Trunks, Bags and Suits Cases to select from. All kinds repaired at short notice. Galvanized Roofing Just received another car of High Grade Galvanized Roofing made by one of the best millfs. A visit and your patronage repectfully solicited. Adams County Hardware Company A very enjoyable birthday surprise party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Sterner. Tuesday eves- ing. Oct. 14th. in honor of Mr. Sterner s birthday. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Luther Sterner. Mr. and Mrs. George Strausbaugh. Mr. and Mrs John Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stern- r. Mr. and Mrs. Emory Strausbaugh L Ir. and Mrs. Mac Yingling, Mr. anc Summer Meal Has Grape-Nuts as Its foundation. Ideal these hotdays because Grai j-Xuts food requires no cooking, and is at the same time a perfectly balanced food- Try a hot weather breakfast of Fresh fruit, Grape-Nuts and Cream, A soft-boiled egg or two. Slice of crisp toast. Cup of Instant Postum In place of coffee. Such a meal starts the day right, keeps the blood cool and the body and brain well nourished. Compare the cool contented Grape-Xuts-fed man or woman with your meat-fed neighbor who Is sweltering and miserable. f:T-apo-Xni=; ! fullv cooked at the factory--ready to serve from the package. The cooking is done on scientific principles- so, that the starch of the grain is transformed and ready lor .-.quick digestion. e's a Reason"f or tlrs. George Plants. Mr. and Mrs. Or- -ille Riley, Mr. and Mrs. William Hartzel. Mr. and Zvlrs. Charles Lady tlrs. David Riley. Mrs. Xelson Myers .Irs. Daniel Sterner, ill's. John Knox Mrs. Sadie Hall. Mrs. Carrie Winning on, Robert Knox. Eii Hamilton. Rob er'i, Glosser, Misses Mary Funt- Ruth Sterner, -Jennie Hoffman. Esthe Sterner. Abbie Sellers. Maybelle Ying ing, Virgie Riiey. C-rissie Huff, Myrt! Lady. Rhoda Moore, 3Iargaret Plantz, Jennie Hamilton. Hazel Sites, Elsie Baker, Stella Hofrmsn. Ruth Riley. Ruth Sites, Efne Singley, 3IiIdred Sterner. Edna, Maybelle Myers, Margaret Aughinbaugh. Evelyn Strausbaugh, Katharine Plantz, Ethel Knox, Helen Sterner, Helen Lady. Bessie Aughinbaugh, Cora Riley, Sarah Plantz. Nellie Aughinbaugh, Fiida Knox. Ruth _ Plantz, Messrs. Samuel Strausbaugh,, Willis Sterner- Howard Hartzel. Walter Sterner- Emory Singley. Samuel Swamley. Ralph Sterner. Mervin TrosteL Fran- cisTSeck, Harry Plank, Russel Sterner. Armor Leatherman. Elmer Yohe, Ira Sterner. Thorn Rodgers, John Tawney, James Sites. Maurice Sterner, James Riley. George Myers. William Riley, Ezra Funt, Robert Felix, -John Bowlden. Paul Horrick. Xorman Frattner, Morris Piantz. Edgar Riley. Paul [Smith. Mervin Gantz, Jacob Yirsg- l:ng. Paul Hampton, Howard Riley. Frank Eiddie. -John Aughinbaugh. Xorman Yinglipg, Charles Rxey, Rodger Knox. Raymond Sterner, Harry Knox. Donald Sterner, Benjamin Aughinbaugh. -John Knox, James OI- inger. George Riley. Russel Riley, Lester Eiker and Roy Eiker. Between Forty and Fifty Others Were Injured In Railroad Disaster Seventy Miles From Mobile, Ala- Mobile, Ala,, Oci. 20. -- The worst wreck that has occurred near ilobiie in many years happened when a special train on ite Mobile Ohio, carrying 175 enlisted meE from the One Hundred and XlE«iy-niMtis and Thirty- sevcnih companies, ioasi artillery, stationed at Fort Jlorgan. and four officers, ·went into a de*p ravine off. a trestle three miles and a half from. Jucatunas. Hiss., and seventy miles rom Mobile, sent twelve enlisted men o death and Injured between lorty and y others, iacladiag several of the rain crew. The soldiers were enroute to Meridian, Miss., to give an exhibition ar he Alabama-Mississippi state fair. Xor.e of the officers in the train were lurt. A telegram sent to Major Burgess, n coaetaant: or" Fort ?.5organ. states :hat sc-vora! bodies were pisaesl unuer :ae vrecked f-ars and that the wreck- as c-i-ews. v.-kh the aid of the so'tliers who escaped i:nhsir£. made desperate sfforts 10 gei them cat. The scene ot the wreck is at the same spot 'A'hc-re in 1SS Rube Bur- ov.-s, a noted outlaw, held up and robed a Mobile Ohio train of several thousand dollars, stopping the express rar on the same trestle from which :he troop train toppled. SpecirJ trains bearing doctors and nurses were sent out of Mobile and llerid-an. and the work of rescuing tb^ injured from the wreck was done by the aid of lanterns and bonares. The injured -viere placed in tie special trains and some of them brought :o Mobile and others were taken to Meridian. ilost of those Tailed were crushe'l and maime'l by the coaches falling on them. The other officers oa the train with the men besides Captain Taylor were Cancam Greer and Lieutenants Bar'or.- and Smnli- KISSING CAUSES COLD I Net Because ei Dark or Co!d Porc'ics. Either. Says He^Uh Bulletin. Pmuaeiph!~. Ooc;. 20--Don't kiss cr yr.s. It catca cold. Tre a«ove warninz Is a part o£ the wee. !y healrh bulletin j::st issued by the PniliQelpcsa dpar:snent of public health end cianues. Heretofore I;!ss:ns wa* generally understood to be fxtrcaielv flauserOuS. and to it has been ascribed an ever "3creas~Ksj e^Iilemic of heart affections since the v.orld besan. "ST. eel sixteen" is always warped aa:a!nsr It by maiden aunts of many v.-i:i;:ers, and a warning against kissing ".-as often ma^.e part of the bylaws ir. bacae-ors" clubs. But the :nsirl:oas toxin Is known 10 have broken all barriers and si.vept on Its ~ay in every-mereas- Of course, everybody realized ^his Ions: ago catching colti. That is an entirely different matier. The health department -won't co'in- reTiance It upon the "old front porch" 1 or even in the d:tn shadows of the back parlor. It !s understood, ho'-vex-er. that a gentle Kiss upon the fair iad_ "s i\ory brow or perhaps upon her rosy check might be le?= dangeroap than the more popular variety, ion:; accepted as the "only sen-line-" Tnfe bulletin says colds are contagious ani may be coa- ticted uy kissing- FARMERS' DAY AWARDS Continued from first page For the finest cake baked with Kako; $3.00 worth of groceries. G- S. Diiler. Awarded ~io Sirs. John'Stevens. POULTRY For the finest dressed chicken: ?3.50 carpet sweeper. H. B. Bender. A-.varded to -Irs- Lewis Storm. For finest pair of geese: ten of pea coaL Mrs. J. O. Blocher. Awarded to L. W. "Walter. For the nicest coop of chickens: first prize, $1.2o; seconu prize 51.00. Eknorv Forrest- . _ 1- irst prize awarded to C- 3. Rausher, second prize to C. J. Kausher. For best pen of Black Minorca pullets: ?2-00- For best cockerel, same variety: §1.00! J- O- O. Weaner, Agent, American Express Company. 1 First prize" awarded to John Sachs, second prize to C- C-Ibder. CANNED FRUIT, PRESERVES AND PICKLES For best quart jar of peaches: first prize, white wool. blankets; second nrize. Marsella'ise ouilt. Dougherty and Hartley. "' _ ~ First prize awarded to Mrs. William Boyer, second pnze- to 3Irs. George * 0j For best glass of apple butter, open to farmers only: ladies' silk shirt \\-aisr. liub Underselling Store. Av.-arJcd to H. K. i^lnier, Uttiestowis. . For best glass of grape jelly, open to town people only: ladies trimmed hat. Hub Underselling Store- Awarded to Mrs. June Tipton, Gettysburg. ,, , - r» For best jar of cucumber pickles: S3.00 Eastman kodak. Huber s Drug Store. -*- warded to Mrs. W. S. Schroeder, Gettysburg. For siicest glass of apple jelly: any pair of ladies shoes m the store. Haines' Slice Store. Av.-ardeu to Mrs. C- E. Saddler. , For best jar of pickles: pair of $4-00 Selz Royal Blue ladies shoes- Raymond and Mvers. Awarded to T. T. McDermitt- For giass cf the best preserves: ladies' 14 kt- gold filled watch guard. CB. Kitzniiller. Awarded to Mts. H. C. Sanders, BiglerviUe. For best looking jar of cherries: prize to town competitors $.00 mesn bag: similar prize to countrv competitors. Penrose Myers. Town prize won by Mrsl J- W. Thompson, country prize won by Mrs. ""'For best sar of strawberry preserves: 16 x 20 portrait. John A Mumper. Awarded'to Mrs. Clarence Bream. - _ - r , · /-. ». For best two pound sample of dried applest jardiniere. -People s Cash Store- Awarded to Mrs. Sowers. _ » - i » _ · · 0* For best two pound sample of dried cherries: roaster. People s Casn Store. Awarded to Mrs. John Ektinger. . For best tumbler of quince jelly: first prize violin; second pnze, music *"olio. Snangler's Music House. , ,-. _. , First prize awarded to Mrs. George Patterson, second pnze to Miss Ruth Hamiiton. FANCY WORK. QUILTS. ETC For" finest and most hand worked white quilt: $3-00 cat. Mrs. D. J. Riele. Awarded to Mrs. G. B. Eby. For prettiest hand made cushion 'cop: §2.00 nat. Mrs. D. J. Riele. Awarded to Mrs. Mark Eckert- _ . , Fo- b»st piece of crochet work made of D. M- C- Cotton: first prize, colored s'.ik petticoat: second, silk fan. G- VST. Weaver and Son. F;S - D n Z e awarded to Mrs. Conte. second. Mary Wemner. ^or b«st piece of embroidery on colored linen: first pnze. table cover with'silk: second prize, lace collar and cuff set. G. W. Weaver and Son First prize awarded to Miss 3Iabel Sheetz, .ew Oxtord, secona, Mrs. H. ~ A ~ "F^best hand embroidered centerpiece: $2.00 fancy feather. Miss Anna Reck. " - Awarded to Mrs. John Warner. ,, ,, _ . , , A r~ For best old corbie:;: $3.50 parlor stand- C. S. Mumper and Co. FoTquflt ^aving'the'iaVgest number of patches: S3.50 rocking chair. C. S- Mumoer and Co. Awarded to Mrs. Grant Wachter. For the best hand made doily : $2.50. Gettysourg Railway Company- Awarded to Mrs. William Paulis. GRAINS For best eight ears of pop corn: years subscription to any daily news- oaoer. P. W. SEailsinith. A\va r ded to C- E. Slonaker. , For three largest ears of corn: $3.00 hat. Fankhouser and Sachs- Awarded to George F. Hartzell- ~ Fo- tallest stalk of corn: S3.00 in casn. Gettysburg Compiler. Awarded to George F. Hartzell. Height 15 ft. 3 m. - . For the finest peck of wheat: first prize. So gold piece; second pnze, three vears" subscription- Star and Sentinel- Fir-t qrize awarded to Upton Baker; second C. J- Raascner. For largest ear of corn: pair of S3.50 Radcliffe shoes. 0- H- Lestz. \wa~ded to Mr. Thomas: -- _- For peck of the finest rye: year's subscription. Tne Gettysburg Iimes. Awarded to A. H. Deardorff. --the most famous Food in the world. Read the little book. "The Road toWellvillc," in pkgs. IRON SPRINGS Iron Sprinsrs--Mr. and Mrs. "William Allison. Albert C. Gulden and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eckert- and little daughter attended the Hagerstovni fair on last Thursday. j The subjects for discussion at the j Haniiltorsban teachers" meeting, to be held at Mt. Pleasant school house on Friday evcTijr.jr. October 24th are as follows: ''Causes of Poor Reading in School'". 3Ii«:s Ci.rrens. 3Iiss Slonaker; "Heating and Vcrtilation''. Miss Xan- 'iie Keller: "3Iarner of Conducting Recitations." Truss Linn, J. Harry Pecher. The teschers are urged to be present Your correspondent vras in Hagers- tov.T! on Wednesday and Saturday. GisTord ard Xaomi Hummelbangh 1 isitcd their aunt. 3Irs. Charies Spence 1 ar.d their grspdrr.other. Mrs- E. W. j Harbaugh. dunng the last week. } H. K. Reed accompanied his mother. ! Mrs. Charles Reed Sr. hoir.e from Vtaynesboro on last Saturday. Mrs. Reed had been undergoing treatment for a sore foot- Mrs. Mabel Rovh and Gilford Hummelbaugh took in Gettysburg on last Saturday. DIES AS SHE PREDICTED Fortune Teiier Foreteils Her Fats to the Very Mcath. Fousville. Fa.. Oct. 2»- -- Madame Anna Bur.n, -of SclinylKill Haven, predicted a year ago that she die liis mf-nih. died very saddenlj, ihiis fulfilling her ?i;aflcine Biinn ha-? wide fame as a fonnne teller and v^'as vi=itea ny peo pic from all parts of the country. She Tsra; a vvoman of peculiar ideas and at times ~orla r.ot imderta!:^ the :eilii;s of a for;nne Ti-ithout first ¥· si- her pipe or 'e"';ing her three black eat? At other times she ·R-cuid nol o~ the telling of forttines to inter- riw-iirueu IA/ ^-- ·«-»- jL/ivi«-."- . . . . ... /-- « _ T , For peck of the finest"oats: years subscription. Adams Countj i. A.T.vardei to James Wni'ce- FLOWEP-S - For the finest bunch of yellov.- or pick chrysanthemums: o-00 plume. \Viss Anna Holiebaajrh. Awarded to A. D. Taylor. _ _ . . For the finest display of Sowers: $2.oU m cast!- C- B. Hartman. A-Trarded to Coe Cress, to-vvn. AT tr For the nrettiesc bouquet of Sewers: pair 01 Queen Quality shoes- 31. iv. Eckert. A.v.-a'-ded to Mrs. Pius Miller, tovm- For the finest bunch of six chrysanthemums: S3.00 plume. Miss Anna Reck. jv-^a^ded to Emma J. Scnwartz- BUTTEK AND EGGS For bes'c roll of batter: first prize: large sack of Pillsbmy flour; second prize, cuart of large olives. Gettysburg Department Store. ^^^ nr ^ 1 p;^ ri , a^j-d^d to T\'_ H. Carbaugh; second,. Mrs. Oscar Deardorff. For best roll of butter: first prize. S2.00 worth of groceries; second pnze, -1.00 worth of groceries- I- il- Eeynolds- , -D^^^. Fi-st nrize awarded to"Jacob-SniitnrEecondr3irs. Charies Rebert. - For best roll of butter, not over four pounas: §5.00 parlor roc-Rer. H. U. Bender. Awarded to Mrs. Luther Scot'c. __ . -« "^or the lar^e=t hen egir: one pair 01 good shoes. JLevns £·- Jiorssm. Awarded to Mr. Deardorff (Granite Farms). For the dozen largest eggs^S2.00 worth of groceries. G. S- Diller. ·Vwarcled to Oscar Beardora- MISCELLAXEOUS To the person bringing in the largest load of people: SS-00. To the oldest woman on the wagon: Sl.GO. To the youngest child on the wagon: Sl.UU- A. a.. THE person -who took the porch furniture from my home one night recently is known ar.d ·will prevent trouble by reluming die same at once. Win. McG. Tawney.--advertisement t-nze av-a-ueu to O- I- M- Stine. Zora. 61 people. Oldest woman on the wajcon.was Mr?- Benchofr, 70 years. Youngest child on the wagon was John Ue ~To r tne heaviest child under one year of agei first prize, five jards of^embroidery; second, three yards of embroidery; third, tv.o yards ot embromeryGettvsbnrs: Five and Ten Cent Store. . First prize awarded to Mr. and Mrs. William Chntaman's child, weignt -?$«· Bounds Second. Master Dennis Eice, of Bendersville, weight 2o pounds- Third' Mr an'' M~S- J- M. Sanders' child, weight 25pounds- . . To first bov climbing greased pole in Centre Square, envelope containing money. Gettysburg Five~"ar,d Ten Cent Store- Awarded to Mr- Hershey. For nr.est drivinc team: plush-robe. C. C. Bream. To thc^o^bovs winningl; legced race: $2.00 In cash. P. W. Stallsmith. Prize divided between Robert Sheads and Herbert Oyler. To the bov ivinninc bag race: $1-00- P- "VV. Stalismith. Priie awa'rded to \Vi5bur McClean- To bov winning pie eating contest: base ball and bat. P. W Stallsmith. The six contestants. Robert Sheads, Herbert Oyler, Wilour McClean, Har-- - - - v«v \V_rner HeTi- Hillman ar.d Boss Menchey were each given 2o cents as fere with her mwsic. which she found t £; ee o j ^e'ljoys finished at the same time- _ rpsarr at times "to drive away the j p or ^ e ], o \. brinsrins: in the cag* with the largest number 01 live rais: ' S2.-50. Fankhouser and Sachs- Prize awarded to Roy Pittenturf, seven rats. To the man whose sons' combined weight is the heaviest: l^amson and Hubbard hat. M. K- Eckert- . , _ _. Prize awarded to Isaiah Hice, weight of his three sons being 03 pounds. For the quaintest old dress: $3.00 ladies' hat- Miss Anna Reek- Prize awarded to Elizabeth Diehl. _ To the person purchasing the most merchandise during the week: Jirst prize, S-5 gold piece; second, §2.50 gold piece; third, SI bill. Lewis E. Kirssin. First and "second prizes,r.ojr yet decided, third prize awarded to Rev- Albert Hollinger. .. . . . ,. For the best water color, oil or pencil drawing or painting, by native 01 the counrir: one dozen S6.00 photographs. W- IL Tipton. Prize' awarded to Mrs. H. Ertter. evil spirits." Taxi Drivers May Strike, Philadelphia. Oct. 20.--Twelve hundred tasicab drivers of. this city will s;o on strise unless their demands for an increase in pay is granted. Among the demands asked by the chauffeurs 35 an increaes of their present pay, ijrhich is '2 cents on every dollar collected in fares and also that the companies hhouid furnish the gasoline. rnze awaraeu to -it. **- ,, · . i^ _ For the highest score in duck pins:, gold mounted amber French briar Record Verdict In Liability. pipe and 25 box of 10 cent cigars. W. H- Kalbfldsafa..-*.^ ^ - Newport O^ttTo.-Mrs. Marv Cal- / Fira^pme awarded to Jacob Frommeyer^HS pins: second, Palmer iahan, the handsome young widow of ^^n- 6 ; A!^ pins. __ _ _ _ , , , .. it . o-rnn Patrick Callahan, an ironworker, won a verdict for S1S,000 in the supreme court for the loss of her husband, who was killed while employed in the construction of the new subway. The ac- liOH was brought under the employers' liabiity act. WANTED: woman over 25 for a saleswoman. Address Lebo, Box 113, Chamborsburg.--advertisement ^ ,,, ,,,,, ,,_,,. baby under one year of age having the most teeth: §r.OO dressed doll. Trimmer's Five and Ten Cent Store- Prize awarded to Master Joseph Sanders, Route 13. To the boy or girl making the best drawing of a cow: pair of ice or roller skates. Adams County Hardware Company. Awarded to Jacob Yingling. - . « - ,, * ':*_'" For the smallest hat (not bonnet) ever worn by a lady: So.oO feather band. Misses Chritzman. Awarded to Miss Alice Daywalt. To the farmer purchasing the most goods during tne week: 2o pounas of ir. Leo H. Miller. Awarded to Mrs. P. W. Stevenson, town. For the prettiest girl baby under three years of age: one fourth barrel of flour. J. E. Cleveland. Awarded to Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Keet's child. 1EWSP4PERS IFWSPA.PFJ

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